My Life. Ch. 10


6 Weeks later.

Mom, Lacy and I were living together once again. Mom had found a house for us to rent, and just over a week ago they came back to town and we moved in. Movers brought all our stuff from a storage facility and we have been unpacking and trying to get settled in.

This house is a little smaller than our last one, but has a pool which is nice since school just let out and summer break has begun. What’s really nice though is that it’s less than a mile from Lyla’s neighborhood, where I had been staying. Which means I can go ahead and stay in the same school I was attending for most of last year. It’s also the same school that Shelby goes to, and actually graduates from next year. It also means that this new house is realistically within walking distance from Lyla’s, should I want to swing by for some three way action with my favorite mother – daughter – 6 – hole combo.

The three of us were fucking non-stop for the last month I was living with them. One time we were going at it and I stuck my prick in Shelby’s ass, which she’d let me do before, but it was the first time Lyla had seen us do it. She couldn’t believe her stuck up daughter was ok with anal! Turns out Lyla had never done anal before! I couldn’t believe it, I wouldn’t call Lyla a slut, but she and her ex husband had a pretty healthy sex life, and when they’d gotten divorced she kept it alive by fucking former students, then guys she’d go on dates with, and then ME. I hadn’t fucked her in the ass obviously, but I still figured that she’d done it before. Well, long story short, she went ahead and tried it with me, and after a couple painful attempts she got used to it, and now loves cock in her ass as much as her mouth and twat! So now when the three of us are having sex, I’m free to stick my dick in whatever hole of theirs is closest or looks the most inviting! Needless to say, it was a pretty enjoyable month.

I haven’t gotten to go over and play with them since I moved out, but that’s just because I’ve been busy helping my family get moved in. But who I REALLY needed to go visit was Mariola and Kelly! I haven’t been over there since our old house sold, so it’s been about 6 weeks. Mariola would be fine, she got plenty of male attention, but Kelly didn’t have a social life and only had me to fuck. I’d have to set aside some time to go see them.

Mom was sticking to her guns about her and I no longer having any type of sexual contact. This sucked…or better yet, DIDN’T suck. She was the best cock sucker I’ve had, and since she was the first woman I’d done anything with, AND my mother, I was unnaturally drawn to her. I wanted her so bad, but she wouldn’t allow the risk of Lacy finding out about our previous relationship. I tried a couple of times to start things when Lacy was out of the house, but mom still wouldn’t allow it, and got very mad, so I’ve stopped trying.

Lacy has been all over me. First of all she missed her big brother. We bonded a lot while she was away. We would text constantly and call multiple times a week. We really got to know each other better. So now that we’re living together again it’s like we’re actually friends, not just siblings. Second, she’s bored. She kind of lost most of her friends either because of them gossiping about her being raped by our dad, or simply because she moved away and lost contact. So now that she’s back, she doesn’t really have many, and the ones she does have still live way across town where our old neighborhood was. And third, I think she’s still feeling vulnerable and a little scared. More than once since she’s been back, she’s slept in bed with me. She was being raped regularly by our father for months, and was too scared or ashamed to say anything. Then I caught him and put an end to it. I think she sees me as her big protective brother now, which is funny because I’m not that muscular or intimidating. Regardless, she’s always wanting to hang out with me, which is another reason I haven’t been able to go see Lyla and Shelby to get my pipes cleaned.

It’s been almost two weeks now! This doesn’t seem like that long, but before my mom started taking care of my dick, and I started getting laid regularly, I used to jack off a lot! Then over the last year I’ve been getting my balls drained multiple times a day, so to go two weeks without anything is insane! Last night I finally took matters into my own hands and beat off in the shower, which was my only option since I can never get any alone time anymore. It still got the job done, but was such a let down from having my mom’s mouth, or any of the ladies I’ve been plowing.

A week later.

Today was going to be a busy day for me. We were finally unpacked. We folded down all the empty boxes and loaded them into the back of my SUV, I was going to take them across town to a recycling plant to drop them off. While I was over that way I was going to swing by the mall and go see if I could get a job at the same clothing store I had worked in last summer. I was also going to stop by Mariola’s house for some grandmother – granddaughter ass. And since they lived close, I was also going to take Lacy with me and drop her off at one of her friend’s house for a few hours while I did my errands.

