My Life. Ch. 13


The next morning… And beyond…

I awoke in my mother’s bed naked, but alone. I hadn’t woken up once through out the night, it was probably the best sleep I’ve ever had. I remembered everything about last night. Standing in the middle of the room with her on her knees, naked, servicing me with her mouth, the way she had so many times before. Only this time it didn’t end there, with my mom swallowing a warm load from deep inside her son’s teenaged balls. It ended with us in bed, me in top of her, my cock buried as far as her cervix would let me. Her dripping pussy straining to hold back the massive deposit of cum her mouth and cunt had pulled out of me. She was holding me as a mother while I greedily sucked at her tits and thrust in and out of her. And as I came she caressed my trembling body, allowing me to fall, drained, into her arms and sleep.

I surveyed the room, nothing, but I heard noise from outside the door. I strolled into the kitchen naked, confident, the king of the castle, with a queen and her princess both willing to offer me their bodies at my request. Mom was standing at the counter, putting butter on some toast. She was wearing her nightie again. It was short, the bottom of her butt cheeks were just visible. The white silk laid perfectly on her body, her nipples clearly defined atop her breasts, jiggling slightly as she buttered.

“Good morning sleepy head.” She said cheerily, like a mom on a Saturday morning. I circled around the counter, eyeing her body hungrily. “Um, do you see something you like?” She asked, feigning confusion.

I walked up and stood behind her, reaching down and cupping a cheek in each hand. My fingers stretched, sliding into her ass crack and down to her snatch. No panties, as expected. I dropped to my knees, spread her open with both hands and dove in. My mother gasped as my tongue plunged inside of her. I aggressively licked her up and down from behind, probing both her pussy and her anus. She lurched forward, bracing herself against the counter top. Maybe she was horny from not getting hers last night, or just not having been with a man in awhile, but it didn’t take long to make her cum. It happened quickly and without warning, but my tongue was pressed hard into her ass when she came. She moaned loudly and screamed. And when she was done she straightened up, expecting it to be over, but I wasn’t done. I pulled her into my face harder, causing her to involuntarily lean forward again. She was surprised by my forcefulness, but submitted to the feeling of my mouth on her clit. Her next orgasm had more of a build up. Panting, heavy breathing, low groans, louder moaning, then full on screaming as her body shook and she shoved her ass back into my face. I held on to her thighs and continued working her until she was finally done, And her body relaxed.

I stood up, still standing behind her. My prick was now at full mast, and lined up perfectly with her back door. Her whole crack was dripping wet, so I knew lubricant wasn’t going to be an issue. I wanted to shove my dick in my mother’s asshole so badly, but should I ask her first? She did say anything last night, pretty much stating that she and her body are here to serve me as the man of the house. I decided to go for it and see what happened.

My erection was already aimed at her shiny, puckering butthole, so I just held her hips and pulled her back towards me. I made contact and there was a slight pause while I debated my decision. But while I thought of asking for permission to enter her rectum, she went ahead and granted it, pushing herself back and popping the head of my cock into her. The tightness sucked me further in, gripping my shaft firmly so I could feel my heart beating in my dick. I just stared at it for a second, admiring the sight, listening to my mother’s soft moaning between breaths. Then, with my hands on each hip, I pulled her back, thrusting all the way in, hard. She let out a startled yelp, and I proceeded to Fuck my mom in the ass, right there in the kitchen. As she leaned on the counter, with my thighs slapping against hers, our pleasure sounds were indiscernible from one another. My rod pounded in and out of her, faster and faster, steadily working both of us towards climaxing.

I fucked her hard. THIS was the fuck that let us both know that every hole in her body was mine to take at any moment. I never felt more manly, more respected, and more loved… She didn’t have to offer herself to me last night, and say that I was the man of the house, and that she was here to please me, but she did, because she loved me. She loved me as a mother, and when she walked in on me masturbating that first night, she saw a virgin boy who was too nervous to meet a girl, so he had no choice but to please himself. She saw her son, desperate to feel the illusion of a woman’s flesh… so as a mother, wanting to be there for him, she stepped in to be that woman and (literally) offered me her hand, and then mouth, and we developed a relationship. Not a purely incestuous one, sure it was based on sex, but she taught me things, she helped me become a man who was confident enough to go out and take charge of his sex life, and find numerous lovers of his own.

She still saw me as her son, but also as a man who had matured, who had stepped up when needed, and become the man of the house…. and the man of the house FUCKS the lady of the house! It took me longer to cum than I would’ve thought, I must’ve still been really drained from last night. This was one of the loudest fuck sessions I’ve ever had. With no one around to hear, or care, we didn’t hold anything back. I grunted like a beast, slamming into her as fast as I could. My forward thrusts pushing her thighs and legs into the kitchen cabinets, causing a loud repeated banging noise to echo through the house. My mom came, Eyes squeezed shut, screaming in pleasure as her hands blindly searched for something to hold on to. Watching my mom orgasming from the sensation of her son’s cock jackhammering her asshole was just the mental and visual stimulant my body needed to push me over the top.

