My husband and daughter


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Hi my name is Mary and I am thirty seven years old. I have been married to my husband Larry who is thirty eight for twenty years. Yes we married young and I had our daughter Jan when I was seventeen. Larry and I have always got along very well and still are deeply in love. I have to admit our love life has been in a rut for a while. We keep trying to find ways to do new things but lately its been kind of a slump. Our daughter Jan called and asked to stay with us until she found a job. She was living with her boyfriend but they split up. Well Jan moved back in her old room and every thing was going good. It was nice to have her back home.
I noticed she has filled out some her ass and breast were bigger. She has wide hips like Larry’s sister does she takes after his side more than mine. She is about five foot four inches and is very well built. She had a bubble but and her breast are big and perky. We were sitting around the house a while back talking. Larry was out back working on a old truck he had. She said her boyfriend was a asshole with a little pecker and she was glad to be rid of him. She said thanks for letting her stay she knows its a burden. I told her its no burden baby you are always welcome here. Well the quarantine hit and like most people we stayed shut in.
A few days later we all were board to death and she had the idea to mix some stiff drinks and cut loose. Larry and I said what the hell its been a while since we relaxed. After several drinks later and a lot of catching up she went and turned up the music. She said I love this song and began dancing around. It was rap music and she started twerking. She placed her hands on her knees and started jerking her hips. She was wearing a tight cut off top and a pair of tight stretchy shorts. Her tits bounced and her big round ass jiggled and I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks. She was tipsy and singing and having a good time. I said WOOO you go girl shake that thing baby.
I said our daughter has some moves huh baby and looked at Larry. It was like he didn’t hear me his eyes were fixed on Jan’s plump ass wiggling around. I didn’t say anything I just watched him as he watched our daughter dance. It might have been the alcohol but I thought he was getting aroused. I said earth to husband are you there. He snapped his head toward me and said what was that you said. Our daughter has some moves don’t she and felt kind of turned on now for asking. Yes she knows how to work what she has that’s for sure. Jan said come on mom and dance with me its so fun. I don’t know why I did it but I pulled Larry up and led him to her. I said I have to go take a quick shower dance with your dad. She said ok and I placed Larry’s hands on her hips and said dance with her. I went around the corner and in the bathroom and turned on the shower. I did take a quick shower but left the water running when I got out. I felt so dirty but excited for thinking what I was.
I crept out and peeked around the corner until I could just see them. She had her hands on his as he held her wide hips. She was swinging her head around as her dad looked at looked at her ass. I saw his lips mouth the words WOW and he clenched his teeth. She stopped and said man that’s fun daddy but I need a break. I went and turned off the water and went to the living room. I could tell Larry was unsettled like he had done something wrong. He said he was really tired and had to go to bed. I said me to and followed him to the bed room. He turned off the lite and got into bed like he didn’t want me to see him naked. As soon as I got in bed he reached and put his hand on my pussy.
I said oh someone’s horny and felt his dick and he was hard already. I knew why he was hard but he said look what you do to me. I said oh its ok baby that would make any man hard. What do you mean he asked and pushed a finger in me. our daughter is sexy as hell and her body is so hot don’t you think so. He said yes I guess she is but I don’t think about her that way. I said you may not but something does and squeezed his hard on. I never felt him so hard in a long time and it made me horny as hell knowing why. I said its ok its kind of a turn on to me its so taboo and wrong its hot. I said its ok baby just do what feels good I think. He said what feels good she’s my daughter Mary. She also is a hot sexy young woman and your a man I said. Yes a man a married man he said. It wouldn’t be like cheating she’s our daughter I could never be threatened by her I said. I said I’m drunk don’t pay me no mind and rolled over and pretended to pass out. I knew he was horny as hell and figured I would hold sex back until he give in and tried something with her. I was hoping he would get up and go back and party with her but he didn’t. After that I noticed him looking at her different.
