Cousin love


Hello, this is my first story and is 100% true

My hot older cousin

Hello, this is a 100% true story of me and my cousin enjoying each other in a very intimate nature at the end of a party.

I guess that I should begin with a bit about myself, I will use David for my name, at the time when we learned of our desires in was 26 years old. I am a 5’8″ tall stalky guy, 200lbs, with dark brown hair and a goatee and am a heavy party person. I’ve had party houses since I was 15 years old and sold weed starting in my first year of high school. i got my first appartment on my own at 18 and never looked back. I worked midnight shift and would of then go to school after words and was always indepentent but always had dozen of poeple partying at my house. My first appartment was burned down due my dog trying to eat left over pizza left on the stove, so i stayed with my father for a few weeks before getting another place where I stayed for several years. It was at this appartment that I discovered a joy i didn’t know existed.

As all my other places it was a party pad, i’d frequently invite the whole bar back to party after last call. One night when I was 26 years old i had brought about 20 people back from the bar to play pool, do exctasy and party like rock stars. One of my guests was my cousin Lori, who was also a party animal. We had been close before this night but things got much better that night!!!

Lori was 40 years old at the time but was still a complete bombshell of a women. Lori was about 5’6″ blond with an amazing body. Her eyes were baby blue and were intoxicating. She had a very tight body weighing about 120-130lbs with a tight ass and a 36 DD set of firm and still perky tits. She was wearing a tight blue jean mini skirt with a very tight blue v neck shirt that displayed here pink and black bra pushing her cleaveage up for all of us to drool over.

Through out the night we were all taking turn playing pool and taking exctasy and sniffing coke, it was a great party. All things must come to a end though and ppl started to dwindle off untill about 6am when only about 4 people were left. I allowed a few people to stay and crash for the day but that meant that Lori and I would be sharing my bed, which we both agreed was no big deal. When let the others crash and we went to my bedroom.

As I laid beside Lori I couldn’t help be get extremly aroused. About 20 mins into trying to fall asleep, laying beside her as she had dozed off i couldn’t help but stroke my cock, I mean i had such are gorgeous women beside me and the exctasy was till going strong. She shifted a little and her skirt rode up just a bit and I couldn’t help myself anymore. I slid closer spooning her and suddenly found myself running my hand up her thighs. She didn’t respond and after a few minutes i got braver. I’ll never forget that first moment of contact when I brushed my finger across her slik panties and felt her warm juicy pussy for the first time. I quicky stopped though questioning what the fuck I was doing, she would kill me if she woke up, or so I thought.

Five minutes later i couldn’t resit anymore and moved my hand back to her tight pussy lips but this time I began running my finger between her swollen lips through those amazing panties. Her body began to resond as her ass started to gyrate to slighly to the touch of my fingers. I knew i should stop but couldn’t, she felt soo good.Then it happened, Lori began to wake and started to realize what i was doing. She snapped her head around and said “what the hell are you doin cuz?”

I didn’t know what to say and just went pitch red blushing and managed to muster out “umm i don’t know.. i’m sorry.. i just couldn’t help myself the E is making your body fell amazing and your soo sexy….i’m soo sorry”

Lori resonded with “what the fuck you nasty little pig! i’m your cousin!!!”

I thought i was going to die.

Until she reached down and grabbed my cock with her hand and said “I like being nasty too” and before i could respond she planted her lips on mine and gave me the most passinate kiss i’ve ever had!!!

When she broke her kiss, she asked me “your big cuz really turns your on that much” while stoking my cock.

All I could say was “absolutely”

She kissed me again and then said “me too, i wet as hell” as she removed her top and bra exposing her succulent breast to me and said the greatest words i’ve ever heard!

Lori “thats good!, fuck me good cuz, it’ll will be our secret and if anyone finds out we can blame it on the E” and with that she lowered her head down to my rock hard cock, staring my in the eyes as she flicked the tip with here tounge and asked “are you game?” before i could say anything she had her my cock shoved down her troat to my balls!!!

“oh my good, Lori!!!, yes im game” i said ” get that skirt off and let me tasty that sweet snatch!”

Lori did as rquested and we went into the 69 postion.

As slipped my tounge into her soaked pussy lips I was given the greatest most delicous reward of my life, her pussy was, and still to this day is the hottest, juciy and tastiest thing i’ve ever had!

I blew my first load instantly! She swallowed every drop well i ate my best meal in my life and sent her into an intense orgazm.

We rested for about 5 mins and then she asked me “are you ready to fuck me cuz? i want your cock inside of me now!”

I was rock hard again and replied “I want to fuck your tight pussy more than anything in the world!”

She climbed on top of me and lined my cock up to her soaked cunt and asked “are sure? there’s no going back after this”

I responded by grabbing her hips and thrusting my cock deep into her very eager lips.

We were so lost in our lust that we completely forgot there were still four of my friends there until we heard my front door open and close rapidly……

to be continued……