A Fatal Association

Part I

The Crimes and Crimescene

The Mike Williams Family was returning home from a wonderful pre-Christmas concert presented by the local Symphony Orchestra. Mike (43 yrs old) , an investment banker for a large bank, was accompanied by his wife Brenda (a real estate agent) ,daughter Ashley (a college student) and Brenda’s divorced sister Jane (a network TV morning show cohost) ; who was visiting from out of town. Mike’s thoughts had really not been on the evenings festivities. He was troubled by his financial situation. He was a partner in several investment deals that had gone sour and was heavily in debt. He was introduced to a local thug (Benny Lawter) who had provided the cash (at a high rate of interest) to pay off the investment debts to prevent his family from finding out. Benny had warned him that there would be undesirable consequences if he didn’t repay the money. Mike didn’t anticipate any problem with being able to repay Benny. Nevertheless; the money was not coming in as Mike had planned and Benny had given him several warnings about late payment but all Mike could do was tell him to be patient. Just be patient and he would get his money. These debts had been outstanding for a number of months.

Brenda, Jane and Ashley continued to discuss the Symphony performance. Brenda (38 years old) 5’9″ 130 lbs with almost shoulder length dark red-brown hair and a curveaceous tanned figure was very attractive and looked much younger than she actually was. She was an avid jogger and worked out at the gym 4 days a week.. Jane (35 yrs old) 5’11″ 135 lbs with layered brown hair and also with a curveaceous tanned figure was , if anything, more attractive than her older sister. Jane worked out 3 days a week at the gym and on other days jogged in the nearby park in the city where she lived. Ashley (19 Yrs old) 5’5″ 120 lbs. with short black hair the same color as Mike’s before it changed to gray; also inherited his shorter ; slightly stockier build. While certainly not unattractive by any means, she wished she had longer shapelier tanned legs like her mom and aunt Jane.

Mike turned the van into the driveway of his 2 story Plantation Style home at the end of the street in a upper-middle class neighborhood near the lake. Once inside the garage; everyone piled out and went into the house via the kitchen. No one was prepared for the greeting they received once inside. Benny and his fellow thugs Carl and Lester were standing there with 9 mm Automatics pointed at everyone. Ashley screamed and was warned by Benny , that although no one could hear her, it wasn’t in her best interest to continue. All were instructed to sit down in the dining room chairs and everyone except Mike was bound securely and duct tape was placed over their mouths. Before the duct tape was placed over her mouth; Brenda asked Mike if he knew these men and what do they want from us. Before Mike could answer he was ushered into the den by Benny and Carl. Lester was left to watch the women. If Mike didn’t have a bad feeling about it already he was becoming deeply worried now. He was forced to sit down in a large wooden chair and was then tied up securely by Carl. Benny proceeded to place a large piece of duct tape over Mike’s mouth so he could not speak. Benny proceeded to tell Mike that he would be forced to watch as his family paid for his shortcomings. Mike was now terrified and tried to speak through the duct tape but no intelligible sounds came out.

Carl went into the dining room and a few minutes later returned with Brenda. Her hands were tied behind her back and the duct tape still covered her mouth. She wore a black velvet party dress with a length to just above the knee, sheer nude stockings, and black high heels. She was forced to sit down on the sofa across the room from her husband and he could see the tears in her eyes and the terrified look on her face. He wished he had never gotten mixed up with Benny. Benny walked up to Mike and said “We’re going to have some fun with the little wifee; I hope you don’t mind”. Actually Mike did mind but he was in no position to interfere. All he could do was sit and watch whatever occurred.

Benny walked up to Brenda and tore the duct tape from her mouth. Brenda attempted to scream but Benny gave her a couple of hard slaps which knocked her back against the couch and bloodied her nose. Mike watched in horror as Benny unzipped his pants and took out his bulging dick and told Brenda to suck it and that he better not feel any teeth. Brenda refused to comply and received another slap across the face. She then realized the futility of her situation and leaned forward and began to suck Benny’s hard dick . Mike was feeling sick and turned his face away. Benny suddenly withdrew his dick from Brenda’s mouth and produced a small 22 cal revolver from his pocket. He brought out a silencer and attached it to the revolver. Benny replaced the duct tape on Brenda’s mouth and loaded 1 cartridge into the 6 shot revolver. He spun the cylinder and placed it to the left side of Brenda’s head . Mike heard the click as Benny pulled the trigger. Brenda sat there frozen in fear. Benny spun the cylinder again; placed the gun to the left side of Brenda’s head and pulled the trigger. Again the gun clicked. Brenda’s life was flashing before her eyes. She and Mike knew that it was only a matter of time before her luck and her life ended if Benny continued. Perhaps he was only trying to scare them she thought. Any thoughts she was having or would ever have ended forever when Benny spun the cylinder again and pulled the trigger . The gun fired and the bullet entered and lodged in Brenda’s brain. Her body fell over to the right on the large sofa and her arms and legs began to twitch. Blood spurted from the wound. Mike closed his eyes and turned his head away. His lovely wife had been sodomized and murdered because of him. But Mike’s horrible night was just beginning. Benny and Carl stood and watched until all movement of Brenda’s sexy body ceased. Her beautiful brown eyes were fixed in a death stare. A trickle of blood oozed from the wound and from the right corner of her mouth.

At the snap of Benny’s fingers; Carl wasted no time in grabbing Brenda’s feet and swinging them around so that her corpse was lying on its back on the sofa. He walked to the other end of the sofa and lifted her head and upper body up by the hair. Benny cut the cord binding her hands and unzipped Brenda’s dress and unsnapped her black lace bra. Carl dropped Brenda back on the sofa. Next Benny pulled Brenda’s dress off her shoulders and arms and down toward her waist. He next removed thebra and threw it other on Mike’s lap. Benny and Carl momentarily admired Brenda’s beautiful breasts; then Benny took the cooling right nipple into his mouth and began to suck and bite it. Carl leaned over the back of the sofa and was sucking the left breast. After a few minutes they were ready for other things. Carl grabbed the hem of Brenda’s dress and pulled it toward her feet revealing a black lace half-slip. He removed it by the same method revealing all of Brenda’s luscious nylon stocking clad legs. She was wearing a black garter belt and lacy black panties. Benny and Carl could see her pubic hair through the lace of the panties. Benny now grabbed Brenda’s french-cut panties by the waistband and pulled them over her shapely hips, down her legs and off over her feet. He paused to sniff the panties and enjoy the combination fragrance of Brenda’s pussy and her perfume. He also noticed that the crotch of the panties was damp. Benny threw the panties over on Mike’s lap. Mike was in a state of denial and withdrawal. He couldn’t open his eyes. He just sat there with his eyes closed and head turned away as far as he could. Benny and Carl stood for a moment admiring the beautiful almost naked corpse in front of them.

