The babysitter returns


Gabe’s new babysitter might be a good girl, but she;s perfectly bad at it…

Her name was Daphne, and she was easily the hottest girl he had ever seen, including the multitude of groupies whom had thrown themselves at him during his brief career as a professional football player. The never-ending stream of pussies had dried up like a thin trickle of water in the desert after the car accident that screwed up his knee and killed his career. Gabe ended up taking the same road so many other athletes were forced to follow, and started coaching. It didn’t take him long to fall in love with his new job, and although his bed no longer saw more naked girls than a fitting room in a boutique, he was quite happy with his life. He got married to the girl of his dreams, a sweet lady named Beth with a slim figure that never put on weight, no matter what she ate. She was a doctor, and although her hours at the hospital were long and irregular, they still found the time to make two beautiful babies together.
It all went well for about five years, and then things started falling apart.

It happened slowly; a decline of degrees that was almost imperceptible at first. She would work longer hours; he would need a break from the kids. She would go on weeklong symposiums; he would go on weekend fishing trips with ‘the boys’. Eventually the regularity of their sex life was reduced to once a week, and then once a month, and finally only on special occasions like birthdays. They grew apart like two different trees in the same pot. They lived together in the same house, slept in the same bed and used the same bathroom, but it wasn’t living as much as existing. And after a while the fighting started, the cruel insults and bitter resentments. They tried a marriage councillor, but neither of them was committed to make it work. Their love had dried up like a plant that been left unattended for a year. It was dead, and no amount of water and TLC was going to bring it back to life.
They stayed together for the sake of the girls, but it wasn’t long before they agreed that they were actually doing more harm than good, and they got divorced. Beth got the girls and enough money for a new house in a different neighbourhood, and he got the peace he had wanted so desperately. Jamie and Leah visited him twice a week in the afternoons, and stayed with him every second weekend. Holidays were negotiated to suit everybody, and life went on. He adjusted; Beth adjusted, and after about a year, the girls adjusted. Beth was seeing somebody new, and he was seeing someone new every week. It suited them both.

The first time he saw Daphne, she was wearing jeans and a loose black t-shirt with the MTV logo splashed across her chest. Her hair was bundled under a baseball cap, and she was on her hands and knees, weeding the garden. Judging by the pile of offensive plants next to her, she’d been at it for a while. It was still early enough for the sun to be pleasant rather than brutal, and he paid little attention to her as he jogged pass her. He thought he saw her looking at him, but he was well used to women doing that so he just kept his pace steady. Despite the fact that he no longer played ball himself, he exercised religiously to keep fit. He had little respect for coaches who don’t practise what they preach, and he knew the same was true for his players. If a team didn’t respect and trust their coach, they performed poorly.
He saw her again the a few days later, but in a different yard. She was weeding again, and he noticed the grey gardening gloves she wore looked a little bit threadbare. Again, he thought he saw her eyes following him, but he was in the zone and he didn’t stop. The third time he saw her weeding, it was in a completely different street. He probably wouldn’t have noticed her if she had not been wearing the same MTV shirt and Yankees cap every time. Intrigued, he slowed down next to her. She was crouched on an old kneeling cushion while she filled rows of little holes with small plants. The knee-high white picket fence wouldn’t keep out a miniature pug, and offered her no protection from his gaze. She glanced up and smiled at him, an absentminded lifting of her lips. He couldn’t see much of her face, only that her skin was roses and cream and that she looked very young. He tried to gauge her age, but it could have been anything between sixteen and twenty. There was a smear of mud on her jaw, but it didn’t detract from her fresh beauty one bit. She dusted her hands self-consciously against her hips.
“Hi,” she said, and he loved the sound of her voice instantly.
“Hey,’ he said, looking at the rows of petunias she was planting. She must have been working since dawn.
“Can I help you with anything?” she asked politely when he didn’t say anything else.
“I have a question,” he said, not bothering with introductions. “I’ve seen you work in three different yards now over the past two weeks. Are you like a serial gardener or something?”
His super lame joke actually got a smile, but that it was tinged with pity, so he wasn’t sure that was a good sign.
“It’s just a summer job,” she said. “I’m saving up for college, and I do all kinds of odd jobs around the neighbourhood.”
“Right,’ he said. “I was just curious. See you around, then.”
“Wait!” she called when he took off again. “Will you take my flyer? Please? Just in case you need help with something around the house. I can do anything you need – painting, gardening, fixing things that are broken… anything you can think of, really. I even know a few things about engines.”
It was the tinge of suppressed desperation that made him take the plain white paper, neatly folded in half. He was quite a DIY freak, and loved nothing more than puttering around his house and yard, fixing windowpanes and holes on the roof. And if he needed something painted, he had a whole football team at his disposal. He certainly would not ask a teenage girl to do it for him.
“Sure,” he said, taking the paper and slipping it under the clasp of his iPod. He’d throw it away at home – there was no need to hurt her feelings by refusing it.

