Her Work Husband

Lucas opens the front door, and there she is, looking just as she did six hours before, except perhaps that her hair is a little less tidy, her makeup largely gone. She’s wearing that cream jacket over a little, tight black dress that only just covers the tops of her black, thigh-high stockings. Her black stilettos are a little scuffed, perhaps.

In that moment as he opens the door, there’s a look in Katie’s eyes that he can’t quite decipher. A question on her lips that she doesn’t say.

Are we okay?

And in return, there’s a major question imprinted on his face.

Did it happen?

And simultaneously, they both smile and nod, confirming that, indeed, it did happen and they are okay.

Then he’s on her, pulling her inside, wrapping his arms around her, drawing her in for the deepest, longest kiss he’s ever given her. She squeals with surprise and delight, her hands clasping his face as he kisses her sweet lips, as she presses her forehead against his — an action that says she’s still his, and he is hers.

He breathes so deeply, almost panting already, his heart hammering in his chest as he sucks on her tongue and squeezes the twin globes of her shapely ass. Breathing her in, knowing that she’s been with another man, she’s spent all evening with him, she’s given herself to him, she’s fucked him.

Katie’s been on a date with her work husband. And now she reeks of sex with him.

There’s a glow about her, a glow that says she’s been freshly fucked, she’s been naughty with another man, she’s been fully satisfied by her adulterous sex. He sucks on her lips and inhales the scent of sex, the lingering musk of another man, all gilded by the remaining traces of her Chanel No.5. He tastes her lips and contemplates the fact that her sweet mouth has been filled with another man’s stiff organ.

Did he come in her mouth? Did he release his seed down her throat?

He finds he’s less squeamish about another man touching his wife than he feared he might be. If anything, the strange aroma about her, the dampness of her long, golden hair, the faintly unfamiliar flavor of her mouth turns him on more and more by the minute — because it all provides incontrovertible physical evidence of her infidelity.

‘You still love me?’ she asks, her blue eyes so earnest, even though she’s got to know the answer to her question already.

‘Of course,’ he replies, brushing her hair out of her face before kissing her again, turning her so he can press her up against the wall beside the stairs.

Her hand reaches between his legs, and explores the topography of his crotch — and as her fingers splay out over the sizable bulge in his jeans, she has her answer in the form of her own incontrovertible physical evidence.

‘Was he good?’ Lucas asks, his own fingers now splaying across her breasts, cupping them, lifting them, fondling them as he reaches in to kiss her again — tilting his head up, because the stilettos make her so much taller.

‘Mm-hmm,’ she confirms, knowing by now that he doesn’t want her to play down her lover’s abilities to try and make her husband feel better about his own. Her husband wants her to have a good time with her lover.

With her ‘work husband’.

His hands slide down to her narrow waist, and then around to sweep over her delectable rear again, and pull her so that her body crushes up against his hardness. She moans at feeling him so hard for her, so hard against her sex.

‘Did he make you come?’ he asks, breathless from their latest kiss.

‘Oh yes,’ she smiles. ‘A few times, actually.’

‘Where?’ he asks.

‘In my mouth…’ she says, and he kisses her mouth. ‘And on my tits,’ she says, and he stoops to press his face against her breasts, breathing in the earthy smell from her cleavage.

Then she adds, ‘And… in my pussy…’

He reacts at the sound of that word coming out of her mouth, because it ordinarily wouldn’t. If she did at all, she’d refer to it as her vagina. But that word doesn’t seem to fit with how dirty she’s been with her work husband tonight.

He drops down to his knees, his face gliding over her dress as he goes, breathing her in, taunting himself with that ever-present aroma of sex, which only strengthens as he reaches down to her upper thighs. She gazes down at him as he slowly peels up her dress to reveal the tops of her stockings, the garters holding them up, and then her little black lace panties.

She wonders what he’s thinking. Is he horrified? Is he turned on?

What will he do? Tell her to get in the shower, perhaps, as soon as he sees what has happened to her pussy.

But Lucas surprises her by reaching under her dress, his fingers hooking the waistband of her panties, tugging them downward. Now she feels exposed, very exposed.

‘Hey… wait…’

She’s a little self-conscious. After all, she’s just had sex — not more than an hour ago. It was her first real date with her work husband, and the deal had been that she could go all the way, if she wanted to — but then she should come straight home. She shouldn’t stay at Will’s place long enough to shower, because they both knew if she did that, she would find it difficult to leave at all before the morning, and Will would offer to let her stay, if she wanted to.

But Lucas doesn’t seem put off by the state of her. Not at all. In fact, the way he’s kissing almost every inch of her exposed skin, breathing her in as he explores her body, it strikes her that her post-coitus funkiness seems to really turn him on.

And here she was, worried the whole way back in the Uber, that she’d arrive home and her husband would find her like this and be horrified, disgusted, mortally offended at the reality of their little adventure. Well, now he can see everything, and he’s gazing between her thighs like a forty-niner who has discovered the biggest gold nugget in the Sierra Nevada.

