Incest is Truly Best


Jack and Sharon were always close. When in their teen years, they explored sex, but never went all the way, but 30 some years later, fate put them back together and finally made love

Incest is truly Best

I’m Jack, 52, 5’ 10, 175 lbs, brown hair, in good shape. I am divorced so many years now, over 20, that I can hardly remember why I even got married to the ex. She was a control freak and very obsessive. It lasted a mere 3 years. No kids, so it was an easy split. I have a small, 3 bedroom home, nothing fancy, but I like it. I do date, but never wanted to be tied down again, so I try to pick women who also do not want any commitments, just fun and sex.

This story though, is about my cousin Sharon, who is 50, and in a bad relationship. Her soon to be ex, is an asshole, who is both a verbal and physical abuser, plus a lazy drunk who couldn’t keep a job if his life depended on it. This is Sharon’s 2nd marriage. She is 5’4, 165 lbs., 38DD, blond hair and the prettiest blue eyes. She has 2 daughters from her first marriage. Lisa, the oldest is 32 and one kid, and Julie, who is 30, married and has one kid as well.

Sharon’s mom, and my mom are sisters, and unfortunately, both sets of parents have passed on. Sharon has an older sister, who lives in California, and hardly comes back here any more. I have an older brother, and he lives in Texas, and I don’t see him too much.

When we were growing up, we always visited my aunt and Sharon, and many a time, I would spend weekends with them, or Sharon would spend with us. They lived almost an hour from us in the country, so I really liked going out there and explore the woods with her. She was a tomboy, hands down. We were always together and had so much fun.

As we grew into teenagers, things changed, as they should. We both started to look at each differently. I was starting to take shape with muscle, and she started developing as a woman, a very shapely woman. In the summers, we’d go hiking to this big pond, that had a small waterfall. We loved it there and used to go skinny dipping all the time, though our parents never knew that one.

When I was 17 and she was 15, we went skinny dipping the one day, and she was really filling out in the chest department and her pussy was covered in hair now. It just seemed natural for us to be naked together. Then one day, she asked if she could touch my cock, since she never had before. I said sure, as long as I could touch her as well. She said sure, why not, but we can’t tell anyone. I agreed with that.

Now I had been masturbating for a while now, and really never looked at Sharon sexually, until that day. When she started rubbing my cock, it grew to its full hardness. She was mesmerized by it, asi was with her, at the time, 36C tits. Big, pink areola’s and nipples. I even ran my finger down her slit, which was very wet now. Long story short, that day she gave me my first blow job, and I ate her, for my first time eating a woman. We both came too, rather quickly. We both wanted to go further, but thought better of it. We played on a many occasions, but never had intercourse.

A few years later, she met her future husband and all of that stopped. She married right after graduation from high school. I was in the wedding and it was lovely, and she looked beautiful too. Of course her parents didn’t think she should marry yet, but young love can make you do dumb things. But, we still stayed close and visited each other all the time, and I liked her husband. He was a good man and took care of her and the kids. Unfortunately, he was killed in a car accident 10 years later.

I was married a few years after Sharon, and Sharon could not stand my ex. She thought she was a bitch. But like I said, it only lasted 3 years, and Sharon was so happy when I divorced. After that, Sharon was always trying to fix me up with her friends, but I always begged off because I did not want a relationship again. She said that I needed a good woman in my life, and I said, well you are married so there isn’t any out there. She would just laugh the comment off.

A few years after her husband died, she met her current husband. I thought he was a jerk the first time I met him. He is the type that talks big, but does nothing. There was many a time over the years, she would come over to my house, with the kids, and stay with me because of his abusiveness. I tried to get her to leave, but she said he was going to change and felt if she divorced, it would mean she was a failure. I told her she was full of shit, and said the best thing she could do for her and the kids is get away from him, but she stuck it out. I did corner him one day and told him if I ever hear of you touching her again, I would come over and beat the shit of him, and he knew I could too.

This past April, our lives would change in a big way.

