For Old Time Sake

I was sitting in my office downstairs working on some paperwork on this Friday evening in late august. It had been a tough week. I had done four funeral services so far; including 2 in one day. The alarm bell dinged in my office as the outside door to the lower level opened and I heard the unmistakable sound of high heels coming down the hall. I looked up just in time to see the owner of the heels come through the door of my office. It was Marilyn Wilson; a high school classmate and old girlfriend of mine. She looked as beautiful as ever. We had been out of high school for nineteen years and she had certainly held up well. She was wearing a tan business suit with short skirt and brown heels. After exchanging hellos; I asked her what I could do for her. “I want to plan a funeral”; she said. “Whose” was my reply. I burst out laughing when she replied “mine”. She saw that I thought she was joking and replied “I’m serious, I’m dying. She went on to explain that she had an inoperable brain tumor and the doctors had given her less than 6 months to live about 3 months ago. Her parents were not in good health and she wanted to take care of everything so they wouldn’t be burdened by it. Over the next 2 hrs Marilyn told me what she wanted and we planned just that. She went out to her car to get her burial outfit as I figured the final cost. Returning to my office; she handed me a clothes bag, another plastic bag containing underwear, stockings and small jewelry case and last a shoebox. Marilyn then paid me in full with cash for her funeral and I wrote her a receipt. After thanking me; she turned to leave but stopped and said “I have a favor to ask for old time’s sake. Will you go out with me tomorrow evening?” Naturally my response was yes. Marilyn indicated she would take care of everything and would pick me up at 6:30.

After she left; I just couldn’t get her off my mind. She was the prettiest girl in our senior class; about 5’9″ with shoulder length dark brown hair and dreamy brown eyes and luscious long legs. My buddies and I all dated her at one time or another. Marilyn was the biggest practical joker I ever knew; that was the reason I laughed when she said she was dying. In school she always was pulling some kind of prank. She was a fun date in more ways than one. Marilyn could give the best blowjob of any young lady I ever dated. I’ve cum in her mouth more than once. Marilyn would do anything except let you stick a dick in her pussy or her ass. She would pull her panties aside for you to eat her or finger fuck her but she would never pull them off. All us guys she dated were told that the only way we would ever get a dick inside her was to be married to her. I heard later that her father had told her that it would be a fate worse than death if she came home pregnant while she was living under his roof. She apparently believed him. Anyway; after graduation Marilyn went off to college at the university in the largest city in the state. She stilled lived there in fact. After college she was engaged several time but never married. One fiancée was killed and another ran off with an old girlfriend the week before their planned wedding. After that Marilyn threw herself into a business which did well and made her well off financially. Since she lived about 120 miles away and rarely came home; I hadn’t seen her in years.

At 37 yrs old; I was a horny divorced mortician. My wife had left me about 8 years ago for the lead singer in an up and coming rock band. I hadn’t had piece of live pussy in at least 4 years since women don’t gravitate to morticians. I kept my self sexually satisfied by fucking my clients and had actually entered the funeral business because of it. I didn’t know quite what to expect out of this date with Marilyn but it gave me an erection just thinking about going out with Marilyn. I locked up and went home to get some sleep. The next morning when I got up I had her on my mind. It made me sad to think that this beautiful woman whom I had known for at least 25 years was dying. I tried to get that out of my mind.

