Anna is all grown up


Little Anna is all grown up now, and she can finally seduce her neighbor

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Anna sat under an overgrown bush in her neighbor’s yard enjoying a hot summer afternoon. Well, she wasn’t JUST enjoying the day. She also loved hot summer days because the windows were open. She was kind of spying…

Anna stands 5’2” tall with dark brown hair spilling curls over her shoulders. Her smile and laugh are very infectious. When her killer smile breaks out, her big brown eyes light up. She has a trim figure with B-cup breasts and smooth, flawless tan skin. Her pussy is always shaved clean with little labia that look like shiny butterfly wings when she spreads them. Her waist is small, but her glutes are round and her hips are wide, and when she touches her knees together you could almost toss a golf ball through the thigh gap. Essentially Anna has the perfect teen heart shaped ass.

Anna heard a voice from the window above her head. Her neighbor Dan was talking on his phone. “I just got back now. It was great. Don’t believe what they tell you. Summertime is a great time to go to the tropics…… Yeah, of course, don’t sound so surprised, I leave my cats all the time! I have the girl next door watch them. Little Anastasia, the Riley’s daughter. You probably haven’t met her. Cute and sweet as can be. She’s going to be a real boy killer when she grows up! OK I’ll meet you then. Bye”

Anna thought her blood might begin to boil. “Cute, sweet, little Anastatia?” While that was all technically true, she was hoping Dan was beginning to see her for what she really was, a fully mature 18 year old woman! ‘First of all, I am Anna! Anastasia is the name of a squeaky clean Disney princess. And did he really say “WHEN she grows up?” For Christs sake, I’ll be going to college in the fall. Doesn’t he know every porn site’s most popular section is college teens? How popular is the old man section, Dan?’

‘That wasn’t fair’, Anna thought, ‘ Dan is nice… and kind of hot…’ Anna’s next door neighbor Dan Fox is a 43 year old divorcee with a receding hairline of short brown hair. He keeps himself fit and slim and a little bit muscular. Anna has had a crush on Dan for as long as she can remember. He is just so easygoing and funny, and just the right amount of body hair. Not too furry. Sometimes she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be one of his cats and curl up on his lap, or tear his clothes off and make a slippery mess.

Anna noticed Dan hasn’t had women over since his divorce last year. The person on the phone was one of his guy friends. They are probably going down town for a beer. Anna didn’t want to be seen dashing about like she’s guilty, so she crept out from under the bush and casually walked a few feet to the loose section of fence that she uses as a gate. If someone ever caught her she would say she thought she saw one of Dan’s cats.

When Dan came home from the bar a couple hours later Anna ‘happened to be’ laying in her back yard tanning in her favorite white bikini. Dan noticed her as he got out of his car. “Oh, hi Anastasia! Thanks for watching my cats while I was gone. Did you have any trouble?”

“No trouble at all. They just missed you. I’m sure they’re glad you are home.”

“Yeah, for sure. Hey when you are done, why don’t you come over and you can bring the key and I will pay you.”

“I should probably get out of the sun now actually. I will be over in a few minutes”

Flashback two years –

Bonnie answered the door to find Anna standing there “Hi Anastasia”

Anna asked “Hi Mrs. Fox. I heard you got some kittens? Can I see them?”

“Sure. Dan has them in the living room.”

Anna dashed through the hall to find Dan on the couch with one black kitten on his lap, another playing on the couch was all black with a white spot on its forehead.

Bonnie followed her in. “I don’t see what’s the big deal. They just get under foot and scream for food.” Dan made eye contact with Anna and rolled his eyes as Bonnie left.

Anna fell to her knees in front of the couch “Hi Mr. Fox! What are their names?”

“That one is ‘Diamond’ because of the diamond mark on his forehead. This one is shadow because she follows diamond around like his shadow.”

“Aww, so cute!” Anna played with Diamond for a minute, then reached over to pet Shadow. Still on her knees in front of the couch, she pet the kitty a couple of times, then rested her head on Shadow’s soft kitten fur. As she was running her hand over the kitten she could see a bulge growing under the cat.