It gives her the broadest, most unstoppable smile.

She likes making him happy, and right now he seems happier than ever. It makes her relax, get into the swing of things. She trusts that he’d never act like this just to make her feel better — the desire imprinted on his features is as genuine as it could be. And so if he’s having a good time, then she can give herself permission to have a good time.

He lifts one of her legs, one hand gently clutching her thigh. She goes with it, lifting her knee, holding it as he leans into her pussy and —


He hears the surprise in her voice, and it gently amuses him. She never knew he was so kinky. Apparently he didn’t give her enough clues, even when this whole ‘work husband’ thing started, when she kept talking about this guy, Will, at work, and Lucas teased her that she must have a crush on the guy, and when she blushed at that accusation, essentially admitting it without any possibility of denial thanks to her pale complexion, Lucas had gotten the biggest, hardest erection in his life.

Each step of the way has been a surprise to her, even though their sex life suddenly took a major turn for the better as soon as he started gently teasing her about her crush on Will, and after she offered to hand in a request to transfer to another department, Lucas had said no, that he liked her having a ‘work husband’, he liked that she had a crush on the guy.

That he was happy enough if she wanted to flirt with the guy at work.

Her surprise melts into a moan of pure contentment as Lucas wedges his face between her thighs and sucks on her pussy lips, slipping his tongue inside her as though her wetness is laced with sugar. She lets go of any remaining doubts as he laps at her, as he makes little happy noises, feasting at her adulterous sex. It feels good, so sexy, because she knows what Will was doing between her legs so very recently — and Lucas can guess.

She comes again, just a little one, but oh-so sweet.

Then he’s on his feet again, and she’s pulling him in for a long, tender smooch, and she’s shocked because along with that strong scent of her own arousal, she can smell her lover on her husband. Perhaps she can even taste her lover on her husband’s lips. It seems so surreal, somehow.

Am I having an affair? She asks herself. Am I really having an affair?

Because in her mind, there’s a question as to whether it can be called an ‘affair’ if her husband knows everything about it. If her husband encouraged her to flirt with her lover in the first place. Her husband spurred her on when she admitted to having a crush on her work husband. Her husband seemed so happy for her to come home late from the office each night because she was working closely with Will on a major new pitch.

Could it be said to be an affair when she’d shown her husband every text message she’d received from Will after their friendly banter had started turning a little naughty, a little more flirty than was entirely appropriate for the office?

Could it be an affair if she started coming home in the evening to purposefully use her work husband’s secret messages to get Lucas all horny and begging for sex?

Could it be an affair if Lucas had attended Katie’s office barbecue on July 4, without revealing to Will that he was there, before watching her flirting with him from afar. And when they’d done the charity slave auction at the end of the afternoon, and Will had jokingly won the auction for a date with Katie, Lucas had texted her to suggest she honor the promise of a date. That she feel free to make it a proper date.

It certainly wasn’t cheating, though she stood there reeking of sex with Will as Lucas knelt on the floor and ate her pussy until she was shivering and fizzing and crying out with a nice little orgasm.

It certainly wasn’t cheating as she kissed her husband’s mouth and tasted sex-with-another-man on his lips. It couldn’t be cheating when his phone had a text from her on it, sent during the date, in which she had asked him if he was sure about her going all the way with Will. When her phone had the replying text message from Lucas on it, saying he was sure. Saying he wanted her to respond if Will made any move on her, so long as she wanted to go with it.

It wasn’t cheating when she fell to her knees and dragged down her husband’s jeans to expose his big, hard dick, which was so very stiff specifically because she’d just slept with Will.

Taking that wonderful cock in her mouth when she had the memory so fresh in her head of filling her mouth with Will’s cock earlier that evening.

There could be no faking her husband’s arousal. He couldn’t just be putting on a brave face in the face of her adultery, not if he was that hard. She could hardly get his cock in her mouth, he was so hard.

But what if Lucas hadn’t ever taken an interest in her crush on her work husband? If it had remained a secret after she’d started working more closely with Will. Would her communications with Will have been as flirty? Would she have sent him messages to shock him, just to get a response out of him when she walked by his desk during the working day? Would it have gotten to the point where they were both tempted to drag each other into the stationary cupboard, to hell with the consequences?

Would it have ended up with Will ‘buying’ a date with Katie, and then when they went on their date, at the end of the night she would accept his offer of a nightcap back at his place?

Would she ever have actually cheated on her husband?

She would think not. That wasn’t like her. She wasn’t a cheater.

And yet, the sheer thrill of flirting with another man, of receiving his compliments and his lustful glances, of sharing suggestive messages with him that made the both horny as fuck… the incredible excitement involved in actually going on a date with him, of actually accepting a ride home with him — of falling into each other’s embrace on the doorstep, struggling to tear off each other’s clothes as soon as they got inside… the powerful desire and passion as they fucked each other right there on the hallway rug, without even waiting to get to a bedroom…

If she’d been in an ordinary marriage with an ordinary husband, there was no way she would have gotten to experience any of that.