It was the first week of April, a chilly Friday evening, when there was a knock on the door. I couldn’t imagine who it could be at 10pm. I opened the door to She Sharon standing there. Her cheek was red and had a big knot under her one eye. I let her in and asked what happened. As she came in she hugged me and started crying. After she calmed a bit, she told me how her and Bill had a fight and he hit her. He told her to get the fuck out and never come back. I asked what caused this, and she said it was because he was drunk and wanted sex and she told him no. She was tired of how he treated her and she was not fucking him anymore, until he changed his ways.

After she was calming down, I went to the kitchen and got us some beers, and we sat on the couch and just talked. I told her you are through with this asshole. She asked where she was going to go? I told her, she could stay here until she felt she wanted to be on her own. I said I have more than enough space, and it would be nice to have someone else here, that I actually like and adore. She finally agreed that it was time to move on and be happy for once, in a long time.

We talked some more about other things, to get her mind off of what happened earlier. She asked if she could shower and I said, anything you want dear, this is now your place too. She said that she didn’t have any clothes for sleeping in. I said I’d be right back, and brought her out a big flannel shirt that I have, that I knew would cover her nicely. And off she went to shower.

As she showered, I called a friend of mine, who happens to be a deputy sheriff, and asked if he was busy in the morning. He said no, and after I told him about what happened to Sharon and my idea of going there tomorrow to collect as many things that belonged to her, and it would be nice to throw a scare into that asshole. He whole heartily agreed and said he would talk to that county’s sheriff office to let them know he was accompanying us to help keep the peace.

When Sharon came out of the shower, she looked so good in that shirt. Not sure if she was wearing panties, but I could see her big nipples poking through the shirt. He boobs were much bigger now, after having two kids. I had also changed into sweats and a t-shirt.

She came back over to me on the couch, and curled up next to me. I placed the blanket, that was on the back of the couch, over her bare legs. I told her that we are going to her place tomorrow morning and collecting everything she owns from there. She said there is no way he’d allow that. I said, oh yeah he will and told her how my friend Tony, the deputy, is going with us.

She looked at me and said she was scared and just wants to hide. I said, don’t worry, he’ll never bother you again, trust me on that. I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her in close to me. She laid her head on my shoulder and said, she loved me, and that I was the only man she ever felt completely comfortable with. I said, Sweetie, I love you too and always have and always will, and kissed her forehead. She then drifted off to sleep. I too, drifted off to sleep, not wanting to disturb her, since she already had a wicked night.

The next morning, we pretty much were in the same position, except her one hand was laying in my lap, and my hand, that was around her, was resting on her one boob. Thankfully she was still asleep, and I had a raging hard on, more like a piss hard. I gently moved her hand, so she wouldn’t think I was some pervert, and also moved my hand from her boob. She stirred a little, as I got up to take care of business and get coffee going.

I went and showered as the coffee maker brewed away. When I came out, Sharon was up and off the couch. I found her in the kitchen, reaching up into the one cupboard that help the cups. As she stretched, the shirt rode up and gave me a good view of her ass, which was not covered with any panties. Damn, I thought to myself, nice view this morning.

She turned to face me and smiled. I looked at her and said, shit, that has to hurt, because her big knot was showing signs of black and blue. She said it did hurt, but will go away soon, so this must have happened before. I said knot or no knot, you are still pretty. She blushed and said thanks. I told her Tony would be here by 9, which was 45 minutes away. So she drank some coffee and then went and got dressed.

Tony arrived right on time, and I made introductions. He asked Sharon if she wanted to press charges, and she said, not at this time, but will depend on how he acts this morning. We stopped at a U-Haul place and rented a van to use. I told her to take whatever is hers, no matter what it is, and that we’ll figure out how to store it. She agreed but said most of the stuff she didn’t want, it was so old. Tony already alerted the sheriff office of what time we would arrive and they said they would send a car out there.