Benny proceeded to grab Brenda by the shoulders and pull her backwards until her head swung backward over the sofa. He removed the duct tape; no need for it now. Once again he unzipped his pants and removed his bulging dick. He walked over and opened Brenda’s mouth wide and began to fuck her in the mouth. Meanwhile Carl swung Brenda’s left leg over the back of the sofa and her right leg off the sofa with her high-heel shoe on the floor. He dropped to his knees and stared at her pussy. Her pubic hair was a dark red-brown and thick and lustrous. Spreading her legs resulted in her pussy lips being wide open. His excited dick became even harder in his pants at the thought of fucking this delicious corpse. He began to rub her pussy with his fingers. Her pubic hair was moist; probably had urinated on herself as she was dying. He soon inserted his middle finger up her and began to pump it in and out. He stopped and unzipped and removed his pants and underwear. He certainly was well endowed and his dick was hard as a rock and moist on the end. Meanwhile Benny was content to continue to fuck Brenda’s open mouth. Carl dropped between Brenda’s legs on the sofa and proceeded to line up the head of his dick with the open slit of her dead cunt. Her pussy was cooling and tight and even though she had urinated on herself; it was very uncomfortable trying to force his big dick inside her tight hole. He got up and went toward the bathroom. Meanwhile Benny had reached the point where he could hold it no longer. He shot his big load of cum into her dead mouth with some of it going down her throat and some of it exiting out of both corners of her mouth. Satisfied; he withdrew his dick from her mouth.

Carl returned from the bathroom with a tube of lubricating jelly. He took a glob and inserted it into the corpse’s vagina with his finger and spread it around. He dropped to his knees between Brenda’s legs and thrust his rod deep into her pussy . That was much better. Carl began to pump Brenda’s lubed pussy with long hard strokes. After awhile he was actually starting to feel it getting warmer or so he thought. He alternated fondling her luscious breasts and rubbing her nylon stocking clad thighs as he continued to fuck her. Mike could hear the sound of each stroke of Carl’s dick as it entered and exited his wife’s body. Finally Carl could hold back no longer and shot his hot load deep into her vagina. Satisfied he withdrew and watched the cum start to seep out of her vagina and down into the crack of her ass. Carl then went into the dining room. Benny walked over to Mike with a smile on his face and exclaimed “Are we having fun yet? ” Mike lunged forward in the chair but only succeeded in rocking the heavy chair slightly.

Lester now emerged from the dining room carrying a large plastic banana that Mike recognized was from the artificial fruit basket that Brenda had kept on the dining table. Brenda’s corpse was about to suffer its final indignity. Lester grabbed her feet and with a twist turned her over on to her stomach. He then pulled her feet and legs over and off the end of the sofa so that her firm buttocks were over the edge of the sofa. Mike could imagine what was going to happen next. Lester squeezed some lubricating jelly on the banana and rammed it up Brenda’s ass and fucked her ass with the banana. After a couple of minutes of this; he withdrew the banana and unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick again . He stepped up behind the corpse and thrust his rod up her ass , grasped her around the waist and began to pump. It took only a few minutes for Lester to reach orgasm and shoot his load up Brenda’s lovely ass. He then withdrew and zipped up his pants. Benny removed Brenda’s high heels, stockings and garter belt. He piled her shoes, garter belt , dress, half slip, bra and panties beside Mike’s chair. He picked up the sheer nylon stockings and tossed them to Lester . They would be useful later. Benny looked at Mike and said “Your wife sure did have good tight pussy. Your must have not been doing your homework regularly.” Lester grabbed the corpse under her arms and pulled it backwards in the floor. Lester removed Brenda’s rings from her fingers, her watch, cross necklace and earrings and placed them in his pockets. Benny grabbed both ankles and Lester grabbed both wrists and they took her into the bedroom and laid her on to the bed.

Benny went into the kitchen and in a few moments returned with Jane. Her hands were tied behind her back. She was dressed in a short burgundy party dress of mid-thigh length with sand colored stockings and cordovan heels. Mike looked up to see the terrified look on her face as she looked at him in disbelief that this could be happening. Benny sat her down on the sofa and gave her an evil smile and said ” I hope you’re as good a fuck as your sister.” Jane had almost no time to react before Lester came up behind her with Brenda’s stockings and looped them around her neck and jerked against the back of the sofa. Jane began to kick violently causing her short dress to ride up almost to her waist and her burgundy bikini cut panties. Lester continued to hold the stockings tight around her neck as Jane began to weaken from the loss of air. The color of her face and neck was a deepening shade of bluish purple. After her kicks had subsided; Benny knelt in front of Jane and pulled her panties down and off her shapely tanned legs. He inhaled the fragrance of her pussy and perfume from the panties and then tossed them over at Mike. Benny spread her legs wide apart; gazed at her lustrous brown bush and inserted the middle finger of his right hand into Jane’s dying pussy. At this point her bladder gave out and emptied it’s contents on Benny’s finger and hand. He continued to pump with his finger as the urine leaked from her and reached up with his left hand and squeezed her right breast through her dress. With no response from Jane’s body; he motioned for Lester to release the stockings. Lester complied and then removed the duct tape from Jane’s mouth.

Benny grabbed Jane’s shapely thighs and slid her corpse down until her hips were on the edge of the sofa. He unzipped his pants ; removed his dick and inserted it into Jane’s damp pussy and began to pump. Lester meanwhile leaned Jane forward enough to cut the cord binding her hands. He unzipped and pulled the dress over her head and shoulders. Her burgundy bra unsnapped easily revealing her large luscious breasts. Benny alternately sucked and squeezed on Jane’s succulent melons as he continued to pound his hard rod into her. After several minutes; Mike heard Benny’s moans as he shot his load into Jane. He looked up to see Benny withdrawing his dick from his sister-in-law’s pussy. Jane’s corpse ,nude except for her thigh high stockings and her heels, lay slumped back against the sofa. Mike looked up and saw that her brown eyes were staring into space. Her long shapely legs were spread wide apart and cum dripped from her pussy. He had never seen his sister-in-law without all her clothes before; of course and could never have imagined seeing her this way. He was still looking as Lester grabbed Jane by the arms and pulled her head over the end of the couch and inserted his big long dick into Jane’s mouth and began to fuck it hard. Mike could see Jane’s throat bulge as Lester’s dick reached the bottom of it’s stroke. He turned his head away.

Benny walked over to Mike and said ” I don’t know who was the best fuck; your wifee or your sister-in-law but your sister-in-law sure has big tits.” ” I think I’ll go see how Carl and your daughter are making out”. Mike shuddered at the thought of was happening or could happen to Ashley. Meanwhile Lester withdrew from Jane’s mouth and pulled her corpse across the back of the couch so he could fuck her asshole. He greased the plastic banana with lubricating jelly and rammed it in and out of the corpses asshole a few times to loosen it up. Now he greased his rod with the lubricating jelly and rammed it into her and began to pump. He fondled her breasts from behind as he pumped her. Meanwhile; it had been awhile since Benny had went into the dining room. This couldn’t be good Mike thought. Benny returned just as Lester moaned and shot his load up Jane’s lovely ass and then withdrew from it. Lester rammed the banana up Jane’s cum soaked pussy. Benny removed Jane’s rolex watch and diamond earrings and placed them in his pockets.

