A wife’s story – movie with my brother


My brother, Oliver, was visiting us for a couple weeks while his wife went on a cruise with some girlfriends. (He hated the name “Oliver”, so when his friends started calling him “Patch” because Mom put a patch on the rear of his jeans one year, he happily adopted that as his permanent moniker.) My hubby, Pete, had gone off to a conference for 3 days. So Patch and I were home alone together. During the visit, Patch would run off and do his thing. I would go to work or shopping or whatever.

But on the Sunday night my husband left for his conference, Patch and I went to a movie and for some reason sat way to the back eating our popcorn.

The theater was an old run-down second-run “palace” that was the go-to place when i was a girl. It was also the place where a boy first put his hand in my panties. Jerome was his name. He rubbed my pussy and then a finger went in. Wow that felt good. Then he said, “Do me too,” which I did til he squirted all over my hand and his undershirt.

Too bad it was my brother I was sitting next to this time, LOL.

The movie was boring and I started a whispered conversation, “Did you ever make out with Connie in here,” I asked in my full imp. He dated her all through high school and whenever he got home from college and I knew darn well they did more than make out.

He looked over at me, amazed at my chutzpah. “Well, … uh, … yes, we did,” he chuckled.

“How far did you get with her?”

“Here? She would let me finger fuck her or reach up under her top and she would jerk me off. One time she got on the floor and gave me a blow job during a movie. But the floor was pretty dirty. She never did that again.”

“Then what?”

“Well, we’d make out in the parking lot or drive over behind that old barn and fuck in the back seat. Boy you ask a lot of questions. OK Pam, what about you?”

“Yeah, Jerome and me would make out back here.”

“Did he get your cherry?”

“Such a question,” i said in mock horror. “But no, Mr. Carlson got that,” I giggled. He’s dead now, so I could tell that.

“Didn’t you babysit for them?”

“No. His wife was dying of early onset Alzheimers that summer, I watched over her so he could work.”

“Oh my!”

“And I took care of his needs most evenings when he got home, hehe. She had a separate room by then and he took my cherry right on their marriage bed.”

“Wow. I bet Jerome was mad about that. I hope Mr. Carlson used a rubber.”

“He had bought some before he seduced me. Anyway, Jerome got over it – I lied about who got there first – and took his liberties later, sometimes even the same night after I left Mr. Carlson’s house. We used condoms, too, until Mommy got me an IUD. Both guys loved that!”

My brother chuckled. Thing was, talking about these things that we’d never shared with each other added to the intimacy of the dark theater. Of course, it wasn’t like we thought either one of us were perpetual virgins.

The movie chugged along. “Did you ever think about having sex with me, Patch?” I was feeling naughty, wasn’t I?

“Pam!!! … Well. … Actually, yes. … A lot. … I would jerk off thinking what it was like. … But you know, incest and all. … I don’t suppose you, … you couldn’t have, never.”

“Girls have fantasies too, you know.”

“But with me?”

“Yes of course. You and all the other buff guys.”

“Pam!!!” he laughed too loudly for the movie theater but nobody noticed.

We watched the movie for a while longer. Something got into me. I stared over at him. “So Mr. Patch, … do you want ME to jerk you off?”

“Pam?!?! Here!?!?” He looked around nervously.

I undid his belt and unzipped his shorts. I held his cock up under his undershirt and started stroking him. His breath immediately got faster. And it wasn’t long before his hand went up under my tee shirt, played there a while til it moved to pull up the hem on my denim skirt. We both could tell how wet my panties were when he rubbed me there. He pulled them aside and went to work.

His fingers were doing everything they needed to do, on the lips, on my clit and up inside me. A deeply suppressed squeal, caught the attention of the folks three rows up, but they only glanced briefly. We two thirty-somethings had our orgasms and collapsed back in our seats.

“We’ll have to wash that undershirt,” I said as I licked off the part of his eruption that got on my hand.

“Your panties go in with them, too,” he said, copying my licking action with his own fingers.

We left before the movie ended, laughing hysterically as we ran through the lobby and out to the car. “I think the old barn is still there,” I offered.

The old barn was in a state of partial collapse but it still offered a hiding place not visible from the road. At least there were no teenagers there.

We crawled into the back seat and he wasted no time taking my tee shirt, bra and panties off. After the briefest foreplay, we positioned ourselves as best we could. It was easier 20 years ago.

“This is incest, you know,” he asked.

“It’s ok. We’re not making babies. Birth control, hehe.”

“OH. I forgot to ask about that.” But soon I felt his cock tentatively entering me, then deep inside me. He played with my boobs and we french kissed while we fucked. I rubbed my clit and squeezed his slithery cock between my fingers as it slid in and out.

