Camping Trip

“So how did you like your first day of camping honey?” Ted asked his wife Patti while he put more wood on the camp fire. He had surprised her early that morning with a four day camping trip. She had never been camping and he wanted to get at least one camping trip in before it got too cold.

He had everything planned out, they found a nice secluded spot near a stream with beautiful views of the trees changing colors. It was mid October and not too cold yet.

“Well it’s fun so far,” she said watching the fire, “sorry about almost burning dinner honey.” She said thinking about the steaks getting a little well done.

“Oh it’s alright, you’ll get used to it.”

“But the steaks caught fire.” she said with a sigh, trying not to laugh. “I feel like I wasn’t very much help to you today.”

“I’ve always like crunchy steaks,” he said with a chuckle, “No, you did really good baby.”

“Well I don’t know I wasn’t much help pitching the tent.”

“You will get the hang of it, I bet after a few more camping trips you will be an expert tent setter-upper.”

They sat down on a blanket in front of the fire, Ted got comfortable with a few pillows behind his back and he pulled her close. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against his chest. “It’s nice out here isn’t it honey?”

“The only thing I’m not crazy about is having to pee in the woods,” she said looking up at the star’s. “There might be wild animals out there.”

“Naw, you scared them away when the steaks caught fire.” he said teasing her. “You know we’re out here all alone,” he whispered in her ear, kissing the side of her neck, reaching for her tits. He caressed her tits, running his fingers over her erect nipples. “I have always loved your tits honey.”

“It is nice out here,” she said with a sigh, “nice and quiet.”

“Not for long,” he whispered in her ear, pulling her tee-shirt up so he could really feel her tits in his hands. She wasn’t wearing a bra as usual. “Ummm your nipples are so hard baby.”

“My tits won’t be the only things that get hard.”

“Oh really?” he asked, pinching her nipples between his fingers, hearing her gasp. “And what else is going to be hard hmmm?” he asked nibbling her ear lobe.

“I was hoping your cock would be hard for me.”

“It’s getting there baby it’s getting there.” Ted told her feeling his cock jerk and stiffen in his sweat pants. He had always wanted to make love with her outside under the stars.

Ted reached for the hem of her tee-shirt and he quickly pulled it off over her head. “Now let’s get you completely naked.”

“Oh my, my husband wants me naked outside?”

“Anyplace that I can get you naked wife of mine.” he replied sitting up, he watched her reach for the zipper of her jeans.

Patti stood and unzipped her jeans, unbuttoning them she looked down and watched Ted reach for the waist band of her jeans and tug them down her legs.

“Sexy panties.” he said running his hands all over her bottom. Leaning up he put his face right between her thighs, flicking his tongue across her silky material covered pussy. Reaching up he gently pulled her panties down her thighs, she stepped out of them, tossing them onto the blanket.

He pulled her back down onto the blanket with him, pulling her into his arms he laid her back on the blanket. “I want you.” he tells her leaning down and kissing her. He made sure she was comfortable with the pillows behind her.

Looking up at him she thought of just how lucky she was to have him, “You’ve got me half naked, what are you going to do now?”

“You’ll see,” Ted told her leaning up over her, taking her into his arms and kissing her deeply, passionately. Sliding his tongue into her hot, wet mouth. He felt his cock getting harder in his pants. “I have wanted you all day,” he tells her several minutes later, letting her catch her breath, “and I am going to have you.”

“Mmmm, sounds like a dare.”

“Oh baby girl it is not a dare it is a promise.” He said kissing her again, kissing her all over, reaching for her tits again. Leaning over he takes her left nipple into his mouth, gently sucking on it, caressing her right one, pinching her nipple hard.

“Oh yes baby,” she moaned, gasping when he pinched her nipple, this always got her so turned on, when he played with her tits. She lay there looking up at the stars, taking in all of the sensations he was giving her. “Ummm, I love your tits baby,” he tells her switching to her right tit, licking her nipple, teasing her, pinching it, finally sucking it into his mouth. He could hear her moan softly.

“Ahhh, oh yeah bite my nipples baby please?” She whispered feeling the sensations he was giving her all the way down to her pussy, her pussy was already feeling damp.

Ted slowly worked his way down her body, licking, nibbling her skin, kissing her lower and lower. Moaning and feeling his cock getting rock hard, he wanted her in the worst way. He was going to take his time, and make love to his wife. He didn’t want to rush things.

“Baby, you are making me feel so good,” she moaned watching him touching her.

“Ssshhh,” he tells her glancing up at her, “just relax and enjoy honey.” After several long minutes he reached her pussy, he could see that she was damp already.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned rubbing her pussy mound teasing her. He loved the way she would get so wet just with him playing with her tits.

“You just wanted to get into my panties.” she commented, pinching her hard nipples.

