Heat Wave


It’s been a long hot summer quarantined at home for teen siblings

I walked from my bedroom following the sounds. Moaning, grunts, sexual sounds. It was raining outside, but somehow I was wet. Entering the living room I saw a man’s head leaning back over the sofa. He was the one moaning. In front of him was a woman sucking his cock. She looked at me. It was my sister Sara. She smiled, shook her butt and asked if I wanted some. I walked around behind her. Her plump naked ass looked so inviting. I knelt behind her and took out my cock. Holding her ass, I sank my cock….

I woke up sweating. It was 8 am. I remembered. Our home a/c was waiting for repairs. The recent heat wave was too much for it. My small bedroom got very little air and the box fan wasn’t helping much. Then it came back to me. My older sister Sara. Her naked ass. My morning wood was now rock hard again. Why was I dreaming of Sara? Sure she’s hot. 19 years old, 5-8, blonde hair, large breasts, big ass and thick legs. She wasn’t fat but when I’d see her in a bathing suit. Damn.

As for myself. I was almost 18. 5-10, thin, wavy brown hair. And at the moment with a need for the bathroom. As I walked into the hallway I saw that my sister had moved to sleep in the airier living room. Our mother, who we shared the house with, had no doubt left for the day. She was working double shifts as a nurse during the pandemic. She’d decided that we would stay in, quarantined for safety, while she worked extra to pay the bills and get the a/c fixed. Also, it was probably a lot cooler where she worked.

I took care of my morning needs, showered then put on a clean t-shirt and shorts. No underwear. Too hot. The shower had barely helped. I got a glass of juice and walked into the living room. The ceiling fan moved the warm air around. Sara was stretched out on the sofa. Her t-shirt tight against her flattened breasts, her long legs stretching from short shorts. We got along ok, but the heat wore on everyone’s nerves. Sara opened an eye.

“How long have you been perving on me?”

“I haven’t. I just got here.”

“I see you looking at my titties.” She was just teasing me. She sat up. I couldn’t help but follow the physics of her breasts as they shifted into their usual rounded shape, hanging a bit from their weight, but still roundish with nipples facing forward. And why was I perving on my sister? Too many boring days, locked in with nothing to do. Sara got up to get something for herself. I watched her ass jiggle in her shorts. I turned away to look outside. Outside. With other people.

“I had a dream last night. You were in it.”

“A sex dream, perv?”

“Well, yeah, I guess, but I woke up. You were sucking off some dude.”

“OOh I hope it was Rod. God how I need some Rod.” Sara had returned to sit on the sofa. She looked at me.


“Pete, I was thinking. Mom’s gone for so long each day. She’d never know. Please tell me you wouldn’t tell her if I had Rod over. It’s been months.”

“Sara, you know what she said.” I got up to return the glass to the kitchen. That’s when she went into full pitiful mode. Sara rolled off the sofa and shuffled on her knees to me. She grasped me around the leg.

“Please, please. I need to get laid.” She began scratching her nails up and down my thigh. I think in her horniness she didn’t realize what she was doing. Fortunately she was scratching my right thigh. My hardening cock was hanging down the left side.

“Um, Sara, uh.” I was looking down. Her tits were crushed against my leg, one arm wrapped around, the other hand’s nails still making lines. “Sara, Mom would be pissed, she’s trusting us here.” Her nails scraped my balls. My cock was threatening to peek out the other leg of my shorts. I really needed to go wank off. Realizing she was actually touching my junk, Sara sat back on her legs. “Oh come on Pete. What do you want? I’ll do anything! I’ll fan you all day. With my top off. You can look at my big tits for a whole day. Pleeeease?”

Wow, I wondered if she was that desperate? What was I thinking? She’s my sister. But those tits. To see those tits.

“Now you’re just bullshitting.”

“You think so?” She held the bottom of her shirt in each hand. And started to lift. I could see the swell of her soft belly. “So? Can I invite Rod over. And you won’t tell?”

“Stop, we shouldn’t. Mom. You’re my sister. Can I really see them?”

Knowing she had me. And being in need herself, Sara lifted the shirt. It caught on the underside of those mounds, then up. They bounced. And bounced again. And oh my god there they were. Big, soft, wow. Without thinking I’d reached down and began squeezing my cock. The end of it having pushed out of my shorts, my hand now exposing more.

“So here they are. Oh and a bonus. I get to see Peter’s pecker. Actually, not bad Pete. Rod’s is much bigger, but that’s pretty thick even if not so long.” Oh fuck, I was stroking my cock in front of my sister.

“Tell you what. Say yes Pete and you can wank on my tits. Just say yes.”

