Special Santa Help

Lynn’s family and ours have been best of friends for over twenty some years now, pretty much ever since our sons were born. Lynn bought a tanning salon a few years ago as a form of extra income, and her twenty-four year old daughter Emily, frequently helps out with the place. Over the years Lynn and I have done many favors for each other, at one time joking that we were second spouses since her husband is no longer in the picture. My wife didn’t mind too much as long as “it wasn’t in that way” as she put it. I would frequently get called to come fix things at the house or salon.

In the last few years, Emily has grown more and more “friendly” when she sees me, especially if we are alone. There have been some occasions when I felt like she arranged things so we WOULD be alone, which made me a bit uncomfortable. Not because I didn’t like her, and certainly not because she wasn’t good looking. In fact, it was because she was so good looking! She’s a tad shorter than I am, slender, but built like a brick shithouse! She had to quit gymnastics when her breasts decided to take a huge jump in size, ending up around 34 D’s, and she seems to take great pleasure in squeezing them against me when she hugs me, which she seems to do at any opportunity.

Lynn had this great idea on how to draw more customers in to her tanning salon over Christmas. She would have a Santa in the shop on Saturday for the kids to see while mom did her tanning. It really was a pretty good idea. The only problem was a few days before the appointed date, the Santa they had lined up was involved in a traffic accident and was not going to be able to be there. I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was Emilie’s idea when Lynn called and the two of them tag teamed to convinced me to fill in as jolly old Saint Nick. They would even arrange for the costume for me; all I had to do was show up and be nice to the kids. Reluctantly, I agreed, after my wife pretty much told me too.

Saturday rolled around and I showed up at the shop around eight thirty to get ready since the shop was scheduled to open at nine. They had a number of appointments scheduled in the morning and it looked like it would be busy, even without any walk-in traffic.

Emily greeted me at the backdoor giving me a huge full body hug as soon as I was in the door. She was dressed in shorts and a tank top, with no detectible bra on, even though it was a crisp twenty-five degrees out. One thing that I didn’t think about was how hot it was going to be. It was about eighty-five in the shop so that the customers, most of which tanned naked or nearly so, would be comfortable. With me in a long sleeved, furry costume, I was going to roast.

“I hope you got a summer weight Santa suit,” I said to Em as she led me to the tanning room I was going to use as my changing room.

“No, I just figured you could go naked underneath,” she said with a devilish little grin as she led me into the room. “Do you need any help getting ready? I mean, I’m available if you want.”

“No, I think I can manage,” I replied as I shooed her out of the room with a firm swat on her butt cheek, and closed the door behind her. I quickly stripped down to my briefs and looked at myself in the mirror. Still not too bad of shape for a nearly fifty year old guy. I was about a hundred ninety pounds, but I had managed to avoid the beer gut and didn’t look too fat. All the outdoor work around my house and outdoor recreation I do has kept me fairly fit. I wasn’t overly surprised to see that my dick had gotten quite hard from Emily giving me that hug and her suggestion of helping me out. Don’t get me wrong, I find Emily very attractive, and have on occasion fantasized about both her and her mother, but I haven’t ever thought about acting on them because it would mess up our long standing friendship, not to mention my wife would toss me out on my ass.

I started by putting on the fake stomach pad and was about to pull on my Santa pants, when I decided, what the hell, and pulled off my underwear and tossed them on the pile. If she wanted to be playful, maybe I would tease her back just a tad for fun. I finished getting ready and walked out to see Em.

“Hey Santa! You look pretty good!” she said coming from behind the counter, her hard nipples obvious in the thin shirt.

“HO! HO! HO!” I said in my best Santa voice. “Have you been a good girl this year young lady?”

She walked up and snuggled up to me, trying somewhat unsuccessfully to press her body against mine because of the fake stomach. “I have been a very good girl,” she said with a soft giggle, her hand sneaking down between us to press against my pants. “Ohhhhh. But I think I’m about to be a very naughty girl,” she said as she grasped my cock through the pants.

“Well. I only bring presents to good boys and girls, so you better be good because I’m always watching.”

“You’re always watching Santa?” she asked playfully. “Does that mean you watch me at night too?”

