My Life. Ch. 5


6 weeks later.

“Oh Fuck Adam! Oh Fuck yes! I’m gonna cum! Oh God.. Oh God.. Ahhhhhhh!!” Danielle was screaming. She’d just had her third orgasm. One from my tongue during foreplay, the other two from me pounding my meat in and out of her.

We were shaking the crap out of her stepdad’s Altima. We’d been going at it for over 30 minutes, the windows were fogged up, and it smelled pretty ripe in there by now.

“mmmmmmm” I groaned. The familiar sensation of an impending orgasm rippled through my body. “I’m gonna cum too babe.” I began pounding her harder.

We were in the back seat. Danielle was laying at an angle, her head pushed up against the back door. Her legs were bent completely back so her knees were at her chest. I had a leg braced against the floor board and the other one kneeling on the seat. My hands were grabbing her ankles, which were just above her head. I was using them to support my upper body, you’d think this would’ve been uncomfortable for her, but she seemed to enjoy it more. I was looking down the length of our bodies and watching my cock pump in and out of her as fast as humanly possible.

“Ah.. Ah.. Oh God.. Ahhhhhhh!” I slammed into her as hard as I could one final time, burying my dick as deeply as I could go, and deposited my load.

My body trembled vigorously, as I held myself in place, eyes squeezed shut. It felt like several minutes had passed before I let myself move. I opened my eyes, Danielle was looking up at me, she smiled, then laughed.

“I guess you really needed that!” She said.

“Well you got me so worked up during the movie, you just kept rubbing my crotch.”

“Well that’s what you get for having a bulge in your pants during a movie!”

“I only had the bulge because you started rubbing me!”

We both started laughing, and I climbed off of her. She slowly lowered her legs, I’m sure they were sore. She opened the car door and hopped out, completely naked. She was spreading her legs and wiggling a little bit, letting my semen drip out of her. She was on birth control, and we weren’t too worried about getting pregnant, it was just kind of nasty to get dressed, and THEN have cum leak out. I decided to get out too, it wasn’t easy to get dressed inside of a car.

It was Saturday night, in the middle of November, and it was chilly outside, but it felt nice on our hot bodies. We were parked in the lot of a store that was closed for the night, there were no other cars around. Danielle and I were now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. A week after my mom had her friend Lyla show me how to Fuck like a champ, I went out with Danielle and she ‘took my virginity’. That’s what she thought anyways. I didn’t want to lie to her, but I couldn’t exactly tell her the truth in this case. She had me come over on a Friday right after school while her folks were still out, and we went up to her room and did it.

At first she took the lead, naturally since I was still a ‘Virgin’, but as we got into it I took control of the situation. I started changing positions and rhythms; using my hands and mouth; slapping her ass and grabbing her hair. Afterwards she was incredibly impressed and wanted to Fuck me every chance we got. We got together a few times that first week, and I decided that I should know…

I asked her if she was still fucking other guys, since I knew that she could be quite promiscuous. She said she hadn’t since she’d first gone out with me, and asked why. I told her that I’d like her to Fuck me and only me, she thought that was cute, and agreed. Since then I’ve been enjoying fucking my first girlfriend regularly. It wasn’t easy, we usually did it in her Car on dates, or at her house after school. Obviously our parents wouldn’t let us just go upstairs and rock the bed, so we were limited in where and when we could have sex.

She took me home and we kissed goodnight (a lot). I went in, it was dark and quiet, everyone must be asleep. I went upstairs, just as my dad was coming out of Lacy’s room.

“Hey son, how was your date?” He asked.

“Oh it was good, the movie was funny.”

“Good, how’s Danielle?”

“She’s good. Everything OK with Lacy?”

“Oh, ya.. She’s been having nightmares so I was just checking on her.”

“Oh, that sucks… well I’m going to take a shower and go to sleep, g’night dad.”

“G’night son.”

I got out of the shower and walked back to my room with a towel around my waist. When I went inside, my mom was sitting on the bed waiting for me. Things were going great with mom. I was still having her suck my dick multiple times a day, but our average had dropped to 2 or 3. This wasn’t because she or I didn’t want to, it was just because I was blowing my load in Danielle’s pussy every day after school, rather than my mom’s mouth. She still wouldn’t have sex with me, although she was fully aware that I was fucking Danielle, and outwardly supported it. But inside I knew she was either jealous or skeptical of my new relationship.

