Kimmy, What the Fuck?!?

Any and all characters are over the age of 18+.


Kimmy had been relaxing in her room when she heard her daddy scream her name. She knew exactly what it was pertaining to as a smile creeped onto her face. She had set her plan in motion a few moments ago and it was time to get the ball rolling.

This is going to be fun, she said to herself.

Mark saw the message notification pop up on his phone’s screen. He saw his daughter’s name come across the top of the notification and saw that it was an <image.png> file that she had sent so he figured it was a new meme or comic or whatever that may have made Kimmy laugh. They shared a common sense of humor and constantly sent each other funny images and stuff. But lately things had gotten weird. Well, not really lately, it had been a few months, but still, things had gotten weird.

Kimmy had started her senior year last fall at her all-girls private school and had been excited about it. She had turned eighteen over the summer and had grown into herself. Really grown, Mark had thought, remembering how she suddenly filled out her school uniform shirts and how there seemed to be curves where there weren’t before; he had all of these thoughts before chastising himself for allowing the inappropriate images to pop into his head.

At school Kimmy was loving the new attention she was getting, and Mark loved watching her beam with joy. They both did, really, he and his longtime girlfriend, Allison.

And then the pandemic hit, and everything went to hell. Mostly. For her, really.

For the first few weeks Kimmy sulked around the house. Especially since online classes hadn’t really been established, so there wasn’t really anything to do but wallow in uncertainty. Mark, on the other hand, was exceedingly busy. He already worked from home before but suddenly the entire world was doing the same and they really didn’t know how to go about it, so his days went from normal to hectic overnight, trying to explain and help his colleagues and clients to navigate the new world of Work From Home.

It was also during this time that he began upping his frequency in jokes and memes he sent Kimmy to help cheer her up, and it seemed to be working. At first, at least. But, again, things were getting weird. After a couple of weeks of increased humor, Kimmy began to reply with raunchier, more explicit jokes than usual. Mark thought it to be a bit odd at first, but he also remembered that she was eighteen, an adult now.

And boy was she becoming one.

The inappropriate thought popped in his head again. It didn’t hurt, either, that what she was sharing was pretty good and sexy at times. Good enough to share with Allison, too, though he didn’t tell her where he got them from or who shared them with him.

It wasn’t long before Kimmy was back to be her old cheery self and it didn’t hurt that her private school had also set up classes through Zoom to continue and finish the school year. Before everyone knew it, they had all settled into a routine. Things began to get back to a semblance of normal, Mark thought.

Kimmy really missed her friends. Well, she really missed the attention being lavished on her BY her friends and acquaintances and strangers. Before her senior year Kimmy had always been tom-boyish, studious, kind, and cheery; not precisely a wallflower but also not far from it. When summer rolled along, it hit her body like a ton of bricks in the best sense of the phrase. Her modest B cups filled out to full Ds, her hips flared from her frame giving her a womanly, hourglass figure and, best of all, she continued to be studious, kind, and cheery. So, it would have appeared that Kimmy went from being the awesome tomboy of her friend group to the awesome bombshell, and she was REALLY enjoying flaunting it.

Girls who had always been friendly to her before suddenly got mean. Teachers, both male and female, started to pay more attention to her. She even got word from some of her two best friends that the boys in the all-boys private school across town were talking about this hot new girl in their school not knowing it was her.

All in all, Kimmy was loving it. She knew it would be the best senior year ever. And then the world went to shit.

The pandemic hit and everyone got sent home because school was being suspended until further notice. What was turning out to be Kimmy’s best year yet had quickly gone down the drain. So, it was no wonder that she moped around the house for two weeks while nothing seemed to happen. The news was dreadful, and she was stuck at home unable to do anything about it.

Her daddy, however, never failed. He knew exactly what to do. It hadn’t gone unnoticed by Kimmy how her dad had started looking at her since last summer. She recognized the look; it was the same one her teachers and girlfriends and boys were giving her. It was one of the major contributors to her incredible mood over the past year.

If even daddy can look at me like that…

Kimmy had been having those thoughts a lot, especially during the holidays when her father lavished her with more attention than usual, but lately it hadn’t even crossed her mind. Not until he started with his efforts to cheer her up.