Marilyn arrived promptly at 6:30 and rang my doorbell. She looked ravishing in a red short sleeve v-neck sweater, black pleated miniskirt, suntan stockings and red hi heel shoes. My dick went instant hard. She gave me kiss on the lips and we went out to her car. It was a candy apple red Mazda sports car and she asked if I would drive. You bet I would drive it. Marilyn told me the restaurant we were going to and I headed for it. We exchanged glances as we drove along talking about old times. At the restaurant we had a nice dinner with a large bottle of wine. The wine really loosened me up but I didn’t want to drink too much being I was driving. Marilyn had several glasses and eventually finished off the bottle. I remembered that she always could hold her alcohol without getting drunk. She paid for dinner and we headed for the parking lot with her left arm around my right. Once we got in the car; I held her tight and kissed her before we pulled out of the parking lot. Our next stop was the local drive-in theater. It was the same one that Marilyn and I had made out (to the extent she would allow) during our high school days. It had been restored and reopened several years ago. We parked on the far side of the back row. She slid over as close as possible to me and we were soon kissing like a couple of teenagers. Her hands slid down my chest and opened my belt buckle, unlatched my pants and slowly unzipped them. Momentarily she turned away, pulled up the back of her sweater and asked if I would unhook her bra. Would I? What do you think! I unhooked her red bra and slid my hands and fingers around each soft hot sensuous breast. I wasn’t used to fondling live women’s bodies and it felt so good. Marilyn sighed with pleasure but took my hands in hers and placed them on her stocking clad thighs. Lifting her skirt, she arched her back against the seat so I could pull her panties down. My hands grasped the hem of the red lace panties and slowly pulled them down off her garter belt and down and off her shapely hips and thighs. Marilyn moved her legs and feet so I could remove them completely. I touched her moist lacy panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. Heavenly! I had done something already that I never thought I would ever do with Marilyn. I had removed her panties. Her hands now returned to my crotch as they pulled down my shorts releasing my fully erect organ. Marilyn’s fingers encircled my throbbing rod and pulled the foreskin back as her head dipped and her tongue licked the pre-cum from the tip of my dick. She hadn’t lost her skills. Her sexy lips encircled the head and she sucked, licked, and kissed it just like old times. Gosh she was talented. My right hand moved over to her left thigh and I began to rub her stocking clad leg and slowly made my way up to her pussy. Marilyn let out a soft moan as my fingers contacted her wet bush and I slowly slid my middle finger into her hot juicy cunt. She was so hot and wet inside. I began to stroke it in and out positioning it in such a way that my finger was rubbing her clit on each stroke. There was no doubt that it was driving Marilyn wild. It was then that Marilyn whispered” Can we go to your place”. I didn’t have to be asked twice. With Marilyn’s left hand slowly stroking my dick and my right hand rubbing her clit; I cranked up and headed for home.

Arriving at my house; we barely stopped fondling each other to get from the car to the door. Once inside; I led Marilyn down the hall to my bedroom. I watched as she removed her sweater, bra and let her skirt drop to the floor as she slid on to the bed wearing her heels stockings and garter belt. Having removed everything except my socks, I slid on to the bed as she smiled and spread her lovely thighs apart. I positioned myself and she grasped my long hard dick as entered her hot juicy pussy. Her beautiful brown eyes sparkled with pleasure as I slid all the way in and began to slowly but passionately fuck her steamy hot pussy. Her soft hands caressed my back and butt as I looked into her eyes and ground my meat into her fully. My hands alternately wandered over her shapely stocking clad thighs and luscious breasts. I felt her pussy tighten and thrust in very hard as beautiful Marilyn’s pussy orgasmed and my hot dick erupted inside her and filled her with my hot sticky cum. Her pussy continued to milk my dick as her eyes rolled and she moaned with pleasure. It was the best pussy I had ever had, alive or dead. Later, as I started to withdraw; her pussy was still grabbing at my rod so I stroked slowly a few more times before getting off and lying beside her. We had a passionate kiss and drifted off to sleep.