After I dropped off Lacy I went over to Mariola’s. They were thrilled to see me. They asked about the new place, and how my mother and sister were, I told them everyone was fine. It was nice seeing them again, but this wasn’t just a social visit…I needed to get my dick wet! I fucked them both on Mariola’s bed, side by side, the way we liked it. It started with letting them share sucking on my cock, followed by me taking turns fucking them, and ended with my dick in Mariola’s ass, spraying the inside of her bowels with a HUGE load of hot cum. I didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked, but I was still able to dip my prick into all of their holes and make sure they each came. I took a quick shower to rinse off before I headed to the mall, I said my goodbyes and promised not to wait so long before visiting again.

When I got to the clothing store I’d worked at last summer, I was encouraged by the “help wanted” sign at the entrance. This optimism faded and I saw the girl behind the counter, It was my ex girlfriend Danielle. I hadn’t seen or even talked to her in months, ever since I walked in on her getting stuffed by her step-dad. I don’t know why I didn’t think that she would try to get her old job here too, the boss loved her, but that’s because she would let him fuck her after work in the back office or the parking lot.

She hadn’t seen me yet, and I was going to turn around and leave before she did, but I wasn’t fast enough. She looked up and We locked eyes. Her expression was the same as it was when I’d walked in on her with her step dad. Maybe she was worried that I’d come to make a scene or something, but I had nothing to say to her, I just turned and left. Obviously I’d have to look elsewhere for a summer job, I couldn’t very well work with her. It was probably for the best, this mall was really far from our new place, and selling trendy clothes was never my scene.

I quickly left the mall and By the time I had dumped all the boxes it had been over three hours since I’d dropped off Lacy, I figured I should pick her up and head back. I was pretty quiet the whole ride, Lacy noticed but didn’t say anything until we got home. I was in my room laying in bed trying to take a nap when she walked in.

“Hey, did I do something wrong?” She asked.

“What? No, why?”

“You’ve been in a bad mood since you picked me up.”

“Oh , no, that’s not your fault.” I looked at her thoughtfully, deciding if I should elaborate. “I saw my ex, Danielle, at the mall. I guess it upset me, sorry, I didn’t mean to show it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. You never told me why you guys broke up.”

“She cheated on me.” I said shortly, making it clear I didn’t want to go further into detail.

“Oh.” She felt bad for me. She crawled into the bed and curled up next to me, and didn’t say another word. We both fell asleep.

We awoke a couple hours later, it was late afternoon. I looked around the room, getting my bearings, Lacy had her head on my chest still sleeping. I tried to slide out from under her without waking her up, but the movement caused her to stir a little, ‘Ahhhh! What was that?!’ the thought yelled in my head. There was an almost painful pressure on my dick! I lifted my head and looked down. I had gotten an erection in my sleep, which was still very common for me, especially with how infrequently I’ve been getting laid. But that wasn’t it, my sister had inadvertently grabbed ahold of it through my shorts and started squeezing when I attempted to move! My eyes bulged out of my head. Not only was it incredibly awkward to see and feel my little sister’s had grasping my dick. It was also painful and I wasn’t sure how to get her to let go! I quickly had an idea. I reached over and pinched her nose shut. It took a couple seconds but she released her hold on me and swatted at her face. I moved my hand out of the way just in time and she hit herself in the nose. She started to squirm as she woke up and I quickly moved over and sat up with my back to her, concealing my boner.

We got up and went about doing our own things the rest of the day. While I was helping mom make dinner, she asked how my day went. I told her about seeing Danielle.

“So I take it you won’t be going back to work this summer?” she asked.

“No, not until I find somewhere else.”

“Well good, because I actually got a job myself.” She said proudly. Mom hadn’t worked since I was very young. “It’s nothing fancy, I’ll be doing front desk at a hotel downtown. It’s a nice place, but my schedule will be all over the place, so I actually need you to stay home and watch Lacy when I work.”

“Oh brother, she’s old enough to be home alone, but ya obviously I’ll do it.”

“Thank you sweetheart.”

“When will you start?”

“Not till next Monday.”

