She shivered with another bout of dread, she was not ready to return to her room, the nightmare was still too fresh, “Can I come with you? To your room?” “I guess but I’m not gonna talk or anything, I’m going back to sleep.” Her lips curved up as a minimal smile, “That’s okay, I just need to be near someone right now. I won’t keep you awake.”

She woke up terrified, in a cold sweat, her heart racing, eyes searching in the dark for the unknown evil stalking her. She quailed under her blanket and pulled a pillow across her chest for protection as she began to wake up. It took her many long seconds to realize she was in her room, in her own bed. She rolled to her side and switched on the bedside lamp then with frightened eyes searched the room. She took little comfort in the familiar surroundings, there were shadows where it could be lurking, hunting her. Gradually her breath slowed, heart calmed, but she had to pee. The terror of the nightmare almost made her piss her pants, wet the bed. She scuttled from the bed to the bathroom still wary, still watching for the faceless dark hulk that had chased her through her sleep.

She pulled her loose flannel pajama pants to her knees then sat on the stool. As she flowed into the toilet the bathroom door opened and her brother stumbled in, his eyes half closed with sleep. A shock of fright raced through her, but when she recognized him, she shuddered with relief. Even though she was sitting on the toilet his presence was reassuring, she wasn’t alone with the demon anymore. His eyes opened fully when he saw her, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be up now.”

He turned to leave but she stopped him with, “No, don’t go, it’s okay, I’m glad you’re here.” She pulled four sheets of tissue from the roll then reached between her legs and patted herself dry. After she dropped the wad to the water, and showing no thought for modesty, she stood and pulled her pants up while her brother tried not to watch. She stepped to the sink to wash her hands and told him, “I had a nightmare; it was so scary I thought I was going to die.”

He moved closer to her and put a hand on her shoulder, “What happened? Are you okay?”

His touch was reassuring; she was calming even more. She grabbed a towel to dry her hands, “I don’t want to talk about it, don’t you have to pee?”

“Well yeah, but you’re here.”

“I’m not leaving, I don’t want to go back to my room, that thing might still be under my bed or something. Go on, I won’t freak.” He stepped to the stool, raised the lid then fished his prick out of his boxers. She’d never seen a boy pee so in spite of the situation, who he was, she watched raptly as his strong stream caused the water to bubble; “Damn, I can’t do that” she murmured. She also noted that his limp prick was much longer than her boyfriend’s but she didn’t comment on that. She was leaned back on the counter blocking the sink so after he tucked his cock away, he reached around her to rinse his hands. With arms stretched around her he joked, “Don’t move, I might splash water on your butt.” She snuffled lightly then poked him in the ribs which made him jump then she moved her knees apart so he could step in close enough to reach the faucet behind her. Standing between her legs with his arms around her he rinsed his hands. Hands clean, he stepped back and dried them, then started to leave but she grabbed his arm and stopped him, “Don’t go, I don’t want to be alone right now.”

The two had been in the bathroom for two or three minutes and she seemed more tranquil, but he could see a hint of fear still lingering in her eyes. He reached for his sister and pulled her to him to assure her she didn’t have to be afraid anymore. She put her arms around his waist, her head on his shoulder and sighed deeply. His arms around her were comforting, the press of her breasts against his broad chest soothing, she was safe, “It’s only 3:30, I’m going back to bed” he said.

She shivered with another bout of dread, she was not ready to return to her room, the nightmare was still too fresh, “Can I come with you? To your room?”

“I guess but I’m not gonna talk or anything, I’m going back to sleep.”

Her lips curved up as a minimal smile, “That’s okay, I just need to be near someone right now. I won’t keep you awake.”

She led the way to his bed, a standard double with enough room for both so she lay down on the far side, on the pillow that wasn’t dented. He went to his back beside her then pulled the blanket over himself mumbled ‘good night’ then turned off the nightstand light. She was beginning to relax, to overcome the fright of the demonic nightmare. The night air chilled her so she cautiously eased under the blanket, being careful not to lie too close to him. She felt warm and safe, having her brother close lulled her to sleep.

