Stranger At The Holiday Resort

Eating an ice cream is erotic, apparently. I had never thought about it before but being at the beach with my family on this ridiculously hot summers day completely changed my view.

We were on holiday as a family staying at a resort on the beach, I hadn’t wanted to join my family on the holiday, I had turned eighteen a week before the start of the holiday and wanted to be with my friends, drinking, partying and having a good time now that I legally could but no, instead I’d been forced into this holiday where the best fun I’d had so far was sitting by the pool reading and checking out all the beach body ready people.

I had to remind myself not to check out the men as obviously as I was the women, my family didn’t know I was bisexual, I didn’t think they would approve of my attraction to men so I had kept it secret.

My parents had decided ice cream was a good idea but dairy had never been kind to me so I chose an ice pop instead and while I was eating it he caught my eye. He was stunning, over six feet tall with wide shoulders and what looked like hard muscles all over his topless chest. I sat all sense absent and licking the ice pop, running my tongue around it before taking it in my mouth when he looked up and his dark brown eyes met my sky blue eyes. He smiled at me and I decided to put on a show for him so I again ran my tongue around the tip of the ice pop making my eyes looked hooded like I was aroused before slowly sliding the whole of the ice pop into my mouth, when I felt it touch my throat I winked at the man before pulling the ice pop out of my throat and licking around it again trying to make myself look as seductive as I could, the man winked back at me and slowly licked his lips making me squirm in my seat as I started to imagine all the things I would let this handsome stranger do to me but I was quickly ripped from my fantasy when my parents spoke.

“What are you doing?” My dad asked me sounding a bit annoyed.

“Just eating my ice pop dad.” I told him trying to look innocent while also wanting to look back to the stranger who had my stomach doing flips and had me wanting him to posses me and do whatever he wanted to me. I don’t want this to be how I come out to my conservative and a little bit homophobic parents.

“Ok.” My dad said sounding like he didn’t completely believe me.

I turned back in my seat and when I lifted my eyes up from the floor they instantly met the deep brown eyes of the beautiful stranger who smiled after a moment of holding my gaze, the intimacy of his smile and gaze made me blush slightly as I shyly smiled back at him reverting back to my shy self now that I realise what I had done was attract him and not make him uncomfortable like I had expected.

‘Please don’t come over here, please don’t come over here.’ I silently kept the chant going over and over in my head as the stranger continued to check me out, it felt like he was undressing me with his eyes and it made me feel hot so I decided to put on another show for him but a more subdued one that wouldn’t make what I was doing obvious to my parents.

I licked around the ice pop a few times before taking some of it into my mouth and even then I let him see that I was still using my tongue to lick the ice pop while it was still in my mouth, I kept this up for a little while slowly moving the ice pop in and out of my mouth while swirling my tongue around it. The ice pop was close to being finished when the stranger lifted his eyebrows at me suggestively, I took the last of the ice pop into my mouth and sucked the remaining treat off of the stick before smiling at him.

The stranger winks and using his head motions for me to follow him as he stands and starts to slowly walk towards the pool, giving me a perfect view of his toned ass, I was already planning on following him but the sight of that perfect ass almost has me jumping out of my seat to chase him.

“I’m gonna walk around and explore.” I tell my parents who just nod their heads like they had been hoping I would wander off a while ago. I stroll off in the same direction as the stranger hoping I had judged the situation properly and was about to get lucky with an extremely good looking stranger.

I saw him leaning against a wall to one of the resort buildings near the pool, his eyes were locked onto me and all I could think about was how beautiful he was, all he had on was a pair of light blue shorts that showed off his muscled legs and left very little to the imagination of what was contained within, his chest looked mostly smooth but was peppered with dark hair and I was sure that if I touched his stomach it would be rock solid. His face matched his body and just oozed masculinity but was also inviting and kind with those deep brown eyes advertising those things, his blond hair was short and looked dyed.

I couldn’t help feeling self conscious as he smiled at me, I was pretty much the opposite of him, I was under six foot and could be described as short, I was skinny and not muscled with big blue eyes and messy shoulder length black hair, I have been described as an emo and a twink. I felt very unattractive wearing a pair of black shorts and dark grey-blue t shirt so much that I couldn’t believe he was interested in me.

I walked over to him with his gaze making me feel exposed, his smile broadened as I reached him and looking down at me he spoke in a deep voice, “you pay that much attention to other long, hard things or is it just ice pops?” His voice was teasing but gently teasing like he was joking with a friend or lover.

“Depends on what it is.” I tell him slyly looking up at him through hooded eyes trying to act much more confident than I am.

He takes a step forward so he is almost touching me and I can feel my breathing start to deepen and my whole body feels like it’s being shot through with small electric shocks and I’m surprised that my cock isn’t rock solid and bulging out of my shorts.

“You know what it is.” He smiles at me and I think for a moment he is about to kiss me right there by the pool.