Seconds later I felt my own climax rising through my body. I started hammering her faster, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. The speed and excitement of my frenzied humping was building mom up to her fourth orgasm, and when I exploded inside her rectum the force and final inward thrusts were enough to finish her off yet again. The house was filled with our combined groans of release and exhaustion, and after several minutes had passed, my body finally had the strength to move again, and I let go of her waist and stepped back. I let my softening cock slip out of my mother and hang in front of me, as Semen dripped from the tip of my prick, and her throbbing anus.

“Wow.” I finally said. “Um, I’m gonna go hop in the shower.” I said, walking back around the counter.

“OK sweetheart” My mom replied, standing up straight and composing herself, “breakfast will be ready when you get out.” She said as she continued to butter the toast.

And that was that. The rest of the week was like walking in between two parallel universes. We fucked 24 times in six days, which was impressive since she still had to go to work. But when she was home we were fucking, and when we weren’t, we were just like any other family. We weren’t in love, or dating or anything like that, our relationship was simply mother and son. But as the only man in the house, I took on a lot of chores and tasks that would normally go to the husband, as well as being looked at as the “protector” of the family. My mom just continued her the role she started when she first gave me a hand job, simply helping her son and making him feel good… only now I was older (albeit only a year and a half older) and no longer a virgin, so she was just treating me like a man, and rewarding me for my help. And I got a lot of rewards.

We mostly stayed naked, maybe I’d wear boxers and she’d wear a dress or skirt, whatever made it easier for me to get in and out. We fucked all over, it became a game for me, looking for opportunities to stick my dick in my mom. The kitchen became my favorite, she would be making something, I’d just come up behind her and go at it. They weren’t always long, hard core events. To the contrary, most of the time I just had quick little “3 pump dumps”, not literally of course, but I’d fuck her from behind while she continued doing whatever she was doing. Once she bent over to pick something up and I pounced. It was probably a bit annoying on her part, but she never complained, she let me have my fun, and usually had hers as well. She started giving me my bedtime BJs again; I preferred them, they were a change of pace from all the fucking, plus there was less mess, and they relaxed me before falling asleep.

All in all it was a fantastic week. I even went over to Lyla’s one afternoon while my mom was at work, for a three-way with her and Shelby. Sure we caught up a bit, I hadn’t seen them in weeks, I asked how their trips were and stuff like that, but mostly they just rode my prick raw. It was fun, except that after having them Fuck me for three hours and drain three loads out of me, I got home just before mom, who apparently had a rough day at work and needed to sit on some teen dick to unwind. She pushed me down on the couch, pulled her skirt up and jumped on. It took me a while to cum, which ultimately worked out because she bounced on my cock for an hour non stop, she came four times before I did, then just climbed off and started making dinner.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Birds were chirping and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The curtains were opened, letting the warm light in, and I had mom’s ankles pushed back to her ears. I had climbed on top of her as soon as I woke up, she was still asleep, but that didn’t last long. As soon as I slid my morning wood into her muff she moaned softly to herself, two more strokes and she opened her sleepy eyes to the sight of her son on top of her, grasping her breasts and slowly sliding his cock in and out of her. She smiled and stretched, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, pulling me in for a kiss. Naturally, it progressed to me bending her in half and pile driving my prick into her small intestines, before we eventually had a simultaneous orgasm and I collapsed back on to the mattress.

“We should be back before dinner.” Mom called from the shower. Today she was heading to pickup Lacy.

“OK, I’ll have something ready.” I said, still laying in bed. I was conflicted about Lacy coming home. I was happy to see my little sister again. And I was looking forward to how eager she would be to take out her sexual frustrations on her big brother. However.. This was going to complicate the new arrangement my mom and I had. We couldn’t let Lacy catch us, and Lacy and I still couldn’t let mom find out about us.. this was going to be a pain in the ass. And on top of that, Mariola had even texted me the other day saying that I should stop by some time, AND Lyla and Shelby were already wondering when I would be coming back over! Geeze. I heard the shower turn off.

“So what are we going to tell Lacy?” Mom asked, walking back in the room still toweling off. It was like she had been reading my mind.

“Why do we have to tell her anything? We just have to be careful not to get caught.”

“But being careful isn’t always enough, look at you and her.”

“What?… What do you mean?” I sat up in bed.

“Sweetie, I saw you two on the sofa that night..” My eyes widened, “having sex.” My heart stopped.

“You saw us?” I could barely speak.

“Yes, and I thought you saw me too?”

“I did! But you never said anything to us!”

“I didn’t see the need. It was obviously consensual. And I figured bringing it up would just cause embarrassment and make things uncomfortable. But now that you and I are having sex..” there wasn’t a hint of shame in her voice as she said those words out loud for the first time this whole week, “we need to decide what we’re going to do. Because if you’re going to continue to sleep with me and her, It’s only fair to let her know.” She was right, but I was dreading this.

“Well she doesn’t know about Lyla and Shelby either…”

“Then you’ll need to tell her.” She said, sounding more like a mother than ever.

