Long way home

The young woman struggled in her captor’s huge arms as he carried her along, letting off muffled sobs and shrieks which only grew more hysterical as she felt a sharp blow to her head, inflicted by the wiry man walking beside them. She was hit repeatedly, but it wasn’t until she felt a blade pressed against her throat that she was cowed into silence.

“You’ll keep that mouth shut if you know what’s good for you,” the wiry man whispered threateningly into her ear, with a wary glance into the shadows around him. This was quite a find, one they didn’t want to lose to any of the other scavengers that frequented this area. Though he saw nothing as he looked around, they were being watched.

Picking up their pace now that the girl had quieted, the men hurried on, continuing to cast furtive glances into the empty doorways and broken windows they passed. For all their strength they were both thin and gaunt, the muscular arms of the one carrying the girl seemingly out of proportion to his jutting ribs and hollow face. His shorter, wiry, companion was obviously stunted from lack of food, and there was a cruel glint in his sunken eyes. Both were wearing ragged clothes, caked in dirt, and their hair and beards resembled filthy rat-tails, clumsily hacked off at the ends.

The woman, however, was obviously from a completely different world. In contrast to her captors, her dainty form showed none of the evidence of malnutrition that theirs did: her limbs were gently rounded, her frame filled out with soft, yielding flesh. Her skin was soft and her nails unbroken, her un-calloused hands suggesting a life of leisure.

Her attire, an all in one flight suit, was neatly tailored and recently new, though now it was torn, the blood and oil that was smeared over it seemed at odds with her well cared for appearance. And another thing about her seemed out of place: she had a filthy rag tied around her head, blinding her, and her hands were bound behind her with electrical cables which bit cruelly into her flesh.

Finally the men reached the old crumbling building in which they slept. They did not stop at the threshold but carried on through the house until they reached an isolated back room, where she was dropped unceremoniously into a corner. Struggling to sit up with her arms bound so uncomfortably, she didn’t hear the smaller man walk towards her, she flinched away, startled, as he grabbed at her head to remove her blindfold. As her eyes adjusted to the light she was struck by the hopelessness of her situation: even the smaller man was larger than her, and both were far stronger. The room had only one door and one small window close to the ceiling, both were closed and barred. She moaned in terror as she wondered what was going to happen to her.

She shied away as he reached for her again, lifting her to her feet and hauling her roughly around to face the wall so that he could untie her wrists. His accomplice merely watched from his position by the door, grinning evilly at her every sob and flinch. Though her wrists were unbound, she was accorded no more freedom, as her wrists were tightly grasped and her arms twisted painfully into the small of her back. In a frenzy of pain and terror she kicked frantically behind her, but he simply sidestepped her flailing and brought his heel viciously down on the side of her ankle until she cried out in pain. He laughed and removed his foot as her cries subsided into helpless, choking sobs and she went limp in his arms. Swiftly he turned her to face him, and, maintaining his one-handed grip on her wrists, brought his other arm up to grasp her throat, stifling her cries.

“You should save your breath pretty, you gu’n’a need it,” he mocked as he manoeuvred her by the throat making her kneel before him. “You see round here I’m Boss.” –

He let go of her throat and wrists and she doubled over, gasping for breath. Without warning he reached down to backhand her across one of her high cheekbones eliciting a breathless yelp of pain. He laughed again at her and gestured to his partner, who walked over to her, pulling her arms back behind her with a grip so tight she bruised, twisting them until she had no choice but to scramble to her feet. The Boss closed in on her again and she felt her stomach turn in disgust as he pressed his face against hers, inhaling her scent.

“Mmm, you smell nice.” He murmured more to himself than her as he ducked his head to roughly kiss her neck. His hands gripped her slender waist possessively, and as they started to roam downwards, she tried to lift a knee to catch him in the crotch, but her desperate bid for freedom was thwarted as, sensing the movement, the man behind her twisted her arms more savagely behind her back making her scream in pain. The boss heard her and she could feel him smile against her neck, exposing his yellowing teeth, which he pressed savagely into her neck, splitting open the knife wound which had just begun to close over. Beads of blood welled up through the cut and pooled, trickling down her slender neck. Snakelike, he flicked out his tongue, tasting just a drop of her hot, red, blood.