The funny jokes and memes, the clever videos, it was making her feel a lot better; it was reminding her of the way she always felt around her dad. So, she began to reply and send him jokes and memes and videos in return. It was all innocent at first, but then the thoughts, the naughty ones, began to creep back into her head as every time she looked at him to react, she’d notice how he’d quickly glance away, as though he didn’t want to be caught staring.

Is he looking at my boobs? I wonder if…

She began to send more suggestive, more explicit jokes and memes.

I wonder what daddy will say about these.

And then she’d hear a gasp followed by a laugh from his office.

I think he likes them.

She would also hear how her dad would sometimes read or show Allison some of the jokes she would send, and they’d giggle and laugh. And sometimes… well, sometimes they would fuck!

Did they fuck because of what I shared with daddy?

Kimmy would giggle and wonder to herself about the naughty things her dad did with his girlfriend. She had a dirty little wandering mind and she wasn’t afraid to embrace it; but she was also never really overt or explicit in showing it.

And so, life went on. After only a few weeks of nothing, the private all-girls school announced classes would resume online. Students were required to log into their Zoom accounts and have their cameras on at all times to make sure the teachers could see that they were actually there and paying attention. Kimmy was ecstatic. She was so excited, in fact, she would even wear her school uniform to her virtual classes, even though it wasn’t required, and nobody seemed to care.

Let’s face it, she thought, girls and guys were enjoying the eye-candy I provided and it’s no longer there in a Zoom call.

Mark had noticed how things began to go back to normal once Kimmy was beginning to cheer up. It also helped that classes had renewed; she even got to wearing her school uniform, though, with some minor (major?) alterations that he noticed. Some of these included:

1. High socks or thigh-high socks

2. A higher hem on her skirt

3. Undone buttons on her shirt

4. Pigtails in her auburn mane of hair

None of which were things she regularly sported when attending school physically. Mark wondered who she was putting on the show for since her classes were online.

Surely the school would call me to let me know if she was being inappropriate during her classes, right?

Mark’s thoughts began to run through his mind.

Wait, is she dressing up for me?

On one such day that Mark noticed her attire he also noted that not only was she wearing her modified uniform, but she’d also put on some ridiculously high heels, the kind that Allison would wear whenever they’d have a date night or a special “dress up” night.

“Uh, Kimmy, baby,” Mark began, “could you come here a moment?”

“Yes, daddy?” she replied as she stopped and then stepped into his office. “What’s up?”

“Listen, hun,” he continued, “daddy is loving how you’re back to your old happy, bubbly self.”

“Me, too, daddy! And it’s all thanks to you!” she exclaimed as she leaned over his desk to kiss his cheek.

Mark flushed, suddenly nervous.

But why? Why am I suddenly nervous?


He cleared his throat before proceeding, “But, listen, baby-girl, I’m just wondering. Why is it that you’ve been wearing your school uniform at home?” He asked the question scanning the beautiful girl before him. He couldn’t help but notice how the heels she wore seemed to be at least five or six inches long making her stand at attention pushing her ass out in the process. He also noticed how her long-socks reached to right above her knees while her plaid skirt was now short enough to be mid-thigh, if not higher. As his gaze kept going up, he could see the crisp, white shirt tucked into her skirt but with every button down to her navel undone exposing the lace in her bra as well as the inside swell of her orbs. A bra that barely managed to contain her newly developed tits.

Breasts! What the fuck is wrong with you, Mark?

When Mark finally reached his daughter’s face, he couldn’t help but notice –or did he imagine it? –a smirk on Kimmy’s face before she began, “Oh, daddy! You’re the one that taught me this!” she finished jumping and giggling causing all her bits to move around enticingly.

“I… *cough* What? I did?”

“Yeah! You did! Don’t you remember? Work from home Rule #1,” she said, holding up her index finger to signal the number one, “Always dress as though you’re going to work, even if it’s at home. It helps get you in the mindset of what you need to do.”

Mark’s eyes went wide in surprise. He did say that. A lot. In fact, he’d been repeating it a lot lately to his colleagues and clients. But that wasn’t the real question he wanted to ask so he continued. “That… is a very good, valid point, honey. And daddy is very happy that you listen to me. But I guess that what I really wanted to ask,” Mark began to look around nervously trying to put the words together properly to make sense, his daughter’s jiggling breasts not helping matters any, “why have you modified your, um, uniform like that?”