Even though she slept securely, a slight movement of the bed jerked her eyes open, her heart slammed into her ribs. For a panicked moment she forgot where she was but quickly remembered and regained her composure. The bed jostled again. She twisted her head around to look at her brother and saw a tent over his crotch, the tent was moving. She flipped to her side facing him and called out quietly, “What the hell, you’re hard? You’re playing with it?”

His head snapped to face her, he blossomed red in the cheeks, he couldn’t deny what he was doing. His hands quickly moved from under the blanket, “Uh, uh —” he couldn’t look her in the eyes.

She studied his embarrassment for a moment then asked “Is that because of me?”

Her brother shook his head, denying her, hoping she would turn away but she watched him, “Maybe you should go back to your room” he offered.

She was shocked that she wasn’t as shocked as she thought she should be and became amused at his discomfort. She thought it over briefly, “No, it’s still dark.”

He took a deep breath then rolled away hiding his arousal from her sight; but feeling impish, she wouldn’t leave him alone, “If you need to do that you can, I won’t tell your friends.”

He twisted his head back to look at her again and urged gruffly, “Go back to sleep.”

“It’s not okay. I know boys start hurting when they get hard and don’t do anything with it, you don’t have to hurt because I’m here. You can do it; I’ll just be still and pretend I don’t see anything.” She said it but she was getting curious, how do boys jack off? If her brother did it with her in his bed she was going to watch. She put a hand on his shoulder then slowly pulled him to his back, his erection stood tall under the blanket. He put his right hand under the cover and gripped his hard-on. The pressure of his fingers felt good but he was still reluctant to put on a show for his sister.

He stroked it once, twice, then withdrew from his prick again, “I can’t.”

She was getting bolder, less timid with her brother who had an erection while he lay next to her on the bed, “Yes you can, show me how it’s done” she urged with a breath of intimacy.

He shook his head ‘no’ but then as he looked into her eyes an idea popped into his mind, “Maybe, but you gotta do it too.”


“If I jack off, you have to show me how girls do it. We do it together.”

She drew her head back, her playfulness receding, “You want me to play with myself while you watch?”

“What the fuck did you just ask me? Come on if I do it for you, you do it for me.”

She paused as her trepidation transformed to a slow welling of intimate curiosity, shyness yielded to boldness. With careful deliberation she put her hand on his stomach just inches from his stiffness and asked “Should we take our pants off? That way we can see.” Her fingers trailed down the blanket until they rested near the base of his hard cock.

Any reticence he was feeling vanished, his cock stretched further, “Yeah, we should do that.”

His sister kicked down the blanket so both were uncovered then sat up next to him then pulled off her t-shirt and tossed it over his face. He caught her body scent on the shirt while she fell to her back and pulled her bottoms from raised legs, she wasn’t wearing panties. Awed by what she had done he mentioned, “You said pants, not all.”

She smiled, “Then give me my shirt back.”

“No, it’s okay.” He quickly shed his night clothes. In seconds the two were nude then sister and brother lie face to face on his bed, both burning red with bashfulness, both watching the other cautiously. It was she who first rose up on an elbow then began to examine her sibling from head to feet as he lay quiet. His erection was the main attraction for the young girl, she had only seen one before so she silently compared her brother to her boyfriend. Very slowly she lifted her hand then touched the tip of his hard cock then let her finger drift down the length of it. She fell back to the bed then spread her legs and invited, “You can look at me.”

He sat up next to his sister and devoured her with his eyes. His girlfriend was sexy but the girl on his bed stirred his nuts like none other had before. She put her right hand on her stomach then slid the tip of the long finger down the slit between her legs. He grabbed his erection then brother and sister began to entertain themselves before the eyes of the other.