“Mmm, you taste nice too,” he laughed and stepped back a little, then suddenly his hands reached up, lightning fast, and before she knew what was happening he had wrenched apart her ruined flight suit, exposing her bare breasts, flushed pink with terror, and the small white panties covering the delicate patch of hair between her legs. He stood a moment admiring what he saw, as she ineffectually tried to free her arms, desperate to cover her near-nudity.

She was crying now, from pain, terror, and humiliation. Though she wanted nothing more than to hide herself, the excruciating pressure being applied to her arms gave her no choice but to arch her back, causing her breasts to stick out pertly in front of her. Even as they were grasped roughly, her arms were twisted harder still, so that, rather than flinching away from the unfamiliar hands on her breasts, she was forced to arch her back more and more, seeming to offer herself to the molestation. Chuckling slightly at this, the man cupped each of her breasts, then rubbed at her small rosy nipples until they began to extend, her moans growing ever more desperate as she felt a warmth begin to build in the pit of her stomach in response to his manipulations.

Without warning he pinched the now-erect buds viciously, making her gasp, before just as suddenly returning to the maddeningly delicate caresses that had produced such a response in her before. Behind her, her captor had apparently grown bored of his sport, and loosened his grip slightly, transferring both her slender wrists to one of his meaty hands, grasping a handful of her hair with them, wrenching her head back and exposing her still-bleeding neck. He pressed close to her, and with his other hand, he reached in front of her, rubbing at the mound concealed beneath her panties.

With the pain in her arms subsiding, she became increasingly aware of the sensations their attentions were producing in her. The warmth that had begun to build at the Boss’ caress of her nipples was threatening to spill over as the new sensations produced by the rough rubbing of her mound made her feel feverish and oddly breathless.

Though the feelings coursing through her were increasingly pleasurable, and an infinite improvement on the blinding pain she had felt just moments before, she was feeling even more frantic. She wanted this to stop. Now. She hated the sensations she was feeling, hated most of all how much she was beginning to enjoy them in spite of herself. Hated the humiliating little jerks her hips made whenever the man behind her reached too deeply into her crotch, and the little bursts of pleasure this elicited, so intense they were almost painful. Though inexperienced, she had heard the stories, whispered tales in the dark of teenage sleepovers after the lights went out, the hideous, savage, carnal things that ‘urbs’ would do to the innocents they caught. She knew what was coming, what they wanted to do to her, and she prayed for some miracle to save her.

Being a ruralist she had always been taught that the metropoles were violent and base. She hadn’t ever really had any curiosity about them; it had always been enough for her to know that they existed, though until this moment, in her heart, she hadn’t really believed the things she’d been told. In her sheltered rural life they had been no more real to her than the monsters under the bed, nothing but idle childhood warnings of being sent to the urbs if she didn’t behave. Even now, this all had a touch of unreality about it, everything had changed so fast since the crash, it all seemed like a dream.

She was jerked harshly back to the present as the Boss used the sliver of metal he had threatened her with earlier to slash one of her breasts. The cut was thin but deep, and bled profusely as he hungrily licked at it, his tongue rough against her smooth skin, slick with her own blood. The sight and taste of her blood seemed to excite him even more, and she trembled at the wild passion in his eyes. He began lap hungrily at her nipple as blood oozed slowly over it, now and again nipping her tender flesh with his teeth, his hand still cupping her other breast, clutching it ever tighter in his abandon. He began to trace the blade down her soft belly, slipping it beneath her panties and unreasoning terror rose in her again as she felt the blade pressed into her most secret place, its cold sharpness demanding entry. She shook with the effort of staying utterly still, paralysed by the blade that was beginning to work its way into her cunt.

Through her mindless fear, she felt the boss jerk slightly as he licked her engorged nipples, and the knife slipped out of her panties as he went limp, falling away from her body, though he made no sound except for a wet thud as he hit the floor. She opened her eyes, which had been clenched tightly shut in her terror, and saw her miracle as he pulled a long knife out of the boss’ back.

