Betty my unknown kissing cousin


Since Betty was born and raised in a different state I never knew her growing up

My ancestors must have been horny men,and promiscuous women

I never realized it or even thought about it before but I came from a large family on both sides. My mom had 7 siblings in her family 4 brothers and three sisters , My dad had 6 three sisters and three brothers. Their parents had close to the same amount and now the B****t name is quite prominent in the area.

I have written a story before about a sexual adventure I had when younger and didn’t find out she was my cousin until months later. We were just lucky we didn’t make any babies from the amount of times we had unprotected sex.

It has been years and it happened again ,so this is the story on how it happened. They are true but to make it more pleasurable to read I have to add things . If I didn’t it would only be a couple of paragraphs .

Betty was a woman I worked with for a few years and we seemed to have a lot of things in common. On our lunch hours we would spend time sitting discussing , marriages, kids, and home life. Betty got married and soon after left the company and moved out of state. Betty and I hadn’t seen each other in years until one day I ran into her at the mall.

We recognized each other immediately and started up a conversation as friends would do. I don’t think either of us got any shopping done as we talked for hours after retreating to a restaurant there.

She was now 35 and I was 40 , she was married for 10 years and recently separated,I was also divorced . I was into my second marriage and things were not what I expected so we could relate on different subjects. We started seeing each other there on a regular basis on just a friend type scenario until things started heating up .

Betty was a pretty woman, a long haired brunette with brown eyes and a nice figure and a cheery personality. I didn’t understand why she was still single until she said she wasn’t going to get serious again until her children grew up.

It all happened one day when we were having lunch when she said she didn’t have her children this weekend. And when she heard me say my wife was out of town with the kids visiting family she quietly spoke up. “I know it is wrong,” she said, then paused “would you like to come over for supper tonight”.

She knew that my relationship with my wife wasn’t the best so she took my hand and took a deep breath. “I haven’t been intimate with a man now in over a year”she blushed “and my toy’s just aren’t doing it”. She gave me a look as if she really wasn’t sure what to say next then just whispered ,”would you like to help me out”?

We had been meeting now for several months and we were getting pretty close. So when she asked me that I was ready to take it to the next step. When I said I would love too, she was excited ,her hands were shaking as she started writing down on a napkin.She gave me her address and directions and told me she would leave her garage open and to park inside.

We had been careful not to hold hands or even kiss in public up to now. I was surprised when I walked her to our cars she pulled me close and kissed me. It was a passionate kiss that seemed to last long, but not long enough to be suspicious to others that might have seen it.

I was a nervous wreck the rest of the day thinking about what was going to happen. Now my sex life with my wife was pretty much nonexistent so doing it with Betty really got me worked up. I had mixed emotions but realizing that it must have been a bold move for Betty to ask me over ,so I was going to do it.

For the last few months of secretly meeting with her, having sex with her had crossed my mind many times. Visions of her naked had filled my dreams often causing a hard on even with my wife laying beside me .Of course my wife thought it was her that was making me hard and would tell me to take care of it myself. There was only a couple times when she would let me fuck her and even then it was Betty I was thinking about.

Finally the time came and when I pulled my car into her garage she was waiting and closed the door. Being happy to see me she quickly reached for my hand and pulled me close. We immediately started kissing there in the garage ,it felt so good to have a woman want me like that. Soon we were making out heavily still in the garage leaning against my car.I don’t know how long we stood there but we both were breathing heavy when she finally stopped then she led me into her home.

I after that make out session was already growing a boner but seeing how she filled out her jeans finished it. It was hard not to stare at the spread between her thighs as it was in my face walking up the steps. I followed her into the kitchen and sat down on a stool while she quietly poured us some wine.”I don’t drink that often, usually just on special occasions “she said”but tonight I would say is special”.

She walked over and checked the oven “It will take an hour”she said then came back in front of me.She looked so sexy the way she sipped her wine and her long hair flowed over her breasts.When she set her glass down and moved between my legs she placed both hands on my thighs.

She licked her lips as she moved in and we began to kiss as she pushed harder against me.Her kisses were deep as her tongue explored its way inside my mouth in a way my wife doesn’t do.When we would stop kissing to catch our breaths she would stare into my eyes and smile. “You are a very handsome man “ she would say then start kissing me again. Each time we would stop she would tell me other things she liked about me before going back to kissing.

I knew she must have felt my hard on as the more we kissed the harder she would press against it. Finally she said” we have some time before dinner is ready ,would you like to have some fun”? When I said “I thought you would never ask”she backed away and led me down the hall to her bedroom.