“I see you when you’re sleeping, and I see you when you’re awake!” I answered

“Oh my Santa, then you must have seen me all naked this morning,” she said with a giggle. “I was alllll naked, laying on my bed playing with the toy you brought me last year, sliding it slowly in and out of my pussy while I pulled on my nipples and squeezed my tits. Did you see me Santa?”

My dick was already a bit hard when I came out, now it was like a steel rod thinking about what she must look laying there fucking herself. “I’m sorry my dear. I must have missed that this morning. Santa must have been out feeding his reindeer.”

“Well, that’s a shame Santa. You would have really enjoyed watching me push that shiny silver vibrator in and out of my hot wet pussy,” she said in a whisper as she leaned up towards my ear, her hand stroking my cock through the fuzzy pants. “Just sliding it in and out and in and out until I came all over it? Ohhhhh. Does Santa want me to do it again so he can watch me? Just to make sure I’m being a good girl when I do it?”

“I think Santa better go sit down,” I said brethlessly, pulling away from her before things got too far out of hand, or in hand, since she was already rubbing my hard dick through the red pants. I took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly as I walked over and sat down. She grinned that devilish little grin at me again as she watched me adjusting my dick to a more comfortable position. I was already hot, sweating in the beard and hat, and I got even hotter when she stepped behind the counter and slowly pulled up her shirt to uncover her bare breasts.

“Maybe Santa will bring me some sexy new bra’s this year? Something I can wear that will still show my hard sexy little nipples?” she asked as she ran a finger around one of her rock hard nipples. “Or maybe Santa needs to suck on these and make sure that they’re all nice and hard?” This was quickly going well beyond teasing and turning into an outright proposition. Her mother would not be happy. Nor would my wife if this kept up.

“I think you better cover those back up before Santa puts you down in his book as a naughty girl.”

She covered her tits back up and put on a pout. Fortunately, customers arrived before things could get any worse. I spent most of the morning telling kids about my workshop, and how ready Rudolf was to make the trip in about a week. Overall, things went pretty well. It was getting to be lunch time and the last appointment for the morning was in her little room and I had just turned on a video of Rudolf for the two kids, a boy about seven and a girl about ten. I got up and walked back towards my changing room to take a break from the hot costume, and wipe some of the sweat off my body. As I stepped to the door of my changing room, the door across from mine opened and I saw the lady peek out through the partly open door.

“Psst. Santa,” she said quietly.

I turned and she motioned me inside and then closed the door behind her. She was about thirty years old, five ten or so, slender and not badly proportioned from what I could tell through the towel wrapped around her body.

“Hi Santa,” she said almost bashfully. “Would you mind if I sat on your lap too?”

Putting on my best Santa demeanor, I replied, “Certainly young lady,” I said as I sat down in the chair in the little room. She moved over and sat down on my lap. Fortunately, she wasn’t too heavy.

“I haven’t sat on Santa’s lap in a long time,” she said almost giggling.

“And what’s your name young lady?”

“Holly,” she said brightly.

“And what would you like for Christmas Holly?”

“Can I tell you a story first Santa?” she asked.

“Certainly,” I said. “Santa always enjoys a good story.”

“Well…” she started. “A long time ago, when I was a really little girl, you started coming to our house on Christmas Eve. You came every year when I was little. You’d bring a little present for my brother and me, and we would open them up and then we would go off to bed and in the morning all the big presents would be under the tree. You came for years, until I was too big for Santa, and I knew it was really just Mister Johnson from next door, but my little brother still liked you coming. My daddy got busier and he was never home at Christmas anymore. He was always traveling.”

“When I was twelve, you came like always and we opened our presents and went off to bed. After awhile I heard some noise and I snuck to the top of the stairs and saw Mommy sitting on your lap naked and you were tickling her breasts with your whiskers. It looked like she really liked it because pretty soon she was wiggling all over your lap. I ran back to bed before anyone saw me. I told a few of my friends but none of them believed me, so the next year after I went to bed I snuck back right away. I saw mommy take all her clothes off and sit on your lap. You asked her if she had been a good girl and she said she had been, but she was about to be very naughty and needed to be spanked. Then she got up and laid over Santa’s lap. He spanked her a bunch of times, but she didn’t cry, she seemed to like it. Then she got up from his lap and sat down on his lap facing him. She bounced up and down on his lap for a long time while he tickled her breasts with his whiskers. After a little while, she cried out that she was coming and her whole body shook while Santa made some grunting noises. I snuck back to my room after she kissed him and told him thank you for the present. I didn’t know what present she meant. Mister Johnson moved away the next year and my mommy was really sad. My daddy moved out that year too.”

