My Young Niece


This is a tale of an uncle and his young niece, who just happens to be in love with him and with sex. If you’re not in to older men and younger girls then may I suggest that you find another story to read, this definitely is not for you. But if you are as perverted as I am, then I think you’ll enjoy “My Young Niece”.

Part 1, A Bratty Little Cock Tease

The trip to the wondrous dessert in the Australian outback ended in disaster between my long time friend, lover and fiancé and me. We had a huge fight, a real knock down drag out, love ending brawl that left me alone in the wilderness near Ayres Rock right dab in the middle of the land down under. I was mad, I was alone and I was desperate to get back to the States. But I was down to my last $200.00 plus my airline ticket for my return flight and I had a long way to go to Sydney, so I did what every young blooded yank would do, I stuck out my thumb and hitched a ride.

We had grown apart over the last couple of mouths. We fought over the dumbest things and the only thing that we ever shared was our bed and that was even becoming non-gratifying. So, looking back on it, it was no wonder it happened, we just fell out of love.

It took me two weeks to finally get on a flight to LAX and home. Well, it really wasn’t my home since for the time being I didn’t have one, but it was my sister’s home. She was married with one kid; a rather young teenage girl, that from my last exposure to her, had a constant crush on anything having to do with being of the male gender and a real bratty, show off attitude at that. I wasn’t looking forward to it but, for now anyway, I didn’t see another option.

Arriving at my sister’s about 2:30 in the afternoon, Jen, my sister, was there to let me in since I didn’t have a key. She was in a hurry to get back to work so she just opened the door, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and told me to make myself at home. Jen is always in a hurry to get to work; she and her husband are distributors in their own company, and are constantly on the run. No wonder that their daughter is such a brat, she has been and will always be on her own to grow up in any way that she chooses.

She left me with the key to their “Pool House” which wasn’t that bad of an arrangement because it was away from the rest of their huge house, right by the swimming pool and definitely out of sight and the sound of their young daughter Kristy. I went out to my quarters and started to unpack my stuff.

I had more or less finished when I heard her calling my name, “Uncle Mike? Where are you?”

“I’m out here in the Pool House” I shouted and walked to the door to greet my boy crazy niece. She came around the corner, saw me standing there and ran up to give me a hug and a kiss. She jumped into my arms and wrapped her two long legs around my stomach and planted the biggest kiss on me since my last real kiss from my lover back in Australia.

Now the kiss was over the top but since she had just gotten home from school and hadn’t changed out of her uniform yet, her display of excitement in seeing me seemed a little risqué by the fact of what she was wearing. She attended a private school so they all wore uniforms and hers consisted of a white blouse, a short plaid skirt, white knee socks and tennis shoes. Now you may ask what is so bad about that uniform and I would say nothing usually, but when you jump up and give your uncle a hug around his neck and you wrap your legs around his waist, well you give and receive a nearly bare crotch sensation.

My hands went down to catch her weight from around my neck and they were placed right on her butt. Her skirt had flown up and when I grabbed her by her ass, I felt her silky smooth, panty covered butt muscles. The look on her face was one of surprise and then glee as she said instantly, “Why Uncle Mike, where are your hands anyway?” She scooted around a little in my hands and then unwrapped her legs from around my waist and slid down my front, rubbing my crotch with hers and pulling up the skirt in the process. When she hit the floor her skirt was still tucked up at my waist, leaving her bare from the waist down except for her thin silky panties.

“Now that’s what I call a welcome home from school, Uncle. What else can I look forward to?” she asked rather suggestively.

“It’s good to see you too,” I answered, ignoring her comment altogether. I released her from my hug and turned back to do something, anything because I was getting an erection with all of the contact down there.
She straightened her skirt with a smirk on her face and walked out of the pool house and back into the main house. I walked in a few minutes latter and I swear that she had been waiting for me to enter because just as I came into view of her, she started up the stairs, turned, bent over to get something off the floor and then continued up to her room. I could see her thinly covered butt crack through her panties and I knew instantly that that was the plan all along.

Now I’m as “red blooded” as any American guy but to see my own, barely pubescent, teenage niece’s panty covered butt, well it just wasn’t that much of a turn on for me, but she had filled out a little in the time since I’ve seen her last and that butt of hers did feel kind of nice. “Mike, you’re a pervert!” I admonished myself.

Later that evening, when Jen and Brad finally came home to take us out for dinner at a local diner, we sat at a booth with the two of them on one side and Kristy and I on the other. She had changed out of her school uniform but her selection of clothing was worse than wearing her school outfit. She wore the tiniest jeans skirt and a halter top with no bra. She really didn’t need to be wearing a bra because although she had filled out up there or should I say she was beginning to fill out up there because, one could see that there wasn’t quite enough there to really stare at.

When I allowed her to sit on the inside of the booth and she had to scoot over, she made no effort to hide the fact that her panties were still there and just as thin as they were earlier that afternoon and the grin on her face made me wonder what else she had in mind for me at dinner tonight. It didn’t take me long to find out as she turned in her seat to listen to our conversation and raise her leg up and place it on the seat beside of her. She was exposing her crotch to my sight as she slid down a bit, pulling her skirt up to her waist.

