Meeting the Aunt, Pt.1


Jason takes advantage of his drunken aunt, setting the stage for some interesting blackmail

Jason really wasn’t sure what to expect when his mother told them that his aunt Rachel would be coming to stay for part of the weekend. The only thing he knew about his Aunt was that she seemed to be the family screw-up, and he only vaguely remembered meeting her once. It was when he was younger, and quite frankly, he thought she was weird. He later learned she had some major addiction issues, but had been working to get herself ‘straight’, whatever that meant. His mom did say that he was to keep an eye on Rachel as much as she was to for him, and to let her know if she came home drunk or high. Jason knew that the family as a whole was on the verge of ridding themselves of her, and it pained him that he had to ‘watch’ someone a decade older than himself.Jason was seventeen now, and like most boys his age, he was interested in girls. They just didn’t seem all that interested in him. Or maybe they were, but how was he to tell? He was a bit of a nerd. At just over 6 foot, he was pale and thin, with short black hair, and he had to wear glasses. He often ran though, and eh knew that his body was lean an ripped, it just a shame that he was painfully shy. He didn’t really have a sense of style, prefering jeans and t-shirts most of the time, and he spent most of his time playing video games.

His single mother had a very good job, and she made up for the fact that she was always working by spoiling him. He had a state of the art gaming system, complete with a gaming chair, internet hook-up, and a fifty-inch flat screen in his bedroom.

He was playing World of Warcraft with his headphones on when his door suddenly opened, spilling light into the room. He turned, expecting to see his mother, but instead it was his aunt, Rachel. “Your Mom left a key under the matt for me so I just let myself in,” she told him after he pulled his headphones off. “You’re Jason, right? Last time I saw you, you were just a little squirt.”

“I remember,” Jason nodded numbly, not sure what else to say. She was so beautiful, she might as well have clubbed him over the head with a stick.

About five-feet-six-inches tall, she was probably around a hundred-and-twenty-pounds, with a lithe, but curvy figure, accentuated by a pair of incredibly tight leather jeans, and a tank-top that was stretched so tight it barely covered her perfectly rounded breasts. She was a full c-cup, and her breasts looked huge on her small frame. Her mid-drift was left bare, revealing her pierced belly button, and the top of some sort of tribal tattoo peaked out of her waistband, trailing up onto her abdomen.

She seemed to have quite a few tattoos and piercings. Her ears were both pierced several times, there was a stud in her left nostril, and it looked like she even had a stud in her tongue. There was a stylized cross wrapped in barbed wire on her upper right arm. Her eyes were big, dark, and aluring, with thick lashes, and carefully maintained eyebrows. She had a full, senual mouth with deep purple lipstick that framed her lips, and her raven-black hair was shot through with streaks of highlights that were the same color. She projected an aura of raw sexuality, and he didn’t even realize that he was staring until she called him on it.

“Eyes are up here” She said as she laughed at him. ” It’s OK, Cuz. Five grand and you’d never guess that I used to be flat chested.”

“W-what?” Jason stammered as he flushed bright red, he couldn’t seem to find any words.

“But what about you?” She turned the spotlight around. “Your mom told me she bought you a car last year, so what the hell are you doing sitting in your room playing video games on a Saturday night? Why aren’t you out with your buds or chasing girls?”

“Ha…not me…,” he said as his voice trailed off.

“Ah..A cute boy like you that’s shy?” She asked sympathetically.

Jason nodded glumly.

“Well the right one will come along I’m sure,” she offered. “Hey your mom said you’d get me to work, cool?” she asked

“Yeah OK, but where?” Jason asked.

“Well, I need you to keep it on the down-low, you’ll see,” she told him. “I need a ride until I can make other arrangements”.

‘Ah-shit’ Jason thought, ‘here we go…’ He couldn’t help but be attracted to this woman’s raw sexuality. Yeh, she WAS his aunt, but day-umm…why she’d have to look like that?