The bruiser also saw him at the same instant and snatched his hand away from the young woman’s panties as the boss slid to the floor. The young man that stood before them with the dead boss at his feet seemed an unlikely hero. He was skinny and dirty like the other too but younger. He wore scraps of clothing, a tattered tee shirt, and some filthy shorts that could once have been cut from a pair of jeans.

He smiled at the bruiser who threw the woman at him and dived for the sliver of metal the boss had held. The young hero blocked the stumbling girl and threw her aside with one arm, his bare foot coming up under the bruisers chin as he snatched up the sliver of metal. The bruiser’s head snapped back and the young hero pressed his advantage, slashing at the bruiser’s eyes. The bruiser dodged and swung a leg round to catch the boy’s legs; the boy went down in a heap.

The bruiser lashed out with the sliver of metal adding a new rent to the dirty tee shirt. The young hero reacted like lightning, bringing his own leg up and over the bruisers arm, using the weight to roll himself over, under the bruisers arm so he couldn’t bring the sliver of metal to bear. As he rolled over, the young hero slashed the bruisers arm with the knife and brought it round into the mans temple. He suffered a slash on his own arm for it as the bruiser tried to block but the knife bit deep and the bruiser crumpled in spasms, his body jerking and twitching as he died.

The young man spun to face the girl as she tried to pull the tatters of her jump suit around her. He smiled in a softer way than he had smiled at the bruiser and advanced on her with the knife still held in his hand. She tried to back away from him but found herself backed into a wall. He made a swift grab, which she tried to avoid, but he caught hold of her jump suit and hauled her in like a netted animal.

Using the knife he made short work of reducing the jumpsuit to rags. Leaving her with the foot pieces as shoes, he wound the rest up into a quick bundle. Then he went over the men to see if they had anything useful. He hastily stashed everything together in one bundle for easy carriage and thrust it at the girl before he began to ease the door open.

With the door open a little way he poked his head out nervously and looked around in a swift glance. He grabbed her wrist, thrust the door open and dragged her out, constantly pulling her faster as she flopped along in the boots of her jump suit. They were soon dashing from cover to cover working their way through the buildings. After they had made several quick sprints across wide open spaces, the girl tried to wrench her arm free of the boys grasp but he didn’t let go, he only gave her a stern look.

“Look I need to stop,” she huffed feeling vulnerable and embarrassed about her nakedness. “I can’t run like you. You understand me?” she complained.

He simply looked at her with annoyance and motioned her to be quiet but she had decided she had had enough and started complaining more until he put his hand over her mouth and silenced her. When she stopped trying to speak he took his hand away glowering at her. He took the knife from his mouth and pressed it to his lips motioning her to be silent. After a pause to allow her to gather her breath, she assumed, he led her on again, finally dashing into a large hole in the ground, down into the dark. She wondered where he was taking her and tried to hang back but his grip on her wrist was insistent and he didn’t give her much choice about descending into the gloom.

When they were safely in the gloom the young man stopped and fumbled about without letting go of her wrist. A moment later a light flared in the darkness and she recognised an old style atom torch lighting their way. The young man held the knife in his mouth as he swung the thick handle of the atom torch around flicking the beam from shadow to shadow before he stepped out again leading her onwards.

She was grateful that he no longer ran, though he kept her to a good walking pace as they descended stone steps further into the dark, which settled like a blanket around them, pierced only by the glare of the torch. At the bottom of the steps a wide area was hollowed out of the ground. Some kind of stone made a platform before the floor dropped another few feet to another level where strange metal beams ran along a tunnel to either side.

The young man took her to the edge of the stone platform and nudged her to jump down with him. She landed awkwardly, one of her ankles twisting painfully on a metal beam. He didn’t permit her time to fuss over it, he again silenced her when she began to moan and led her swiftly along the beams until they reached an area where more beams crossed the ones they were following.

She was lost, her sense of direction utterly confused by the dark but somehow she felt that he knew where he was going. He never said a word but pulled or pushed her where he wanted her to go, occasionally shining the beam of the torch on things he wanted her to mark as dangerous. He suddenly turned off the torch and using some kind of sense she didn’t posses. He walked on easily while she stumbled along behind him in the dark, now glad of his hold on her wrist.