“Kristy, turn around and sit like a lady,” her mother told her rather sharply.

“Or what?” she said snidely as she complied with her mothers wishes. “You’ll ground me to my room? But who will be there to make sure I stay there? You?”

The look of disgust that Kristy had for her mother could have cut through ice as Jen looked to Brad for assistance.

“Kristy, that’s no way to talk to your mother,” he said. “I want you to apologize to her right now.”

“I’m sorry,” she said in a sarcastic a of a voice as you can imagine.

“Kristy, I mean it! Apologize to your mother right now or you will feel the consequences!” he barked.

“I’m sorry Mother,” she said with feeling this time. Whether she meant it or not I couldn’t say but at least there was no sign of rebellion in her voice.

“I’m sorry Mike,” Jen said. “Ever since she has discovered boys, there is no telling what she will do.”

I wondered what the discovery of boys had to do with her obstinacy and total disrespect for her parents, but I didn’t ask any questions. Our food came and we enjoyed our dinner free from any further incidents.

After all this conversation about how their daughter was “boy crazy” and all, they dropped on me that I was going to be alone with her while they both attended a company workshop in San Francisco for the weekend. “I hope you don’t mind,” she added coyly.

“Oh boy,” I thought. “What am I getting myself into anyway?”

We finally got home around 8 and I went into the family room to catch the last couple of innings of the Dodgers and to have a beer. I had been wearing the LA casual dress of the day; shorts, tee shirt and sandals and was just getting settled into the game when Kristy came into the room and asked what I was watching.

“Just the ball game,” I answered rather annoyed by the interruption.

“Oh I see,” she said with a quizzical look on her face. Then she walked over to where I was sitting with my legs out wide, slumping down in the overstuffed chair and put one leg in between my legs and scooted closer to my crotch. She was standing right where I was watching the game so I craned my neck to see around her. She smiled and asked, “Is that all you want to do is watch a silly game?”

As she said the words, she lowered herself down and sat on my knee. I felt the strangest feeling suddenly on the spot that made contact with my skin; it was her panty covered junction of her separated legs and she was rubbing it on my knee. I was shocked out of my mind and grabbed her by the waist and removed her from my knee. But in doing so, she drug her foot up and it settled right on my crotch. I almost flew off of my chair and dislodged her completely from me in the process. She just smiled at me, turned and went up to her room.

They left early the next morning long before I got up out in the pool house. It was about 9 or so and I was just thinking of rolling out of bed when I heard a knock at the door and then it opened to my niece sticking her head around the corner and saying, “Good morning Uncle Mike, are you awake?”

“It has already started and I’m not even up yet,” I thought to myself.

“Yeah, I’m awake,” I answered out loud.

“Oh goodie,” she cried and ran to the bed and sat down on it in one full swoop. She was still wearing her night gown, or what she called a night gown I guess, but I sure wouldn’t let my daughter wear such a thing.
It was a tiny little shirt gown with thin little straps that barely covered her developing breasts. It had a flimsy body to it that came down and barely covered her butt cheeks and she was wearing the tiniest little silky panties that one could imagine. She sat down cross legged and grinned at me when she saw were my eyes were trained.

I could see the outline of her tiny little patch of pubic hair as it barely covered her pussy and then, under closer inspection, I could make out the shape of her small little camel toe as her panties stretched to cover the same area. She said something about having so much fun today as I looked up into her eyes. She gave me this twinkling look that told me that she knew where my eyes were looking.

I blushed a little at the thought of being caught as I changed the subject to a more uncle and niece topic, like “What do you want for breakfast?”

While I fixed us breakfast, she went up to her room to get dressed and came down just as I was putting down her plate. I was somewhat surprised by her selection of a long cover-up over her swim suit that I actually thought flattered her looks and figure. It made her look normal at least, not like a little slut on the prowl for a swinging cock that she had been showing me.

After we ate and cleaned up the kitchen, I told her that I would meet her out by the pool and we would hang out the rest of the morning and maybe go to a movie in the evening. I left to go change and when I got out to the pool area, she was lounging on a chaise, still in her cover-up, with her eyes closed. As I jumped into the pool with the resulting splash, she looked at me as I came up and gave me a big smile.

She got up from the chaise and looking right at me, she started to take off her dress by pulling it over her head. As she slowly raised it up, all I could do was to watch the hem go up, up and up her long thin legs until I thought it was never going to stop. I heart started to race at the stripping of my nieces little body as I saw no end to her legs and just as I was wondering if she had not bothered with a swim suit at all, the dress was right at her crotch, I was almost disappointed by the appearance of the tiniest piece of fabric that barely covered her pubic area.

It was white; the piece of fabric that is, and it was held into place by a string that tied at each hip and as it rose higher, it came to the top of her Mons area and stopped right there. She took delight in teasing me with her strip show as she bunched up the dress around her chest and then she put her head through the opening and proceeded to take it off of her top.

