My Girl

Two years ago, after losing my wife in a car accident, I moved out to the middle of no where. Okay, maybe no where is a bit of an over-statement. I was so tired of living in the city, had been for years, and as a writer I could work from any where so long as I had electric and internet access. I found a nice place positioned on the north shore of a lake. The north side was still mostly forest, with a few homes hidden away down long dirt paths, and mine was one of them. My closest neighbor was three miles away, and the portion of lake that my home overlooked was a small cove that was rarely used. The seclusion gave me plenty of peace and quiet to write, though it did get a little lonely at times.

I had just arrived home from a trip into the city for a meeting with my editor. I had recently finished my latest novel and had to finalize the publishing deal. I wasn’t exactly happy as I reached my key to the door lock, the money was fine, but my editor had forced me to sign on for a two week book tour to promote the book, that I hated. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to meet my readers, I truly enjoyed speaking with them, I just preferred to do it more one on one. But all of that flew from my mind when the door knob turned with out me unlocking it.

Had I forgotten to lock the door? I couldn’t believe that I had, but it was possible. Or, had someone broken in? I thought about going back to my Jeep, calling the local sheriff. I changed my mind when I realized it would take him an hour to get there, at least it did last time when I had called. I opted to check the place out myself. Slowly I entered, everything seemed to be in place in the living room and dinning area. Even my new LCD big screen was sitting in it’s place. I moved on to the kitchen, on a quick glance everything seemed to be fine. I turned and headed for my office. I flipped the light on and scanned the room. The bookshelves were still full, the TV sat next to the window, paintings and drawing hung straight on the wall, and my desk was still as cluttered as I had left it, minus my laptop. My laptop I had taken with me of course and was safe in the Jeep outside, along with my suitcase. I next check the screen porch, noticing that a storm was rolling in across the lake. I could only hope that it would bring rain, not snow as the temperature had dropped drastically over the last few days, and was a blistering thirty-nine degrees.
With the downstairs gone though, I headed up to the second floor which housed four bedrooms and a full bath, along with a master bath off of my room. I check the first two rooms and bath, everything was fine. I check the last bedroom, and then opened the door to mine. My heart started to race, pounding inside my chest when I saw the blankets on my bed mussed. There was no one in sight, no one in the bed, under the covers, but there had been. I moved quickly, cautiously, to the bath. No one there either, they must have already took off, maybe scarred away when I pulled in.

Relaxed more, I decided to get out of my suite. I removed the jacket, and tight black shoes. With shoes in hand, and jacket over my arm I opened the closet door to put them away for another month. Instead of being met by a mostly empty shoe rack, I was meet by a pair of frightened eyes staring up at me.
“What the…” I gasped, almost as scared as the young girl hiding in my closet. “What are you doing here, in my house?” I shouted once I found my voice.
She curled her knees to her chest, shielded her face with her arms, crossing them in front of her. “Please…” She cried in a tiny pixie like voice. “Don’t hurt me… I didn’t know.”
I reach out to her, to help her to her feet and out of my closet. Instead she jerked away, almost leaping back further inside the closet. “I’m not going to hurt you.” I said softly, trying my best to calm her and myself. “I promise.”
“Really? You’re not mad?” She sniffled, lowering her arms.
“Oh, I’m mad, but I’m not going to hurt you. What are you doing here anyway?”
She rose to her feet slowly and followed me out into the bedroom. “I thought the house was empty, I didn’t think anyone lived up here this time of year.” She replied, obviously anxious.
I looked her over more closely then. She was looking pretty rough, dirty. I could smell her from two feet away. Her blond hair matted and greasy, and she looked to have a black eye. She also appeared to be young, very young. “You still didn’t answer my question. What are you doing here?” I asked again, setting down on the edge of my bed.
“If I tell you, you will call the cops.”
“No cops, I swear…”
“For real?”
“Well that depends on you, so lets hear it.”
“Hugh?” She grunted, confused.
“Why are you here?”
“I ran away, and it was getting really cold… So when I found this house, and there wasn’t anyone around, I thought it would be safe for awhile, maybe the winter. I really didn’t know anyone lived here.”
“So why did you run away from home?”
“Foster home… they were mean, real mean. I couldn’t take it anymore so I got out of there.”
“How long ago did you runaway?”
“About two weeks ago, I guess.”
p>“Two weeks… What have you been doing for food, for shelter?”
“I eat when I can, and there is almost always a bus stop or rest area around… except for around here anyway.” She started to pace.
“So what’s your name?”
“When was the last time you ate Samantha?”
“I’m not sure, maybe two days.”
“And the last time you had a bath?”
“Not since I ran away.” She lowered her head as if ashamed.
“One more question Samantha, for now anyway. How old are you?”
“Seventeen!” She spit out with confidence, too much confidence to believe her. Not to mention she looked way to young for that to be true.
“Really!” I stated.
“Okay, I’m sixteen…”
“Try again.”
“Fifteen okay… I’m fifteen.”
She appeared younger to me but I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I went to the dresser, pulled out an old T-shirt and tossed it to her. Samantha caught it easily, and stared at me with a cute puzzled look. “You take a bath, and I’ll fix us something to eat, then we will discuss what we will do next. Okay?”
“Ah, okay…” Samantha started to lift her shirt up.
“No no, it’s not like that, you go on in the bathroom, I’ll head down stairs.”

