Her Mother’s Discovery

It was a calm Saturday morning. A morning that Tara had decided to be a part of. Usually she’s sleeping in until the afternoon but today she knew she’d have the house all to herself. Her mother Judith had left earlier for work and was going to visit her sister for a while directly afterwards. Tara had plans for her alone time, plans she’d always figured she wouldn’t have nearly enough time for normally. Constant paranoia of being caught in this act, an act she’d so rarely ever gotten to do. As she climbed out of bed she was overcome with a nervous excitement, setting her stomach to fluttering and drying up her mouth.

She picked an over-sized black graphic tee up off of the floor and groggily slid it on and over her small, bra-less breasts. She’d thrown it off during the night when she got too hot, sleeping in only a cute little pair of striped panties that just barely did anything to conceal her bulge (she was endowed in ways that the average girl wasn’t). Her heart beat fast and heavy as she made her way out of her bedroom and down the hall into the kitchen. She made herself some cereal and sat down to eat as her mind raced with thoughts of her mother. Her beautiful mother Judith.

Her long, wavy dark hair. Her mesmerizing blue eyes. Her sexy plus-sized body. Her perfect ass. Her enormous breasts. Her soft, pale skin. Her thick thighs. These aren’t the kind of ways a girl should be thinking about her mom, but Tara had these thoughts often. Almost constantly even. Her growing addiction to mommy-fetish-porn had only strengthened this mind-set. She did feel shame and guilt and embarrassment for thinking this way, but she really just couldn’t help herself anymore. She couldn’t even remember how or why or even when she started developing these feelings. All she knew was that her own mother turned her on more than anything else ever could and she was never going to be able to stop thinking about her.

After she lazily tossed her empty bowl into the sink, she walked into the living room. She paced around for some time, biting her nails and breathing frantically. It was making her nervous and guilty thinking about what she was going to get up to but at the same time the thoughts of her gorgeous mother still floated around in her skull. Eventually she calmed herself enough and readied herself mentally and made her way into her mother’s bedroom.

She made an immediate bee-line to the hamper near the other side of her mother’s bed, stopping only for a second to gently and nonchalantly stroke the soft sheets her mom sleeps in every night. She squatted next to the hamper and began eagerly rummaging through it like a starved opossum rummaging through a trash can. She pulled out a pair of her mom’s large, satin panties that were stained and slightly dampened, the scent of her faintly emanating from them even at a distance.

Tara brought the dirty panties to her nose, hesitantly at first but after getting her first hint of her mother’s scent, buried her face into it deep. Inhaling all of the strong, savory pussy aromas it had to offer. Her limp cock wiggled a couple of times, not at full attention just yet but Tara was definitely getting excited. After she found a second, even smellier pair she ran back to her own room. Completely taken over by her lust and her excitement.

Once she was there, she closed her door. Even though she was home alone, it was just a force of habit for her. She got her laptop and climbed into her bed with it, plugging the charger into the outlet on the wall next to her bed. She opened her laptop and immediately opened up one of her many porn videos that she had downloaded. It was one of a chubby milf fucking herself with a dildo. The milf in the video, looked at least a tiny bit like her mom, which was the entire reason she picked that one.

She laid next to her computer, not caring about earbuds this time, since she of course had the house all to herself. She pulled her pants down and pulled her panties below her balls. She brought the stinkier pair of panties up to her face and wrapped the other pair around her thick, hardening cock. She started to sniff and stroke, while just listening to the audio from the video. All the moans from the milf in the video. After a few minutes, she started stroking harder, she started gyrating, fucking her own hand.

She began to moan then, fucking her hand harder and harder, moaning and gasping. When the feeling started building up inside of her, when she knew she was going to erupt, she whimpered “mommy!” and then came hard, filling her mother’s panties up with her watery, hot cum. She laid for a minute or two. Thinking about what she’d just done. This time, the guilt was no longer there. All she could think of was her mother and all the times they’d spent together. She really loved her mother.

She felt drained. With the thoughts of her mommy, she rolled over and snuggled the pair of panties close to her. She closed her eyes and drifted off. Her dreams filled with loving memories of her beautiful mother.

At around 3 PM, Judith arrived home from work. She went back to her bedroom to change out of her work uniform. She works as a waitress at a restaurant in town. It’s not the kind of job she’d always dreamed of having by her age, of course, but it pays the bills alright. It’s always just been her and her daughter and they never needed much to be happy. She’d lucked out back in the day finding such a nice house to rent for cheap enough and with the world’s most lenient landlord.