It was even smaller than the bottoms, if that were even possible because it was made up a two thin pieces of fabric, barely two inches wide, that were suppose to cover her nipples and expose the fleshing part of her breasts to the world. Now, although her breasts were still developing, she had enough up there to hang out of the top and be temptingly available to anyone’s view. My mouth must have been wide open as I stood there in the water getting an instant erection just from the sight of this little tease of a niece of mine.
I watched as she folded the dress into a ball and laid it down on the pool deck, exposing her little butt to me, covered by no more than two inches of fabric that hid her butt crack from me. Then, turning around and adjusting her top to just cover her nipples, she sat back down on the chaise and spread her legs out on the lounger and separated them slightly for affect. I could see her camel toe from the pool and all of a sudden I got mad.

The more I thought about it the madder I got. “What was this little cock-tease trying to do anyway, make me horny? Well, she did that but she also pissed me off. She pissed me off by assuming that I wanted her at all. She pissed me off by showing off her body to me like she was a strip club dancer or something. She pissed me off because she was such a little brat, assuming she could get her way by any means she wanted. She pissed me off and I was going to show her just how much I disapproved of her actions.

I walked to the side of the pool, pulled myself up and out and stomped over to where she was laying. Towering over her, she looked up and smiled and said, “Do you like my new Brazilian swim suit, Uncle Mike?”

“Hell, no I don’t Kristy and if you were my daughter I’d teach you never to wear that thing again,” I barked at her.

She looked at me with shock on her face. She thought for a second and then she said the wrong thing. “But I’m not your daughter am I. I’m just your niece,” she said in a flippant sort of way.

I saw red. My temper took over my body and my instincts as I lashed out in anger at my poor unsuspecting niece. “Look at you!” I shouted reaching down to her top and giving it a yank. The tie strings gave way and the top came flying off of her body, leaving her mouth wide open in shock and her tender breasts totally uncovered. The sight of her breasts made me even madder as I threw my hands down to the ties holding the bottoms in place.

“And look at these!” I shouted again. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I again gave them a yank and as the ties strings gave way, the flimsy little bottoms came off in my hand. Looking down at my now terrified niece, I went temporarily insane. Pulling my trucks off of my raging hard on and standing tall over her tiny little body, curled up in a ball, I barked at her, “You want some of this?” indicating the size of my cock. “Well, Missy, I’ll just give you some.”

I grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her onto her back, exposing her breasts to the assault. She was trying to resist by raising her legs but as I pulled them down, I remember now that I didn’t meet with that much objection. I remember lying down on top of her and prying her legs apart. Then I remember that I placed my erection at her opening and rammed it into her, all in one shot. I remember her crying out in pain and I remember her lying there under me crying real tears and not moving at all. I remember shooting my load into her womb and pulling out and I remember walking to the pool house and closing the door behind me. I remember the feeling after I had calmed down, the terrible feeling of remorse and shock.

Part 2, The Feeling of Regret

I entered the main house about two hours later feeling like shit. What do you say to the girl that you just raped? “I’m sorry?” sounds just a tad trite and inadequate. “I didn’t mean it?” almost as bad. “You had it coming?” No one ever has rape coming, not even a cock-teasing little brat. I walked into the kitchen and there sat Kristy. She had been crying I could tell and when I stood there waiting to say something, she just looked at me with this questioning look in her eyes.

“Kristy, I’m so sorry about this morning. I was so wrong and you have every right to never want me to see you again,” I started. Her stare became even more questioning as she looked straight ahead to think about her response.

“Kristy, I got mad, very mad at your flaunting of your body at me and I…” I started.

“You didn’t have to be so mean and so rough. You hurt me you know. You didn’t have to force me to fuck you. I would have fucked you without you hurting me,” she said with no emotion in her voice.
What did she just say? I didn’t have to force her to “fuck” me? Did she say the word “fuck” like it was “kiss” or “hug” or something innocent like that. Does she think that I’m impressed by her use of a dirty word? I’m getting mad again and I don’t want to make the same mistake.

“Kristy, you said that you would have let me “fuck” you like I’m some sort of an animal or something,” I said to her, trying to make my point. But looking into her eyes, I suddenly realized that that was what I was, an animal for raping her like I did.

I tried to regroup by saying, “Okay, let me say this; the use of the word “fuck” tells me that you don’t have regard for the act of making love to someone. You don’t “fuck” someone you like or love, you share in the experience of making love to that person.”

“Whatever,” she said in an indifferent sort of way. “I would let you do whatever you wanted to me, that’s all I’m saying.”

I’m not getting through to this kid. I think she’s playing me for a sucker again and I’ve got to teach her a lesson. “Stand up,” I ordered her.

She complied with a quizzical look on her face.

“You said that you would let me do whatever I wanted to you, is that right?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said in a matter of fact tone.

“Well, I want to undress you,” I announced.

She looked shocked and disturbed at first but said, “Go ahead.”

She called my bluff so now what do I do? I can’t back down and make my point so I have to follow through with undressing her. “Oh boy, Mike. How do you get yourself into these messes?”