He would have thrown it away, too, if his phone had not started ringing just as he put the key in the lock.
It was Beth.
“Can you take the girls tonight?” she asked. “I know it’s my weekend, but David is taking me out and my Ellen just phoned to let me know she’s been diagnosed with chickenpox and I don’t have time today to look for a new babysitter before tonight. David booked tickets to go see a concert and I know they cost a fortune.”
Gabe knew a wall when he felt one behind his back. He couldn’t say no.
“Sure,’ he said. “Can you drop them off, or should I come get them?”
“I’ll bring them in an hour.”
It was only after she hung up that he realised it was poker night with some of his old teammates from his playing days. He considered calling Beth to let her know he couldn’t make it, but that didn’t feel fair towards her and her new fiancé. His eyes fell on the flyer and he opened it, wondering if the Gardening Girl babysat.
The list of things she advertised herself capable of doing was quite impressive, but it didn’t include babysitting. Still, he didn’t have anybody else to call and he kind of got the idea she was hard up for money.
“Daphne here,” she answered when he phoned.
“Daphne, this is Gabe Tucker here. You handed me your flyer this morning.”
“Yes, I remember,” she said. “The serial jogger.”
He had to laugh at that.
“I have a job for you,” he said. “If you are interested. It’s not listed on your flyer, but I’m hoping you can help me out.”
“What is it?” She sounded wary, and he didn’t blame her.
“I need an emergency babysitter for tonight.”
“I… sure. Yeah, I can do babysitting. How many children do you have?”
“Two girls,” Gabe said, “Ages six and seven. They’re reasonably well behaved. If you can be here at seven that would be great. And since it’s after hours and short notice, I’ll pay you triple your normal rate.”
“That sounds great,” she said enthusiastically. “Just let me know your address and I’ll be there.”
He put the phone down a minute later, well satisfied with his solution.

He opened the door at a quarter to seven, and could only stare in shock at the girl standing in front of him. She was wearing white shorts and a purple Tinkerbell shirt that stretched over breasts that were undeniably the perfect size for, well, just about anything a man could think of doing with a pair of breasts, and right now, he could think of quite a few things. Her hair was a shiny mass of mahogany curls, tumbling over her shoulders and back. He could see the glint of earrings through those glorious tresses that he would love to see spread out over his pillow as he hovered over her. Her eyes looked like a photo-shopped ad for contact lenses – two deep, almost unnaturally blue pools he could drown in if given the chance. And her lips… Fuck, her mouth had been designed to whisper sinful promises and then fulfil them. Her body was all soft curves, a valley of promised femininity that he wanted to explore at leisure. She even had pretty feet, small and neat, her toenails painted bright pink, with little white polka dots to add to the youthfulness of her appearance.
“Hi,” he said after a few seconds of unabashed staring, feeling like an idiot when his voice cracked. Dammit, he was not an inexperienced teenager trying to ask the head cheerleader on a date. He was a grown man, one who had been with more women than he was proud of. And none of them had had an effect this powerful on him. He cleared his throat and started again. “Come on in, Daphne. Thanks for coming on such short notice.”
“It’s a pleasure, Mr Tucker.”
“Gabe, please. You make me feel old.”
“Is your wife upstairs?”
“I’m divorced,” he explained. “She has a date with her fiancé and I have a date with some poker buddies. Neither of us could really reschedule.”
“I see,” she said, her eyes sweeping through the foyer.
“The girls are watching the Little Mermaid,” he said, leading the way to the sitting room, hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge growing in his pants.
Jamie and Leah were sitting next to each other on the couch. Leah was holding her customary rabbit, a soft toy she’d named Horse for some unknown reason when she got it. Jamie, who had outgrown soft toys very early in life, had propped up three of her Barbie dolls on the seat next to her to watch the movie with them. One of the Barbies had fallen over and was watching the TV from what Gage assumed to be an uncomfortable position.