At her bed she turned around as if to have second thoughts but before she could change her mind I reached up and cupped a breast. Again we started kissing as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra. She took a deep breath when I lowered my head and began sucking on her tiny nipples. As her nipples began to harden my hands roamed down undoing her jeans while her hands were on my head. She was guiding my mouth from one nipple to the other then let out a loud moan when my hand made its way into her panties and touched her bare pussy.

She pulled my head away from her breasts and again started kissing me while I worked a finger against her clit.As I played with her pussy I could feel the fire inside her building up and the wetter she was getting.With her jeans still on it held my hand tight against her clit but let my fingers do the job between her lips.

She had her hands on my shoulders as she would go from kissing me to kissing and sucking on my neck. She was whispering to me how she liked what I was doing, urging me to go deeper , or faster and even told me not to stop . She had several small orgasms getting louder with each one until she pulled my hand away and sat down on the bed.

“ I want you”she said as her hands started undoing my pants to get to my hard on gasping as it was released in front of her. “That’s a nice one”she said as she reached for my cock to give it a squeeze. Her small hand gave it a couple good strokes as she examined it “oh do me with it “she said . She moved back on the bed and lifted her hips up pulling off her jeans while I stepped out of my pants and took my shirt off.

As I gazed at her perfect body lying before me I smiled “your beautiful” I said watching her spreading her legs. I wanted to lick her pretty pussy but when she whispered “fuck me’I moved up instead and rubbed my cock up between her wet lips. She wanted to fuck for sure because her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me inside her . I was balls deep inside her easily and we immediately started fucking fast and hard.

Once we had a rhythm going, her hands went from my ass to my neck with her legs around mine.She became quite verbal shouting out how good it felt inside her , how it has been so long,even telling me when to go faster .My wife has never been this turned on when we were having sex and never did the head board bang against the wall like it was with Betty and I.

We must have been going at it fast and furious for a half hour and after having a couple of orgasms she started telling me to cum. Between deep breaths she was saying “cum with me baby . I want to feel you cum in me,do it yes do it” then cried out “yes”when she felt my first shot of cum shoot deep inside her.

Both of our bodies trembled and shook as I have never cum this hard inside a woman. We were kissing and commenting on how wonderful it felt waiting for our breathing to return to normal.As we laid there still connected she looked me in the eye “your the best”she said. “Even my husband had never made me feel like this” then gave me a deep kiss and a smile.Neither of us wanted to unhook or separate from this embrace but when my cock softened and her pussy pushed it out we both sighed.

Backing away I could see a stream of my cum flow out of her puffy pussy before her hand covered it .”Oh that feels good inside me”she said holding her hand there as she sat up and gave my cock a kiss. “Wow “ I said “that was the most intense sex I have ever had” Betty smiled then chuckled “and the night is still young”.

I stood up as she sat there red faced and watching me “I have a couple of robes there”she said pointing to them. I helped her on with her robe admiring her bare pussy and sweet breasts then I put my robe on . When dressed we walked back to the kitchen just as the timer went off in the oven. “Perfect timing”she said and kissed me again before getting the food out.

Since the food had to cool off ,we had to wait and that’s where we started warming up again.I believe that us spending time as friends for so long the sexual desires for each other were kept pent up inside. Now that we had just released the desire to be intimate ,there was still much more we both wanted to do.

With only having robes on we both had free access to one another’s body and took advantage of it. I had lifted Betty up, setting her on the counter as we kissed with our groins pushed tight against each other.Her hands held me tight to her warm pussy of course causing the blood to flow to my cock.”That was quick “she said feeling my erection “I think it likes me”squeezing my butt cheeks.“I like you “I said and moved a hand up to her breast then up to her face “I like everything about you”then gave her a deep kiss.

We kissed for a few minutes then pushed me back,”supper is ready”she said “I want this for desert” and grabbed my cock as she got down off the counter . She handed me some plates and other utensils while she brought the food. I took the utensils over to the table and she followed me setting the food down. Now behind me she wrapped her arms around me and whispered “thank you”.

She laid her head against my back while her hand went against my cock applying pressure to it.”Does your wife like this “she whispered “I really do “it makes me wet”. She slid her hand inside the robe and again rubbed my cock .She asked me how my wife likes to use it, giving it a few firm strokes..

Betty stepped back away when I said “my wife doesn’t like sex” then I turned around and gave her a kiss.She kept her hands on my cock as if she was contemplating on what to say next.”My wife says sex was to make babies and since we have our children there is no more sex”. I ran my thumb across her lips then gave her another kiss. “What a waist “she said pressing her body against me “ I loved having sex with my husband”.

“So why did you two separate” I asked, causing her to release my cock and turn away. “He didn’t like sex or children” she said coming back with some wine then lit the candles. She dimmed the lights and smiled when I held the chair for her to sit. “This is nice,very romantic “I said, making small talk as we ate and drank. I was careful not to bring up the subject with her husband again and concentrated on complimenting her on other things.