“I’m a big girl now, and I know very well what Santa was doing with Mommy, and why she liked it so much.”

“I see Holly,” I said after a long silence. “You were going to tell me what you wanted for Christmas.”

She stood up from my lap and dropped her towel, leaving her completely naked, not a tan line on her very sexy body. “I would really like it if you would do to me what Mister Johnson did to mommy,” she said blushing.

“I see Holly,” I said quietly. It wasn’t every day you had a good looking woman proposition Santa. “Have you been a good girl?”

“I have been a very good girl, but I hope I’m going to be a very naughty girl in a few minutes.”

“In that case, I think maybe we better spank you right now,” I said, holding a hand out to her. If my wife found out I was doing this I would be dead meat, but my hormones were thinking for me right now. She stepped close to me and I leaned her over my lap. I reached under her front and gently squeezed one of her firm C cup breasts with my right hand and gave her a quick swat on the ass with my glove covered left hand. It didn’t make much noise, but she jumped in surprise. I stroked her ass with my hand before giving it another swat. I again stroked her ass with my hand, this time stroking down between her legs which she spread to give me access. I gave her a third swat, after which I pulled my glove off and stroked her bare ass and pussy, allowing my middle finger to penetrate her wet lips.

“Oh yes,” she moaned quietly as I pushed one finger deeper into her, feeling her hot wet body squeeze around it.

“Would you like to feel Santa’s candy cane in here?”

“Oh yes Santa. I would very much like to feel that,” she said quietly.

I helped her up off my lap and she untied my Santa pants and pulled them down while I lifted myself off the chair. She straddled the chair and reached between us, guiding my dick to her wet pussy as she sat down, having to lean back quite a ways to slide under my fake belly.

“Ohhhhhh that’s a very nice candy cane,” she said as she slowly impaled herself on my raging hard-on pushing slowly down my shaft. I could feel her hot wetness slowly envelope me, her velvety depths caressing my cock as it consumed my length. I pulled her to me as best I could around the fake stomach, and quickly sucked a nipple into my mouth as she began to slowly bounce up and down my dick. She pulled up until only my head remained inside her and then slid down until my full length was buried inside her. Each stroke caressed and teased my dick, slowly inching me towards an inevitable orgasm. She had to be enjoying the sensations as well, as she moaned quietly with each stroke down on me. As I sucked her nipple, teasing it with my tongue and trying to keep her bouncing tit in my mouth her speed began picking up. With each stroke, she began thrusting down more forcefully, driving me up into her until my head smashed into her cervix. Up and down she rode, her tits soon bouncing wildly as I gave up trying to suck them, her bouncing increasing its rhythm until she was practically throwing her body down my shaft. I let my hand capture her nipples, her tits pulling against my grip with each thrust down onto my cock. I was soon doing everything I could to keep from filling her pussy with my cream, trying to hold back until she found that perfect amount of stimulation.

“Oh god. I’m going to cum,” she suddenly squeaked as she continued to bounce wildly on me, her hips rocking with each thrust down, her pussy starting to spasm and clamp around me. I closed my eyes and tried to push off the inevitable, only to lose the battle after only a few dozen more strokes. My body jerked hard, firing the first jet of cum into her hot pussy the same time her body shuddered, and she slammed down on me. She ground her clit and pussy into me as hard as she could as her body shuddered and trembled. My dick pulsing and spurting cum deep into her with each new jerk of my body. She shuddered and cooed how good it felt, until finally collapsing against me, panting for breath. I held her against me as my dick subsided, only an occasional twitch to match her own body’s fading tremors. We sat like that for some time before she sat back up and kissed me on my whisker covered lips. “Thank you Santa,” she said quietly. “That was exactly what I have wanted for Christmas for a very long time.”

“You’re welcome Holly,” I whispered, still a bit out of breath myself.

