My Life. Ch. 3


3 months later…

“ooooohhhh , that’s it sweetie, but don’t JUST lick the clit, remember to keep working your fingers.” Mom instructed. I still had trouble maintaining a good rhythm with my fingers while I was focusing on what I was doing with my mouth.

My mom was laying on my bed with her legs hanging off the edge, spread apart. She was propped up on her elbows looking down towards me. She was wearing a sundress that was pushed up to her stomach, with no panties underneath.

I was kneeling on the floor with my face in her crotch. I had already made her cum once, so her juices covered my lips, cheeks and chin. My mouth was on her clit where I switched between licking and sucking it. I had my right hand coming up from underneath my chin, three fingers inside her pussy as far as they could go. Her wetness running down my forearm.

“Oh God yes baby I’m going to cum again!” She reached down with both hands and grabbed my head, pulling my hair. Her head fell down to the mattress. She closed her eyes, and bit her bottom lip to avoid screaming. “MMMM!” She let out through her clenched teeth.

My mom didn’t ‘squirt’ or anything like that when I made her cum, but she did have sort of a ‘gushing’ of juice that covered my face, hand and arm. There was always a very wet spot on the bed when she was done. She tapped me on the head to let me know that she was finished and to stop.

“That was great Adam, thank you”, she said warmly, “now I want to take care of you again.”

It was only 1pm and this was already going to be my third blow job of the day, but I wasn’t complaining. She sat up on my bed and motioned for me to stand up. I did. I was wearing basketball shorts, she hooked her fingers over the elastic waist band of both my shorts and boxers, and pulled them both down to my knees. My cock sprang up and pointed as her face. I was already rock hard from eating my mom’s pussy for the last half hour, so I knew I wasn’t going to last long in her mouth.

She grabbed the sides of my hips and I grabbed the back of her head, and we pulled each other forward. She opened her mouth and I just slid in. I pushed my dick all the way to the back of her throat and held her there for a second. I was looking down at her, and she was looking up at me, we stared into each other’s eyes. I pulled her head back a fraction of an inch, and then pushed it back down, I made her do these little bobs for a bit, I liked the feeling of the tip of my dick hitting the back of her throat over and over again. She never gagged, just made little noises.

I pushed her head away while moving my hips back, then thrust my hips forward and pulled her head back towards me till I hit the back of her throat again. I began steadily fucking my mom’s mouth, moving her head and my pelvis at the same time.

I had become more comfortable with my mom sucking my dick. There was no longer any awkwardness about it. This had also made me more confident during my daily blow jobs. I would regularly look her in the eyes, it let me know that she WANTED to suck my dick, she WANTED to please me. During these I thought of her as MINE. She was still my mother the rest of the time, and I respected her as such. But when she would come into my room, she was there for my cock, she was MY SLUT.

She had actually encouraged this. She told me to do what I wanted, and what felt good during my blow jobs. This could be grabbing her head, her tits or her ass; it could be pulling her hair or pulling her shirt off; it could even be saying dirty stuff, although I had once slipped and said “Fuck that feels good” and she got mad, so bad words weren’t allowed. While I still usually liked to just relax and let her go to work, sometimes it was nice to take charge and do whatever my body wanted to do. As in this case, I was pounding my meat in and out of my mother’s mouth.

When I came, I closed my eyes in pleasure and shoved my dick in. I shot my load directly into her throat and held her there. As always, she swallowed it without issue. When my body was done I opened my eyes and saw her still looking straight up at me. I released her head and she slowly pulled her head back, sucking tightly as she did, cleaning my dick off. She spent a little extra time on the head, which made me shudder (she knew this already), and pulled it completely out with a pop and smiled.

“Well that was a fun afternoon!” She said.

“As always.”

“What do you have planned this afternoon?”

“I’m going to go play with Mike at his house.”

“Oh that’s right. OK well go clean off your face at least” she laughed, “and be home for dinner.”

“I will.” I answered as I pulled up my shorts and put on a shirt.

She got off my bed and straightened out her dress. This was only the third time I’ve gone down on my mother. We could only do it when the house was empty and there was no chance of someone coming home. This was because, unlike my blow jobs that were relatively quick and only required me to unzip my pants and pull my dick out; going down on her required much more time and she had to either pull her pants off, or pull a dress up, and lay on the bed, which was a very compromising position should someone walk in. This meant that the only time available was during a weekend if my dad and sister were out.

