Meeting the Aunt, Pt.4/Conclusion


Jason and Rachel continue

Rachel had to admit, this young man had charm inside that stamina. She liked the way he waited on her as he made them both a light brunch. It was brunch, as it was later in the day, and she liked the way he made a fuss over her between kisses & the little squeeze and nudge. He also wouldn’t let her touch his dick, which was soon doubled over in his boxer briefs. Damned if she didn’t find herself wanting it. “So what’s next, Cowboy?” Rachel asked with a grin.

“Well, someone appears to be getting with the program,” Jason replied. “Tell you what, you’ve experienced my work,” he said as he leaned back in the kitchen chair, “Let’s see some of yours.” Sinking to her knees, Rachel proceeded to tug down Jason’s briefs. His cock sprang from its confines and slapped against her face and hand.

Smiling, Rachel said “Oh my, you do have a nice dick. I have to admit I stretch to take this thing in me. But first . . .” Rachel bent down and began kissing every inch of exposed flesh. She tugged off my briefs and adjusted her head, trying to expose and get to more of his cock and balls. Jason leaned back on elbows as she familiarized herself His cock with the rear of her throat. Rachel added licks and nibbles to the kisses as she sensuously covered his dick with affection. Rachel bent down and began licking his dick from the balls all the way to the tip, swirling her tongue over the purple head. Jason moaned as she licked her way back down and sucked one of my balls into her hungry mouth.

Jason was enjoying Rachel worshipping my cock, but the chair was beginning to get uncomfortable. “Let’s go to the couch,” he suggested.

Rachel laughed and nodded, “Thanks. My knees were killing me in that position.” Jason pulled her to her feet and kissed her lips as his hands cupped her ass. Rachel had kept herself in shape and felt wonderful in his hands. Jason wondered if she would let him fuck her in the ass. Surprising her, he lifted her off the ground. Rachel squealed and wrapped her legs around him. “Oh wow. You are a lot stronger than you look.” She ground her labia against his hard cock as Jason slowly walked them over to the couch. Setting her down as I stood next to the couch and pulled my shirt over my head. Jason dropped to his and knees kissed her pubis and inhaled deeply, getting her full scent, but she stopped him.

“I want you back in my mouth first,” she breathed. Smiling, Jason lay down on the couch and pulled her legs until she was straddling his face. Rachel sucked half of his cock into her mouth. Jason gasped and thrust his hips up toward her hungry mouth. She moaned onto Jason’s shaft. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down until her intoxicating pussy was inches from his face. He could see how wet she was and the sweet smell of her musk was even more overpowering. He slowly teased her by kissing, licking and nibbling around her slit. Rachel’s hips began grinding back at him, attempting to get Jason’s tongue to her eager pussy. He smiled, knowing he had control, and continued to torment her by avoiding her most sensitive parts. Jason kneaded her firm ass as he slowly worked his way closer and closer to her center. Rachel was busy working more of Jason shaft into her mouth. He sucked one of her lips into his mouth and she groaned on Jason’s cock. It felt amazing as Jason’s whole shaft vibrated as she let out her pleasure. He flattened his tongue and ran it the full length of her slit. Rachel pulled off his cock to moan, then lunged back on it burying the full length in her throat. It was Jason’s turn to groan and he buried his face in her cunt, lapping at her slick channel as she frantically worked Jason’s dick. He covered her slit with short flicks of his tongue before shoving it into her pussy as far as it would go. He then slid his hands over her sweet ass then began slowly teasing the tiny rosebud butthole that kept winking at him as she ground her pussy against his face, lost in what was going on.

Rachel squealed and Jason grinned. He lowered his head and focused on her engorged clit, battering it with his tongue as he slowly teased her back door. He pushed his finger slightly against it, but not enough to enter her ass. Rachel was going crazy on top of him, so he sucked her clit into his mouth and lashed at it with his tongue. Her hips began bucking wildly and Jason had to work to keep his mouth glued to her clit. She pulled him out of her throat and wailed as I assaulted her clit. Her hand grasped his cock HARD. It was almost too painful, but he was too focused on getting her off to stop. Jason slowly eased his finger into her ass and Rachel went rigid. Jason was congratulating himself when she exploded. Her whole body went crazy, flopping and thrashing about as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Jason clamped down and sucked harder on her clit, driving her orgasm higher and higher. He kept licking and sucking as she screamed, plunging his finger in and out of her ass, driving her even more wild. Finally, she collapsed on top of him.

“Please.” Rachel whimpered. “Please, I can’t take any more. I have to rest.”

Jason ran tongue up the length of her slit once more, savoring her taste. Rachel was still limp, so it took a bit of work to make sure she didn’t fall off the couch nor tumble off. Rachel whimpered softly as he lifted her and positioned her over the arm of the couch. Jason slipped behind her and began rubbing his cock against her swollen pussy. “Not yet. Please. Need to rest.” She whined.

