A Day and Night of Unbridled Sex

I’d been down to the West Country to pick up some equipment and, on the way back, I decided to take a detour to Brighton, on the south coast, to drop in on some friends, Don and Abby. I hadn’t seen them for about six months, and I had no idea if they’d be at home, but it was worth a shot.

It turned out they were home, and they were delighted to see me. Abby and I had been friends for about eight years; ever since she worked with my then-wife and, from day one of meeting each other, there had been obvious chemistry between us. We just got on so well together, so I was very excited just to see her again.

Abby gave me a big hug, really pulling me close to her, arms wrapped around me, and kissed me just off my mouth on both sides, saying how much she’d missed me. I mean, I wasn’t complaining at all, but it was a little awkward with Don standing there, especially as she’d only been with him for a year.

What I didn’t know was that Don was just about ready to leave for a couple of days as he had a stand at a business exhibition in London. I’d arrived about a couple of hours before he was due to set-off, so we still had some time to catch up.

When it came time for Don to go, he wasn’t in the least bit concerned about leaving me with Abby as he knew our friendship went way back, plus I too would be leaving shortly.

I loved her company so much, and this was so unexpected to have her all to myself to catch up on everything, so I couldn’t have been happier when we went outside to say goodbye to Don and watch as he drove away.

As soon as Don was out of sight, she turned to me with a massive grin on her face and hugged me. She kissed me on the corner of my mouth and said; “My day just got a whole lot better as it’s just you and me now. I’m so excited to see you again, and now we’re all alone with the whole night ahead of us. Let’s get pissed, shall we?”

“So I’m staying over then, am I?” I said.

“Well, fucking obviously!” she replied. “Now we’re finally alone, with no one to get in our way, we might as well make the most of it. Yes?”

She turned towards me, grabbed my crotch and gently squeezed, saying; “We need to have to have some dirty fun.” I just smiled.

Still squeezing my cock she leaned in and softly kissed me on the lips, then turned and walked away.

“Anyway,” she said, turning around, “Talking of dirty, I’m going upstairs to have a bath. Why don’t you come and wash my back?”

“Well fucking obviously!” I said. We both laughed.

I was pretty stunned. I mean, it’s not like this wasn’t a dream come true, but it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. We’d spent the last two or three years secretly flirting with each other over email. Mine were very suggestive and quite explicit sometimes, just pushing to see how far I could go. For example; I once asked if she’d ever been tied naked to a chair and teased relentlessly with a vibrator. She just laughed, as much as you can in an email, and replied with something like; “I’m not saying, but do have rope burns.”

She loved all the dirty talk and would often tell me how horny she was feeling and what she’d like to get up to, but she always played it very coyly, never quite answering my questions.

One time, we were messaging long into the early hours, and I knew she was pretty drunk as her openness and language went up about five notches. She told me she was naked and was playing with herself, thinking about how much she loved having ice cubes sucked from her pussy. That thought remained burned into my brain!

More recently though, she’d been telling me how she really liked Don and that he did make her happy, but that he was a lousy lover. Not great for a girl with her sex drive.

As Abby reached the house, she turned and said; “By the way, there’s ice in the freezer too y’know.”

With that, she disappeared inside.

I was suddenly feeling nervous, but also unbelievably excited. I waited for five minutes while I collect my thoughts and then went into the house. I called out to Abby; “Helloooo, where are you?”

“Stark naked in the bath. Come and find me,” she replied.

I walked upstairs towards the bathroom, my heart thumping like crazy, and gingerly pushed the bathroom door open.

It was a big house, and the bathroom was both large and luxurious. In the centre of the room was a full-size, modern interpretation of a Victorian, roll-top bath, and Abby was lying in it facing away from me.

I walked over to her. The water was crystal clear – completely flat and no bubbles to hide her beautiful, slim body. Her knees were bent slightly, resting on the bath sides just above the waterline.

She sat up, smiled at me, held out a bar of soap and said; “Here you go, you can wash my back, please.”

I took my shirt off and knelt behind her at the head of the bath, dipping the soap into the water and rolling it around my hands to create lots of lather. Abby leant forward, and I began smoothing the soft, creamy lather over her bare back and shoulders.