They seemed to walk a long time in the dark, though she knew it couldn’t have been very long before they stopped. He let go of her hand and she heard him moving about, the sound seeming to move away from her before it stopped altogether. For a long moment she held her breath thinking that her saviour had deserted her. She almost screamed when she felt a hand on her waist.

Pushing her gently on and guiding her, another hand took the other side of her waist and she almost felt like she was floating as the hands guided her with gentle pressure. The hands stopped her and gently turned her around before pushing her backwards and down. She sat suddenly in the soft faintly rustling chair, her elbow bumping what must have been an arm though as she felt around there didn’t seem to be another, the chair just continued.

The hands left her and although she strained she couldn’t hear any movement. She began to wonder why she had been brought here, but opted for silence remembering the harsh looks and silencing fingers she had been given before, when she had tried to speak. Sparks flew not far from her, making her jump before something caught fire and a tent of soft firelight replaced the darkness.

“You can talk now.” The young mans voice was soft but deep, an easy voice to listen to she thought.

“Who are you?” she demanded first

“Adam” he replied with a smile at her question.

“Where are we?”

“This is my place. I would like to know what you are doing around these parts though.”

“I got lost and those two men found me.”

“Got lost from?”

“The other side of town.” Adam laughed a short bark of derisive laughter.

“Damn, that lie was worth saving you for, just for the laugh. You should learn to lie better.”

“I’m not lying.” He chuckled a little as he began to list the things that made it obvious to him that she was, her face falling a little more with each point he made.

“You are lying, first that cloth never came from any city I know of, second, you dress too well for any city person and third you smell too nice to be from the city. Want me to continue?”

“No.” She murmured, looking down at the floor, ashamed of herself for lying badly though she knew that she hadn’t exactly had much practice at lying before.

“So let’s try that again, with the truth this time.” He asked gently, though still with an annoying hint of a smile in his voice.

She looked at him while the firelight flickered on his face, as he squatted next to the fire, and was pleased to see that he wasn’t upset with her, merely amused. Her eyes followed the flickering light as it danced around him and realised that her eyes kept drawing themselves to his crotch. She blushed prettily and tore her eyes away to look at the floor again.

“I’m from Aria 51.” She looked up at his face again and saw he wasn’t surprised, his eyes held hers as her vision began to blur with tears at the thought of home.

“How do you think you’re gonna get back there? That’s hell and gone from here.”

“I know…” She sniffed and trailed off as she hid her face in her hands and began to cry quietly.

She nearly jumped out of the chair as she felt his arm go round her shoulders comfortingly. She hadn’t heard him move but his arm supported her as she wept. She snuggled into him feeling strangely at home as she cried, though, she was also aware of the electricity his touch sent through her.

She could feel where his dirty tee shirt ended and his bare brown arm started as it curved around her bare shoulders. She could hear the reassuring regular beat of his heart as her head leaned against his chest she could also hear the air in his lungs as he breathed.

Slowly she stopped crying and her tears dried. She was comfortable in his arms so she didn’t move. The warmth of his arm keeping the chill away from her back as the fire kept it at bay from the front. She felt him softly rubbing his face against her soft hair and lightly kissing the top of her head. His fingers traced a small intricate pattern on her arm and she felt shivers run though her that had nothing to do with the temperature.

She moved her head half expecting him to release her but he didn’t. He maintained his gentle hold of her as she put her head more on his shoulder than his chest. She put her arm around him without thinking and returned his hug. He rubbed his cheek on her soft hair until she was comfortable then he resumed his soft kisses, kissing her forehead delicately. She raised her face until her lips met his in her first kiss.

The kiss astounded her, she knew that she had never felt anything like it, it melded with the electric of his touch and she felt good. Adam broke the kiss abruptly and stood up. Somehow she could tell that he was deliberately not looking at her.

“I can’t look after you for very long, I’ll help you get those bruises sorted then I’ll take you to someone who can look after you better, she’ll help you get along here if you’ll work.”