“Oh hey mom.”

“Hey sweetie, how was your date?”

“It was good.”

“Did you have fun?” She gave me a look that said ‘you know what I mean’.

“Oh.. Ya.. It was great.”

“So great that you don’t need me to ‘tuck you in’?” She gave a fake pouty face.

“Well… that was over an hour ago, and I always sleep better after you give me my (I lowered my voice) bedtime BJ” We smiled at each other.

I walked forward and stood in front of her. Mom undid my towel from my waist and let it drop to the floor. I wasn’t hard yet, so she started kissing all over my pelvic region. Very soft kisses that almost hurt because they tickled. Her hands glided all over my body, from my thighs to my chest, and around to my back where she used her nails and scratched all the way down to my butt cheeks. She grabbed them and dug her nails in. My prick had slowly started to rise, and as soon as it was pointing at her started flicking the head of my cock with her tongue. She was being such a tease! I reached down to grab her head and she stopped and looked up at me.

“No hands. Don’t touch, let mommy do her job. You just watch.” She said sternly.

I’ve never seen her do this before, become bossy with my dick. But I did as she said, and I put my hands on top of my own head and interlocked the fingers. I looked down and watched.

She kept her fingernails dug into my ass cheeks. After kissing the tip of my dick a few times she finally opened her mouth and pulled my body towards her. I slid into her mouth only about half way, then she pulled it out and went back to kissing and licking it. Then she sucked me back into her mouth and bobbed back and forth for a minute or so, before pulling me out again and just licking it.

Jesus christ! Just suck my dick already! She did this same sort of thing for like 15 minutes. Blowing me for 30 seconds or so, working me up, then stopping and just kissing and licking it. Sure that felt nice, but kissing my cock head was NOT going to make me cum! She was just teasing me, it’s like she wanted me to get close and then not finish. Finally I spoke up.

“Oh dear God mom! Please make me cum, or I’m going to explode!”

“That’s what I want.” She just looked up at me and smiled. Then continued to do her little game for several more minutes.

I began making little whimpering noises, I couldn’t help it. But then she started sucking me again, only this time she went longer than 30 seconds. I looked down and she looked up, and started bobbing faster.

“Oh God, please don’t stop!” I begged.

My hands were still on my head. I wanted to reach down and grab her head and start face fucking her so badly. It was coming… I was cumming. I clenched my teeth and pressed my lips together to muffle my grunts as I fired shot after shot of hot sperm into my mom’s mouth, blasting the back of her throat. She just looked up at me, her throat muscles moving, working to swallow everything.

I finally finished, and she removed my cock from her mouth and stood up. That was the biggest load I’d ever had. She kissed me on the cheek, said goodnight, and left. I was still standing on the same spot, my body tingling. God she was a great mom.

A couple weeks passed and things continued as normal. Sex from Danielle, head from my mom… and occasionally my neighbor Mariola. One day after mom finished with my morning BJ, she asked if I wanted a ride over to Lyla’s after school for some fun. I hadn’t had sex with Lyla again, not since that one crazy night. But I knew that after school I always went to Danielle’s house and fucked, so I declined. My mom thought I was crazy. I mean why would I turn down another chance to Fuck Lyla? I told her I didn’t want to cheat on Danielle.

She looked at me funny, and pointed out that she had just given me head. I laughed, but then pointed out that she’s married and doesn’t consider sucking her son’s cock cheating… therefore I shouldn’t consider getting my cock sucked by my mother to be cheating either. She reluctantly agreed.

Later that week on Saturday morning, a couple hours after my first BJ of the day. My mom got a call from Mariola, she said she needed my help with her granddaughter Kelly, something about helping move furniture around her room. Mom told me to head over. Mom still doesn’t know about my titty-fucking-dick-sucking arrangement with Mariola. It was Mariola’s way of saying thank you for my help. So naturally I said yes, and happily went over.

“Oh hi Adam, thank you for coming over, please come in.” It’s almost funny. She’s always so formal and polite every time she sees me, even though we’re on a first name basis, and has me blow my load on her face and tits about once a week.

“Hey Mariola, mom said you needed help with Kelly?”