She lifted her left leg out of the water and rested her foot on the edge of the bath. “Foot next, please,” she said in a non-demanding, seductive tone.

I moved round to the side of the bath, still kneeling, and began to soap her foot, in between her toes, up to her ankle, up over her calf and shin to her knee. Abby pulled her knee back along the bath edge to open her legs slightly. I couldn’t help but stare directly at her pussy under the rippling water as her inner lips naturally protrude between her outer lips, and looked fantastic.

She raised her hips out of the water and said: “Like the look of my girly, do you?”

“Beautiful. It’s what I’ve always wanted,” I replied.

She relaxed back into the warm water. I continued with the soap over her knee and slowly down her thigh until my hands touched the water, close to her pussy. I traced back along her leg to her foot. She let her soapy leg slide back down into the water, lifting her right leg out of the water, foot resting on the edge of the bath again.

“You’re not done yet,” she said, laughing.

I got up and moved round to the other side, attempting to hide the bulge in my trousers.

“And you can’t hide that from me. I can see it, you know,” she said, laughing again.

I began the same routine again; soaping her other foot, caressing each of her toes, up over her leg towards her thigh, and down towards the water.

Abby had fantastic breasts; perfectly full, but not too big, and incredibly pert. Her amazing nipples were hard and standing proud. I’d seen her breasts many times before when she would unashamedly sunbathe topless, and also in her holiday pics as she was anything but shy when it came to showing herself off.

Just as my soapy hands reached the water, she sat forward again, allowing her leg to drop into the water, and said, “Do my back again would you, hun?”.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bath behind her, placing both soapy hands on her back and gently massaged the bubbles into her soft, tanned skin again. All around her back and neck, down her spine and around her waist, then up under her arms, gently sliding past the very edges of her breasts.

Abby lifted both arms above her head, which I took as an invitation to continue soaping around to her front. I traced the edge of both breasts, down underneath them, then up over, cupping her breasts firmly in my hands, lifting them and gently squeezing her nipples between thumb and forefinger.

I was now leaning over her shoulder, and she turned her head towards me, smiled and kissed me on the mouth, letting her tongue ease its way between my lips to find my tongue.

We kissed passionately, a wet, sloppy kiss, tongues licking, mouths wide open, saliva everywhere, as I continued to caress her breasts and squeeze her nipples.

I was so close to sliding my hand down her body into the water to finger her pussy, but she stopped for breath and said; “Why don’t I get out, you get in, and I’ll see you in the front room when you’re ready?”

With that, she slid under the water to rinse off the soapy bubbles and then stood up in the bath, looking absolutely incredible, water running off her fit, tanned body. I handed her a towel, and she began drying herself in front of me, making no attempt to hide anything. She even rested her foot on the edge of the bath, pushing her hips forward and slowly dabbing at her pouting pussy lips. She stepped out, put on a large, white towelling robe and said; “Don’t take too long or I may have to start without you.”

She left, and I stripped off and got in the bath, quickly washing every nook and cranny before hurriedly drying myself. I wrapped the towel around me, hopelessly trying to hide my erection, and went downstairs to the front room.

I walked in, and there she was, lying full length on the sofa, her head resting on the arm, legs outstretched and her feet together on the floor, the robe still covering her body. Abby didn’t say anything, she just lifted her right foot onto the seat, pressing her bent knee into the back of the sofa, and pulled the belt undone, allowing her robe to fall apart as she did so.

With her legs now wide apart, her shaved pussy was in full view. Her outer lips were completely open, exposing those fabulous, fleshy inner lips. Abby really did have an unbelievably sexy body.

She closed her eyes and let her head lay back over the arm as her hand slid down over her belly and began to very gently caress her outer pussy lips, just allowing her fingers to brush up and down her loose, inner lips. I just stood there watching as she spread her legs a little wider and gently stroked her clit.

She opened her eyes, looked at me and asked if I’d like some wine. I said yes, of course. She picked up her glass and slowly poured the white wine onto her public mound. I watched as the wine ran into her groin and flowed over the folds of her pussy. “You can lick this up then,” she said.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I knelt between Abby’s and stared at her wet pussy as the wine trickled down over her clit and lips. She shifted down and placed her right foot onto the back of the sofa, spreading her thighs even further. Her left hand was busy caressing her breasts and squeezing her nipples, while she gently massaged the wine into her crotch with her right hand, then eased a finger inside her pussy to mix her juices with the wine.