I dropped to my knees in front of Sara. Slid down my shorts. Sweating from the heat, and nerves and her big tits. I began stroking in earnest. “Yes Sara. Sure. I won’t say a thing.” Stroking. Sara holding her tits out to me. She was pinching her pink nipples. Bouncing them in her hands.

“Come on Pete. Cover me in your cum.” Oh fuck she’s hot. Stroke, stroke. Then a rope of cum. I sighed with pleasure but that threw off my aim. I leaned back, the second rope hit Sara right in the face. Then the third, with less force landed on her tits again. With the build up, I had a bit more. I leaned forward so they would also hit her tits. She was well covered. “Oh shit Pete, that was a big load. You seem to have needed some too.”

Sara jumped up to go shower. My spunk plastered on her face and tits. When she came out, cleaned up and with fresh clothes, still a t-shirt and shorts, it WAS still warm, she looked at me.

“So perv, was that fun?”

“In a weird way, yes. You’re my sister, but that doesn’t mean your body isn’t hot.”

“I kinda liked seeing your stuff too.” She told me that she would contact Rod and let me know so I could get out of the way.

“Well I can’t go out. I’ll just hang in my room. I’ll need to keep the door open so I don’t get heat stroke.”

“So you can hear us?”

“No. I was thinking I may call Nina. If we’re risking trouble with Mom.”

“Is that the skinny girl? You two do it? You don’t go out with her I didn’t think.”

“No. We like each other, but not as boyfriend/girlfriend.”

“My younger brother has a fuck buddy? Now that’s cool. Sure. Call her and get you some too.”

“One thing. I’m out of condoms. Could you ask Rod to bring some? Normal sized?”

“Oh he’ll bitch and moan. Especially about having to ask for regulars, hah. But yes sure. We don’t use them, but no condoms, no pussy. He’ll do it.”


The timing worked out ok. I could hear my sister getting everything she needed, and not being shy about letting the world know. Her boyfriend Rod is a jock type. The kind with endless self confidence and not afraid to show it. He’s maybe 6-2, muscular. He has the matching equipment. A little later Nina arrived. Nina couldn’t be more different than my sister. Petite, very thin, with barely bumps and nipples for a chest. She was narrow hipped with dark hair and a bare pussy. Already 18, she hardly looked it. She liked me well enough, but we had different interests. One thing we had in common. We liked fucking each other. We’d hooked up at a party a few months back, had a great time in a back bedroom and had been getting together often enough just for sex. Until quarantine started. Since we weren’t exclusive and would never expect that we always used condoms.

“Hi Pete, what’s with all the howling? You have condoms?”

“Yep, and that’s my sister and boyfriend making up for lost time.”

“Cool, ok. Let’s go. I haven’t had your thick cock in ages. When you sent me the text I was surprised.”

We went to my bedroom. It was going to be hot sweaty work, but we were horny and soon naked. I looked at Nina, all straight lines and especially after seeing Sara, no boobs. But she got me hot. We fell together kissing to make up for lost time. Nina liked to play and touch and have fun, but she liked to fuck more and it didn’t take long for her to direct my hard cock to her waiting pussy.

“Oh fuck, Pete. I need this. Fuck me hard with your big cock.” I got in close and fed my member into Nina. She was small but she could handle what I had. I didn’t go real deep but I stretched her and that made her happy. “Oh that’s it Pete, uh huh. You stretch me nice and wide.” I touched her everywhere I reached and her wet willing pussy held me and gripped me. I worked it hard, rocking my cock into her. We soon built up a sweat but kept working on each other. Nina bucked her slim hips up into me, trying for more and more as I thrust my cock into her tiny frame. When I felt Nina tense and saw her clench her teeth then open her mouth to release tension as she came on me I knew she was letting herself go with her orgasm. She was not noisy by any means, expressing herself in other ways, wrapping her slender legs around me and squeezing my body, her arms around my neck pulling me to her, her hips pumping up to accept me. Then relaxing, softening as she felt my cock push into her and finally release myself, filling the end of the condom. What kept Nina coming back was my apparent ability to last long enough for her to cum. Our coupling was always for both of us. Sure we’d do favors. A quick blow job, or maybe my face in her shaved pussy, but usually it was a mutually satisfying fuck session. We lay back, tired, sweaty, satisfied. No pretty words or snuggling. Maybe some fondling and touching. Mainly to see if we were up for another round. Once done Nina would be on her way. I knew she had sex with other guys, I’d never question that. It was her choice to make, not mine. And I enjoyed what we had. I was done for the moment and I’d also cum this morning with Sara, so I was ok. We got up and walked down to the hall to wash up in the bathroom. We hadn’t bothered to dress. I thought my sister and Rod would be going at it a bit longer. When we got to the bathroom the door was closed. So we went through the living room to get a cold drink in the kitchen. Coming back to the living room we saw Rod standing there. All 6-2 of muscles and also all 7 inches of SOFT thick cock. Nina noticed.