“Get along here?” She asked, her mind still dizzy from his touch and the rapid sequence of events.

“Yea, She’ll give you work and help you pay your way till you’re set up here.”

“But I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home.”

“And how do you think that you’ll get home? Huh??” He wheeled on her and she could hear an edge in his voice that she hadn’t heard before “You won’t last five seconds out there. You would need someone to take you and no one will, you have nothing to make it worth their while.”

“I’ll pay you when we get there, I’ll make sure you get a reward.”

“No, no princess, I’m not going to take you all that way just on promises. This is the city; nothing here is free. Your best option I can see is to stay in the city and earn your way. They won’t want you back after you get there anyway, not after you have been here for a while.”

“That’s a lie.” She shouted at him feeling the sting in his quiet words. “My family loves me, they will be glad to have me back.”

“Really?” His voice remained low and somehow she found it much more menacing than if he had shouted at her “How do you think you will get there? You have nothing to pay with, you don’t even have the clothes on your back to trade for a bite of food, you have nothing and are nothing princess.”

“You seemed so nice. Why did you save me if you weren’t going to help me?” she wailed close to tears again

“I offered my help; Mother Maria will help you more than I will.”

She was about to shout at him again when he held up a hand to silence her and she saw his hand slide round his belt and slowly draw his knife. She took a breath to question him and he silenced her with a glare that she barely saw in the gloom. He moved silently and she saw him throw a blanket over the fire, which smothered and died leaving her in pitch black. Time stretched and she heard nothing except the drip of water somewhere and a faint, regular squeak. She had no idea what he had heard that worried him so much.

She stumbled across the room in the darkness towards the squeak banging into the wall and working her way along it until she found the doorway, with a hand on the wall she followed the tunnel from the doorway as it wound round and suddenly she could see lights and hear voices. A hand slipped over her mouth and she felt the sharp edge of a knife at her throat.

“Bring them down on me and I’ll kill you myself.” Adam hissed almost silently in her ear.

She nodded silently and the knife left her throat, he pulled her to the ground making her as small as possible to avoid detection. It took a long time for the voices and the lights to pass. She didn’t like the sound of the voices at all; she knew that Adam was saving her yet again from something she didn’t understand. He held her there for a long time after the voices had stopped echoing back to them. He roughly led her back to the dark room without the aid of light or touch. In the room, he shoved her down into the chair while he lit the fire again.

Once the fire was alight and the room was warm again he paced the floor looking at her occasionally as though he were trying to decide what to do with her.

“What was all that about?” She asked quietly, aware that he was unsettled

“Someone must have seen us come in here. They could easily have caught us both and killed us.”

“Why would they kill us?”

“Because you have something more valuable than my life.”

“You said I have nothing though. I haven’t got anything, look at me. Like you said, I don’t even have any clothes.”

“No, but you have one thing that is worth more than anything here. You have only that one thing to trade.”

“I don’t understand.”

“What’s not to understand? Damn but you rural’s are so thick…” he strode across the room as he spoke until he was standing over her. “This.”

He trailed the flat of his knife across the mound between her legs. It tickled and she instinctively wanted to close her legs but knew the knife was wickedly sharp.

“But you don’t want it?” She asked, hardly able to believe she could ask the question. He grinned.

“Too bloody right I want it but not that much, I can afford it when I want it.” A silence developed while the fire settled a little and she began to understand what he was saying.

“If I stayed here, could we be together?” She asked slowly

“What do you mean together? What for?” He asked probing her thoughts to see if he understood her meaning correctly.

“You know, be together. Spend time together, live together maybe even.”

“Why would we do that?” He asked raising one eyebrow at her.

“Because I love you.” He raised an eyebrow again and laughed deep in his throat.

“You think you do.” He chuckled. “What makes you think that I’m lovable? To your culture I’m a filthy Urb!”

“You saved me, you’re different from them.”

“You’ve dropped a cog somewhere princess, I just have different ways of doing things.”

She stood up and silenced him with a timid kiss. He responded and held her, though he still had the knife in his hand, and she could feel the chill of the steel against her leg as his hand rested on her hip.