Her body was warming fast. She began to seep wetness much sooner than when she was alone. Surprised at how quickly she was turning herself on she dipped two fingers between the thick soft lips of her sex and penetrated. Her brother was tugging on his erection while he watched his sister finger herself. When he could sit no longer, he fell to lie beside her, their legs were rubbing. The feeling of his skin on hers sent tendrils of fire up her thigh where they met the growing flames in her stomach. She was getting turned on like never before. He turned to his side facing his sister, watching her finger herself while the end of his cock lightly brushed against her hip, she didn’t avoid the contact while he and she masturbated for several minutes, silently watching, enjoying what the other was doing. With her eyes on him he pulled on his erection, caressed his balls, pinched the head and squeezed the shaft.

She caressed the puffy lips of her body, wet her fingers in her mouth then massaged her clit for him. Gradually her left-hand fingers slipped between her legs while the right hand worked the button at the top of her split. It was when she moved a hand to palm her breast and pinch her nipple that her self-induced passion crested. She bowed and flexed on the bed; her lips compressed in silence as she climaxed. Her brother was in sync with her and began blowing ropes of cum over his hand and her legs.

As they relaxed on the downside of their orgasms, she dabbed a puddle of semen from her thigh then grinned directly into his eyes as she boldly smeared it on her right tit. His cock jerked with an aftershock of lust. He used the blanket to wipe his stomach and her leg clean, then hid his still hard member from her view.

She felt relaxed, no longer modest of her nudity, or frightened by the nightmare, “Can you sleep now?”

He grinned, “Don’t know, I’m still turned on.”

“Really? Are you going to do it again? Can you do it two times so fast?”

He hesitated only slightly, “Maybe, if you do it for me.”

“You want me to hold it? I don’t think so, I’m not your girlfriend.”

He echoed her earlier statement, “I won’t tell your friends.” She thought in silence, what he asked sent a hot sensual message from her clit to her fingers and it took her only a moment to decide; Yes, she could do it for him, she would stroke him. Her heart started thudding as her courage built. She eased to her side; again, they were face to face. Her fingers closed around the shaft of his erection then she stroked the length of it. The blanket was in the way, she couldn’t feel him right so after three tentative tugs she pulled the cover down to expose him once more. The erection stood firm, curved slightly over his pubic hair, his nuts snugged tight against the base of it. There was residue of cum clinging to the head. Her brother was bigger, longer and thicker than her boyfriend Rex. She looked into his eyes when she gripped him in her fist, they fluttered shut and he sighed.

The edge of her hand rested on his balls so the top half of his hard-on was standing free. She sat up next to him, urged him to his back then put her second hand on the shaft. He was long enough that both her hands couldn’t hold it all, the swollen purple knob at the top was still exposed. He lay very still while his sister pumped his renewed erection. She began to tingle between her legs, her heart rate increased. She watched intently at how the cyclops eye in the head of his cock played peek-a-boo with her as the foreskin pulled up and down with her strokes. She felt in her fingertips the pulse of blood surging through him, his balls were moving in sync with the movement of her hands. She lifted her left hand off but continued to pull on him with the right. She looked into her brother’s eyes and saw how her ministrations were causing him to become more aroused. A sharp jolt of sexual electricity arced from him to her, she shivered from neck to thighs. She reached for his near arm, then by the wrist pulled his hand until it lay on her thigh. His fingers twitched, her leg grew warm, she squeezed his erection. He slid his hand up until he pressed on her vagina. Brother and sister caressed and fondled for a few minutes, his pressure was building, she sensed the end was near but wasn’t ready to end the play. She pulled her hand away then fell back to her side facing him. He looked disappointed as she smiled wickedly, “You can finish it now.”

He sat upright next to her, “No, let’s finish each other.” He lay down again on his side facing her then put a hand between her legs, the edge of it pressed on the junction of her thighs. He caressed her, moving his hand up and down the length of her slit. As he did the temperature between her legs grew in proportion to the number of caresses, he took her near hand and pulled it to his erection again. In moments brother and sister were again fondling each other intimately. As she held his swollen cock, he moved his hand to her stomach then pushed his fingers down to cover her. The lips of her body were warm, soft and growing wetter with increasing desire. When she rubbed a thumb over the head of his hard-on, he split her body with his long finger and probed for the entrance of her womb. She bent her leg at the knee, opening her thighs, allowing him more freedom to move his hand. He bent his finger into her, she gasped and jerked on his bone, abusing it pleasingly. He fingered her, she stroked him, and together they forgot that they were kin.

