Maybe I love her more than I ought to. But with the history Nora and I have, can you blame me for wanting to see her taken care of?

   We lie there in bed, the musk of sex and sweat filled the room. My body to hers, my cousin Nora. Yes, we fucked in the high heat of passion, but don’t judge me just yet.

To start this story we have to go a ways back. For a little framework, I was born to an already broken marriage. My father a serial cheater and my mother could never fully let him go. I know they maintained a physical relationship years after the divorce, everyone saw the signs. He had too much charm and equally excessive libido. I guess that is where I get it.

I was always told I was just like him. I was great at sports, was a natural leader, good looking, and you guessed it, i did well with the opposite sex. Like him, I also had a penchant for a good time. Drinking by 14, and smoking by 15. Never touched a cigarette though. A real fast track to the social underbelly, saved only by my talents on the field and in the classroom. Why is this relevant? You’ll see.

We can fast forward now, ten years specifically. A family event with a lot of liquor involved. My mother and her sister-in-law are in a heated argument about her failed relationships. The judgemental religious types are always quick to throw stones. They often forget you shouldn’t sling mud, especially when there is mud to sling back. Mother let it fly about knowing that Nora’s mother had an affair less than a year before she was born and that she might not be her father’s daughter. The blow struck hard. Nora, her parents, and her husband stormed out immediately.

I love Nora, always have, be it as a cousin or otherwise. I was worried about her. I gave her a couple days to sort stuff out but ultimately had to see if she was ok. I texted her and figured I’d let her respond on her own time. The reply came a few minutes after the text.

Nora: Hey

Me: You ok?

Nora: not really

Me: was it true?

Nora: yeah

Me: sorry to hear that

Nora: not your fault

Me: still… Eric being supportive?

Nora: not really. Id rather not talk about him.

Me: sorry. Parents?

Nora: looks like divorce. She apparently didnt stop after i was born.

Me: wow, i wish i could help

Nora: its ok, not your fault.

Me: still id like to help somehow, at least be a shoulder.

Nora: thnx i need one.

The conversation ended and I went about my day until I slipped into a cat nap on my couch, awoken hours later by my phone buzzing. It was a text from Nora.

Nora: that shoulder still available?

Me: yeah. Need it?

Nora: yeah omw

The doorbell rang while I was putting tea on. Nora stood in the doorway, clearly dressed in a rush. The mismatched clothes and the large sunglasses told the story before she even said a word. I slowly pulled the glasses away revealing a purple mark around Nora’s eye. My facial expression must have been hard as stone.

“Can I come in?”

“Yeah, here let me take your bag.” The bag that came into view was a small luggage bag. Packed for a couple nights. “Have a seat, Tea? Coffee?”

“Tea please, you know that ”

“Right.” I already had some brewing but asked anyway. It was done not a minute after she sat down, I poured her a glass and sat down next to her. She sipped it slowly and kept her eyes closed.

“Nora, did Eric…” She nodded eyes still closed. A tear forming under her eye. I wrapped my arms around her and drew her close to me.

“He said I was a godless child, a product of sinful lust and that I didn’t belong in his home. I tried to reason with him, but you see where that got me.”

“Well, you have a home here as long as you need it.”

“Thank you” she said as she bit her lip and the tears began flowing.

Now Nora and I were close since childhood and have always connected, maybe thats why I did it. Maybe I know no other way to console a woman, maybe I was doing exactly what she wanted. I don’t know, but it happened. I kissed Nora on the head. Her face now burried in my chest. Ran my fingers through her hair and told her everything would be fine as long as she was with me. She must have believed me, she pulled away slightly and looked up at me. Then, just like that, we kissed.

It was long, it was deep, it was real. The kind of kiss you see in a movie. My hand caressed her jaw and her arms inched around my neck. One body shift and she fell on top of me on the couch. It was a closeness I hadn’t felt from a woman. A one-night-stand never held feeling. Maybe thats why my hands freely glided across her body rather simply rip her clothes off. Hands slid under her clothes and firmly but gently held her frame. She was a woman of shape, but not fat. Suple and curvy. Her hands moved similarly, moving beneath my clothes but appreciating the skin to skin contact.

“Is this what you want?” I asked. She nodded.

“I want it to stop hurting, if only for tonight. I know you can do that. I know it’s not the right way to do it, but I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t desperate.” I knew what she was refering too. I reached under the coffee table and produced a bamboo box, where I kept my marijuana.