I spent the next 6 days of summer freedom either at Mariola’s, cumming all over her and her granddaughter Kelly, or over at Lyla’s with her and her daughter Shelby, sticking my dick in whichever holes they weren’t already playing with themselves. They had really taken to their incestuous-bisexuality. When I wasn’t there, they were ALWAYS licking or fingering each other. And even when I was there it was hard to pull them apart long enough to even get a kiss! But I always got to blow my load, and afterwards I usually sat in a chair and watched them go at it. Which would usually build me up to go again, then I’d just crawl back into bed and slide into wherever there was an opening and end up blowing another load… so I couldn’t complain.

2 weeks later.

My mom had started working again a week ago. It was going well and she seemed to enjoy it, the only problem was that the hours weren’t set, so her schedule was all over the place. The first week staying home with Lacy went fine, albeit boring. She really didn’t need a babysitter, so we just sat around the house. I was actually starting to think this whole ‘watch your sister’ act was just an excuse my mom made up to keep me from going down the street every afternoon to bang her best friend.

One afternoon about a week later, I had been out back by the pool. I got hungry and decided I was going to make us lunch. So I went to ask Lacy what she felt like eating. I walked inside and went down the hall to her room. Now I don’t know what I was thinking, but when I got to her room I walked right in without knocking. This really wouldn’t have been a big deal before, since she was always just my LITTLE sister, I had never needed to knock. But over the last 12+ months, while I was becoming a man, I guess I hadn’t noticed that she had been becoming a woman.

I walked in and started to ask her what she wanted for lunch, but it was too late, I’d seen her. She was laying in bed wearing a tee shirt that was pulled up just below her breasts… and that was it. She was completely exposed, no underwear, no blanket, nothing. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. One hand was at her side, clawing at the sheets, her other was down at her muff, rubbing her clit vigorously.

I know she was less than three years younger than me, but I still saw her as much younger than that. So I was surprised that she had the body of a girl much older. She had a flat and slightly muscular stomach. Her legs weren’t long, since she was only 5’1’, but they were toned and surprisingly smooth; was she really shaving her legs already?! Her skin was much more tan than I’d realized before. I was very white and only burned, like our mom, but Lacy had our dad’s ability to tan. I stared at her vibrating hand, but couldn’t see her pussy underneath.

All this only took a fraction of a second to happen, but her eyes shot open at the sound of my entrance. Her hand jerked away from her crotch, revealing a smooth hairless gnash that matched her legs. She yanked a sheet over herself and yelled. My head turned away quickly, hoping she would think I hadn’t seen anything.

“What the hell Adam!?”

“Oh, sorry Lace (which I sometimes called her), I was just seeing what you wanted for lunch. I didn’t know you were changing” trying to play it off, “just lemme know whenever.” And I walked out closing the door behind me without waiting for a reply.

I walked into the kitchen and just stood there for a moment, replaying the scene and processing what had happened. I had just seen my little sister naked… masturbating…. Is she old enough to be masturbating? Is she old enough to be shaving her snatch? Who was she even shaving for?!

I couldn’t get over how she looked so much older than she was, her body was in great shape, she was well developed… oh my God! I can’t believe I was standing here imagining my little sister naked and thinking that she has a hot body! This is the same little sister that has been looking at me as a savior, her protective big brother who saved her from her rapist father… and now I’m thinking of her naked myself?! I need to forget it, it was an accident, and I’m not going to think of it again!

Lacy came walking into the kitchen. I was making a sandwich with all the fixings. She was wearing a bathing suit.

“Want a sandwich too?” I asked.

“Ya that looks good.”

“Listen ,I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s fine, no biggie… It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.” She laughed a little. She was referring to me catching our dad in bed with her.

“Still, I’ll be more careful in the future. I still see you as my little sister that doesn’t need to have her door closed, I guess I haven’t realized that you’re growing up.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She blushed.

We ate and then both headed out and laid by the pool. I was sitting up in a lounge chair with sunglasses on, Lacy was laying on her stomach across from me. She had the top to her bikini undone to avoid tan lines, and her bottoms were purposely pulled up her ass crack like wedgee, giving the illusion of wearing a thong, this too was to avoid tan lines. I tried to just close my eyes and take a nap, but this wasn’t happening. My eyes kept creeping open and right in front of me was my sister’s bare back and young shapely ass cheeks.