Thirty minutes later a new, cleaner, and much more attractive Samantha sashayed into the kitchen. Wearing nothing more than my old T-shirt she sat down on one of the chairs at the small table. All cleaned up I noticed she looked even younger than I had thought. She was a tiny girl, thin, with long light blond hair that now glistened under the lights. Her skin smooth, and slightly tanned, and she had the most beautiful big brown eyes. Wearing my shirt made her seem even smaller, younger, with not much breast visible, mere bumps really. Her legs were long and thin, nearly completely visible below the shirt as it rode up her tiny thighs as she sat. I served up our dinner, steak and eggs with toast. Samantha almost inhaled it, I wasn’t even sure if she even tasted it. With a clean plate she thanked me, and told me it was wonderful. I figured that she was so hungry that I could have served up deep fried shit and she would have thanked me for it.
After we ate Samantha stretched out on the sofa and I turned on the TV. I sat in my recliner to her side and we chatted some more. She told me more about what she had gone through at her foster home.

“Every Friday night He would come home drunk, and if you were the lucky one He would just make you play with his thing, instead of knocking you around. He didn’t hit me too often, he like to play with me more. Unless Anna was home. She was older and she would do more things with him. He tried to do some of those things with me too, but it hurt and I screamed. He tried again later, the night I ran away. I waited until he fell asleep, got dressed and ran.”
She went on to tell me where she had lived and I was surprised to hear it was in the next state. This little girl had traveled a long way on her own. I sat there watching her, the way her body moved, as she spoke and could understand why a man would want her. Yes she was young, but she was beautiful, and had a certain sex appeal that was undeniable, even to me.
“I sure don’t want to see you go back to that place… but we, I have to let the authorities know that you are okay, so they will stop looking for you.”
“No! You can’t, you promised!” She bolted up straight on the couch, tears flooding her eyes.
“Calm down, I’m not doing anything tonight. But tomorrow I will call my attorney and see what I can do for you. She used to work with abused kids so I’m sure she will have some ideas. As for now, you can stay here with me, and I will be there for you, at your side all the way.”
“Why would you do that for me? You don’t even know me?”
“I know you are in trouble, and that you don’t have anyone else. Besides there is something special about you.”
“Really?” She smiled, tilting her head to the side and bit the corner of her full bottom lips. “No one has ever said that to me before.” She hopped off the sofa, sprinted over to me and gave me a hug. She smelled so good, her skin, her hair. The she kissed my cheek, and she had the softest lips.
I hugged her back, my arms wrapping around her tiny waist. My one hand grazed over her tight, round, little butt as she started to pull away. My god it was firm, but not overly so. She didn’t seem to notice, or at least she didn’t mind my touching her there.
“Thanks… for everything.” She added before heading off to bed. I had made up one of the rooms for her while she showered, and told her which one she was to use. Of course it was the room next to mine. Although I was willing to help her out, found her sweet, intriguing, and attractive, I still didn’t know if I could trust her. Putting her in the room next to mine I would be able to hear if she tried to slip out and rob me on her way.
With my new house guest tucked away in her bed, I settled into my chair at my desk. I still had a lot to do with my next book, only fifteen chapters into it, and my deadline was in a month. I started pounding away at the keys of my laptop, but the story in my head ran dry after two pages. I leaned back, lit a smoke, and drifted off into thought. This was my way of stirring up the creative mojo. I would slip into the world I had created, live the life of a character, and see where that life would take me. It had always worked in the past, though not always as quickly as I wanted, but that evening it wasn’t working, my thoughts kept running toward Samantha, the plight she had experience, and at such a young age.
I must have drifted off to sleep for a bit, because the next thing I knew, Samantha was standing next to me, leaning over my desk, reading. I glanced at her, her long lithe figure stretched out, my T-shirt riding high up her body, so much so that I had a clear view of the lower round areas of her bottom where her long legs attached. She truly was a vision of beauty. I quickly scolded myself for staring at her, and at the thoughts that rushed through my mind, and then I was intent on scolding her. I had never allowed anyone to read my work until finished, and she had just taken the liberty of doing so.
“What are you doing!” I barked, scaring her so bad that she literally jumped back three feet away from me and the desk. Tears flooded her eyes instantly, and her body began to quiver and shake.
“I’m sorry…” Samantha sobbed, pulling further away until she backed into the bookcase behind her, with no where else to retreat she slowly curled up into a ball on the floor, and tucked her knees to her chest.
“No, I’m sorry.” I said softly, trying to calm her as I stood up and walked over to her. “I shouldn’t have shouted, I’m just not used to having someone here.” I added as I knelt in front of her. I reached out and touched her right hand that gripped her knee so hard her knuckles were turning white.