I was awakened the next morning by Marilyn sucking my penis. As I smiled; she straddled my body in the sixty- nine position so that I was staring at her lovely pussy and ass. I rubbed her sexy thighs as my lips kissed her pussy lips and my tongue entered her slit and found her clitoris. I soon had her moaning with pleasure and as our excitement grew; Marilyn turned her body and straddled my dick. It entered her well lubed hole easily and she rocked up and down as I thrust from underneath. It was feeling better all the time for both of us. I felt Marilyn’s pussy tighten and I thrust up into her hard as her pussy pulsed in another orgasm and I again filled her full of cum. She collapsed on my chest and I stroked her shoulder length dark brown hair with my hands. Later we lay beside each other and kissed and tightly embraced before Marilyn got up to pee and take a shower. She asked me to get a bag of clothes out of her car before I fixed breakfast. She dressed in a blouse, slacks and loafers and we had breakfast. Then Marilyn said she had to go. I asked about the clothes she had been wearing last night. She told me to keep them if I wanted to. I did; especially the panties. It was at this point that I asked if I could see her again. She wasn’t sure so I didn’t push it. We kissed passionately and I watched her drive off. Last night had been wonderful and very sexually fulfilling. But I was sad because the next time I saw this beautiful woman she would likely be dead.

It was only six days after our romantic interlude that I heard that Marilyn had a seizure related to the brain tumor and was in a coma. She lived five more days after that before she died and I was called to make the four hour round to retrieve her lovely remains. As I made the trip; my thoughts wandered all the way from our dating days in high school to our recent interlude. Arriving at the hospital morgue; Marilyn’s body bagged corpse was placed on my gurney and I rolled and placed her into the hearse and started the return trip. On the way home I had to fight the urge to pull over, unzip the bag and make love to Marilyn’s corpse. Not wanting to take the chance of getting caught; I resisted the idea and arrived home late in the evening and backed into the receiving area and rolled Marilyn’s corpse in the prep room. Unzipping the bag; I revealed Marilyn’s cold, pale, blue body that had been so alive and vibrant less than 2 weeks ago. Grasping her under the arms; I slid her onto the prep table and pulled the bag into the floor. My lips kissed her pale, cool, slightly parted lips as I caressed her face with my hand. I wanted her so much I had to have her. But not on the prep table, I picked her up and carried her to the bed in the little apartment in the back of the funeral home. There, I shaved the stubble growth of hair from her underarms and legs and gave her a spongebath before obtaining a makeup kit and applying some eye shadow and liner and some lipstick. I took out the stockings, garter belt and shoes she had left with me after our interlude and dressed her in them. I took the red lace panties out of a sealed plastic bag and inhaled their scent. Then, I said “Forgive me Marilyn but I’ve got to have you for old times sake” and proceeded to bury my face in her cool crotch. I licked and ate her dead pussy until my tongue and lips were numb. Then I pulled out some lube jelly and inserted a glob into her with my finger before mounting Marilyn’s shapely corpse and positioning the head of my dick at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly pressing into her slit my dick broke through and slid on it. I opened Marilyn’s lifeless brown eyes and screwed her cool pussy passionately as I caressed her face, breasts, hips and thighs. I didn’t hold back as I pounded my meat into her love canal until I came with globs of cum filling her. I gave her a kiss on the lips, opened her mouth wide and then positioned my big sticky dick at the entrance to her mouth. No sense in letting such a talented mouth go to the grave with having another dick in it. On that thought; I slid my dick in and fucked Marilyn’s mouth all the way as far into her throat as I could insert. Cumming again, I filled her mouth and throat full of cum and then withdrew. Might as well check all her holes, I rolled Marilyn over onto a pillow and positioned her lovely ass slightly elevated. Squirting a glob of lube jelly on my finger; I stuck it inside Marilyn’s relaxed asshole and pumped it in and out a few times before mounting her and thrusting my again erect dick inside. When we were dating she would let me finger fuck her asshole but I had never had my dick inside before; another first. I pumped her lovely ass as I squeezed her tits from behind. I was pretty drained so I wasn’t able to cum again and withdrew and rolled the lovely corpse off the pillow and onto her back. Lying down beside of her; I savored the feeling and moment. Not only was she the best live pussy I had ever had; she was also the best dead one and I had fucked dead women all the way from an 18 yr old high school senior to a grandmother of 62 who had kept herself in good shape.

