A good day out


my wife gets fucked better than I did

My wife was staying with friends for a few days, house sitting, so being bored I got my ass cleaned out and headed for the men’s club in town, it opened at 12 and I was first in, I soon got undressed and walked off poppers in hand to the sling room.

It always picks up quick at lunch time as workers pop in for a fuck, so it was no surprise to see a guy make his way towards me and begin to play with my ass, his mouth wrapped around my cock as his fingers slipped inside opening my hole ready for his cock.

It felt great as his cock slipped straight in balls deep first push, it wasn’t huge but it filled my ass nicely, his pace picked up as another guy entered the room, his cock found my mouth ready to fuck, as both urged one another on, my first anal orgasm raced though my body as another mouth sucked my cock deep.

My mouth took its first load for the day, as I sucked the last of his cum from a still hard cock, the guy sucking my cock joined in, sharing the sperm with me, licking and sucking cum that he dropped onto my face, I licked up what I could, his cock refilled my mouth I began to swallow him deep.

The guy fucking me gripped my hips, pulling me onto him as hard as he could, his cock pulsed and my butt felt the warmth of a nice big load being shot into it, soon he eased back and let his juices run free, the guy in my mouth went down eating my ass and its load and then he returned once more dropping hot cum into my mouth, no sooner had he done that his cock found my open butt.

He was good, fucking with a lot of energy, my mouth once more busy sucking a new cock, I also saw another guy standing of watching, it didn’t take long, my butt filled with cum, as soon as his cock stopped twitching, he went down sucking his own cum from my ass, this he brought up for me to eat, once dry I told him to fist my ass and open me right up.

More and more fingers went in, then with one good push he was past his wrist, my anal orgasm told him he was doing it right, my mouth flooded once more with a fresh load, then a new cock filled my mouth, this was big, as inch by inch he eased it further down my throat, gagging as to much went in.

I was full, the fist in me was going deeper, as my mouth became accustomed to the size filling it, I enjoyed a run of anal orgasm as both guys had their fun with me, the fist slipped out to be replaced by his cock, again he pounded my ass for all he was worth, soon he dropped another hot load in me and repeated the fun, my face wet with fresh cum, while he did this big cock filled my ass, his cock found new flesh as he pulled me balls deep onto his rod.

I sucked his cock dry, surprised at how quick he regained hardness, I was in heaven, my ass took over as more orgasm rang out, big cock happy to keep pounding my ass, and wanking my cock, my mouth went to work once more.

Some more guys wandered in, a few face fucked me and as they cum, the other guy would suck them off with me sharing their loads, then my ass felt it, big cock growled his cock grew to what seemed twice the size, then wham, his baby seeds flooded my bowels, he trust into my ass with force each time growling more and more, cum guy went down ready to eat his load.

Big cock calmed a bit his cock still twitching inside my happy butt, then as he pulled away my ass was sucked out, I told big cock to bring his cock to my mouth for me to suck him dry, he did jerking as my lips worked his sensitive head, once soft I let it fall from my mouth, thanking him for a good fucking, he said any time, that was good, I told him I was staying until closing time, his face lit up. He then bent down and whispered did I want to meet later for more kinky sex, I told him Yes Please, he then told me he would be back just after 6 pm and meet him in the mirror room, I nodded a yes.

He then bent down kissing me fully and said bi for now, cum guy was waiting, my mouth and face awash with loads of fresh cum once more, as another cock buried itself in my ass, I then asked him his name, Jim he replied, I replied your welcome to use me all day too Jim.

I stayed in the sling until it slowed a bit, must have 2 pm or so, Jim still happy to eat all the cum from me, then we went for a shower to cool off, and freshen up, as we washed I told Jim about some of my kinks, like water sports, he then asked if I was keen to let him try it on me, no sooner said than I was on my knees, he stood over me trying to pee, I told him relax and just let it happen, he did, a huge stream shot out spaying my face and mouth, I let him aim all over me then as he slowed swallowed the last few drops, another guy then did the same from behind me, we showered to clean off.

The afternoon went well, it’s always lower mid day, but I managed to get 4 or 5 fucks and Jim happy to fist me now and then to keep my ass open, and he loved playing in the cum inside me too, around 5 pm it picked up again.

As more guys arrived my ass got a good work out, now and then Jim fisted me whilst hey fucked me too, that way he got to feel them cum inside my ass, each time he ate me out sharing their spills, by now neither of us needed food, I got Jim to dp my ass with a couple of guys to, his cock taking their cum which I licked of.