Pulling her finger out, she put it in her mouth and said; “It tastes lovely. Why don’t you have a good lick and see for yourself? Go on, slide your tongue into my pussy and drink my wine.”

I leant forwards and inhaled the beautiful musky aroma of her pussy and the wine, gently lowering my mouth onto her lips. As my lips contacted hers, she sighed and pushed her body down towards me. The alcohol, the taste of her pussy and the sensation of being there with her were a heady mix that made my heart race and my cock solid. I was in heaven; finally licking and sucking her pussy.

Abby grabbed her knees and pulled them back towards her chest and apart at the same time, forcing her fully exposed pussy forward, as I pushed my tongue out as far as I could and sank it deep inside her.

She started rubbing at her clit and pulling her inner lips apart, saying “oh Jesus that’s fucking good, keep licking, I think I’m coming… shit I’m coming, suck me harder you bastard, make me come you fucker, suck me, suck my clit hard,” she shouted. Her language was such a turn-on.

I felt her body begin to stiffen and start quivering as the first of many orgasms to come rippled through her. She finally slumped, panting heavily, beads of sweat already covering her body. Her legs were still wide apart, and I couldn’t stop licking her wet pussy. I wanted to lick and devour her entire body.

I sat back on my haunches and wiped my pussy-juice covered mouth, licking my fingers in the process.

“That was lovely,” she said. “We really should have done this a long time ago.”

“I haven’t finished yet. I’m going to suck your pussy with ice inside you next.”

Abby jumped-up off the sofa and went into the kitchen to get some ice. I could hear her running the hot tap, and then the ice cubes rolling around in her hands. She was smoothing-off the edge, so it was easier on her pussy. Smart girl.

She came back in, handed me the ice and said; “God, I love having ice sucked from my pussy, but Don never does it.”

She threw her robe aside and laid on her back on the floor, now completely naked. As a yoga bunny, she was able to let her knees fall wide apart and lay flat on the floor, so her pussy was fully exposed and open.

Pulling her soft, inner lips apart again, she said; “Slide the ice inside me, I love how cold it feels.”

The ice was dripping through my fingers so I knew it wouldn’t last long inside her hot pussy, but I knelt between her legs and began to tease her, running a piece of ice the full length of her lips and tickling her clit. It made her jump, but she loved it.

One by one, I slid the ice into her pussy, until there were half a dozen inside her. I lowered my face towards her crotch and began licking her pussy. The sensation of hot, engorged pussy and cold water was just incredible. I was drinking the mixture of cold, melting ice water and her warm pussy juices as they flowed from inside her.

As I continued licking and sucking, I picked up another piece of ice and rolled it around her clit. “Oh my God,” she screamed out, as she pulled her pussy back and up to fully expose her clit. I alternated between flicking her clit with my tongue and rubbing ice on it. “Now use your fingers to get the ice out,” she said.

I moved my face away and slid a finger inside her, touching the first lump of ice. I hooked it out and inserted my finger again, further in this time. Again, I hooked out a piece of ice. Two, then three, but the fourth was harder to reach. “Deeper you fucker,” she said, “Finger me deeper”.

I pushed my index finger in as far as I could until the tip touched the ice. Abby bucked her hips upwards and rolled her pelvis back, and I just managed to get behind the ice and work it slowly towards the entrance. It was obvious Abby loved the sensation of the cold ice and deep fingering as her pussy was so wet from her own slimy juices as well as the now warm, melted ice water.

“I can feel more in there,” she said. You have to get it out.

Even though we both knew it would melt in a matter of minutes, given the temperature inside her body, she wanted me to try to get the ice out with my fingers. I told her to turn over on all fours and stick her bottom out. She knelt in front of the sofa, chest on the cushions, moved her knees wide apart and pushed back. I sank two fingers deep into her pussy until my knuckles were just inside her lips. “Deeper,” she shouted at me. “Three fingers in deeper.”

I remember Abby telling me a few years back how when she’s having sex, or especially when she’s masturbating with a big dildo; she absolutely loves the sensation of pushing whatever it is that’s fucking her, deeper and as hard as she can inside her. Not so it would cause damage, but there’s just something about feeling the pressure forcing hard against her crotch and deep inside her pussy that was intensely arousing for her.