Even though Kimmy had gone back to her old self her dad continued to keep cheering her up. Their text exchanges, even though they were in the same house, continued to go back and forth. Kimmy’s inappropriate feelings continued to grow, and she would express it by sending even more brazen images to her father, while not necessarily going all the way into the pornographic.

She had managed to find an old archive of Playboy cartoons and she had gotten in the routine of sharing one or two during the week. Her dad never said anything, but he didn’t have to. The looks lingered longer and longer on her assets, so Kimmy decided to try something new.

Her dad was a bit of a veteran when it came to “Working From Home,” having done it since she was just a little girl, and his number one rule was always, Dress as though you’re going to work, even if it’s at home. It helps get you in the mindset of what you need to do. She had already put that rule to good use by wearing her uniform but seeing how they were at home, and nobody in her online classes seemed to care, she figured she could make some slight alterations to it and it would go unnoticed in a video call. Or, if she really didn’t want to risk it, she would just keep her shirt in a normal state and then modify it accordingly whenever she wandered around the house.

The first thing she would start doing is wearing long-socks or stockings. Again, Kimmy wasn’t innocent, and she knew what boys liked, so she figured, men like lingerie, let’s see if daddy likes lingerie, too.

The second thing Kimmy did was raise the hem of her skirt. Considerably. The original skirt fell all the way past her knees and was very conservative, but at home…

Who will know if I’m suddenly sporting a mini skirt?

Third, whenever she wasn’t in class and with her video turned on, she would undo most of her shirt buttons or maybe even tie it off at the midriff.

Like that Britney Spears video daddy doesn’t know I know he likes watching.

With that she would know if her father was like every other boy in the world, and Kimmy knew that THAT wasn’t a bad thing, at least not to her.

“What do you mean, daddy?” Kimmy answered her dad regarding the question about her uniform. “Modified it like what?”

“Kimmy, honey, please,” Mark answered, finding her incredulous reply, well, incredulous.

“Please, what, daddy?” she asked again, cheekily.

“Fine, pumpkin,” Mark replied exasperated. “Let’s play it your way. Why are you suddenly wearing thigh-high socks and heels? And why, pray tell, did you raise the hem of your skirt so much? And, finally, why are you wearing your shirt unbuttoned all the way down like that?”

The questions poured out of Mark, they were almost rambling, and this made Kimmy giggle, but Mark was flushed. He just stared at his daughter, trying not to deviate his gaze from her face lest he be distracted by her attributes.

“Oh, you mean the ‘sexy schoolgirl’ version of my uniform, daddy?” the incredulity oozed from her lips.

It had been that kind of borderline inappropriate comments and jokes that Kimmy had been sharing for the past weeks. It had been funny and endearing at first but now Mark felt a bit uncomfortable and aroused with the whole thing. Especially because it was his daughter talking to him about it so openly and without shame.

I mean, it’s one thing when Allison and I roleplay in the bedroom but this…

Mark had reached down to his crotch and tugged at his member to help rearrange it and relieve some pressure. He’d done it unconsciously, but he was suddenly very aware of where his hand was and who was with him.

“Are you OK, daddy?” Kimmy asked, her smirk dangerously close to becoming an open smile as she saw what her dad was doing.

Is that a smirk on her face? Is she enjoying teasing me like this? Her own father???

“Uh, hmm, yeah, baby. I’m fine. Just a little flush. Maybe too much work,” he managed to get out.

“OK, daddy. Was that it?” Kimmy asked, “or did you want to continue talking about my uniform?”

Mark could only manage to shake his head. It was spinning and the whole situation was surreal, so he only shook his head ‘no’. With that, Kimmy spun around and started to walk out of his office. As she did her skirt flared up exposing her ass.

Butt! And is she even wearing any underwear?

Oh, daddy is DEFINITELY like every other boy, Kimmy thought to herself. Well, not EVERY other boy; he IS my father.

She had just finished buttoning up her shirt before starting the next Zoom session for her AP Calculus class and she was very satisfied with the results of her experiment. But now she wondered what the next steps should be. I mean, I’ve confirmed my hypothesis, daddy likes looking at me. But now what?

Kimmy suddenly thought of Allison. Throughout this entire thing she hadn’t really thought about her, but for whatever reason she was feeling guilty now; but she also couldn’t help how she was feeling. Seeing how caring her father was, how she always tried to comfort her and make her feel better. Ever since she was a little girl and her mother left them, he was always there for her. And now? Now she was a woman; a woman with needs. She craved the touch of a person and who better to fulfill that craving than her dad?