Benny now untied Mike except for his hands and the duct tape over his mouth. A hobble was placed on his feet so he could only take short steps. He was led into the dining room. He was completely unprepared for the sight he saw when he entered. His daughter Ashley was lying totally naked on her back on the dining room table. Her legs were dangling off the table end and her lily white thighs were spread wide open revealing her dark thick lustrous bush and a dark green cucumber inserted into her pussy. Semen was dripping from her pussy into the crack of her ass. Her black panties were jammed into her mouth and her black textured pantyhose were tied around her neck Glassy blue eyes were open and staring lifelessly at the ceiling. Ashley’s dark blue party dress was hanging across a dining room chair beside her. Her black bra and half slip hung across another chair. Carl laughed and told Mike how he had enjoyed fucking “his little girl” . ” I always enjoy screwing virgins.” Mike was forced to sit in the end chair near her pale feet and legs with a clear view of her abused exposed crotch. Benny now went into the kitchen and returned with a large sharp carving knife. Mike was trying to follow his movements but lost conciousness when he was suddenly struck from behind by Lester.

Ashley’s fiancee David was becoming concerned. He worked as an Asst Manager at a local restaurant in addition to being a full time college student at the University nearby. He had left his job around midnight and as soon as he reached home had called Ashley to find out how the concert had been. It wasn’t unusual for the two to talk at this hour but it was unusual that there was no answer at the Williams house. David decided to go over there; it was only a few miles. When he arrived he saw no lights on in the house. He rang the doorbell repeatedly. He look around. Ashley’s sport’s car was parked in the driveway. He could see Mike’s SUV and Brenda’s Mercedes in the garage through the windows in the garage door. Something was definitely wrong and instinct told him to call 911. But curiosity got the best of him and he decided to have look himself. He obtained the key ,that Ashley had shown him , from a container inside the flower pot on the right side of the door. He opened the door , stepped inside and called out. No answer/no reply. He turned on the den light and was horrified to see the nude body of Ashley’s aunt Jane lying on the sofa. Her pale bluish purple face and neck made it obvious she was dead. He touched her face just to be sure and could feel the cold flesh. Next he went up the stairs to Ashley’s bedroom. No one there. He then headed downstairs for the dining/kitchen area. His search for Ashley ended when he opened the door to the dining room. Her nude strangled body was still lying on its back on the dining room table. He walked over closer and saw her blue eyes open in a blank fixed stare. He touched her face just to be sure she was dead ; it was bluish purple and felt stone cold. Struggling to maintain his composure; he dialed 911. Police were on their way. He sank in a chair beside her and just stared at Ashley’s lovely corpse. They had planned to be married in June at the end of her sophomore year of college. David reached out and took Ashley’s cold outstretched left hand in his hands and began to sob uncontrollably.

Officer Roberts was the first law enforcement to arrive at the scene. He entered the front , saw Jane’s corpse and entered the dining room to see Ashley’s corpse on the table and David sitting in the chair. After learning from David that he had not seen Ashley’s parents; Roberts began a search of the rest of the house. He did not have to search long. Upon entering the master bedroom ; he saw Brenda’s naked corpse lying face up on the bed. Mike’s body lay face down on the bed beside her. No doubt from her pale condition and the head wound that Brenda was dead. He noticed however that Mike appeared to be breathing shallowly. Upon closer inspection he noted that Mike was indeed alive but barely. Both hands were bloody/bruised; looked like someone had mashed and broken both hands. Mike was also bleeding from the mouth. As he came closer Roberts noticed something bloody lying between Mike and Brenda. It was a part of a tongue ; undoubtably Mike’s tongue. He called 911 again to ensure an ambulance was on its way.

The Williams home was now abuzz with law enforcement and emergency personnel. Mike was stabilized ,as much as possible, and placed on a gurney and loaded in an ambulance and rushed to the trauma center. David was escorted in to the home office area to be interviewed.


Part II

Examinations And Autopsies

The coroner (Frank) arrived and began his examination of the corpses. Tape was place around the position where Jane lay across the end of the sofa and the coroner dictated information to his hand-held portable tape recorder. With (Sumio) his assistant’s help they carefully picked up Janes’s corpse and laid her inside the open body bag. The coroner performed a preliminary examination of the luscious corpse. He inserted the thermometer up her rectum; noted the temperature and estimated the time of death at approx 11 pm. In twenty years in this business he had seen dozens of dead women. But this one was one of the most beautiful he had ever examined. He had to keep his thoughts on the tasks at hand. He would remove the banana from her pussy and the stockings from her throat during the autopsy . The body bag was zipped up and Jane’s corpse was taken to the waiting coroner’s van.

The scene was repeated in the dining room where Ashley’s body lay on the table. After the preliminary examination ; her corpse was placed in the body bag. Frank inserted the thermometer up her rectum ; noted the temperature and estimated the time of death at approx 11 pm also. The pantyhose around her throat , the panties stuffed into her mouth and the cucumber up her pussy would be removed during the autopsy. The body bag was zipped up and Ashley’s corpse was also taken and placed in the coroner’s van.

The coroner now made his way to the master bedroom where Brenda’s corpse lay on it’s back on the bed. Another work of art; he thought. What a waste of beautiful women! He had to refocus on the task at hand. He performed the preliminary examination and assisted in lifting Brenda’s corpse off the bed and into the open body bag. Frank inserted the thermometer up her rectum, noting the temperature and estimated the time of death at approx 10 pm. The body bag was zipped and Brenda’s corpse was placed in the van beside her sister and daughter. The rear doors were closed and the coroner and his assistant got in and they were on their way to the morgue.

The police continued the search for clues and gathered up the discarded clothing of the victims and placed it in evidence. Crime scene tape was everywhere . David’s father and brother arrived to take him home.

In route to the morgue; the coroner notified the young nightshift morgue attendant (Steven) that he had 3 bodies in the van. Three stainless steel autopsy tables were made available and the 3 body bags were brought in and placed on the tables. The body bags were unzipped and a toe tag was placed on the big toe of each female corpse. The morgue attendant assisted Sumio in removing Brenda’s corpse from the body bag. He certainly hadn’t seen many as beautiful as this in the short time he had been working there. Next Jane’s corpse was removed from the bag. He couldn’t believe it ; she was even prettier than the first one. My; what long luscious legs. Then Ashley’s corpse was removed from the bag. He could see that this one was younger than the other two; probably about his age. Neck blocks were placed behind the neck of each victim.