“If this really is what you want, I’ll help, but numbing and fixing aren’t the same.” She nodded eyes fixed to mine. The innocence shown through the gaze, it made the purple mark that much more infuriating. I rolled her a joint knowing she had smoked cigarettes before and gave it to her. “Smoke this, I’ll get you something to drink.” I stood and moved to the kitchen, poured a glass of whiskey, and returned. The joint was already largely gone. “Wash it down with this.” I said handing her the glass. She downed it promptly and hugged me again.

“I want one more thing. I appreciate this, but it isn’t what I need.”

“Name it.”

“I need to feel wanted again.” She looked down, almost ashamed. I put my finger to her chin and lifted it, and kissed her again.

I lifted her up and moved her back to the bedroom. We slinked into the bedroom and I gently set her down on the bed and traced my finger up the seam of her pants. She slowly shimmied her pants off taking the underwear with it. I positioned myself between her legs and kissed her stomach while I toyed with her newly exposed love button. She responded immediately, a gentle moan and fingers in my hair. Her scent hit me and my mouth watered, my lips wanted hers. A trail of kisses led me to her warm, wet, pussy. Like a man obsessed, I dove into it, kissing, suckling, and slurping. Lifting her hips i rubbed my tongue on her inner walls which she responded to by grinding on my face.

“You taste so good.”

“Do I?” She cooed. I didn’t respond. I just resumed my duties and wrapped my lips around her clit, flicking the very end with my tongue. She shook hard and almost pushed off of me. I hardened my grip and explored deep into her with generous finger strokes.

“Eric was never this good.” She moaned. This is where a switch gets flipped, how I know I’m my father’s son. This man would hit such a beautiful woman, then I would ravage her beyond his ability. If they were to ever make love again, he will never amount to the man she will love tonight. My blood flowed and I felt a surge in my penis. I needed her now.

“Oooh, my god!” She grasped at blankets and her legs wrapped around my head, she was all mine. I switched my pace up, not letting her body adjust. Switching from plunging my tongue into her and rubbing her from the inside, to intriquate flicks and nudges to her pleasure knot.

It was only a few minutes before the rush of her first orgasm hit. It was clear Eric has never done this to her. “How was that?” I asked, knowing full well the answer.

“Amazing!” She slurred, alcohol now in full effect. She began pawing at my pants which i immediately removed for her. She took me in her hand and leaned toward my bulging rod, mouth agape.

“Not tonight, Missy. Tonight is about you.” I pushed her back down playfully. I pulled her up and pulled her shirt and bra off letting two gorgeous breasts swing free. Cupping one I traced the nipple with my tongue stopping to rub the nipple gently with a thumb, the other hand still buried in her wet pussy. Her head leaned back and the moans intensified. “Your body is so perfect, and you taste so good.” She needed to hear these words. She needed to know that someone wanted her above all things, and I did.

“I want it. Please, don’t make me wait much longer.”

“Then lay back” she did and I kissed both nipples again for good measure, then crawled over her. Her body was hot and breathing was labored. She was a cat in heat. The head of my cock pressed to her puffed lips, and between the flowing juices and the excited precum my entrance came with a clean smooth thrust.

Her sharp inhale from my thrust trickled out as coy giggle when I leaned forward and nibbled her earlobe and moved down to where her jaw met her neck. The gentle pressure of my teeth on her neck with push of the second deep thrust triggered the moans. She wasn’t used to this, but I intend to change that. We shared another deep kiss while i worked into my prefered rhythm. Teasing her tongue with mine, keeping her occupied while I gained my pace.

“You’re so attentive.”

“Well I have to be.”

“Why’s that?” She giggled.

“Because making love is different than fucking.” This is what she wanted to hear, she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. I felt her body relax and submit to my suggestion. “Missionary is boring, Dear. Let me love you like he couldn’t.” I turned her on her side, kissing her thigh and foot as it swung over my head. Curling her upward facing leg, I pushed deep down into her. She took my swollen member to the hilt. She let out another gasp and giggle. I resumed my pace pushing deep down into her, using my now free hands to explore and savor her body. Her creamy skin and fair complection looked as though Aphrodite blessed her for these passionate exchanges.

“This feels amazing!” She panted, moving her body in time with mine. I instantley sped up some so her body wouldn’t get used to it. The clap of our bodies coming together was nearly drown out by her labored breathing. I sped up again thrusting at a deep, rapid rate. I was hitting something she clearly wasn’t used to feeling. Then suddenly, I stopped.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“I have to.”


“To make you want it more.”

“Oh, you’re cruel.” I grinned sinisterly and rolled her over a little further. “Doggie, huh?”