It was a lovely home, she was a good cook,and like’s sex I was thinking as she listened to me talking. We had a very nice dinner like we have had many times before,but this time was different.We were not spending time as friends ,we were lovers both knowing what to expect when we left the table.

I helped her clear the table when we finished ,at the sink it was my turn to move behind her. I moved her hair to the side kissing her neck while going inside her robe to fondle a breast. Pushing against me she let out a moan when I moved my hand down slowly as she braced herself against the counter. “I love your wet pussy “ I whispered in her ear and began running a finger along her slit. She spread her legs a little wider giving me room to slide two then three fingers inside her increasingly wet cunt.

It wasn’t long until she started moaning louder and pushing harder against me telling me to do it. “Do it please do it to me “ pleading to me, then took a deep breath when my hand moved the robe up . Her hand was quick to reach under her lining my cock up and pulling it inside her. “Oh yes you feel good inside me “she said pushing back against me .

The sound of her moaning and our bodies slapping together was filling the room as we began fucking faster.”God this girl like to fuck “I was saying to my self knowing that she was cumming over and over. I could feel her juices soaking my shaft and her pussy squeezing my cock with each one. Betty finally laid her head down on the counter and cried out”yes” when I placed both hands on her hips . I started pounding her hard as she was urging me to cum inside her until my cock stiffened and I began to cum.

I stopped and held her ass tight against me while she moaned feeling my seed being deposited deep in her womb.”Oh that feels nice inside me “ she finally said after a few deep breaths “that was so much better than my husband”. I moved a hand down under her and touched her clit causing her to jump and take my hand away.”No more now I need a break, don’t you” she said standing still trying to keep my cock inside her.She moved my hand up away from her pussy and placed her other hand around my neck. I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear “I want to do you all night” . My soft cock slowly slipped out when she turned and kissed me “I do too” she said then moved away pouring us some more wine.

As she led me into the living room where I happened to spot a picture on her wall. It was a wedding picture with her standing beside an older man . “Who is he “ I asked knowing it was my grandfather. Betty said “that was my mom’s dad”she said “he was the sweetest man,why”. I looked at her “he was also blind too,yes how did you know that”she said looking puzzled.

I just shook my head and went and sat down on the sofa and took a drink of my wine.“How did you know him?” she said and sat down on the floor waiting for my response. I started naming off my aunts and uncles as she continued to say she knew them too. I finally put my hand on my forehead and chuckled “what’s so funny”she asked.Her eyes widened and her mouth opened wide when I said they are my aunts, uncles and grandfather too.

“Oh shit you are my cousin”she said then started laughing “oh dear we just had sex” and sat back again laughing.She moved in towards me placing her hands on my thighs “ doesn’t matter we are adults,right”she said.Her robe had dropped open as she slid her hands up under my robe and rubbed my cock.

She had a seductive smile after moving up on her knees and kissed my belly lowering her head to my cock. Hesitatingly she looked up as if waiting for me to stop her ,when I just smiled she began sucking my cock.All I could see is her head bobbing up and down as her hair draped over both sides of my lap.It didn’t matter that she was my cousin now I thought as her hand cupped my balls. The sloppy blow job she was giving me was better than any woman has even done.

I reached down peeling her robe from her shoulders she sat back allowing it to fall away from her breasts.She pulled it off and smiled then threw her hair back and grabbed my cock again and slowly stroked it.”There is no use in stopping now is there” she said rubbing my cock between her breasts. I placed my hand on her cheek”if you don’t stop now I am gonna cum” I said watching her smile.”Good” she said then proceeded to sucking and licking around the head of my cock.

Eventually she got up from her knees and climbed up on my cock with me sucking on her breasts .She had my cock again deep inside her sliding back and forth while again moaning loudly. “Fuck me cuz” she was saying as her juices flowed out of her pussy and down my shaft. Thankfully I was able to hold off cumming giving her time to have several orgasms.

It was after she was fully pleased she kissed me and slid off onto the floor .She again started jerking my cock against her breasts “cum for me” she said opening her mouth. She caught the first string of cum in her mouth then emptied the rest on her chest.

She made sure she sucked all of my cum from with in then said”I know it is wrong but knowing that makes it more erotic. It sure does cuz “ I said giving her a kiss “I am okay with having sex with my cousin , are you”?.”Fuck yes “she said and moved back up setting on my lap”I guess we are kissing cousins now”We spent the rest of the night pleasing one another discussing how we never saw one another throughout our life.

I bought golf clubs so my wife would never know that I was having an affair with Betty .I never played golf , but every chance I got I spent with Betty