Frank the coroner announced that he planned to do a limited autopsy on each of the victims since the cause of death of each was easily ascertained. No since carving up bodies like these when it wasn’t necessary. He would have to retrieve the bullet from Brenda’s brain which meant removing the top of her skull with the saw. He instructed that the leg stirrups needed to be installed on each of the morgue tables. The Morgue attendant knew what that meant; all 3 victims would be examined for sexual assault during the autopsy.The coroner decided to start with young Ashley. The Coroners’s assistant was ready with the tape recorder and a clipboard to record the vital information. The black panties were removed from her mouth and the pantyhose were removed from her throat. The marks on and the lividity of her neck and the blood vessels of her blue eyes left no doubt as to the cause of death; strangulation. The morgue attendant placed the clothing in a plastic bag. The coroner then went to the end of the table. Grasping the young woman’s legs he slid the corpse down until the hips were at the end of the table. He placed her legs up in the stirrups which fully exposed her crotch and the cucumber inserted into it. He carefully removed the cucumber and the morgue attendant placed in a plastic bag. The coroner pulled up a rolling stool and sat down at the end of the table. Cum was still oozing out of the vagina and the anus. He took a sample of the discharge from both orifices. Now he was ready for an internal examination of the vagina. The coroner’s assistant handed him the speculum . He installed it which spread the vaginal lips wide. He noted that young Ashley had been raped after death and also that she had been a virgin. Her hymen had been ruptured during the attack. He now turned his attention to her anus. A different type of speculum was installed and he noted that she had been raped anally before death. The presence of blood in her rectum and the splitting and bruising of the tissue told him that. He stood up and went for a further exam of the corpse’s upper body. He examined her small breasts and noted several teeth marks on the right breast. Next he opened the mouth and took a swab of it. Dried semen was in her mouth and probably down her throat. He instructed his assistant to pump her stomach to determine for sure. Steve grabbed Ashley’s corpse under the arms and slid it back up toward the head of the table as the coroner removed her legs from the stirrups and placed them back on the table.

The coroner now turned his attention to Jane’s corpse. He untied Brenda’s sheer stockings from around Jane’s throat and examined the marks left on her neck by them. He looked at the lividity of her neck and and also the blood vessels in her eyes and noted the same cause of death as Ashley; strangulation. Next he examined Jane’s large breasts and noted some bruises/ marks on her breasts and and teeth marks on the nipples. Jane’s high heeled shoes and thigh-high stockings were now removed and placed in a plastic bag. The morgue attendant assisted as her tanned statuesque body was positioned with long luscious legs in the stirrups which exposed her lovely crotch for the examination of her vagina and rectum. This woman was very beautiful; one of the most beautiful he had ever laid eyes on. Too bad he wasn’t all alone with her. His pants bulged just thinking about it. The anal speculum was installed and Frank examined her rectum and took samples of the contents. He noted she had been raped anally after death. His attention was now turned to the examination of the vagina. He carefully removed the banana and placed it in a plastic bag. Her thick lustrous brown bush was still sticky with dried cum. Samples were taken and the speculum was installed to spread the vaginal lips wide for the internal examination of the vagina. Swabs were taken inside the vagina. Globs of semen filled the orifice. From the condition of the vagina he determined she had been raped after death. He returned to the other end of the table and opened the corpses mouth. No semen was evident but he instructed his assistant to pump her stomach so the contents could be examined to make sure. Steve grabbed Jane’s corpse under the arms and slid it back up toward the head of the table as Sumio removed her legs from the stirrups and placed them back on the table.

Now it was time for Brenda’s autopsy. Steve assisted as her corpse was positioned so her legs were in the stirrups. Frank cleaned some of the blood from wound in Brenda’s head . He noted the bruises on her face and nose and determined that her nose was broken. Frank opened Brenda’s mouth and took swabs of the inside He noted the semen and blood in her mouth and made a note for Sumio to pump her stomach. Now he needed to remove the bullet from her brain. The equipment was prepared. Brenda’s dark red-brown hair was parted and the scalp was prepared to allow access to the scull/brain. The bone saw was used to cut a round circle cap from Brenda’s scull. Her brain was severed and removed. The damage from the bullet was noted and the bullet was extracted from the brain. The coroner noted the cause of death being a brain hemorrage caused by the bullet to the brain. Steve watched intently as the coroner examined her breasts and noted bruises on the left one and teethmarks on both of the nipples. Frank now turned his attention to the sexual examination portion of the autopsy. No evidence of foreign objects inserted into the rectum or the vagina. He took samples of the dried semen from the thick red-brown pubic hair. Next he installed the speculum to open up the vaginal lips for examination. Samples were taken of of the semen in the vagina. From the condition of the vagina he determined that rape had occurred after death. The anal speculum was installed and samples of cum were taken from the corpse’s rectum. Frank noted that she had been anally raped after death also. The cap was reinstalled at the top of Brenda’s scull and the scalp was returned as much as possible to it’s normal position and secured. Steve grabbed Brenda’s corpse under the arms and slid it back up toward the head of the table as Sumio removed her legs from the tirrups and placed them back on the table.

With the autopsies over; the coroner and his assistant gathered all the evidence, samples and information and went to their office/lab to begin work on the preliminary autopsy reports the police would want asap. Steve now had the task of preparing the 3 bodies for the cooler until they were released to the funeral home for burial. The vaginal and anal speculums were removed from each corpse and returned to their storage position. He now closed the eyes of each victim. Each corpse was sprayed/washed from head to toe including all the body orifices. Each was then dryed. Steve couldn’t believe this. Three beautiful nude dead women lying in front of him. He walked over beside Ashley’s corpse and looked down at her pale young body. He had just recently broke up with his girlfriend Amy and was more than a little bit horny. He struggled to purge that from his mind. He reached over and gave her cold dead lips a quick kiss. Next he walked over to Jane’s corpse and with his gloved hands felt of her big boobs. Whoops! How time flies! Time for his relief. Garland arrived on schedule. Steve gave him a turnover concerning the 3 corpses and left for home. Garland covered each with a sheet and placed them in the cooler. He received a call from the coroner that Brenda and Jane’s mother would be coming to offically ID the 3 bodies. She arrived shortly after 11:00 AM and with much difficulty retaining her composure confirmed the preliminary identification. At this point she was next of kin since Mike was in a coma and it was uncertain if he would survive. She noted that Blackwelder’s Funeral Home would be in charge of the arrangements.