Then I felt it, that familiar aching in my crotch. Through no fault of my own, my prick had woken up and was stirring. I closed my eyes and began to think of anything else, but all my thoughts were sexual! It slowly began swelling. I began pleading with it in my head ‘STOP! Mom will be home soon and then I’ll take you over to Lyla’s where you can have any hole you want!’. This wasn’t helping, now I was thinking of being in the middle of a mother – daughter sandwich! A tent was forming under my swim trunks. My eyes opened, Lacy unwittingly shook her teenaged ass at me as she moved on the chair. ‘That’s it I’m going inside!’ I slowly got up and went into the house, avoiding drawing my sister’s attention.

I got inside, went into my room, and yanked my swim shorts off. My erection sprang free. I slowly started stroking it, mostly out of habit. I debated jerking off. If I took care of it now, I’d still be good to go when I got to Lyla’s right? I grabbed my phone off of the night stand to check the time. I had a text from mom.
“Hey, they asked me to work late, someone called off. I need you to stay with Lacy tonight, I won’t be home until late, but tomorrow I’m off and you’ll be free, thanks.”
Well that settled that! Looks like I’ll just be jerking off tonight! I was pissed. I looked down at my cock, it was aching.

I put my phone down and started stroking myself, with purpose this time. I closed my eyes and let all the sexual images I had play in my mind. Mom. Danielle. Mariola & Kelly. Lyla & Shelby. Lacy…. Lacy?!? The image of her in bed rubbing herself snuck it’s way into my highlight reel. My eyes shot open, I shook my head, scolding myself. I closed them and started again… And once again I saw her tanned body and hairless snatch. I focused, thinking of something else. Then it happened again, I saw her in bed, legs spread, young tits swaying as our father forced himself in and out of her. I focused harder, seeing my mom on her knees in front of me, looking into my eyes as she sucked the head of my dick. And once again it switched to Lacy, same image as before, only now it was ME on top of her, sawing my cock in and out of her. I tried to think of something else, but my mind wouldn’t let me, I was approaching orgasm, and this was the image my prick wanted to climax to. I kept stroking. I stopped resisting and focused on the sight of me fucking my sister. I was stroking faster.

“HOW DO YOU LIKE IT!?!” Lacy yelled as she burst into my room.

She threw the door open and jumped in, trying to startle me. It worked. I was completely naked and standing in the middle of my room. There was nothing within reach to cover up with, and even if there was, my eyes had been closed and I was vigorously jerking off, I wouldn’t have been able to react fast enough. The second she saw me she realized what was happening and her gaze dropped to my crotch. My hand was gripping it at the base, the head and most of the shaft still exposed. Her eyes widened, she startled herself almost as much as she did me.

“OH FUCK!” We both shouted almost simultaneously.

I spun around, turning my back to her, she turned running out of the room, slamming the door behind her. I just stood there, unsure what to do next. The distraction and shock of what had happened seemed to turn me off, as my cock flinched and began deflating. I got dressed and headed out to the living room, I figured if I hid in my room it would end up making things more awkward.

“Hey, sorry about that.” She said, she was sitting on the couch. “I just thought you were getting changed out of your swim suit, I figured it would be funny since you walked in on me.”

“Its fine, I know you were just playing around.”

“And I guess we’re even now. I walked in on you jerking off, and we both know you caught me diddling myself.”

“Ya sorry about that… And sorry you had to see me doing that.”

“Its OK, friends of mine walk in on their brothers masturbating all the time, at least you don’t do it in the living room watching soft core porn at night.” We both laughed. “Want to hear a secret? My friend Alicia gives her big brother hand jobs.”

“What ?! That’s crazy!”

“Actually, it started as hand jobs, now she even gives him head!”

“Why ?! Is she doing it by choice?”

“Ya, apparently she walked in on him jerking off before, then one time she needed him to give her a ride somewhere, he didn’t want to, so she told him that if he gave her rides when she needed them that he wouldn’t need to jerk himself off anymore. So he agreed and she started giving him hand jobs whenever she wanted him to do her a favor. Then I guess she was doing it in the car one time, and he told her to put it in her mouth, so she did. She said it wasn’t that bad, so she started giving him blow jobs instead, says It’s easier and cleaner.” She started laughing.

“That’s crazy!”