But it was time to prepare this sexy corpse for burial. I removed the heels, stockings and garter belt from Marilyn and scooped her into my arms and carried her back to the prep room and placed her on the table. Grasping the water hose; I rinsed Marilyn with a warm spray and then inserted the nozzle into her oral cavity, pussy and ass with a stream that washed my cum out into the drain. Now I dried every inch of the body. Readying my equipment; I made the incisions in the neck and commenced the pump and drain until Marilyn was purged of blood and full of embalming fluid. Once the arterial embalming was finished; I placed the plug down her lovely throat, packed the cotton soaked with insecticide up her nostrils and cemented the mouth shut. Now, I removed the once lovely brown eyes from their sockets, replaced them with oval inserts and glued the eyelids shut. I moved to the other end of the table and elevated the feet and spread the legs apart. Lubing a length of plastic tube; I inserted it up the rectum until only a small amount was visible between the ass checks. Placing a plug in the outer open end; I now injected glue around the asshole and tube to seal the orifice. I decided at this point to leave Marilyn’s vagina unplugged for now but placed some gauze inside her slit to catch any drainage.

I retrieved her burial clothes bag and placed a black lace bra on her tits and fastened the latch. Positioning a black lace garter belt in place around her waist; I rolled a pair of barely black stocking up the shapely thighs and fastened them with the garters. A pair of matching black lace panties was pulled up into position and then I put a pair of black hi heeled pumps on her feet. Maneuvering the body; I dressed Marilyn’s corpse in a Midnight blue minidress and necklace and earrings. I washed and styled her hair and applied her makeup/eye shadow/liner as well as some makeup on her exposed skin to take away some of the paleness/ accentuate her tan. Standing back to look at my work; I decided that I had outdone myself this time. Of course; who better to have looking fantastic than Marilyn, I carried Marilyn’s corpse to her silver gray coffin and placed her inside positioning her hands below her chest and placing a rose between them. Now I closed the lower lid. I hated to cover up the lower half of her but it might be hard to explain to the family.

The next evening was the viewing and the place was packed. I saw quite a few men with bulges in their pants. Marilyn could do that to us even dead. Then I got a surprise. An aunt of Marilyn’s handed me a letter she had wrote a couple of days before the seizure. I went to my office to read it. The letter read.


Dearest Tom,

By the time you read this I will be dead and you will have prepared my body. I just want to thank you for the wonderful Saturday evening and Sunday morning. You gave me a very romantic evening and made my 37 year old body feel so young, sexy and alive. I never had intercourse that was anywhere near that pleasurable. It’s OK with me if you want to give me a kiss, hug or even have sex with my dead body for old times sake. I can’t believe I said that but it’s true. Thanks again. I’m sure you’ve got me looking as good as possible considering I’m dead.




Tears streamed from my face as I finished reading her letter. I was glad I could give her that much pleasure in her final days. I went back to the viewing and after it had finished; I locked up and went over to look at Marilyn. I reread the letter and then decided if she didn’t mind I would love her one more time. I opened the bottom lid of the coffin, lifted Marilyn’s dress and pulled down her panties and removed the gauze from her slit. Getting the lube jelly; I lubed Marilyn’s dead pussy and climbed up into the coffin with her and mounted her corpse. I lovingly pumped Marilyn until I shot my cum into her and collapsed on top of her. I slept for a while on top of her before awakening early the next morning. I climbed out of the coffin and plugged Marilyn’s vagina with a length of plastic tube inserted all the way to her cervix and plugged the end. Replacing her panties; I then pulled down her dress and touched up her makeup. Closing the lower lid of the coffin for the last time; I said my goodbyes and then closed the upper lid. Marilyn’s funeral was held later that morning and she was buried in the local church cemetery following the service.


A couple of weeks later I was invited to the reading of Marilyn’s will at her request. Her parents and sisters received the proceeds from the sale of her home and business but I was informed that she had left her Shiny candy apple red Mazda Sports car to me. So here I am cruising in it on a Sunday afternoon. I hope that somewhere up there Marilyn is looking down on me and smiling or laughing for old times sake.