Then I saw big cock, he was standing with a couple of guys, as my ass was filled once more I got Jim to lay down and I sat over his face, pushing all the cum from my ass into his mouth, he loved that.

Big cock motioned for me to join him, I told Jim to come along too, as we walked into the small group room, I was quickly lifted and sat on a cock, then bent forward and a second cock firmly pushed up my ass, got my attention, it was big cock.

Both guys were horny as they torn me a new ass, as they fucked me my mouth took turns sucking two cocks, both eager to try my ass too, we kept going for some time, then they swapped me around, sitting me on two new cocks before face fucking me again, as they had their fun with me my anal orgasm kept going, one long orgasm as each pounded me fully, they just as quick Jim stuck his fist in me and made me orgasm again, big cock looked on, as his cock filled my mouth.

Jim took his fist out and licked cum from his fingers, replacing it for more, I was more than happy, big cock, or Andy as I found out, forced his cock all the way in, gagging me while he did, then he too moved back, pulling Jims fist out, he shoved his hand into me, then just as quick his cock went in too, I went wild.

Andy soon grunted and shot me full of hot cum, Jim quickly licking up any spills, then they both took turns sucking the cum out of me and feeding my mouth, and there was a lot too. The night went well, the guys with Andy took turns, fucking fisting the filling me with their baby juices, other guys also took part and I was made to do whatever they wanted, which suited me fine.

At one time when I needed a rest I took them to the showers, kneeling down Jim was first to let them know what I wanted, most of them followed his lead, I had a few feed my mouth others more than happy to piss over my body or face, then we showered and went back to the mirror room.
Here they took turns, dp ing my ass, I watched them from different angles in the mirrors, it is always good to see cocks buried deep inside my ass, especially when its two, I was well used cock after cock took its toll on me, I have always found, if I can get one or two good guys to fuck me here, it attracts others, and today was no exception, in fact today was turning out to be a great day.

It was late when things slowed down a bit, than as once before the owner walked in to tell us he was closing soon, when he saw my ass dripping cum his shorts came down and he took to me again, pounding my ass for some 10 minutes before unloading his seed inside me, one more fuck and I got cleaned up.

As I walked to the front desk the cum run down my legs, the owner thanked me for a good fuck, I told him I’d be back tomorrow too, so he should drop be earlier and fist me too, with that he told me that I could get in free whenever I wanted, my last words were, see you at 12 tomorrow.

It was close to 2 am when I got home, I had texted a message to Lyn, but as yet no reply, I was fucking myself with my 12 inch dildo when my phone rang, she told me she had only just read the message because she was busy, I laughed and asked how many, she shyly said only 5 tonight.

As I stroked my cock, she told me how her night had gone, our friends know we swing, and are ok with her meeting guys at their place, she had contacted one of her regular fucks, and asked him to organise more cocks for her, but she also sent out a few sms to other guys she knows too.
Turns out she was full of cum too, in all three holes, her ass had been more than used by them all, more than once too, but then she really got my attention when she told me John had brought his mate along too, Allen is one lucky guy, a good 11 inc slab of meat between his legs, and he and John like to dp Lyn too, not that she complains, and his balls hold a good load too.

She told me in detail how the guys kept her busy all night, then she went quite, I said “AND”, she then told me she had been fucked by Jack, my cock sprung up even harder, Jack is very special, he is Tonys dog, a great looking Sheppard, who loves fucking us both. My cock was sore by the time she told how he had fucked her three times tonight twice in her ass, and once in her pussy, each time cheered on by the guys who enjoy seeing us put on a show for them.

Lyn also told me how she had taking them all in a good piss session too, after Jack had fucked her ass, she got them all to fill her butt with their piss and then spray it over some of them, my cock was glowing ready to blast cum everywhere, she told me how Tony fisted her straight after her piss session too, pushing fluid right up inside her bowels.

That was all I could stand, my balls intent on release shot cum up to my face and hair, I shook as the feeling subsided, Lyn asking was it good, my groans let her know it was, once I settled down we spoke more, Lyn told me tomorrow she was going out for lunch, and if it worked out, home for more fun, as the guys told her to be home by 6 pm, she then told me Tony was coming back to with Jack, my reply was I might just have to drop in tomorrow night myself, she laughed and told me I had better arrange more guys to bring with me, if I did, looks like tomorrow will be a busy day for us