When we arrived, the place looked quiet. Sharon got out of the van and went up to the door. The screen door was locked, so she banged on the door. About 2 minutes later, asshole opened the door. He started right in on her, since he did not see Tony or I, as of yet. He said, I thought I told you not to come back here bitch. That’s when I showed my face and said, fuck off Bill and let her in. We are here to collect her stuff and be done with your sorry ass.

He started to say something, then saw Tony, who had his badge on his belt, and his service revolver clipped to his belt too. Bill shook his head and said, oh Christ, now you brought the cops with you. I looked at him and said, Bill, I know somewhere in that head of yours is a brain, use it for once and shut the fuck up and be glad he is here, or I would be beating the shit out of you. He backed right down and let us pass.

It took a couple of hours to collect her stuff, which included their her mother’s dinnerware and silverware, her clothes, the bedroom set and a new big screen TV that she bought only a few months earlier. He was not pleased about that. Sharon told him that the next time she sees him will be in divorce court. During this whole time, a sheriff’s cruiser waited out on the street.

Before we got back to my place, we stopped at one of those rental units you store unneeded items in. I paid for 3 months and unloaded all of the stuff she said she didn’t need, which was most everything, except her clothes. She was going to give her TV to one of her daughters. When we finally got back to my place and unloaded Tony’s car, he left and we thanked him for all of his help. He suggested seeing a lawyer as soon as possible, to start the divorce and get a restraining order against the asshole.

It was now near 6pm, and Sharon settled into her bedroom, with all the stuff she needed. I suggested we shower and go out for dinner. Dinner was nice and she kept thanking me for all I have done so far. I told her that she is my family and my family always comes first. When we got home, she called the girls to alert them to what happened and what was going to take place soon. She asked me, while still on the phone, if the girls could come visit tomorrow, and of course, I said yes. We then sat up and watched some TV but also talked about her future, which right now, might have looked bleak to her, but in reality, was going to get batter in time.

That next day, Sunday, both girls showed up, with their kids, which really brightened Sharon’s day. They were appalled at how she looked, with her face still swollen, and turning black and blue. Both girls agreed this was for the best, and asked me to take care of her, so she isn’t hurt anymore. After they left, I cooked us dinner, which Sharon said, no one has ever done that for her before. I just smiled and said, well enjoy it. That evening we just sat around and watched TV, but Sharon was cuddling right up to me. She was in these silk pajamas, that hugged her curves very nicely. I was in these old shorts, and a t-shirt, and was praying I did not get hard because the thin material would not hide it at all. When she first cuddled up to me, she asked if I minded. I said no, in fact, it felt good. She said good, she just wants to feel close to me.

The next few weeks went along nicely. If she was home first from work, she would cook, and if I was, I would cook. That Saturday evening, we decided it should be a pizza night, since it was rainy and cold out. When the pizza arrived, Sharon set up a blanket on the floor, like it was a picnic, like we did as teenagers, She and I had wine with the pizza and talked about old times, and all the fun we used to have. We laughed at some of the stupid shit we did too. She asked if I still smoked pot and I said on occasion. She smiled and said that she did too. She got up and went to her room, and a moment later, came back out with a pipe and a baggie that had the magic leafs in it. We smoked two bowls, and kept talking about old times.

It was like neither of us wanted to broach the one subject of the sex we enjoyed, even though there was no intercourse, but lots of oral, and fondling, and kissing involved. Finally I asked if she had any regrets for some of the things we did. She thought for a moment and said yes. I looked at her and said really? Because I didn’t, even though society would frown upon it, and told her so. She said the only regret she made back then was not actually going all the way with me, and make love.

I said yeah, I know, I wanted too, so bad. She said you goof, then you should have made that known to me, because I really wanted too, but thought you didn’t. I said oh well, we cant turn back the clock now. She laughed and said, well that would have been incest for sure. I laughed and said, I think what we did, was incest, but, you know what they say, incest is best. She laughed, then changed the subject.