When Judith was all dressed she went down the hall and passed by her daughter’s room. The door had been left ajar and she could faintly hear something playing. She’d figured it’d be nice to check in on her and tell her she’s about to take off. When she entered Tara’s room the first sight she was greeted by was her daughter still sound asleep, panties still around her cock, covered in her own cum, porn videos still looping on her laptop, and panties still clutched to her chest.

Judith hadn’t the time to fully process her shock. She steadied herself enough to close Tara’s computer, placing it on its spot over on the desk. She took both pairs of panties away from her and tossed them into the hamper in the corner of the room. She pulled the sheet up over Tara, gently tucking her in and giving her a soft kiss on her forehead before turning the light off and exiting. Judith was a sweet, loving woman and even in a moment like this she still doted on her little girl.


When Tara awoke, she had a hazy memory of what she was previously up to. It’s the kind of derealizing fog you get after waking up from an accidental nap. Even in this state, she remembered cumming for her mother. In a panic she jumped up, throwing the blanket off of her, she found her computer closed and at her desk and the cum filled panties in her hamper. Looking down she noticed her shirt was crusty with dried cum. Did I clean everything Up? She thought, but she couldn’t remember doing so. Tara spent a lot of her unemployed, still at home days in a drunken haze, so she was used to doing odd things with no recollection. However, this day, she had been sober.

It was around 7 AM on a Sunday, she left her room to find her mother sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee. “Uh…Hey” Tara said. “Hi, baby” her mother replied. “Hey, uh, did you come home yesterday, like mid-day?” Tara asked her. “Um, yeah. I had to come back to change, I know I’d said I’d be gone all day, but I forgot to bring an outfit with me. I went to check in on you but you were sleeping. Why do you ask?”

“Oh!” Tara nervously stammered, “Okay…No reason, I just, no reason…” She grabbed a bag of chips and headed back towards her room. Fuck She thought. Maybe mom really doesn’t know…She went back to her room and ate her non nutritious breakfast while scrolling through forum posts. Her mother Judith was her best friend in the whole universe but still she spent a majority of her time alone.


A couple of weeks had passed and life was continuing on as normal. There was never anything off in the interactions between Tara and Judith. If Judith had known anything, (She, of course, did.) then she was keeping it to herself. In truth, she didn’t fully know how to process it. It had nagged at her mind and she’d almost constantly mulled over how to bring it up, what even to say. A part of her wanted to brush it off and shove it away, she didn’t want to think about how profoundly absurd her daughter having sexual feelings towards her really was. She’d thought that maybe it never needed to be addressed. Maybe Tara was just experimenting with some new ideas or working through some issues or something. It didn’t mean anything and it wouldn’t matter. It’d be embarrassing for her to have to be confronted about it.

Judith tried to think back and remember if there had been a history of her panties going missing, but honestly? If there had been, she had really never noticed. Of course, she probably would never have noticed now had she not gone into Tara’s room. Eventually one Saturday when she was home and had the time to steady herself and mentally prepare for such a topic, she decided she should confront her daughter about the incident.

Tara was in her room. It was 2 PM and she had just woken up. That’s how things usually went for her. She got up, drank from a water bottle that was on the floor next to her bed and then sat down at her computer. “Hey, Tara, can I talk to you about something?” Judith asked while looking through the ajar door.

Tara whipped around and looked her mother right in the eye. Her heart began pounding and her mind began racing. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! She thought. She knew EXACTLY what this was about, but out of fear and survival instinct, opted to play clueless. “Yeah, sure. What about?” She said finally, in the most I’m completely innocent and have never done anything in my life ever and sincerely have no idea what my mother is going to ask me way that she could possibly muster.

Judith then opened the door fully and entered the room. “Well, uh…” She started but trailed off, fiddling with her hands and looking all around the room but never directly at her daughter in the chair in front of her. She gulped and finally started again. “Well, I don’t really know the best way to talk to you about this. Well, I mean, I know that you are a young woman, an adult now, and you’re going to explore yourself in a, uh, a sexual way. And, well, there might be things that you experiment with, maybe some unconventional things…”

“Look, just know that I fully support you in whatever you are and I will always love you and nothing will ever stop me loving you. I love you so much, please know that, I do.” Judith looked on the verge of tears when she trailed off again. Tara uncomfortably shifted in her seat. “Mom, what…What the fuck are you talking about?” She knew what she was talking about. For whatever reason, her instincts or her anxiety or whatever was telling her to force her mother to say it.