I looked into her eyes and saw a most defiant look that I have seen in anyone’s eyes before. She was daring me to disrobe her, the little brat, so I went ahead and reached out to her tee shirt that she was wearing and pulled it over her head.

She raised her arms to allow it to be taken off of her and when I dropped it to the floor she stood like a statue before me. I reached over to her shorts that she had on and unbuttoned and unzipped her fly and then tugged them down over her hips until they joined her shirt in a pile on the kitchen floor. She stood up straight again in her bra and panties and I was starting to get turned on again.

I continued to check into her eyes for any sign that she wanted me to stop, that I had won our little game of chicken but I didn’t see it. I reached behind her to the hook on her bra and with my practiced touch I unfastened it and slipped it off of her shoulders. As it fell away from her breast line and off of her two small globes, I once again looked into her eyes for any sign for me to stop.

I saw just the defiant look of someone being stubborn and daring me to continue so I looked at her panties and reached for the waistband with both hands. I hooked it with my fingers and pulled them down slowly; pulled them down over her flat little abdomen, down over her sparsely covered mound, down off of her shapely hips. I pulled them down and off of her thin legs and down to her ankles. When I looked back up at her, all I saw was a lovely little woman/child, standing before me, naked as a jay bird, stubbornly looking straight ahead. She was winning the battle between us and I was becoming aroused. Now what do I do?

“Spread your legs,” I suddenly asked her, no I ordered her.

She complied with the order and moved her feet a foot away from each other, still looking stoically into the distance. I reached with my finger towards her junction and as I touched it, she shuttered uncontrollably and closed her eyes. At last she showed something other than determination against my assault. She started to show some passion.

I pulled out the chair to sit in as I regrouped my assault. I turned her slightly towards me and once again touched my finger on her vulva and it brought on the same results. I kept looking into her eyes and the seemed to transform from defiance to expectation to pure desire and I slid my finger up and over her tiny little slit. She was breathing heavily through her open mouth and as I touched my finger upon her treasure spot, her hips buckled slightly and she moaned out her approval.

I bent forward and took one of the taught little nipples into my mouth and began to suckle upon it with my lips and tongue and once again she verbalized her pleasure. My fingers were starting the encounter a slight bit of moisture emanating from her vaginal opening so I went to the spot and inserted one up into her and started to rub it in and out. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was labored as she began moving her hips in time with my insertions. She was fucking my hand.

Without taking my finger from her hole, I extended my thumb up her slit and began stimulating her little clitoris hiding under its hood. She groaned out loud as she took my head into her hands and pressed it into her breast. She spread her legs apart even more and moved her hips into my probing. I could tell that she was getting close and I all of a sudden felt the necessity to bring her over the top so she could experience a full fledged orgasm.

I continued to slide my finger in and out of her tight little hole, sawing her wanting vagina as I rubbed her now raw clitoris with my thumb. She started to cry out, “Oh my God Uncle Mike, what are you doing to me? Oh my God, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!” as she tensed up her vaginal muscles and sucked my finger deep into her womb. “OH, OH, OH!!!” she yelled out and then pulled away, falling to the floor in a whimpering ball.

She was lying at my feet for the longest time, shaking and quivering, until her orgasm subsided somewhat and she got control of her senses once again. I reached down and took her into my arms and cradled her on my lap as she breathed heavily through her nose. Her eyes were still closed as she rested from her ordeal and I suddenly felt her cuddle up to me with a since of love that I hadn’t felt in a long time. “My God, maybe she wasn’t a tease after all. Maybe she does have feelings for me,” I thought.

She finally spoke into my chest where her head had settled, “Uncle Mike that was wonderful. Why couldn’t it have been like that earlier? Why did you have to hurt me so bad?”

I was silent in my answer as I thought, “Yeah Mike, why did you have to hurt her so bad when you forced it into her earlier? Why didn’t you handle the whole situation better than you did?”

I just cuddled her head and told her softly, “I’m sorry Kristy. I’m so sorry.”

I wondered what I was going to do now that I had deflowered my niece in a most inappropriate way. What would I say and how would she feel about me? My god, would she tell her parents about being raped? But more importantly, would she have any respect for my ever again? I suddenly felt nauseas to my stomach and wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

My self-pity was broken by her small, soft voice, “Uncle Mike, thank you for making me feel all warm and stuff. It felt so good. It feels so good to be here with you all naked and stuff in your arms. Uncle Mike, I love you, I really do. I’ve always loved you. I can’t remember when I didn’t love you. I’ve waited and wanted this time to come all of my life and now that its here, I never want it to end.”

I was dumbfounded at her confession, of her declaration of her feelings. It suddenly started coming together in my brain. She wasn’t just teasing me with her suggestive displays and her coyness. She was trying to get my attention so she could show me how she felt. I’m not saying that I agree with her ways but I’m starting to at least understand her actions.

I turned her head to look into her eyes and I saw the tears starting to well up. I smiled and drew her into my chest. “Oh Kristy,’ I said as I exhaled a deep breath. “Now what are we going to do? What are we going to do?”