She asked why I never remarried again and I told her, I didn’t want to relive the marriage scene again, it left a very bad taste in my mouth. Sharon laughed and said, that was because the botch never douched. I had to laugh at that. She asked if Karen, my ex, was any good in bed, and I said no. She hated oral done to her and would never perform on me and wanted sex over as soon as possible. Sharon said, no fucking way. I said, yeah. I thought it would get better once we married, but it only got worse. She asked what type of women I go for now. I asked, do you really want to know? She said oh hell yes, we never had secrets before.

I like a woman that puts no demands on me. She has to be very sexual, who loves sex as much as I do, and has no inhibitions. Hard to find, but out there. The internet helps in that cause now. I said I like a woman that isn’t afraid to say what she likes in bed, and loves to talk dirty. She laughed, and said, you don’t ask for much. Then asked what if the right woman came along, would you settle down? I said, only if I feel “this is the one”, like I wish I could say to Sharon, since I base a lot of the women I really like, on her.

I asked what her sex life was like. She said with Jim, her first husband, it was great, although, he did not have the same tongue action as me. I just blushed at that. She said that it was very good, and truth be told, they even got into swinging a few months before the accident. I looked at her and said, oh really? She laughed and said, yeah, with her best friend Kelly, and her then husband, Bob. I asked, did you full swap, and she said yes, and even played with Kelly a few times, and then got quiet. I asked what was wrong. She said, you probably think bad of me and I said no, that I did not, it kind of excites me. She said that her and Kelly still play once in a while and she loves it. I said, cool.

She said that Bill sucks in bed. He’s got like a 5 inch dick, and when he isn’t drunk, doesn’t do any foreplay, and just gets on, sticks it in, pumps away till he cums, and then he is done. She laughed and said, trust me, I never had an orgasm with him, except the first few times we ever did it, but that was because I was thinking of Jim the whole time, and a few times, I thought of you. She then revealed that she had two affairs, just so she could feel like a woman again. I said that I did not blame her.

She then asked me if I would like to go to a wedding for a friend of her, whose daughter is getting married. I said sure, it would sound like fun. She said great, leaned over and hugged me, then lightly kissed me on the lips. God, at that point, I was glad I was in jeans, so my cock wasn’t to noticeable. We then cleaned up our picnic and headed off to bed.

One Sunday morning, I got up and padded off to the bathroom, thinking Sharon was in bed still. All I had on were a pair of navy blue silk boxers. As I was coming down the hall, Sharon stepped out of the bathroom in just a lacy black bra, and a black thong. Damn she looked hot too. She just smiled at me and said good morning, and after pulling my tongue back into my mouth, I said good morning, and then added, wow, you look fantastic. I asked if she had a date, and she chuckled and said no silly, just going over to Julies in a bit for breakfast. She said this was normal wear for her. She looked down at my crotch and said I look pretty damn good too, and then gave my ass a little swap. So I gave her one on her ass, and got all cheek. She laughed and said not hard to miss this fat ass. I said that she has a great ass.

She smiled at me and said, you are just biased. I laughed and said, may be a little, but truthful. Thus started some flirting that continued for the next couple of weeks. She would purposely rub herself on me, or her boobs on my arms. Just little things, like she was trying to rekindle or teen years. Many a night I went to bed, stroking my cock, thinking of her laying only 20 or so feet away from me.

The evening of the wedding, I wore a blue suit, which is something I don’t wear often, like most guys nowadays. She was in this black dress that showed a bit of cleavage, and hung nicely over her body, and ended about mid thigh. One thing she still had, was great legs. I was wondering if her thong was black, or not wearing anything at all.

The reception was very nice, and the dinner was excellent. I was introduced to quite a few people she knew, but it was never said that I was her cousin. I think she did this, so she wouldn’t look desperate. Anyone that knew her, knew she is going through a divorce, and what I can gather, they were all happy for her, that she was no longer with that slug.

We danced and had a great time, and she was having a blast. We slow danced every slow dance song there was and I got an eyeful of her gorgeous tits on a few occasions. Around 10, she said let’s go home, and hearing her say that made me feel good inside, and a twitch in my groin area.