Part III

Preparation of the Bodies

At 9 Am on Sunday morning the Coroner released the bodies for burial. After receiving the call, Zeke Blackwelder arrived in the hearse and the bodies were rolled from the cooler. The bodies were loaded side by side and he was on his way back to the Funeral Home. Zeke had been in the Funeral business for about 30 years. His lovely wife Renee had died about 20 yrs ago in a tragic traffic accident and he lived alone on the 2nd floor of the Funeral Home. He was about 60 years old, tall and slender and rarely smiled. Stories had went around for years concerning Zeke’s fondness for his female clients but nothing had ever been proven or substantiated. Upon arrival back at the Funeral Home; Zeke backed the hearse into the garage at the back and closed the door to the outside. He opened the rear door of the hearse and removed each of the gurneys and rolled them into the preparation/embalming rooms. He rolled the gurneys one at a time up beside the embalming/preparation tables. Now let’s see what we have here he thought as he uncovered the first body by pulling the sheet off feet first. He noted on the toe tag “Jane Carson” and stared at the woman’s corpse. She truly was a work of art. He marveled at the long luscious shapely legs and the large perfectly shaped tits that were now slightly sunken and splayed to the side. He went to the head of the table and grasping Jane under the arm pits ; moved her over to the stainless steel table. Now he removed the sheet from another corpse by the same method he used before. He noted on the toe tag ” Ashley Williams”. This young women was of average height and weight but not bad looking either . Real pale compared to the other one. Must not have been the outdoor type; no tan. Using the same method as before; Zeke moved Ashley over to the stainless steel table. Now he removed the sheet from the last corpse. He noted on the toe tag ” Brenda Williams”. He looked the body up and down remembering that he had seen her around town and at a recent funeral and had considered her to be very attractive. Now it was going to be her turn. He had a little more work to do with this one than the others. The bullet hole in the side of her head and the results after the removal of the brain would make it a little more difficult to prepare her so that she looked like she was sleeping/almost alive. That was the look Zeke strived for with his female clients. He put a neck block under each neck ;placed the sheet back over each corpse and went to his office to call Margaret Carson ( the women’s mother/grandmother).

Zeke went over to Mrs. Carson’s discuss the funeral arrangements. It was decided that all 3 women would be embalmed and that they would have open casket funerals. Attempts were being made to contact Margaret’s only son Ron (who was in the Army stationed in South Korea)concerning the deaths; so Margaret wanted to postpone the funerals in hope that he would be allowed to return home to attend. Tentatively they would plan on the funerals/burial on Thursday (the 26th); the day after Christmas. Zeke instructed the family that if they could bring the burial clothing/shoes ; labeled as who it was to be used for; to the funeral home no later than Tuesday morning at 9 AM and *********** the coffins; then the bodies would be available for viewing after the hairdresser was finished by 4PM that same day. Mrs. Carson indicated she could be there on Monday at 9 AM if that was better and would give Zeke more time. Zeke agreed.

Zeke returned to the Funeral Home to begin the embalming/preparation of the bodies. He would like some help being there were 3. He contacted a Funeral Home in a neighboring town. Mark and his wife Jennifer (who was also a licensed embalmer) would be right over to assist. He had assisted them awhile back after a messy auto accident in their town. He sprayed/washed each corpse with a mild disinfectant soap; paying particular attention to all of the body cavities . Once that was done; he dryed each corpse off . Mark and Jennifer had now arrived to assist. Zeke had decided that he would prepare Brenda’s corpse. Mark would work on Jane; leaving Jennifer to prepare Ashley.

Zeke set to work on repairing the bullet hole in Brenda’s head. He used a filler and cement to close the hole. Now he had to straighten out her scalp. He cut the sutures the coroner had used; removed the skull cap and packed the skull area with filler. He replaced the skull cap and cemented it closed. Next he stretched the scalp back into place and began to sew it back together as neatly as possible. Once this was done he stood back and took a look. Not bad; he thought.In the meantime; Mark had packed Jane’s nostrils with gauze treated with disinfectant. He had filled her mouth with cotton treated with the disinfectant and was sewing the lips shut. Next the eyecups were placed to keep the eyes closed. Jennifer had packed Ashley’s nostrils and mouth with the treated gauze and also sewn her mouth shut. Eyecups had also been installed to keep the eyelids shut. Now the cutting trocar was used to make the incision in the abdomen of both bodies and the cavity embalming was begun. The cavity embalming was then completed and the incisions in the abdomen of both bodies was sewn up. The rectums of both corpses were packed with treated cotton . Incisions were made in the neck of Jane and Ashley to facilitate the arterial embalming/”pumping and draining” of their bodies. As the blood was being drained and replaced by the embalming fluid; Mark and Jennifer were periodically massaging/exercising the breasts, arms and legs of both corpses to ensure as even a distribution of the fluid as possible. Jennifer could see that Mark was becoming quite aroused as he handled the beautiful woman’s corpse. She’d seen it happen before with pretty ones such as this. She’d have to make sure he was satisfied tonight when they returned home. One of Mark’s favorite sex games was for Jennifer to strip naked and lie on the slab covered with a sheet. Both would pretend she was dead and Mark would come in and fuck her “dead” body. Quite satisfying for them both. But now back to the task at hand. Once the arterial embalming was finished ; the opening in the neck of each was closed and sealed.Having taken care of the wounds in her head; Zeke packed Brenda’s nostrils and mouth with the gauze and then sewed the mouth shut. He added the eyecups to keep the eyes closed. He used the cutting trocar to make the incision in the abdomen and performed the cavity embalming. The incision in the abdomen was then sewn up. He packed the corpses’ rectum with treated cotton. Zeke now made the incisions in Brenda’s neck for the arterial embalming and commenced the pump and drain. He periodically massaged/exercised the breasts, arms and legs to get the fluid evenly distributed. He also became quite aroused as he handled Brenda’s corpse. Even though he had been embalming for about 30 years; preparing the pretty ones still had this effect on him; especially after his wife had died. He managed to calm himself down enough to be able to continue. Once the arterial embalming was finished; the opening in the neck was closed and sealed. With the embalming of all 3 corpses now complete ; Zeke thanked Mark and Jennifer for the help and they were on their way home.

Zeke tidied up the place and looked at his watch. He removed the toe tags from all three corpses and placed them on the countertop. It was already almost midnight. Time for bed. But he had one more decision to make. Which one of his clients would share his bed tonight? After looking them over again; he quickly decided it would be Jane. He covered the other two embalmed corpses and picked up Jane’s statuesque corpse and carried into the awaiting elevator and pressed 2 . When the elevator stopped he carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the turned-down bed. He turned and opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a short red lacy nightie and a pair of long sheer stockings. He sat the body up in the bed and carefully pulled the nightie over Jane’s head and arms and big breasts and down to the waist and laid her back down. Next he lifted the long luscious legs one at a time and starting at each foot rolled the stockings up each leg until they ended at just above mid-thigh. Now he brought out a makeup kit and applied cherry-red lipstick to the full pale lips. Next a little rouge to the checks. Now it was time for a little color on the eyebrows and eyelashes and a little eye shadow to cover the darkening of the eyelids. Zeke closed the makeup kit and stepped back to have a look. Jane looked quite sexy and appealing considering she was stone dead. Zeke went around to the opposite side of the bed and crawled in beside the luscious corpse. He began to kiss the cold lips and fondle the lovely breasts through the nightie. His thoughts wandered back to lovemaking with his wife Renee and he could almost imagine she was lying beside him. He began to whisper her name. Slowly he pulled the nightie down freeing each breast. The nipples were so kissable and succulent. While he was kissing the nipples and breasts; he moved Jane’s right hand over and on top of his hot erect dick. With his other hand; he began to rub the shapely stocking clad thighs; this excited him even more. After a few minutes of this; he removed his mouth from the breasts; pulled the nightie up to the waist and spread the lovely thighs wide apart. The pussy lips were parted and Zeke began to kiss the lovely distended clam. Slowly his erect tongue began to enter her love hole and he began to lick the cool insides with an increasing fervor. Zeke’s excitement grew quickly and he moved over between the spread legs and slowly lowered his body until his hard dick was at the entrance to Jane’s love hole. A wave of further excitement hit him as he slowly buried his rod in the dead pussy. Not very tight even for a dead one he thought. Must have had lots of lovers. He began to pump lovingly as his lips kissed the cherry-red lips of his necro lover. Zeke prolonged his ultimate pleasure as long as possible but finally could hold back no longer; He cried out in extacy as his load of cum shot into his dead lover. He continued to pump and moan as he filled her dead cunt and then collapsed on top of the corpse and went to sleep.