“I don’t know maybe you could show me.” I tease as I place my hand against his lower stomach feeling his rock hard muscles and becoming even more aroused.

“I could if you’re a good boy.” He tells me as he places his hand over my hand that’s on his stomach and pushes it further down to the waistband of his shorts, “or are you a bad boy that needs punishing?” his questions stops my response and all of the fake confidence drains out of me as I actually think on his words before I answer.

“I think I need to be punished.” I tell him softly feeling the guilt about not telling my parents who I really am bubble up inside me and tears form in my eyes.

“let me guess, lying to your parents about who you really are?” He asks and when I nod my head in agreement he pulls me against him in a powerful and reassuring hug, “you don’t have to pretend around me just be who you are.” His hug and his words comfort me and I feel some of the confidence return to me.

“Thank you.” I say quietly as I leave my head resting against him.

“So which is it are you a good boy or do you need punishing?” He asked the question like the fate of the world depended on my answer so I actually think for a long moment before answering him.

“I think a little of both.” I tell him as he takes his arms from around me and looks directly into my eyes.

“So you’re good but need to be punished.” He says almost questioningly but before I can speak he ask me a question, “have you been with a guy before?”

I shake my head, “I’ve given a few blowjobs but that’s about all.” I tell him, again feeling self conscious.

“Cute.” He says as he reaches up and brushes a strand of stray hair out of my face with the back of his hand before turning around and slowly walking away, “come on, we can go to my room.” He says over his shoulder and I hesitate for a moment.

“You’re not some kind of serial killer are you?” I ask feeling stupid as he stops a couple of strides away from me and turns back to face me.

“Would I tell you if I was?” He asks, his face serious for a second before he laughs, “no I’m not, I just don’t want your parents to ruin this.”

My common sense says to just walk away I don’t know this very attractive stranger, ‘he could actually be a serial killer’ part of my mind says, ‘or he could just be a beautiful stranger who finds you attractive’ says the part of me that wants to please everyone and finds him extremely attractive.

The common sense part of me loses and I follow the stranger as he leads me into the hotel and towards his room and the pleasures that await.

“Me and a couple of friends have rented the room.” He tells me as we walk into the hotel room, when I look worried he smiles at me, “we have an agreement that if we walk in on one of us getting lucky then we turn and walk out so we shouldn’t be interrupted.” He reassures me.

“Sounds good.” I smile at him before he kisses me deeply exploring my mouth with his tongue and making me feel weak kneed.

“Get undressed.” His voice is a little hard and his command seems to flip a switch inside me that makes me want to please him and do whatever he tells me to.

I quickly take off my t shirt and drop it onto the floor before kicking off my sandals and letting my shorts drop leaving me standing there in front of this stunning stranger in nothing but a pair of boxers.

He studies me looking up and down my body, “God you’re cute.” He tells me as he runs a hand down my body and over my boxers lightly rubbing against my mostly hard cock and making me moan, “that face and noise makes you so much more cute.” He tells me before slipping his fingers into the waist of my boxers and quickly pulling them down for me to step out of them.

His eyes never leave my body as he strips off his own shorts in one quick movement to leave us standing there both naked and just staring at each other. His cock is rock hard and looks huge at least nine inches long and thick too, for a moment I’m scared but then I’m excited and all I want to do is please him.

I drop to my knees and with his cock at face height I open my mouth and take him inside me making him moan. I tease him for a short while keeping just the head of his cock inside my mouth and run my tongue all around it, when he moans loudly I decide to stop teasing and test myself to see how much of his massive cock I can fit inside me. I slowly move my head forward pushing his cock further into my mouth, it’s so big it feels like it’s stretching my lips and mouth, I feel the tip of his cock press against my throat so I relax my throat and let him deeper inside me until I have at least seven of his nine inches inside me.

“Oh fuck.” He growls sounding like he is feeling extreme pleasure, “I want to fuck you.” He tells me and I instantly take his cock from my mouth and stand when he pulls me to him and kisses me hard taking my breath away more than seven inches of his cock in my throat had.

“We have lube somewhere.” He tells me as he moves away to look through a suitcase and he pulls out a small bottle of lube, “get on the bed, face down.” He orders and I instantly comply moving to the bed and lying down on my stomach and pushing my ass up into the air.

I hear him uncap the bottle of lube and I wait patiently to feel his cock press against me and then enter me but that isn’t what I feel. The first thing I feel is a finger travel it’s way down my back to my ass where he separates my cheeks and I feel his lube covered finger tease my hole for a couple of seconds before he slips his finger inside me making me gasp. I expect him to finger my ass for a minute before replacing his finger with a much larger appendage but he doesn’t instead after a moment of fingering me with one finger he slips another lube covered finger inside me.

“God.” I groan as he slowly moves his fingers inside me making my cock twitch with excitement and arousal.

“Not quite.” He laughs as he continues to finger me speeding up slightly until he stops and slips a third finger inside me.