Pressure was building, she was beginning to pant through partially open lips, she could feel her blood racing, she was succumbing to her brother’s hand. She was close to climax when he abruptly pulled away. In an instant he was between her legs pushing them wide then fell to his stomach between them, his head over her groin. He looked over her stomach into her eyes then flickered the end of his tongue on the top of her crack. She arched her back, an unbidden, instinctive move to press her body against her brother’s mouth. He licked her, he kissed her, then started in earnest to arouse her even further with his lips and tongue. She held a deep breath then as her body shuddered, she pulled a pillow over her head to muffle her soft cries of pleasure. He consumed his sister, he was humping his back, rubbing his erection on the bed while feasting on the passion flowing through her body. When he sensed she was close to peak he probed her with two fingers, they slid easily into the wet dilated hole. He hand fucked her as his tongue sought her clit then with total concentration on the female under his mouth, he caused her to climax.

She arched off the bed raising her hips, crushing his head to her body with both hands. The pillow muffled her as each shock of the orgasm cause her to moan. He lifted his head from his sister and watched as she convulsed. She became quiet but her hips were rocking, her back undulating, and when he moved the pillow, her eyes were inviting. He raised up enough to put the end of his swollen erection between her legs then while she was still in the fading throes of her orgasm, he pushed into her with a primal savagery. At the feel of the invasion she again moaned and shook with another series of erotic cramps. She was flowing orgasmic juices around his hard pounding shaft, there was no friction, no resistance to him making the act even more erotic. She peaked yet again.

He fucked his sister only a few minutes, the foreplay had prepared his balls for the end. His erection seized; his nuts convulsed then at the last possible moment he had to focus on pulling out before he came. Surges of semen sprayed over her body seven times. The first shot splashed on the same breast she had daubed earlier with his cum. The following gushes covered her stomach, filled her navel. He bowed his back for one more thrust into the hot writhing female then pulled away to put the last squirt in her pubic hair. He collapsed down on her, his head resting on her pubic mound. He kissed the top of her crack as she rested her hands on his head. The pair remained in that position until he stirred.

She watched him get off the bed and pick up his shirt. When he started wiping his discharge off her stomach she blushed with shyness. The heat of the moment was over, she had sex with her brother and she was feeling timid. He fucked her, she fucked him, but what would he think of her, what should she say to alleviate the uncertainty she felt? When he put the shirt on the lips of her vagina to wipe her clean, she shivered once more, an aftershock quiver rippled her thighs. At that moment the encounter with him transformed from one of insecurity to a moment of bliss, the episode transformed as one of weakness or depravity, to one of opportunity and gratification. She relaxed in complete satisfaction and let him attend her.

It was growing light with the new day, she needed to return to her own room before their parents woke. When she stood from the bed, he stood with her, they locked together with arms around the other, their nakedness bonded from thighs to breasts. As they held one another she realized she felt no more terror, the bad night was over, she could return to her room without angst. She pulled her head back and kissed him on the cheek then let him go. No excuses or apologies were given, no words spoken. The two separated silently, the tryst was over, brother and sister parted ways.

Part II

They related as family should in the days following the night of her nightmare. Nothing was said, he didn’t approach her, she gave no indication she would join with him again. But she did not forget; the memory remained fresh, constant. She remembered the feel of his erection in her hand, in her body. She could still feel the quick flicker of his tongue on her clit; her orgasms echoed in her womb. After the encounter with her brother she wouldn’t openly admit a sensual attraction to him, but five weeks later she used the excuse of another bad dream to go to him.

