Chloe & Her New Friends


Hi Guys. This is a story about Chloe, a young girl who makes some special new friends. Hope you like this story. 

I walked up to the front door. Hesitantly, I pressed the doorbell, and almost instantly I heard the sound of the girls running downstairs to get the door. I was nervous, but at the same time excited to make some new friends…


I’m Chloe.

Today is going to be my first day at a new school. We just moved to a new neighborhood and I’m only beginning to settle in to the new place. The house is still a mess, with packing boxes everywhere, and I haven’t even put my stuff way yet. Me and my younger sister, Chelsea are sharing a room together, which Chelsea is super excited about. Mom says she looks up to me and, as her older sister I have to be a good role model for her. She is only two years younger than me, but we are like identical twins. She has the same blonde hair and blue eyes like me and surprisingly, she is only a couple of inches shorter than me. I’d say our sister-sister bond is quite strong actually, and obviously, that whole ‘looking up to me’ thing plays a part in that. I mean, we like the same foods, we have the same tastes in music and Chelsea tends to follow my sense in clothing and fashion as well, she practically buys the same clothes as me. This kind of relationship can be good, we can tell each other everything about anything, but sometimes it can be a slight bit annoying and can make things awkward. For example, this morning…

I woke up late, and was rushing to get ready for school on time. I really didn’t want to be late for my first day. As I ran into our new bathroom I began to peel down my pajama shorts, and by the time I had closed the bathroom door behind me, I had slipped of the matching pink singlet top as well. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and my boobs peaked out as I pulled the top off. I turned around and noticed my reflection in the mirror on the wall across from me. My body was the one thing about me that I liked most. Sometimes I wondered where it came from. I am around an average height for a sixteen year old, and I have a round face, and white complexion. My large eyes are a sky blue color that sparkle in the sunlight and are bordered by long eyelashes that have a natural curl upwards. My hair is light blonde and radiates a golden glow. When I wear my hair loose, it’ just long enough to go down my chest and cover my breasts. Personally, though, I think my breasts are my best feature. They’re perfectly rounded, but seem quite out of proportion to the rest of my figure, for a girl of my size. They are about a C cup, and most of the time they push out of my chest and make a noticeable curve in just about everything I wear.

Anyway, I showered real quick, and when I got out, Mom yelled out to me that I had five minutes to get dressed before we had to leave. Even though we could walk to school, Mom was dropping me and Chelsea off because it was a first day, and the school was on her way to her new job. In a rush I patted myself dry and ran into my room. Chelsea was sitting on her bed, stuffing some books into her bag. She was already dressed in a pair of red denim short shorts and a white t-shirt. It was knotted to one side, and had the word LOVE printed on it in big red block letters. She had left her blonde hair untied, flipping it over to one side. If you looked closely you could see the outline of her red bra peeking through the thin material of her top.

“Hey, Chels. Which box has the underwear in it” I said.

“That one, over there” she said pointing to a box in the corner looking up at me.

I went over to the box, dropping my towel to the ground. I wasn’t embarrassed about doing this in front of my sister, I mean, we did share a room, and besides, we had seen each other naked before. I searched around and pulled out a white bra, and clipped it on, while looking again through the box for some panties.

“Nice ass” Chelsea teased jokingly as she watched me go through the box.

“Come on girls, time to go!” I heard Mom call from downstairs.

Chelsea pick up her bag and ran down stairs.

“Let’s go, Chloe.” She said to me as she left the room.

“Crap.” I wasn’t even dressed yet.

Quickly I grabbed the first pair of panties I saw, my teeny pink lacy panties with white frills, from the top of the pile in the box. I had no time to look through the box for another pair, so they would have to do. I put them on, and they pressed tightly against my crotch. Oh well, at least they looked pretty. I ran over another box, searching frantically for something to wear. I pulled out a simple red summer dress. I wasn’t too fancy, casual enough for school, although not something I would normally wear, especially on my first day. But time was running out. So I slipped it on only too relies it was Chelsea’s – a size too small for me.