It turned out that his aunt had gotten a job at a strip club, and she laughed at his expression when they pulled in. Of course, he immediately offered to pick her up after work, but she told him that a friend that worked here was giving her a lift.

The entire way home, he couldn’t stop thinking about her taking her clothes off for strangers. He felt kind of dirty for imagining it, but he couldn’t help it. He had seen women more beautiful than his aunt, mut he had never met one in person that oozed with such raw sexuality. She was like a wet dream come to life, and his cock really didn’t seem to care that they were related.

Jason’s mother was home from work by the time he made it back, and suddenly he didn’t want to see the resemblance between the two sisters. In truth, his mom looked exactly like her sister, she was just ten years older, and she was the plain housewife version. She didn’t have any tattoos, and she only exuded “momness” Luckily, Jason’s mom was absorbed in her favorite show, and he was able to slip through with just a minimal conversation. She asked him where he’d been and he told her that Rachel had showed up and asked him to drive her to her new job. Of course, he didn’t mention what that job was.

Once he escaped upstairs, he finally got rid of his errection with a long, cold shower. He felt a little better afterward, but that didn’t last long. The moment he went to bed, he closed his eyes and saw his aunt gyrating her hips and swinging on a stripper pole. He was hard again instantly, and this time the aching throb would not be denied.

He felt like a dirty little deviant, but he jerked himself off, and imagined pumping his load all over his aunt’s gorgeous tits. He knew that it was wrong on so many levels, but they were just thoughts, right? It didn’t take long, and after he relieved the tension, he was finally able to drift off to sleep. He wasn’t aware of dreaming, and it seemed like just a few minutes later that he woke to the sound of someone snoring. The curtains were just starting to glow around the edges, and with a glance he saw that it was almost six in the morning. His mother would have already left for work by now, and he frowned at the dark lump in bed beside him.

There was only one possibility, and he knew it before he switched the bedside lamp on. It was definately his aunt Rachel, and she smelled like she had taken a bath in beer and whisky. What really got his attention was the fact that all she was wearing was a lacy red bra and panties. She was laying on her side with her back to him, and as his gaze roamed across all that bare flesh, his cock started to swell again. Just looking at her bare back gave him chills, but her ass was something else. Just barely covered from his hungry eyes by the thin red panties, her ass was absolutely perfect.

He desperately wanted to run a hand down those long, smooth legs just once, but instead he forced himself to reach out and shake her shoulder. “Aunt Rachel?” He called loudly. “You’re in the wrong room.”


“Aunt Rachel?” He shook her harder, and there was still no reaction.

Damn. Just touching her warm, soft shoulder gave him the chills, and before he could stop himself, he ran his hand up her leg and over the perfect globe of her left buttcheek.

Jason yanked his hand back like he had been burned and scrambled out of the bed.

What the hell was he doing?

This was so incredibly wrong, but he wanted to so baddly. He had never felt such aching need in his entire life, and it felt like the fire inside him was burning up his good sense.

Just looking at her laying there created a wave of desire that nearly made him weak in the knees. Maybe he could get away with just a little feel…

First, just how drunk was she?

It didn’t take him long to notice the pool of vomit drying on his carpet, and her clothes laying scattered on the floor. She was definately drunk, but he still yelled her a few more times, and shook the mattress so hard, she flopped over onto her back, but she just continued snoring.

He knew what he was thinking was terrible, but in the back of his mind a plan was already forming, and he knew that is was a now or never opportunity. He was pretty sure that it would work, but first he had to have the balls to go through with it. He decided that yes he would, and for ‘future use’ he did what any teenager would do, and got his phone.

He knelt on the bed beside her, gazing down at her as he brushed a lock of hair away from her face. There were about a million ways it could go wrong, but you only live once. Just to be sure, he shook her one last time, and she didn’t even flutter an eye.

