Stranger Lust

A True Life Story

Click-clack click-clack click-clack that’s the sound red high heels make on concrete. It’s all I heard as I crossed the parking lot in the dim, early morning light, echoing off the buildings of the resort. As I slid in behind the wheel of my Mercedes, the hem of my red skirt rode higher up my thighs. Several bruises peaked out from beneath. Adjusting the rear-view mirror and checking my make-up. A heavy sigh escaped between my crimson lips. I smiled at the bruises on my neck and breasts that are quite visible with the plunging neckline of my silk top. The engine roared to life and I shifted into gear. My thoughts wandered back over the past week.

I spent last week vacationing in Hilton Head, South Carolina, my favorite location. I plan to move there very soon. I own a condo at a resort, so I am free to visit a couple of times a year. One night I wasn’t able to sleep. About eleven o’clock, I slipped into my bikini, a little black thong number. The fabric, such as it is, is a glistening, wet look. It leaves very little to the imagination. Being an extreme exhibitionist, I don’t like things covered and this does the trick. The thong has enough material to cover my vagina and the top only covers the areolas. I slipped into a pair of black fuck-me pumps, grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses, and headed for the hot tub. Once I got to the pool area and found no one there, I decided to remove my bikini and hop in. I switched on the jets kicked off my shoes and stepped into the hot bubbly water. I filled my glass, took a sip, and leaned back. I started drifting off when I felt someone standing there. I opened my eyes to find a tall, very good-looking guy standing there looking at me. I smiled and said “Hi!”

His hair was thick and dark, his skin a nice, rich tan. He smiled, never taking his eyes off my tits, and said “Good evening” he had a deep voice, it thumped in my chest when he spoke.

I raised my glass and said “It’s a nice quiet night, care to join me for a drink? I hate to drink alone.”

“Yes, I would, thank you. I don’t believe a gentleman should ever let a lady do anything alone.” Oh my god that voice, deep and resonant. Not quite James Earl Jones deep, but very close and as sexy.

He pulled his t-shirt over his head. His chest was hard and smooth, his stomach flat except for the ripples of his abs. He was smooth without a trace of hair. I sat there admiring him as he undressed, feeling myself getting excited. He slid his pants and boxers down together. His pubic area was also smooth and without hair. As his pants slid off, it seemed to take forever, finally, his penis came into view. Veins ran around his long, thick cock and though he wasn’t hard yet, he was still quite large. His sack hung down almost to the tip of his cock, his balls were large, like two plums, nestled inside.

As he strode over to me, his cock and balls swung with each step. It was hypnotic watching them swing from side to side. I must have been staring with my mouth wide open. When he got to where I was setting, he stepped into the water and stopped when his cock was in line with my face. He reached down and put his hand under my chin and tilted my head back. When he did, I felt my mouth close, my teeth clicked together. I thought I was having a wonderful, erotic dream. I realized I was wide awake when I reached out and touched his cock. My fingertip traced the veins and his cock twitched at my touch.

I scooted closer to him and leaned in. My aim focused on that marvelous hanging sack filled with those treasures of manhood. I lifted his cock and let it lay across my cheek as I inhaled. His musky scent immediately made my clit jump to life. I pulled the first of those plums into my mouth and then the other. With both huge balls filling my hot, wet mouth I sucked and tugged on them. The salty trace of sweat stung my tongue and tasted delicious. As I held them in my mouth, I used my tongue to massage them. I let them slip out slow; pulling on the flesh of his sack with my teeth. I sucked on the loose wrinkled flesh of his sack, enjoying the taste, aroma, and texture of him.

His cock was no longer laying on my cheek but instead was rock hard and sticking up at a slight angle. The veins bulged even more. With my tongue, I traced up and down along the ridges then down to the head. He shivered, his cock jerked and swelled, responding to my tongue. Once at the head, I let my tongue swirl around the sensitive, swollen gland. I pressed my full, plump lips against it. Guys tell me I have lips that are perfect for sucking cock. They’re thick and full, like plump, pink, little pillows; without the need for Botox. I nestled his cock-head against them. My tongue snaked out and wrapped around the swollen, throbbing bulb. I felt him shiver while I worked on the mushroom. The familiar taste of pre-cum oozed onto my tongue and I knew it was time to gobble him up.