He left the house ten minutes later, after taking Daphne on a quick tour through the house, handing her a remote with an emergency button in case anything happened and with the instruction to keep it around her neck. “The numbers are on the fridge,” he reminded her a last time. “If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call. I won’t mind the interruption.”
“Sure thing. Enjoy the evening. Go win some money.” She smiled as she said this and once again he saw a hint of sadness in her eyes.
“Tell you what,” he said. “if I win, I’ll hand the money over to you.”
“Oh, I couldn’t!” she said shocked.
“Why not?”
“I don’t have anything to bet with.”
“How about a kiss,” he said with a grin. She blushed red at this, but didn’t argue.

He followed her advice and enjoyed the evening, winning twice. It was almost a pity, he thought as he pulled up just after one. This was one bet he wouldn’t have minded to lose.
She was lying on the couch, fast asleep, with both hands tucked under cheek. Her long legs and full hips were on display for his enjoyment, and he looked his fill at her curvaceous ass before waking her up regretfully. He resisted the temptation to touch her breasts, and figured he deserved a medal for his restraint.
“How will you get home?” he asked, suddenly realising he hadn’t seen her car parked outside his house. He had been too busy ogling her hot young body earlier.
“I don’t live far,” she hedged.
“Did you walk here?”
“Really, it’s not far at all.”
“Daphne, you’re not walking home at one in the morning. I would have taken you, but I can’t leave the girls alone, even for ten minutes. Can you drive?”
“Yes, I have a licence.”
“Take my car,” he said. “You can bring it back in the morning.”
She looked stunned as he handed her the keys to his Volvo.
“You’re trusting me with your car?”
“Well, I trusted you with my daughters, and they’re worth much more to me, so yeah. Just drive carefully, and phone me when you get home so I know you’re safe.”
“I can’t believe you’re letting me drive of with your car. What if I don’t bring it back?”
“Are you planning to do that?” he asked, interested. His imagination took a quick trip through Fantasy World, the current dream including the two of them and a pair of handcuffs.
“No, of course not,” she said. “But that’s not the point. Say I wreck it?”
The image of her broken body lying sprawled across the steering wheel bothered him.
“Then I would be very concerned about your welfare.”
“I really don’t mind walking, it’s really close. Honestly.”
“Daphne, how old are you?”
“Eighteen,” she said. A small part of him gave a relieved sigh. At least his fantasies couldn’t land him in a potful of imaginary statutory trouble.
“Do you know what happens to beautiful eighteen year old girls who wander around alone in the dark?”
“Yes,” she said. “I do know. Bo you really think I’m beautiful?”
He gaped at her. “Are you kidding me? You’re frigging gorgeous. Surely your boyfriend tells you that often?”
“I’m not seeing anybody,” she said. “My last boyfriend dumped me because I couldn’t lose five pounds.”
Gabe rolled his eyes upward. “What is wrong with my gender?” he groaned. “Daphne, if you lose as much as five ounces, I will personally spank you. You’re perfect. In fact, I’m really sorry I won tonight, since it cost me a kiss. That reminds me, I need to hand over my winnings.”
“You really don’t need to do that,” she said. “I didn’t take you seriously.”
He shook his head and took out his wallet. “A deal’s a deal. I don’t go back on my word.”
She stared at the thick pile of notes he took out, her eyes enormous.
“You can’t be serious about this,” she said. “That’s got to be at least a thousand dollars.”
“Actually, there’s just over three thousand. I play with high-rollers.”
“I can’t accept that! How much did you have to drink?”
He grinned, loving her bewildered expression. He could see that she really wanted it, but her conscience was not going to let her.