“Ok…” I looked down at my hands shyly, “then I should probably tell you some other things…”

I explained to mom about Mariola and her granddaughter Kelly. She was surprised, but not upset. I think she was even pleased with me for what I’d done for Kelly. I then told her about Danielle, whom she knew I’d had sex with, but never knew why we actually broke up. Mom was surprisingly upset. Not with me of course, but as a mother she was angry that her little boy was cheated on by his first love, and that Danielle had been having a secret sexual affair with her stepfather. I think this just upset her so much because of my father raping Lacy, because otherwise my mom was being really hypocritical considering she had just fucked her own son four times over the last 24hrs. She even threatened to call Danielle’s mom and tell her what’s been going on. I convinced her not to, since I was no longer dating Danielle and it wouldn’t serve any purpose. I then told mom about how Lacy and I began having sex in the first place. She listened and was understanding. I think it even made her happy to know that I wasn’t the one who initiated it.

Mom eventually left to go pick up Lacy, it was going to be about 6hrs until they were home. We debated me going too, so we could all talk about what was going on. But mom decided that she’d like some alone time to explain how and why she started things with her son, and how they’re different than many other cases of incest. So I had the whole day to just worry about how the conversation was going. I busied myself with chores, and even made it across town to see Mariola. Kelly still wasn’t well enough for intercourse, but she liked watching me fuck her grandmother, and actually enjoyed Mariola and I taking turns going down on her. Afterwards I helped Mariola give Kelly a shower, and we had lunch. Then I just spent the rest of the afternoon at home worrying about what drama would be coming my way.

2 weeks later.

“Hurry up you two, you don’t want to be late on the first day of school!” Mom yelled from the kitchen.

“I’M COMING!” Lacy and I accidentally yelled simultaneously. She looked back at me and we both laughed.

Lacy was on her hands and knees on her bed. She was wearing a cute new yellow dress for the first day of school. Currently it was bunched up around her waist. I was just wearing some cargo shorts and a short sleeved polo shirt. The shorts were down at my ankles. I was holding her hips and slamming my dick in and out of her as fast as I could. She had already cum, but I hadn’t, and there was no way I was going to go to school without a morning fuck. The bed was creaking loudly, and banging against the wall, there’s no way mom couldn’t hear.

“Fuck I’m almost there!” I groaned.

“Well you better be, you guys are already going to be late!” Mom walked in. The pressure didn’t help.

“Oh God!” I picked up my speed.

“Yes! I’m going to cum again!” Lacy yelled.

“uhhhh, AHHHH!”

“AHHHHHHH!” We both came.

“Now wipe off, and get going.” Mom said, she had watched our climax. I yanked up my shorts and kissed mom goodbye while heading out the door. Lacy followed a few seconds after. She was in the same school as me now, a couple grades lower, but at least we could car pool together.

Things had been going really well. Lacy was completely understanding of mine and mom’s relationship. She had a lot of questions, but didn’t compare what mom and I were doing to what dad had done with her. Apparently she had freaked out at first when mom told her that she knew about us, but once mom explained that she was OK with it and that she has been sexually involved with me too, she calmed down.

The first night was awkward. Lacy clearly wanted to get banged my her big brother, and even though mom said she was ok with it, Lacy had trouble getting past the weirdness. What ended up happening, was Lacy watched as mom gave me a blow job, and then rode me in bed. It was slower, and prettier than most of the times we’d fucked that week, more like love-making. It gave Lacy a chance to see mom naked, and watch me with another woman. I came inside mom, and she came as well. Afterwards, mom got out of bed, and Lacy got in. Mom sat in a chair and watched as we took our time getting going. Partly because I needed time to stiffen back up, but also because Lacy needed to get worked up before undressing and allowing me to go down on her in mom’s presence. Once Lacy came from my tongue, she didn’t care who was watching, she pulled me on top of her and begged me to fuck her.

After just a couple days of hesitation, everything was fine. The three of us barely wore clothes, and neither of them had any problems hearing or seeing me fucking the other. We’ve had threesomes, but they don’t engage in any sexual contact with each other, just me. I’d love to watch them, and mom has said that she’s ok with it, but Lacy isn’t there yet.

She did show an interest in being with another woman though. I guess at camp, she shared a two sided dildo with a girl, and they kissed and played with each other… and that’s how the idea of us all going over and having group sex with Lyla and Shelby came up. Mom talked it over with Lyla, and since those two love playing with each other, the idea of two more women was very appealing. We set a date for that coming Friday night. A good way to spend the first weekend of the school year. Honestly it makes me a little nervous that I’ll be a 5th wheel, but with all those holes, I’m sure I’ll fine one or two that are left unattended.

The remainder of the summer had been great, fucking my sister most of the day, my mom most of the evening, sleeping through the night nestled in between them. And now that they knew about each other and the other women, there was no need to lie or sneak around. I would just tell my sister that I was going to see Mariola and Kelly, and Lacy would just have me drop her off at a friend’s house along the way. Or while she was tanning by the pool, I’d drive down the street to see Lyla and Shelby. The only thing my mom and Lacy requested was that the other women came second to them. I needed to make sure that I was always available and willing to screw them first.