As I said this, the tears began to flow and after the dam finally burst, they ran down her cheeks like a river. As she cried, all I could think of was this wonderful little niece of mine, trying to tell me her feelings for me and my misinterpretation of her willingness to share them and my complete over reaction. How I had forced her while all she wanted was to be loved and now how I could possibly make it up to her. There was only one way that I could think of.

I took her into my arms again and told her gently, “Kristy, I want to make it up to you for my actions this morning. I now know what you want and I know how to give it to you. I want you to go to your room, take a shower and get all freshened up and meet me back down here say at,” glancing at my watch, “say, 3 o’clock. I want you to put on something real nice because I’m going to take you out for dinner and then I’ll bring you home and we will see how it goes.” I gave her a sly, knowing little look and a smile and let her interpret it ay way that she wanted.

Her eyes lit up with glee and she threw her arms around my neck. “Oh Uncle Mike, I love you so much.” She was off of my lap in an instant, grabbed her clothes from the floor, ran to the stairway and climbed them two at a time. I noticed that she didn’t stop to show off her butt to me this time but I admired its sway with every step she took anyway.

I heard to shower turn on as I went to the pool house to relax a little, to reflect and to try and figure out where this was heading. I just couldn’t get involved with my own niece, I mean it was out of the question and her age, my god, she’s so young. It would never work, it just wouldn’t. But where do we go? Who is going to stop this run away freight train? Well, I’ll have to stop it while I can.

I showered, shaved and put on a nice pair of slacks, a button shirt for the evening. I walked into the main house and sat down to wait. It was 3 o’clock on the button when I heard her coming down the stairs. I turned to look and was awestruck at the sight. She looked beautiful, like a heaven sent angel descending down those pearly stairs that I had to shake my head in disbelief.

She was wearing a soft summer dress, red in color, with a full skirt that came to just above her knees. She wore a white belt and matching sandals and had a white sweater that she was carrying over her shoulder. The summer dress was held up with two narrow straps that tied at her neck and a thin golden necklace was all she needed to accessorize the ensemble.

Her hair was straight and short and the blondish bob framed her glowing face perfectly. I knew what she looked like but I had never really looked at her features like I did that very instant. She had a tiny turned up nose and a cleft in her chin. Her cheeks were naturally pink and she was wearing just a hint of lipstick. Her blue eyes radiated out her total innocence of the world and her smiling lips told me that she was shyly waiting for a response.

I could not speak but the look in my eyes must have told her what she wanted to hear because as she reached to bottom step and stood on the floor, she twirled around making her hem fly out and exposing her thighs to my eager sightline. As she came over to where I was standing, I helped her on with her sweater and asked her if she was ready to go on a date. She grinned and blushed, took me by my arm and we walked to the door.

She was silent as we drove to this small Italian Restorante tucked back in an alleyway that had just opened up for their dinner crowd. I knew it would be virtually vacant because of the hour that we choose and I wasn’t disappointed to find us by ourselves throughout the entire meal. We sat by ourselves in a corner at a table set for two and as we ate, I continued to think about our situation.

After the busboy had cleared the table and before our Tiramisu was served, reached over and took her two hands in mine and said to her in a soft voice, “Kristy, I know what you told me this afternoon must have taken a lot of courage. I know what you said came from the bottom of your heart, I know that. But, well, the idea of you being in love with me is so new and all I just can’t tell you that I feel the same.”

The look on her face was one of surprise as she said, “Uncle Mike, I never asked you to love me back. My gosh, you’re a grown man and I’m just a little kid. I mean, I’m not even in high school yet. I know that I love you because I always have. But I never expected you to love me, sometime maybe, if I’m the luckiest girl on the world, but I don’t expect it to happen. Maybe I should because I never expected today to ever happen either and here it is. But I’m not expecting anything in return from you Uncle Mike, really.” She gave my hands a squeeze as a smile came over her face just as our desert came out of the kitchen.

We hurriedly devoured the Tiramisu, paid the check and headed for the door with a new found sense of urgency. We both knew what we were going to do and we both wanted it more than anything in the whole world at that moment. As we entered the house, I took off her sweater and looked deeply into her eyes. I saw a look that far outreached her tender years on this earth cross her face and then I bent down and gave her the gentlest kiss that I could possibly muster. I then placed my forehead upon hers and said in almost a whisper, “Are you ready?” She just shook her head yes and took me by my hand.

She led me to the stairway but when I hesitated she stopped and looked at me as if to ask, “Don’t you want to come up to my bedroom?”

“Let’s go to the pool house,” I suggested. “It will probably be safer there if we leave any evidence for your parents to find.”

She just smiled and said, “I’ll follow you anywhere,” and cuddled my arm with her cheek.

I took out my key to the room and I opened it up and turned on the light, I asked her if she was comfortable being out here. She told with this dreamy look in her eyes, “I would be comfortable anywhere as long as I’m with you Uncle Mike.”

I walked over to the bed, turned her around and reached behind her to undo the zipper on the back of her summer dress. She stopped with a request, “Can I take off your clothes first?”