“Um, it’s just. When I came home that one day a while back and I went into your room…” She continued but Tara interrupted her. “Wait, stop, stop, I know. I know what this is about.” She said. “Oh, alright…” Her mother replied. Then they both uncomfortably fell silent. There was a long moment that felt like eons between them. Neither one saying anything or making eye contact. Finally Tara broke the silence. “It’s not…It’s not like that, you know? I just watch porn a lot and found myself getting into that, uh, genre of stuff. Then actually thinking about my REAL mother was exciting in concept. It’s weird to explain, but it was just the taboo of the whole thing that thrilled me. I don’t actually think of you that way. It was a one time thing that I completely regret.” She explained it all, but most of that was a lie.

In truth, she did this all the time, she was going to do it again, and her mother really was sexy to her. The sexiest woman she had ever known. The perfect epitome of feminine beauty in her eyes. “Oh.” That was all Judith could really muster at first. There was another awkward silence, but far shorter this time, before she smiled and laughed a little. This time when she spoke, she looked her daughter in the face finally. “See, I figured something like that was the case. I mean, I know young people like to mess around with weird things like that. God, you’re probably SO humiliated now. Even I feel embarrassed.” She said.

“No, don’t worry about it. You had every right to be concerned. It’s arguably pretty creepy what I did.” Tara said. “Oh, honey, stop.” Judith told her. “It’s fine, it’s just me. I know your uncle Jack used to steal our mom’s panties on occasion when we were kids. You’re just exploring your sexuality.” She reassured her. “Yeah, but did he do it at 23?” Tara joked. They both laughed before going silent again. This time it was a comfortable silence, between two people who are naturally very relaxed with each other.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. Then Judith turned to leave while saying “Well, I’m just glad we could clear this up, baby. I think I’m going to swim today if you want to join me.” She had already left the room when Tara replied, calling out “Yeah, maybe.”

It felt relieving for her that things were so back to normal, like it’d never even happened. Her nerves, however, we’re still fried. She turned back around to her computer and went back to her web browsing. It was some 10 minutes or so later when her mother returned, standing in her doorway. She was now changed into her bikini. A black one with small straps, it was maybe too revealing for someone of her age, and it almost struggled to contain her over-sized breasts, as well as her other sizable assets. But she only wore it at home, and she was comfortable with her body in ways that Tara wished she could be.

Judith smirked and said “I’m heading out now…If anyone wants to join me…” She winked at Tara as she turned, threw the towel she was holding up onto her shoulder, and walked away, her perfect ass jiggling as she did. Tara needed a moment to calm herself after that sight.


Tara made her way out to the above ground pool in their backyard, in a modest, blue one-piece and an old pair of flip flops. Judith had already been in the pool for a little while. Tara took a deep breath and climbed onto the ladder and into the pool, joining her mother who started making her way over to Tara in an awkward, half swimming, half bouncing, movement. Water splashing gently around her as she moved. Her large breasts were consistently afloat as her body bounced and Tara tried with all her willpower not to fixate her gaze onto them.

“Hey” Judith said, once she was finally in place right in front of her daughter, who was still getting adjusted to the water temperature and hadn’t fully submerged yet, so they were far from being eye-level. “Hi…” Tara meekly replied while looking down at her mother, who smirked at her and inched closer. Tara felt like questioning what she was doing but before she could even get a breath out, Judith suddenly reached up, grabbed hold of Tara by the sides of her torso, and pulled her completely under the water.

Tara re-emerged with a loud gasp, pushing her soaked hair back and wiping her eyes, Judith following her up and giggling like a child. “Oh my god!” Tara said, splashing at her mom in fake anger. Judith just giggled and then put her hands gently onto Tara’s waist and pulled her close to her. Their faces were almost touching when she wrapped her arms tight around her daughter and nuzzled her face into her neck. Tara awkwardly placed her hands onto Judith’s back and hugged her softly.

They silently embraced like that for a solid minute and a half before Judith kissed Tara on the cheek, pulled away from her, and then swam away. It was then that Tara realized she was now in full on tent-pitching mode. She blushed, slumped down until the water was touching her chin, and moved to the side of the pool. She stayed like that for the remainder of her time spent in the pool, with her mother swimming around. They stayed in there for a couple of hours. Just hanging out, shooting the shit, talking about various things. Over time Tara relaxed and her erection subsided.

Eventually when they got out, Tara sat up-right on a lawn recliner, Judith put hers all the way back to lie down flat on her back. Tara put on a pair of mirrored sunglasses while her mother just closed her eyes. They relaxed in silence together. Tara looked over at her mother and figured, with the shades on, she could probably admire her beloved, matriarchal goddess as much as she wanted without it being noticed.