I immediately parted my lips and slipped him into my mouth. Pressing my tongue hard against the thick vein on the underside, I could feel his heartbeat. I pushed forward, inching my lips down that thick shaft heading for the base. I wanted it all. I was hungry for cock and I wanted it buried in my throat. I grabbed his sack above his balls and pulled, holding him steady. He leaned back against the handrail and moaned and mumbled something. I continued gobbling up the length as the tip hit the back of my throat. I pushed forward allowing him to slide into my throat. I held him there sucking and massaging the underside with my tongue. I held him there as long as I could. My head began bobbing back and forth as I fucked his cock with my lips. Slobber ran down my chin as I worked his cock harder and faster. I could tell by his breathing that it wouldn’t be much longer.

He grabbed my hair grunting as his cock swelled and throbbed. His cum shot into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed hard as another thick rope shot into my mouth. It was all I could do to keep up with his ejaculation. He finally slowed and I pulled my lips back one last time. When I reached the bulbous head, I sucked out the last little bit of his thick, tangy cum. My chin and tits were wet and sticky from cock-sucking slobber. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it all over my face.

He reached down and took my hand, pulling me up until I was sitting on the edge. He climbed in and pushed my legs open. Leaning forward he buried his face in my soaked pussy. He ran his tongue hard up and down the slit, sucking on the lips and flicking my clit with his tongue. He was driving me crazy with his skills. I leaned back on one hand and grabbed his hair with the other, pulling his face tighter against my pussy. I spread my legs wider for him as my ass bounced on the concrete edge. My back arched as I leaned back, pulses of excitement rippled through my pussy. As my head dropped back, I looked up to see someone on the balcony above watching our activities. At this point, I didn’t care; this gorgeous stranger devouring me was my everything. My stomach muscles spasmed as the familiar waves took over my entire body. My thighs shook and squeezed his head, I pulled his hair harder, my hips ground against him.

My orgasm began to subside, and I began to catch my breath. He pulled me into the water and onto his lap. I reached down and grabbed his hard cock and lowered myself onto that mass of throbbing flesh. The head split my pussy open as I slid down the length, my wet, velvet walls engulfed him. My hips moved in slow, rhythmic circles as I kissed him hard. His hands went straight to my tits, squeezing and kneading them, he pulled on my swollen nipples. Soon I was bouncing up and down on his cock like I was riding a pogo stick. Both of us moaning and panting hard. I held onto his shoulders as I rode him, slamming myself down hard on him. He leaned into me so he could suck on my nipples. He bit them hard, making me squeal with delight at the mix of both pain and pleasure it generated. He bit and sucked on my tits leaving bruises all over them. My juices were pouring over his cock as another orgasm took over. His followed shortly after, like a geyser going off, his seed shot into me hitting my cervix. Seven or eight thick globs filled my hungry cunt. I collapsed against him completely spent. I have fucked a lot of guys, but I have never had one that shot his load as hard as he did. I hope I do again one day! He held me on his lap until his wonderful cock slipped out of me. I moved from his lap and back into the warm, soothing water. Without a word, he drank the last of the wine in my glass, gathered his clothes, and walked away naked. He never spoke a single word.

I refilled my glass, looked up at my audience, now increased by one more. I raised my glass; one waved and the both turned went inside. I leaned back and sipped my wine, relaxed, and satisfied. I saw my stranger one more time before leaving for home on Saturday. We spent the day in his condo fucking. I left him that day with all holes well fucked and full of cum along with a few more sex bruises.

As I pulled onto US 278 W to make the eleven-hour drive home; I felt relaxed, happy, and fulfilled. The brilliant morning sun began its slow rise over the horizon. I slipped on my sunglasses, looked in the mirror, and smiled “I guess I should have gotten his name?” Shrugging at the thought, I pressed the gas and headed for home.