And so, here they were. Lucas and Katie, both looking at each other with new eyes. Seeing each other as new lovers. Turned on by each other like never before.

Katie dragging her husband upstairs, into the bedroom, pulling off his clothes, pushing him down on the bed, tugging off her own clothes. Straddling him, sucking on his cock some more, until he was urging her up, urging her to open up, to tell him about what had happened with Will.

‘What do you want to know?’ she grins, as she grazes her dripping pussy over his rock-hard shaft, loving that fact that he wants to know anything at all. That she can fuck Will and it improves sex with Lucas.

‘Everything,’ he says, licking her mouth as though it’s her pussy — a surprisingly sexy thing, as it turns out, seeming so very dirty. This mouth that has sucked on another man’s cock, that has taken in another man’s come.

‘Everything?’ she breathes, and sighs as she feels the head of his cock nudge up against her entrance, ready for her to sink down on it.

‘How did it feel?’

She wiggles her hips, and then plunges down on his big, hard cock. Her pussy still holds the memory, the imprint, of Will’s own manhood — but it turns out that Lucas is larger. He stretches her, and she gasps at the feel of him filling her, even though he’s filled her a thousand times before.

‘Oh…’ she moans, but then opens her eyes to find his face full of curiosity.

She smiles.

This is the deal. You sleep with him, you come back with a story.

‘Just… amazing,’ she says, but knowing he wants more than a one-word answer.

It might not be in her nature to be so forthcoming with details about sex, but she feels the obligation of their arrangement. This is the deal. She tells him about the moment in the Uber back to Will’s place when he first touched her in that way. His hand on her thigh. The butterflies it set off in her stomach. And then when they kissed, the feeling of pure joy, pure sweetness, as though her work husband was filling her entire body with sugar just from the connection of his lips to hers.

The moment inside Will’s apartment when she fell on her knees and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock for the first time. The joy she had as she started to lick it, and stroke it, and squeeze it, as she started to please him. Knowing that she was going to take this cock inside her. Feeling that this whole experience might never have happened — playing with a new man like this, even though she was married, well-married, to Lucas.

When Will laid her down on the rug, right there in the hallway, and reached between her legs to pull aside her panties. The exhilaration when the tip of his cock touched her sex, and glided inside. Feeling that thing throbbing inside her — that thing that was not her husband’s.

Feeling three months of increasingly flirtatious messages between them culminate in this experience, Will inside her, filling her, thrusting into her, sending her over the edge. Making her eyes roll back in her head, her mouth fall open, calling out his name as he made her come.

And now she feels Lucas throbbing inside her as she rides on him, his cock pulsating as it grazes up against every sensitive spot within her, making her sing. As her words continue, recounting how Will sprayed his come all over her breasts and her stomach, and then after they’d mopped her up, they’d moved to the bedroom, where he’d ended up coming in her mouth, Lucas moves on the bed to lie down beside her, kind of spooning up against her as he guides his cock back into her soaking pussy. So he can thrust into her, and be able to see between her legs as he did so.

Licking and sucking on one of her nipples as she tells him about the final time she had sex with Will that night.

Lucas pulling out of her when she tells him how dirty she felt at feeling Will finally coming inside her, spurting his thick come deep within her pussy. Well, they were work spouses. She knew he hadn’t been with another woman for months and months. There was trust there.

And with that, Lucas is pulling her on top of him, wanting to make her come again with her mouth. Wanting her to ride his face.

She’s unsure what he wants at first, but then there she is, kneeling on the bed, his face gazing up at her from between her thighs, pulling her down on his eager mouth. He holds out his tongue and she starts rocking back and forth over it. They’ve never done it like this before. She’s surprised how good it feels — because she can put his tongue exactly where she wants it. She can use it exactly where she needs it.

After a while, she needs more from his mouth, and she takes encouragement from the way he grasps her butt, pulling her down on him, letting her push with her full weight. She experiments a little, pressing down harder and harder. He only moans louder, seeming to enjoy it more and more as her pussy crushes against his mouth.

And then the biggest climax of the night is upon her, and she can’t do much other than force her pussy down on his mouth, almost suffocating him as she grinds it against his lips and his tongue, her entire body shaking and shuddering as the orgasm hits with the power of a summer storm.

How could sex with another man bring them closer together?

How could fucking a guy from work make her husband want to fuck her like this, like he’d discovered how to bring Heaven down to Earth?

How could infidelity make a marriage so much stronger?

It is all a little confusing.

But why fight it?

After that she’s laughing, and taking hold of her husband’s cock in her hands, pumping him, telling him that she’s going to have to travel up to Boston to deliver the pitch with Will in the next couple of weeks. It will be an overnight stay. Just her and Will in a hotel, all night.

And when she clamps her lips around the tip of his gorgeous cock, and feels his come jet out inside her mouth, she swallows and feels almost overwhelmed by the exhilaration of an adventure that has only just begun.