This made me feel kind of bad. She said It wasn’t a big deal, in fact she would rarely LET me play with her pussy unless she was ‘teaching’ me something. The only reason she’s let me go down on her more than once, was because she said it takes practice. But she also said that it’s ‘not right’ for her to let me touch her down there, not just because she’s my mother, but also because she’s married, and that would be cheating.

We discussed it one time, and she said that her giving me head wasn’t as bad because..
1. My dad didn’t like head anyways, only sex.
2. It’s ok for mothers to see, and touch their children, since they’ve done it when we were babies.
3. Getting head, meant that I was still a Virgin.
4. This was safer than doing things with girls from school.
5. I was going to play with myself anyways.

I still couldn’t help but feel bad that my mother was making me cum so much without getting hers. And I do mean so much! Our routine had my dick in her mouth 3-4 times a day on average.

In the mornings my dad got up after we had already gone to school, so he was still asleep. My mom simply got up to make us breakfast and see us off to school. I would get ready first since my school started first, then while my little sister was taking her shower and getting ready, I was sitting at the dining room table eating with my mom’s head bobbing up and down in my lap. Then by the time my sister got downstairs, mom and I were already done with our respective breakfasts.

Since my school started first, it also got out first. Plus it was closer, so I just walked, whereas Lacy had to take the bus to hers. Naturally this all meant that I got home earlier than her, making my after school BJ pretty easy to take care of. Mom was usually ready for me, I’d just come in door, then cum in her mouth. It always happened on the sofa, with me sitting and her kneeling in front of me.

The next one wasn’t a guarantee. We either snuck away to my room or the garage or something, or she would ask me to go do an errand with her. The most common was to go to the store for an ingredient needed for dinner, or go somewhere to get a red box movie. Then she’d go down on me in the front seat in the parking lot.

The first time she did this I was scared shit-less that some one would see. She parked in the back of the lot with very few cars around. She turned the car off, turned to me and told me to ‘pull it out’. I was not expecting this. I didn’t take my dick out at first, I just kept looking around as though some one would walk up. So she leaned over and did it herself. She pulled it out and went to work, without me ever actually agreeing to it. The whole time I was on ‘lookout duty’, which made me nervous, but the risk made it very hot, and now this is one of my favorite ways to have my mom service me. Sometimes if we’re out actually doing errands without having planned on doing anything, I’ll just whip it out and ask her ‘mommy will you please suck it?’ with my big puppy dog eyes, she always obliges me.

My bedtime BJs were still a staple of my day, and were pretty easy to accommodate. My mom had told my dad that she just liked coming to say goodnight to me and ask me about my day. I guess he told her once that I was ‘a teenage boy and too stop mothering me so much’. He even asked me if it was annoying to have her come talk to me every night, I said it was ‘ok, I know she just wants to spend time with her baby boy’.

Occasionally, she would still spend the night with me if they got in a fight, but the truth is, things had gotten better between them. I heard them having sex a lot more than they used to, and things were a lot nicer around the house.

I was never too much trouble as a kid, but you better believe, now that my mom was sucking me off daily, I was the perfect son. Always did my chores and homework without needing to be told. I worked hard at school and never got in trouble. I was even nicer to my little sister. My confidence was even apparent to others, girls were showing interest in me. I don’t really know why, I wasn’t DOING anything differently. I guess when you’re playing with tits and getting your cock sucked regularly, you no longer get nervous around girls, and that must’ve shown. Things were really going well for me.

A week and a half later, it was a Tuesday morning and I was sitting at the dining room table. I was holding mom’s hair back as she rapidly worked my prick with her mouth and hands. I was looking at the top of her head move up and down, but I was keeping a ear out, incase some one was coming down the stairs.

“Oh God I’m gonna cum… don’t stop.. Oh God… ahhhhh!” I filled her mouth, and watched her work to swallow it all fast enough. She sucked on the head and used her hands to milk the rest up my shaft. She got every drop, and used a napkin to dry me off and tuck it back inside my pants. “Thanks mom.” I sighed.

“You’re Welcome sweetheart… oh! Before I forget, Ms. Kowalski, next door, got a new computer, and she asked if you could help her set it up?” Mom was getting up to her feet and walking into the kitchen.

“Um, ya sure, when?”

“Right after school, just head there when you get home.”

“Ok” I grabbed my bag as my sister came down the stairs. “Bye Lacy” I said as she darted past me.

“Bye sweetie, have a good day.” Mom yelled after me.

“Bye mom!” and I headed out the door.