“Yes, please, follow me.” She led the way down to Hall to her room, we walked inside and she closed the door behind us, “Take it out.” Mariola ordered. “But we can’t take too long.”

“Wait, what?”

“Your penis, take it out, I’m going to give you a blow job.”

“You don’t need my help with anything first?”

“No, you’re going to help me after.”

This was very odd, she only did stuff to me AFTER I helped her with whatever it was she needed. But I guess it didn’t really matter if I got head before or after doing whatever project she had in mind. So I undid my pants and pulled them down a little bit. I took my hardening dick out through the opening in my boxers and removed my hands, letting Mariola take over. She knelt on the floor in front of where I stood, and without any talking, licking, or foreplay of any kind, she grabbed my shaft, stuck the head in her mouth and went to work.

She bobbed and stroked vigorously. It wasn’t the best or most impressive blow job she’s ever given me, but it was efficient and made me cum fairly quickly. Which I gather was the point. But what was really strange, was when I told her I was about to cum, she just kept me in her mouth and swallowed everything. Granted she has swallowed a couple times, but she mainly like me to cum ON her.

“There we go, all done, and no mess.” She stood up and wiped her mouth. “Now come with me.” She led me down to Kelly’s room and opened the door. Kelly was inside reading. “Kelly, Adam has come over to help us.”

“Hey Kelly, what’s new ?” I said.

“Well I started rock climbing.” We all laughed. This was because Kelly had ALS and was confined to a wheelchair, and barely able to speak or move.

“Adam, will you please help me get Kelly into her bed?” Mariola asked.

“Ya, sure thing.”

I had helped her do this several times before. They had an assistance nurse that came by every other day to help Kelly get in the bath and stuff, but for smaller tasks Mariola could usually manage on her own. We lifted Kelly out of her chair and laid her in bed. Mariola asked me to wait in the living room for her, so I did. When she finally came out I was sitting in the sofa, she sat down and said she wanted to talk to me about something.

“So how are things going with your girlfriend?” She asked, taking a seat on the couch.

“Oh, great actually.”

“Are you two still having sex?”

“Yep.” I had already told her that I’d lost my virginity, and she’s had my cum on her face before, so it’s not like I needed to be shy with her.

“Are you a good lover, do you make her have orgasms?”

“Um. Ya.” That was kind of forward.

“Good, good.” She just looked at me for a moment. “Would you be interested in having sex right now?”

“Well, um..” see, Mariola and I have never had sex, it was her idea, she said I was too young for her, then again I was a Virgin at the time, and that was months ago… “you want to have sex with me? Because I don’t think I want to cheat on my girlfriend.”

“Oh, no! Not with me, with Kelly.”

“Wait , Kelly?!” I have to admit that Kelly was attractive, but we weren’t that close, and of course she’s not really in the right condition for sex.

“Yes, but if you don’t want to I understand you not wanting to cheat.”

“Aside from that, why do you want me to have sex with her?!”

“She’s not going to live too much longer, a few years at most, and she’s barely even kissed a boy. She wants to know what it’s like to make love, experience the pleasures of the flesh, that sort of thing.”

“Is it even possible? Is it safe for her?”

“Yes, you’d have to be careful, and of course you could only do it in the missionary position, but yes. And you’d have to pull out, not because I think you’re dirty, but it’s harder to clean her, and getting your cum out from inside her would be difficult.”

“Oh.” I pondered all of this for awhile. I didn’t want to cheat on Danielle, but this was almost like doing charity work, it was for a good cause. I wouldn’t be doing it to pleasure myself, it would be for Kelly… “Ok, I’ll do it.”

“Wonderful! Now since this is her first time I want it to be special, and I want her to enjoy it. Hopefully since I already made you cum, you should have no problem lasting a while with her.” So that’s why she gave me head first… “Now come with me.” She led me back to Kelly’s room.

“Kelly, sweetheart, Adam has agreed to help you.” Mariola informed her. Kelly smiled shyly.

Kelly was laying on her bed, underneath the covers. Mariola stepped forward and pulled the sheet down, exposing Kelly’s already naked body. My eyes widened, I clearly was not expecting that. I just looked her up and down.