Judith laid there with one knee bent and the other leg relaxed straight. Her arms at her side. The little droplets of water spread throughout her form made her skin glisten. Even on her back when her tits flattened out against gravity, they were still massive. Her nipples were hard and their shape was visible through the tight, black bikini top. Tara often fantasized about groping those breasts and sucking on those nipples.

She was plump in all the best ways. Thick thighs, huge rack, big ass, wide hips, cute, squishy tummy. She was the epitome of sexual femine beauty, something absolutely transcendent and divine, like an ancient fertility goddess. Tara couldn’t possibly imagine anyone more appealing than her mother. She’s the perfect woman with the perfect body.

As she looked over her mother’s form, fixating her gaze towards her voluptuous thighs, Tara could feel her cock growing and hardening. She looked her mother up, stopping her eyes at her beautiful tits for a moment, and when her eyes made their way up to her face they locked with hers. Judith smiled warmly as Tara suddenly panicked, standing up quickly while leaning forward awkwardly, trying hard not to jut her erection out. She wrapped her towel around her waist and speed-walked into the house without saying a word, hoping desperately that Judith hadn’t realized she’d been staring like that or noticed the erection.


Judith got out of the shower that evening and went into her bedroom to dry off and get dressed. She was still naked when she remembered the way that her daughter had been looking at her earlier. It was a look of pure lust and Judith could swear that she had noticed quite a bulge in Tara’s swimsuit before she covered herself with her towel. She never wanted to argue otherwise and just accepted her child’s excuses but she just knew that Tara had a thing for her.

The more Judith thought about it, the more it honestly turned her on and she couldn’t stop imagining her own daughter stroking her hard cock with a pair of her panties. She wondered if Tara really fantasized about her, if she really wanted her. Now, as Judith got wetter at the thought of her daughter’s cock, she started having fantasies of her own. She laid down on her bed and started caressing her own tits and thinking about Tara. She slowly moved her hand down to her pussy and started fingering herself.

In her mind, she pictured Tara there, climbing on top of her, pushing her hard, thick cock into her eager, dripping cunt. She imagined her daughter pounding her harder and harder while she fingered herself harder and harder. She moaned as she fucked herself. Eventually, she had to cum, and when she did she couldn’t help but scream her daughter’s name.

Luckily, Tara didn’t seem to have been around to hear her but a panic still came over Judith once she realized what she’d just vocalized. She got herself together and put on her night-gown, turned the lights off, and crawled back into bed to go to sleep for the night.

It was in the evening and a whole week since the day in the pool. Tara was sitting in a lawn chair on the back-porch by herself, drinking a beer, and smoking a menthol cigarette. She closed her eyes for a moment and let out a soft sigh as she suddenly heard the back door opening and foot-steps behind her.

“Hey, baby,” Judith said. She noticed how forlorn her daughter seemed. “You okay?” She asked. Tara stood up, downed the rest of her beer, and then gently tossed her cigarette onto the porch, putting it out with her sock-covered foot (much to her mother’s horror). “Yeah…” She spoke as if she had more to say but she just trailed off there and then walked past her mother and into the house. Judith followed her in.

“Hey,” Judith said. “Do you want to have a movie night with me? Like we used to do when you were little? I just feel like we don’t really get to hang out all that much these days.” Tara went into the living-room and plopped down onto the couch while saying “Yeah, sure.”

Judith sat down right next to her daughter and turned on Netflix. They decided on some 90’s era romantic drama and put it on. They both sat in silence as they watched the film. At times it was a comfortable silence, the kind between two close friends who can just enjoy being alone together but at other times it was a terrifying silence, the kind where there’s so much that’s been going on between them, they’re both getting anxious and wondering what the other is thinking about, if they’re thinking about them.

Eventually the movie ended. Judith asked Tara if she wanted to watch another one, to which Tara replied “I, uh…I’m actually kind of tired.” “Hey, you don’t have to run to bed,” Said Judith. “We can hang out a bit.” Tara didn’t say anything in response but she laid back on the couch. There was another moment of silence between them but the awkwardness was cut when Judith snuggled up to Tara, lifting her daughter’s arm up and putting it around herself. She laid her head gently on Tara’s chest and Tara responded by stroking her mother’s hair after pulling her even closer.