Samantha jerked her hand away at my touch, and scooted herself tighter against the bookcase. She looked so small and frightened on the floor in front of me, that I could not help but feel even more sorry for her.
I reached to her again, this time placing my hand gently on the side of her face. Her hair was so soft as it glided beneath my fingers as I lowered my hand down to her chin. With one finger under her chin I gingerly lifted her head until her tear stained eyes glared into mine. “I am not going to hurt you, Samantha. I would never do that.” I whispered.
She seemed to want to believe me, but she had been through so much in her short life that she didn’t trust me, or anyone for that matter. I could see the loneliness in her beautiful eyes, along with the fear and confusion, and my heart sank. I carefully moved my hands to her shoulders and then to her arms, and helped her to her feet. Her body was still shaking as she stood there staring at me, not saying a word, but at least she had stopped crying.
“Why don’t you go back up to bed, get some rest.” I carefully and gently stroked her cheek, and gave her a smile. “I think I’ll be going to bed as well. So go on now, I’ll be up shortly.”
Samantha slowly walked out of the room, like a puppy with her tail between her legs after being scolded for peeing on the carpet. She stopped just passed the door and without looking back she said: “I am sorry, it won’t happen again.” Her voice was so small it sounded as if she were already upstairs.
“It’s okay, Sweetie… Don’t worry about it.” I had not realized I had called her sweetie until she turned and gave me a nervous smile, then headed on up stairs. I don’t know why I called her that, it just seemed to be the right thing to say, to help her relax, and feel more at easy. I mean it always worked in the movies. The only problem was that this wasn’t a movie.
Once Samantha had cleared the stairs and was out of my view, I headed back into my office, shut down my computer, flipped off the light, and went up to bed. I brushed my teeth, slipped into my sleep pants, and into bed. I snuggled down under the heavy comforter, and quickly found sleep for a change. I was awoke by a strange, yet enjoyable feeling. I looked down and seen an extra lump in my comforter, and the feeling of a warm, smooth hand stroking my penis. At first I thought I was dreaming, but when I flipped the comforter back and saw Samantha’s tiny body curled next to mine, her head on my belly, and hand pumping my erection slow and steady.
I thought about yelling out “What are you doing?”, but after what had happen in my office I thought a little more diplomacy was needed. I laid there thinking, and believe me it was not easy. Her small hand gliding up and down my hard shaft felt really good, wonderful in fact, but I could not allow this to continue. By the time I figured out what to say, Samantha lowered her head southward, and her silky, moist lips closed over the swollen head of my penis. The words that had been found in my mind, struck in my throat instantly. All I could do was let out a soft moan. My moan apparently fueled her, as her tongue swirled around the very tip, sending me into an ecstasy that I had not felt for a long time. I gasped, and moaned again from this sudden and unexpected pleasure this young girl was giving me. I fought back the strong urge to let her finish, do as she wanted, and reach down to her head with my hands to stop her. The moment my hands touched her hair, Samantha swallowed my entire length into her mouth and throat. Her head started to bob back and forth, causing her silky hair to tickle the tender flesh of my pelvis and belly.
It had been a long time since I had been with a woman intimately, and it was showing, like it or not. When Samantha’s other hand started to massage and toy with my scrotum, as she expertly explored my erection, I quickly felt my orgasm begin to build. I began to throb and heat up inside her talented young mouth, my scrotum tightened under her grasp, and I felt my muscles tense trough out my body.
“Oh God, stop…” I breathed, my breathing was becoming rapid. Samantha did not stop, she went at me with more vigor instead. Her head was bouncing up and down above my pelvis, plunging my cock deep into her throat and back to where her lips locked around the head tight, and she would suck as hard as she could, then dive back down. “Sam… Samantha… stop… I’m going… going to… cum…” I begged her, fisting my fingers into her long hair.
My warning came to late, not that she seemed to care, and I fired a hot load into her mouth as she sucked hard. Samantha plunged me back into her throat, and I quickly pumped two more heavy loads deep into her. Two more loads fired off, and she took every one easily. Just when I thought it was over, as my body quivered beneath her light weight, Samantha began to squeeze the base of my penis and stroked up to my crown, milking me right down to the last drop. Once I stopped moving at all, and she realized there was no more left in me, Samantha released my semi-erect muscle from her lips. She laid her head back down on my belly, nearly on my chest, left her one hand atop my shrinking penis, and pulled the comforter up to her neck with her other hand. She seemed as spent as I was, and I didn’t think she would try anything else that night, so I left her be, and we both fell asleep.