First he covered her with the sheet and, stepping back began to film. “well guess who was in my bed this morning?” Jason said aloud. After panning over and showing Rachel passed out in drunken slumber, he panned over to the carpet. “Think it’s safe to say we know what’s going on here…” he added, then panned back and tried to wake her one more time. Showing that she was totally out, he stopped the recording. “that should do it” he said to himself, as he sent that off to to be saved in the cloud. Smiling, he carefully propped the phone on the nightstand that he had repositioned out a bit. Rachel’s slumbering form was clearly visible. Being careful to not block the view, Jason began by rolling Rachel onto her side so that he could get her bra unlatched. He had never taken a bra off before, and it took some fumbling to figure out the latch. Once he got it, he rolled her back, and pulled the thin stringy material away to reveal her perfect breasts. Her nipples were a light, pinkish-brown color, and his stomach fluttered when he saw that the left one was pierced with a silver ring. He looked back at the phone and smiled as he toyed with it a sec. He squeezed and stroked her tits, marveling at how they felt overfilling his hands. He really had no reference for the difference between real tits and fake tits, but these one seemed real enough to him! He bent down and sucked her right nipple, delighting at the way the nub instantly grew thick and hard between his lips. He even released it for a moment to show it to the ‘camera’

Jason’s cock was throbbing viciously, but he enjoyed peeling those panties off slowly. With her completely bare to his gaze, he pushed her legs apart and just knelt between them, phone in hand, gazing down on her for several long seconds. Sprawled so wantonly, she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen, especially with the way her pubic hair was trimmed down to a narrow little landing strip.

Her pussy itself was pink and perfect, with puffy lips, and a little hood that was currently hiding her clitoris. He was actually starting to have second thoughts, but just looking at that made him drool. He had to taste it, and as his tongue delved between her folds, her body reacted immediately, flooding her pussy with moisture. The tangy, musky taste of her was almost intoxicating, and when he slipped a finger inside, feeling it surrounded by her wet heat, he wanted to know what that would feel like around his cock with a desperate maddness.

Pushing her legs farther apart, he crawled up between them, and his heart was hammering in his chest as he positioned himself. Jason really was going though with this, and as he looked down at her, and he knew at that moment that he couldn’t stop. He pushed his hips forward, and his eyes widened as the first two inches of his cock slipped inside her before his dry shaft stopped him from going further. It felt incredible with just the head in, and he almost didn’t want to pull out. Using his fingers, her rubbed her clit, which promptly covered his fingers in juices. He realized this woman was some kind of sex machine, as he smeared her slick juices over himself before he tried again. This time, his cock slipped right inside her, and her pussy felt incredibly tight wrapped around his thick shaft as he sank himself deep into that warm, wet bliss. He couldn’t even believe how good it felt, and this time his eyes really did roll up as he closed them and enjoyed how good it felt. He had never done this before, yet it felt so natural, and on his own his hips began to move himself in and out of her. It felt incredible, and he was sure to get a good recording of himself sliding in and out. His hand found her breast and enjoyed squeezing it rhythmically to the movement of his hips. as he worked himself inside her, it felt for all the world like her pussy was sucking at him, and she seemed to move with him, passed out or not. She definitely seemed to react, and suddently he felt her walls give his whole shaft a squeeze…’OH SHIT!’ he thought.

Jason wanted it to last longer, but he started to shudder as his balls tightened, preparing to release. He wanted to cum inside her so badly, but he had a better use for this load in mind. He pulled out at the last moment, and blast after blast of his slimy white cum arched across her abdomen and chest, spattering all over her. He was amazed by how much of it there was.

When it was over, he instantly felt a wave of guilt, but he shoved it aside. This was going to be well worth a little bit of guilt, and he didn’t really even try to clean her up. Instead, he just turned off the light, and climbed back in bed with her. It was a little gross, but he lay down on his back and pulled her her tight against him. Her head resting on his chest, he wrapped his arm around her back, and pulled her leg up to where it lay draped across his crotch.

Okay, so she was a little slimy, but laying there holding her felt really good, it wasn’t long before he drifted off to sleep, thinking of what tomorrow would bring.

Meeting the Aunt, Pt.2