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled as she placed her fingers on my shirt buttons. A second later she was removing the shirt over my shoulders and dropping it on the floor beside me. Then her fingers went to the fly of my slacks and just as soon, had them sliding over my hips as they bunched up at my ankles. She went to her knees to remove my shoes and socks and when she was finished her hands went right to the opening of my boxers and felt for my cock.

Feeling her warm touch against the skin of my member brought a sucking sound through my teeth as I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. My god it felt so good having this young niece of mine touch and stroke my semi-hard cock and only wished that could have been touching her at the same time but it was her turn for now and I wasn’t about to interrupt a thing.

She had taken it out and was inspecting all of its glory as she turned it over in her hands. She pulled it up to look at the under side and then pulled it the right and left. Finally she placed it right in front of her face, took a deep breath and stuck her tongue out and licked it right on the hole. I almost lost my balance and fell to the bed it felt so good.

She would lick it on the head and then pull back to inspect it again. Then in one great sign of courage, she opened her mouth and placed the head of my cock right on her tongue and closed her lips around it. She did know how to suck it in and out or at least she didn’t attempt to, but the sheer courage to try to give me some head almost made me shoot my load.

I reached down to her chin and taking it in my hand, I pulled her off of my cock to look directly up into my eyes. I smiled and said, “That was nice Kristy but I want you to stand up now. I want to see you first.”

Before rising, she slid my boxers off and to the floor and aided me in kicking them to the pile of clothing that once covered my body. Then she rose to her feet so close to my body that she rubbed me from my crotch to my chest and, placing her arms around my waist, looked up and asked, “Did you like that?”

“Oh yes and before the nights through, I promise you that you’ll have another opportunity to do it some more,” I said to her, kissing her on the forehead.

She smiled as I placed my hands on her back and started to unzip the dress. I continued down to her waist and much to my surprise, I never encountered a bra strap. I looked down at her eyes and all I saw was a little twinkle and a sly grin as it cross her face. I smiled back as I ran both hands on the inside of her dress and pulled her into my front. She squeezed me around the middle and she buried her cheek into my bare chest.

I placed my hands down on her tiny butt and they felt the flimsy material of her panties. It was barely covering her butt crack as I gave both cheeks a squeeze. She pressed herself into my embrace and cooed out a soft little sound. It almost sounded like a purr from a kitten it was so soft and as I brought my hands up to her back and then to her neck, she leaned into my chest to make room for my fingers to untie the top of the dress. The knot gave way with one tug and then the overhand knot fell apart. She backed away to look into my eyes and let the dress fall down with the pull of gravity. It didn’t stop until it was on the ground and she was standing there in just her flimsy thin panties.

I was on my knee slipping off her sandals and as I looked forward, my eyes were treated to the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen. Her panties were so thin that I could see through them to her lovely soft pubic hair that barely covered her tight little lips and the single layered crotch revealed everything she was hiding between her legs. I gasped for air and stood up once again to scoop her up in my arms and carry her over to the bed. Once there, I deposited her gently on her back, and her splayed out in an inviting pose.

I could tell she was nervous by the quivering in her lips and the look on her face. This morning I forced her to have sex with me, this evening was going to make love with her and with that difference came the anxiety of the build up. She knew it was about to start and it made her anxious yet nervous at the same time.

She had her legs locked together in her repose as I eased my naked self down next to panty covered hip. I tenderly place my palm on her abdomen and she tightened up her muscles down there. I then, very slowly and as softly as I could, ran my hand up her tummy until it reached her breast and there it settled. She looked through open eyes as I moved it over her small little fleshy mound until it reached her taught brown areola and its nipple standing tall upon its pentacle. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation and gratefully let out the air that she had been holding in her lungs.

She cooed a little as I encircled and pinched her nipple softly until it stood up at attention and begged for more. I lowered my face down to meet it and take it into my mouth as she gasp a little and called out her approval. “Oh yes,” she said in a breathy sort of voice. “Oh Uncle Mike, how do you know what I want you to do to me?”

I didn’t answer but bit down tenderly on her tiny pebble, bring a squeal from her pert lips and an arc to her back. I switched to the other one and started to process all over again. This time I placed my fingers down between her legs and ran them along her tight little slit causing a sucking noise coming from her mouth as the air rushed into her lungs. She involuntarily separated her legs just enough for my fingers to find their way down into her crotch and find the source of the moisture that was starting to come out between her two lips.

She groaned again as I spread her lips and ran my finger up her panty covered slot, up and up until I reached her clitoris. She groaned again loudly as she moved her hips in a sensual reaction to my stimulus and then raised them back up into my probing finger. I rolled in between her out stretched legs and settled my weigh onto her junction. She raised her knee and placed both heels around my back, virtually trapping me between them, holding me there until she released me.

My mouth was still at work on her breasts as I continued to suckle upon each of them, licking, sucking and biting them into submission. She was wild with excitement as I scooted down her body, applying my tongue the length her trunk until my face was resting right her juice soaked panties. There I applied my tongue once again as I inserted it, panties and all into her open slit, right into her vaginal opening. She wiggled and convulsed herself into a mild frenzy and begged me to remove her underwear.