“Chloe!” Mom yelled up to me.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” Looks like I was wearing the dress to school.

The dress went down a little less than a third of my thighs. Hopefully that would be long enough. I would just have to remember not to bend over, I suppose. I had no time to put on shorts under the dress. My boobs pressed firmly against the light fabric of the dress, and their round shape was clearly visible.

Damn it, I thought. The last thing I want to do is have guys swooning over me because of the way I had dressed. And I especially didn’t what to be seen as a slut. I wasn’t ready for that. Not at a new school. Not at a place where I knew no one.


I have to admit – I am especially quiet and shy too. The only thing that was different between me and my sister. Chelsea was loud and outgoing, and could make friends easily. Me, not so much. Most of my first day at school, I walked with my head to the ground, covering my face with my blonde hair. I sat at the back of the classroom, away from the other students, too shy to talk or make conversation with anyone. And when the bell rang to go home I rushed out the school gate, relieved to be going home.

Although Mum had dropped us off in the morning, Chelsea and I were going to walk home, but I could seem to find her. I figured she’d make her own way back home, so I set off walking by myself.

As I walked home, I recalled what a crap first day it had been. I got lost, which made me late to class, I had no friends to sit with at lunch and on top of that I had tripped up in the hallway, and fallen to the ground. Soooo embarrassing. Even worst as I fell my dress flipped up and I landed with it slightly inverted the wrong way. I’m sure that bunch of guys watching me from the end of the hallway got what they were looking for – a clear view of my arse in my tight frilly panties. Fuck.

As I was trudging along, kicking rocks across the ground miserably, a girl’s voice piped up out of nowhere next to me.

“Hi, I’m Maddi,” said the girl. “You’re that new girl right, in my biology class?”

“Yeah, biology,” I said dully, keeping my head down. “I’m Chloe by the way” I added.

“Yeah I remember,” said Maddi, “So you live around here?”

“Only a couple of blocks away actually,” I said quietly.

“Oh, me too! I’ll walk with you and can tell me a bit about yourself…”

Maddi seemed like a nice person. So, for the first time in our conversation, I looked up from the pavement to see the girl standing next to me. Maddi was slightly taller than I was, mostly because of her long legs. She had lightly tanned skin and was wearing ripped denim shorts and a t-shirt that left her shoulders exposed so her bra straps could be seen. Her boobs, which were a probably a large B cup, pushed her top outward and gave her an attractive curving figure.

I looked up at Maddi’s face to see a pleasant smile starring back at her. Maddi had great big eyes that shone a light chestnut brown, complementing her long brunette hair which she had tied into a high ponytail at the top of head. Looking at her hair, I guessed that if she undid it would be long enough to reach down to the bottom of her shorts.

“You’re really pretty,” said I, inspecting Maddi one more time.

“Aww, thanks, but you are quite cute too you know,” said Maddi.

“Really… Thanks.” I know didn’t sound to certain, but I took the compliment nonetheless.

We continued chatting as we walked home, and I was getting progressively comfortable with Maddi. We lost track of time amongst the conversation and soon I had reached my house.

“Oh, before you leave Chloe, some of my friends and I are having a sleepover tomorrow night. You should come and meet some of the girls,” Maddi said.

I thought about this, and encouraged by the idea of making some new friends, I decide to go.

“That would be awesome, I’d love to come.” I said.

“Great, I’ll give you my number and text you the details. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a bathing suit cos I’ve got a swimming pool in the backyard and we might go for a swim.” Maddi said, with a wink.

“Sure thing, and thanks” I said reaching for the scrap of paper Maddi had written her phone number.

“No problem. Bye” Maddi replied.

“See ya.” I waved as I walked into her house. As I closed the front door behind me I smiled. Maybe my day hadn’t gone so bad after all.

2 – The Sleepover

“She’s here” I heard Maddi’s voice say as the door swung open. “Hi Chloe,” she said, “Come in.”