Besides, it’s not like he’s told me to stop, and I can see the way he continues to stare at my ass and tits.

That is when the idea popped into her head. The guilt of stealing her dad away from Allison completely gone.

I’ll send him a naughty selfie!

The question Kimmy struggled with going forward was, how was she going to justify the selfie? Since lockdown she hadn’t stepped a foot outside her house and her dad knew it, so if it were meant for a boyfriend it would be someone she met online. Another option could be that it was an innocuous selfie, not as risqué, in some sexy lingerie and asking one of her girlfriends for opinions for “when they left lockdown.”

Fuck it!

Kimmy would go all out; she’d take a bunch of pictures in all states of dress until she finally sent nudes. And when her daddy asked who they were for, she’d tell a technical truth…

They’re for an older guy I like and I’m really eager to impress, daddy.

Kimmy had laid out her outfit. It was still her requisite school uniform as she knew her daddy liked it. Next to it she laid out her thigh-high socks and a matching set of demi-cup bra and thong panties. As she stood there in front of her bed, she thought of what she was about to do and let the towel that wrapped around her body from her shower fall to the floor.

She had prepared herself, mentally and physically making sure every bit of her was scrubbed, plucked, shaven, or whatever else she felt necessary to feel like she could go ahead with this; as well as making sure she didn’t take no for an answer. She lifted a hand to her heavy breasts and cupped them followed by a light tease of her quickly hardening nipples while her other hand reached down to rub her now leaking kitty.

I can’t wait for him to see.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, Kimmy felt like someone was watching her from her door, she quickly turned and saw that it was slightly ajar, and she could have sworn she saw a movement there, but when she went to check, the hallway was empty. Shrugging she closed the door and began to dress.

Mark was in his office when Allison walked in. She had an odd look on her face, as though she had seen something and was still trying to process it. “Hi, babe,” he said, snapping her out of her trance. “Everything OK?”

Allison stood there for a few beats. She felt as though she were breathing harder than usual and wondered if Mark could notice. “Yes, honey,” she answered as she felt her heart racing, “Why?”

What the fuck is wrong with the women in this house?

“Nothing, I guess. You just looked… puzzled?” He raised an eyebrow when he said it. He also couldn’t help but take her fully in. In the 6 years they’d been together she hadn’t changed a bit. Her pixie cut brown hair looked incredible framing her round, beautiful face, but what he was really noticing, what he had been noticing everywhere lately, were her full 40D breasts encased in her skintight turtleneck that seemed almost completely symmetrical with her 42″ hips that were currently wrapped in a sexy pair of black leggings. Not a single part of her seemed to be falling victim to the sands of time. Then again, it didn’t hurt that he was almost 10 years her senior.

Is my attraction to younger women the reason I’ve been staring at Kim…?

Mark shook off the thoughts that were creeping in.

“Yeah, I…” Allison paused. “Never mind, I must be tired. Seeing things,” she cut herself off.

“Maybe you should go lay down,” Mark said, concern noticeable in his voice.

“Yeah, that might be a good idea.”

“And I’ll join you later when I’m done with work,” he said as he gave her voluptuous ass a smack.

Allison turned, a smirk on her face now, “Mmmh, I like the thought of that… daddy!”

Mark’s heart skipped a beat at his girlfriend’s words as the blood rushed to his quickly hardening cock. He loved it when she referred to him as ‘daddy’ but lately it seemed to be taking on a different meaning.

Kimmy had made sure to rub her pussy swollen before dressing fully in her chosen outfit. She wanted to make sure she was so turned on her brain stopped working long enough to prevent her from going forward with her plan. She had set her phone up on her desk to first take video of her moving around and posing. The idea was that if she liked anyone poses, she’d use the phone’s still capture feature to take pictures from the video.

She was feeling sexy as she moved around stopping and posing for the camera at times, making sure the lens got good views down her school shirt and bending over far enough for her skirt to ride up her butt showing her bare ass cheeks. When she checked back on the video, she even managed to get a couple of shots of her panty covered pussy while she bent over.

Kimmy giggled to herself as she began to perform a striptease for the camera. She made sure to rub and pull and sway suggestively, the better to entice her father.