Anna was mature for her age of 16. She had seen porn and she knew Dan’s cock was getting hard because he was getting aroused. The thought that she made Dan’s cock hard sent a pulse like electricity to Anna’s pussy. He definitely made her excited. But she played dumb and pretended not to notice. She pet the cat some more and watched his cock grow in his pants. Here she was inches from a man’s erection. And not just any man, Dan Fox! She had to see how far she could push it…

As she stroked the cat she ran her hand past the cat and pet his cock once, then again. When she tried again he grabbed her hand. She looked up at him with a crooked smile and rested her cheek on his hard cock. He just sat for a second, not sure what to do.

“Look Anastasia, you can’t do that! You are just a kid, and I am a married man. Old enough to be your father!”

Anna lifted her head and put her lips on the fabric and slowly kissed his crotch. “OK, of course Mr. Fox. I don’t know what I was thinking” And her eyes sparkled and the crooked grin returned as she pulled away and looked back at his cock for a moment. She then moved over and played with Diamond for a while.

Back to present day –

Anna went back into her house just long enough to check herself in the mirror and clean up a bit. She smiled at the vixen in the mirror, then left for Dan’s house.

Dan opened the door for Anna. She was still in the bikini, and she looked like a sexpot straight out of his dirtiest fantasies. “Well, that was quick. I thought you would throw on some clothes first”.

“Oh, are you kidding? We are old friends. I could probably walk around here naked and you wouldn’t bat an eye.”

“I might just bat an eye… yes, I just might” Dan fumbled as he went through his wallet. His hands were shaking. She had hoped the bar would have loosened him up some.

“You don’t have to pay me you know, Dan.”

Dan replied “Of course! You are young, you need a little spending money.”

“Money is easy to come by. You know what I REALLY need…”

Dan looked at Anna with a nervous smile and shook his head.

Anna said “You said before I was too young. Well now I’m 18 and I will be leaving for college soon, and I am still a virgin. I need a little experience. I have dated boys my age, and they just seem like they don’t know what they are doing. Plus they will blab and everyone will be calling me a slut! I don’t want to marry you or anything. I just want to try some things I have been fantasizing about, and then I will go away to school. No broken hearts allowed.”

Dan: “I will be honest, I have fantasized about you. But there is a difference between fantasy and reality. I want you to go home and think it over, and really make sure this is what you want. Maybe you had too much sun and in the morning you will think twice about sex with an old man.

“I know I’m not very old, but in my experience a man on his own is like a leaky bottle of ketchup. He really needs his bottle to have a nice tight cap on it or he gets all dark and crusty. Do you want to get dark and crusty Dan?“

Anna continued, “I will think it over, if you promise to think about this.” Anna turned around and bent over and folded herself in half with her knees straight. Peeked around the side of her leg and with one hand on the ground she reached around with the other and peeled the crotch of her bikini away to expose her bald pussy. “I think I’m wet just thinking it might happen.” And yes, she was glistening wet and possibly the most gorgeous and erotic site Dan had ever seen.

Anna stood up, spun around, and counted $60 out of Dan’s hand. “Now that I think of it maybe I would like a little spending money. I was just being dramatic, you know. I’ll be back tomorrow. Don’t use up all your ketchup. Leave some for me.” Anna flashed that killer smile and Dan just stood like an idiot watching her ass bounce and sway as she left.

The next day was a work day for Dan, but he just couldn’t concentrate on work. He took the afternoon off and drove home thinking about Anna’s bald, wet little pussy. He couldn’t get the picture out of his mind of her with that white bikini pulled aside.

He didn’t see Anna when he pulled in and went in his house. But it wasn’t more than 10 minutes until she showed up at the door. She said “Hi Mr. Fox, you don’t normally come home for lunch, are you feeling sick today?”

“Don’t be a little wiseass Anna. You know I can’t think straight. Do you still feel the same as yesterday?”

Anna nodded her head and said “I’m sorry Dan. It wasn’t easy on me either. You should have just torn off my bikini and fucked me silly yesterday. ”

Anna was barefoot, and wearing cut-off jeans so short a third of her ass cheeks were on display. Her top was a white t-shirt cut above her belly so it cascaded over her tits like a milky waterfall. Dan couldn’t believe his eyes, couldn’t believe his luck, and didn’t know where to begin, but he had to start somewhere…

“OK. If you are serious about this, and you see me as some sort of teacher, then I feel it’s important to pass on some of the lessons I learned over the years. Lesson #1 is done, and I think you already learned it if you are still a virgin at 18. Sex is kind of a big deal, so give it some thought and don’t rush in. Don’t be afraid to say no, or think about it overnight.”