“Well if they’re both ok with it, then no one is getting hurt I guess… She actually has a boyfriend now and gives him head. But she still does it for her brother too, it’s just for fun and as a way to get him to do things for her.”

I thought of when I’d blown my load on mom when she gave me hand jobs, and that she too switched to bjs because they were cleaner, I also laughed. The tension was gone and we went about the rest of the day as normal. Although I kept having to stop myself from checking her out whenever she’d bend over or lay on the sofa with her legs apart. She was wearing a small pair of boxer style shorts that she rolled up at the top. When her legs would spread apart at all, I could see up her thigh at the little white panties she was wearing! I couldn’t stop thinking about her friend going down on her brother. Alicia was a few months younger than Lacy, and her brother was even older than me, he just graduated this year. I should call and see if she wants ME to come give her rides places once her brother moved out, I laughed to myself.

I told her that mom wouldn’t be home till late, so we decided to make dinner and watch a movie. We finally came up with something to make, and settled on something to watch.

“Hey Adam.. Did you cum after I left?” Lacy asked out of no where. I had just taken a bite and nearly choked!


“When I left your room, did you finish?” She was asking it so innocently.

“Um, no…”

“Ya, me either. I guess neither of us got our rocks off today.” We both laughed, although I was still thrown by the conversation, but it ended there.

We watched some comedy, it was really funny and had us both laughing the whole time. It even had some sexual content and brief nudity, the sorta stuff that our mom wouldn’t approve of us watching, but by our standards wasn’t that big of a deal. I couldn’t help but notice that she understood and laughed at the sexual humor, stuff that I wouldn’t have thought she’d get, who was this girl? Before everything with my dad she was still watching shows on the Disney Channel!

“Hey Lace?” I paused the movie.


“When did you start… you know… Masturbating?” She looked down, clearly embarrassed.

“Um… you promise not to think less of me?”

“What? Why would I think less of you? I obviously masturbate too.” I smiled awkwardly.

“After dad started having sex with me.”

“Really ?? I’d have thought that would’ve turned you off from sex in any way?”

“Ya, I hated when he’d do it, and always resisted, but I had an orgasm with him, my first one. Not by choice, and I was crying, but it just happened.” She looked even more upset. “I’d never done it before, but after I had my first orgasm from dad, I tried doing it myself, I liked it.” She looked up briefly to judge my expression. “Like I said, I hated when he’d do it, and I never wanted it, but I liked the orgasms, and started doing it myself.”

“Oh.” I said. She didn’t tell me many details about what had happened, so I never asked before. “Have you been with any guys since?”

“No. Just myself. But to be honest, I’ve wanted to…. I wonder what it’s like to have a guy go down on me, and what it’s like to have sex with a guy I actually WANT to do it with.” She chuckled a little. “You don’t think I’m horrible do you?”

“No of course not! It’s normal to want to feel that.” I gave her a smile to let her know it was OK.

We went back to the movie. After it ended it was after 10pm, we talked about putting another one on, or just calling it a night. We decided on the later. I got up to head to my room.

“Adam?” Lacy asked. I turned around, she was still sitting on the couch.


“I’m sorry you didn’t get to finish earlier..” She made a sad face.

“What?.. Oh.. Oh don’t worry about it.”

“Aren’t you still horny though?”

“Um, ya I guess.”

“I’m still horny too.” She looked down at Her hands and fidgeted a bit, “If give you a blow job will you go down on me?” She kept looking at her hands, embarrassed by her own question.

I just stared at her, my face hadn’t changed. I heard the question, and my mind was processing it, but it’s like my face didn’t have a designated expression to go along with this type of questioning. Did my sister really just ask if we could go down on each other? Why, just because neither of us got to finish masturbating? What was most frustrating was that I really wanted to take her up on her offer! Well maybe I didn’t WANT to, I mean she was my sister… but my body certainly did. My cock was already beginning to swell with excitement. I Just realized that I had been standing there for quite possibly a couple minutes of awkward silence.

“It’s ok, I’m sorry I asked, that was so stupid!” She stood up, still avoiding eye contact. “I just thought that we could help each other out since we’re both a little pent up from this afternoon.” She started to walk out of the room.

“Wait.” I said as soon as she took a step.