Even though she knew my fingers wouldn’t reach any further inside her, the feeling of me forcing my fingers as deep inside her vagina as it’s possible to go, and with my thumb pressing almost painfully hard against her clit, she wanted me to continue until I brought her to another orgasm.

As I pushed in harder with three fingers, my little finger was pressing against the soft, fleshy centre of her anus. I couldn’t help myself but let the finger slide inside as well and, in doing so, it felt like it allowed the three fingers in her pussy to go a little deeper.

Abby shrieked out; “Yessss”, as my finger sank deeper inside her anus, pushing back hard against my hand as she again began to tense her body. I pulled back a little and then pushed back in up to the hilt again. She began to rapidly move back and forth as I deeply finger-fucked her until she orgasmed intensely, gripping my fingers still deep inside her. My hand was soaked, and the mixture of her cum and water from the ice was running down her thighs.

Eventually, she stopped as her orgasm subsided. I pulled my fingers out, and she crawled onto the sofa, slumping back into the soft cushions. I sat back and gazed at her as she recovered, looking incredible.

Somehow, my towel was still wrapped around my waist, but my cock was at bursting point. I looked like a tent! I stood up and threw the towel aside. My cock was solid and standing proud in front of me. I started smearing the juices on my right hand all over my cock, pulling back the foreskin and lubricating the knob and shaft.

“Bring that over here right now,” she said, licking her lips. I walked over and knelt on the sofa, placing my knees either side of hers, so my cock was directly in front of her face, hard and throbbing.

Abby cupped my balls with one hand, pressing a finger against my anus. She took hold of my shaft with the other, pulled my foreskin back and closed her lips over my shiny helmet, sliding it deep into her mouth, up and down the length of my cock as she massaged and squeezed my balls.

Having just sucked and fingered her to orgasm, I was so turned on and already close to coming. Abby sensed this and pulled her mouth away, squeezing hard around the base of my cock just before I started to come. It’s the worst and the best feeling at the same time; getting so close to coming but then stopping. She looked up at me and just said; “Soon honey, and then you have to come in my mouth.”

As the sensation died away, Abby expertly brought me close to coming again, before stopping for a second time, but this time my pre-cum oozed out and started dripping. She licked up the pre-cum with the tip of her tongue and closed her lips around my shaft again. It didn’t take much more of her running her tongue round and round the edge of my helmet until I was right on the edge of coming. At that precise point, Abby pressed her finger hard on my anus, and I could feel her sharp fingernail digging in, causing me intense pleasure and pain. I suddenly drew in a series of short, sharp breaths, my hips jerked forwards, and I just let it all go, shooting my load into her mouth as she kept her lips tightly closed around my cock.

Abby wanted to continue sucking, but it was too much for my oversensitive cock, and I had to pull away. It was an eye-watering experience, and we were both left smiling and staring at each other’s sweaty bodies.

I knew Abby badly wanted me to fuck her as her appetite for sex was almost insatiable, but it would be quite a while before I was in any way ready to go again. We just laid at either end of the sofa, our naked, sweaty bodies entwined, chatting, laughing and drinking wine. We stayed like that for probably half an hour and, as we lightly stroked each other, I could feel my cock beginning to stir again.

Abby had beautiful, perfectly pedicured feet, and I always longed to massage them, licking and sucking her toes. It was something I’d even told her more than once in my saucy emails. Her feet were either side of my chest, so I started to stroke her toes and ran my fingers over her soft soles. She lifted her foot up as if to offer it to me and pointed her toes towards me. I bent my head forward, kissed the tips of her toes and then sucked them into my mouth. I immediately felt my cock begin to harden again.

She shuffled forwards slightly and lifted her other leg up, resting her foot on the top of the back sofa cushions, so her legs were now wide apart. I had the most fantastic view of her open, wet pussy as I sucked on her gorgeous foot. I ran my tongue along the top and back again, sucking each of her toes into my mouth one at a time, and then as many as I could get in my mouth, licking all around and in between her toes, as I stared at her pussy.