“Not enough to lose. Daphne, it’s not an issue. I have a lot of money – this is small change to me. I’m not even going to tell you how much I lost tonight. If this was, say, fifty dollars, would you have accepted it then?”
“Maybe,” she said. “I dunno. But this is a whole lot more than just fifty dollars.”
He stared at her. She was clearly longing to take it, but she had stubborn streak He couldn’t get pass.
“How about I use it to buy that kiss?” He said. “Nothing more; only a kiss. Would you take it then?”
Her eyes were huge. He could see the doubt in her eyes, and the distrust. “Just one kiss,” he murmured. “I’m hardly going to attack you with my two daughters sleeping upstairs.”
Mentioning his daughters had been good strategy on his part, as he could clearly see her relax.
“All right,” she said. “You can have… buy a kiss.”
“Great,” he said and handed her the money. She slipped it into her purse with trembling fingers, and then turned to him, something like trepidation and excitement on her face. He stepped closer to her.
“Close your eyes,” he whispered, and she was definitely shaking a little as she complied. He traced a line around her face with one finger touching her nose, her eyelids and her cheeks. His hand stroked down the side of her neck and followed the curve of her collarbones to the other side. He could feel her heart beat under his hand; it was a fast, staccato pulse that told him she was either scared or, dare he hope, aroused. His hand slipped around her shoulder and down her arm until he held her wrist between his fingers. She was so delicate, and soft. He played with the satiny skin there, tracing the blue veins until she shivered, her lips slightly parted. Gabe didn’t think she was aware of the fact that her nipples were hardening under her top.
Oh, yeah. Definitely aroused.
H wanted to pick her up and carry her to his room, but he couldn’t breach her trust like that. He lifted her hand to his lips and breathed in the faint scent of her perfume. She smelt like the rose arbour his mother used to have in the garden when he was a kid. The fragrance decided him and he turned her hand over, touching his lips to the base of her fingers, where she would wear a lucky man’s ring one day. He let go of her hand and stepped back as she opened her eyes slowly.
“That’s it?” she said after a few shocked seconds when he did nothing further. “A kiss on the hand?”
“I never qualified where I wanted to kiss you,” He said logically. “And you can’t have it back, either. Now come on, let’s get you in the car.”
“I don’t get it,” she said after a few seconds. “I end up with three thousand dollars, my pay check for a few hours and a free ride in your Volvo, and somehow I feel as if I’d been cheated out of something.”
He was so utterly charmed by her honesty.
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said after he made sure she knew where all the controls were. “Please remember to let me know when you get home safely.”
“I will,” she said, and he winced inward as she took off, reversing carefully out of the garage.
It went against the grain, watching a pretty girl drive off with his car while he remained behind, waving like an idiot.
He followed the GPS tracking device in his car on his computer. She drove exactly four and a half miles to get home. He steamed over the distance as he got ready for bed. She had walked four and a half miles to get to his house, and had been planning to walk them again – in the dark, no less. No wonder she didn’t have ‘babysitting’ on her flyer. Her text came through a few minutes later.

Home, sweet home. Thank you so much for everything, I’ll see you in the morning. Sweet dreams!

He hated texting – his fingers were too big for the buttons – but he bravely struggled through a reply. He was just happy she wasn’t one of those people who used numbers and symbols instead of typing out the words.

The pleasure’s all mine. See you in a few hours, sweet dreams.

He pushed away the anger and focused on how great it had felt in the foyer to almost-kiss her. His dick hardened, but it felt disrespectful to jerk of with her in his thoughts.
“Down, boy,” he muttered.