If he doesn’t fuck me today, then…

The thought trailed off as she noticed she was almost fully nude. She decided to take some mirror selfies in the full body mirror that hung on the back of her door.

Kimmy went to her desk to take her phone in hand before walking over to the mirror. When she reached it, she looked herself over; she was down to just her underwear and was standing there, her naked tits exposed as the demi-bra lifted and presented her perky 38D tits to the world. At some point she had pulled her thong up, high on her hips, making her pretty, bald pussy swell against the fabric and deepening the moisture spot that continued to spread there. Contrasted, though, were her thigh-high socks that looked like black oversized gym tube-socks and clashed with the classy, elegant look of her lingerie but on her, it didn’t appear to be out of place. Finally, her Dr. Martens Kendra Fashion boots paired perfectly with her socks and she thought, It doesn’t really matter if they don’t match once I’m naked and daddy’s fucking me!

She took a few snaps in the mirror, posing, each one more provocative than the next. Finally, Kimmy took her party to her bed where she lay down and took more selfies, capping them with some lewd closeups of her fingers in her dripping cunny.

Daddy’s cock will be all mine! she thought as an orgasm shook her body with ecstasy.

Mark saw the message notification pop up on his phone’s screen while he finished typing up an email to send out; his workday was almost over. Turning to see the screen he saw Kimmy’s name come across the top of the notifications and saw that it was an <image.png> file that she had sent so he figured it was a new meme or comic or whatever that may have made her laugh or, something else? Not long after, as he was proofing the email he wrote, his phone buzzed and buzzed and buzzed again, all of them notifications from Kimmy and all of them appearing to be image files.

As he hit send on his last email of the day, Mark took up his phone and unlocked it. When the messaging app popped up along with Kimmy’s message a barrage of images flooded his screen, so many that the application automatically arranged them in grid and housed the remaining in the gallery that needed opening for him to see them.

At first he was confused, the first few images in the grid seemed to be of Kimmy posing in her uniform. Nothing overt or controversial (other than the alterations she’d made to the uniform), but it did seem odd to Mark that she would be sending him pictures of herself like that. So, he decided to open the gallery to take a look at the rest.

What. The. Fuck?!?

As Mark scrolled through the pictures, they became more and more suggestive. Kimmy bent over, exposing her cleavage to the camera. Kimmy bent over as she exposed her ass to the camera. Kimmy, stripping???

“KIMMY!!!” Mark yelled out unaware of the volume he’d employed in calling his daughter out. He continued scrolling as his heart began to pound out of his chest. Kimmy was standing in front of the mirror half-naked, her (magnificent) breasts hanging out. Kimmy was in bed playing with (fingering) her (delicious cunt) vagina.

Mark was so (enthralled) appalled by what he was seeing that he hadn’t even noticed when Kimmy had walked into his office, let alone noticed that she had propped her camera-phone against the bookshelf pointing in the direction of his desk.

“Yes, daddy?” Kimmy asked innocently. She was fully dressed again and drew Mark’s attention away from his phone.

“Kimmy!” he yelled, catching himself before repeating in a moderate yet stern voice, “Kimmy! What the fuck?” He punctuated his question by showing her the screen of his phone. On it you could see her biting down on one of her nipples while three of her fingers were buried in her snatch.

Kimmy had anticipated this, and she had been practicing for when it happened. She immediately reacted in fake horror covering her face as she did and exclaimed, “Daddy, no! Oh my god! No no no no!” But with a covered face she knew her dad wouldn’t be able to see her wide smile.

After her little acting scene, she rushed to her father’s desk leaning over it to try to take the phone away from him. As she did, she made sure to exaggerate her trot to make all her bits and pieces jiggle enticingly and made sure her dad had taken in the scene.

Mark pulled his arm away as Kimmy fell on his desk trying to reach over to grab his phone, but he didn’t let her. He also couldn’t help but notice how her breasts seemed to move and sway more than usual under her shirt and he immediately thought back to the pictures.

Wait… fuck! I have a fucking hardon for my daughter?!?

As Kimmy began to plead with him again Mark interrupted her and said, “Kimmy, baby. Seriously, what the fuck is this?”

Kimmy walked around his desk and fell to her knees in front of him and began to beg, “Daddy, please, those weren’t meant for you. I promise. Please, please delete them?”