“Fuck yes.” I growl through gritted teeth as he starts to pound my ass with his fingers slamming them in and out of me quickly.

“Need. To. Loosen. You. Up.” He punctuates each word with an aggressive thrust of his fingers making me cry out with every thrust, it hurt but it felt so good.

He pulled his fingers out of me and the sudden change from being stretched by his fingers to being empty shocked me slightly, I tried to push my ass towards him to feel him inside me again but I met nothing but thin air. Suddenly I felt him press against me, his cock was pressed hard against my ass but he wasn’t pushing inside me, he used his hands to spread my cheeks and when he had I felt his cock push against my hole and with an agonising slowness he started to push inside me.

His three fingers had not prepared me for his enormous cock even just the head stretches me making me groan in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Everything ok?” He asks me, “does it hurt?” his voice says he truly cares.

“Yes, yes.” I answer both his questions before my mind catches up with me and I explain my answer, “I’m ok, it hurts but it feels so good.” I tell him my voice a whisper, I couldn’t speak any louder if I tried because the sensation of being stuffed by this stranger was making my brain feel fuzzy.

“I’m gonna move slowly.” He tells me as I feel him lean over me pressing his hard stomach against my back and kissing my shoulder blades one after the other.

He slowly pushes inside me, in a little out a little in a bit more over and over again until he is fully inside me and it feels like his cock is inside my stomach. It all feels so good his massive cock deep inside me and stretching me wide open and I can’t stop moaning, he kisses a line across my back where my neck meets my shoulders and making me shiver as he starts to slowly pull himself out of me.

“Please fuck me.” I practically beg him.

“You’re sure?” He asks softly.

“Yes.” I try to say sternly but instead it comes out as a panting plea, after a moments hesitation he does exactly what I wanted.

He pushes his whole length into me in one move making me moan loudly and then he starts to properly fuck me making me groan and moan in intense pleasure and some pain. I feel one of his hands snake underneath me and pull my stomach up off the bed so I feel like I’m floating and the sensation combined with him fucking me is like a magical trance that I’m pulled from when his hand underneath me suddenly pinches one of my nipples.

His pace slows as he toys with my nipples rolling one in-between his fingers before doing the same with the other, the whole time I can feel his hard muscled stomach against my back and the smell of his sweat and sex envelops me making me feel like I’m being completely dominated which turns me on even more. It doesn’t take long of him fucking me and playing with my nipples for me to be on the edge of an orgasm and I think he senses that.

He pulled out of me and flipped me over so I was lying on my back before he pushed my ass right up into the air so I was bent in the middle with the tip of my cock pointed at my face. He plunged back inside me, it felt like he was deeper inside me than he had been before, he was completely filling me and the orgasm I had felt so close to before he changed positions now feels only seconds away.

“I’m about to cum.” I tell him between moans and panting breaths.

“Open wide.” He orders me, I don’t question him and just open my mouth wide.

He slows down his pace and wraps his hand around my cock, the sensation almost pushes me over the edge but I hold on for a moment until I feel his hand move from my cock to my balls and I can’t hold on and I spray jet after jet of cum onto my own face, covering my eyes and nose and very little actually going into my mouth.

“You look great covered in your own cum.” He tells me as he starts to pick up his pace again until he is slamming into me so hard that we are almost bouncing off the bed into the air.

I can hardly breathe because of how my body is contorted and the ferocity of his thrusts which is making the sound of slapping skin and moans reverberate around the resort bedroom. Even though it feels like I could suffocate any moment and the force of him slamming into me hurts, I am feeling the most intense pleasure I have ever felt.

“I’m gonna cum.” He tells me ending with a deep moan.

“Fill me with your cum.” I tell him.

He moans loudly and a second later I feel his cock twitch inside me and his cum shoot deep inside me. Without taking his cock out of me he repositions us so that I’m lying down and he is lying behind me.

“Are you going to tell me your name?” I ask him as his softening cock slips out of my ass.

“No.” He says a little sternly, “I want to be that mystery man you had a wild time with.” He laughs as he trails his fingers around my stomach making me shiver at his touch, “if we meet again I might tell you my name.”

“I hope we can ‘meet’ again.” I tell him putting extra emphasis on the word ‘meet’ so he understands what I mean, “I should probably get cleaned up before going.” I say hoping he’s ok with me using the shower so I don’t have to walk across the resort with my own cum covering my face and a strangers cum leaking out of my ass.

“Yeah, I don’t think you should walk around the resort covered in cum.” He tells me motioning towards the bathroom.

I jump in the shower, I expect the stranger to come and join me at any moment but he doesn’t and when I exit the bathroom I see that he has fallen asleep so I quickly get dressed and slip out of the room. I head back to my room the whole way my mind can only focus on the things he had done to me and how he had made me feel. I also keep hoping that I will run into the stranger again because even though I can’t walk properly, my ass hurts and the rest of my body aches I have never felt better like I’m in a state of mental bliss, I really do hope to run into him again.