Beth picked the girls up early the next morning, just after dawn. Daphne wasn’t back yet, but Gabe wasn’t worried. He could easily track it if she didn’t pitch up – not that he expected that to happen for a minute.
Daphne arrived just as he got out of the shower, and he hastily pulled on a pair of jeans. He was still pulling a shirt on when he answered the doorbell, buttoning it up as he opened the door.
“Morning,” he said and stood aside to let her in. She was wearing a very short yellow sundress of a soft, clingy fabric, and shoes with fuck-me heels and straps around the ankles. He wiped once over his mouth to make sure he wasn’t drooling. Her eyes were fixed on his naked chest, and he realised she wasn’t admiring his abs, but staring at the jagged scar that ran across his chest.
“I was in a car accident a few years back,” he said, pointing at it. “Bunged up my knee pretty badly, and got this little souvenir here, along with a few others.”
She surprised him by leaning forward and touching her lips against it for a few seconds.
“I decided I want the kiss I gave you back,” she said as she walked pass me. “So I took just now.”
“That kiss had a no-return policy on it,” Gabe said. “Sorry.”
“So it’s non-refundable?” She chewed on her bottom lip and he could feel his cock stirring at the sexy sight.
“Afraid so,” he said.
“Is it exchangeable for something of the same value?” she asked, leaning back against the balustrade, the position drawing his eyes to her breasts like a magnet. The looked magnificent under the thin yellow cotton dress she was wearing. She moved a little and he realised that she was not wearing a bra. He struggled to focus on her face – the idea of those delectable titties being bra-less, only inches away from his hands, was almost more than he could take.
Her face looked different, more grown-up. It took him a few seconds to realise she was wearing make-up, something that had been missing last night. Her lips were slick, red, and shiny with a cherry-coloured gloss that he wanted to lick off.
He had to clear his throat twice before he could talk. “That depends. What do you want to exchange it for?”
“Another kiss,” she said, and he swallowed.
“But a more expensive one.”
Oh, boy.
She stepped closer to him, slid her arms around his waist and looked up at him. “Kiss me like a woman, Gabe.”
The precarious hold he had had over his control snapped and he pushed one hand through her hair, feeling the thick locks caress his hand. With his other hand he cupped her face and tilted it towards his. He looked in her eyes for one burning heartbeat, expecting to see trepidation or fear, and finding none. She wanted this, wanted him. He loved the fact that she felt safe enough with him to do this.
He touched his lips to her, a chaste, gentle pressure, and looked up again.
“Not good enough,” she said, shaking her head in his hold. He grinned and leaned down again, this time lingering over the taste of her lips.
“Surely you have something of better quality?” she teased.
He kissed her for a third time, this time slipping his tongue along the seam of her lips. They opened for him like a delicate flower, but he didn’t take the invitation just yet. Instead, he spent time nibbling on that juicy bottom lip, tugging it lightly with his teeth and rubbing his mouth gently against hers. Finally he slipped his tongue inside, just the tip, taking it slow so she wouldn’t get scared. She moaned into his mouth and he had to remind himself to be gentle with her as his tongue went on a little exploration of its own. He licked at the soft, smooth inside of her bottom lip, tasting her sweet young essence, instantly addicted. He deepened the kiss by degrees, coaxing her tongue into his mouth. He kept it there for a while, suckling on it rhythmically, until she moaned in need. The kiss grew more heated, less teasing, their tongues stroking and licking at each other shamelessly. He was already so hard, and he had not even touched her intimately yet.