She smiled and stood up, using the towel to clean both of us up. I sat with my pants around my ankles and watched her dress. She seemed to be enjoying dressing slowly, giving me a view of her body from every angle as she put each piece of clothing on. She bent over to push her leaking pussy out at me, to show me my cum slowly oozing from her still occasionally clenching vagina as she stepped into her white bikini panties. She pulled them up her legs ever so slowly to give me plenty of opportunity to enjoy the view of my work. It was almost a disappointment when she straightened and turned to face me, putting on her bra and covering her very sexy breasts. Once she was fully dressed she knelt down and gave my dick a gentle kiss before helping me stand and pulling my pants up. Once we were both decent again, she hugged me as best she could with the fake belly pad on and kissed me softly on the lips. “I hope you play Santa again next year,” she whispered before letting go and disappearing out the door. I walked back into my changing room and closed the door, taking a deep breath. That was an interesting but unexpected encounter. I could only hope now that no one noticed my absence.

“Santa, you have visitors.” I heard Emily call.

I walked out and did my Santa routine for a little girl who’s twenty something mother was tanning. After that things got slow, customer wise.

“So Santa, did she like her Christmas present?” Emily asked.

“Who?” I asked, trying to sound innocent.

“The naughty girl you spanked in the other room.”

“You saw?” I asked incredulously.

“Uh huh.” She nodded. “I saw her close the door with you inside, but it didn’t latch so I snuck back and peeked through the crack. Santa sure does have a nice looking candy cane.” She grinned. “I sure would like to see how it fits inside me!”

“Your mother might not appreciate it, and I’m sure my wife won’t.”

“I don’t think either of them would appreciate what you already did,” she said with an evil grin. “For a price, they won’t ever know!”

Here it came, I was dead meat now. It was my own fault. I should have used my brain instead of my dick to think with. “What price is that?”

“I want you to fuck me,” she said simply.

“Why?” I asked seriously

“Men are so dense!” she answered, shaking her head. “I’ve been trying to seduce you for almost two years. You just never seemed to get the picture. Don’t you remember the time at the lake last year when we were riding in the boat and my tits bounced out of my bikini top?”

I did recall that. I tried my best not to look, since her mom was sitting in the boat right next to me. Fortunately, Lynn was looking back at the tubers we were pulling when I hit the big wake and one of Emilie’s tits bounced out into plain sight. She seemed to take forever to notice it and put it back in. “I remember,” I finally answered.

“It took me forever to get the strings just loose enough for that to happen. I really wanted you to see me. You walked right past the tent window while I was standing naked and you didn’t see me.”

“That still doesn’t answer why,” I said, still hoping there was a way out of this.

“Because I’ve had a crush on you for years, and after I broke up with my last boyfriend, I decided I wanted to have sex with you,” she answered, almost as if it were an obvious fact as she walked over to the door and locked it and flipped the out to lunch sign. Then she walked towards the back of the shop, pulling me by the hand. Once she was around the corner, and out of sight of the windows, she let go of my hand and pulled her shirt off. Tossing her shirt aside, she unsnapped her shorts and let them fall to the floor as she walked barefoot down the hall, stepping out of them as she walked. She stepped into the last tanning room on the hallway and waited there for me, and turned to face me as I stepped in.

Her young body looked silky smooth and evenly tanned, without a single line to mar her big soft tits, each drooping slightly and causing her nipples to point slightly upward like little cocks begging to be sucked. Her dark pink areolae were round and puckered, covering a good quarter of the front of each breast. My eyes traveled down over her smooth firm looking stomach to her bare mound and completely shaved pussy, her round full outer lips peeking at me from between her creamy thighs.

“Now. I’m about to be a very, very naughty girl and I think Santa needs to give me a spanking,” she said as she took my hand again and pulled me into the room and over to the chair, waiting for me to sit down.

I moved around her and she reached out and untied my pants and let them fall before I sat down. With a devilish little grin, she stepped beside me and then lay across my lap, pinning my quickly hardening dick between my legs and her stomach. I pulled off the white costume gloves and decided that if she wanted to be spanked, I would. I reached my right hand under her and held one of her large tits in my hand, squeezing her nipple between my fingers as I massaged the soft round breast. Without warning I swatted her ass hard, leaving a red mark on her butt. She yelped in pain but stayed bent over my lap. I rubbed across her butt gently stroking her whole butt before giving her other cheek a stinging swat.

