Holiday surpise


How a seemingly innocent massage has a crazy turn and a snake makes an appearance

The Holiday Surprise

It was a wonderful holiday in Malaga with the girls – sun, rest, shopping and great food. This afternoon however, Dee found herself at a loose end. Her friends had gone off on a sightseeing tour which Dee had already done, and she really didn’t want to do it again.

She had toyed with the idea of lazing by the pool but the weather wasn’t that good today and she wondered what she could do. The idea of a massage suddenly seemed appealing. Pampering and the idea of having total relaxation seemed wonderful.

Which massage studio to go to was the issue now. She had seen several adverts in the local women’s magazine and one had caught her eye. It was a Japanese studio and it promised to bring total and thorough relaxation in beautiful ambient surroundings. Finished by a dip in the heated pool they had sounded idyllic. So, she picked up her room phone and made a booking for an hours’ time -the studio just being across the town square.

When she arrived for her appointment she was met by the young Japanese receptionist who took her through the options they offered. Feeling that she deserved a treat she opted for their full package – expensive but she felt worth it.

She was given a paper bra and panties and a scarlet kimono and shown to the changing cubicle to put the items on. It had been explained to her that the masseur today was the owner – a Japanese man. She thought what the hell – usually her masseur was female but as she was on holiday away from home she was feeling relaxed about it.

She changed quickly into the bra and panties and then slipped on the kimono making her way into the massage room. The room was dimly lit with a luscious smell of jasmine in the air, everything looking very professional with a massage table in the centre of the room. Then he stepped forward. She was surprised at his physique and his age at the same time. He was a small chubby man of she guessed about 60+ years old. He had a beaming smile on his face and he bowed low to Dee.

“welcome Madame to our humble establishment. My name is Yip and I want to ensure you have a greatly relaxing time while you are with us here. Would you be so kind as to slip off your robe please” Dee did as she was bid and stood there in her paper bra and panties. She was conscious that he was eying her up and down as she stood in front of him. Strangely she didn’t feel intimidated by this but accepted it.

“Madam would you allow me to touch you to see how tense or otherwise you are?”

Dee nodded her assent and quietly stood in the room while he circled her and then gently laid his hands on her shoulders. His touch was electric and she gasped quietly as his fingers moved down to her shoulder blades and ran them along the bones of her back. She found his touch assured and deft as he probed the vertebrae of her spine assessing her posture and weight distribution.

“I see I have a little work to do to get you totally relaxed Madame. Would you be so kind as to undress completely please?”

Normally Dee would have told him ‘no’ in no uncertain terms but she didn’t feel threatened by his request – just strangely compliant and trusting. She let her bra and panties fall to the floor and she stood there naked while he looked at her.

He wandered around in front of her taking in her body with his eyes. He reached out and circled her waist with his hands, kneading and probing with his fingers. Dee felt completely in his thrall now – she couldn’t explain what it was but she was enjoying this attention from him. The next move was his hands cupping her breasts, gently squeezing and smoothing with his fingers. Dee tried not to moan as he took both nipples between his fingers and began to pull and elongate them. His thumbs were flicking the tip of her nipples and the sense of electricity ran through her body again.

“Madame your breasts need attention and while you are with me they will certainly get that. Would you please part your legs now?”

Dee mutely complied, excited at what might follow that request. He ran his hands along the inside of her thighs, gently cupping the skin as he went, probing her thigh muscles with his fingertips. She could feel herself getting wetter with every stroke of his hands – surely, he must know that she thought.

“Thank you madame, would you kindly lay front down on the table please so I can begin the massage?”

Dee did as she was asked and she knew this was going to be a massage like no other and she knew she was nervous but incredibly excited at the same time.

He liberally oiled her body from neck to toes ensuring his hands lingered where she felt tension and expertly working his fingers into the knots and creases she didn’t realise she had. This was a liberating experience – lying naked on a massage table while an old Japanese man was exploring her with his skilled hands. As she lay there the pleasure she was getting intensified – pleasure but also bathing in a luxuriant glow that enveloped her whole body. This man certainly knew how to use his hands and Dee was getting the benefit of his experience now.

His hands moved down in flowing movements to her backside. His hands kneading the buttocks and as this was a huge pleasure area for her Dee was thrilling to his every touch. Then she felt him gently part her cheeks and rub a finger across her asshole – stopping to make small circles on her small hole, gently teasing the soft flesh inside her hole, but not deeply.

“I think madame is finally unwinding no?”

“Oh yes indeed” she breathed in barely a whisper.

“please turn over it’s time for your front”

Dee rolled over onto her front excitedly – why was she feeling this way? Yip took both her knees, staring into her eyes all the time and fixing her with his gaze – it was almost hypnotic – and as he looked at her, slowly parted her legs as far as they would go. Her cunt was clearly on show and her lips were parting too – revealing her wetness inside. Without dropping his gaze his fingers found her cunt and slowly inserted first one then two fingers. Dee moaned as his fingers began to explore the inside of her cunt – clearly seeking her G spot – and it felt delicious.