As I stepped into her house I noticed the two other girls standing off to one side. One had perfectly straight black hair, styled into a fringe that flopped over the sides of her face, and tied into two loose ponytails at the back. She was the smallest of all of us in the room, but she had some impressive curves. The other, had longish blonde hair like mine, but it was dyed and you could see the brown hair coming out though the blonde. She was about as tall as me, and had large sparkling brown eyes.

“Hi, I’m Tiffany,” said the black haired girl, “and this is Kaylee” she added pointing to the blonde, who smiled back at me.

“I’ll show you were to put your stuff then we can all go for a swim.” Maddi said leading the way upstairs to her room.

The first thing I notice about Maddi’s house was that all the rooms were big. Bigger than normal, anyway. We passed through the living room, the dining room and I even got a glimpse of the kitchen as we went upstairs, and all the rooms were quite spacious. As we entered Maddi’s room, I saw it was no exception. She had a double bed in the middle, a TV up against the back wall and a desk in one corner.

“Just leave your bag anywhere” she told me, and I tossed my bag off to an empty spot against the wall.

“You’ll sleep here tonight in my room,” Maddi said, “cos Tiff and Kaylee have already set up in the spare room and there’s no more space”

“Okay” I said. Then I thought of something.

“Hey Maddi, were are your parents?” I asked, realizing I hadn’t seen anyone else in the house expect from the girls.

“Oh, there out of town for some business meeting thingy, for their work. They won’t be back until the end of the week.”

“So were the only ones here?” I said, with a slight unsureness to my voice.

“Yep, only us” Maddi answered.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine” Tiffany said, joining the conversation. “I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?”

I just smiled and went over to adjust my bag, which had tipped over and was lying on its side in the corner.

“Come on guys, let’s go and swim now.” said Kaylee behind me. I turned around to see she had already began undressing, exposing a tight pink bikini top that showed off half her boobs.

“Yeah, okay,” Maddi agreed. “I just gotta get changed, you girls go ahead.”

Kaylee was completely undressed now, her pink bikini showing off her perfect body. Tiff had also joined in, pulling off her shorts and top. I just stood still, my shyness kicking in, unsure what to do.

“Hey Chloe,” Tiffany said. “You got your swimsuit on underneath right?”

“Ah… yeah. I do.” I mumbled.

“Well what are you waiting for? Take off your dress and get changed” Kaylee instructed me.

“Yeah, there’s no need to be embarrassed around us” Tiffany said.

Feeling slightly better about myself, I picked up the bottom of my dress and pulled it off, over my head. Underneath I was wearing a yellow, flower pattered bikini, which had round cups, and a mini-skirt style bottom. I caught Tiffany checking out my body, and I blushed.

“That’s a cute bikini” she said. I smiled at her. “And you have great boobs” she added, starring at my chest.

“Urrr, thanks I guess” I answered, feeling my face turn brighter red.

“Come on, guys” Kaylee urged lets go. She ran out of Maddi’s room down the stairs and out the back door. Tiffany and I followed behind her.
Once we got outside Kaylee jumped into the pool immediately. Tiffany followed her in and the two girls giggled at the splashes they had made. I walked in down the steps adjusting to the cool water. Tiffany came over and began talking to me, asking the usual questions, like where I was from and why I moved. Kaylee joined in and we began chatting away, all getting along really well.

Ten minutes had gone by before Maddi showed up. She walked out to the edge of the pool and smile at us, dipping her toe in to check the water. I looked up at her. She must have been wearing the skimpiest bikini out of all of us. Her top was light blue, and the triangle cups of the bikini exposed most of her boobs while showing off her deep cleavage. The bikini was quite tight against her chest and made her breasts bulge out showing their perfect round shape. Maddi had a matching bottom, which was equally as tight as the top, tied with ribbon bows at her hips. I had to admit, she looked really hot.

“Took your time.” Kaylee teased.

“Shut up” Maddi said. She jumped into the pool, splashing water in my face.

“Hey, what was that for” I said, splashing her back.

“Yeah, great way to treat the new girl” Kaylee added sarcastically.

