My Family’s Little Secret

Pete was a 35 year old father of one, happily married insurance executive, living with his family in the suburbs of a mid-western city. Miri, short for Miriam, his wife of 14 fourteen years, was a fashion designer who worked free lance out of their home so she could assist their 13 year old daughter in her discovery all of the wonders of the world. They were happy in their little universe until the unthinkable happened right there to their ideal lives that almost brought them to their knees.

It happened, innocently enough, in the back yard of the 10 year old house in the outskirts of the town where they lived. Well it was in the outskirts when they bought it new but the town had grown and their peaceful little community had sprawled out to join them. So 5 years ago, they built a fence around their back yard and put in a swimming pool. Now it was time to repaint the fence and Pete was out there with his paint brush on a bright Saturday morning while his daughter, Kimberly, Kimmi to her daddy, was out with her friends and Miri was away for the weekend at a fashion show.

Pete had the whole weekend to get a new coat of paint on his fence and since he was kind of anal about his work and wanted it to turn out just so, he figured that he might need every bit of the time that he had allotted. So as he began in the coolness of the morning, the sun later turned down right hot in the afternoon. He shed as much of his clothing as he dared but in the end, he opted for an old swim suit and sandals to keep his feet safe from the rocks around the fence. He really did enjoy the solitude from his busy schedule at work so as he turned up the stereo in the house and belted out his version of the songs of the 90’s, he brushed on the paint to his heart content.

He took a break around 5 or 5:30 to get some adult refreshment in the form of a nice cold beer and as he sat there by the pool, drinking his liquid pick-me-upper in a chaise, he heard the slider open to Kimmi’s room and she walked out to announce her return. She swished her way over to him to give and receive their customary kiss on the cheek and swung up another lounge and sat down with a plop.

“Can I have a drink Daddy?” she asked.

“Oh sure but this one will be flat in about 7 years when you are old enough to take a drink,” answered Pete after taking down a long full pull off the beer. He looked at her with a smile on his face and said, “Just a small one and don’t tell your mother.”

She giggled her vow not to tell as she scooted herself up closer, took the can in both hands and took a tentative sip from its contents. She made a face and said to her father, “Ugh, how can you drink that stuff? It tastes like crap.”

“Watch you mouth young lady,” he said as he took the elixir of life from her hands. “I have you know that I enjoy that crap very much.”

She scooted back in the chaise and smoothed her little white mini-skirt back out over her thighs but not before Pete noticed he could see up her skirt and chuckled to himself at how immature she was for a developing little 13 year old and wondered when she would start to notice what kind of effect she had on guys.

After a few minutes, she asked him if he had had any dinner yet and rubbing his trim belly, he answered that he wanted to finish up his painting and that he could “live off the land” for at least one meal and told her to go ahead and fix herself something. She crawled off of the chaise and headed for the slider that led into her room. He glanced down at her skirt again as she got up from the chair and he could see all the way up to her white crotch of her panties and he got the strangest sensation down in his groin. He finished his beer in one more chug, put it down on the table and resumed his painting.

He had about 3 more hours to finish the job and as he put the last strokes of paint on the last board of the fence, he notice for the first time that it was nearly dark as his watch said that it was 8:30. He picked up the paint can and brush and headed for the garage to clean and out away the implements.

As he was walking around the swimming pool and towards the garage, the light came on in Kimmi’s bedroom and she walked over to the door and slid it open.

“Finish up the painting,” she asked, sticking her head through the open slider.

“Finally,” I answered.

“Looks good,” she said as she closed the door again. She proceeded to pull the blinds across the large door way and she turned them closed so that no one could see in. But Pete noticed that a single blind got hung up on the edge of the slider and stayed fully open so as he walked by her slider, she saw her slip out of her skirt ad walk towards her dresser and mirror. He didn’t know what made him stop but as he crept forward to the gap in the blinds, his heart started to race and that strange feeling came back to his groin.

Kimmi was looking at herself intently in the mirror, turning from side to side, pulling up her blouse and sucking in her tummy. She suck out her panty cover butt in an exaggerated position and then she took the hem of her blouse and pulled in up over her head. Now she was standing there, admiring her self in just her underwear.

Pete’s eyes grew wide watching his little princess visually explore her growing features. She placed her hands on the outside of her tiny breasts and pushed the together, trying hard to form a cleavage where one will be someday. After bending over to see what boys would see down her open shirts or blouses, she put her fingers on the waistband of her cotton panties and pulled them down to just above her new growth area and proceeded to stand back up and look and admire herself.