“Wow. That’s big.”

“Oh hi. Oh you two have been? Is this your girlfriend Pete? She’s a tiny one. How old?.”

“18 Rod. No not my girlfriend. We’re just friends.”

“Ok, cool. So if your friend wanted to ride Rod, it would be ok?”

“Not my decision, but aren’t you and Sara?”

“Well yeah, but she can’t expect me to keep this all to myself.” Nina has stepped closer. She barely came up to Rod’s chest. She reached out, lifted his cock. It looked even bigger in her tiny hand. I had a fairly thick one, but it was a more normal 5 and half inches or so. Nina realized this was something much more. And now she had desire. She looked at me. I shrugged. She began stroking it. With two hands. And could have used at least one more. It thickened, and stiffened. Rod picked up Nina and brought her to the couch. He laid her over the end, held her tiny hips and lifted her to his hard cock.

“You think you can handle this? You’re pretty small.”

“I can try. I want to try. Just fuck me Rod.” I sat on a chair to watch the scene. My cock was getting hard too. Nina placed the thick head of Rod’s cock at her entrance. I may have stretched her earlier, but he was going to go deep and wide. He pushed into her. She sucked in a mouthful of air as he pressed further, deeper. Then holding her slight body in place he tested her depths. He got a good bit of it in. And began pumping his muscular ass forward and back, giving her a good amount before pulling back. Nina’s back arched, her head was back reveling in the new feelings, the new places being reached. The thick veiny cock probing and reaching deep into her slim frame. He found a rhythm that worked for him and closed his eyes Enjoying how her pussy held him as he stretched her. He started groaning and Nina suddenly opened her eyes. Lost in the excitement of the moment she’d forgotten he was bareback.

“You need to pull out.”

“Yeah, OK.” And he kept rocking, rocking.

“No really….”

“Rod.” I said.

“ROD YOU motherFUCKER!”, Sara screamed as she came out of the bathroom, apparently showered.

“OH fuck, Sara, UH.” He grimaced. Again.

“YOU cheating scumbag! Get the fuck out!”

“UUNGH”, He held Nina to him a moment longer, then pulled out, his cock hanging. Rod grabbed his clothes and left.

“What the fuck, the asshole!” Nina lay, still on the edge of the sofa, cum oozing from her stretched pussy.

Sara, “And you, how could you?”

“What did I do? Rod said you’d be ok. Nina wanted to try it.”

Sara looked at Nina. “You little bitch. Fuck you. I hope he fucked you up good.”

Now Nina was concerned. “Oh fuck fuck fuck. He CAME in me.”

Sara looked at her. Her anger now redirected at Rod. “I’m sorry. He’s an asshole. You’re really not using anything?”

Nina pointed at me, “Condoms.”

“Oh yeah, right. Shit. Ok, I’m sorry. I hope you don’t get pregnant. Go clean yourself out as best you can. Let me look. I think I have morning after pills, from back before.” Nina took a shower, took a Plan B, then left. Now it was just Sara and me. She stared at me. I was concerned about her being angry with me.

“I’m sorry. I guess I could have stopped them, but Rod’s a lot bigger than me and Nina isn’t mine to order around.”

“No it’s ok. I’m mad at the situation and pissed at Rod. I feel sorry for Nina now. Rod’s an arrogant, selfish prick who thinks his cock is god’s gift. If he’d do this here, who knows what he’s been doing.” Sara sat on the sofa, tears streaming down her face.

I tentatively sat by her. “I’m sorry Sara.” I put an arm on her shoulder.

“My punishment for breaking Mom’s rules. Shit. But now we’re stuck alone again.” I rubbed her back. Noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. OK, stop Peter. My cock tingled. I stopped rubbing, just held it there.

“Maybe?” She looked at me.


“Maybe we’ll need to do more of what we did earlier? Just to get by?” I wasn’t sure what to say. More of Sara’s big boobs? Um, SURE! But I figured I’d play it cool.

“I guess, sure. To get by.”

“But first help me clean up around here and spray something around. It smells like a whorehouse. Not that I necessarily know what one smells like.” So we cleaned up and sprayed. And we talked and tried not to move. It was still very hot. In the afternoon when the sun had moved to the front of the house we opened the back door and put a fan there for fresh air. It almost felt comfortable. Mom came home for dinner. It seemed we got away with this one. We wouldn’t risk it again.