She wasn’t tall, so she had short legs, that were rather thin due to muscle atrophy from the ALS. They were very smooth, she must’ve shaved for the occasion, with Mariola’s help of course. Her pussy was covered by a neat little mound of light colored pubic hair, also recently trimmed I’m sure. She had a nice flat stomach, and a very impressive set of tits, 36c I’d guess. They were still very firm and perky since she was only my age, and didn’t fall to the side while she laid down. Her blonde hair laid neatly on the pillow around her head. Her lovely face was looking right at me, she looked concerned.

“Is something wrong?” Kelly asked.

“Oh no! Not at all” it dawned on me that I had just been standing there staring, and hadn’t yet said a word. “I was just surprised to see you naked for the first time. And I’m admiring your body.” I gave her a smile to reassure her. “You look amazing.” She blushed.

“Do you want me to stay?” Mariola asked Kelly.

“Oh no grandma, you can go.”

“Ok, you two have fun, but I’m going to keep the door open in case you need me.” She walked passed and gave me a kiss on the cheek and smiled at me, then left.

I stood there for a second, not sure what to do. I’ve honestly never had to be completely in charge with a girl before, they were always pretty aggressive, or knew what they were doing.

“What do you want me to do first?” I asked her.

“I don’t really know, but I’m a little nervous.”

“Oh don’t be, you have nothing to be nervous about.”

“Well you can get undressed too… I’ve never seen a naked guy before. I’ve only ever kissed a guy, and that was only once, a couple years ago.”

“Oh, of course!” I felt like an idiot, she was just laying there naked, and I was standing here completely dressed just looking at her.

I stripped naked and stood there in the middle of her room. My semi – hard prick hanging in front of me. Her eyes took me in, she stared at my crotch the longest, her gaze turned me on, I felt my dick twitch. I walked over to the side of the bed so she could get a better look.

I took her hand and placed my penis in it, her fingers weakly wrapped around it. I looked at her face. She was watching it, her mouth hung open a bit. I reached over and grabbed a breast and squeezed it. I moved my hand around and took her nipple in between my thumb and index fingers and pinched it. She let out a gasp. I quickly bent over and fed the nipple into my mouth and started sucking. Her noises edged me on. I had to pull myself away. This wasn’t supposed to be for me, this was for her. I was enjoying this more than I should. But she looked up at me.

“Don’t stop.”

So I went back to suckling at her virgin tits. As I stood at her side, hunched over with a nipple in my mouth, I let my hand wander down her body. It blindly found its way to her soft mound of hair, already wet. The tips of my fingers made contact with her clit and she almost screamed. Her hand squeezed tighter around my cock than I would’ve thought possible. I could feel it pulsating. It took almost no time at all to give her an orgasm. She used her free hand to touch my face and pull me to her lips.

I pushed my hand just a couple inches further and my ring and middle fingers slid into her. I began to rub the inside, causing her to shudder. Once again, the new sensations gave her another quick orgasm, our lips still pressed together. I removed my sticky fingers from her snatch, And pulled my lips from hers.

“Are you ready?” I asked her softly. She gave short quick little nods.

I climbed on to the bed, being careful not to hurt her. I positioned myself between her legs, and moved them apart for her. She watched my every move. My left hand was pressed against the mattress at her side, holding me up, and with my right hand I guided my dick to her pussy. I could feel the moist heat radiating from it. I used my hand to rub the head of my cock up and down, covering it with her juices. I looked up at her for some last minute sign that she may have changed her mind, she just looked back at me, eager. I lowered my hips and pushed the swollen purple head of my penis into her.

She threw her head back and let out a load moan. I stopped to let her pussy stretch, I wasn’t even fully into her yet. She was incredibly tight, if she hadn’t been so wet I don’t think I would’ve made it this far. I just stayed that way for a couple minutes, only two inches into her.

“Keep going!” She urged me on.

I did as she said. I lowered my hips even more and pushed further into her. She screamed, but it was clear they were sounds of pleasure, so I continued on without stopping this time. I pushed until I bottomed out, our pelvis’ pressed together. My face hung only a couple inches above hers, she opened her eyes and stared into mine.

“Fuck me Adam.” She told me fiercely and in a hushed voice. Then kissed me again.