“It’s nice to see you all getting along” Maddi said, keeping the splashing going by flicking water at Kaylee. Tiffany joined in and soon we were having an all-out splash fight.

“Hahaha,” Maddi giggled through the splashes of water.

“So whatca guys talking about?” She asked.

“Nothing much” replied Kaylee.

“Expect for how hot Matt Hudson is” added Tiffany.

“Ohhh, he’s soooo hot” Maddi said.

“So he’s still on the basketball team this year, right?” Kaylee said.

“Are you kidding, he’s captain of the basketball team.” Maddi said.

“How do you know that?” Kaylee asked.

“Cos, in biology class he was talking to Jordan about try-outs or something. I heard him say that he was still captain though.” Maddi replied.

“Hey, is he that guy who was sitting up the front. With the blonde spikey hair.” I asked, suddenly recognizing who the girls were talking about.

“Yeah, that’s him. Wait, how do you know him?” Maddi said.

“Oh I don’t really know him. He just smiled at me when the teacher introduced me.” I said.

“Really now?” Tiffany said.

“Oh, shut up. It’s not like it means anything. And wouldn’t he be going out with that other girl anyway?” I said.

“Who?” Tiffany asked.

“You know, she was wearing a really short skirt, and had, like, a ton of makeup on”

“Oh, you mean Holly” Maddi said.

“Yeah, whatever. She was, like, practically sitting on top of Matt in class” I said.

“Urgggh. Just because she is captain of the cheerleading team, she thinks she’s so popular, and she hits on any guy she wants. She’s such a slut.” Kaylee said.

“Let me tell you one thing, Chloe. We hate her. Just try to avoid her.” Maddi said, suddenly very serious.

“Why? What did she do to you?” I asked.

“She’s just mean to us.” Maddi said.

“And for the record, Matt’s not going out with her. He’s too smart for that.” Kaylee said.

“Yeah, he just… puts up with her.” Tiffany added.

“Now what did you say about him smiling at you?” Maddi asked me.

“Nothing. He was just probably being polite. That all.” I said.

“Oh my god… Just think. You and Matt would be so cute together.” Tiffany burst out.

“You know how much Holly would hate you if that happened. Out of all the guys, we reckon she has a thing for Matt in particular” Maddi said.
“Doesn’t everyone?” Kaylee sighed.

“You should totally go out with Matt. Just to piss Holly off.” Maddi said.

“Hold up guys, I don’t even know him properly” I said.

“Hey, Chloe, how many boyfriends have you had anyway” she asked me.

“None actually” I said.

“Aww, come on you’re so pretty, how haven’t you had a boyfriend yet” said Tiffany.

“It’s not that, it’s just I haven’t been looking for a boyfriend” I said.

“What, does that mean you’re still a virgin” said Maddi. I nodded.

“You’ve never been fucked by a guy before?” Tiffany looked puzzled.

“Well, what about a girl” Maddi said, wading towards me. “Have you ever been fucked by another girl?” She said slipping her hand through the water and grabbing my arse.

“Hey!” I jumped back, “Watch it. And no I’ve never had sex with a guy, or a girl for that matter.” I said. Maddi exchanged looks with Tiffany and Kaylee.

“This sleepover is going to be fun” She smiled.

I didn’t know what that was supposed to mean, and I didn’t think on it too hard. The girls were just messing with me. All that stuff about going out with that Matt guy. He only smiled at me anyway.

Maddi started up the splashing again and we continued laughing and giggling, just having fun. We spent about half an hour in the pool. I was beginning to start to like these girls and most of my shyness had faded. Just as the sun began to set over the horizon, Maddi called us together and told us it was time that we head in, to have a shower before we got some dinner.

“Okay” Tiffany and Kaylee said together, after she told us. We climbed out of the pool and Maddi led the way inside to the bathroom.

“What, are we all gonna have a shower at the same time” I started to say as we entered the bathroom.

“Why not?” Maddi said, smiling.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun” said Tiffany.