The next morning over cereal at the kitchen counter Sara looked at me.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“What’s it like? Um…”

“What like?”

“Sex with Nina. You know, no commitment? Is it just as fun?”

“Sure it’s fun. You don’t have fun having sex?”

“Well yes, but I’ve always felt the need to be wanted, to have a guy commit to me. You guys just, fuck, for fun?”

“Honestly, you’re a lot more typical like most girls I know. Nina’s different. And she’s not a slut. She doesn’t fuck a bunch of guys. Before I was locked in, she fucked me pretty regularly. I think because I was the most ok with the whole thing and we enjoyed sex with each other. But if she sees a guy who interests her, like, uh yesterday, she wants to be able to go for it.”

“Hm, interesting. You like doing it with her? She’s kind of skinny. No tits.” I glanced over at Sara. She was wearing a lightweight robe, even though it was warm. It had opened a little. I could see the side of her far breast.

“Yeah well maybe she’s not my ideal body type, but those kinds aren’t throwing themselves at me. Still the sex is great. She knows how to please me and I make sure she gets hers every time.”

“Do you? That would make you a good catch for someone. Guys like Rod. Mostly just interested in themselves. Sure I like riding what he’s got but I have to make sure I get off, he won’t. So you know how to, you know, down there?”

“Oh sure. I love eating Nina’s pussy. Oh sorry, a little too enthusiastic there.”

Sara smiled at me. “What IS your body type?”

“If I had a choice, all things being equal, yeah a bit meatier than Nina. Bigger boobs, a butt I could hold. Just a bit softer. Oh but I do like her shaved down there. I’ve been with a girl with a bush. I didn’t like it as much.

“How about like this?” I looked again. Sara had opened the bottom of her robe. Staring at me was a pussy with dark blond hair on the mound, and everything shaved below. I stared. And stared. My sister was showing me her pussy. “Well?”

“Oh, uh, no complaints there. Looks nice and no hair down where the work is done. Maybe best of both worlds.” By now my shorts had a tent in them. Sara surely noticed when I got up to put my bowl in the sink. When she got up she apparently took no notice that her rode had completely opened. I looked. Making no secret that I was looking. I followed Sara to the living room. She turned to me. Let the robe fall.

“So, is this your type?”

“Yes, honestly, I’ve been noticing your body for a long time…”

“And dreaming about it?”

“Yes, dreaming about it. So many days with those tight t-shirts and shorts.”

“Wasted days I think. We’ve been stuck here for months. I had no idea you were, you know.”

“Looking at you?”

“Interested in me. Interested in girls. Well no not that exactly. Just, active. And I guess, maybe good at it.”

“Nina thinks so.” I was still staring at Sara. I had no idea where exactly this was going, but, here goes. I lifted off my shirt. Got no comment, so I slid down my shorts. Now I was also naked, letting Sara stare me down.

“Hmm, ok, honestly not exactly my type. At least not physically. Nothing WRONG with you but I generally go for more muscular guys. And taller.”

“Sorry to disappoint. I guess I’m also lacking in…”

“No, no that’s fine.”

“Really? Rod was so..”

“Big yes. Which was a problem when he’d start pounding into me. You’ve got nice thickness. Better than some I’ve seen. There’s more to guys than how big. Would you.” Sara took a deep breath. “Would you go down on me? I’ll make it up to you. I suck cock pretty well.”

Holy fucking shit. My hot sister wanted me to eat her pussy and she was offering to blow me. How did we not do this months ago? “Wow, yeah. Sit on the chair here. Scoot yourself forward.” Sara sat in the chair, got comfortable, got herself to the edge of the chair, threw one leg over the arm of the chair to give me access and put her head back waiting on me. I got down close to her, touching her to let her know I was still there, but taking a moment to inspect her, to admire what was being offered. I felt the smooth skin of her lips, ran my fingers through the hair above, put my face right to her, taking in her scent, then with my tongue, the first taste of her skin. Then my lips to her lips. Moving around to become acquainted with all of her. The puffy outer lips, her clit barely poking through up top, the tangy wetness just starting to seep through.

“Oh fuck Pete, I feel great and you’ve hardly touched me. This is awesome, keep going. Take your time, please.”

I planned to. I licked the length of her slit, stopping with a flick of her clit, noting which spots got a reaction, mental notes for future use. Then with my thumbs, I separate her lips, opening Sara to me. I saw the glistening moisture inside, her inner lips pink and fresh. Inviting. And now my tongue began to work. So much to taste, to stimulate, to savor. Sara moaned as I quickly flicked my tongue over those lips, down to her opening, up to her clit.

“So nice Pete. Go bro, keep going.”