Impelled by a deep sensual yearning it was 2:20 in the morning when she eased onto the bed, roused her sleeping brother and whispered “I had another nightmare” then snuggled to him for comfort. She lay her head on his shoulder, he put an arm around her back, his hand lying on her hip. The press of her breasts on his ribs brought him to full wakefulness. He could feel her shaking, her breath was quick and warm across his chest. His hand slid from her hip to her butt then pulled her closer, her groin pressed against his thigh. She flexed her back rubbing her crotch on him which caused a thrill to start in her pelvis then vibrate to her heart, she gasped lightly. His sister’s nearness created a tornado of chaos in his balls, his prick swelled and lengthened in seconds. She pressed even more against him while moving a hand to his expanding erection. She put fingers through the hole of his briefs and wrapped them around him, her touch completed the construction of his hard-on. She lifted her face to put her mouth next to his ear and told a little white lie, “I’m too scared to go back to my room, can I stay here?”

He rolled to his side facing her then reached under her shift and quickly pulled on her panties. She lifted enough that he could take them down to her ankles from where she kicked free of them. Her hands went to his shorts to help him pull them off. Moments after the two were unclothed below the waist he pushed his sister to her stomach then moved up and over her. She arched her back causing her butt to rise off the bed then with no hesitation or foreplay he pressed between her legs and into her body. She was ready, she was wet, she was hot for sex so as he slipped in with no effort, she moaned enjoyment into his pillow. He pushed up on his arms then looked down on her back as he fucked her. She was lying with her head turned to the left her eyes were closed, her lips partially open as she breathed. Her hands grasped the blanket each time he plunged into her.

He studied his sister as she let him fuck her. Her back was covered by an oversized shirt so he pulled the hem of it up until she was bare below the shoulders. Her back was violin shaped from shoulders to narrow waist then her hips flared and rounded. Her ass cheeks rose from the small of her back as twin mounds of firm smooth flesh then molded into the top of her thighs. The vision of his petite sister rolling her back as they mated drove hot spikes of hormones to his balls. Pressure was building too fast; he paused and withdrew. She opened her eyes, rolled them up to him and smiled.

She sat up then pushed him over until he was on his back, his erection pointed at the stars. She stroked his cock several times then bent down and kissed the end of it. She rose up, straddled his lap and centered over his groin. He thrust, she lowered, and once more she took him as deep as she could. She grabbed two fists full of his chest then set a rhythmic pace of rolling her hips. He pulled her shirt over her head and she lifted her hands one at a time to let it slip off her arms. When her breasts were bared, he put his hands over them then began to palm the tips of them. Her nipples grew firm under his touch, her smile grew wider. She leaned down and put her lips next to his ear, “Does this feel good?”

Stupid question he thought, “Did you come here for a quick fuck or praise?” he asked boldly.

She couldn’t ignore his coarse question so she asked one of her own, “This will be quick?”

“Oh hell no Sis, we have to keep your demons away, it may take a while.”

She smiled at the remark but his words were too loud so she cautioned him softly, “Schuss, we need to be quiet so mom and dad don’t wake up.”

He lowered his voice; but because she came to him, he wanted to know her motive, “What are you doing here?”

She puckered her mouth and blew him a kiss then through an easy grin said “I told you, I had another bad dream, I need comforting.”

“Are you being comforted?” he wanted to know as he raised his hips to thrust up until his groin pressed against her pussy.

She gushed into his ear, “Uh! Do that again.”

Screwing his sister while they had a whispered conversation only heightened the sensations he felt, he lowered his voice to a husky breath, “You know girl, you are the sexiest fucking sister I have.”

She moved her hands to pin his arms to the bed then grinned salaciously and reminded him, “I’m the only fucking sister, you have.” The conversation had to stop because it started in her womb. The long-craved climax climbed from the center of her lust then burst through her body in waves of rapture. She collapsed down on his chest, her hips bouncing on his groin as her body quivered. She clenched her lips together to keep her passion quiet so their parents wouldn’t hear.