I wanted to make sure we were on the same page; “Am I on the right track? Do you want me to give some insight, or do you just want to have sex?”

“I would be so grateful if you would give me some lessons. I mean, I have watched some porn, but I get a ‘fake’ vibe from porn, and I really want to explore. But guided… if that makes sense. .. God, this is so embarrassing! Does everyone talk about it like this?”

“From my experience, they definitely do not. In fact, I think it’s enough talk. Time for lesson #2. The kiss. Sex is not just about penis in vagina. It’s a human connection. Come here.”

Anna’s heart jumped a little, and she took a second to respond. She went to Dan and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips touched, then withdrew and went back again and their lips opened and their tongues met. Dan gently grabbed Anna and drew her into his embrace. He turned his head to the left and his tongue became more probing and insistent.

Anna felt a buzz through her body. A wave passed through her and she felt goosebumps, and her hair felt itchy (if that makes any sense). It was much more intense than any of the kisses she experienced with the boys at school.

They broke apart and Anna smiled in Dan’s arms and Dan smiled back. He said “That was very good for me”

Anna said “Yeah, very good” and she was glad to have Dan to help hold her up. If that was the kiss, what is the rest going to be like…

Dan leaned against the counter and pulled Anna’s body to lean on him. “OK, well… lesson 2 passed with flying colors. You can learn a lot from a kiss. So many places to go from here. You came to me. What do you want?”

Anna didn’t really even have to think about that question. “I want to know how to suck cock. I tried before, but I think I suck at it… If you laugh I’ll kill you.”

“The key to the blowjob is to be comfortable with your partner. Just like the kiss. Well, it is a kiss really. Follow me.”

Dan brought Anna to his bedroom and stat on the edge of the bed. He reached up and unbuttoned Anna’s jeans and slowly slid them down her legs and off her feet. He took a moment to kiss those cute little feet. She was wearing white thong underwear. Dan’s erection was already at half-mast as he pulled the thong down with one finger and kissed her mound. He ran his finger along her labia just where it meets her thigh. Then he did the same on the other side. He pulled her thong slowly down and kissed her mound again.

Dan looked up at Anna. “Are we still in class? I should point out this is taking tremendous restraint to go slowly, but it prolongs the suspense and increases the intimacy and pleasure.” Huge smiles appeared on both of their faces. Dan reached under the back of Anna’s t-shirt and scratched down her back. Anna drew in a breath sharply and lifted her arms to run her fingers through her hair.

He reached back up her back and ran both hands around her sides and lightly explored her armpits with his fingers. He brought his hands around front to her chest and cupped both breasts in his hands. He used his index fingers to trace circles around her nipples. Anna swayed and dropped her arms and held his shoulders for support. He gently squeezed her nipples, took one in his lips through the t-shirt.

Dan released her nipples and grabbed her hip with one hand. He made a pointer with his index finger of his other hand. He put his finger along Anna’s slit and spun it slowly back and forth. Each rotation sank it deeper in Anna’s pussy. “You are fucking gorgeous Anna. Fucking gorgeous”. And her knees buckled for an instant.

Dan stopped moving and let her recover, then removed his hands. He stood and switched positions with Anna, sitting her onto the bed. “The guy plays a huge role in a blowjob. If he isn’t making an effort you are not going to want to please him.”

Anna grabbed the button on Dan’s pants with shaky hands and slid his zipper down. She remembered what Dan said and tried to slow down.

She slid his pants and underwear down and he stepped out of them. Dan removed his shirt. Anna removed hers too.

Dan’s rock hard cock was hanging in front of Anna’s face “There are no rules here. Guys are just like women in that they like different things. You can start off slow with licks and kisses on his neck and work your way down his body, but I think we moved beyond that with the whole ‘shoving my dick in your face’ move” Anna grabbed his dick as she laughed. She decided a joke can help loosen the tension too.