She looked up at me, but I didn’t actually have a response. We couldn’t do this, right? But why? I had been perfectly OK with shoving my cock down my mom’s throat every time we were alone, why would Lacy be any different?? I guess because she’s younger, vulnerable.. Whereas my mom was a grown woman capable of making adult decisions, plus it was my mom’s idea to start blowing me. But then again, this was Lacy’s idea too…

“OK.” Was all I said, I knew I wanted it, plus her looking at my crotch, and the throbbing bulge in my pants had probably already given her my answer.

She didn’t smile at my answer, but you could see a light come to her face, a look of relief. I thought of how nervous she must’ve been, how horrible she would’ve felt if I had rejected her, not just from the rejection, but also because she took a big gamble in asking that.. She had to know that there was at least a risk that I could’ve freaked out and told our mother.

But as it was, I was a horny guy who apparently had no sexual morals. I loved my mom’s mouth around my cock. I lost my virginity in a semi- 3-way with her and her best friend. I pretty much cheated on my girlfriend daily by getting head from my mother, then dumped her for cheating on me with her step dad. I’ve gone ass-to-mouth with a grandmother and her granddaughter on the same bed. And have spent days entangled in a mother – daughter threesome. I started masturbating to the thought of fucking my little sister, and was now willing swap oral-sexual-favors with her, even though I was disgusted with Shelby for fucking her little brothers, and used it to blackmail her into being my sex slave.

We were both just standing there facing each other. Neither of us knew how to proceed. Finally she made the move.

“Do you want to go first, or do you want me to?” She asked.

“Um… I guess I’ll do you first… you know, since I walked in on you first.” I chuckled, lightening up the tension. She laughed too.

She pulled her shorts and panties down in one motion, and sat on the couch. She looked up at me, I had a clear expression of surprise.

“You’ve seen a girl naked before right?” She asked sarcastically.

“Of course… it’s just that you’re my sister.”

“Then that should make it LESS weird. We’ve seen each other naked several times in our lives, plus we should be comfortable around one another, more than anyone else.”

“ya…” I know what she meant, and she was trying to make it less uncomfortable, but obviously this wasn’t as black and white as ‘we’re family and have seen each other naked as kids, so what’s the difference?’… “But I’m your brother, do you really want to suck your brother’s dick?”

“Can you suck your own dick?”

“Of course not.”

“And when you broke both of your legs and had to use a wheelchair, could you reach things?” She was referring to 4years ago when I fell out of a tree.


“We all had to do things for you that you couldn’t do.”


“You’re my brother, I love you, and we’re friends… haven’t you heard of friends with benefits? We would just be like that, we’re home together all summer, why not help each other out? And there’s no one I trust or am more comfortable with than YOU.”

This was a weird situation, but she was seriously making the idea of a brother-sister friends with benefits arrangement sound plausible, and not only that, it was HER idea! I’m the horny guy, shouldn’t I be the one trying to talk a girl into some daily no strings attached oral sex? I needed to respond.

“OK.” I needed to respond better than that, “I agree, but you don’t think it’s weird? I mean, I’m your brother…” You idiot, why are you trying to talk her out of this?!

“I don’t want to DATE you! Now that would be weird! I’m just saying that since we’re going to be home alone with each other, and we both know that the other is going to be in their room masturbating at least some of the time, and we can both agree that having someone else do it is way better, why not just help each other out?? I mean oral isn’t even really sex, so it’s not like I’d be fucking my brother or anything.” She laughed a little to lighten things up.

“Ya…” Wow, she really wanted this! She was really trying to convince me that this was a good idea. Not that I needed my arm twisted too much, as I felt my prick shifting in my shorts. I decided that enough was enough, if I didn’t want to go along with this, then I just needed to say so, and if I did want to, then just do it!… I went with the latter.

Without another word, I walked in front of where she sat, and knelt on the carpet. She had her legs pressed together, probably out of habit more than being scared or uncomfortable. I placed a hand on each knee and slowly pushed them apart. She seemed nervous, which was almost funny considering how easily she took her shorts off in front of me… but it was understandable. I opened her legs, her lips were tight and smooth. She must’ve shaved recently. I just looked at it, it was beautiful. I looked up at her, her brow was furrowed and her mouth slightly open, I needed to reassure her. I decided to treat this the way my mother had with me, I would take lead and walk her through this. I smiled at her, and slid my hands from her knees to her hips.