Maddi’s shower was quite big and we all fitted inside really easily. Maddi turned on the water, and began to adjust the temperature, as Kaylee and Tiffany undid there bikini top allowing their boobs to bounce out. Maddi turned around and also pulled her top off, then tugged at one of the bows at her hips, undoing her bikini bottom allowing it to fall to the ground, exposing her small pink pussy, neatly shaven. By this time Tiffany and Kaylee were also naked, both their pussy’s shaven and perfectly smooth, too. Tiffany’s hole looked the tightest, but that was probably because she was the smallest out of all of us.
“What are you still doing with that bikini on” Tiffany said.

“Yeah you can’t have a shower in that” Maddi added, both girls coming toward me. Maddi reached up to my top and pulled it off and my boobs slipped out. At the same time Tiffany slid down my bikini bottom inspecting my tight virgin pussy.

“Wow, your boobs are so big” Maddi said, grabbing my left boob with her hand and squeezing it.

“Hey-” I was interrupted.

“And look how perfect this pussy is” Tiffany said, stroking my outer lip using her index finger.

“Stop it” I said, becoming slightly uncomfortable.

“Relax” Maddi reassured. “This will be fun. And you’ll love it. Kaylee, bring over the bath gel.”

Kaylee picked up a tube from the rack on the wall and stepped next to me. She squeezed the clear gel out onto her hands and to my surprise, started massaging my entire body with the gel. When she finished she gave the tube to Maddi, and she applied some gel to her own chest.

“Okay, ready” she said, stepping closer toward me, forcing me to back up against the wall. She stepped closer still, rubbing her soapy boobs against mine
“Urrr, I’m not sure I want to do this.” I said

“Shhhh” Maddi replied, “Trust me.”

She looked into my eyes, and used one hand to comb back my wet blonde hair. Then she kissed me. Our lips met, but I strangely I didn’t fight back. It felt weird, but I kind of liked it. Maddi pushed her tongue into my mouth, twisting it around and I accepted, doing the same to her. She lowered one hand over my boob and began rolling my tits between her thumb and index finger. It felt so good, I started to feel my nipples harden and I heard myself moan out loud through our kiss. She continued, parting her lips from my mouth, kissing me down my neck and then she began sucking my free nipple, whilst still rubbing the other one.

“Oh my god,” Tiffany said as she watched on. “You two are so hot!”

“I’m horny just watching you.” Kaylee added. She was sitting on the ground, leaning against the back wall of the shower with her legs spread open and I saw her sliding her index finger into her wet pussy. Suddenly, as Maddi was licking my boobs, she dropped one had down my stomach, and started lightly rubbing my outer pussy lips. She slid down further and stopped at the opening to my vagina.

“Are you ready to go all the way?” She asked, pulling away from my breasts. I thought about it. I had never experienced anything like this before, but Maddi was super-hot and she turned me on so well.

“Yes” I said softly, smiling at her.

“Thought so,” Maddi winked, putting both her hands on my shoulders, lightly pushing me down.

“Okay, lie on the ground and put your head in between Kaylee’s legs” Maddi instructed me, as Kaylee spread her legs open, allowing me to rest my head down on the ground between them. As I lay back I let my hair rub gently against Kaylee’s pussy lips.

“Ohhh,” Kaylee moaned, “Your hair is so soft, and it feels really good against my pussy.” She began rubbing her clitoris and simultaneously bouncing her hips up and down. As she did this, Tiffany came over to me and split her legs open over my face, kneeling on the ground. I looked up at her to see her smiling back at me. Her hair was still tied in two ponytails, bobbing out from either side of her head. She looked really cute.

“Go on,” she said, “Eat me out.”

“I’ve never done this before” I told her.

“It’ll be fine, just have fun.” Tiffany reassured me. Tiffany’s small tight pussy bulged out at me. I closed my eyes and began to lick around Tiffs outer lips as she moaned out loud. Then I pushed my tongue into her vagina, allowing myself to explore her tight pussy walls as she moaned even louder.

