My last time sitting on daddy’s lap


A sheltered daughter gets her first orgasm.

I grew up on a farm, I was home-schooled, sheltered, and my only friend lived about a 20-minute walk from my house. I spent most of my time doing chores and work books with my mother. She was not a happy woman; she was distant and cold most of the time. I don’t know if she was always like that, but she seemed less and less happy, the older I got. One year my mother left us for a short time. That year was different. My father was drinking a lot, obviously missing my mother. He spent most nights by the tv alone, I would cuddle with him sometimes to keep him company. I felt lonely too.

One day while he was watching the hockey game, downing his 7th or 8th beer, he looked sad. So I went to sit on his lap as I had many times in the past. He hadn’t shaved in weeks; his beard was thick and stained yellow with beer.

“Hey there, come to catch a game with your old man?” He stroked my long dark-brown hair and smiled.

“Who’s winning?” I asked and then leaned against his chest. He hadn’t been wearing a shirt, his hairy chest tickled my cheek a little. His hand moved from my hair to my hip, he rubbed it a little; pushing my already too-short nightie up over my pink cotton panties. I felt a little shy, but he was just daddy and he couldn’t see them from that angle anyways, so I didn’t care.

“The team in red.” He said. For a minute I had forgotten what I asked. I was very tired; it was late and daddy was warm and comfortable. I thought about all the chores I needed to do the next day.

“Oh.” I said closing my eyes and snuggling into his warm chest. His hand rubbed my hip and thigh as I dosed off. I was dreaming of something nice; I can’t remember what it was exactly, but I felt nice. I could hear panting; like a dog on a hot day somewhere off in the distance. Then I started to feel something soft and wet in my panties.

I opened my eyes. The room was dark. The hockey game was no longer on and my daddies head was between my opened legs. I was shaking and it felt really good. I realised that I no longer was wearing panties, and I felt like I couldn’t breath.

“What are you doing??!?” I said alarmed, but I didn’t move away. I felt like I was on the edge, about to fall off a cliff. Something amazing was happening to me, something new.

“Shh.. quiet, it’s alright.” He said whispering, then he lowered his head down to my private area again and began to lick it again. I relaxed my body and closed my eyes, I tried to tell myself that it was a dream. I was panting, the dog sound; it was me.

“Daddy…” I tried to think of something to say, I felt bad, but good. My legs were shaking a little, and something was building up, I thought I might pee. His hand went under my nightie and touched my left nipple, it was very sensitive and I yelped a little when he pinched it.

“Daddy, something is happening!” I yelled, and tried to pull away. He held my thigh with his other hand and I couldn’t move even though I tried with all my might. He held onto my nipple and continued to flick me with his tongue. And then I screamed out as my legs shook hard. I started crying.

“Daddy, oh…. Why? Daddy?!” I bucked with my hips as he sucked on me and licked me for a long time. When he stopped I continued to cry. I laid there on the couch with my legs wide open, shaking.

“I bet you liked that.” He said quietly. He sat there at the end of the couch touching my knee with one of his hands. I opened my wet eyes, I felt hot, and over whelmed. I felt shy, and ashamed, but I had also liked it.

He continued to look down at my naked private parts, and he lifted his hand off of my leg to touch it again gently. He used his thumb to rub me a little. I looked into his eyes in the dark, trying to understand why this was suddenly happening. I could feel that feeling coming back and I was wiggling against his thumb.

“Do you want me to make you feel good again?” He asked, still gently rubbing me. I didn’t respond, I was only panting. He leaned forward again to start licking me. It happened all over again for what seemed like hours. I felt wetness underneath me like I had peed all over the couch. I was embarrassed, but each time he stopped and asked me If I wanted it again, I never said no. At some point I had fallen asleep, and when I woke up the next morning, I was in my own bed.

My first thought had been that it really was a dream, but when I touched myself down there, it was very wet and slimy. Also, my panties were missing. I laid still with my hand on my privates for a minute, remembering the things daddy made me feel. I started to touch myself like he had. Rubbing the nubbin in the middle until I cried out and began to shake again.

There was nothing else in the world like it. That feeling was addicting.

My mother came back a few weeks later. What happened that night never happened again. My daddy never talked about it, so neither did I. But, I will tell you that he opened me up to a world filled with orgasms, and even though I now know what he did was wrong, I still think about him sometimes while my husband gives me oral sex.