Without hesitation I began pumping my dick in and out of her, immediately going at a steady pace. She began to have her first orgasm and pulled her face from mine so she could scream. I pushed myself up so I could watch her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. I admired her tits bouncing beautifully back and forth with each thrust. I fucked her without pause for another 10 or 15 minutes.

I saw movement and looked to my side. Mariola was standing just outside of the room, peering around the door frame. We stared at each other, our eyes locked as my prick sawed in and out of her granddaughter. Kelly’s eyes were still closed. I turned my attention back to her so she wouldn’t notice that we were being watched. I lowered my face to her swaying breasts and latched on. This caused Kelly to cum again. And the truth is, I was about to as well. I should’ve been able to last longer. Maybe it was the excitement of being with a new partner, or the exceptionally tight pussy of a virgin, or both…. Either way, I was almost there. I pushed myself back up, and when she finished trembling, she opened her eyes and looked into mine.

“I’m gonna cum.” I said, almost frantically.

No sooner did I say it, than it happened. I quickly pulled my dick out of her and grabbed ahold of it. I pointed at her stomach so not to hit her in the face. As soon as it was in my hand I began spewing streams of hot semen all over her. She watched, fascinated by the sight. I grunted and groaned in ecstasy, my body having tiny convulsions with each shot. I jerked my cock slightly as I came, urging it on. When I finished, I squeezed out the last drops of sperm and let them fall on Kelly’s thigh.

“I’m sorry , I thought I would last longer.” I told Kelly. I was sitting up, kneeling on the bed. Letting the afterglow fade.

“Are you kidding? That was amazing! Honestly I don’t think I could’ve gone much longer anyways!” We both laughed a bit.

“How’s it going in here?” Mariola walked in. She’s seen my dick loads of times, but I pretended to be surprised and tried to cover up with a blanket. “Oh brother! She knows what we’ve been doing! Why do you think we chose YOU to be her first? I told her that you had a nice cock!”

My eyes widened. Kelly laughed and I turned to her. She smiled and nodded. I guess if she didn’t mind that her grandmother has been having me cum all over her for months, then I wouldn’t mind either. And I smiled back.

“My my. Look at this mess!” Mariola said. I turned to survey the damage. There were spots of jizz ranging from the top of Kelly’s tits to her mid thighs. “I better clean you up dear.” She said to Kelly.

“Do you need any help?” I offered.

“No, it’s fine, I’m just going to wipe her off for now, when the nurse gets here we’ll give her a real bath.”

“Ok” I said, hopping off the bed, “I guess I should get home anyways, I’ve been here awhile.” I got dressed while Mariola wiped my cum off of her granddaughter with a damp washcloth.

“Adam” Kelly called me over, “I want to give you a kiss goodbye.” I leaned down. We had a soft wet kiss. “Thank you” She whispered to me.

“No… thank YOU.” I whispered back, and smiled. When I got home mom called me into the kitchen.

“Hey sweetie, good news, I can give you an afternoon BJ today.” She beamed at me. “Lacy was starting her period, I guess that’s why she’s been feeling bad. So your father and I were talking and decided to get her on birth control. Your dad took her to the store to pick up her prescription and some other female products.” She laughed a little.

“Isn’t that something that YOU should’ve taken her to do?”

“Normally yes, but your father offered, and I figured that would give us the place to ourselves.” She grinned.

“Um that sounds great, but I should take a shower first, I’m kinda dirty from helping Mariola.” God, my balls needed a rest!

“You do look all sweaty, what did she have you doing?”

“Um..” I turned and headed up to the shower, “first Mariola needed my help in her bedroom, then Kelly needed help in hers…”

“What were you doing?” She pressed.

“Moving the bed.” I grinned to myself.

“Awe, Thank you sweetheart, you’re such a good boy.”

I purposely took a long shower, allowing my cock and balls time to recuperate. When I got out of the shower, I checked my phone. I had four texts, one from Danielle, one from Kelly, one from Lyla, and one from Mariola. I gave my number to Kelly when she first moved in, just to be nice, but she’d never used it. And Lyla got mine after that night I spent fucking her, but once again, she hadn’t used it before.

Kelly’s text said: “Adam, thanks again! That was amazing! I don’t want to sound desperate or anything, but I hope you’ll come over again soon  you can do me whenever you want.”