“Shit” she said. “Uhh… Ohh that feels amazing, Chloe. Are you sure you have never done this before?”

I reached up with one hand, grabbing her one of her firm boobs and squeezing it tightly to add to the sensation as I began to suck on Tiffs small opening. Tiffany continued to moan, so she leaned forward to kiss Kaylee, who was still masturbating away behind me.

As this was happening the steam in the room was building up adding to the atmosphere. Maddi bent over my perfect pink pussy, swinging her long brunette hair over my body. Then she kissed my pussy, sending a shiver through me. She licked my pussy lips and rubbed hard on my clit with her index finger. I began to slide my hips up and down, my boobs jiggling as I did. I moaned through my sucking on Tiffany’s pussy, encouraging Maddi to keep going. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Maddi slip her other hand down to her own pussy, stuffing her fingers into the tight hole. As Maddi’s tongue was working my pussy, I notice Maddi release her grip on my clit, and reach behind her and grabbing something, but I couldn’t make out what it was because Tiffany’s body was in the way.

“Ready” Maddi said, giggling.

Without warning I felt a thick, hard object being pushed into my pussy. Maddi clicked a button and which caused the object to start vibrating. Sensation rippled through my vagina.

“Fuck!” I screamed, letting go of Tiffany’s pussy, who was still mounted directly on top of me. “Oh fucking God that feels good!”

I felt the walls of my tight vagina splitting apart as Maddi slid the vibrator deeper into me. She pulled it back and forth, back and forth, simulating the thrusting action of a cock. That motion, combine with the vibrations caused my pussy to leak out vaginal fluid, which Maddi licked up immediately. The touch of her tongue on my pussy just turned me on even more and I let out a long moan. She twisted the vibrator around, deeper and deeper inside me, fingering her own pussy with her spare hand, the sensations causing an amazing tingling feeling to spread through my body.

Looking back, I admit that I was in a pretty awesome situation. I was lying on the ground in a shower, warm water pouring over my soapy body and I was surround by three beautiful sixteen year old girls. Despite the fact I barely knew these girls, they turned me on in a way that I didn’t know was possible. Maddi rammed my innocent pussy with her vibrator, my body tingling all over as she did. As she did that, she continued to pleasure herself, stuffing fingers into and out of her perfect vagina. Simultaneously, I was sucking on Tiffs super tight pussy, while grasping her beautiful, soft boobs in my hands. And while I did that, Tiffany was having a full make-out session with Kaylee who was shoving three fingers at a time into her pussy. I was super turned on, but you could tell I wasn’t the only one. Moans echoed through the shower, and everyone was clearly enjoying themselves, our young bodies in pure lust.

Anyway, Tiffany was the first to reach climax. She was bouncing along, on top of me, when she suddenly pulled away from her kiss with Kaylee and screamed out:

“Ohhhh….. Shit. Fuck, Chloe I’m gonna cum….”

Immediately I felt her pussy tighten around my tongue. I kept licking and sucking though, building the sensation. Tiffany let out a long moan, then her pussy squeezed tight and released its juices all over my face.

“Ohmygod! I’m cumming” Tiffany screamed. “It feels so good.”

Tiffany’s vagina contracted a few more times, letting out more warm cum over my face. She slowed, letting the last of her vaginal fluids leak out of her pussy down her leg. Curiously, I licked some of her juices up, tasting her. She had an overall sweet taste, which I quite enjoyed. Tiff slumped down against the wall exhausted.

“Chloe, you really know how to turn a girl on” she said. “That was amazing. I’ve never orgasmed that hard before.”
I giggled back at her.

With Tiffany of my chest, I had a full view of Maddi fucking my virgin pussy with her vibrator. I watch her intently, suddenly noticing for the first time she had pushed her whole fist into her pussy. This turned me one even more and I felt Maddi moan as she sucked lustfully on the edges my vagina, maintaining a constant rhythm with the vibrator.