“I already have,” he tells her glancing up at her watching her pinch and twist her nipples moaning as she did so. He gently rubbed her mound, slipping a finger between her pussy lips.

After seeing her for the first time many years ago with her pussy shaved bare he had insisted she keep it shaved for him. Ted rubbed his fingers gently across her shaved pussy, he could feel the wetness between her thighs.

He kissed and licked and flicked his tongue all over her mound, taking his time, slowly teasing her.

He got his fingers wet with her juices, pulling his hand away he reached up and offered his wet fingers to his wife. “Suck your juices from my fingers baby,” he said pushing his fingers into her mouth.

“Ummm, mmmmm,” she moaned around his fingers in her mouth, she loved the taste of her own pussy.

Just the action of her sucking his fingers cleaning her pussy juice off of them made Ted’s cock throb in his pants. Pulling his hand away from her mouth he reached for her pussy again.

Ted leaned down and kissed the top of her pussy, anticipating what was to come. “Hmmm, sweet pussy,” he tells her glancing up at her. Ted spread her pussy lips open and licked her there, hearing her gasp at the feeling of his mouth on her most sensitive spot.

He never got tired of tasting her pussy, of giving her all of the pleasure he could. He moved down lower getting between her spread thighs.

“Yes honey yes,” she groaned pushing her pussy into his mouth. Grabbing his hair tightly in her hands she spread her legs wider. “Eat my pussy,” she said watching him.

“Not yet.” Ted had plans to take his time and make sure she really enjoyed their love making. “I love you baby girl,” he tells her looking up at her, he had never felt this way about anyone ever. They were perfect for each other. “I will love you forever.”

“I love you too baby, so much.” she whispered still watching him down between her legs.

“What is it that my baby wants hmmm?” he asked licking up into her pussy, pushing his tongue inside of her wet slit. “You want my mouth on your wet pussy don’t you?”

“Fuck me, please?”

“Oh no, we’re not going to fuck tonight baby,” he tells her, “I am going to make love to you, just like our first time.”

With that statement Ted gently put her legs over his shoulders, looking into her eyes, he spread her pussy open, licking the juices flowing from her pussy. Sliding his arms under her thighs he reached for her tits. Squeezing them in both hands as he continued to lap up her juices, loving the taste of her. “Mmmm,mmmm, so good.” he tells her pushing his tongue deep inside of her hole.

“Ahhh, so good baby.” she moaned loudly, feeling his tongue licking up inside of her. “Oh yes Daddy eat Mommy’s pussy,” she groaned, using their pet names for each other.

Pulling one hand away Ted looked at her, he put his fingers into her mouth, she knew just what to do.

Patti gently sucked on his fingers, swirling her tongue all over them, getting them wet. She watched him reach for her wet pussy, rubbing his fingers across her swollen clit.

She lay there looking up at the stars not wanting this night to end, she was feeling so good and turned on. She wanted him inside of her, she wanted to feel his hard throbbing cock inside of her.

“I’m going to make you cum.” Ted commented, finally rubbing his fingers across the entrance of her tight pussy, “I’m going to make you scream.” he said pushing one then two fingers deep inside of her slit.

In and out he fingered her tight hole, feeling her tight pussy walls around his fingers. He could hear her moans, her sighs of pleasure, he continued to lick and suck on her pussy lips fingering her hard and deep.

Ted knew she would come big time, just from what he was doing. He wanted to feel her climax, he wanted to drink her pussy juices when she came.

“Cum for me baby, cum for Daddy,” he tells her looking up at her, watching her pinching and twisting her hard nipples. ” Your pussy taste so good just like heaven baby girl.”

“Mmmmmm, oh god, yes make me cum Daddy,” she was almost screaming, “eat my pussy and fuck me hard.”

Ted could feel her juices pouring out of her pussy, felt them running down between her ass cheeks. Making sure his fingers were very wet, he reached down with his hand and rubbed his fingers across her tight puckered back door. He felt her jerk when he teased her ass hole, she spread her legs even wider.

“Do it, I want it.” she gasped wanting to feel his fingers inside of her ass. “Please?” she asked looking him in his eyes. “I need it.”

That was all it took for Ted to clamp his mouth over her clit and suck and flick his tongue over it, looking up at his wife he slowly worked his index finger deep inside of her ass. In and out he fucked her ass.

“That’s it baby, fuck my ass.” she groaned wanting and needing more and more. She was so close, her whole body was shaking, trembling. “More baby please more.”

Ted added another finger deep in her ass, he listened to her moans of pleasure, fucking her ass and sucking her clit.

His cock was rock hard and he wanted to sink his throbbing cock deep inside of her, feeling her tight pussy around his cock. She had him so turned on and horny and he needed to cum.

Ted suddenly pulled his fingers from her ass and his mouth from her pussy, he quickly got naked and joined her back on the blanket.

Getting into the 69 position, he straddled her face, pushing his cock into her mouth.