On the way home she asked if I got the hot tub fixed the other day. I had worked on it on Thursday. I hadn’t used it in like forever and one of the jets was blocked with crap. It was working fine now. I told her that it is working like new. She said great, let’s try it out when we get home. I was starting to get excited, just thinking of her in her swimsuit, and close to being naked again with her.

Once in the house, she went to the bathroom, and then I did. When I came out, she lit a bowl of weed and shared it with me. Then she said, come on, let’s go get in the tub. I said, ok, let me go change. She said, screw that, let’s just get naked like we used too, it’s not like you have never seen me naked. With that, she started slipping her dress off, revealing her lacy bra, and lacy thong she was wearing. Then she unhooked the bra and threw that on the floor, releasing her gorgeous tits. Then she dropped her thong and reveal a smoothly shaved pussy. I mean she looked great, although a little chubby in her stomach, but still sexy as hell.

My mouth was hanging open and she asked, well, you going to strip or go in like that? I started undressing right there, and when i finally dropped my boxers, her mouth opened, then licked her lips. She giggled and said, oh wow, you shave too. I just nodded, and she said, damn Jack, that is one sexy look. She took my hand and led me outside on the deck, and we got in the tub.

She sat right next to me and said, oh my god, does this feel good. I said it feels like heaven, especially being in here with you. We turned our heads to look at each other, and I just went in for a kiss. I thought she may turn away, but as soon as our lips met, her tongue was in my mouth. We kissed passionately for a long time. Exploring each others tongues, like we used too. I pulled her onto me, so she was straddling me and we continued to kiss, until I started licking down her neck. She said Jack, no talking right now, but please make love to me, make me feel like we did when we were teens.

I started licking her breasts now, licking all around, then gently took a nipple into my mouth. Her nipple was hard and dark pink, waiting to be suckled. Her moans told me she was ready for this. I alternated between the two nipples, giving each a copious amount of attention. Although the water felt good, I finally broke from my ministrations and said to her, let’s go to bed, where we can be for comfortable. Sharon stood up, and so did I and exited the tub.

We padded through the house, dripping wet, and I am sure, she is dripping wet between her legs for sure, because I was as hard as I had ever been in my life. When we entered the bedroom, I said wait, and went and fetched a towel to dry her off, then she dried me off. As she dried my legs off, her mouth went around my cock, and suck it for a few seconds. She stood back up, and smiled and said, Jack, your cock has grown bigger over time, but still taste great. We then embraced and kissed passionately. As we kissed, I backed her towards the bed.

I asked Sharon to get on the bed, which she did, and chuckled and said, Jack, you still have a water bed? I said, yeah, have had it since the early 90’s, but love the sleep I achieve on it. If you ever had a water bed, you know what I am talking about, and it is great for fucking too.

Once she got comfortable, I crawled between her legs and we started kissing. Sharon was moaning in my mouth as we kissed, but I could not wait any longer, so I started kissing back down her neck, to her ample breasts, pushed them both together, and sucked both nipples into my hungry mouth. Her legs and hips were moving beneath me as I did this, an di could hear her softly say, oh god baby, that feels so good. Then I started licking down her belly, taking time to lick her belly button, then moved down lower, to her mound, which was completely shaven.

I spent a little time licking high above her pussy, then licked lower, on the outside of her pussy lips. She was raising her hips off the bed, trying to get me to lick her wet hole, but I continued licking down her one thigh, and then down to her foot. Then I switched over and licked up her other leg, up to her inner thigh. She spread her legs really wide now, inviting me to lick her beautiful pussy.