Again he was the one to break the kiss, he turned away from her reluctantly and made his way to the other side of the room as he stashed his knife back in his belt. She wondered what she had done wrong but he quickly returned to her with a bottle of liquid and a dirty scrap of rag.

“Not too much I can do for those cuts. They’ll heal but its best to clean them anyway.” He said as he began to push her gently back down onto the couch.

Upending the bottle onto the cloth he made a damp pad with the liquid, which he then used to start gently wiping her cuts and scrapes. The liquid stung and bit like fire at the wounds as he cleaned them. She enjoyed feeling the soft rasp the cloth made on her skin. As he wiped some of the cuts the feelings that she had when the other men had her began to return.

As he stroked the cloth over the cut on her breast, her nipples began to harden and stand up despite the sting of the medicine he was using. He couldn’t fail to notice what was happening to her though he tried to ignore it. She took his head in her hands and made him look her in the eye.

“Would you take me home if I gave you myself?” She asked quietly. He almost wanted to believe that she didn’t mean it, but he could hear the want in her voice.

“It’s a long way.” He replied, silently weighing things in his quick mind, not yet sure what would be more advantageous to him. “You would have to do as I tell you.”

“Anything, anytime.” She almost whispered. She wanted to kiss him again but she wasn’t sure how he would react.

“I don’t even know your name though.” He laughed slightly, playing for time as he tried to choose a path.


“That’s a nice name.” His voice was a little husky as he absently rubbed one of her nipples between his thumb and finger. He realised he was already reaching a decision that he would probably regret, but he had to make plain to her the terms of the deal. “You realise there will be no going back don’t you?”

“What do you mean?” she demanded explosively. “No going home?” She was surprised.

“No. Once we’ve agreed the deal, you will belong to me until I get you home. You won’t be able to say no, or say something is wrong, or call off the deal or anything. If I want you, you take it. You do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. Understand?”

She considered his words for a moment before she nodded.

He carefully capped the bottle and put it under the edge of the couch where it would be safe. He then gently spread her legs before him as he knelt in front of her. This gave him a perfect view of her panties, which he found highly erotic.

He had never really considered before just how erotic hiding something could be. All the women he had known before hid little, or nothing, with clothes. He pulled her forward in the chair a bit so that she slouched, then he lowered his face into her crotch. He kissed the insides of her thighs with kisses so soft and delicate she almost wondered if they were real.

She caught her breath in pleasure as he softly kissed what she had always been taught was her private parts through her panties. He kissed her softly at first, exploring her mound with his lips. He could smell the musty scent of her sex as he explored her and he knew that she was getting turned on. It was different from other women he had smelt; she had a cleaner, fresher scent. Her scent invigorated him, driving him wild with lust, but he still stayed at his own pace savouring this new scent.

He suddenly switched from kissing her to exploring with her with his tongue. He trailed the tip of his tongue up one lip and down the other, occasionally exploring the gap between them through her panties, which were soon soaked with his spittle. He probed harder with his tongue, pushing the material of her panties between her lips and pulling it out again with his teeth. Her thighs instinctively closed on his head and the stubble on his cheeks prickled her legs sharply in counterpoint to his soft tongue lapping at her panties.

He put his arms over her legs and held her buttocks as he continued to lap at her. The taste of her juices slowly filtering through the cloth between his tongue and the hole he was enjoying. She surprised herself by suddenly bucking violently into his face, she began to apologise, but she felt him grinning between her legs and realised that he had expected it. He continued sucking her juices through her panties for a moment before he straightened his back and kissed her lips.

He parted them with his tongue allowing it access to her mouth so that she could taste herself on his lips. He kissed her long enough for her to begin to respond, his hips between her knees, his hands still on her buttocks but supporting him.

As she responded to his kiss, at first timidly but with growing confidence, her tongue twined round his and ventured into his mouth. He was pleased by how quickly she caught on to what she was supposed to do, but he knew he had a lot more to show her. He broke the kiss and sat beside her on the couch, letting her twist to face him as he put his arm around her back and began to play with the edge of her panties. He saw her eyes pause uncertainly on the bulge in his shorts and he smiled as he began to kiss her lips again. He gently placed her hand over the bulge and softly guided her in stroking it through his shorts.