His hand left her cheek to trail down the side of her neck, just grazing her breast lightly and avoiding her nipple area completely. He cupped her waist, and she was just as sweet there as he had thought she would be. He stroked down, over her hip and her ass, realising with a pleasurable jolt that she wasn’t wearing panties either. His hand hooked the back of her thigh and he lifted. She got the idea immediately, lifting her leg and hooking it around her waist. He pressed his denim-clad erection against her, perversely wanting to shock her, maybe giving her a last chance to end this, hoping she wouldn’t. He rubbed it erotically, letting her know how much he wanted her.
She didn’t disappoint him, arching back slightly to press him against her harder, letting him understand that she approved what was about to happen.
With a curse he let her mouth go, breathing hard. His hands cupped her buttocks and lifted her as he started to walk up the stairs with his precious parcel heaving herself a little higher in his arms so that she could hook both legs around his waist. She rubbed herself against him and he swore again, walking faster to get to a bed.
He put her down on his bed and yanked of his unbuttoned shirt with haste. Her fingers were working the clasp on his pants, just as eager to have him naked as he was to get it. Finally he kicked the jeans off, standing in front of her wearing only a pair of black silk boxers. She took him in her hand through the material, stroking once from base to tip.
Gabe hissed through his teeth at her touch. Gone was the shy little girl of last night, the one who was too afraid of his reaction to tell him how far she would have to walk to get home. She was replaced, instead, by a brazen woman with all the knowledge of a professional escort.
He cupped her shoulders in his hand and pushed her to lie on her back. She opened her legs instinctively and he knelt between them. He kissed the soft skin under her knee, wedging his shoulder under her legs to hoist them over his arms. His tongue was making lazy circles against her skin, moving slowly up towards his goal. She was too far back on the bed and he pulled her gently to the edge, the movement catching the skirt of her dress against his bedding and keeping it behind as he shifted her, exposing her sweet honeypot to his eyes. He groaned.
She was shaved clean – there wasn’t a single hair to be seen, though he wouldn’t mind going on a trip to look for one. Her lips were glistening with her juices, and he inhaled the scent of her arousal deeply, burning it into his mind. Her folds were soft and beautiful, like the petals of some lovely, exotic flower. He pressed a kiss against her hairless mound, and moved his lips over to her other leg, repeating the little circles with his tongue.
She moaned in disappointment, trying in vain to get him to touch her.
“Easy, sweetheart,” he murmured against her skin. “Take it easy. We have all the time in the world…”
He found a sweet spot and suckled it, giving her a hickey like a college kid. He liked it; liked the look of his mark on her, liked knowing it would be there for a day or two after they have made love.
His bent one of her legs, moving it closer to her body so he could reach her foot. She was still wearing the strappy heels she’d came in with and he undid the strap slowly, letting the shoe fall on the carpet. He kissed the arch of her foot and trailed his lips back up to her knee before repeating the process with her other foot.
She was panting by the time his mouth was on her thigh again, and he prolonged the torture by slowing down even more as he headed for her dripping wet girl cave. He breathed cool air over her lips and then pressed his lips lovingly against her mound again. Then he put out the tip of his tongue and gave a single lap over her little slit, starting at the bottom and ending with the lightest touch on her clit.
She gave a strangled moan. He backed off, taking his tongue back into his mouth to savour the taste of her.
He wanted more, and he drove right back in. He suckled first the one smooth lip into his mouth, and then the other, running his tongue over her repeatedly. She was making little mewling sounds that turned him on even more. He played around the edge of her wet entrance, licking up all the juice that had pooled there. He stiffened his tongue and slipped it inside her. She was so tight, even around his tongue. Her muscles were clenching and releasing against his intrusion, and we tongue-fucked her slowly. He opened his mouth wide, covering as much of her slit as possible, excluding her clitoral area, and sucked hard, creating a vacuum with his mouth. She came with a single scream, fluid gushing into his mouth. He lapped at it greedily, feeling the sticky wetness against his chin. He brought her to orgasm again when he started playing with her clit – flicking it hard and fast, sucking it into his mouth, nibbling on it with his lips. He pressed his tongue flat against it and made a grinding circle that had her grasp his hair and press his face harder against her. He made small circles around the edge, quickly figuring out which side was more sensitive by the way she humped her hips up whenever he touched her there. He focussed on changing his angle and flicking his tongue against her there, until she came again. This time he didn’t eat her out, wanting her to have the lubrication for when he put his cock inside her. He slid a finger in though, and moved it around, testing her reactions, finding her G-spot and teasing it. She was no longer a virgin, but she was so very tight. The wet sounds of her cunt mixed with her moans and his satisfied growls. Her responsiveness astounded him as he slid in another finger, and then a third one, while he started working on her clit again. He kept stroking her for a few minutes, pleasuring both her and himself. It didn’t take long for the pressure to start building up again, but he didn’t let her finish, pulling away just before she peaked.