Ms Kowalski was our next door neighbor, a widow I think. I never asked, but her husband wasn’t around anymore. She was older, in her 60s, but I wasn’t sure of her exact age. Her name was Mariola. She was from Poland and spoke English fine, but had kind of a thick accent. She was very good looking for her age, with blonde hair and huge tits. Whenever I saw her I’d stare at them and wondered if they were fake. It was possible because she had a home gym and kept her body in good shape, so she may the type to get a boob job too, but I really didn’t care.

I helped her with things quite a bit, usually small stuff, like helping her carry in something she brought home. But occasionally she would ask for a bigger favor like putting up Christmas decorations. She always gave me a couple bucks for these things, but $5 was not nearly enough for 2hrs of putting up lights. Then again I was doing it to be nice, and because mom said to.

My mom was always saying how much of a Saint Ms Kowalski was because she took care of her granddaughter with ALS. Her name was Kelly, and she was a couple years older than me. Apparently when she was diagnosed, her mother decided that she wouldn’t be able to handle it, and left her with Kelly’s grandmother, Mariola. I don’t know much about the disease, but I heard that she had a pretty fast on-setting case. In only a couple years she was already paralyzed and bedridden. She could speak, but it was difficult. I felt bad because she had been living in another state, and once she moved here she was already sick enough that she couldn’t attend school, so she had no friends.

Walking home after school, I walked past my house and went directly next door to Ms Kowalski’s. She answered, wearing spandex work out clothes, she was sweating.

“Oh hi Adam!” She pronounced it like it was ‘Ah-Dom’.

“Hi Mariola” she always insisted I just call her by her first name. “My mom said you needed help setting up a new computer?”

“Yes, please come in.” Her top was tight and low cut showing amazing cleavage. She turned to lead the way. She was wearing tights that showed her body very well. Problem was, it wasn’t that great. She definitely wasn’t fat or anything like that, she just had a flat ass, no curves.

“Hey Kelly!” I said. She was sitting in a wheel chair in the living room watching TV.

“Hi.. Adam.” She spoke slowly. She was actually VERY pretty, if she was still in school she would be very popular and probably have a boyfriend. She was watching some teen drama show.

“Please, don’t get up.” I joked, both her and Mariola laughed.

“Here it is” she took me into her home office, where the computer was still in the box. “Do you need me to do anything?”

“No, it shouldn’t take too long, I’ll get you once it’s ready.” She left the room, and I got to work. It wasn’t that I was super tech-savvy, I was just better than her. Set up was easy, I put it together on her desk, and then installed the software she wanted. “Mariola its done!” I called for her.

I had her sit at the desk, and I stood next to her, while I explained things. Naturally I kept looking down her shirt. I’m not sure why, it wasn’t like I could see anything really, it was just fun I guess.. Until she looked up and caught me. I immediately looked back up at the monitor, she didn’t say anything so maybe she hadn’t noticed.

“Adam, thank you so much for your help. I’d like to pay you something, but unfortunately I don’t have any money on me.”

“Oh it’s ok, it was nothing really.” I’d live without $5.

“But I can do something else that a boy your age would probably like more anyways.. ” She reached up and placed a hand on the tent in my pants.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for that… I didn’t know!..” I was genuinely embarrassed, but I had become complacent. I rarely got unexpected boners anymore since I was getting my pipes cleaned so often. And whenever I did get hard, I simply asked mom to take care of it, so I never really needed to hide them. But then again, I’ve been at school all day, and by now I would’ve already gotten my after school BJ, but I hadn’t yet. Regardless, I had been checking out Mariola’s massive rack and had gotten a hard on and she noticed, that’s all there was to it.

“Oh hush! It’s ok Adam, I saw you looking at these” she cupped both breasts, “and you got turned on, it’s perfectly normal. And honestly I’m flattered that a boy like you would be checking me out, I’m old enough to be your grandmother!” She laughed.

“Well ya, but I mean, you have a really nice body…” I was trying to defend myself.

“Yes, I try to stay in shape. I still enjoy having sex when I go on dates. But I think you are too young for sex… so if you’d like a blow job as thanks, I’d be happy to…” She placed her hand back on my bulge and began rubbing it.

“A blow job is one helluva ‘thank you’” I joked.

“I love sucking a man’s penis, it makes me feel sexy, and I love the taste. I always blow men as ‘thanks’… delivery men, repair men, sometimes door to door salesmen if I’m really in the mood.” I couldn’t believe that she was this kind of woman! Still blowing guys at her age, and that many of them!

“Can I see your tits too?” Man, I really had become more confident. The request seemed to surprise her a little. But without saying anything she looked down, grabbed the bottom of her tight workout shirt and pulled it up and over her head.