Pete knew that he should sneak away from her window but try as he might, he just couldn’t do it. He was so enthralled at his daughters self discovery that he had to see what she did next so after she turned herself around, never taking her eyes off of her little body, she suddenly slipped the straps over her shoulders and slid the bra down from her small breasts. Turning the fastening around to the front, she quickly pinched it together and removed it from her tummy. Then hooking her panties with her thumbs, she yanked them down and stood back up to admire what she looked like naked.

Pete’s heart was racing as he looked into his daughter’s room. She was still looking at herself in the mirror when his foot caught on a chair that was sitting right outside of her room. It didn’t move that much but when it did, there was a scraping sound that caught Kimmi’s attention. She covered herself in an instant with her two hands as her neck snapped around to see where to noise came from. Pete panicked and ran from his spot as Kimmi peeped through the blinds in the slider and seeing nothing, she turned the single blind around, closing off any chance of someone seeing what she was up to.

Pete was panting as he went into the garage to clean up from his days work. His heart was pounding and his hands were shaking and tried his best to calm his nerves down. It took him the longest time to clean all of the paint from the brush but when he finally hung it up to dry on a nail, he ventured into his room to take a shower and get ready for bed. He had had a much fuller night then he had ever wanted and he felt the exhausted over the activities that just concluded but he got this thought in his mind to take a swim because a late night swim always helped him sleep.

He had just gotten out of the shower and had not put on his pajamas yet so he grabbed a towel and put it around his naked body, turned off his light and stepped out of his own slider into the warm dark night and the alluring call of the swimming pool.

He and Miri often took a late night dip into the pool and seldom wore their bath suits. Kimmi was usually asleep by that time and they saw no harm in their little naughty habit. So it was only natural for Pete to continue with the practice because it was late enough that Kimmi had surely gone to sleep hours ago. So Pete walked quietly over to the edge of the dark pool, removed his towel from around his waist and slowly walked down the stairs into the waist deep water. It felt refreshingly cool on this warm spring night and just as he was about to slide his body into a forward breast stroke, he heard a small splash at the other end of the pool and stopped in mid-slide.

He listened intently to hear what had caught his attention and after a brief moment he heard it again.

“Who’s down there?” he asked loud enough to get everyone’s attention who might be swimming down there.

A small little voice answered back, “It’s me Daddy, it’s Kimmi.”

“Kimmi? What the heck are you doing out here so late?” he asked his daughter.

“I couldn’t sleep and I was hot so I decided to come out and take a swim like you and Mommy do sometimes,” she said.

“You know about me and Mommy taking a swim out here late at night?” he asked a question that he had just had answered for him. Before she could respond, he asked another, “What else do you know about what Mommy and I do?”

She giggled and told me, “Nothing.”

He thought to himself, “Yeah, I bet” and vowed to be a little more discreet with their activities, especially out in the pool late at night. “Well, you’d better get out and go on to your room now because Daddy wants’ to swim my himself okay?”

She hesitated for a moment then she told him, “Daddy, I know that you aren’t wearing your swim suit and that you are naked but you don’t know that I’m not wearing mine either. I though you were already in bed when I came out so I didn’t bother to put anything thing on. I’m naked too.”

He thought for a second as that feeling came back to my groin and then he told her, “Well, just swim over to the steps and climb out and go into your room. It’s dark and I can’t see anything.”

“Daddy, have you looked around? Your eyes get adjusted to the darkness and I could see just fine from this end of the pool. I don’t want to get out in front of you at that end,” she reasoned with him.

“Okay, let’s swap end of the pool and I’ll turn my back, okay?” he told her.

“Okay,” she answered and pushed off the edge and started to swim down to the other end.

Pete did the same but the lighting wasn’t as good as she said it was and they met right in the middle. They bumped heads and in their effort to catch their breaths and not touch each other, they managed to intertwine themselves in one another’s bare body and Pete ended up with his arms around her. She stopped moving as her feet floated down to come to rest on his shins and her soft little crotch touched my stomach. The look on her face was one of horror but as her thighs got poked by his semi-hard cock and she realized that he was as uncomfortable as she, a pleasant look of surprise crept over her face.

Pete had been treading water, holding up both with his legs fanning the water but every time he kicked them, he could feel her breasts press against my chest and her tiny little patch touch his stomach. He was getting very erect so he slowly made his way over to where he could touch bottom and walked over to where he could release her down to stand on her own. She continued to stare into his eyes and as he let her slide down his body, his now hard cock was pended against her legs and as she passed it, it got caught in her junction and she squealed and jerked her hips back out of the way.