I grabbed the sides of her panties and as she raised them up off the bed, I slid them downward and off her slender little hips, exposing her now bare pubic area to my sight and my touch. The first thing to touch it was my tongue as I ran it between her tight clam shell labia lips. It hit the bottom of her slit and slowly made its way up to her clitoris.

She screamed her approval as she bucked her hips into the air and threw her legs out wide. I took it between my lips and sucked on it gently and then placed my finger upon her opening and started to insert it in between her vaginal walls. She sighed out loudly as she exclaimed, “Oh yes Uncle Mike, take me gently and slowly.”

I applied a little pressure with my probing finger up onto her rough spot resting inside of her canal. I ran it over the area and she arched her back and let out with a shriek. “Oh my God! What are you doing?”

“I’m making love to you,” I said in a soft, gentle voice. “I’m showing how a man loves a woman.”

“Oh Uncle Mike,” she said in almost a cry from her throat. “I love the way you make love to me.”

I then decided that by the building urge emanating from my loins that I had better move this along so I withdrew my hand and my mouth, scooted up between her willing legs and settled right at her opening. I placed the head of my cock right there next to it and slowly started my insertion. She held her breath and opened up her legs.

She was well lubricated but her walls were still sore from this morning so they gave way to the intruder with much distress. But give way they did and with a great deal of effort and stretching, my cock made it way deep into the young girls cavern as I bottomed out with the length of my intrusion and settled right next to her cervix. She exhaled as did I and we both joyfully started our coupling together.

I loved showing her the pleasurable aspects of making love, the smooth insertion and withdrawal of the love tube, the gentle penile massaging of her vaginal canal, the rapid stimulation of the clitoral contact. Each one and all three made for the most exciting build up that you could imagine and by the conclusion, we were both demanding of each other the constant, repetitive movement that would cause the biggest orgasmic release that could possibly come from the act. We spilled out our juices, our emotions and our love for each other and when we lay there exhausted, we knew that we had to continue with this incestuous affair.

Part 3, The Beginning of an Affair

We slept off the affects of our love making for hours but as I rolled over and cuddled the butt of my young niece, she woke up and said, “Uncle Mike, you promised me that I could take your thingy into my mouth tonight. Did you forget?”

“Oh yeah, I did tell you that didn’t I?” I said with a groggy voice. “Would you wait until tomorrow?” I asked.

“Oh, I wanted to taste you tonight,” she said in kind of a whiney tone.

“Okay, let’s go jump into the pool and get cleaned up and then you can put it in your mouth,” I said to get her off of my back. But the more I thought about it, my young little niece sucking my cock started sounding pretty good.

We walked through the darkness to the clear cool water with just our smiles on our faces and reaching the edge of the pool; we both dove in and swam under the water for awhile. We stopped in the middle and when we came up for air, we found ourselves in the thralls of a warm embrace. She drew her knees up and placed them around my middle as she grabbed on to my neck for support. She looked into my eyes and moved her face closer to give me a warm, sensuous kiss.

As I felt the warmth of her embrace and the truth coming from her lips, I knew that I had engaged in more than just a fleeting affair with my under aged niece and try as I might not to get involved, I felt the pull of her soul on my heart strings and I wondered where this was leading me. I hope it wasn’t to prison.

I felt the heat from her junction as she wrapped her legs around my hips and drew me into her crotch. It seemed that her lips actually separated in an attempt to draw me in and I knew that my cock was starting to swell. I felt for her opening between her legs and finding it wanting, I encircled it with my finger and then slowly started to insert it into her warm depths.

“Oh Uncle Mike, how do you always know what I want?” she asked through her breathy intake of air.

I didn’t give her an answer but slowly walked her to the edge of the pool. Reaching the wall with her back, I turned around, placed my back against the solid barrier and slid her off of my stomach. I then placed both of my hands on the side of the pool and in one motion pulled myself into a sitting position with my legs handing off the edge. She looked at me and then at my hard cock sticking straight up at her face. She sighed and said, “Teach me how to please you Uncle Mike.” My heart skipped a beat and my cock jerked with excitement. Did I hear her correctly because if I did, I was about to have the most sensuous time in my life.

I looked into her eyes and they were looking up into mine with a wanting look in them; a look that made your heart stand still, a look that meant only one thing. It was a look of wanting to please me beyond belief so I leaned forward and took her into my arms and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. As I pulled her closer to me, she brushed my legs and settled in between them, giving back to me the embrace that told me that she was ready to proceed. I took her by the chin and guided her mouth down to my cock to give her the instructions that she had requested; how to give me pleasure.

I whispered to her quietly, “Take my cock between your thumb and your fingertips and lift it up towards your mouth. Now take the head and give it a good wet lick with your mouth.” She followed my instructions to the tee. “Run your tongue all it, that’s it, make it wet where ever your tongue goes, really spread your spit around on it. Now open your mouth and take it in between your lips like you did before, except this time, I want you to suck on it like it was a lollipop.”

She did what I told her and I felt the strangest sensation. Her tongue was so smooth and soft that it felt like a warm moist glove was stroking the head of my cock. It jerked a little as she came off of it and looked up for more instruction.