“You want to see these?” She dropped the shirt to the ground, and began playing with them. They were gorgeous. They didn’t look fake, but they also looked too nice for a woman in her 60s. Her ass may have been so-so, but her stomach was flat and toned. She looked up at me and took my hand, placing it on a tit. I began kneeding it’s meat like a plaything. “Now this.” She reached up with both hands and undid my pants, pulling them down to my thighs. My hard dick had already worked it’s way through the opening in the front of my boxers.

I had only ever done things with my mother, and she was vocal, telling me what to do. So I KNEW what I could get away with, and what she liked. But Mariola was new, and I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Luckily for me, she was decisive and went to work.

She pushed my prick upward, leaned in and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. She rolled it around with her tongue, then spit it out and sucked the other one. She did this while slowly stroking my shaft with her hand. My mother never played with my balls this way, it felt great. She switched the balls back and forth a few times then pointed my dick at her face.

She inspected it for a moment, pre-cum oozed out and she licked it off with just the tip of her tongue. She held the base of my cock with her right hand, pointed it upward and licked underneath. She started her tongue at my scrotum and slowly licked up the underside of my shaft. When she reached the head she opened her mouth and slid me inside. She pushed down until she reached her fist, then pulled back, sliding her hand up with her. She began bobbing her head and hand at the same pace.

I just stood there with my eyes closed savoring the feeling of my cock in a new mouth. Then my eyes shot open. It was nothing bad, but she surprised me by taking her left hand and fondling my balls while continuing to suck my dick. I was about to cum, and it was going to be great!

“I’m going to cum.” I said softly, not wanting Kelly to hear. My mom never required a warning, but she had told me that it was a good idea to let other girls know before I blew my load, that way they didn’t gag or spit it up.

Mariola sped up, and seconds later I came with a whispered grunt. The first shot didn’t necessarily surprise her, but I think the quantity that continued to spew out of me did. She had to take me out of her mouth, but I was still cumming. She pointed my prick at her chest and kept jerking me off. We were both watching my cock shoot streams of creamy jizz all over her tits.

When I finished she gave me a final stroke, very slow and tight, pushing out what remained inside me. Then she did something unexpected. She grabbed her breasts and began playing with them, squeezing them, rubbing my cum all over. It was almost as if she forgot that I was still there. She had one in each hand, cupping them, pinching each nipple; and then, out of nowhere, she just leaned forward and let me slide back in her mouth.

She bobbed back and forth with my dick sliding in and out of her mouth, still pinching her nipples. I couldn’t believe it, I may actually cum again! I could feel it building up already. My mom had gotten me there pretty quickly after cumming before, but never immediately after. It wasn’t that Mariola wasn’t doing anything special, I think I was just really horny from having tried a new mouth, and also turned on by watching her play with her huge cum covered tits.

I grabbed her head and took over. I began fucking her face, and She just kept pinching herself. I felt my orgasm coming up inside of me and I picked up my speed. My eyes were closed and I completely forgot that I was inside this woman’s mouth, because I started pulling her head into me while ramming my cock down her throat. Faster and harder until I came. I yanked my prick out and sprayed my second load on her chest right on top of my first one. She held her tits and smiled, watching me coat them for a second time. I stroked myself as I came, and jerked every last drop out. Then, I don’t know what came over me, I grabbed her head and fed my cock back in.

“Clean it.” I told her. I was pretty clean, nothing had really gotten on me, but she did as she was told, and she sucked. She slowly slid me out, her lips tight around my shaft, sucking off everything. Then ‘POP’, the head came out of her mouth, shiny and clean.

“That was good?” She asked, looking up at me, still holding her tits.

“Oh God yes.” I was tucking my dick back into my boxers.

“I was not expecting that much cum from you.”

“Ya I’m sorry, I can cum a lot.” I blushed.

“I also wasn’t expecting you to be so forceful….I was impressed. I will better know what to expect next time.”

“Next time?” I pulled my pants back up.

“Yes, when you help me, I’ll help you.” She said with a wink, “now if you don’t mind, I really must shower, please show yourself out, and say hello to your mother.”

I just turned and left the room. I said bye to Kelly and walked out the door. As I walked back to my house I debated ‘should I tell mom?’ and decided ‘no, I don’t want her getting jealous’. When I got inside my mom came over to me

“Hey sweetie, Lacy is already home, so you’ll have to wait till tonight for a blow job.” She whispered to me, “sorry.”

“Oh That’s ok, I’m pretty drained right now anyways.” I walked upstairs, smiling to myself.