His free hand moved swiftly to cup her left breast and soon the rhythm of his fingers in her cunt and his hand on her breast and erect nipple soon had Dee beyond any point of return.

Dee realised that this was as close to heaven as it could get but couldn’t figure out why this old man was having such an effect on her as he increased the strokes of his fingers until they became thrusts. In and out faster and faster – his free hand had now moved from her breast and was circling her clitoris making an orgasm inevitable soon.

Dee screamed and not only screamed but gushed a jet of vaginal fluid high into the air, splattering Yip in the process. He did not seem to mind as she realised this was his plan all along.

“Madame that was beautiful – did you enjoy the feeling?”

“Oh yes” Dee whispered, “I have never felt an orgasm like that before.”

“Perhaps you would like me to continue then” Yip smiled and began to remove his own kimono until he was naked. Dee couldn’t help but notice his erection and for his age it looked hard as a rock.

“Are you going to fuck me?” said Dee – who realised that this would be the perfect way to continue.

“Yes, madame with your permission – you seem to need some more fulfilment now. Do you consent?”

“yes, I consent.”

With that he climbed on the massage table, put Dee’s legs over his shoulders and slowly slid his hard cock inside her. Dee gasped as his cock opened her up and as before he held her gaze as he thrust gently at first inside her wet cunt. Hs cock was surprisingly big but more than that she was incredibly turned on by this total, yet hypnotic stranger taking advantage of her body.

His rhythm was increasing but he never took his eyes off her just the incessant probing of his cock inside her wet cunt and he knew she was loving it.

Dee could feel her orgasm peaking and there was nothing she could do to stop it – she wanted it so badly

“Oooh fuck yes – make me cum pleeeeeease!” and with that she dissolved into a spasming wreck, all her body riding the wave of a huge climax.

Yip watched her as her orgasm subsided and then slowly yet gently removed his hard cock from her – he hadn’t come though.

“Madame I think you are warmed up now – was that good for you?”

“Oh yes that was amazing, you made me feel so good.”

“Would Madame like to get on all fours on the table please”

Dee did as she was asked and assumed the position on the table – conscious that she was showing her cunt for Yip to see in all its glory, but she didn’t care, she wanted him to go on using her.

He gently poured some massage oil over her backside and began to knead her buttocks with one hand and with the other slid it underneath her so he could manipulate her clitoris. He was teasing her clit and bringing her to another orgasm when she felt his oiled hand insistently inserting fingers inside her cunt. She knew he was trying to fist her and for the first time in her life she wanted his hand to be the one that fisted her. She felt her lips part wider and wider and suddenly his hand slid in her cunt.

“Ooooh god yes that feels sooo good”.

She arched her back and thrust her hips to meet the hand as it expertly filled her dripping hole. As soon as he had started Dee knew she was going to cum and cum hard too. The intense waves of pleasure were building, building until she couldn’t hold it and screamed loudly as she orgasmed.

Yip removed his hand and watched knowingly as Dee lay panting on her front on the massage table. That had been sheer bliss for her and she knew she was hooked by this old man.

“That is time for today madame, I hope you had the relaxing time I promised you?”

She could barely speak, but weakly said “That was fantastic -thank you”.

“If you come back again I will give you even greater pleasure”

“For sure I will be back”.

Dee couldn’t get the experience out of her head, she had expected a massage but not the level of pleasure she had received. How had it happened? It had all been so sudden and she had been so trusting too, but it had been wonderful.

She made up her mind to go back again and made an appointment for the following day. What she was curious about as how the pleasure could be even greater than the pleasure she had already had.

It played on Dee’s mind for the rest of the day. What an unexpected yet amazing experience and from the unlikeliest of sources. But it had been sooo good, she had to go back and see what else would be in store for her.

All in the time leading up to going she was tingling with apprehension and excitement.

She was greeted by the same receptionist as before and was shown to a cubicle to change. As before a kimono was hanging up for her, but strangely no bra and panties this time. She got undressed and put on the kimono and made her way to the treatment area. Waiting for her was Yip, this time he was dressed only in a Japanese style loincloth. He bowed and greeted her warmly

“Ah welcome back madame it is good to see you again and I hope that means you enjoyed our last session together.?”

“oh yes” said Dee “It was a very pleasurable experience for me and one I am keen to repeat”.

“please approach madame” said Yip

Dee did as she was bid and stood in front of him. Again, the sensation of absolute trust was there for her. His hands went to the belt of her kimono and without asking he undid it and pulled it open.

He appraised her body studying her in intense detail and then finally parting her legs with his hands. His fingers played over her pussy lips all the while looking into her eyes as he did so. She gasped as his fingers worked their magic again and knew she was wet as he touched her.