This was mostly a Lacy rule, mom was more flexible and understanding, plus she still saw her role as the lady of the house as being there to please me, BUT when she wanted my cock she had no problem taking charge. One day she came home needing some dick, and walked in on Lacy bouncing on my lap on the couch. She walked over, looked at us and told Lacy to hurry up and get there, and told me that I better not cum before filling her up first. We did as we were told, she was our mom after all. Lacy quickly rode me to climax and hopped off. Mom was already naked and waiting to be tagged in, and immediately sat down. She rode me hard, and it took everything I had not to cum before her, but as soon as she started to orgasm I went ahead and released my load inside her. I couldn’t get off the couch for 20 minutes afterwards.

That Friday After school, Lacy was already sucking my dick in the car on the way home. And as soon as we pulled in the driveway, she climbed on top of me and we fucked right there in the driver’s seat. We didn’t do anything else that afternoon, we were waiting for this evening, and when mom got home we all got cleaned up and headed to Lyla’s.

The night started slow. While Lacy had become comfortable seeing my mother naked, watching Lyla, a woman who’s been my mom’s best friend for years, who’s come over for holidays and birthdays, was a bit weird. It didn’t help that Shelby is the prettiest and most popular girl in school. She’s older, more mature (both physically and mentally) and more sexually experienced. And while our mom was beautiful and had a great body, Lyla looked like a freaking porn star… it was easy to see why Lacy would feel intimidated. But mom and I started fooling around on the couch while the other two took control of Lacy. They stripped her, kissed her, licked her, and rubbed ever part of her body. If Lacy wanted a great bisexual experience, this was it, and in no time she had gotten over her insecurities and was enjoying herself.

The night went as expected. They all played with each other, and took turns with me. I actually got more attention than I expected. They used me as a sex toy, in a room of bisexual women, I was the only cock, they saw me as a novelty, and often fought over turns with me. Lacy even took a big step with mom. While she didn’t engage in sex acts with her, she did let mom play with her breasts while Shelby was going down on her, and then returned the favor and played with mom’s tits while Lyla was going down on her. We spent the night there, and even after everyone went to sleep, you could hear movement and noises throughout the night as someone would start playing with someone else. I was guilty of it myself, as I rolled over and found Shelby asleep next to me. I started spoon-fucking her as she slept, until she woke up of course and got into the action.

1 year later.

The school year ended and summer had come and gone. It was wonderful. At home I was living the dream, my beautiful mother and sister were my personal live in fuck buddies. Mom was there for me to take when ever I wanted, she was mine, but Lacy I treated more like my sister and friend. We screwed constantly, and she was always willing to take a load in the mouth when asked… actually to avoid being late for school, she got in the habit of giving me road head in the car on the way, it definitely made the day start better. But I treated her with respect, the way I’d want my little sister to be treated, so I never just stuck it in her the way I did with mom.

Mom, Lacy and I had continued to have orgies with Lyla and Shelby that entire first semester, almost every week. It ended after Christmas break when they came home from a family vacation. They admitted that they had brought the twins, Billy and Jacob, into the mix. They were staying in a cabin at some ski resort, when the girls got horny. It wasn’t planned I guess, but there were two handsome boys in the other room, and it just happened. This bothered me so much more than it should have. I mean I was banging my mom and sister, so who was I to judge? But those two annoyed me, and the idea that they were fucking two women that I had seen as mine infuriated me.

Of course I knew Lyla wasn’t mine, she went on dates, she had sex with men her own age, but that was like a separate life… When it came to her incestuous relationship with her daughter, I was the only man who knew about it and screwed both of them. And while Shelby and I weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend it often seemed like we were. We went to a couple school dances together, went on some dates, got along great, and fucked regularly. So yes I’ll admit that her going back to doing her brothers after having been with me made me jealous, I was hurt.

So when they told us that they wanted to bring the boys into our orgies, I was clearly against it, and to my comfort, my mom was too. I don’t know if she was only siding with me to make me feel better, or if she really didn’t like the idea. She said that as a mother, she supported her daughter sleeping with me (even though I was her brother) because she CHOSE to. But she didn’t want Lacy to be sexually exposed to two more boys at such a young age, especially when she didn’t pick them as sex partners, they were just part of the group. Lacy agreed with us when we told her the situation, and just like that, our orgies were over and I never saw Lyla again. I saw Shelby in passing at school, and unfortunately saw the twins too, as they were at the same school now too. Shelby graduated that year and went to an out of state school, I never saw her again.

It was sad, but I took the absence of two lovers as a chance to find two more. One was Mariola, whom I had neglected during most of that semester. I started going over there more often. Kelly was no longer an option, but I liked her, and we would hang out. Mariola was still one of the most aggressive lovers I’ve ever had, she always took charge and I just enjoyed the ride.

I also started dating. Not one girl in particular, just going on dates and school dances, seeing who I clicked with. Unfortunately teenage girls are annoying as Fuck, so I didn’t click with anyone, and it never went past a second date. I only ever had sex with one girl that year. Other girls would kiss and maybe let me feel them up, but as it was only the first or second date, they weren’t going any further.