I continued to tease her, and stay to the outside of her puffy lips, which were leaking so much juice now. The aroma was heavenly, but I wanted this to last a good while for both of us. I would lick all around, then blow on her lips, all the while, she would push her hips up, trying so desperately to get me to plunge my tongue inside her. She even begged at one point, for me to eat her. I finally started licking her lips, then spread those lips, and let my tongue explore her inside. When I did that, her hips came off the bed, and I could hear her say, oh god yesssssssssssssss . I probed and licked for only a few minutes, then started lightly licking her clit. Once my tongue made contact with her clit, she started to cum, and was very loud in doing so. Her whole body stiffened as her orgasm racked her body.

After a minute or so, she started coming down from that high, and I continued to lick her juices that were now flowing out of her. As I licked, she grabbed my head, wanting me to come up to her, but I said no, I need to have you cum again. So I started licking her clit harder, and inserted a finger inside her. Then I inserted another finger, and started finger fucking her, and also rubbing her g-spot. Sharon was moaning out, oh Christ yes, stay there, right there. I was sucking her clit harder now, when another wave of orgasm took over her body. The clear liquid was flowing out of her now and I was licking every delicious drop she was giving me.

As she started coming down, and her breathing slowed some, I moved up, so I was in position to finally enter this beautiful woman’s pussy, that I have always wanted to be in. The head of my raging hard on, was now at the entrance to her slick hole. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss. Her tongue darted in to my mouth and started dancing with my tongue. Then she started licking my lips and chin, tasting her own juices, that were on my face.

We looked at each other and I asked, are you sure of this? Sharon smiled and said, Jack, I have waited over 30 years to feel you inside me. I have never wanted a man more than I have wanted you, and my only regret is that we never did this way back then. Now please, make love to me, because I love you more than you will ever know. I told her that I loved her too and slowly sunk inside her.

She gasped when I was fully inside her, and said, lay here a minute, I just want to savor this feeling. We kissed, but did not move for a few moments. Then her hips started bucking a little, signaling to me to start. I started slowly going in and out, and the great thing about a water bed, is that once you get a rhythm going, it makes it so you don’t have to work too much.

As we made love, there was no talking, just plenty of passionate kissing, and a great deal of moaning. Her pussy was quite tight, and my cock felt like a perfect fit for her. After about ten minutes, we started to increase our speed and I told her, Hun, I need to cum. She said to cum inside her, she wanted every drop pf me in her. We were going faster now and I could feel my balls ready to explode in her, and as the cum started its trek up into my cock, Sharon let loose with another hard orgasm. She broke the kiss and said, Oh God Jack, I am cumming baby, cum now, cum deep inside me. And I did. Wave after wave of cum, shot through my cock, and into her pussy. It felt like a gallon of cum was rushing through me, into her.

As we both laid there panting, she smiled up at me, then tears came to her eyes. I asked if something was wrong. She said, oh heavens no. This was the best love making she ever has experienced, even with Jim, her late husband. I then started sliding out of her, and moving my body down hers. She asked where I was going, so I told her. I need to clean up my mess. She giggled and said, oh really, that will be a first. So I went down on her again and licked our combined juices. She almost came again, as I did that.

Then I rolled to her side and pulled her to me, and we kissed, so she could taste us as well. When we finished kissing, she said, mmmmmmm, that was so good. She then said, shit, what a fool I was back then. I was so in love with you, but did not want to ruin what we had then, by going all the way. I said to her, that I too, was always in love with her, and never wanted to press the issue. I asked if she has any regrets about this now, and she said, no, and she has been hoping to do this for some time now. She said many a night she laid in bed, hoping I would come to her, but had to settle for her toy, to take care of her.

I chuckled and said, well, yeah, many a night I hoped you would have crawled in bed with me, only to lay here and stroke myself. As I said that, she said she had to pee, and got up and went to the bathroom. A minute later she was back and laid next to me, on her side. She asked me who my first was. I told her about a girl from college, that I dated for a while. I said the first few times we did it, all I could think about was you. She laughed and said that her first time was with a kid in her senior year, and he lasted only 30 seconds before he came, and all I could think of was you, and knew you would have lasted so much longer.