Finally standing on her own, panting and looking out of breath she looked up at Pete and asked, “Daddy, can see it? Please I’ve never seen a real one before. It felt so big down there when it was poking me and everything. I just want to see it for a second. Can I please?”

“Oh Kimmi, no we shouldn’t be doing this. Now get out of the pool and go right to your room,” he told her.

“Please Daddy, why won’t you let me just see it. I won’t tell Mommy really. I just have to see it and maybe touch it a little,” she begged.

The thought of having her touch his rock hard cock destroyed his will power and resolve as he reluctantly told her, “Okay you can see it and touch it just a little but you’ve got to promise me that will never say anything about this to your mother or anybody. Promise?”

“Okay I promise,” she said but forgetting that as she walked into the swallow end of the pool, she was exposing her fine little body to his eyes also.

She was looking down at his rock hard erection as it cleared the water and stood up straight on its own. Her eyes were as big as his cock and they only got bigger in anticipation of her first sight of the real thing.
But when she reached down and turned it from side to side, the sensation caused it to jerk and strain as it met her touch and she cried out with excitement.

“Oh Daddy, it jerked in my hand!” she said all excited. “I can’t see it at all under there,” she said pointing to the under side of Pete’s cock. “Wait right there for a second,” she told her father as she hopped out of the pool, and ran to her sliding door to her room. In an instant, a light came on in her room and it shown through her closed blinds to the pool as he slowly walked to the edge and up the steps. He watched her naked little body come running back to where he was now standing as she said in the most excited tone, “There we can both see each other’s body in the light.”

She jumped into the pool and the water splashed up all over his face as he smiled a broad smile and looked the other way. She came down right in font of him as she reached out with her hand to grab on to his still hard cock.

“Be careful,” he cautioned her. “It is part of me. It’s not a stick or something. You can hurt it by grabbing on to it and yanking on it and stuff.”

A look of shock came over her face as she looked down at it in her hand and then back up to look into Pete’s eyes. He smiled, indicating that she had not actually hurt him but let out his breath as he felt her handle it with the care that it deserved. After a brief second or two of her handling it with her kid like touch, he had to caution her once more but this time it wasn’t anything having to do with the roughness of her hands.

“Oh Kimmi, I don’t think you should be rubbing it so much,” he said softly though his clenched teeth. “I think that you should just look at it and keep your hands off of it for now.”

She didn’t know why but withdrew her hands away from it but continued to stare at it with intense curiosity. Walking over to the stairs, she went down to her knees and looked up at it between his legs and then with a single finger, reached up and touched his balls. Standing back up right in front of him, she said, “Cool!” and slowly went out of the pool and sat down in the chaise.

“Daddy?” she asked seemingly full of questions. “Your thingy goes into Mommy vagina right and when you ejaculate your sperm into her womb, she gets pregnant right?”

I nodded as she continued, “Why am I the only child then because I’ve seen you put it in Mommy lots of times.”

“You’ve seen what?” I asked in shock. “Where did you see us? Was it in the pool or there in our bedroom?”

“I’ve seen you fu…ah, doing it in lots of places, like the kitchen one Saturday morning when you thought I was still asleep and on the couch once and on…”

“That’s enough, I get it. I guess we will have to be a little more discrete from now on,” I told her.

“Why? I think it’s neat that my Mommy and Daddy still make love. That means that you still love each other and that makes me feel secure,” she said proudly.

Pete grinned to himself and was silent for a moment when she interrupted his thought with anther question. “Don’t you want to see me now?”

“I, ah, I don’t, ah…” he stammered.

“Well, if you do then you’ll have to hurry because I’m getting kind of tired and I think hat I would like to go to bed,” she said through her yawn.

“Then I’ll carry you into you bed and tuck you in,” he told her with a smile on his face as he walked over to her. He bent down over her petite little nude body and he noticed her perky little mounds were soft and cuddly as he slowly picked her up in his arms. He carried her into her bedroom as she lay her head down on his shoulder. He entered her room and put her into bed on top of the covers at her request and just before he turned out the light, she looked up at him and asked, “Don’t you want to touch me down there between my legs?”

Pete tried not to look shocked but kept his composure and told her, “Not tonight Sweetheart,” and the room went dark.