Again, she shuffled down between my bent legs until her bottom was against my thighs, my feet either side of her waist. In this position, she grabbed my now-hard cock and began to slowly wank me. At the same time, she swapped feet so I could suck on the toes of her other foot. I moved my free hand down between her thighs and started fingering her pussy again, gently caressing her clit and easing my thumb between her wet lips and inside her.

We continued like this, just softly caressing, playing with each other, becoming more and more aroused. I was longing to spread Abby’s legs and sink my tongue into her pussy again, but I knew she wanted to feel my cock inside her pussy sometime soon.

We both sensed the time was right and began unravelling our bodies, ending-up kneeling on the floor, embracing and kissing deeply, our naked bodies pulled tight together, with my hard cock pressed between us.

Abby pulled away and laid back on the floor, knees bent, feet flat on the floor.

“You really need to fuck me right now,” she said. “I want you to fuck me hard and come inside me.”

Legs wide apart, her pussy nicely opened up, and she began stroking her lips again, teasing her clit and slipping her fingers inside herself as she was still so wet. She pulled a cushion off the sofa and pushed it under her bum to lift her body off the floor, and again let her legs flop wide apart. I had the most incredible view of her wet, open pussy as she continued stroking and fingering herself.

I knelt between her open legs and said; “Pull your pussy open for me,” as I love that view inside a girl’s vagina, especially when she’s aroused and wet. Abby pulled her inner lips apart as I shuffled forward and put the tip of my knob just inside the entrance of her pussy. She let her lips close over my cock, and I pushed it in slowly and all the way, till my belly was against hers, leaning forward till my face was in front of hers.

She grabbed my arse, pulling me closer to her, and wrapped her legs around the back of mine as if to help. I laid there for a moment then pushed my upper body away from the floor with both arms to concentrate the weight on my pelvis pressing into hers. I knew how she loved this pressure on her pussy and, in this position, probably half my body weight was applying pressure, forcing my cock deep inside her.

Staring into each other’s eyes, I lowered my head, and we kissed – another deep, tonguing, wet kiss as I began to lift my lower body to slid my cock out and slowly, deeply back inside her again.

Our passionate kissing, combined with the slow, thrusting movements was intensely arousing. I continued for a few minutes, gradually increasing the pace until I was thrusting hard into her with each deep, downward stroke. Our bodies were in complete sync, fucking faster and harder until I could hold back no more. I orgasmed, pumping my seminal fluid deep inside her pussy. Abby came almost at the same time, and we held our rigid bodies tight together until the orgasms subsided, both panting for breath.

Pushing myself up and away, I slid my cock out of her pussy, and sat back as she opened her legs wide. She pulled her inner lips apart, and I watched as the creamy mixture of our combined cum fluids oozed out and tricked down over her anus.

The sexual energy between us was palpable and created a desire to just carry on and on fucking, but I was totally spent and exhausted.

Not so for Abby and her seemingly endless appetite for sex. She laid there for a while, then got up and went upstairs for a shower. After a few minutes, the shower stopped, and she came immediately downstairs, her body literally running with water, having made no attempt to dry herself. She looked absolutely stunning.

Abby was holding a large, bright pink Rabbit vibrator, probably the one she’d mentioned in an email that was her favourite friend as it always gave her the best orgasms, especially when Don wasn’t around.

Holding it up and waggling it at me, she smiled and said; “You can watch me fuck myself with my lovely Rabbit, and then you can join in to finish me off.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” I said.

She sat on the sofa again, right on the edge of the seat, switched on the Rabbit, and lay back with her feet apart. She used the tip to separate her floppy, inner lips and nestled it just inside her pussy. Slowly and gently she pushed the full length of the shaft inside her and then positioned the Rabbit’s ears so that they nestled on her clit, closing her eyes and sighing deeply.

She flicked a switch on the back of the Rabbit that made the nobbly shaft rotate to massage the inside walls of her vagina, but kept the ears pressed either side her clit until she started to come. The first one wasn’t intense but was enough to make her gasp, and then relax again.

Giving her clit a bit of a rest, she turned up the intensity of the vibrations and began sliding it in and out as far as she could go, pushing it in and holding it there as she does so love that feeling of pressure.