“But really, just start off slow. Don’t be afraid to spit. No teeth, EVER…”

Anna stroked Dan’s cock a couple of times and examined it. It was circumcised. Medium length, and a good thickness. And she desperately wanted to make it cum.

She licked from the base to the tip. She planted a big wet kiss on one side and ran her mouth up and down that side, then did the same on his other side. Dan nodded and smiled in approval.

She put the head in her mouth for a second, then slowly began to bob up and down.

Dan said “Oh my god. That is awesome! You are a natural at this.”

After a minute Dan said “Now see how far down you can go.”

Anna slid her lips half way down his cock and stopped. She pulled back because she thought she might gag. She did it again and she went just a bit further. Each time she did that she got more used to the feeling of his cock in her throat. She had all but one inch in her throat when she gagged and pulled back. She looked up at Dan with watery eyes and a disappointed look on her face.

Dan reached down and carefully brushed away Anna’s tears as his cock rocked slowly in her mouth; “That’s awesome. You can get better with practice, and I am definitely up for that. But really you don’t have to go all the way down. I just don’t really like it when a woman just sucks on the head and ignores the rest.”

“Now clasp your hands behind your back. This does two things; it gives the man a feeling of power, and he knows that every sensation he feels comes from your mouth. It’s very erotic…”

She did as she was told. Anna sat on the edge of the bed with her hands clasped behind her back and wrapped her mouth around Dan’s cock. She had been dreaming of this for years, and now she wanted to show him that she was a full grown woman. Her mouth could drain his balls better than that bitchy ex-wife ever could.

Dan needed to speed along his lesson. “Wow, that’s good. You are a very good learner; you’ll make me cum if you keep doing that.”

Dan pulled away and grabbed a towel. He went around and put a pillow against the headboard and sat upright with his legs out on the bed. He waved Anna over “Here is something that takes everything you learned and brings it all together, and over the top. Men are very visually stimulated, and you have a stellar body. Lie on your belly between my legs.” Anna was already there, staring at his cock and licking her lips. “Now put your feet in the air where I can see them. Now put your arms over my thighs and grab my ass with both hands.” When she had the pose she took Dan’s cock in her mouth and put it all together. She sank her face down as far as she could on his cock. Bobbing her head up and down on his shaft without grabbing it with her hands, and her gorgeous bare feet and perfect ass were on display.

She was taking Dan’s cock deep and moving her tongue to try to give him everything she had when she felt him begin to tense up and shake. She slowed down and locked on his cock as he launched load after load of cum in her mouth.

When Dan came to his senses he handed Anna the towel “I think women feel a lot of pressure to swallow the cum. To me it makes absolutely no difference at all. Spit it in the towel or swallow, whichever you want.” Anna chose to spit it out. “But I LOVED when you kept me in your mouth as I came. Pulling out and jerking off is OK, but cumming in your mouth put me right in orbit.”

Dan continued. “Always check your face and hair after a blowjob. Especially if you will be seeing other people. A friend of mine told me he came in a girl’s hair before a party and he thought it was funny to not tell her about it and she left it there through the whole party. He said she was a real bitch and they broke up after that.” Anna laughed. Dan said “Your face looks great by the way. Luckily you aren’t a heavy makeup girl, or those tears would have smeared your mascara.”

Anna crawled up the bed and cuddled up next to Dan. Dan leaned over and gave her a slow deep kiss, then looked down at her body. He reached over and lightly brushed her belly with his fingertips. He moved his touch up to her shoulders and brushed his fingers from one shoulder, across to the other, sometimes moving back and forth, sometimes in circles. He brushed his fingers across one breast, than the other. He increased his pressure and massaged her breasts for a moment. He ran his hand down her belly and over her pubic mound.

Anna opened her legs to let him explore between. Dan ran his hand up one thigh, then the other and rubbed her smooth, bald pussy lips. Then he got up and went to the base of the bed. He grabbed her ankles and yanked her away from the headboard. Anna flew down and landed on her back as Dan lifted her ankles up over her head and lowered his head and gave her a sloppy wet kiss on her mound above her clit. He parted her lips with his fingers and admired that gorgeous pussy. He planted another kiss in the same place, then trailed wet kisses down and over her open pussy. He ran his tongue back and forth along the bottom ridge of her pussy.