They stayed like this for a while, both deeply enjoying the other’s presence, feeling relaxed and comfortable after a period of tension. Judith looked up at Tara, who looked down at her. It felt longer to them than it really had been, that moment of connection and longing while gazing into each other’s eyes. Judith lifted herself up a bit and brought her lips to Tara’s. Tara put both her arms tightly around Judith’s body, while Judith positioned herself into Tara’s lap and grabbed hold of her head. They kissed each other deeply and passionately for a solid two minutes. Their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

Tara was the first to break the kiss, gently pushing Judith off of her before standing up in a panic and rushing off to her bedroom without saying a word. Judith sat by herself on the couch, intense guilt and embarrassment rushing over her. God, I can’t believe I just did that! She thought to herself. I’m the worst mother in the universe! It’s one thing to have thought about each other but I should’ve never done that! I probably just made everything worse between us! She went to bed but she spent most of the night just lying there awake, making herself sick with worried thoughts and self-deprecation.


A couple of days had passed since the kiss. They avoided each other completely in that time. Then one evening after Judith had been home from work for a while, Tara emerged from her bedroom and joined her on the couch. “Hey.” Tara said.

“Hello.” Judith responded. They sat in silence while Judith frantically tried to think of what to say. There was no way to apologize for what she did and no way she could think of to break the awkwardness, maybe it could never be broken, maybe this mother-daughter relationship had forever been destroyed.

Then, taking Judith completely by surprise, Tara said suddenly “I love you.” “W-What?” Judith said. “It’s fucked up and I haven’t really figured how to say this,” She started to explain “I mean, I was never going to admit to this, honestly, even after you caught me with your panties…But after that kiss the other night…” “Oh, honey,” Judith interrupted. “That kiss should’ve never happened! I’m sorry! I don’t know what came over me!”

“No, it’s alright,” Tara said. “The kiss was amazing! I’ve seriously never felt anything like that with anyone.” “Me too,” Judith said. “I always feel really good when I’m with you, baby.” “Yeah, me too,” Tara said. “I realized quite a while ago, actually, that I’m…Completely in love with you…”

There was silence between them after Tara’s confession. Judith wanted to think of the perfect thing to say, but there’s nothing in the internal guidebook to motherhood that even comes close to covering anything like this. Instead, she gave her baby girl an unspoken answer. Actions speaking louder than words, she stood up, grabbed Tara’s hand, and guided her down the hall towards her bedroom.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Tara asked but Judith never responded. She just pulled her into her room and then closed the door behind them. She stood in front of her daughter, looking her in the eyes, and giving her a warm smile. “Mom…” Tara began to say something but Judith pulled her close, wrapped her arms tightly around her, and began kissing her deep and hard, just like the other night. Tara was into it and soon they were groping and kissing each other with such passion.

They started gently but aggressively removing each other’s clothes and soon they were naked and climbing into the bed together. Tara was on top of her mother, kissing her neck, making her way down to her chest, giving each one of her nipples a good little suck before making her way down her stomach and the rest of her body, kissing everywhere she could. She stopped in front of Judith’s wet, hairy pussy.

She started tonguing her mother’s clit and she let out a soft little moan in response. She worked the clit for a while, stopping every so often to lick and suck her lips. Judith grabbed hold of her daughter’s head and forced her deeper into her pussy. She fucked Tara’s face hard as she worked her tongue all over her. After a while, Judith let out a huge moan as she squirt all over Tara’s face. Tara climbed back up her mother to begin kissing her again, the smell and taste of her own pussy juices turned Judith on even more.

After a while of kissing and groping, Tara pushed her erection up against her mother’s pussy lips. She looked Judith in the eyes, as if quietly asking for her approval to go all the way, Judith grinned and bit her lip in response. She kissed her mother deep and plunged her cock into her. They fucked like this, good and slow, holding each other and kissing deeply, for a good couple of hours.

Eventually, Tara could feel the sensation building up in her. She was going to cum, she pulled herself from the kiss and gave her mother that look again. “Baby,” Judith. “Do it…Cum in your mother…” With that, Tara let herself release. She shot load after load of her hot, thick semen right into Judith’s warm cunt. She collapsed onto her mother, completely exhausted. Judith just stroked her back lovingly.

After a bit, Tara got up and pulled herself out of Judith, then laid on the bed next to her. Judith snuggled up to Tara, who wrapped her arms around her. “That was so amazing, baby,” Judith said. “I love you so much.” “I love you too, mom.” Tara said. They snuggled close and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.


A month had passed since they first had sex. It was now a regular occurrence for them and they lived like a cute little married couple in every way. Tara never dreamed that any of this would’ve come out of the day she jerked off into her mother’s panties, but she was grateful that it did and she was happy. Judith was, for the first time in a long time, happy too. She’d finally found someone that she could spend her life with, one who would never hurt her or betray her trust, and she didn’t even need to leave the house to find them.