“Not meant for me? Honey, who were they meant for?” he asked, a pang of jealousy running through his core.

Kimmy began to run her hands up and down Mark’s legs as he sat over her, she made sure to “accidentally” rub her fingers across what she was certain was his throbbing member and continued to plead.

Mark could feel her hands exploring but not realizing that it was on purpose. Setting his phone down he grabbed her by the wrists and shook her asking once more, “Kimberly Marie Wilson! I asked you a question!”

Kimmy continued with her fake sobbing; she was actually very turned on by the whole thing. The way her father had taken hold of her and demanded answers had gotten her juices flowing once again. Looking up at him, Kimmy continued with her plan and said, “There’s… there’s this guy, daddy. This, um, older guy.”

Mark released the hard grip from her wrists but didn’t completely let go.

“He’s… well, he’s amazing, daddy. He listens to me and talks to me. He’s caring and generous,” she said as she pulled her hands away from his grip. Kimmy placed her hands on her father’s lap again and began to run them up and down his legs as she continued, “He makes me laugh, daddy. And he makes me feel pretty… beautiful. He makes me feel sexy.”

Kimmy was now openly rubbing her hands up and down Mark’s legs. She was making contact with his stretched-out shaft that was clearly outlined in his pants leg. At that moment it dawned on him who she was talking about.

Holy shit! They were meant for me!

“Kimmy, honey, what are you doing?” Mark asked.

You can’t let this get out of control, Mark.

As Kimmy let her father ask the question she stood from where she was kneeling and began to climb onto her father’s office chair placing her legs on each side of him and straddled his lap. She let her arms fall on each side of Mark’s head, resting on his shoulders and she leaned in and without hesitation kissed his lips gently. When she pulled back, she asked, “What does it look like I’m doing, daddy?”

Mark had wrapped his arms around his daughter’s back and was now hugging her close. “It looks like you’re doing something very naughty, baby. Something you shouldn’t be doing,” he answered her back. Smiling, Kimmy let out a tender giggle and then passionately kissed her father full on the lips. Their tongues quickly invaded each other’s mouth as they freely explored one another.

After what seemed like minutes of passionate kissing and exploring Kimmy broke their make out session and asked her dad, “Which picture did you like the most, daddy?”

Mark breathed heavily, a million thoughts crossing his mind. “We shouldn’t be doing this, honey. You shouldn’t be sending pictures like that to your father, let alone making out with him,” he said ignoring her question.

At his answer, Kimmy reached down between them and felt the length of her father’s penis and she squeezed through his pants. “I think your cock begs to differ, daddy,” and she punctuated her statement with a giggle.

Mark could only groan his approval. He’d lost this battle and, if he was honest with himself, he had no intention of fighting back at all. “Daddy loved seeing how you stretched your little princess cunt out with your fingers, baby.” he answered her question making sure to use the foulest words he could think of at the moment.

Kimmy’s eyes went wide at her father’s words. She knew how sexy and amazing he was, but she never thought he’d be able to be filthy and naughty, too. She smiled at him and said, “Mmmh, daddy! I was pretending it was your big, fat, daddy cock that was doing that to me.”

Without another word she stood from his lap and jumped on his desk, spreading her long, sexy, sock-clad legs for him; a boot on each side of his chair she said, “Eat my kitty, daddy? I want to feel your tongue running up and down my slit making it nice and wet for your cock!”

Mark wasted no time. He pulled the cloth of his daughter’s panties to the side to reveal what he’d seen in the picture, her delectable, perfectly shaven pussy. Licking his lips in anticipation he dove in covering her entire sex with his mouth. Sucking gently at first to create an air-tight seal he extended his tongue and took a long, slow, powerful lap of his daughter’s cunt with the flat of his tongue making her shiver in pleasure.

As her body shook uncontrollably, Kimmy reached a hand to her father’s head and gripped it by the hair. “Fuck, daddy!” she yelped at her father’s ministrations. “You do that so well!”

Pulling away at this, Mark looked up from between his daughter’s legs and saw that she’d ripped her shirt open and was pawing at her massive mounds and he said, “Do what, princess?”

Kimmy looked down and saw her father’s eyes staring back at her. She defiantly said, “Eat my fucking cunt, daddy!” and she pulled his face back onto her sopping wet pussy.