“Oh Baby, that was so good,” I said to her. “Now take it in again but this time a little further into your mouth. Oh that’s it, now even further. Suck on it like it was a Popsicle.”

She closed her lips around it and sucked real hard. Her cheeks drew in and her mouth clamped down on my cock. I was in heaven having my little niece suck my cock and I wasn’t about to make her stop for anything.

“Oh my God, Kristy, that feels so good. Now slide it out and take it back in to your mouth. Oh that’s it, slide it in and drag it back out, just like that. Now do it faster and deeper, faster and deeper, that’s it,” I said as I closed my eyes and started to feel the urge.

One more time in and out and I knew that I had to decide whether to cum into her mouth or take her over to the chaise and share in the pleasure. I decided to share the pleasure that I was feeling so a reached down and took her mouth away. Then I led her from the pool and over to lounge chair. She looked up into my eyes as I smiled into hers and told her to lie down on her back. She nervously complied and soon I was standing at her head.

I stepped over the chair and placed my knees beside her head on the chaise and then bent over until my mouth approached her crotch and my cock daggled right over her open lips. She rose up and took my cock within her lips once again and began to suck on my hard erection. It felt just as good as it did when I asked to quit so I lowered myself down between her wide spread legs and started to devour her entire Mons area with my greedy mouth.

I heard a muffled squeal come out of her cock sucking mouth that encouraged me eat at her pussy all the more as I began humping her small little mouth. I was starting to ram it in and she was starting to gag on it. I felt the sensation as it built in my loins and I knew that there was no stopping it now. I was about to blow and I had to bring her off before it came. I bite down lightly onto her pleasure button and I heard her scream through her full lips and just then I felt a flood of juices escape from her vagina as she arched her back and sucked even harder on my cock.

I was about to blow so I did the only natural thing that I could do; I plunged my cock into her mouth as far as it would go and blew my load down her throat. I sucked on her clit as she sucked on my cock and we each experienced the grandest orgasm imaginable. She was holding her breath as I unloaded rope after rope of my sperm down her throat but soon she had to breathe and she removed it from her lips and started to cough up the wads of white sticky stuff had I had deposited down her throat.

I rolled onto the pool deck as she had to sit up and clear her airway. After a few seconds of her coughing, I looked into her tearing eyes as she gave me a smile and said, “Wow, I though I could take it all down but when I tried to breathe, it got stuck in my throat and I choked on it. My God Uncle Mike, you sure did have a lot of stuff that you shot out.”

I smiled at her enthusiasm and said with a smile, “You sure knew how to get me to cum. That was great and you were perfect.”

She gave me the biggest smile and sat up to throw her arms around my neck. I felt a sudden feeling of satisfaction and contentment, almost an admiration for Kristy and I picked her up into my arms and carried her into the pool house and into my bed. I turned out the lights and crawled in beside of her. She came over to me and gave me a big hug under the covers and we both soon fell asleep.

I rolled over to the greatest sensation in the world; the sensation of a young butt spooning into my cock as I slowly regained consciousness in the morning. She was partially awake also but her legs were separated just enough to allow my hard cock slide between them and poke into her slit. Every time she wiggled, she caused it to go further in her now wet vagina. Soon I was ramming it into her from behind and she was moaning up a storm.

Her hand slid around to my butt as she pulled me into her opening and then she rolled over onto her tummy and spread her legs out wide. She raised her tiny butt into the air and opened up to my probing cock. “Oh God Uncle Mike, it feels so good,” she cooed. “It feels like your going to shove it out my belly button.”

“I’m trying to Kristy, I’m trying to,” I thought. I was ramming it into her open snatch at this point, trying to impale her small little pussy with my gigantic stiff cock. Over and over I slid it in to touch her cervix and with every slam of my balls against her butt cheeks, she gave out a loud grunt and moan. Finally the grunts and moans became shrieks and cries and as I touched her clit with my hand that I had slid around in front of her, she yelled out with passion and lust, “OH MY GOD UNCLE MIKE, I’M CUMMING!!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my young little niece screaming out that she was cumming under my stiff cock and I was about to join her. What did she know about cumming anyway, other than what we did the last night and today? Maybe she’s not as innocent as she seems. But just then, I unloaded my wad of sperm deep into her vagina with such force that she was thrown down on her tummy with my hand trapped underneath her weight and my cock still buried in her cunt.

I twitched and jerked myself into submission as I slowly came down from my orgasm. Kristy just gasped for air and moaned out loud as she tried to regain some semblance of normalcy in her breathing. After the few short moments I withdrew my withering cock of its slimy place between her lips as she groaned out her disapproval.

We spent the entire day in bed together; making love, talking and showering with each other until finally we had to get up before her parents came home. What a wonderful day; a day that I will not soon forget and I don’t think she will either. But life does go on and so must we. I agreed to stay there until I got a job and could afford a place of my own and in return, I agreed to babysit my niece while her parents went out to work. Little did they know that they were leaving the fox to guard the hen house.