Of course I was, I’d just begun. Here I was being offered this fresh hot pussy. I tested her opening with my tongue, tickling the edges, then plunging in circling her passage, tasting her lubrication, touching the sides, probing with my tongue. Then again working my way up, replacing my tongue in her open pussy with two fingers that could reach deeper, finding her intimate spots, probing, listening for clues. Finding just the right spot. Sara lifting up and gasping as I hit it, then working the area as my tongue found her clit and began circling, around, over, licking, sucking.

“OH, OH FUCK Pete, yeah like that, like that. Oh fuck, don’t stop. oh fuck, ohhhhhh fuck.”

She was close, oh so close. I picked up the pace, finger fucking my sister while ravaging her clit with my tongue. When she slammed her pussy up into my face calling me over and over as her orgasm rocked through her, I doubled my efforts. Why stop at one? She kept bucking, wet and shivering in the heat, hanging onto the chair as she fucked herself onto my face wanting more and more. “OH god Peter, oh shit another, oh my fucking god….” And she rolled into another. I lapped at her juices, I had mercy on her engorged clit, I slid my fingers from her pussy, she rode the second wave and thanked me, again and again and again.

“Never. Never like that Pete. How did you learn that? How long have you?”

“Nina would accept nothing less if I wanted mine, I had to learn to deliver. We practiced. A lot.”

“Damn, I take back every bad thought I had of that girl yesterday. That’s a skill that will get you a lot of pussy. Now I’m drained. I’m going to lay on the sofa. Feel free to play with me, my tits, whatever you want. When I recover, I’m going to suck you dry. I’m half tempted to fuck the shit out of you. But I’m not sure we should.”

Oh sure, I could have been more mature and let her rest and waited my turn, but I’m a teenage guy. And Sara’s tits are big and amazing and long thick legs and she’s so soft all over. So yes she laid down on the sofa. And stretched out. Bent her left, inside leg up, clasped her hands over her head and relaxed in the (ok, heat) warmth of her orgasms and allowed me to explore and touch and fondle. He breasts are D cup, maybe a little bigger. They flattened out some when she’s reclining. Two warm pools of soft female flesh topped with round areolas and thick nipples. I held them and felt their movement, I kissed them and licked them and sucked her nipples. If this was a reward, then damn it I’ll lick her pussy every day. Shit I was ready to dive in again. I touched her strong thick legs. She’d sure be able to hang on for a ride in bed. I kissed across her soft stomach, just a slight roll there. So different from Nina’s taught skin, bones and angles. Sara drifted in and out, dozing and waking as I happened to hit a spot that sent a shiver up her spine or a tingle in her groin. After living years around this body I was now given the keys to the kingdom. And I had one overarching thought. Yes. Yes definitely, I needed to fuck my sister. It didn’t have to be love. I loved her as family, for all those family reasons. No, my experiences with Nina showed me that we could have sex and have a lot of fun and not have it be a commitment. Just two horny young people stuck in the same house day after day. Why not? My cock had been hard most of this time. And now Sara sat up. I took the opportunity to hold one breast in each hand, to feel them weighing in my hand, hanging, facing me.

“Have you had enough?”

“Maybe another hour or two?”

“Damn horny kid. OK stand. I’m going to give you the submissive woman treatment and kneel before your powerful cock.” I laughed. And stood. And looked down at my blond haired, green eyed sister as she held my cock. Inspecting it.

“Nice, straight. A cool vein running up this side. Now one rule. No thrusting. Asshole used to try fucking my face with his club. It hurt. I control how far. Looking at yours, I’m guessing most of it, unless it’s too thick.”

Sure any rules she wanted. My hot sister was going to suck my cock. I put my hands on my hips and waited.

“You can put your hands ON me. Even my head. Just don’t force anything. Cool?”

“Uh huh.” Sara began by licking my cock bottom to top and all around. She popped the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She lifted my balls and moved them in her hand. She held my cock up and licked down the bottom and took each testicle in her mouth. Then she started stroking my cock, working it a bit, coaxing pre cum to the tip. She licked and tasted my fluids, hummed in satisfaction, then took me far into her mouth for the first time. Testing, gauging. Satisfied, she pulled her head back, then bobbed her head forward and back, allowing me in then sucking on me on the way out. She held the base tight with one hand and sucked on the head. Pulling off with a pop she looked up at me. Smiled.