She said that she then met Jim. He was out of school and was working for UPS, and of course, I thought he hung the moon. I was still a senior, and gave it up to him so easily. But the first few times we did it, I could only think of you. Then I got pregnant, and we married soon after my 18th birthday. We had a good marriage, and like any marriage, it had its up’s and down’s, but overall it was good. And when you have kids, sex is harder to get too, because when they are young, they can really tire you out, but we tried to always make time for love making.

As we continued to talk, she reached down and was lightly stroking my half hard cock. My hands were roaming her body too. She then asked why I even married Karen, who she thought was a total bitch. I said, honestly, I don’t know. In hindsight, I wish I never had. I said she should have been a nun, because she never really got into sex, it was more of a chore for her. Sharon asked if I ever saw her after that. I told her no, because she moved down south somewhere.

Sharon then asked if she could spend the night in here. I said, Sweetie, I hope you want to spend every night in here, for now on. She looked at me and said, oh god, that sounds awesome, but, what will people say? I said, who is going to know, plus we have no the family alive that is here, except the girl’s. All the cousins we have are back in Pa., and we never see them, and only a very few friends even know you exist, and don’t really know you are my cousin, so who cares.

She thought about it, and said, yes, this all true, but we would need to talk with the girls and see how they feel, but it is not like we are brother and sister. I said that was true, and to hell with everyone, if they can’t accept us like this. She leaned into me and kissed me, and said, I do love you. Our kisses started getting more passionate then. Her hand was working its magic on my cock, which was almost at full strength.

I pushed her on to her back, and got between her legs again, and this time, plunged inside her. She let out a gasp and said, oh god, I need this. Her arms went around my neck, and her legs wrapped around my waist. I started going in and out, not to fast, but faster than we did earlier. A few minutes past and I started building up steam, and could hear our skin slapping together. Every downward thrust now was being met by her upward thrusts.

We were starting to fuck fast now and she said Oh Jack, cum in me. She started cumming again, and I continued to fuck her hard now. Another minute of this, and I could feel my cum welling up inside my balls, waiting to be released inside her. I pushed hard one more time, and started shooting rope after rope of creamy cum, inside her velvety slit.

We were both panting pretty hard now, and both of us were exhausted. I rolled off of her. I reached over and turned off the light, then rolled back to her. She was on her side now, facing away from me. I wrapped my arm around her and asked her to lift her leg. My cock was still hard, for reasons unknown. Usually cumming twice is my limit anymore. When she lifted her leg, I placed my cock at her entrance, and she helped guide it back in. We fell asleep with me inside her.

I was awakened around 7:30 the next morning, by a warm sensation around my cock. I looked down to see Sharon with her mouth sucking my cock. I said, good morning. She looked up at me and said, yes it is a good morning. Now lay back and enjoy. I said no way. If you are having breakfast, then I want some too. She got the hint and moved herself into a 69 position. She asked if she was too heavy for me and I said, Christ no, I can hardly feel you, now eat woman, and chuckled.

We sucked each other for the next 10 minutes or so, neither one of us close to cumming yet. Then she dismounted me, turned around, and straddled my cock, and guided it inside her. She plunged down on my cock, leaned down, crushing those great tits into my chest, and said, get ready for a fabulous fuck baby.

She sat back up, put her hands on my chest and said, god I love this cock in me. She started grinding and going up and down on me. Her pussy was so hot and tight. She asked if I liked her pussy and I said my god girl, you have the best pussy. She said, well good, because this is the biggest cock I have ever enjoyed and I want it to fuck me, and fuck me good.

She leaned down and started kissing me, then biting my lip. My hands were squeezing her ample ass, and then i started playing with her asshole. She started moaning when I did that. So I explored more with her ass, and started inserting a finger inside her. She then started grinding hard on my pelvic region and moaning a great deal. She said, oh fuck yesssss, fuck my holes baby, they are all yours.