The alarm clock sounding 6AM jolted him back to reality. He got up; redressed quickly; removed the clothing from the corpse and carried her to the elevator. Once back in the preparation room he placed Jane back on the table. A tube was inserted into to the vagina and the contents deposited last night were flushed out with warm water. He quickly washed the makeup and lipstick from Jane’s face. No evidence of the night’s activities must remain. Jane’s corpse was then placed in the refridgerator.

Mrs. Carson arrived promptly, as scheduled that Monday at 9 AM, with the burial clothes in bags labeled for each of her loved ones. Zeke took them and directed Mrs. Carson into the casket ***********ion area. She ***********ed a silver-gray one for Brenda, a dark bronze for Jane and a light blue one for Ashley. Mrs. Carson’s son had been contacted and would be coming home for the funerals which were scheduled at 11 AM on Dec 26 at the First Baptist Church. Internments would follow at Noon at the Eternal Rest Masoleum. The viewings/ receiving of friends would be on Christmas evening from 6:00 until 9:00. Zeke would contact Brenda and Ashley’s hair stylist today about Styling Brenda, Ashley and Janes’s hair on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Carson left and Zeke spent the rest of the day with the preparations for the viewings and funerals.

At around 10 PM; Zeke wrapped things up and decided it was time for bed. Which one of his other clients was guest for the evening? He looked at them both and came to a decision. Since the hair dresser was coming tomorrow afternoon; he didn’t want to take the chance of messing up her work tomorrow night. So he decided to take Brenda to bed with him tonight. He had something special planned for tomorrow night for Ashley. He unwrapped Brenda’s sheet covered corpse and carried her to the elevator and pressed 2. Once in the bedroom he placed Brenda on the left side of the bed. From the dresser he brought out a lacy black nightie along with sheer black thigh hi stockings. He placed the black nightie on Brenda’s tanned body and slowly rolled the sheer black stockings up her luscious legs. The makeup kit was brought out and he used black cherry to cover the paleness of Brenda’s lips. After some rouge and eye makeup; he liked what he saw. Perfect he thought as he closed the kit.One more thing he would probably need. His hand picked up a tube of lubricating jelly he had placed beside the bed earlier. Zeke entered the kitchen and squeezed a large glob into a small plastic bowl and heated it in the microwave until it was almost hot. Then he closed the bowl lid and brought it with him back into the bedroom. He removed all his clothes and crawled up into the bed beside his necro lover for tonight. His hands began to caress Brenda’s breasts through the black nightie and he kissed her cold unfeeling lips. The nightie easily slid down from the shoulders until the breasts were fully exposed. The nipples felt so good as he sucked them. His hands began to rub the stocking clad thighs and slowly found their way up under the nightie between the legs to the lustrous thick bush and inside the lips of her pussy. He removed his fingers and lifted the gown up the waist and then spread the thighs widely apart. His lips and tongue contacted the open slit and feverishly began to lick the crevice within. His dick was at full alert and ready for action. Zeke opened the bowl and with his middle finger coated with the jelly slowly inserted it into Brenda’s pussy and worked it around. Now she was ready for his rod. He crawled between the open thighs and placed his dick at the entrance of her love hole A little pressure and it began to slide in. He began to slowly and lovingly pump her pussy until he was fully inserting at the bottom of each stroke. She was cool but amazingly tight compared to her sister last night. He gazed down at her shapely well-tanned body as he fucked her. His tempo continued to increase until he could hold back no longer. He screamed and moaned as he shot his load of cum deep into her pussy and then collapsed on top of her much the same as the night before and went to sleep.

The alarm clock sounding 6 AM jolted Zeke from his sleep. He withdrew from Brenda; kissed her on the lips and quickly dressed. Returning he carried Brenda’s corpse to the elevator. Once back in the preparation room; he placed Brenda’s corpse back on the table. A tube up her vagina and some warm water washed away the contents that Zeke had deposited in her. He quickly washed the makeup/lip-stick from her faces and toweled her off.

Zeke retrieved the clothes bags and placed the appropriate bag beside each body. He opened the bag for Brenda and removed the underwear and stockings. He placed the size 36C black lace bra on her breasts and then lifted the body to fasten it behind and then adjusted each breast in the cup. A black garter belt was fastened in place around her waist. Matching black lace panties were pulled over the feet , shapely legs and thighs until they were in place covering her crotch. Zeke took out pair of sheer nylon stockings and rolled them over Brenda’s feet and luscious legs and fastened them in place. He carried her to the reclined chair attached to a sink where her hair would be done in the afternoon and placed her neck in the opening. A plastic barber sheet with elasticized neck was placed over her. She was ready for the hairdresser. Now the bag for Jane was opened and he out the underwear and stockings. He placed the 38D champagne colored bra on her big breasts and then lifted the body to fasten it behind and then adjusted each breast in its cup. Matching champagne colored panties were pulled over the feet, shapely long legs and luscious thighs until they were in place. Zeke took out a pair of sand colored thigh high stockings and rolled them over Jane’s feet and long shapely tanned legs . He carried her to the chair beside Brenda’s body and placed her neck in the sink opening. A plastic barber sheet with elasticized neck was placed over her so she would be ready for the afternoon styling.Finally the bag for Ashley was opened and Zeke removed the underwear and stockings. He placed the size 34B strapless white lace bra on her small breasts and then lifted the body to fasten it behind. A white garter belt was fastened in place around her waist. Lacy white matching panties were pulled over the feet, pale legs and thighs until they were in place. Zeke took out a pair of white textured stockings and rolled them over Ashley’s feet and legs and fastened them in place. He carried her to the last open chair and laid her neck in the opening to the sink and placed the barber sheet on her.