The one girl I did have sex with was named Nicky, and the only reason she had sex with me was because she saw my dick and was impressed. We were making out in the back seat and I got aroused. She had actually told me that we were not going any further, so I was just using her to preheat the oven before I went home and blew my load in mom’s mouth before bed. But my dick was getting uncomfortable in my jeans, so I was tugging at them to adjust myself and I guess she saw my bulge and got curious. She asked what I was doing, so I told her the truth, that I was adjusting my boner. She asked if I was big, and I said ‘above average’, so she asked to see… I’m not shy so I showed her and her eyes lit up! Without asking, she just grabbed hold and started playing with it. This of course gave me a full on erection and caused a bit of pre cum, which turned her on more. Again without asking, she leaned over and took the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking. She wasn’t very good, but she clearly thought she was, so I lied and acted like it was amazing. She then released me, took her shirt off, leaned back and pulled her pants down and told me to fuck her, so I did.

She was cute, nice legs and stomach, but her tits looked better with the shirt on, and she made me wear a condom. Believe me, I know that condoms are the right move, especially when you’re with a new partner that you don’t know very well, and as I got older and started dating a lot in college I wore them all the time… but at this point in my life I had only been fucking ladies that I knew and trusted so I never used them. That made this kind of lame.

We fucked one other time after this and that was it. Turns out she only went on a date with me to make some ex jealous, and when he came back she was done with me. I can’t say that I was heart broken or anything, but it was kind of annoying to get used by a girl that wasn’t even that good in bed.. Although if she had been good in bed it probably would’ve made getting tossed aside that much worse!

Lacy even went on a couple dates. What could we expect, she was super cute, so it was bound to happen. The twins even tried to ask her out, I guess they knew that she had been part of the orgies with their mom and sister, and figured she’d be a sure thing. She threatened to tell everyone about their family if they ever talked to her again, they listened. Granted, if she revealed them, they could always reveal us, but they were stupid. She promised that she wasn’t going to do anything on these dates, and she never did. She kissed a boy and that was it, and to be honest I didn’t even like that. But in all fairness, she didn’t like that I fooled around on my dates either.

I got a job that summer, a sporting goods store, so not that bad. The only down side was that every coworker was male, so no chance of meeting a summer fling. Lacy wasn’t old enough to work yet so she was stuck at home, lonely, bored and horny. She found entertainment in teasing me with naughty texts and pictures while I was at work, more than once some coworker would walk by and see and give me a hard time, asking if that was my girlfriend, naturally I had to lie.

Mom and Lacy finally moved their relationship to the next level. It happened a few months after things ended with Lyla and Shelby. Lacy must have missed playing with another female, because she’s actually the one who initiated it! Normally Lacy wouldn’t be involved while I was having sex with mom. She’d be in another room doing her own thing, and minding her own business. Or if she wanted some dick too, she’d come in, undress, sit down and watch, playing with herself while patiently waiting for her turn.

Incidentally, this was my sign to know I had another pussy to fill before I could cum. It went both ways, if I was banging Lacy and mom wanted some too, then she would come in, undress and sit and watch while playing with herself. Getting fully undressed was the key. Sometimes one might just want to WATCH me fuck the other, but not actually want to fuck me too. So we decided that if they just wanted to watch, they should keep their clothes on, or at least some of them, and if they wanted dick too then they needed to fully undress… it actually still got a little confusing because at first we were all naked a lot anyways, so we made a rule that the ladies had to wear something around the house, usually it was just a long tee shirt, or some underwear, or just a pair of boxers, but at least I could tell the difference between naked and waiting to fuck, or just watching or passing through the room. This happened a lot because fucking in public areas like the kitchen or living room was very common, and just because mom was sitting on the sofa while Lacy and I were also having sex on it, didn’t mean she was waiting for her turn, it could just mean that she was watching TV.

But I digress. So there I was in the bedroom fucking mom. I was laying down while she happily rode on top. We hadn’t been at it long, when I saw Lacy walk in. I lost sight of her because she was behind mom, but then she reappeared at the side of the bed completely naked. She knew that we hadn’t been fucking for long, and it was clear that mom was approaching her first orgasm, so I was surprised that she was being so impatient. Mom’s eyes were closed and her head was tilted back, so she didn’t notice. I was looking at Lace, expecting some sort of response, but she wasn’t looking back at me, she was watching mom, mom’s body to be specific. I had my hands on my mom’s waist as she steadily bounced on my cock, working herself up to climax. Her boobs were, of course, swaying and jiggling with the rhythm. Lacy reached up and cupped mom’s breasts in her hands, fondling them for just a second before leaning in and taking one of mom’s nipples in her mouth. Mom opened her eyes and looked down, her expression revealed how surprised she was, but quickly softened and she smiled. Lacy removed her mouth and looked up, they smiled at each other, and then mom placed a hand on the back of Lacy’s head, and guided her back to her teat. Mom closed her eyes, savoring feeling of her teen children against her body. Her son’s cock deep inside her, and her daughter’s mouth suckling at her breasts. She came seconds later, but she continued to ride me.

I reached behind Lacy, my hand sliding over her butt cheeks and my fingers finding their way into her cunt. I fingered her rapidly. I saw mom was already working on her next orgasm, and my plan was to give Lacy one at the same time. My fingers couldn’t work my sister’s snatch as fast as my cock could work my mom’s, so my mother came first, but she sat there and happily let her daughter suck until she came too. They then switched places, and Lacy rode me for two more orgasms while mom sucked on her tits and caressed her soft young skin. I tried my best to last longer, I was eager to see where else this might lead, but the visual was too much for me, and I erupted inside my little sister. Things progressed quickly after that, and within a few days my sister had her face buried in our mother’s muff while getting hammered in the ass by me.