We fucked in that position for the next 15 minutes, then I rolled her over. I started pounding her cunt now, and she was loving it. She was really getting into our sex, telling me to fuck her harder, make her cunt mine. I put her legs over my shoulders then, and really went to town on her. You could her the sloshing sound every time I went back inside her. She was yelling now, oh fuck, oh fuck, give it to me, make me cum. And cum she did, and as she was cumming, I was ready too. I pulled out, just as I started, and shot rope after rope all over her tits and belly.

This made her cum even harder. As we started to calm down, she said, oh wow babe, I can’t believe you shot all that cum over me. I then started to lick it up, and when close to being finished, she grabbed my head, and pulled it towards her open mouth. I then dripped what cum was in my mouth, into her waiting mouth, then kissed. After we broke from our kiss, she said, god I love the taste of your cum. It has been so long since I have taste it. I smiled and said that she could have it anytime she wants it. She laughed and said, good, that could be a daily occurrence. I said, fine with me love. She kissed me quickly on the lips and said, I love you.

I then suggested we shower and get some breakfast. The shower was good, with some playfulness, but we were both spent from our love making. She did ask, if I thought bad of her, for talking so dirty in bed this morning. I said, no, I loved she felt comfortable enough to do that. She said it really turned her on and that she had not don’t that since being with Jim all those years ago. As we were drying off, and my hand slid up her ass, she turned her head and said, I know one area that has never been touched by a cock and I want you to have that, so in a way, you will be my first, as you were in most every sexual aspect of our lives. I smiled and said, love, it would be a pleasure, just let me know when and where.

I started breakfast going, both of us still naked too. We sat and ate a delightful breakfast, not saying much. Then I red up the table and started doing the dishes. She said let me help, and I said, no, this is a day of being pampered, so enjoy it. As I stood at the sink, she came up behind me and hugged me, and then felt her hands explore my chest, then down to my stomach, until her one hand grabbed my cock. She started stroking it, and as she did, I said, you know, you get that thing up, I will have to use it on you.

She said, oh I know, I hoping for that. Try as I might to finish, she was too good in getting me hard, as she stroked it, she would whisper in my ear, how she would love to feel this in her wet snatch, just fucking the hell out of her.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and turned around. I guided her back to the table, picked her up and placed her on it, spread her legs, and plowed my cock inside her. She giggled and said, wow, you are such the bad boy. Her legs came around my waist, and her hands grabbed my shoulders as we started to fuck. We fucked hard like that for a good five minutes, when her phone started to ring. She looked down and saw it was Julie, her daughter.

I stopped when she picked up the phone and answered it. Sharon said hello, and then a pause, and then Sharon said, oh I had to run to get the phone, that’s why I am out of breath. As she talked, which was a lot of, uh huh’s, I started to slowly fuck her again. She gave me a look, like I was nuts or something, because it made it hard for her to talk now. I could hear Julie in the background asking what that noise was. Sharon said, what noise, like she couldn’t hear anything. It was the table creaking because of what I was doing. Then I heard Sharon say, yes, come over in a bit, and bring your sister too, we need to talk.

Sharon then hung up, and slapped me on the shoulder and asked, do you know how it is to talk, while there is a cock inside you? I said no, can’t say that I have, and laughed. She laughed too, and then said let’s finish this, before the girls get here. She wrapped her legs around me again, along with her arms. I placed my hands beneath her ass and picked her up. She said what are you doing. I said carrying you to the couch, so I can finish you off proper. She said, you are crazy, I am way to heavy to carry. I said, guess not, since we are almost there, and I didn’t even slip out.

I laid us on the couch, and resumed fucking her. We fucked hard for the next few minutes, but neither of us felt like cumming. I said, babe, I am not sure I can cum now, it may take some time. Sharon said she felt the same too, but it still feels great. She said, let’s finish this later, after the girls leave. I asked if she was going to tell them about us. She said, yes, everything too, from the time we were teens to last night. I don’t want any secrets from them. I said that I agreed with her and told her I loved her and will always love her no matter what, even if this should end today, which it could, if the girls had many issues with it.

We’ll see how this plays out for now and the future.