Anna was lost in a whirlwind of emotions and new sensations. She felt intoxicated by him and she had never realised that anyone could make her feel so good. The strange taste he had on his lips when he first rose to kiss her lips washed away as she kissed him and she wondered what it had been. She knew that she would never look at men the same way again.

Part of her mind questioned why everyone wasn’t taught these things. The other part of her mind was appalled and wanted to wake up from the nightmare she had been taught this was. This stranger showed her things that her upbringing told her were wrong and dirty, leading to something that should only be done after marriage.

Her train of thought, which threatened to undo everything she had started, suddenly derailed as she felt Adams hand slide down the inside of her panties and begin to gently rub her mound. She gave up all hope of thought as his hard rough fingers slid over the thick, soft hair between her legs, rubbing a slick wetness around. At first she thought that the wetness must have been where he had been licking her but she slowly realised that there was too much wetness for it to have been that and felt embarrassed at her bodies natural responses.

Adam slowly rubbed his fingers along her slit, revelling in her obvious innocence about what was happening. He slid one finger deeper into the folds of her pussy and hooked it so that on his upstroke it bumped against her little nub that hid there. Anna stiffened as a new sensation shot through her. As his finger bumped the little hard nub again she found she couldn’t contain the moan that welled up in her and escaped her mouth.

She felt good and she loved the sensation of Adams finger rubbing the hard little bump. He continued to touch it only from time to time as he moved his hand up and down her slit. He took his time; teasing her and drinking in her reactions as she discovered the new things he was showing her body. As he brushed his finger on her clit again she suddenly bucked a little against his hand and he knew that she was in his power.

Adam stopped what he was doing and got her to stand up before him where he swiftly whipped her panties to her ankles revealing the shock of blonde hair he had been playing with. She felt the air hit her private place and she was all too aware of how wet she was down there as he began to explore deeper into her pee-hole with his fingers. He pushed one finger inside her and she could feel him wriggling it about before he inserted a second and began to slowly work them in and out.

He never pushed them in far, at the most only allowing an inch or so inside her but often curling them slightly making her feel fuller as his fingers brushed the insides of her tunnel.

He patted the seat beside him and she sat down next to him with his fingers still inside her, which felt pleasurable but strange. It was while she was sitting down that she realised she was naked but he still wore all his clothes. She didn’t really know what to do about it but she had a vague notion that she should do something so as she slouched next to him she pulled the back of his tee shirt up to his neck. Anna hadn’t ever undressed anyone before and she felt awkward as she tried to pull the tee shirt over his head.

He took his cue from her, realising that she wanted to see as much of him as he could see of her. He removed his fingers from her snatch and trailed them across her lips before he stood and with swift motions undressed. He shed his tee shirt and with a quick flick undid his belt allowing his jeans to drop to the floor. Anna saw her first ever cock as he stepped out of his jeans. She was fascinated by the way it stood upright and bobbed slightly at her while he stood looking down at her for a moment.

He lifted her knees and twisted her round on the wide chair until she was lounging along it, he let her straighten her legs and he climbed onto the chair beside her legs. He began to play with her, as she wondered what to do. He again had two fingers inside her while he softly swirled his tongue around one of her nipples. He moved up her neck towards her ear, slowly stretching his body along hers, she felt his cock hot against her leg and she could feel the slimy wetness of his pre-cum as it leaked from the tip.

She was kissing him deeply with one hand around his neck as he supported himself on one arm above her; with his other hand he began to rub his cock against the lips of her pussy. He repeatedly rubbed it over the bump that she now knew drove her crazy. As he did this she would moan more and more as she tried to stop herself bucking underneath him. She trembled with the effort of keeping still so that he thought she knew how to react to him and that she had felt things like it before. She could feel a bubble growing in her and she had no idea what it was, she had no idea how to deal with it, just that it felt good.