She was completely relaxed on him her breath coming as quick pants, his erection still lodged pleasantly in her. She raised her head and whispered “Did you?” He looked into her soft green eyes and shook his head. She kissed his chin then offered, “It’s okay this time.” Her permission to let him cum in her caused his erection to jerk and his balls boiled, only mind over matter kept him from injecting her just then. He pushed her off his stomach then together they moved into position, him over her, between her legs. He plunged into the girl until his balls pressed against her body.

She gasped! “Shhh” he reminded her.

Her eyes sparkled when she uttered “Wouldn’t they have a fit if they found us. I’d have to play the victim and say you raped me.”

“Won’t work, you came here.”

She pinched his ass which caused him to penetrate deeper and reminded him, “I came here because I had a bad dream, you took advantage of that.”

“Take advantage of this” he flexed his back; his erection pierced her deep while his nuts caressed her body, she mewed like a kitten.

She lifted her knees forming a cradle for her brother then put her heels on the small of his back, her knees were spread wide, her body open and yearning for what he was doing. Time for talk was over, he hooked his arms under her knees then the two screwed urgently but secretly for several minutes until her brother paused to relieve the growing need to cum. As he lay on her stomach pinned to her by his erection, he bent low and put his lips on hers.

A kiss. A tentative, tender kiss.

She hadn’t given thought to kissing her brother but his lips were not repellent so she returned his with one of her own. He lifted his head and said “God you turn me on.” He put his mouth over hers, pushed his cock down then gave up holding back. The feeling of him pulsing, filling her womb triggered another orgasm. She arched off the bed under him then the two clashed groins while they climaxed together.

They lay on their stomach facing each other, she tucked his shirt between her legs to keep from staining the bed, he put a hand on her butt and stroked the firm round cheek. “What time is it?” she wanted to know.

He lifted his head to look over her ass to the clock on the night stand, “10 after 3, are you sleepy, going back to your room?”

Her wide green eyes locked on his for a few moments as she thought, “I have to go pee; do you want me to come back?”

He slid his hand on her butt then down between her legs, she moved them apart for him. As the tip of his long finger slipped into her pussy he murmured, “I’ll wait for you.” She left his room to relieve her bladder and clean his discharge from between her thighs.

She returned silently and joined him on the bed again. She rolled up to her side, laid over his chest then put her mouth over his. Once again brother and sister became lovers. They were all over the bed, touching, feeling, petting and necking while their restless bodies molded and bonded. She went down on him, he pulled her around so she straddled his head then they sucked on each other, building pressure, the fires in their loins flared bright and hot. She pushed up off him until she was on her knees over his face. He licked her clit then probed into her with his tongue. She was on the verge of another climax and wanted him to fuck her over the top so she fell to his side and pulled him into place. Her legs wrapped around his thighs, he plunged into her then fucked her urgently while she beat the mattress with her arms and flailed her legs. Never had she ever had such a violent, erotic orgasm. She forced her silence while her body spasmed.

She stopped shaking; her body relaxed. She looked up at her brother, caught her breath long enough to offer “Now, I want it now.” His cock swelled impossibly thick with semen then he let loose the pent-up forces from his balls. He pumped long exquisitely painful surges into her body.

Once again, they were recovering from the wild chaotic sex. He got off the bed then went out of the room, moments later he came back “God, I thought we made enough noise they would wake up.”

“They’re still sleeping?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

She was feeling content, cozy with him at her back, arms around her. She enjoyed the pressure of his cock against her ass. As she lay in his arms in the dark her head was a whirlwind of thoughts. Her brother was just the second cock she’d let in her, but what they had done made her realize just how inexperienced she and her boyfriend were. She had just had better sex with her sibling than Rex had ever done. She moved her head for comfort on the pillow then murmured “I have to go back before they get up.”

She heard the words, “I’ll wake you.” She nestled under the blanket, wriggled her butt against his stomach then drifted to sleep.