“Nice cock. Tastes good. Can’t wait to taste your hot cummmmmm.” Putting the tip of my cock to her lips for the mmmmm part. Nina sucked cock well, but Sara really knew her way around a penis. My cock back in her mouth, she wrapped her tongue around and licked and let my cock slide over her tongue, in, then out. Holding my ass in her hands she pulled me to her, letting my cock slip in deeper and deeper, her mouth stretched wide to fit, all of me. I felt her throat. She swallowed. Then pulled off. That had been an effort. And my reward. Feeling my cock thicken, my balls tighten, Sara had one more trick. Holding my cock in her right hand, she licked and wet her left middle finger. Then as she sucked my cock back into her mouth she slid her fingers between my cheeks and found my asshole. With her wet finger she pushed it into my ass as she sucked harder on my cock. I tensed like never before, as she pushed her finger all the way in and pressed, I exploded into her mouth.

“OH fuck, god damn Sara. Oh oh uh.” I came and came. She swallowed and swallowed. I pumped until I was dry, but kept feeling my balls contracting trying to send more semen into Sara’s throat. Finally I stepped back. Weak-kneed I sat back on the chair.

“Fuck Sara. The ass thing. That was fucking nuts. Wow.”

“I told you I owed you a good one. You’re just the right size. It’s fun to play with.”

“So, this doesn’t have to be the only time?”

“If you keep eating my pussy to multiple orgasms, then I will definitely keep sucking your cock.”

“And what about?”

“Hmm I don’t know if I want to go there. That’s still. I think I need emotional attachment of some kind for that. But who knows. No promises. However..”


“I have done anal before. I’d be up for that. Get your thick cock into my thick butt?”

“Oh hell yeah. Nina wasn’t into trying that. But yeah.”

“OK, save that thought. I’ll let you know when I feel ready.”

Weeks passed, Sara and I would get up, have breakfast and spend some late morning time taking turns pleasuring one or the other. Oral sex, massages. Sara on her stomach with her ass there for me to sink my hands into, wow what a turn on. We eventually tried anal sex and it was good, but really not my thing. Sara seemed to like it and encouraged me by telling me to slap her ass as I fucked her butt. Watching her ass shake and redden was cool, but I really needed to sink my cock into a wet pussy. Then I got a text from Nina. She asked if she could come over and talk. I asked Sara who said it was ok with her.

I let Nina in. We went into the living room and when she saw Sara she gave her a hug and thanked her.

“Who knows if it was the morning after pill or just luck, but I’m not pregnant, so thanks for helping me. Especially after…”

“No worries, he was an asshole, good riddance.”

“I’ll say. I almost always use a condom, but sometimes in the heat of the moment, shit happens. That’s why I always make sure Pete protects himself. But all the other guys pull put. I’d never had a guy’s cum in me. But, well… Pete I want to ask you something private, but if you want your sister here ok.”

“Yeah Sara’s cool. She knows our deal.”

“OK and no offense Sara, but, well it felt kind of good to have a guy cum inside.”

“Oh yeah, I like it.”

“Yeah so. I’m on the pill now. I got it as soon as I could. And I’ve been tested. So if I make everyone else wear a condom, and it’s not like I go out fucking random guys all the time, well Pete, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to wear one. Just you.”

“Oh, well yeah that would be cool Nina, but, um.” I glanced to my sister.

“Nina, what mumble mouth over here is trying to say. And I’m going to guess you aren’t going to be shocked and disgusted by this, since we’re stuck here, Pete and I have started fooling around a bit.

Nina looked at us. “You two? That’s so fucking cool. People should just fuck and have fun and enjoy their bodies.”

“Well we haven’t fucked. Just oral stuff. And let me tell you. Thanks for training him. The oral is really good.”

“Yeah a guy who can’t eat pussy good isn’t worth much. But he fucks good too, you should try it.”

Holy shit, I listened to this conversation. It was like they were discussing their favorite lip gloss.

“OK ladies, back to what I was trying to say. Now that Nina knows I’m also doing stuff and Sara knows where Nina is and I’m here in the middle. Is this all ok with everyone?”

“I’m ok. Sara’s not going out so she’s only with you, and I want some of you too, so I’m cool.”

“I’m getting some of what I need from Pete. I’m ok with the idea of Pete and you having your fun, no jealousy or anything. But…” Sara paused a moment. “If Nina is going to be with other guys I have some concerns. Nina?”

“Fair enough. I’ve been on a break since the scare with what’s his name, and waiting for enough time to pass with the pill. And I’ve been to the doctor to be sure I was safe for Pete. If I promise not to have sex with another guy without telling you. Is that ok?”

I looked at Sara. I still wasn’t sure just how all this would work but it wasn’t going to be bad for me.

“That’s fair Nina. You can come over and we can all have some fun until this lock in nonsense is done. Pete can fuck both of us.”

“Wait, what? Both?”

“Sure bro. Nina reminded me how much fun it is to have a hard cock fill you. I hope you’re up to it.”