“Here, slide down towards me more.” I said, in a soft voice. Sounding comforting rather than sensual.

She slouched down on the sofa, sliding down so that her ass was just barely on the cushion, putting her pussy right under my face. I reached my hands underneath her legs and ass, wrapping my fingers around her upper thighs, giving me something to hold on to, also allowing me to keep her legs open. I was trying to think of something to say before I started, but couldn’t, so I just lowered my head and dove in.

I started with a long moist lick, lubing her up from her taint to her clit, she squealed. I decided not to bother with her anus for now, that could be a later lesson. I buried my tongue inside her as far as I could reach, moving my head back and forth, probing further. She didn’t hold back, she let loose with noises and movements, I gripped her thighs. It didn’t take her long to get ready to cum, my head was bobbing up and down rapidly, from her angle I probably looked like I was giving a blow job. I laughed inside my head. I was full on fucking my sister with my tongue, and she was about to cum from it. She cried out in pleasure, seconds later she gushed her juices into my mouth. I didn’t spit it out, but I didn’t swallow, I just let it wash across my face. I stopped, partly because she was tapping my head, but also because my tongue needed the break. I looked up at her, my face dripping.

“Oh my God! That was so fast! You’re REALLY GOOD!” She exclaimed. I smiled a little bashfully. “OK, your turn?”

“Nope, I’m going to give you another one, this time focusing on your clit.” I was trying to sound mature, and not like I was eating out my sister. She looked stunted, clearly not expecting me to go again.

I went back at it, this time focusing solely on her clit. I licked her up and down a couple times to get going, her juice tasted great, fresh and young. I rapidly licked her clit, pressing my tongue hard against it. I opened my eyes and looked up at her, her’s were closed, and her mouth was open, but not making noise. She pulled her shirt up to her neck, exposing her tits to me for the first time. They were perfect, slight tan lines around them, and just more than a handful. She had small areolas, and hard pointy nipples. She was clawing at them, pinching and pulling as I licked. Her open mouth finally let out a loud groan, she came again. Her body was bucking at my face, but I held on and kept rubbing my tongue against her, waiting for her to finish. When her body finally relaxed, and I was satisfied that I had satisfied her, I released her and stood up. She didn’t move, eyes still closed basking in the afterglow of back to back orgasms. When she opened them I was standing directly in front of her completely naked, one of the hardest erections I’ve ever had stretched out in front of me. It was so hard I thought it might rip through my own skin. Her eyes widened.

“Get up… it’s MY turn.” I grinned. We switched places, I sat on the sofa in the same spot she had been, I could feel the wetness. She knelt down in front of me and pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. “Now…” I continued, “do you swallow?” I asked her, she nodded. “Alright, Im not going to give instructions or anything, just do whatever you’re comfortable with and we’ll take it from there, ok?” She nodded again, clearly a little nervous.

I slouched down a little bit, moving my lap closer. My prick was pointing straight up at her face. She was short, so kneeling in front of me, even with her sitting up straight, the tip of my dick almost touched her chin. She cupped her hands together, spit into them, and rubbed them together. Then slowly she grasped my cock at the base, wrapping her small hands around the shaft. I almost shuddered out loud at the wonderful feeling, but kept my composure. She slid her hands up and down the length of my erection a couple times, turning them at the wrist in alternating directions. I looked at her face, she looked serious, she was concentrating.

After a few more strokes, she lowered her face and stopped. Her lips hovered millimeters above the tip, she took a few deep breaths, opened her mouth and took me in. I immediately hit the back of her shallow throat, her lips barely past the heat of my cock. She gagged a bit, then lifted her head back up.

“I’m sorry, I can’t go much further than that.” She said, wiping her mouth, she looked disappointed in herself.

“That’s fine, you don’t have to deep throat it, just do it however you like.” I was calm and understanding, but really I just wanted her to get me off, my balls were killing me!

She took ahold of my erection again and started jerking me off with both hands, using the saliva that had been left behind by her gaging. She took another deep breath, composing herself, before leaning back over and inserting me back into her mouth. Once again the lips of her mouth only reached just past the ridges on the helmet of my cock, only this time she didn’t over exert herself trying to push it further in, so she didn’t gag.