The next morning, Kimberly seemed just as normal as she always was, full of life and smiles like nothing had happened between them the night before. And really, what did happen? That’s what Pete was saying to himself trying not to feel so guilty but the whole idea of letting his daughter look and feel his genitals made him almost sick to his stomach. But when Miri came through the door the next day about mid-afternoon and asked him how his day with his daughter turned out, he thought that he was going to die.

“Sit down Miri,” he said, “I’ve got something to tell you and you’re not going to like it.”

She sat down on the sofa in the family room with a concerned look on her face. “Peter, you’re starting to scare me. What happen, is Kimberly alright?” she asked.

“Yeah, Kimmi is fine but its something about her that I think you should know,” he confessed.

He went on to explain what transpired the previous evening, conveniently leaving out the part about him peeping through her sliding glass door. He told her all about going out and going swimming and that they inadvertently bumped into each other and how he let her see his manhood.

She sat there in shock and then asked if anything else happened. He told her no that he had not even laid a hand on her body except when he picked her up and brought her into bed. He told her that she had asked him to look and to touch her but he refused. The look on her face was one of complete denial and hurt. She slowly looked past him and towards her bedroom where she was on the computer playing a game that she liked.

She suddenly stood up and walked to her bedroom and called out in a gentle voice, “Kimberly, I’m home. Will you come on out here and let us talk with you Honey?”

Their daughter came out warily with this look on her face that she was in a lot of trouble. As she approached the area which they were sitting in, Miriam asked her a question. “Daddy told me that you two were in the pool last night without anything on. Is that right?”

Kimberly looked at her father and then at her mother and then down to her hands folded down at her lap. “Yeah,” she said in a soft little voice.

“And he told me that you wanted to see his penis, is that right?” she continued.

Kimberly didn’t answer but merely nodded her head to indicate that she had. Then her mother asked her if she had told him that she didn’t mind him looking at her naked body and it was alright for him to touch it.

Again she nodded her head in the affirmative.

“And did he? Did he touch you like you asked him to?” she asked in a demanding voice.

“No Mommy, he did touch me except to bring me into my bed, honest!” she said emphatically.

Miriam turned to look her husband in the eye as her mouth curled up in a strange little ugly griminess and spit out to him, “Why the hell not? How is she going to learn anything if you don’t show her?” she asked indignantly.

Her question fell on disbelieving ears as her words slowly started to sink in. “What did you say?” was his only response.

“You heard me Peter Michael Johnson. Your daughter comes to you and asks you a question and offers to be the instrument of education and you turn her down,” she told him. “What kind of father are you anyway?” she asked and then broke into a broad grin.

“Oh Peter, I love you so much but trust me on this, she asked you for your help and you let her down so now I have to take over. Kimberly,” she barked then soften her tone a little. “Kimi? Do you still want you Daddy look at your body and touch it only the way that he can and I know that he can?” she asked her daughter but running her hand up his leg in a suggestive jester.

“Uh huh,” Kimmi responded with all of the enthusiasm in the world.

“Then get over here and let your Daddy take off your clothes and we can continue your education from last night,” she told her daughter.

Pete got a big grin on his face as he scooted up in his seat and awaited for his young daughter to follow her mother’s commands and as she walked up to where he was sitting, she had a strange look on her face with her lower lip suck between her front teeth.

She slyly looked up into his eyes as her cheeks turned a slight pinkish color but when he smiled into her eyes and gave her a little wink, she tucked her shoulder under her chin and took her gaze downward again. He asked her to come closer to his position and she shuffled forward a step and then he placed his hands on the hem of her shirt. He pulled it upward, exposing first her tummy and then her bra covered chest until it went over her head and off of her outstretched arms. He tossed it to the floor beside of her and sat back to admire his work so far.

Pete looked intently at his daughter tight tummy muscles and her white cotton bra that covered her budding breast that he remembered seeing the night before. But he chose to remove her cutoff jeans that she wore as shorts next so he unfastened the button that kept them from falling off of her hips. He then pulled down her fly and opened them up as exposed the top of her thin multi-colored panties to his eyes. She turned an ever greater color of red around her cheeks as she stood there before is gaze.

She wiggled her hips free from the jeans that were hugging her waist and as they grabbed her panties by the butt, she had to grip them by their waist band to keep them from sliding down her legs with her cutoffs. But as she readjusted them back in place, her shorts may it to the floor and soon they had joined her tee shirt in a pile on the floor.