“Oh god yes,” she moaned as I rubbed her reddening behind. “Please, rub my pussy too, just like you did to her,” she begged softly. I stroked across her smooth, now pink, ass and let my hand drift down, pressing my fingers between her legs, no longer really thinking about who this was, but just that she was hot and naked. I pressed my middle finger into her pussy, slowly pushing it as deep into her as I could, feeling her wet tunnel grip and caress my finger. I stroked my finger in and out of her slowly and was soon rewarded with a low moan. With my middle finger still buried deep inside her, I let my pointer finger find her clit and gently rub back and forth across the exposed nub.

“Oh fuck that’s gooooood,” she moaned to me as she wiggled her ass around, wiggling her firm young body against my rigid cock. After several minutes of this, I felt her hand slide between us and grasp my shaft, squeezing it and trying to stroke it between our pressed together bodies. Wanting more, I pulled my hand from her pussy and helped her stand up, steering her to straddle me. She aimed my dick at her pussy, rubbing my engorged head between her wet lips before slowly pressing herself down against it. She let more of her weight settle on me, building pressure on my mushroom head against the entrance to her tunnel until I suddenly slipped inside. With a soft moan, she allowed her body to slowly settle down on me, her incredibly tight pussy slowly engulfing my hard shaft as it expanded to accept the intruder.

She felt extremely tight around my rock hard dick, her tunnel squeezing me delightfully as she continued to wiggle and work herself down my shaft the last little bit. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned and cooed over and over until I felt my head push snugly to the end of her velvety wet recess. I leaned towards her as far as I could and undid the buckle behind me on the fake belly and pulled it off, tossing it aside. I wanted to give her more room in front of me as well as allow me better access to her nude body. I pulled my beard off and then cupped both her tits in my hands, gently hefting them and squeezing the soft orbs. I leaned my head to her left breast and eagerly sucked the nipple into my mouth. I had secretly fantasized about touching and sucking these tits for a long time but never really thought that I would ever touch them, let alone end up with her sitting on my cock. She started to slide up and down my shaft, allowing me to hold her nipple in my mouth as she did. I worked her nipple inside my mouth, rolling it on the roof of my mouth with my tongue and then flicking it back and forth quickly with the tip of my tongue, drawing a soft moan of appreciation from her.

“Oh god,” I panted as I switched tits with my mouth, sucking her other turgid nipple into my mouth.

“OH YES!” she cried as she began sliding up and down my shaft more urgently. Her soft tight tunnel stroked my fat shaft, coaxing it even fatter and longer inside her. I released one of her tits to free my right hand and slipped it between us, letting her stroke her clit along my finger while she was bouncing up and down my shaft. She moaned loudly, and her ass slapped rhythmically against my thighs at the end of each stroke. Up and down she went, her body quickly starting to tremble and shake as she bounced more urgently on my lap. I could hear each stroke of her hot wet pussy make a soft squish as she slid down my shaft. Her soft moans grew louder, and she appeared to be less able to stifle them with her orgasm building to crash over her. I felt her hot wet depths start to squeeze me as her legs and arms started to tremble slightly, her bouncing never ceasing. Up and down she bounced, her body climaxing around my fat shaft and leaking her juices around our coupling. I let her continue to bounce until her orgasm had finally faded and then let my finger pull back so it no longer stroked her clit. I coaxed her to lift off my hard-on and stepped around her until I stood behind her. I bent her over the chair, quickly plunging my dick back into her exquisite pussy.

The rhythmic slapping of our skin was drowned out only by her moaning and crying out as I pounded my dick in and out of her wet puss, her own orgasm renewed with the almost feverish strokes I was driving into her. I felt my own climax building beyond any ability to hold back longer. Had it been anyone else, I doubted I could have come so quickly again, but somehow, it being Em, my body found renewed desire. With a sudden jerk, I thrust myself deep into hot depths pushing against her cervix while my dick was spurting cum deep into her. Pulse after pulse, my dick expanded and pumped my cum into her until there was nothing in the well left to pump. I stood behind her, panting, until she pulled off my softening cock. She straightened up and guiding me to sit down in the chair again. She quickly straddled me, pulling her body against mine, as I wrapped my arms around her nude form, pulling her body to mine and her tits against my bared chest between sides the gaping apart red coat.

We sat like that for some minutes before she moved her face to press against mine, whispering in my ear, “God that was worth waiting for. I hope we get to do that again some time.”