Anna said she was a virgin. It would be too much to wish for an intact hymen. Dan spread her wide and looked. There was a tiny hole with a veil around it. He ran his tongue along the edge of her hymen. He felt incredibly honored to lick this virgin teen pussy. He licked around the hymen again, then tested the opening. He probed his tongue inside the little hole, then licked across her entire pussy.

He licked straight up her slit from the hole, between her labia and up to her clit. He licked softly up her clit once straight on, then licked along one side of her clit, than the other, and back and forth. He could feel her squirm and he looked up to see her staring down at him wide-eyed with her mouth open and a shocked expression. He locked his lips over her pussy and repeated the licking with his mouth sealed over her clit, and her open lips against his cheeks. He reached up and pulled the lips out and stretched her lips as far up his cheeks as they would go. If he could, he would crawl right in her tight little pussy.

Since he had her ankles in the air he had perfect access to her asshole. He pulled her legs back by her head and licked lightly over her clenched anus. She flinched and stared down again. He started slowly, then licked again and again faster and harder until he was attacking her ass and inserting his tongue.

He slowed back down and went back and put the lip lock on her clit again and lashed her clit. After about two minutes of that Anna’s body convulsed and her hips began gently bucking and humping his face.

Dan could feel Anna’s tension melt away in the afterglow of her intense orgasm. He let her ankles fall to his sides and he kept his mouth gently locked over her clit. He looked in her eyes as he licked up each outer labia in turn, then gave her engorged and sensitive clit one last extremely wet kiss.

Anna said “Holy Shit Dan, Maybe I shouldn’t go to college. I think I like your lessons better! ” and she giggled uncontrollably.

“Is your cock hard again? She said. and Dan swung his legs and hips around so his erect cock was within reach of Anna and his face was still between her legs. She grabbed his hard cock and gave it a few strokes. “Would you fuck me please?”

Dan said “No, actually I have a thing I’ve got to finish. I’ll see you later!”

“I’m serious! Fuck me!”

“Well I guess I can finish that other thing later. And fuck you now.” He smiled and gave her sensitive pussy a final lick from anus to clit. She flinched and her tits jiggled as she hung on to his cock for support.

Dan got up and sat next to Anna “OK, what about birth control?”

“My mom put me on birth control for period cramps, and probably she didn’t believe I’m a virgin.”

“Hurray for mom! I will have to thank her next time I see her.”

Dan lay on his back with a pillow under his head. He said “I think you should control this. Just gently lower yourself on me when you are ready. I have heard it will hurt a little.”

Anna brought her leg over Dan and straddled his cock. There was certainly plenty of lube. She rubbed his cock against her hymen, lined him up and in one swift motion slid down about an inch and let out a soft scream. After about 20 seconds she started moving her hips up and down and took him further inside each time. Her pain began to fade as a smile bloomed on her face. She dropped her head onto Dan’s shoulder and continued rocking her hips. When she had his entire shaft inside of her she ground her pussy into his hips. She went back to her rhythm as Dan’s cock slid in and out of her and he played with her hair. He grabbed a handful of her thick brown hair and lay it across his face. the silky texture felt wonderful on his skin.

Suddenly Dan flipped her over and laid her on her back. He grabbed the towel and cleaned up a bit of blood, then put it under her ass and leaned over her and slid his cock back inside. He picked up speed and bucked into her as he drove his cock as far as it would go, He could feel his orgasm coming on. He wished he could hold out longer, but this was just too good. His legs shook and his stomach tightened as his cum flooded Anna’s pussy. He lifted her legs up and collapsed beside her, then put her legs down over his hips. His cock was still lined up with her pussy.

“How are you, did I hurt you?”

“Yeah, you beast! I’m going straight to the cops.” She smiled and shrugged. “Yeah it hurt for a minute, and then it felt much better. Thanks for asking.

Dan said “This is nice. Sometimes I think I enjoy this part as much as the sex. She looked at him and suppressed a smile, and then they both started laughing. “OK, maybe not as much as the sex. But it is nice”