“Ah, his tongue is pretty good too.”

Talk about variety. Here I was being offered two very different young woman. My more voluptuous older sister and my tiny, thin friend. Both eager to engage in all the sex I could handle.

“How shall we start?” I asked.

“To be fair, Nina’s gone without the longest and I can get to you any time around here.”

“Oh thanks. I miss having Peter fill me with his thick cock. And Sara?”

“Yeah, go for it. Should we just get comfy here where it’s not so hot?”

“Sure, but I wanted to let you know. What Peter can do for you, I don’t mind doing either. Sex is sex.”

“Oh wow, YES. I’ve played around a little with friends. Oh this is going to be a LOT of fun.”

Yes, yes it was. My two favorite people, and me. Nina called Sara down to the floor and positioned herself between Sara’s legs. Just before diving into Sara’s pussy she looked back.

“Give me that cock Peter. And this time. Just keep cumming in me.”

It was a feeling like no other. Nina’s bare pussy holding me, milking me. I went fast, I went slow. It had been well over a month. But now, now I could feel every contraction, every ripple, every movement. I worked on finding all the familiar places. The top, the bottom, stretching her opening with my cock feeling her lithe body respond. She let me control the pace, Nina had other things to work on. Her face was tight to Sara’s wet pussy. Sara was already moaning from the tongue lashing she was receiving. Who knew my fuck buddy was as comfortable with women. It shouldn’t have surprised me. Nina was in it for the pleasure. Receiving and also giving. Very much the giving. Things started to ratchet up a bit. Sara was beginning to rock her hips, her head was back, her tits were shaking as her body built up to the big release. Nina was moaning into Sara’s pussy, shaking her little ass as I plowed her pussy, feeling my own release coming closer. I now concentrated on bringing Nina home, unsure how ready she was as she was giving as much as she got. Finding where I wanted to be I settled in, feeling Nina’s body begin to shake, shiver, her little butt quivering as she arched her back and sighed in satisfaction, then shaking herself free she increased her efforts on Sara who was soon singing her praises as she cried with pleasure. I told Nina to keep going. She did, feverishly licking at Sara until she buckled under another strong wave. Her mission completed, Nina pulled off of me, turned over on her back and lifted her thin legs in the air.

“Give it to me Peter. For you. Fuck the shit out of me and fill me with your cum.”

I held her legs in my hands, pushed them back to expose her pussy then leaned into her and began thrusting hard and fast. Sara looked on almost concerned that I would break my partner, but I knew Nina. And when she wanted hard and fast, you damn well better bring it. I was bathed in sweat, the heat wave still with us, the a/c not yet fixed, my exertions wearing me down. But then I felt it, rising, rushing forward, spurting from me, into Nina. She smiled as I came, my warm, sticky cum, filled her pussy for the first time. She sighed in satisfaction. I finished, gave her every last drop, then sat back. As happy as I’d been in awhile. Then Sara nudged me aside.

“Hate for this to go to waste, and I owe this one.”

Sara began licking Nina’s sticky pussy, licking my cum and her juices as they worked their way out of her. But also sucking on her clit, causing her to clench and push more semen for Sara’s enjoyment. It was such a hot scene. When Sara had gotten her fill of cum, she worked at Nina’s bud until Nina squealed and “ooooooohhh.”

“Holy fuck, you two together are even better. Peter, why didn’t you tell me your sister was such a hot fuck. Now I just want to fuck the two of you all the time.”

I looked at Sara. Her face still sticky from the combination of Nina and me. She looked fairly satisfied. Yes, this was going to work. Sara stirred, “Nina, that will be great. But we need to clean up around here. Our mother will be wondering why Pete and I are suddenly such neat freaks, but all this sex, it might get noticeable.”

“Sure, no sweat. I don’t mind a fuck and run. Pete knows, I don’t overstay my welcome.”

“Don’t feel like we’re throwing you out.”

“Really NOT a problem at all. Better really.” Nina, gave us each a friendly peck on the cheek and she was gone.”

“Pete, she’s really nice in her way, but also kinda strange.”

“That’s just Nina. No messy entanglements. She could just as easily fuck one of us or both of us and go on her merry way.

“OK, let’s scrub this place down, change our sheets and all. Tomorrow morning, it’s up and showered. I want you shiny clean. Then I’m fucking you for hours. My pussy needs to be full for as long as you can.”

I was getting a hardon just thinking about sex with my sister. It was going to be a long night.

When Mom got home around 8 she looked around. “Did you two really clean this whole place? It looks great. What’s the occasion?”

Sara took the lead, “Nothing Mom, we figure we hang here all day and it is a little musty from the heat. It’s the least we can do.”