“We’ll see,” I answered. “But right now, we better get things taken care of before we get caught.”

“I suppose you’re right,” she said as she reluctantly got off my lap. She stepped out into the hall to pick up her clothes. “You can use the shower at the end of the hall,” she called, pulling her shorts and shirt back on while I collected my clothes.

“Thanks,” I answered, collecting my Santa suit parts and stepping to the room I’d used as a changing room. I dumped my stuff on the floor and stripped off the only thing remaining, my Santa suit top, and then headed for the shower, still completely naked.

I stepped into the small room and turned the water on in the shower stall as I pushed the door closed. I stood under the spray of warm water, my eyes closed, just enjoying the tingling spray, cooling off my sweating body. The water felt so good after being hot for so long that I didn’t notice the door slowly pushed open by the air flow when the furnace kicked on. I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower in full view of the long hallway leading all the way to the front desk. I didn’t even have time to pull a towel from the rack to dry off when a nice looking lady stopped dead in her tracks halfway down the hall, staring at my naked body.

After a rather long and awkward silence, the two of us staring at each other, she smiled and said, “Hell if I knew there was a strip show I would have brought some dollars.” I blushed as I reached for a towel on the shelf and then covered myself with it, wrapping it around my body and tucking the end in to keep it in place. I could feel myself blushing, my ears burning as I walked down the hall towards her in nothing but the towel, headed for the room with my clothes. She stood in the hallway, leaning against the wall nonchalantly, almost right in front of the room where my clothes were. As I drew closer, she just leaned there watching me, practically leering at me as I approached, still aiming for the door to the room my clothes were in, and safety, so to speak.

“Can I get in there please?” I asked, the smile never leaving her face as I stepped almost right against her, hoping she’d understand that she was blocking the door I needed. After several seconds, she pushed off the wall and stepped back one step, giving my hand room to reach the door, but barely enough room for me get past her. I reached for the door knob and pushed it open, trying to squeeze past her and into the room. I started to slip past her, my body practically rubbing against hers, her dress covered tits pressing against my chest, as she intentionally blocked my path. I felt her grab the end of my towel and hold it, the towel pulling it off me as I stepped deeper into my room. Embarrassed and completely exposed again, I tried to cover my dick with one hand while I turned to quickly close the door behind me.

I sat down hard on the chair breathing heavily and not quite understanding why I was suddenly getting another hard-on. I hadn’t ever thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but somehow, I was quite turned on at the look on her face and the obvious approval of how my own body looked to her. Nervously I got up and stepped to the door, opening it a little and peeking out to see if she was gone. To my surprise, she was sitting in the tanning room across from me, facing my door, just waiting, almost as if she were expecting me to come back out again. Brazenly, I opened the door the rest of the way, my hardening dick sticking out at an angle. I let her look for several seconds and then stepped back to where my Santa suit was. I began dressing back into the red outfit, leaving my pants and boots for last, checking every so often to see what she was doing. I was not surprised to see her still sitting and watching, but I was surprised to see her legs spread and her short dress pulled up to her waist. She was busy, with her panties around one ankle, stroking her pussy as she watched me. I pulled my pants on, and then stepped into my boots, letting my pants fall back around my boots when I was done, leaving me practically naked below my waist. I sat down in the chair, my hard dick sticking up from my lap, and motioned to her to come to me. I wasn’t surprised when she got up and walked across the hall to me.

“So, do you want to sit on Santa’s lap too?” I asked her as she stared at my dick sticking up at her.

“Oh yes Santa. That would be very nice,” she said, pretending to be a little girl. She moved over and bent over me with her butt, holding her dress up. She reached between her legs and grasped my cock, aiming my dick at her pussy as she lowered her ass down toward me. I felt my cock rub against and then press between her wet lips as she sat down on me. With my cock fully engulfed by her pussy, she twisted herself around until her legs hung off one side of my lap.

“So, what would you like for Christmas?” I asked as I slipped a hand between her legs which she readily spread for me.

“I do enjoy long hard things,” she said in a sultry voice as I stroked her tiny tuft of hair above her pussy and then worked my way down to her clit. “Uh,” she grunted as I found her clit and stroked it once. “I like that too,” she grunted as I started rubbing her clit in small circles. “I like that a lot,” she panted as I continued to work her clit while she wiggled around on my dick. She caught me off guard with the suddenness of her climax, her whole body shuddering and shaking for several seconds before she sagged against me. “Does this make me a bad girl?” she asked when she could speak again.