“For now.” Spreading her ass, I pushed forward feeling her pussy bearhug my stiff cock. It felt amazing. I kept the pace slow so she could catch our breath and to savory our passionate vitals churning in time. Her body was oh so receptive.

“Lean up.”

“Yes sir.” From behind i used my free hands to massage her breasts and clit while i ran my tongue up and down her neck. She shuddered and moaned again. I let her bask in the moment for a few seconds. But only a few.

“Back down again.” She followed orders well. “Now give me your hands.”


“Trust me.” She did as I said and now our bodies looked as a sex powered bicycle. One hard thrust and it was clear we were in new territory for her.

“Oh wow!” I pulled back slowly and pushed again, and again, and again. Each time getting faster and faster and faster still. “OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod!” My pace betrayed me and I felt myself nearing the point of no return.

“You feel so amazing, I’m already going to cum!”

“Please… Do it..in me…please.”

“You sure?”

“Yes..i want it.”

“Okay, my love.” My thrusts were quick and hard and like I had hit a brick was I stopped, hips pressed against her as I felt every glob of sperm pour out i to her.

“Oh I feel it, so good.” I had no time to waste, I dropped her hands and let her relax while I immediately resumed my steady thrusting. If I caught it fast enough I would keep the erection. “Still going? I didn’t know guys could do that.”

“Good ones can.”

“Good, I wasn’t done.”

“Trust me, I want this to last a while.”

“Can I get on top?”

“Of coarse.” We quickly switched spots and I lay down on the bed.

“Thank you for being so good to me.” She whispered to my rod. After a quick kiss on the head my whole shaft disappeared into her mouth. The moist suction pulling on me and her tongue fondling the ridge of my cock was euphoric. Up and down paying attention to every detail. “But I can’t have you cumming again just yet.” She mounted me and guided me into her. Her breasts bounced as she plunged down onto me. My hands went to them immediately. Cupping and squeezing while she moved back and forth, grinding our bodies together.

“You have the best tits.”

“Eric doesn’t like them, says they’re too big.”

“Fuck that guy.”

“Not again, not after this.” She continued, while grinding as I was mesmerized by her her gorgeous fleshy globes bounce up and down. I had to close my eyes so the sight alone wouldn’t push me too far. Then just as I had had her pace down, like I did, she changed. She turned around and rode me facing away. I felt the change immediately. Her moans got a lot louder from what I assume was me hitting her g-spot. I grabbed her hips and guided her forward and backward. She was breathing with a loud lustful pant now. Each gasp of air a declaration of ecstacy. She sped up and would grind harder against me. I swear I could feel my cock stabbing at her cervix. Her body stopped suddenly and her body wrenched, as though struck by lightning. Head hung her breathing retreated to heavy breaths.

“Just a little longer, it will be worth it I swear.” i assured her.

“This is already the best I’ve had in years.”

“Well let’s make it better. Lay back down.” She did and I put her legs together and pushed them into her chest. “A favorite of mine.” I assured her. Cupping my hands behind her knees, I pressed my member to her bright red and wanting lips and eased down into her.

“Ah!” She shuddered. “So deep. It feels like you’re behind my belly button.”

“Yeah? Well, let me have you harder and deeper than he ever got.”

“Please, give it to me.” I wasted no time. I pushed in and immediately began fucking her with everything my body could muster. “Oh my god. Please. Fuck me please!” Her words were napalm on an already raging inferno. I thust hard and fast then harder and faster, then even harder and faster still. My cock felt like it was going to explode, and her body shared the sentiment. Her legs shook and she sqealed. She’d never came like she did tonight.

“I’m gonna cum again!”

“Give it to me please! I want it! I want your cum!” Like releasing a dam, everything erupted and flowed free and her body swallowed it all. Her shakes got the best of her and her legs fell. She immediately grabbed me and kissed me, tongue piercing my lips. I kissed back and felt her satisfied body to mine. We kept at this for what felt like an eternity, my cock only leaving her body when the erection was fully gone leaving a well full of creamy white fluid. I lay down next to her and pulled her body to mine, taking the role of big spoon.

An eternity went by when the silence was broken. “Can I, can I stay here a while?”

“Stay as long as you need. You have a home here.” She pulled my hand to her mouth and kissed it.

“I think I will. Thank you.” The poor woman was exhausted and fell asleep immediately. I lay there staring at her, my angel with a purple eye. So beautiful.

She has been with me for a few days now, and yes we have had sex every night since then. We are awaiting a blood test. Who knows, I may have a future with this woman, this woman I no longer want as cousin, but hope to have as a partner.