She sucked on the head of my dick like an oversized blow pop, like she was trying to clean in. I felt her tongue working the head, tickling the sensitive wrinkles underneath, all the while her hands steadily stroked the length of the shaft that her mouth could not reach. Moving up and down in unison, but rotating in opposite directions. It actually felt amazing, but looked even better. Sure my prick is above average, but seeing her lovely young face struggling to feed the head of my cock into her tiny mouth…man I felt like I had the biggest porn star caliber schlong in the world!!

If someone had told me that a blow job from a girl who couldn’t even stick half my meat in her mouth was going to be incredible, and make me cum within minutes, I’d have said they were crazy! But that’s what was happening.

“Im going to cum!” I warned her just in time.

Maybe I was really horny from not getting any in awhile, or maybe I was just pent up from not finishing earlier, or maybe it was the sight of my naked sister trying her hardest to make me cum in her mouth… but I exploded! My body shook as I came. Lacy’s head jerked up, popping the head of my prick out of her mouth. The first shot filled her mouth with warm cum, there was more than she had expected and couldn’t swallow it. But as soon as she took my dick out of her mouth I shot another load, splattering her lips and cheeks, barely missing her eyes. She sat up straighter, putting more distance between her and my still erupting penis. Quickly, she aimed me at her bare chest and allowed me to finish while she stroked me with a tighter grip.

I had been digging my nails in the sofa cushions, partially holding my breath, and my muscles (particularly my legs) were tensed up. My mouth was hanging open, making soft groans as I came. Both of us were watching my cock continue to blast her chest with sperm, although I was also looking at her tits. My orgasm ended, her hands stopped stroking, and I stopped trying to tear a hole in the couch. She removed her hands from my semi hard erection, they barely had any cum on them, but the rest of her was another story.

I looked up and down my sister’s body, my semen dripped from her face to her tits, and from her tits to her stomach and legs. She looked down at herself, stunned at the sheer volume that I had produced. She looked like a chipmunk, her cheeks stuffed with MY nut. I accidentally let out a laugh, and she looked at me.

“I thought you swallowed?” I said smiling, holding back more laughter.

Her throat started moving, slowly she allowed my warm, salty load to slide down and empty her mouth.

“I can! But dad didn’t…”She cut herself off, I felt bad for her, what a weird sentence to have to say. She knew how to give head, and was capable of swallowing, but her only experience was with our father, so while other girls might say ‘my EX BOYFRIEND didn’t cum that much’ she finished her sentence “… dad didn’t cum so much.” She looked ashamed.

“Well I do! So you’re gonna have to get better, otherwise, look at the mess you made! ” I smiled and laughed a little, acting like I hadn’t heard her say ‘dad’ and changing the subject.

She laughed too and smiled, appreciating that I didn’t make that weird (or weirder I suppose). She stood up and surveyed herself, then said she was going to go take a shower before bed. She left me sitting on the sofa, naked, in HER wet spot, with cum dripping from the tip of my mostly flaccid penis. I was drained in more ways than one. I waited until I heard the water stop before I got up to go take mine. When I finished, I walked into my room to find Lacy naked in my bed.

“Can I sleep in here tonight?” She asked normally, “and if we feel horny we can always play around some more.” She changed from sounding sisterly to more like a tipsy prom date.

“Ya you can sleep in here, but you have to be dressed, and NO playing around… you know mom likes to come check on us and say goodnight when she gets home late.” I spoke like a big brother.

I climbed into bed in a pair of athletic shorts, and she went and put on some pjs. She crawled into bed and snuggled up close with her back to me, so I was spooning her. I casually put my arm around her. She’s slept like this with me before, but it was obviously not the Same this time, as she wiggled her butt playfully against my crotch. I ignored her and started falling asleep.

“Adam?” She whispered in the dark.

“Ya?” I responded, slightly annoyed.

“I’m horny again….and I’ll fall asleep better after I cum.”

“Ugh… fine.” I let out a groan. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the idea of fooling around with my little sister all afternoon this summer while my mom would be at work, but it was becoming clear that she was going to be a handful.

I slid my hand down her front and into her pajama bottoms. I found her clit and slid further, her legs parted for me as my fingers found the entrance to her snatch and curved into her. She let out a loud sigh and my fingers became increasingly wet… great, now I was going to have to sleep in her wet spot too!