The clock showed 4:52, he and she had screwed twice before she tired, but he couldn’t sleep. She was on her side facing him, clutching her pillow as if it were a favored stuffed toy. He looked at her in the dim light of the moon, she looked young, fresh and innocent. Her disheveled blonde hair framed her face which still bore traces of liner and mascara, she looked just like a little sister should, too cute and sweet to be as wanton and horny as the girl who came to his room earlier. Looking at her created a rising tide of hormones, his lust built quickly. He reached across the space between them and caressed the skin of her shoulder. The gentle touch on her soft smooth body caused her to move. Her hips shifted slightly forward which put her groin against him. He slid the hand off her back then eased it down and over her hip until his fingers met the top of her slit where her clit was waiting. The tip of his finger eased into the fold of her lips then pressed on the button. She shivered; his erection kissed her skin.

Carefully he lifted her leg and brought it over his thigh, the gap between her legs enough he could center the head of his cock. He put the knob against her slit then into the entrance of her vagina. He fucked his sister taking just 2-inch strokes, only the end of his cock was in her. She began to warm to the erotic assault, her hips quivered and she sipped a deeper breath. His erection was being bathed in the fluids she was seeping. Coming out of her sleep she realized what was happening; her brother was fucking her again and it was not displeasing. She straightened her back to be closer to him then with a hand on his neck pulled his head down until his mouth was on her neck. He pursed his lips and locked his mouth on her and began to suck a hickey, she could blame her boyfriend if anyone saw it. She bumped against his groin forcing his erection deeper and shook her head clear of sleep to enjoy what was happening. She had heard rumors from her friends about having sex three or even more times in one night but in her short sex life with Rex, they had never been intimate more than twice. What she and her brother were doing was by far more incredible, more sensual than anything she had yet experienced.

She pushed him from her then rolled to her stomach and pulled her knees up, he got to his knees between her thighs gripped her hips then set a slow but lustful pace of sex. He wanted to ravage her, bang her with all the passion he felt but was afraid the applause of their slapping bodies would wake their mother and father; they sure as hell didn’t need an audience. His sister reached between her legs with one hand and cradled his balls as he pummeled her. The end of his endurance was near when she put her fingers on his erection and stopped him from moving. She pulled it from her then moved it slightly so the tip of his cock touched her nether hole. When she had him where she wanted, she pulled him closer pressing him to the tight opening to her ass.

When she was alone with only her hands, she occasionally fingered her anus but having a boy that way was something she had never done. With her brother over her back she felt another orgasm straining to be free and knew that taking him anally would set it loose. Surprised but not revolted, he knew what needed to be done. He spit a string of saliva on his hand then pulled from her long enough to wet the bulb of his cock. He stroked her butt hole with a wet finger then dipped it in, she shuddered and moaned softly. She reached behind and pulled her cheeks apart, easing the tightness. He replaced his finger with the end of his prick then gently began to butt fuck her. It was a slow teasing beginning to an explosively erotic act. The longer and deeper he stroked the more relaxed her anus became, the more she enjoyed the new sexual sensation. She called out as his groin pressed on her butt. Startled at the volume of her passionate cry he reached around her head and put a hand over her mouth. The force of his hand on her face caused her neck to stretch, her back bowed and her body pressed even harder against him. She began to shake as the muscles in her anus stretched around her brother’s hard-on. His cock was bloated with semen, he was on the edge when she could hold her rapture no longer. His orgasm slammed into hers and together they rode on the crest of an orgasmic tsunami. Her muffled cries of release gradually quieted as her knees folded and she fell to the bed.

He was lying across her legs and watched as she put a finger in her butt then withdrew it wet with his cum. She twisted around to face him then kissed him in a most non-sisterly way, her tongue danced briefly with his. They rested, cooling, panting, looking at the other.

Whispers of “Did you like that?” and “Awesome” floated softy between the two. She sat up, gathered her night clothes then made to leave his room. He stood beside her, reached between her legs then again pressed a finger into her. She rose up on her toes, wriggled her hips then slapped his half hard prick lightly “I have to go.” He withdrew his finger then brushed it across her lips, she kissed the tip of it. So ended her second night of nightmares.