Again Pete sat back to enjoy his progress in undressing his daughter and as he looked at her tight little panties that fit over her crotch like a glove fits over a hand, he noticed the dimpling affect of her tiny patch of pubic hair as it was drawn tight between her two hips. The sight was so sensuous that his manhood started to stir within his shorts and he started to salivate at the though of what he was doing. It took all of his will power to move his gaze back up to her bra and to think about its removal but when he did in fact start to think about it, his hands took over the task and went around to her back to unfasten her supportive, padded bra.

As he unhooked the restraint and the tension of it became slack, his hands went up to her shoulders and slid the straps down her arms as she turned a bright shade of red and moved her arm up to cover her bare little boobies. He smiled at her shyness and gently placed his hand on her arm and slowly guided it downward exposing her soft little white mounds to his view. He took in his breath through dry parched lips and it made the sound of the wind as it went into his lungs.

He so wanted to reach out and touch her precious little breasts and give her the satisfaction that she craved but held off for now because he wanted her to enjoy the disrobing as much as he could. He did not resist, however, gently caressing the skin on her tummy and as he let his touch move down to the top of her panties, it was her turn to take in a deep breath as her eyes automatically closed.

He lightly ran his finger around the elastic of her underwear, inserting it slightly under the gathering and when it went all the way over to one side. His finger was joined by the other hand and the two hooked on to her waist band and started to pull them down. Her tummy was the first to find the light of day under her panty material and then her lower abdomen came into view. Her eyes were tightly closed and her teeth were working over her lower lip but when the dusting of her pubic patch became uncovered and he could see her pussy lips start to be shown, he almost lost his patience and grabbed her fully on the crotch.

But his restraint won out and he removed her colorful underwear down over her thighs, over her knees and finally helped her step out of them all together. He tossed them gently into the pile and looked back to see his naked 13 year old daughter standing a mere foot or two in front of him. He realized that he wasn’t breathing; he didn’t dare because it just may spoil the moment for both of them, but as his lungs started to demand he let out the trapped air, he exhaled loudly and he threw out his arms as he gently pulled her into his embrace.

“Oh Kimmi,” he whispered in her ear. “You are so beautiful. My God how did I miss you growing up to be such a gorgeous young woman? You have all the charms of your mother in a much younger version and I love every one of them. Oh my Kimmi, my lovely little Kimmi, how I want you, how I love you.”

She stood there in his embrace, trembling at his declaration of his affection, wondering what was next in her education that she so wanted. She could feel his warm embrace and his two strong hands on her back pulling her into him more and more. She remembered the feeling of his cock that last night pressed into her tummy and she longed for him to duplicate that sensation but first he had to remove his own clothes and get as naked as she was.

“Pete, stand up and let your daughter take off your clothes,” Miri instructed him, reading Kimberly’s mind. “It is only fair that she should get the satisfaction of taking yours off as much as you enjoyed stripping her.”

His ears heard her instructions and his body responded naturally but his mind was still trying to absorb what was happening to him. He had just gotten his 13 year old daughter completely naked and now his bride of 14 years was telling him to stand up and let this same little offspring of his place him on equal footing with her current position. “My God, this can’t be happening to me?” he thought. But as she started to tug on his shirt and he raised his arms over his head, he realized that it was to be the same and he loved every second of it.

She tossed his shirt into another pile and she went immediately down to his shorts as she took them quickly off of his body. Her two trembling hands pulled his underwear down in an instant and he found himself standing naked in front of her hungry eyes. She was staring directly at his stiff cock and then she reached out to touch it again.

It jerked at the sensation of her contact as she smiled and enveloped it into her hand. He sighed out loud and closed his eyes as they each noticed for the first time that Miriam was getting into the picture after removing all of her clothes by herself.

“Kimberly Sweetheart, you had better let me take over right now because I think your Daddy needs a little release because I think that he’s about to explode,” she said removing her daughter’s hands from Pete’s raging hard on. “Now watch very carefully because you will get a chance to do what I’m doing soon enough and I want you to enjoy it also.”

She positioned herself directly in front of her husband and looked up into those eyes of his and gave him a brief little smile. He smiled back at her but his nerves were starting to show up in his face and his smile was a little forced she thought. She put one hand on his chest and pushed him back down onto the sofa as she kneeled down between his legs.