Kay the hairdresser arrived early around noon and she was escorted by Zeke to where the corpses were. It always distressing for her to wash and style dead peoples hair but she felt she had an obligation to her clients to make them look their best for their final occasion. Zeke had a recent photograph of each that Mrs. Carson had brought to assist in the hair styling and makeup. Kay looked at the photograph of Jane and decided to start with her. She didn’t normally do Jane’s hair so she stared at the photo intently and then began. While Kay was working on Jane; Zeke placed the photographs beside each corpse and brought out the makeup kits. He would start on Jane as soon as Kay was finished with her. He now rolled the coffins ***********ed for each into the 3 viewing rooms ,opened the partitions to make it one large room and obtained the bags with the remainder of the burial clothes and draped each over the correct coffin. Kay applied the finishing touches to Jane’s style and looked at Zeke for his comments. He nodded his approval and gave a weak smile which was about all the smiling he ever did. Kay moved on to Ashley and Zeke started the makeup on Jane. Kay was affected more by Ashley’s death than the others. It was awful that she died so young with her whole life ahead of her. Washing and styling Ashley’s short hair went rather quickly and Kay again asked Zeke for his approval. She received the same nod and quick smile as before. Zeke applied strawberry lipstick as the final touch on Jane and went on to Ashley as Kay began the wash of Brenda’s hair. This one would be the most difficult because of the splitting/removal of the scalp during the autopsy and the subsequent stitching back together. Kay’s thoughts turned to how long she had been doing Brenda’s hair; about 20 years she remembered. An excellent loyal customer; a shame to lose her. She took extra care to get the little bit of undercurl on the sides and back that Brenda had liked. Now she turned to Zeke for his approval. He looked Brenda’s hair over more carefully than the others and said “very good” with more than his usual faint smile. She left quickly to go open her salon. Zeke went back to work on Ashley. After the makeup was finished; he applied a light coating of rose lipstick to the lips. She looks good he thought and began to work on Brenda’s makeup paying particular attention to the bullet hole in the left side of her head that he had filled/repaired. Once the makeup was finished; he applied a light coating of dark plum lipstick to the lips and then looked at his work.

Zeke carried Brenda to her open silver-gray casket and arranged her inside with her head on the pillow. He slit the dark gray blouse and the light gray wool business suit jacket and skirt down the middle of their backs and placed the sleeves of the blouse and jacket over the hands and onto the arms and then shifted the body to arrange them neatly behind the back. He patted the panty covered crotch briefly before placing the skirt on and tucking it neatly behind on each side as well as adjusting the waist band and the hem that was several inches above the knees. The hands were now crossed over the middle of the jacket and the casket lower lid was closed. Brenda was now ready to be viewed.

Zeke carried Jane to her open bronze casket and arranged he inside with her head on the pillow. He slit the white lacy blouse, the dark burgundy blazer and the short black skirt down the middle of their backs and placed the sleeves of the blazer over the hands and onto the arms and then shifted the body as necessary to arrange them neatly in the back. He rubbed the shapely stocking covered thighs before placing the short skirt around her and tucking it neatly behind as well as adjusting the waist band and the hem that was at mid-thigh. He remembered that her mother had commented that it was one of Jane favorite outfits that she wore on TV. The hands were now crossed over the middle of the jacket and the casket lower lid was closed. Jane was now ready to be viewed.

Zeke carried Ashley to her light blue casket and arranged her inside with her head on the pillow. He pulled out the beautiful white wedding dress Ashley had already purchased for her planned wedding and slit it down the back and placed the sleeves over the hands and onto the arms and then shifted the body as necessary to arrange it neatly and tuck it in behind. He grandmother had decided on the burial in the wedding dress because she thought her granddaughter would be pleased. The hands were now crossed over the middle of her lower chest and the lower casket lid was now closed. Young Ashley was now ready to be viewed.

At just before 4 PM Mrs. Carson and several of her relatives arrived. He began to think about poor David. He had an idea. He called David’s home and David answered. Zeke talked with her briefly and then escorted them into the large viewing room. Crying softly into her handkerchief she viewed the bodies of Jane, then Brenda and lastly young Ashley. She began to feel faint as she viewed young Ashley in her wedding dress and had to be escorted over to the sofa. She rambled on about how much she would have liked to see her granddaughter married to David and that David was extremely upset over his fiancee’s death. Zeke asked if Mrs. Carson’s son had arrived yet and was told he was on his way and should arrive early tommorrow (on Christmas Day). The Carson family left and Zeke sat down for a rest. He began to think about poor David. He had an idea. He called David’s home and David answered. Zeke asked David if he was up to viewing Ashley’s body and would he like a private viewing. David responded yes and was instructed by Zeke to come to the back entrance at 7PM and to not tell anyone where he was going.


Part IV

Viewings and Funerals

Meanwhile Zeke entered the viewing room and opened the bottom lid of Ashley’s coffin. He pulled the wedding gown up to just above Ashley’s knees. David ought to at least get to see her legs he thought and even more if he wanted to.. David arrived promptly at 7PM and was quickly ushered up to the viewing room. He initially was almost overcome with grief as he viewed the corpse of his bride-to-be in the wedding dress she would have worn at their wedding. He composed himself and began to look lovingly at Ashley. She was beautiful even in death. Zeke told him to stay as long as he liked and he would be in his office down at the other end of the hall if David needed anything. As Zeke left; David began to have the urge to kiss Ashley’s lips. He fought the urge initially but decided what the heck; this would probably be his only chance to kiss her goodbye. He leaned over and he kissed lightly on her cold and unfeeling lips. He began to get somewhat aroused. He wanted to do more. Ashley had insisted on remaining a virgin until they were married. David had never seen her naked before he discovered her dead body on Friday evening. During their courtship she had never allowed him to touch her naked breasts or run his hand up her dress any further than mid thigh. He had been so turned on their last few dates that he had to have a cold shower to calm down when he got home. Now he moved his hands over the lacey sequined covered bodice of her wedding gown and down to her knees. Looking to make sure Zeke wasn’t watching he ran his hands up each stocking clad leg until they met at the crotch of Ashley’s panties. He had to at least feel her. His fingers found their way into the leg opening of the panties and he could feel the soft pubic hair covering her womanhood. David could feel his penis becoming hard and uncomfortable inside his undershorts. He managed to get a finger inside the opening of her dead pussy and felt around inside and then pumped his finger in and out until he was inserting it completely at the end of each stroke. This aroused him even more. He wanted to do more. Just then he heard a noise and was mortified to see Zeke standing at the doorway with a faint sly smile on his face. David had been caught and he wondered what Zeke would do now. He just stood there as Zeke said ” It’s okay; if she were mine I’d want to love her more time cause there won’t be any more chances”. ” I figured you might too.” David withdrew his finger from Ashley’s pussy as Zeke approached. Zeke looked him in the eyes and said “I won’t tell if you won’t”. “I thought you might need some help with the clothes”. David was startled as Zeke walked up the coffin , moved the hands to the side and slowly removed the wedding dress from Ashley and laid it on the nearby sofa. Next he lifted her head and shoulders and unsnapped the strapless bra. Now he grabbed the hem of the white lace panties and gently pulled them down over the hips and off the feet. Just before Zeke left the room and closed the doors this time; he walked up beside David and handed him a warmed tube of lubricating jelly. David was confused; he knew he shouldn’t be doing this but the almost naked body of the woman he had planned to marry was beside him and he wanted her so much. His lust for his dead love won out and he removed his shoes,pants and undershorts and crawled up into the coffin. His long hard dick was getting wet on the end. He kissed Ashley passionately on the lips and began to fondle her small breasts. His lips kissed and suckled the cold nipples. Excited fingers wandered down to the luscious thick dark bush and he opened her thighs as wide apart as possible. David took the tube of lubricating jelly and began to apply if to his fingers and inserted them into Ashley’s lovehole. He slowly pumped them in and out until he was satisfied she was properly lubricated. With his erect dick positioned between her legs; he lined it up with her opening and slowly pressed against her pussy lips until his rod slid in. Now he began to pump slowly but passionately until he was hitting bottom. His tempo increased with each loving thrust. He had often wondered how it would be making love to Ashley; although he pictured her alive in all his fantasies He alternately kissed her lips and rubbed her breasts and thighs as he continued to pump her full of his rod. His dick felt the biggest and best it had ever felt and it was beginning to get that throbbing that he only previously experienced during masturbation. Soon he could hold back no longer and could feel his hot load of cum shooting into his dead lover’s love canal. Like a man possessed; David continued to pump until he got light-headed and fainted on top of Ashley’s corpse.