Mark could have continued delighting in his daughter’s nectar for hours but he, too, wanted to get off, so after being completely sure that she was more than lubricated with his spit, he stood from his chair and let his pants drop as he stood. His 7″, girthy cock stood at attention before him as he pulled his shirt off. Kimmy had propped herself up on her elbows to watch her father undress and licked her fingers before beginning to rub her pussy, watching him.

“Oh, daddy! I love your big, fat daddy cock,” Kimmy whispered knowing the dirty talk was helping rev her father up. For his part, Mark never thought that he had a big dick but, like any other red-blooded human man, it never hurt to hear it.

Completely naked, Mark took a few tugs at his engorged member looking at the vision that was his daughter splayed over his work desk as she rubbed her kitty with her hand and said, “Are you going to fuck me now, daddy? Are you going to fuck your little girl like the cock-whore that she really is? Do you want to stick that monster tool in me and pound my pussy until I cum all over you?”

“Fuck, Kimmy! Where did you learn to talk like that?” Mark asked her, a wide smile on his face as he continued to masturbate over his daughter.

“I listen, daddy,” she said. “I pay attention when you fuck your slut Allison.”


A pang of regret and panic hit Mark at that moment and Kimmy knew she had made a mistake bringing her up. She quickly reached between them and took hold of her father’s cock and began to tug and jerk it and pulled him close. “That’s an issue for another time, daddy,” she said, rubbing the head of her dad’s cock up and down her dripping gash. “Right now, you need to stick that lewd baby-maker up my fucking pussy and claim your little daughter as your own.”

Mark felt his panic melt away and his body push forward as his daughter’s folds hugged the girth of his shaft and welcomed him into the tightest little pussy he’d ever been in.

“Daddyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Kimmy shrieked. A scream so loud that the neighbors undoubtedly heard, but Mark was now in a different world, one that involved only his daughter and him.

“Holy shit, Kimmy, baby! Daddy’s fucking you! Daddy’s fucking his little girl’s pussy!” Mark grunted as he began to pump his shaft in and out of his daughter’s waiting twat.

The sounds of slapping flesh filled the room as Kimmy filled the air with lewd encouragement of her dad. “Fuck me, daddy! Fuck your little slut! I’m going to be your slut forever and ever, daddy! You make me feel so good when you fuck me like this!”

Mark could only grunt his approval, “Yes baby, daddy’s fucking you like the cheap whore that you’ve been acting like. You like having your father’s cock in your tight, little cunt?”

“Yes, daddy! I love it! I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming, dad!”

As Kimmy shook with her first of many orgasms, Mark stepped back to admire his work, continuing to tug at his member, making sure he didn’t lose his erection. Drool dripped down the corner of his daughter’s mouth as her eyes seemed to cross in delirium.

When Kimmy’s breathing regulated and she regained part of her composure she scooted off her father’s work desk, her heeled boots hitting the floor, she strutted toward him removing the remaining rag that was her shirt, completely displaying her naked tits that were being held up by the shelf-bra she wore. She also made a point of bending over to remove her thong panties leaving her there with only her skirt, socks and boots on.

Reaching her father, Kimmy took hold of his cock, removing his hand and began to stroke while she pulled his face down to hers to meet in a passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss she only said, “Thank you, daddy,” before dropping to her knees and engulfing the entirety of her father’s cock in her mouth.

The mixture of her juices and her father’s copious amounts of pre-cum blended in her mouth as she eagerly lapped, slobbered, and drooled over his dick. For his part, Mark took hold of his daughter’s pigtails and partially guided her ministrations, effectively fucking her mouth.

When he felt her delicate hands on his thighs pushing away, he let her head go allowing her to take a long gasp of air. Kimmy stood up, and without a word, turned around and bent over her daddy’s desk. Mark was mesmerized by her beauty and sexiness as he watched her bent over before him and she lifted her skirt to let it rest over the small of her back.

Once in position, Kimmy took a long look at her phone on the bookcase and smiled into the camera before turning her head and looking at her dad over her shoulder and said, “Fuck me like a bitch, daddy. Come destroy your little princess’ pussy.”

Mark didn’t need any more encouragement as he walked up behind his little girl. Kimmy once more turned towards the camera wanting to capture the moment her daddy entered her quivering pussy. As Mark lined up to her entrance, he reached over with his other hand and took hold of his daughter’s pigtails to hold as reigns and without warning plunged into the depths of her waiting cunt.