Still lying back, she put one foot up on the sofa, so that her legs were wide apart. I had to get a closer look at what she was doing, so I knelt on the floor in front of her. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to get another ‘usable’ erection. However, with my face only 18 inches from her crotch watching her deeply fucking herself with the vibrator, it made my cock begin to stiffen, and I couldn’t help stroking it to full hardness again.

I took the vibrator from her and continued to slide it very slowly in and out, allowing the ears to rest momentarily on her clit with each in-stroke.

Her pussy was dripping wet and fully engorged. It looked so inviting that I couldn’t resist leaning in and licking her clit, with the vibrator still deep inside her.

Gradually the energy began to rise in her body, and she lifted her other foot off the floor and onto the sofa to spread her legs wide apart. She pulled her lips apart, and I sucked hard on her clit, still sliding the Rabbit in and out. With my free hand, I pressed a finger onto her exposed anus, circled it around and then eased it just inside. As I pushed further in, I could feel the rotating shaft in her pussy against my finger. I eased my finger further into her anus up to the last knuckle, and this seemed to tip her over the edge. She quickly began to reach yet another, intense orgasm, arching her back and lifting her lower body off the sofa, screaming out as she came for the fourth or fifth time.

Abby’s orgasm was pretty powerful and lasted for 20-30 seconds. Her body was rigid, legs shaking, and her muscles tightly gripped my finger that was deep inside her anus. Finally, it began to subside, and she relaxed, dropping her feet to the floor and breathing like a marathon runner.

Abby was a wreck, almost sobbing with joy, her body running with sweat and her pussy and anus pulsating. I stayed between her open legs as she relaxed. My hands were on her knees, pushing them apart. I licked the salty sweat in both her groins, tracing my tongue across her pussy, stopping to savour the sticky mixture of her cum and sweat.

“My God,”‘ she said, still breathing heavily. “I cannot believe how fucking incredible that was.”

I kissed her pussy, stood up and went upstairs for a shower. A few moments later she followed me and got in the shower too. We continued to caress and stroke each other’s bodies with soapy foam bubbles as we washed each other clean and then dried off.

It was still only late afternoon, and we had the whole night ahead of us. I’m not sure either of us thought we’d manage any more sexual adventures, especially me. However, this entire situation was still so erotic and arousing for me that my cock was in a permanent semi-stiff state.

We stayed naked all evening as it was the middle of summer and so warm, just enjoying being able to touch and stroke each other and feel our skin together. We ate, drank more wine and quite a lot of gin too, just relaxing in front of the TV watching nothing of any interest.

Abby suddenly suggested we watch some porn as it would be fun to watch it together. I plugged her laptop into the TV, and we sat back on the sofa, flicking through videos of everything from cute lesbians to rough, straight sex, masturbation to threesomes, sensual massage to BDSM. It was fantastic and highly arousing. It was also fascinating to see what in particular each of us found the most arousing.

We found ourselves watching a bondage video with a beautiful girl tied naked, standing up, with her arms and legs pulled tightly in opposite directions, and brought to orgasm with a powerful vibrator, over and over again. It looked like fun, to begin with as she orgasms two or three times relatively quickly, and is smiling and giggling throughout. However, it was relentless. The camera followed her ‘master’ as he went behind her and showed us a close-up shot from below as he inserted a lubricated, buzzing vibrator deep into her anus. He followed with a second vibrator in her vagina, then both were taped into position to prevent them from falling out. The girl’s pussy lips were gripped painfully with four small clasps either side and pulled wide apart.

Finally, he held the third, massager-type vibrator hard against her exposed clitoris and she was quite quickly brought to a fairly intense orgasm. She was allowed to recover, clearly revelling in the helplessness, sheer abandonment and loss of control. But, as it became more challenging and took longer for her to reach orgasm, they also increased in intensity, and it became more like torture, albeit consensual torture.

As each subsequent orgasm ripped through her body, she let out a growling scream, her eyes rolled, her body convulsed, and she was dribbling saliva from her mouth and squirting violently from her vagina as she came, before hanging limp, held up only by the ropes. And then he would do it to her all over again.

It looked brutal but made for highly erotic, compelling viewing. Abby found it insanely arousing and briefly appeared to be oblivious to her surroundings, furiously stabbing her fingers into her pussy and rubbing her clit hard to make herself come in sync with the girl in the video.