“It’s so good. So good,” I said, loving and pushing back against his deep strokes that pounded my cervix. But it was getting uncomfortable in the tight space. I guess cars used to be bigger. “Let me get on my knees.

I turned over and Patch tried to lick me in the awkward setting but quickly, he entered me again. Neither one of us suppressed the sounds of our pleasure this time. He grabbed both of my tits as he pounded me faster and faster. We both moaned out loud when the shared spasms in our sex organs heralded jets of his seed shooting deep into my vagina.

Patch hung on, thrusting as long as he could but eventually it was over. We got ourselves back together. I wiped off the back seat with an old rag I kept in the car, and we headed home.

We chatted and told each other how wonderful it was as we shared quickly assembled gin and tonics, another relic of a bygone era. Then I excused myself and came back out wearing my shortest see-through nightie and nothing else.

“Come to bed with me, OK?”

“OH MY GOD Sis, you’re so beautiful. I always imagined you so. But for real!!” He followed me into the bedroom.

Now I haven’t exactly been the faithful wife, but this was only the second time another man shared my marriage bed. Patch sat on the edge of the bed as he pulled off his pants and shirt. Then he caressed my perked up tits thru the silky fabric and pushed the nightie between my legs. It felt so smooth.

Soon we were naked and it was finally time to give Patch the oral sex I knew he wanted. But I wanted that, too. So I pushed him back on the bed and we arranged ourselves in 69 position laying on our sides. He kissed my thighs – that’s as far down as he could reach, and I started licking his balls. His kisses moved up to my pussy lips and I started licking his shaft and gnawing on it sideways in my mouth. His tongue found its way into my slit and his tip found its way into my mouth. My clit was tender and excited. He teased it expertly, bringing on the start of yet another orgasm. I took his shaft in all the way and he started fucking my throat. His face pushed into my pussy as his tongue probed my love hole. My orgasm was in full flower.

We each had one knee up as we laid on our sides and that provided access for what happened next. I felt Patch wet his finger in my pussy and reach all the was back. As his tongue went back to work again, his finger rimmed me and the whole situation sent me over the top. I wet my own finger and just as I started to play with his rim, he was erupting in my throat. Jet after jet, into my throat, onto my tongue, lovely salty taste. I don’t usually squirt but I could feel my self doing that this time. I’ve learned it feels like peeing but it isn’t.

And then we were done. We fell apart, expended. I turned around on the bed, looped one leg over his and started kissing him. Gently, lovingly, he kissed back and softly pressed his hands against my breasts. We kissed and murmured our appreciation for what must have been a half hour.

After making love one more time, we fell asleep.

I had to go to work the next morning, but we took a shower together. His hands slid easily over my soapy body. We each cleansed all the right places and that got us aroused again. He filled my body with his regenerated cum as I held onto the faucet handles. Then I used the shower hose to make sure I wouldn’t leave a spot in the pants I intended to wear to work. When I looked in the mirror I could see my face was red from all the kissing, so I put on a bit of makeup and got dressed.

On the way out the door, I put our clothes and the bed sheets in the washer. He would have to dry them. During our parting kiss, he managed to get his hand inside my pants for one more caress.


When I got home from work, Patch had been to the store. He had set out a bowl of cherries and strawberries and a can of whipped cream. He poured a nice chardonnay that had been chilling all afternoon. Sitting on the sofa, we partook of some of each of those and chatted about how naughty we had been. It wasn’t long before our clothes were off.

My brother pushed me back on the sofa and to my surprise, squirted whipped cream on my tits and my pussy, my butt hole and finally my nose. And starting with my nose, he cleaned up all of it with his tongue and lips, to my extreme pleasure.

Then it was my turn. Whipped crean on Patch’s cock. What a great excuse for sucking. But I didn’t let him cum because I wanted to offer my asshole, he had worked so hard there.

When we had cleaned off most of the whipped cream we ran into the bedroom, pulled down the sheets – Patch had actually made the bed – what a great way to keep a girl in the mood – and fucked our brains out, starting in my rear. He helped me make dinner by fucking me from behind while I tried to stir the spaghetti, and after dinner, on the dining room table with my legs dangling over the edge.

The next morning, I was having an amazing erotic dream and awoke to the realization that Patch had been stroking my naked body in all the right places and had two fingers inside my pussy. I tugged on his cock and led him between my parted knees. We fucked til he came, and then I gave him a bj that lasted the several minutes it took him to get stiff again. Patch took care of the entire laundry needs that day.

We didn’t do anything those three nights, and mornings, that my husband and I hadn’t done many times. But it’s so much more exciting with a new lover. And my brother, at that.