Patti gladly took her husbands cock into her mouth sucking and flicking her tongue across his cock, feeling his mouth on her pussy.

“Ummmm, fuck yeah,” he thought as she tightened her lips around his dick, she did know how to suck cock. He couldn’t help himself he fucked her mouth, in and out he gave her his dick. He felt so good, licking her slit tasting her juices, feeling her mouth on his cock, her hands on his balls.

“Mmmm,mmm,” she moaned around his cock in her mouth, she took his cock as deeply as she could. She could taste precum, swallowing it, she jerked when he sucked her clit hard, flicking his tongue across it.

Ted ate her pussy, felt her putting pressure on his cock, felt his cock swell.

“Suck my dick,” he thought fucking her mouth, he knew she loved when he fucked her mouth, making her take his cock. He knew much more of her sucking his cock and he would explode, filling her mouth with his cum. He wanted to fill her pussy with his cum.

Without a word Ted pulled his cock from her mouth, turning around he got into position between her spread thighs, reaching for her ankles he put her legs up on his shoulders.

Patti lay there watching him, “Honey,” she whispered wanting and needing to cum so very badly.

“Take it, take my cock,” he tells her slowly pushing his cock deeply inside of her, “cum for me.”

Reaching up she grasped him by his arms and looked up at him, “Give me your cum Daddy.”

“Oh I am going to give you my cum,” he tells her pulling out and thrusting back in harder and deeper each time. “Take my hard throbbing dick baby, take it all.”

Ted pounded her tight pussy on and on, slow then fast, deeper and harder making sure she felt every stroke of his cock. He never got tired of making love with her.

“Gonna cum, oh fuck me,” she almost screamed in ecstasy, “fuck my pussy, make me cum.”

“Awww, fuck cum now,” Ted moaned feeling that familiar point of no return, “cum with me baby please.” He pleaded feeling her pussy walls tighten around his cock, “your pussy feels fantastic baby, fuck yeah.”

Patti grasped his arms tightly, looking up at him, felt his cock fucking into her pussy deep, moaning and gasping. “Oh my god gonna cum, gonna cum baby,” she said out of breath, “you have always fucked me the best.”

“Cum with me, cum with me now.” he told her pounding into her as hard as he could.

“Cum inside of me now,” Patti begged him, feeling his cock swell even larger, she knew he was ready to cum. “Ummmm, yes fuck me baby fill my tight pussy with your cum.”

“Awwwww, fuck baby, awww take my cum!!” Ted said feeling his cock explode inside of her tight pussy, he held his cock deep inside of her unloading his cum. “Fuck yeah take my cum,” he groaned giving her every drop.

Patti reached down with one hand and rubbed her clit hard and fast wanting to cum with her husband, she felt his cock throb inside of her, felt his cum fill her tight pussy. “Cum in me, oh fuck please cum in me,” she moaned looking up at him, “awww oh my god cummingggg!!” she screamed loudly as her climax over took her.

Ted held her tightly feeling her shaking, trembling as she came, he loved to watch her cum, knowing that he could make her feel that way.

Ted let her legs down from his shoulders, he lowered himself over her and kissed her deeply. “Damn,” he moaned collapsing next to her on the blanket. “Oh my God that was great.”

“Yes it was,” she gasped looking over at him, “thank you baby.” Patti leaned over and took his cock into her mouth, gently licking and sucking their mingled juices from his cock. “Mmmmm, I do like to suck your cock clean.”

” I love when you suck me clean baby.” he said looking up at the stars. “See I told you that you would like camping.” he said reaching around and giving her ass a squeeze.

“Yes you did, and yes I do like it so far.”

“Good because after breakfast we’re going fishing.”

“Fishing? You mean with a fishing pole and worms and all of that stuff?”

“Yepper, we sure are.”

“But, but honey I’ve never been fishing.” she said with a pout, she didn’t even like to eat fish much less catch one. “I mean we catch them and then you have to clean em’ and everything.”

“Oh no baby girl,” he said with a chuckle, “I’ll show you how to clean one and then the rest is up to you.”

“But honey.” she said leaning up on one arm, looking at him, “that would mean I would have to cut their heads off and of that yucky stuff.”

“Yepper,” he said teasing her, “no cleaned fish no dinner.”

“But I don’t eat fish,”

“The way I cook it you will love it,” he tells her, pulling her close.

“Well, alright I’ll give it a try.”

“Good girl, guess we’d better get to bed,” he said getting up and reaching for her hand.

“I can’t change your mind about taking me fishing?” she said picking her clothes up, “I’m sure there is something I could do to change your mind.”

“Oh we’ll see,” he said picking his clothes and pillows up, “you would have to be a VERY good girl.” he said walking toward the tent, “Oh don’t forget the blanket.”

“Yes dear,” she said picking up the blanket following him into the tent, wondering what lay ahead for her tomorrow.