Kimmy’s mouth formed an ecstatic ‘O’, but no sound came out as Mark began to pump slowly and rhythmically into her vice-like pussy. “Is this what you wanted, little girl? Your daddy riding your pussy?”

Kimmy’s voice was caught in her throat and she tried to nod her head as her father pulled on her hair forcefully making her face the ceiling. When she was finally able to catch her breath, she purred out an answer: “Yes daddy, ride me like a mare that needs breaking in!”

Mark liked the image and submission of his daughter. He could see her face from the side as her eyes half-closed she was completely turned over to being used by her father. The tip of her tongue hung out as little yelping sounds escaped her throat with each powerful thrust of his strokes.




Watching his daughter turn into a ragdoll, Mark realized he was now the proud owner of a new fuck-doll to use at his leisure; and wanting to experiment with his new toy Mark stuck his thumb in his mouth to make it slick with drool. Satisfied he looked down, looking at his daddy-cock splitting open his daughter’s gaping cunt and how her inner pussy lips clung to his fat shaft, he also admired at how her puckered little asshole seemed to be kissing back at him. A new target for him to try out.

Slowly he lowered his hand, with his soaking thumb, and placed it over his daughter’s ample ass. Before Kimmy knew what was happening, Mark pressed his thumb to her puckered sphincter rubbing his thumb all over it.


Mark laughed at her revival as he finished pushing his thumb into her asshole.

“YES, DADDY! FINGER MY ASSHOLE!” Her father’s new stimulation brought her back from her pleasure puddled state and Kimmy began to push back on him and looked over her shoulder again. “Fuck me, motherfucker! Fuck your fucking slut daughter! Make me your cum loving whore, daddy!”

Mark cackled once more at her invigoration and began to pound into her tight cunt. “Whatever my princess wants… Humph, my princess gets!”

After what felt like an eternity, Kimmy shrieked once more, “Cumming! I’m cumming, daddy! I want you to cum with me, too, daddy!”

“Yes, baby. I’m so close, too!”

As Kimmy’s orgasm hit her again, she lost control of her limbs and her entire torso just fell onto her father’s desk as she was only being held up by her daddy’s cock pounding into her.

“I’m so close, baby. Daddy is about to cum soon!”

Without notice or encouragement Kimmy detached herself from her father and got on her knees in front of him, “Cum on me, daddy! Cover me in your spunk! Make me sticky with your tasty love!”

That was all the encouragement he needed. Mark exploded onto his daughter’s face as rope after rope of cum erupted from the head of his cock. Kimmy, for her part, seemed to be scooping up her father’s cum as fast as she could and rubbing into her face or her pussy or into her mouth to taste the fruits of her labor.

As only drops of his cum were clinging to the head of his cock, Mark let out a long, audible sigh and said, “Holy fucking shit, babygirl. You… we are insane!”

“That was the hottest fucking thing in the world, daddy! I love you so much! Thank you for making me your cum-hungry whore!”

As she finished her sentence, Kimmy got to her feet. Cum covered her pretty face as she continued to scoop globs into her mouth or rubbed it on her naked tits. She walked over to the bookshelf to take hold of the phone she had placed there, and Mark watched her intently noticing the device for the first time.

“You recorded us?” He didn’t sound particularly surprised or horrified at this.

“Yes, daddy. I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to capture our first time together,” Kimmy said, her voice filled with sweet innocence again.

“I… yeah. OK. But you need to share a copy with daddy, OK?” Mark ordered her before continuing, “Fuck, I hope we didn’t wake Allison up! She wasn’t feeling too well earlier.”

Kimmy stood by the bookcase for a few moments concentrated on her phone as she stopped the recording and saw the door was slightly ajar. As she peered into the dark hallway without hinting what she was doing her eyes adjusted and she saw the puddled mess that was Allison’s body on the floor. Her turtleneck was completely discarded, and her leggings pulled down around her ankles. Her heaving tits covered in sweat as three fingers were still buried in her spread pussy. It looked like she was coming back to her senses, so Kimmy moved away so as to not be seen by her.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about her, daddy. I think everything will work out fine.”

This is going to be oh so very fun! Kimmy thought as her daddy stood there taking in his beautiful new slut-daughter fuck-toy.