That quickly became our new-norm. From the outside we looked like any other family, BETTER than any other family in fact. As siblings we never fought, we never argued with mom, we were great in school, and incredibly helpful around the house. And of course from the inside, we had a three-way incestuous relationship, mother – son, brother – sister, and now mother – daughter. We were constantly having sex, me with each of them, them with each other, and all of us together.

We got into little routines, like Lacy giving me head on the car on the way to school, or mom giving me head before going to sleep, stuff like that. There were certain days of the week, times of the day, rooms of the house, types of sex (oral, anal, vaginal) and certain partners that we preferred for each. I liked Lacy on top of me on the couch after school, and mom from behind in the kitchen while she cooked. We would each take turns with mom separately while the other did homework or chores, and the three of us would have family sex in bed after dinner. The girls even had a preference for 69ing out on the lounge chairs by the pool on weekends.

Our home life was perfect, because we honestly enjoyed being together. We did normal family stuff like go on trips to amusement parks, or camping, or to visit relatives… the only difference was that after a day of rides at the park, we went back to the hotel to ride each other.

I even made time each week to go visit Mariola and Kelly. We would play with Kelly together, but I always came inside her grandmother. My mother and sister actually liked when I went over there, it gave them an afternoon to themselves. I was cumming an average of 5 times a day, which for a teenage boy, wasn’t necessarily crazy to hear, except I wasn’t cumming in a sock … it was in my mother and sister… I loved my life.

30 years later.

My senior year went by without incident. I rarely dated, I didn’t see the point. Mom encouraged me to, she wanted me to live a normal life, and maybe meet someone that I could see a future with. But I was too young to worry about that. Lacy was relieved that I wasn’t interested in meeting anyone, she never said it, but I know she looked at me as more than just her brother, or even secret lover, she loved me.

That girl Nicky asked me out when she and her boyfriend broke up again. She told me she “wanted that big dick again”. I wasn’t really interested, she wasn’t a good cock sucker, and wasn’t a fun lay. Id rather go home and get the best head and pussy on earth.

I took Kelly to all our school dances. She was confined to her wheelchair of course, but she loved it. Her ALS continued to deteriorate her body, and she died the next year. I had still been fucking her grandmother, Mariola, regularly, but after Kelly’s passing she lost interest, and understandably so. I tried to keep in touch with her, but of course weekly calls turned to every couple months, then only holidays, until nether of us kept up. She died ten years after Kelly, she was in good health, but she just never had the love of life to keep on living.

But I graduated, and chose to attend an in state university. In fact it was in our home town. I did this on purpose of course, there was cheaper tuition, I could always go home to do laundry, oh and while I was there I could blow a couple of loads into my beautiful mother and adorable little sister. I was actually home more than I was gone. I got a dorm room that first year so that I could get an authentic college experience, but like most, I had an obnoxious roommate, so going home had multiple benefits.

I tried dating that year. Got laid a few times, I told my mom about it but not my sister. Nothing serious happened until my second year. I took dating more seriously my sophomore year, I started really looking for someone that I wanted to be in a relationship with, not just screw. Although I wasn’t as bad as most guys I knew, they were horn dogs constantly looking for someone to Fuck. Maybe it was because my sexual needs were already being met by my mother and sister, but when I went to a party it was really just too have fun, not try and hook up with some chick.

I ended up meeting a girl named Joni, we got very serious very fast, I honestly thought that I loved her and that she was the one. I neglected my family, only going over on the weekends, then only when I needed to do laundry or something else also. I regretted it after the fact, because just before the end of the year Joni and I broke up. I should say Joni broke up with me. There wasn’t any good reason for it, she just wasn’t ready to settle down, and wanted to end it now so she could play around all summer. I went home for the summer crying, I was sad about being dumped, but also for mistreating my two girls. Mom didn’t mind, she knew that her boy was going to meet someone eventually, so she was prepared. Lacy on the other hand was hurt. She had taken her anger at me and lashed out that year by finding a boyfriend of her own and screwing his brains out. She wanted to get caught, wanted me to find out, so instead of doing him from the privacy of a bedroom, they would do it in store fitting rooms, or movie theaters, eventually getting caught by the cops as she was being bent over a park bench.

She got grounded of course, which put our mother in an awkward situation. She hadn’t ever needed to punish us, which made having sex with us so easy, it was like a daily reward for not misbehaving. When I wasn’t around, she and Lace had been pleasing each other constantly, but when Lacy was grounded, my mom decided to ground her from their sex life as well… this was as much of a punishment for mom as it was for Lacy, she used to call me and complain.

But Lacy got back on track and graduated that year, and when I came home broken hearted, she punished me for a couple weeks by ignoring and refusing to sleep with me. Hearing me fucking mom all day and night finally got the best of her, and one morning while we were both home and mom was at work, she crawled under the sheets of my bed naked, while I slept, and took me in her mouth the way she used to do, and told me she forgave me in the best way possible.