“Thanks kids”, she continued talking as she walked to the laundry room, “but when were you going to tell me about a visitor?”

Mom came out with a small thong on her finger that wouldn’t have fit one of Sara’s legs. “This one has me perplexed. May I assume, Peter?”

I looked from Mom to Sara. Putting my head down I decided to take one for the team.

“Yeah. Me. I, uh, had a friend over. She was here already before Sara noticed.”

“You had a girl here, who took off these underwear? How old WAS this girl.” She held up the tiny thong.

“She’s 18 Mom and I used a condom. We’re safe. It’s been a long time stuck here.”

“I might have expected this from your sister.”

“NO, she’s been good. It was just the one time.”

“Mom, give the kid a break. He’s a growing man. And we have been here a long time.”

Mom looked at the two of us. “I just want you to be safe through this. It’s bad enough I’m at a hospital all day. You don’t know where this girl has been.”

I gave my most remorseful face, “Sorry Mom.” She looked at me a moment then went through the living room to her bedroom. Sara followed.

“Mom, can I talk to you?” I moved into the living room to eavesdrop.

“What Sara? Do you have something to confess too? I’m really surprised. Well I didn’t know he was. Should I have had a talk with him?”

“Mom. No, he’s ok. He, uh, asks me some things. Or he has in the past. He used a condom. And the girl. She seemed nice.”

“You talked to him about sex?” For some reason that word had to be barely audible.

“Well not a LOT, but yeah. He’s a good kid. He wanted to know stuff. About girls.”

“This is so uncomfortable. I don’t think I could have.”

“You’re a nurse Mom. It’s just biology. You didn’t think he was going to be a virgin forever.”

“No, still. It’s hard for me. He’s grown up.”

“And he has grown up needs.”

“What am I going to do with you two? I want you to be safe.”

“Just maybe a little leeway. Accept reality? He’s, well, horny.”

“Oh please, stop. It can be true without me having to know details. And what about you?”

“I’m getting by. Alone. You probably don’t want details.”

“You’re a bit of a wise ass, but I love you. Can I TRUST you that only that ONE girl ‘visits’. And not every day? He can learn some self control.”

“Hah, his self control is why we wash his sheets every couple of days.”

“OUT, before I regret this.”

Sara walked back into the living room with a satisfied smirk on her face. She looked at me, put a finger to her mouth then walked towards her room. I followed.

“You’re a genius Sara. How you worked that.”

“First, that’s because YOU took the fall like a man and didn’t rat me out. Second, I have lots of experience. We all have to work to our strengths.”

“So we’re ok, with Mom?”

“May be a little awkward, her knowing her boy in boinking girls, but as long as we’re careful and let her not think about it.”

Dinner was a little quiet until we found general topics to fill conversation. The best news was the air conditioner was going to be fixed next week. Mom went to bed early as usual. I tried watching TV, but I was anticipating tomorrow. Finally at 10:30 I walked to my room. Sara passed me on her way to the kitchen. “Don’t waste any tonight.” Then she grabbed my ass and sent me on my way. I thought about it, but then managed to doze off. I was going to wake up with a painful boner.

I walked from the bathroom following the sounds. Humming sounds. It was raining outside, but somehow I was wet. Entering the living room I saw a woman’s head leaning back over the sofa. She was the one humming. She looked at me. It was my sister Sara. She smiled, spread her legs and asked if I wanted some. I walked around in front of her. Her plump shaved pussy spread wide looked so inviting. I knelt before her and took out my cock. Holding her, I sank my cock…

into her wet pussy. “Oh fuck.” This wasn’t a dream. Sara had offered her whole body to me. I was fresh from the shower and now I was balls deep in my sister.

“Nice. No wasted time. Just don’t be too fast about it. Your cock feels amazing. I so need this.”

I let Sara talk. Maybe this was her way of having no commitment sex. I was enjoying the feeling of her pussy massaging me, enjoying the smell of her freshly showered body, the sight of her blonde hair, big tits, wide hips. Leaning forward, I held one breast up and enjoyed the taste of her nipple on my tongue. Then I got down to business. If I wanted to continue enjoying this forbidden fruit I needed to satisfy her needs more than just being a cock to hump on. Today I was going to fuck my sister until she asked, begged me to stop. I’ve learned a lot from Nina about giving pleasure. Now Sara will benefit. I began rocking my hips. Hours later, with some breaks in between, I was still going. Young men recover quicker. Sara was grateful.

Soon the a/c would be fixed. Nina would visit a couple times a week. Every day Sara and I had breakfast, then we had sex, then cleaned up after ourselves.

Did someone say there was a pandemic?