A secret brother and sisters secret romance

My name is Sean and I grew up in a large family; three sisters and two brothers. I was the fifth born out of the six. My two older sisters and two older brothers are within a year apart and at least ten years older than me. When I was two my little sister Mary was born. Mary was like a gift from god for me. With both of my parents working and my brothers and sisters living their lives Mary and I became more like companions than brother and sister.
Mary and I grew to depend on one another. I looked out for her and she looked out for me.

It wasn’t long after Mary’s birthday when our father died of a heart attack. Mary and I became even closer when the rest of the family became more withdrawn from each other. Our mother tried to keep us strong and together but all of our older brothers and sisters moved out and started their own lives. They keep in touch and we still talk just over the phone.

Our mom received a healthy life insurance claim from our father so she didn’t have to work anymore. This caused her to become even more disconnected with reality. She started to drink heavily she would smoke almost two packs of cigarettes a day. Mary and I were forced to take care of each other until I turned nineteen in 1993. That’s when I came home from work and found my mother lying face down on the bathroom floor. She was there all day and I couldn’t let Mary see her. I contacted her school and asked if they could keep her there until I came to get her and not to let her know why. It took about two and a half hours for the police and coroner to do their thing and get out of the house so I could go and get Mary and bring her home.

Mary didn’t take the news well and having to be the adult and call our other brothers and sisters and inform them of the tragic news wasn’t easy. By the next morning our brothers and sisters were all home and were working franticly to get our mother laid to rest with our father. Our parent’s estate was now up for grabs and our brothers and sisters seemed more concerned in what was theirs rather than mourn our mother. I got angry and cursed all of them for being greedy. I cursed them for leaving and forcing me to take care of our mother while they were out living there lives with their new families.

They didn’t care enough to come home and check on their younger brother and sister or there depressed mother. I guess that’s all it took for them to back off and leave everything to Mary and me.
After the funeral everybody stuck together for a couple of weeks and then went back to their normal lives leaving Mary and I to tie up all the loose ends. We stayed in our parent’s house until Mary Graduated and we put the house and five acres of land on the market. With the life insurance from our father and the proceeds from the house and land Mary and I had enough to start our new lives and then some.

We bought a new house not far from where we lived before and decided to invest the money that we did have in real-estate. With Mary in school and me working we didn’t see each other as much as we wanted to until Mary came home. Mary was now twenty and I twenty two and she dropped a bombshell on me telling me that she was eight weeks pregnant. At first I was furious but warmed up to the fact that I was going to have a little niece or nephew pretty quickly. When Mary told me that the father didn’t want to have anything to do with her or the baby made me furious. Mary understood my anger but soon calmed me down with her sensible mind and soothing voice.

Later that night I was laying in bed when Mary walked in to my room and sat on the edge of my bed to talk. She asked me a very logical question. “Is the reason you’re angry because I’m pregnant or because your jealous?” I looked at her not saying a word when she leaned in and kissed me. We embraced each other holding on afraid to let go. The passion was immense running our hands all over each other’s bodies. Finally she stopped and looked into my eyes not wanting to break the moment if passion and removed her nightgown. The only thing separating our two bodies was the thin fabric of my underwear.

Our kiss continued as I reached down to grab the waistband of my boxers and could barely get them half way off before Mary was on top of me. That’s when I felt her warm hand grab the base of my penis and guided it in side of her hot opening. I squeeze of her womanhood sent shivers through my spine as she rocked forward accepting more of me inside of her. I placed my hands on her hips and synchronized my movements with hers. Her wetness engulfed me as I sat up wrapping my arms around the woman that I have been in love with for so long. Our kiss and our embrace seemed to have lasted for hours. In one smooth movement I rotated her and myself on the bed. I was now on top of my sister looking her in the face.


The light from the moon outside reflected on her face. She was biting her bottom lip as I gazed into her beautiful blue eyes; her blond highlights in her dark hair accentuated her face. As I would thrust forward her head would rock back her chin would face the ceiling. The sensation of our bodies moving in unison the heat in the room and the passion in the bed must have put her over the top. Mary placed her hands flat on my stomach and then moved them around to my sides and said in a seductive and raspy voice “Kiss me my brother!” I took a breath and leaned in and kissed my sister like I had never kissed anyone before. The sharpness of her fingernails on my back and the way she inhaled me told me that she had just climaxed. I continued to please my sister plunging deep inside of her releasing all of my pent up aggression and all of the lust that I have felt for her for so long. I drained myself into my sister and it just felt so right.

We finished that night and never left each other’s arms. We held each other till the sun came up and made the same passionate love again and again. We continue this relationship that we have but nobody knows that we are brother and sister. They believe us to be husband and wife since we already have the same last name. We have a little girl now her name is Sarina Marie and she is seven years old she has no clue that I am not her father and believes me to be. Mary is pregnant again but not by my seed this is a secret that the love of my life and I will take to the grave with us. We have been together now for almost eight years and haven’t seen the rest of our brothers and sister since before that and plan to keep it that way.