The next year Lacy went to the same college as me. We decided that we would both live at home with mom that year. I still dated, but it wasn’t my focus. I didn’t want to tell girls I still lived at home (I definitely didn’t want to tell them WHY I still wanted to live at home) so when I would plan on bringing a girl over, I’d tell her that I had roommates. Lacy and my mom would then stay in a bedroom while my date was over. It worked out fine, but like I said, I wasn’t trying to date that much.

The next year was my last in college. I managed to finish in 4 years, with a degree civil engineering. Mom insisted that Lacy and I move out of the house, she loved us and still wanted us to visit as much as possible, but she also wanted us to grow up and spread our proverbial wings. So Lacy and I decided to get an apartment together. We both had jobs at this point, but sharing a place with someone made more financial sense, and living with each other made more sexual sense.

It was like living with a girlfriend. We fucked all the time, walked around naked, stayed up late, drank alcohol, we were loving life. Living with mom was a lot of the same (not the underage drinking though), but we still had to behave because she was our mom. We did chores, didn’t use curse words (except during sex), that sorta thing, but now that it was just us, we got to be young and dumb. We both agreed that we should be dating, and we set boundaries the way any roommates would, and it worked out. We would talk about who we had sex with, and would often get into bed with each other as soon as our date left. It was like we were letting the other know that no matter who we may end up with, no one would replace us.

But right at the end of school, I met Kim. She was a beautiful Hispanic girl a year behind me. She was smart, a psychology and languages major who had ambitions to join the FBI. All this and she was as much of a freak in bed as I was. On our first date she came home with me and we spent the night fucking like animals. She was a big fan of anal, which was a nice change since none of the other girls I’d met were. I didn’t know it then, but she was going to be the woman I married.

She quickly moved in with me. It didn’t bother her that Lacy lived with us, in fact she thought it was nice, like I was just being a good big brother. Naturally she didn’t know that this big brother was getting his dick sucked by that little sister as soon as she left for class. Lacy liked the risk factor, she thought it was fun. She’d pull my prick out and stuff it in her mouth as soon as Kim would walk out the door, or get in the shower. There were a few close calls, but we never got caught. I tried to tell Lace to take it easy because I really liked Kim and didn’t want to screw things up. I also pointed out to her how fucked up it would be if Kim (or anybody) caught me fucking my sister! She’d have to leave school, and we’d have to move, and that’s just for starters, I don’t even know what potential legal issues there might be.

That’s not all, having to keep two women sexually satisfied in the same house was tiresome! When it was mom and Lacy, they knew to take turns, and that if I just blew my load in one, then I needed a bit before I could Fuck the other… but sleeping with Lacy while living with Kim was all in secret. Sure I’d tell Lacy that I just had sex with Kim and that I needed a break, but she was spoiled and wanted to get fucked when she was ready. And of course I couldn’t tell Kim that I had just cum in my sister and needed a chance to refill. One time I had been fucking Lacy in my room, and just cum, when we heard the door unlock to the apartment. Lacy ran out of my room and into hers. I was completely naked, and dripping with sweat when Kim walked in, I told her I just got back from a jog and was about to shower, she was of course turned on and wanted me right then and there. She dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick to get him hard, which I knew was still covered in my sister’s juices. Luckily she didn’t notice anything, but it took me way longer to cum than usual, I was able to blame it on being tired from my “jog”.

I got a government job with the state right after college. I had done an internship with the office in my home town, and they had decided to hire me. The pay was OK, but it was low level. The good news being, of course, that I could stay in town while Kim finished school. She only had one more year of undergrad, but was already planning on her masters, meaning she had 3 more years total. Lacy was also happy that I wasn’t going anywhere, as she had two more years to go.

The time flew. Lacy graduated in the medical field and easily got a job in town. The three of us had continued to live together, and when Kim graduated she got a job with the federal government…not the FBI like she had originally hoped, but another agency snatched her up. She had to move to the DC area for 9 months. I thought we were going to have to break up when she told me, but she promised that things would work out. She said that she knew there were openings in the offices in our state and that she could easily transfer after she finished training. Which she did.

But that gave me 9 months of no girlfriend. I told her that I didn’t want to renew a lease on a place since we may be moving, so I was going to move in with my mom while she was away. She loved that idea. So not only did I move back home, but so did Lacy. We all fell right back into our old sexual habits. The three of us were fucking constantly. We didn’t get to do it as much as we did when we were younger, but that’s just because we all had jobs now. I spent every night snuggled between my mother and sister. If I woke up with a hard on (which still happened), it was simply a matter of which way I was facing when I awoke. I just stuck it in or climbed on the first woman I saw. It was an amazing several months. But then it ended.

Nothing bad happened, Kim moved back and got a job in a bigger city in state. I was able to transfer without any problem, and that was that. I was living 3 hours away from my mom and Lacy and we went about our lives.

A year later Lacy moved to the same city. She said she wanted a change of scenery, but I knew she wanted to be closer to me. I had gone home a few times that first year away from home. A couple times with Kim, and a couple without. When she didn’t go with, I was banging my mother and sister like a horny teenager again. Even when Kim did go with me, I still managed to get a little alone time with them. Usually we’d make up some excuse that we needed to run to the store for something, and Lacy and I would Fuck in the car in the grocery store parking lot. Honestly my favorite part of the visits was just sitting on the couch, looking up at the ceiling, completely relaxed, listening to the slurping sounds of my mother servicing me with her mouth, the way she had done so many times when I was younger.