“Are you ready for some more pleasure madame?”

Oh yes I am ready for what you have for me” said Dee, her breaths becoming a little shallower as his nimble fingers gently rubbed her wet cunt.

With that he slid off the kimono completely and Dee was naked in front of him.

“You must trust me madame in whatever I do. All is for greater pleasure no matter how strange it first appears to you.”

“Please lie on the table for me”

Dee did as she was asked, and Yip started to oil her body with an oil that had a very heady aroma.

Soon she was moaning gently as his hands went all over her body. This time he was paying attention to her nipples, gently tugging and rolling them between his fingers. This went on for some time until Dee thought she would orgasm from this alone and that was not something she had ever done before.

It must have been the oil, as she was aware that she felt she was floating yet enjoying every touch of his skilful fingers. He moved his attention to her breasts and then to the rest of her body, moving his hands in flowing movements that created waves of pure pleasure.

He paused to part her legs and then began to cup her mound with his hand – the heat from his hand radiating into her, causing her wetness to increase and in one swift move his fingers had parted her cunt lips and were pleasuring her G spot as she moaned on his fingers. He knew how to please her, his fingers caressing her inside and bringing her on waves of ecstasy to a juddering climax.

“oh my god that was amazing – I loved that so much” said Dee panting for breath.

Yip said nothing but smiled taking her by the hand and gently forcing to her get off the table and stand up.

He then walked her to the end of the room where he drew back a small floor length curtain to reveal a large black dildo on top of a stool.

“Please madame would you sit on the dildo I think you need some hardness inside you”

Dee smiled and with Yip’s help managed to position her body over the gleaming black toy and gently lowered herself down on it. It felt so good as it stretched her cunt walls and she couldn’t help but begin to move up and down on it. Yip moved behind her and cupped her breasts as they swayed in time to the rhythm of her movement.

Soon Dee was lost in the penetration of her cunt and Yip’s insistent hands on her breasts – this was heaven she thought. The intensity was beginning to build again and an orgasm wasn’t far away when Yip suddenly pressed her down on the dildo not allowing her to move.

“I’m sorry madame but your next pleasure will come from a different source, but one that will at first scare you but will be the best orgasm of your life yet – but you need to trust me. Do you trust me?”

Dee nodded, she needed more of what this man was doing to her, though she was frustrated at him denying her an orgasm.

He led her back to the table and asked her to lie down on her back, parting her legs so her now swollen cunt was on display.

He disappeared for a minute and returned with a towel on his arm and surprisingly the towel seemed to have a life of its own. When he removed the towel Dee gasped to see a snake on his arm.

“Don’t worry madame this is non-venomous but for this I really need you to trust me – do you still trust me?”

Dee, despite herself, just nodded and weakly said “Yes I do”

“Please keep your legs open and masturbate and leave everything else to me madame”

Dee nodded and complied, her fingers working her clit as she watched Yip as if hypnotised.

As she masturbated she saw Yip come closer holding the snake in both hands with the tail pointing towards her and then that’s when she felt it.

Her cunt lips were being parted by the snake, with Yip guiding it gently inside her. It was slow at first but her wet cunt mean that the snake was sliding in effortlessly. It was filling her slowly but surely and though she hated to admit it the size and the wriggling of the snake was turning her on so much.

The mass of muscle that was the snake was touching and rubbing the walls of her cunt in every conceivable spot, her G spot being rubbed at the same time as her cervix and all inside her.

He fingers were holding the body of the snake that was outside her and it was slowly going deeper inside too.

Her fingers on her clit and the head of the snake in her fingers was a heady mixture of pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before – it was intoxicating.

“Madame you have control now and when you are ready push its head inside to truly feel the power it can bring.”

Dee barely nodded but knew this was an incredible feeling – her orgasm was starting to build in slow but deliberate waves, she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. She began to arche her back and without even giving it too much thought she pushed the snake head inside her cunt and felt it begin to thrash inside her, making her cunt feel like a volatile pressure cooker of pleasure.

“Oh fuck, fuck , fuck I’m going to come”. She screamed loudly and with that subsided into a quivering mass. She had forgotten about the reptile buried inside her but a sharp thrash and she remembered “Ooooooh”

“Please madame open your legs and push hard”

Dee did as she was asked and could feel the snake beginning to be expelled from her wrung out pussy. With a mighty push the snake was unceremoniously ejected but not without its body opening Dee’s cunt to the maximum – her lips spread wide apart.

She lay there in a state of utter exhaustion yet total pleasure, that had been as incredible as Yip as told her it would be.

Yip gently ran his oiled hands over her body, cupping her breasts and carefully squeezing her oh so sensitive nipples – she moaned as he did. Was there any part of her that his touch failed to arouse so much she thought?

To be continued………