Jason chuckled and leaned over her helpless body, “Remember how you called me cowboy? Well, this cowboy wants to ride.” With that Jason rammed the full length into her tight pussy. It was a good thing she was so wet or I would have had to work Jason dick into her. Rachel squealed and bucked as he pounded into her steaming cunt. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast. It felt great give it to this older woman and know that she was under his control. Jason ran thumb along her slit and then shoved it in her tight ass. Rachel bucked and screamed, but Jason noticed she was pushing steadily back into him, so he started fucking both her holes with a steady rhythm. Slowly, her body started responding to the sensory overload. Jason pounded into her, ramming her into the couch with each thrust, and hearing her helpless yet excited yelps as he plunged into her, her body totally yielding to him. He wiggled his thumb in her ass, trying to loosen it up. When Jason thumb moved easily in and out of her, he pulled it out.

Rachel shook her head no when Jason withdrew from her cunt and began rubbing the head of his cock against her ass, but she also knew there was no use, and she was powerless to stop him. Jason pushed steadily, but nothing happened. Rachel shook her head harder, but he ignored her feeble protest and kept pushing. Jason pushed harder and began spanking her sweet ass. The shock of it caused her to relax enough for the head to pop inside. Rachel wailed as Jason began forcing more of Jason cock into her. FUCK! Her ass was far tighter than her pussy. Jason slowly worked his cock deeper into her ass and she started thrashing. He remembered that she had several times told him he was thicker than what she was used to, so he contented himself with looking at only about half his cock buried in her tightly stretched ass. Jason wished he had his phone, but lacking it, he grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, using them to hold himself there as he moved his ass in circles, moving his cock in her, much to her whimpering delight

Jason began to slowly began withdrawing until just the head was in her, then ease back into her, causing her to at first whimper. Jason moved one of her hands under her, and he could tell she was rubbing her clit. As he slowly sped up & stroked in and out of her Rachel still whimpered, but now her hips were rotating as he fucked her. Soon, Jason hips were slapping against the firm globes of her ass, and he enjoyed the sound as he pounded into her tight ass. He felt her fingers tickling his balls and knew she was playing with her clit, so he grabbed her hair and used it to pull her back. At the other end of the couch he had positioned a mirror, and Jason hips were now slapping against the firm globes of her ass. Could see the look of painful pleasure as Rachel ground herself on him. Jason’s other hand reached around and grasped her breast, playing with her nipple ring. Rachel moaned in response. Jason felt his balls churning, he knew he was close, and he started grunting as he fucked her harder and faster.

Rachel became more animated as she stared at him in the mirror, mesmerized. She could feel Jason hard dick twitching inside her and knew that Jason release was imminent so she worked herself more to get off at the same time he did. Jason growled as his whole body went rigid. He suddenly grabbed Rachel’s hips and forced every bit of Jason cock into her bowels, screaming like he was being murdered. She felt heat race up the length of his shaft and explode inside her, emptying himself inside her ass, filling it with liquid heat. Spurt after spurt flooded into her as Jason balls were drained. It was a VERY large load, and he stayd in her panting. They stared at each other in the mirror, as he went flaccid inside a=her ass, finally falling out. A split second later, Rachel came again. she was even louder than the first time. As she shook and buried her head in the couch, Jason twisted and tugged on her nipples while her fingers danced on her clit. When she calmed down, he kissed her and stumbled to nearby chair, as , Rachel staggered off to the bathroom.

When Jason heard the toilet flush, he stepped inside. “All better?” he smirked.

“Jack ass.” Rachel replied, obviously angry. “You could have waited and let me get ready. I haven’t had a cock in my ass in over year.” She pouted, “It really hurt when you worked it in like that.”

Jason smiled and asked, “Is that why you came so hard?”

Rachel stared at him, hard, then smiled. “Well, it felt better after a while.” She then smiled and said, “your mom is going to be home really soon, and you know what that means.”

“Yeah,” Jason replied. “You have to pack your shit and go.” He stepped over and embracing her, gave her a kiss and added “Gonna miss this.” Leaning down his tongue played with her nipple ring a moment and he added “You’ve earned it and then some, your secret is safe with me. Now go take a real shower.”

Mom came home on time, as always. Jason was gaming, Rachel was on the couch. Just as she suspected. Walking into his room, she said “Son! Have you spent ANY time with your aunt? She’s about to leave you know.” Leaving the game, he stood up and said, “mom..we got to know each other just a little….”

Mom and Rachel said their goodbyes, and Jason helped her haul her bags to a friend that Rachel had called. Glancing up, Jason & Rachel could see that his mom was watching, so they kept it low key, but he liked the way she squeezed his dick thru his shorts in the elevator. “Gonna miss this…” she said as the elevator doors opened. Jason gave her ass a squeeze and replied “same here”.

At the car, he put everything in, noting that her ‘friend’ was a very attractive Latino girl. Jason walked back in, and after dinner, his mom retired to her room. In his, he took the scrap of paper out of his pocket. Taking out his cell, he punched out a text. “Ever coming back?” he asked. “Not sure. Depends on if I’m in trouble.” Rachel shot back, then added, “At the airport, going to board in a minute.” Jason had a still of the video he originally shot. It was his cock half inside her. “Like this?” he asked, then added, “mom going out of town next month for the weekend you know….”