Kaylee was next. Leaning against the back wall, I couldn’t see her well, but I hear her moans intensify. She was getting louder and her fingers made a squelching sound as she thrust them into her pussy, faster and faster. I figured that she had already leaked some fluid out and it was causing that sound.
“Ohhh crap!” Kaylee whimpered, as I noticed Tiff had reached over and was most liking squeezing Kaylee’s perky breasts with her hands.

“Here it comes.” Her body contracted violently and let out a warm stream of vaginal fluid. I felt some liquid pooling at the bottom of my head, which was resting on the ground a couple inches away from Kaylee worn-out pussy. Tiffany released her grip on Kaylee’s boobs, and looking up from the mess Kaylee made.
“How was that?” Tiff asked.

“Awesome,” Kaylee answered. “Watching you girls, you kissing me, everything… just made me really horny. And I came so hard, it felt wonderful.”
Form the other end of the shower, Maddi giggled.

“Okay Chloe, your turn. Hey girls, wanna help?”

I saw Tiff and Kaylee nod at Maddi. Then they both came to either side of me, and each girl took one of my large breasts, and began sucking on my already firm tits. I felt there soft lips surround each nipple, and a different sensation emerged from each. Tiffany was lightly sucking on it, whist using her hand to cup and squeeze my boob. Kaylee, though, was softly biting my tit, it didn’t hurt, but the combination of the two different feelings drove me crazy. And on top of that, Maddi was still slamming the vibrator into my pussy, whist circling her tongue around my clit. I wasn’t going to last much longer. I could feel it coming.
Maddi obviously sensed that I was going to cum. She was sucking harder now, and pushing the vibrator right up to my G-spot. She had also taken her fist out of her pussy, and started fingering her own clit now. I could feel my body getting tighter. My moans escalated and I kept thrusting my hips, forcing my pussy deeper and deeper into the vibrator.

“Oh my Goddddd. Maddi. I can’t take it anymore.” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

Maddi slid the vibrator into my tight pussy once more. My muscles tensed. I felt my vagina walls squeeze together, as Maddi pulled out the vibrator. Then it happened. A sensation of pure ecstasy washed over my body. I closed my eyes. My vagina contracted, and then, to everyone’s surprise I squirted out my juices into the air all over Maddi’s face. Then it happened again. And then again.

“SHIT.” Maddi screamed, and I knew she too had just reached her climax. She circled her outer lips with her fingers one last time, and let her fluids seep out.

“Wow, Chloe. I didn’t know you could squirt like that” Maddi said, as she watched the last my juices trickle out of my pussy, recovering from her own orgasm.

“I didn’t know I could either” I said slowly opening my eyes, enjoying the pleasure of my orgasm that still hadn’t worn off.

“I guess I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I was so turned on by you girls”

“That was so hot. I’ve haven’t seen a girl squirt like that before” Kaylee said.

“I know. You’re amazing Chloe” Tiffany added.

I pulled myself up of the ground and sat against the wall, next to Maddi. The hot water was still pouring down on us, and for a couple of minutes we all just sat on the ground, enjoy the feeling of the water run down our skin. We were all smiling, exchanging looks with each other.

“So, we were right, weren’t we?” Tiffany said.

I was embarrassed to admit it, and I blushed. ”Yeah I suppose you were right. That was kinda fun” I said.

I paused, then I added, “So are you girls’ lesbian… or?”

Maddi slid over to me, looked me in the eye, then leaned forward and kissed me. I let her do it, because she was just so hot, and I was still stuck in that moment of my climax.

“I take that as a yes,” I said as Maddi pulled away.

“Haha no, silly, we’re not lesbian” Maddi said.

I looked at them all, confused.

“We love guys, but girls just…” Tiffany started

“… know how experiment better. We know each other’s bodies better.” Maddi said, winking

“Ohh. Yeah I know what you mean” I said.

“We’ve gotta do that again sometime. It was just awesome” Kaylee said.

“Yeah, but first we’ve gotta get Chloe a real cock. Imagine that.” Maddi said.

I simply nodded at that comment. I think I was beginning to like these girls.