A few days later she caught me alone and asked if I had a dildo she could borrow. She said she left in such a hurry she forgot hers and was going nuts. I said no I don’t I never needed one. I knew it was my chance to get her thinking what I was. I said your dad is a real good lover and is hung like a horse so I never needed one. I wasn’t a lie he is hung like a horse. She said you are lucky mom dad’s a nice looking man I’m happy for you two. I told her if it gets to be more than she could stand then let her dad help her out. She looked at me and said MOM REALLY DAD I couldn’t. Well its ok with me as a matter of fact I think I would love to see that I said. She said OH I have a knotty mother I see that’s cool really you would like to watch me and dad. I said I’m just being honest it would be so dirty and hot. I never thought of dad in that way she said it is kind of dirty and hot its so wrong. Later that evening after everyone had dinner and a shower I mixed some drinks. I was already wet thinking about trying to get the together.
After about a hour of drinking I turned on some rap music and said show me that dance again. She started twerking her ass and I pulled Larry to her again. I said dance with our daughter baby and put his hands on her hips. I stepped behind him and started dancing and grinding his ass. I slowly pushed him forward until his dick was pushing against her ass. She kept wiggling her big ass on him. It wasn’t long until he said he needed to sit down. I reached between his legs and felt he was hard as a steel pipe. I said oh no you don’t just relax and enjoy yourself baby. I could tell she felt his hard dick. She bent way over and grabbed her ankle’s and looked between her legs. She pushed against his cock sliding her pussy over his dick. I knew she was wanting his cock and when I herd him moan I knew I had him. I knew if they stopped I might not get another chance. I reached In front of him and slid her shorts down and then his. I said don’t you guy’s dare move and reached between his legs again.
I grabbed his cock and pushed the tip thru her pussy slit and held him strait. I was so nerves afraid he might stop but he surprised me. He pushed half his cock in her and she screamed out loud. He pulled back and plunged into her all the way. He started fucking her hard making her scream OOOOOHHHHHH DADDY ITS SO FUCKING BIGGGGGGGG DADDYYYYYYYYYY. I stepped back and set down letting the go. It was like I wasn’t even there as he fucked our daughter’s wet needing pussy. She started shacking and slinging her head around. AAAAAAAHHHH MY GOD DADDYYYY YOUR MAKING ME CUMMMMMMMMM FUCK ME DADDYYYYY. As soon as she cum He knelt on the floor and pulled her to him. He lay her on her side facing me pulled her leg to his chest. I then seen she shaves her pussy leaving a small strip only. Larry pushed his dick head in her pussy and stopped. He pulled it out and back in just the tip. He had her so wet her juice was all over the inside her legs. He said are you ready baby do you want daddy’s cock.
As soon as she said please daddy stop teasing me he pushed all the way in her. He slowly started fucking her. They were both watching his big cock slid in and out her pussy. He reached down and wiggled his fingers on her clit and she went crazy. She humped at his cock begging him to fuck her. OOOOOH YES DADDY YES GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK DADDY IM CUMING. She jerked wildly as he brought her to another orgasm.
She pushed him back and said lay down daddy I’m going to ride that big cock. He lay down and she straddled him and slid down his cock. She was facing me and she smiled at me as she wiggled on his cock. She started fucking the hell out of him. She was slamming down on him hard and begged him to cum in her. GIVE ME THAT HOT CUM DADDY I WANT TO FEEL YOU SHOOT IT IN MEEEEEE.
Larry was just trying to keep up with her. He had a deep lustful look on his face as he watched his daughter ride his cock. She said COME ON DADDY SHOOT YOUR CUM IN ME I IM GOING TO MAKE THAT COCK CUM YES I AM. She slammed down on him hard and started grinding her hips.
Larry moaned out loud and bucked up at her fucking into her even deeper. He tightened up and pulled her hips down tight as he started to cum. OOOOOH SHIT YOUR MAKING ME CUM BABY OOOOOOHHHHH FUCK IM CUMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. She said OH DADDY I CAN FEEL IT ITS SO HOT PUMP IT IN ME DADDY YESSSSSS. She shivered and jerked her hips and screamed. ITS MAKING ME CUM DADDY I CAN FEEL IT DADDY IM CUMINGGGGGGGG. She collapsed on him and looked at me and smiled. well after that it was no holds bared but that’s another story.