The bubble centred itself in her belly and burst suddenly. She shouted out, all of her muscles tensing making her back arch, as the bubble burst and she felt that she was wetting herself. She felt as though she were floating on a sea of happiness and love. It embarrassed her. She wet herself and because she couldn’t stop, but Adam continued to rub the tip of his cock against her as though nothing had happened.

As the bubble subsided and she felt herself floating back down to reality she felt happy and relaxed. She knew that she would do anything for him; she knew that she loved him and that he had shown her something she didn’t understand yet but was amazing. As he felt her relax under him he softly stopped rubbing his cock against her and pushed it into the soft inviting folds of her dripping pussy.

She felt him enter her, the walls of her pussy still trembling and pulsing. She felt herself grip him and suck on him hungrily. It was nothing like having his fingers in her, she felt fuller, stretched, and it just seemed to feel so big. She whimpered a little as he put on more pressure and opened her further as he slid deeper into her soft folds.

He stopped at a barrier inside her, amazed that it was there. She felt him pushing on something inside her and she couldn’t hold back her body from responding to him. She bucked violently and screamed in pain as his cock ripped through the barrier and slid deep inside her. He lay on top of her for a moment as she breathed heavily and began to cry, fearing that she had done something wrong. The pain inside her wasn’t really that bad but she felt full and awkward; she thought that he wouldn’t want to help her any more because she didn’t know what she should do for him.

The pain subsided as he lay on her, she felt him kiss her with more animal passion and raw lust than he had before but she didn’t understand why. She felt the ripple of his muscles as he propped himself up again and supported himself above her, his arms either side of her. Slowly he began to push himself further inside her until she could feel his belly touching hers, their bones rubbing together near her pee-hole. When his cock was as far up as it would go, she could feel it pressing against something again, feeling as though it were right up inside her belly.

He began to pull out again; almost all the way, the widened tip of his cock dragging at her insides, brushing along them making her moan with pleasure, her pain forgotten. With a grunt he thrust up again, his cock shooting up to bump against her cervix again before he slowly pulled away again. She could no longer keep quiet or still, she moaned, as he pulled away, and grunted as he slammed into her, her hips moved of their own accord to meet his every thrust. His pace began to find a rhythm and the time he took to pull away from her gradually lessened as his thrusts became quicker and smoother.

She could hardly catch her breath between each thrust; it escaped her in little moans as he slammed into her. She felt light headed and tingled all over. She felt the bubble building within her again bigger and harder than before. She stiffened and let out a long moan of pleasure with the last of her breath as she felt the bubble explode within her. She was more aware of the sensation as it exploded within her than she had been before.

She felt her insides chew and grip on Adam, milking his cock. She could feel every bump and line on what was inside her, she could feel herself trying to pee but with him stuffed tight inside her she knew she couldn’t, she felt him slam into her harder and harder picking up more speed, as she felt dizzy.

Adam screwed his face up attempting to fight the inevitable as he pounded into her. The walls of her pussy dragging at him and sucking his life force from him balls. He knew it wouldn’t last long but he fought to ride his own intense feelings and hold on to them. The force and speed of his thrusts made it impossible for him to hold on and he shuddered as he slammed into her, the fire in his balls exploded and he sent a powerful spurt of hot cum deep into her.

Anna felt the spurts of hot something splashing inside her as Adam jerkily thrust in and out of her a few last times. The sensation amazed her and she thought that she had gone to a new world, a place where all she was aware of was him above her and the feelings he was giving her. He collapsed on top of her, drained of energy. All she could do was hug him close.

After what seemed like a long time she was aware that his cock was shrinking and it slipped out of her in a gush of pink, blood tinted, cum. Adam rolled to the side so that he was no longer on top of her and in the dim light she could see him smiling at her as he looked at her face.

“I do love you.” She murmured to him

“You don’t mind paying your way then?” He countered as he lazily trailed his fingers over one of her breasts.

“That was payment?” She demanded surprised at him.

He grinned and nodded.

“Hell yes, I can pay anytime you want.” She laughed and kissed him.

The two of them were drenched in sweat and cum as they lay and held each other, gently drifting into sleep each with their own thoughts as to what the journey may bring.