The text from Danielle said: “Hey sexy, I know we weren’t planning on going out tonight, but I’m crazy horny and I need your dick inside me! I’ll pick you up at 8! ”

Lyla’s text said: “So your mom says that she offered to drive you over here so I could Fuck you some more, and you refused!? Little girlfriends like yours come and go, so don’t pass up good pussy like mine! Lol, besides, you owe me!”

Mariola’s text said: “Thank you so much for your help Adam! You were such a gentleman too! Next time you come over, I’ll have a special treat for you!”

Jesus Christ! I don’t know if I can handle these four! Plus my mom still expecting to suck my dick every chance we got! And right on cue, my mom walked in, toppless. She pushed me down on the bed, opened my towel and bent down, taking my dick in her mouth, all in one motion. I let out a gasp as she slurped the head, and I closed my eyes. This is exhausting, but I’m not going to complain.

I got home from my date a little late, it was already almost 1am. Danielle and I had gone to eat, God I had been famished from my afternoon. We then spent over an hour fucking in the park. I had her bent over a picnic table for most of it, pounding her from behind. She was really impressed with my stamina, naturally I couldn’t tell her that it was because I’d gotten three blow jobs and boned a virgin this afternoon. I just took the credit for having good self control in bed.

When I got home it was dark and quiet. I had texted mom and told her I was going to be late, so not to worry about my bedtime BJ tonight. She wasn’t happy but I told her my afternoon one was so good that I was still drained. I couldn’t wait to finally fall into bed and go to sleep. As I was going up the stairs I heard a squeaking, I instantly knew it was a bed. I figured my mom must’ve decided to use her energy on my dad tonight. I laughed. But when I reached the top of the stairs I realized the sound wasn’t coming from my parents room to the right, it was coming from down the hall to the left.

I paused for a moment, there was definitely a squeaking sound coming from my sister’s room. I approached slowly, not wanting to make any noise. I thought, maybe she was restless and tossing in her sleep, but the noise was too rhythmic and constant. I got to her room and stood outside, I pressed my ear to the door. Maybe she was masturbating? But then I heard muffled voices, a guy. Theres no way she snuck a boy up into her room! But there was two sets of voices. It’s crazy to think of my sister having sex, but she wasn’t much younger than me, and look what I was up to! Fucking multiple women, getting head from multiple women, including my own mother… and that was just today! So I guess it’s not that far fetched for my sister to be sleeping with some guy. I had to know what was going on.

I turned the knob as slowly as I could and pushed the door open just a crack. I couldn’t see, her bed was still out of sight, but these were definitely the sounds of sex, either that or she was jumping on her bed at midnight. I pushed it open further, just enough to stick my head in. I was seeing it from an angle, but it was the back of a man, a grown man, naked, roughly thrusting his hips up and down.

Underneath him was my sister. Her wrists were pinned down to her sides by the man on top of her. Her face winced in pain and disgust. I could see her eyes, full of tears.

“Oh yes baby.” The man grunted.

“Daddy PLEASE stop.” My sister cried.

“DAD!?!” I burst into the room shouting.

Both of their heads spun to see me. My dad released my sister’s wrists and sat up, his eyes wide with terror. Before he could say a word, I ran forward and punched him as hard as I could. He fell backwards off of the bed, and hit the back of his head on the edge of the dresser, he was out cold. Lacy screamed and jumped from the bed and into my arms. I wrapped a blanket around her, but kept my eyes on my dad. Mom ran into the room screaming, unsure what the commotion was about. She quickly surveyed the scene and realized what had happened.

The rest of the night was a blur. Flashing lights outside, with nosey neighbors looking out their windows. Police and paramedics moving in and out of the house. I must’ve given my account of what happened a half dozen times. After more than two hours everyone was gone. Mom had gone to the hospital with Lacy, and told me to stay with Mariola until she got home. Mariola and Kelly each offered to let me sleep in their beds, but I declined.

I couldn’t rest. I just sat on their sofa in the dark. Normally when I sat on this couch I was enjoying Mariola servicing my cock, but now my mind was a blur of events from the day. All of them blending together due to a lack of sleep. Images of my sister on her back in bed, breasts swaying with each thrust of our father, much the same way Kelly looked when I Fucked her earlier. I couldn’t keep my head straight. As I finally drifted off to sleep, all I could think was what would happen next?