I was sitting on the sofa with my knees bent and apart, feet under me, leaning back on the cushions, almost pushing my hard cock out in front of me, watching all this on TV and beside me. It was as much as I could do not to make myself come too.

As Abby had made herself come twice, and the video had ended, we flicked to another one; this time two model-like twenty-something girls, licking, sucking and fingering every orifice of each other’s young, lithe bodies. Abby instantly knew this was right up my street, and began stroking my erect cock while we watched together. She then leaned over and took me into her mouth.

I decided just to lay back and enjoy this, so I shuffled around until I was half lying down, head on the arm, legs wide apart with Abby between them, sucking me slowly and deeply into her mouth. With the few hours semi-rest I’d had, the alcohol and the stimulation of both the bondage and nubile, lesbian porn on-screen, my cock was on fire and so ready to come again. Abby gently pulled my cock towards her and lowered her mouth onto it until I felt it touch the back of her throat. She continued pushing my cock in and eased it about an inch down her throat. She gagged once but continued, saliva dripping from her lips onto my crotch. My cock was so far in she managed to close her lips around the base of my cock and then raised and lowered her head, effectively making me throat-fuck her.

Once again, Abby expertly brought me to the edge of coming before backing off and then starting again. The second time she followed through, and I had another fantastic orgasm, coming at precisely the point my cock was down her throat. I’m not sure there was a lot to show for my orgasm this time but, whatever it was, she swallowed it down and licked every last drop.

We continued to flick through porn videos and, an hour or so later decided to go to bed as we were both exhausted. Still naked, we cuddled and chatted for ages about old times, now and the future. There was no talk of us being together as neither of us wanted that, but we would leave us with incredible memories of a fantastic day that may, or may not, be orchestrated to happen again sometime in the future.

We slept soundly for four or five hours until I woke up feeling drowsy in the early hours and then suddenly realising I could feel Abby stroking my now hard-again cock. I let her continue for a while, my eyes still closed, just enjoying the sensation until I was feeling completely energised again. I was on my back, and Abby was on her side, facing me. I slid my hand down her warm body to her pussy, and she bent the knee of her top leg up so I could ease between her thighs and touch her exposed pussy lips.

I could feel she was already a little wet so I slipped a finger between her lips and inside her, pulling back to gently massage her clit, and repeating this until she began to rock her pelvis in unison with my fingering.

Abby needed no more encouragement and threw back the duvet. She stood up on the bed, slightly wobbly, stepped over me and then lowered herself, straddling my face and pressing her pussy hard onto my mouth.

“Eat my pussy again,” she said. It was difficult not to, in that position, so I licked and sucked, pushing my tongue inside her as she moved back and forth, grinding into my face. With her arms stretched above her head, I slid my hands up her body, cupping her breasts and, as she moved forwards on my face, I pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight, wrinkly anus. Her pussy was so wet again; my face was completely soaked.

She stood up, turned around and lowered her pussy onto my mouth again, bending forward down my body and taking my cock into her mouth. We 69’d like this for probably 10 minutes, licking, sucking, slurping and fingering each other.

All of this activity was taking place in almost complete darkness, and this heightened the sensations as so much of what we were doing was left to touch, feel and our imagination.

Finally, Abby lifted herself off me, flipped over onto her back, legs wide apart. I fucked her as hard as I could, for as long as I could hold back until we both came again.

It was only around 3 am, so we cuddled-up together under the duvet and slept until around 9am.

In the morning we chatted about what had happened, recounting our favourite moments and vowing we would not let this be the first and last time.

After I returned home, our flirty-but-harmless email exchanges instantly leapt to a whole new level, now that we had intimate, first-hand, carnal knowledge of each other’s bodies, and a new, lascivious relationship. Our messages became, explicit, revealing and graphic, accompanied by many photos and videos of body parts, masturbation and exhibitionism. It was fantastic fun, and all designed to arouse intense sexual desire and longing in each other, compelling us each to join in, and/or compete.

All in all, this lasted about five months. There were many promises of a return visit to our torrid adventure, but it never materialised. Don took advantage of an opportunity to work in the US for three years, and Abby made the right decision to go with him.

My casual, chance visit had turned into an epic and unforgettable adventure that would likely never be repeated but would remain our secret forever.