After Lacy moved to our city she acted like she wasn’t interested in pursuing a sexual relationship with me again. So I didn’t either. Naturally she texted me one day while Kim was at work and asked if I was alone, I said yes, and 10 minutes later there was a knock at my door. From then on I was back to screwing my little sister whenever we could. Believe me, I love Kim, and I’d never cheat on her with anyone else.. And that’s why my affair with my sister worked out, because we would never be a REAL couple, it was just this taboo sort of lust. Which left my heart wholly for Kim, but no matter how good she was in bed, no one ever pleased me like my mother and sister.

This didn’t stop Lacy from dating and eventually marrying either. She settled down with a nice guy and had 5 kids. The problem with her husband was that he was TOO nice, way too trusting and naïve. It just made our sex life even easier. I’ll be honest, I WANTED to end things with my sister, not because I didn’t enjoy fucking her, but because I wanted to try and be faithful to Kim. But I couldn’t do it, Lacy wouldn’t let me stop. If I would go too long without stopping by her place for sex, she’d show up at my place, or call Kim and tell her that she needed me to come help her with something around the house, or to use my truck to pick up something big she bought. Kim would tell me to be a good big brother and go help her, so I would, and Lacy would make it impossible for me to resist her. I even screwed my sister on my wedding day. I couldn’t help myself.

After a couple years in the new city, my job changed and required me to travel around the state on a regular basis. It was usually just day trips, and I made it home those nights, but occasionally I had to do multi day trips and stay overnight. Coincidentally the place I had to stay the most often was my home town. Kim insisted that I stay with my mom since we didn’t get to visit much. Over the last couple years I had only seen my mom a dozen times, usually just for holidays, so these business trips were letting me make up for lost time.

Mom had dated a bit, but nothing serious. At this point she was only in her late 40s, and still very attractive, and needless to say but she had a healthy sexual appetite. So her dating was more for sex and boredom rather than looking for love. I always knew ahead of time when I’d be heading to town, so she’d make sure she was available. The visits were actually a lot like any adult visiting his mother, we’d catch up, I might help her with things around the house and we may go out to eat. But every evening ended the same and every morning started the same, with me draining my balls down my mother’s throat.

My mother’s and mines sex life was very different from what I had with my sister. Lacy was fun, always wanted to Fuck, and liked the risk… it was exciting. My mom on the other hand enjoyed it slower, more loving (and honestly, more motherly), it was more about MY enjoyment. She loved to go down on me, and insisted that I could have her whenever I wanted. She was sort of like any other mother that way. Some of you have one who was always happy to do your laundry even though you’re an adult, or asks if you’re hungry and then starts making you something to eat, even though you said you weren’t. They’re just moms, always looking at you as their baby, and wanting to take care of you the same way they did when you were a kid… well when I was a kid my mom gave me blow jobs, so she felt like she still should.. I wasn’t arguing.

I continued to travel for work for several more years, until Kim’s job took our family out of state. The move ended up being good for both our careers, as I was able to find a better job in our new state. Mom was happy for me, moving up in my career, and being in a new place, with new sights and experiences. Lacy was not as supportive. She said that I must not love her if I was willing to move away. I explained that I did, and I made efforts to visit her and mom whenever possible. We made it back for holidays, and we were always able to sneak in a few quickies. I even came out a couple times a year on my own so we could have more time alone. But she never really forgave me. She even started having affairs with other men. She told me that her husband couldn’t satisfy her enough, so with me gone she needed someone else. I think she was just trying to make me jealous.

I’m now almost 50. I haven’t been intimate with mom in years, but Lacy and I still have sex to this day. Kim and I have two daughters, one is 20 the other is 18. I haven’t engaged in any type of sexual contact with them, nor have I tried. I’m not against it, they’re beautiful, Ive imagined having sex with them tons of times, but it never happened. With my mother, and then sister, it just happened and both parties were comfortable with it. I’d be terrified to try something and have my daughters freak out and ruin my relationship with them. But you better believe that if they ever asked, I’d be pounding my meat in them as often as they’d allow.

Out of Lacy’s five kids, 4 are girls and 1 (the youngest) is a boy. He’s 14 now, and Lacy has admitted to me that she’s thought of attempting to sleep with him, start the kind of relationship with him that our mother started with me. She agrees with me though, that it takes the right situation to allow something like that to happen. If she just tried, and he was uncomfortable, then it would be molestation, and she’d ruin her relationship not only with him, but all her children.

She’s started purposely looking for opportunities to catch him masturbating and maybe take it from there. Doing things like walking into his room or bathroom with out knocking, and she even goes through his stuff while he’s out, hoping to find dirty magazines that she could confront him about. But as of now, nothing has happened.

I want to end my story with this cautionary note. This was the story of my life, not everything I wrote was 100% true, but most was. I’ve wanted to post my story for years, and after reading other stories I’ve finally gotten enough motivation, and time, to tell mine. Thank you for reading.