Around midnight Zeke came back to check on David. Everything was quiet in the viewing room. He walked up to Ashley’s casket and placed his hand on David’s shoulder and neck. He was breathing and after a gentle shake or two began to come around. He looked up at Zeke and said “I just couldn’t let her go to her grave without knowing what it felt like to make love to her”. “I love her so much!”. Zeke nodded and helped David down from the coffin. He handed David a towel and then turned to the task of getting Ashley reading for tomorrow’s viewing. He lifted her and replaced her bra. A damp clothe was used to wash David’s seed from the outside of her pussy. A wad of cotton was inserted her vagina to prevent any of the remainder from leaking out. He used a comb to remove the cum from her bush. The rest of David’s love seed would be allowed to remain in her corpse for eternity. Her thighs were closed back together and the white panties replaced. The wedding dress was placed over arms and positioned back in the correct position and tucked in behind the corpse. Zeke reapplied lipstick and touched up her makeup. Her hands were placed back across her chest. The casket bottom lid was reclosed. Ashley was now ready for viewing again. Zeke reminded David that this was their secret and that he must never speak of it to anyone. David agreed and was on his way home. Zeke tidied up and went to bed.

Zeke arose when the clock went off at 8AM on Christmas morning. He dressed and made himself a liesurely breakfast. Not much to do this morning so he tidied the place during the morning. Mrs. Jones arrived at 1 PM with the first of the flowers. She made several other deliveries of flowers throughout the afternoon. Zeke placed a red rose in the hands of each of the bodies. A little before 6PM Mrs. Carson and her son arrived. Ron had arrived from Korea at 10PM last night. They, along with Ashley’s grandparents on Mike’s side of the family and David, stood just past the last casket and people viewed the bodies and then spoke to them. There was quite a crowd of Brenda and Mike’s friends and business associates, Jane’s friends and associates from the city where she had lived and worked and Ashley’s friends and fellow students both from high school and college. The crowd continued to file through as the evening progressed. More than a few of the men had trouble concealing their erections as they viewed the beautiful women in repose. At about 7:30 Jane’s ex-husband filed through. He paused briefly at Brenda and Ashley’s caskets but when he reached Jane’s he took a long look at the beautiful body of his ex-wife. He still loved her and they would still have been married if had been up to him. But her career became more important to her than him or their marriage. So she had left him and went on to bigger and better positions in bigger markets. Alas; he still loved her. He wanted to steal a kiss but the crowd made him decide not to. He did however squeeze her hand and whisper “Goodbye, my love” as he filed on out. The crowd continued to file past and was starting to thin out at 8:45 when Benny Lawter , Lester and Carl filed through. Benny was smartly dressed in his 3 piece dark blue suit and Lester and Carl also had on dark suits. They stopped and viewed each of the beautiful women they had murdered and raped and were more than a little sexually aroused at seeing them in their coffins. They stopped to console each in the receiving line and introduced themselves as former business associates of Mike and filed out into the night.

At approx 9:30PM the viewers had stopped coming and Zeke said goodbye to the receiving line. He tidied up and then went to bed. He arose at 6AM, dressed and had his breakfast and then at 8AM called the mausoleum to be sure the crypts were ready. At approx 9; the casket lids were closed and the caskets were loaded into the waiting hearses for the trip to the church. Once arriving at the church; they were unloaded and carried into the church and reopened at the front to allow brief viewings before the actual funerals started. At 11 the joint funerals commenced and it wasn’t long until there weren’t many dry eyes in the place. The 550 seat church was packed and overflowing. During the funerals; Mrs. Carson and Mike’s parents thoughts wandered to him lying in a coma in intensive care at the hospital. He had been in this state since the attack and it wasn’t known when and if he would ever recover. It was so sad that he had lost his wife and daughter and couldn’t even attend their funerals. The poignant funeral service concluded and the caskets were closed for the last time. They were carried to the waiting hearses by the pallbearers and taken to the mausoleum for the internment. A brief graveside service was conducted and each casket was placed in its final resting place, the door closed and sealed. The bodies of the 3 beautiful women whose lives had been snuffed out were now in their final resting place and the services concluded.

A week later on January 2 in the evening; the nurse assigned to Mike in intensive care suddenly was startled when Mike began to open and close his eyes. She called his doctor and by the time the doctor arrived he had opened them and was looking around the room. Mike couldn’t use his hands because of the severe mauling that Benny and fellow thugs had done to them. He tried to speak but his sounds were unintelligible because the end of his tongue was missing. The surgeons had not been able to successfully attach the end that had been cut off. The doctor asked him if he remembered what happened to him. He shook his head no. At this point the police were notified that Mike was out of the coma. Detectives came to interview him. He had no memory of the night of the attack. Trying to get any useable information from was very difficult his speech and the condition of his hands. Mike was then shown a picture of his wife and daughter at a recent party. He smiled and indicated that he recognized them. His smile turned to uncontrollable sobbing when told that they had been murdered and that the funerals were held while he was in a coma. Mike’s weakened heart couldn’t take the strain of being without his wife and daughter. He went into cardiac arrest and had a massive heart attack and was pronounced dead despite the best efforts of staff that were on duty. His association with Benny had proved fatal for he and his family!