“I don’t think so,” I answered.

“Oh good,” she said as she got up, pulling off my dick with a slurping sound. She walked across my tanning room and across the hall to the other room. She left the door standing open as she pulled her dress off, leaving her in only her bra. She unsnapped that and then tossed it aside, her modest sized breasts poking out at me as she stood grinning at me for several seconds. I continued to watch while she picked up a bottle of tanning oil and began coating her body with it, taking special care to give me a good view of either her tits or pussy the whole time. Finally, she winked and closed the door between us.

“Well that was pretty hot,” Emily said as she stepped into the doorway.

“What was?” I asked as I pulled up my pants.

“That little show.”

“Oh,” I said “Well, I’m all ready again.”

“I can tell,” she said, “but Santa time is over. We don’t have any more appointments for now, soooo…you can get undressed if you want.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Do you want some help getting all that back off?” she asked quietly. “She’s the only one in here now, so I have the time if you want.”

“Why not,” I answered, shrugging my shoulders, knowing exactly what she intended.

She grinned and quickly began pulling my clothes off, followed by her own. She pulled the chair around and bent over, sticking her butt out at me. “Any time you want,” she said over her shoulder.

I stepped behind Emily and pushed my dick into her slowly, giving her wet pussy time to expand around me. I started stroking into her, our skin slapping together rhythmically as I pumped in and out of her, my hands reaching for and finding her soft young tits as they swung under her chest. With my back to the door, I didn’t hear her come in, but I felt her arms slide around me, squeezing my nipples first and then move lower, stroking my hips and ass. I felt her hands move and her body move closer, my ass bumping against her body as she stood only inches behind me.

Emily looked back at me and saw the lady behind me as well. I half expected her to cry out or something, but instead she smiled and gripped the chair tighter as she closed her eyes. I continued to plunge into her pussy, feeling her soft vaginal walls twitching around my cock as her orgasm inched closer with each stroke. Her climax was a surprise when it finally exploded around my dick, her pussy spasming and her whole body jerking and shaking as she cried softly. Feeling her pussy clenching and milking my plunging cock was more than my overly stimulated cock could withstand. I felt the tingle in my balls spread up my cock, the flow of cum bubbling up until it forcefully surged into her pussy. The two of us stood, my cock pulsing and squirting cum deep inside her, my mind fogged with pleasure.

Even before my body finished filling Em’s pussy, the lady pulled me back, quickly turning me around as she knelt down, catching the last few feeble squirts on her tits. She leaned her face toward my cock, sucking it into her mouth and licking and sucking the remaining cum from within me and the cum off me. She licked and slurped for several minutes while Em turned and sat in the chair, her legs spread wide, watching the two of us as she gently caressed her leaking pussy. The woman finally stood up and kissed me sensuously, sharing my own taste with me.

She pulled her lips from mine and leaned towards me, pressing her naked body against mine, her cheek pressing to mine. She whispered softly into my ear, “Thank you. This was a very pleasant change from shopping. I hope you’re here tomorrow too.” Then she stepped back, reached to the hook on the wall behind the door and pulled her dress on without bothering with putting her bra or panties on. She stepped into her shoes and hanging her bra and panties on my shoulder with a wink. “You can give those back tomorrow,” she said before stepping out of the door. I shook my head at the situation I’d found myself in and the insinuation of her wanting more tomorrow. I started pulling my clothes on while Emily sat in the chair watching me dress, her fingers still teasing her own pussy, smearing my cum around her lips as I leaked from her. She waited to dress until I was dressed, only then putting on her clothes and covering her sexy body.

We hadn’t been dressed all that long when Lynn walked in. “I met a customer on the way out. She hoped Santa would be back tomorrow too, that she enjoyed her gift. Do you know what she was talking about?”

“I have no idea,” Emily said from where she was crouched on the floor packing the costume up. I just shrugged.

“Oh well,” Lynn said as she walked out of the room to the front desk. Emily grinned up at me and blew me a kiss before standing up and walking out. I had a hunch she wasn’t done with me yet.