“Get down here so you can see what I’m about to do,” she instructed her daughter. “Now, you put your face right here next to his penis and you stroke it a little with your hand. Can you see the skin slide up his staff? It is called his foreskin and it’s essential that you make it move over the hardness of his penis. You can do this either by rubbing on it like this,” she said as she demonstrated by jacking him off, “or by placing into your vagina,” she told her by pointing a finger at the younger daughter’s crotch. “But I’m going to show a way to make the foreskin slide on his cock that I think your father likes the best, now watch,” she said as she lowered her mouth down to his cock.

She licked his head with her tongue and ran it down his staff and back up to the large bulbous head. She stuck her tongue directly into the hole that was gaping at the end and then took the entire thing in between her lips. She started sucking on it gently as she brought in back and forth out of her mouth and the suction on the foreskin began to slide it over the stiff shaft. He started to groan a little as he closed his eyes and lifted his head up in gratitude of the wonderful feeling.

As Miri started to take it in further and further with each stroke into her mouth, Pete opened his eyes and asked his daughter to crawl over to him and allow his hand to fondle her pussy lips. Kimberly was so excited watching her mother suck on his cock that she instantly got to her knees and crawled over to his hand and spread her legs out wide.

He caressed the inner thigh of his beautiful little daughter and it sent chills running through her body and her eyes went closed. But as he gently placed his finger on her two tight little lips and ran it up between them, she let out a cry of excitement as she strained to keep her balance on her knees. Miri looked up at the sound and smiled though her busy lips.

Pete’s finger was pressing in between those two puffy lips that were only partially covered by her sparse pubic hair growth and as he opened them up to receive his entrance into her pinkish little canal, she cried out her approval and spread her knees apart even further. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were tightly closed as his finger made its way up and down her moist slit. It stopped at her love button and she shrieked when it made contact with the hooded node.

Miriam was getting so excited knowing what her husband was doing to their daughter that she doubled her efforts by accepting his cock further down her throat than ever before. She was gagging with every thrust that she made on it until just as she reached her first orgasm of the afternoon she rammed it all the way past her gag reflex and lodged it down her throat.

This was a brand new experience for them both and feeling it go down in between the esophageal muscles and feeling those muscles contract around the foreign object that his cock represented, Pete felt his urge explode with his massive release of his pent up desires and his gallons of cum that shot down into his wife’s gagging throat. He sent out jet after jet from his spewing cock as he strained his hips off of the sofa and he tightened every muscle in his body. In his muscular spasms of his orgasm, his finger was not left out of the excitement so as he released his essences into his wife, his finger did a job on his poor little daughter’s button.

He was rubbing on her clitoris as fast and as hard as he could as he felt his release come and finally go from his loins. But what he didn’t realize was that poor Kimberly was on her third such release and was nearing exhaustion. She was screaming into deft ears as she rammed her pussy into his hand trying to fulfill her new found desires with the satisfaction of his finger on her clitoris. When he finally came down enough to realize what was happening to his little cherub, he slowed his manual assault on her red little lips and the treasure they were suppose to protect and slowly brought her down.

The three of them lay there on the sofa, completely nude and panting. They stayed that way for a long time, each trying to recuperate the best that they could. Kimberly was the first to come around and as she rolled off of her father’s hand still on her tender little crotch, Pete awoke and so did his wife Miriam.

Looking into her daughter’s eyes, all she saw were the multitude of questions that were running through her daughter’s busy mind. She knew that she had to answer each and every one of them because this was the purpose of their little demonstration gone awry. She wasn’t supposed to get involved in it but, alas, she did and now it was their responsibility to make it right by her. But after the brief confusion that shown in her expression, she got this big smile on her face and she asked, “Can you demonstrate it again Mommy. I think I like it a lot and I want to learn more about what you and Daddy do.”

Kimberly looked down at her Daddy’s cock as it started to twitch again back to life and then up at her Mommy’s face and smiled the biggest smile. Miriam smiled back and said more to herself than to her daughter, “I’ve got to make an appointment to take you to a Doctor so you can get on the pill and in a couple of months you’ll be ready for the ultimate lesson.”

Hearing this, Pete cock became rock hard once again and he began to fantasize over just what they were going to teach their little daughter. He could hardly wait but until then, he rolled onto his side and slid his hand up between his daughter legs and felt for her Holy Grail once again. She scooted down into his probing hand and spread her legs out wide in an invitation that he so wanted to accept. His wife smiled as she looked on and slowly put her hand on her daughter breast and gently started to caress her soft white skin. “Yes, I’ve definitely have to make that appointment tomorrow morning,” she thought to herself as she started to caress her daughter’s hard little nipple. “First thing in the morning.”