“No,” she gasped when he stood up. “You can’t… can’t leave me like this…”
“Don’t worry,” he said, pulling his boxers off. His dick stood up straight now, the tip nearly parallel with his belly. “I don’t intent to.”
He pressed her knees together, straddling her with his body and pulling her dress up, over her bead. She arched her body helpfully, and he moaned at the sight of her neglected breast with their pebbled, rosy nipples just begging to be sucked. He bent down first to give her a long, lingering kiss, shifting their bodies so that she was lying with her head on his pillow. He took a few minutes to arrange her curls on the white fabric, exactly the way he had wanted to since the first time he’d seen them loose around her shoulders. Then he leaned back to admire his handiwork.
“You are magnificent,” he said. “I can’t even begin to explain to you how exquisitely lovely you are. It takes my breath away, looking at you like this.”
She smiled at him, looking like the proverbial cat that had discovered a bowl of cream. She was discovering the power of her womanhood, and he let her wield it.
“Kiss me,” she said, and he bent his head. Their kiss was intimate and deep as their limbs tangled together lustfully in a grinding, undulating movement against each other. He slid down her body, ignoring his aching cock for a little while longer, taking his time over her breasts. He licked a spiral all around the left one, his finger mimicking the movement on the right, slowly going up to the nipple. He bit on it lightly and soothed the spot with his tongue, before suckling it into his mouth and tugging on it. Her legs were opening for him, cradling him in the lap of her most intimate nest, and he pulled his hips back slowly.
“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said. “But you are so tight I can’t see how I can avoid it. I’ll go slowly, but baby, you need to promise to tell me if I’m too big, or if I need to do it in a different way, or something.”
“I promise,” she whispered, and he pressed forward. Her arms went around his neck, holding him close as he held his big cock by the base and slid it towards her cunt. He dabbled around the entrance of her pussy for a while, sliding the underside of his dick against her folds, and teasing her clit with his head. Finally he positioned it in the right spot, and pressed forward very slowly. She moaned as his big cock head slipped inside and he stilled his movements, giving her time to adjust. He slid in an inch, and withdrew it again slightly. She was breathing very fast, her walls tightening against him as if her body was protecting itself.
“Ease up,” he said and she unclenched her butt cheeks, easing his entrance. He slid inside again, a little further this time, and easing back again. The third time he slipped in, he went almost halfway. She was so tight and wet he didn’t know how much longer he would last. He eased back and pushed forward with smooth, slow thrust, going in all the way to the hilt.
She was perfect, her body accepting him as he sheathed himself in her slick core. He held there for a minute, letting her get used to his length and girth, and giving himself time to calm down a little. Finally she pushed with her hips against his and he knew she was ready.
He began to move, slowly at first, but eventually picking up speed as he went. He could feel his balls slapping against her with every thrust, and it drove him wild. He quickened his pace stroke by stroke, heartbeat by heartbeat until she was flinging her head from side to side, desperate for release. He fit a hand around her hip, tilting her up towards him for deeper penetration. They settled into a rhythm of fast hard strokes, deep, long ones, and grinding ones with their hips undulating against each other. She was gasping as he moved them both on his bed, her beautiful breasts bouncing freely. He bent his head to suck one nipple into his mouth. He needed her to cum one last time and he knew how to help it along. Keeping his mouth on her breast, he reached down with one hand and found the sensitive spot on her clit, rubbing it hard and fast. Her breathing hitched and he knew it was time. He bit down on the nipple in his mouth, just hard enough to send a jolt to her pussy, and she came with a surprised gasp. Her inner walls were clenching around him again, but this time was trying to pull him in deeper and hold him there. The movements her body was making around him had him make an almost unearthly sound as he took a last few strokes. She felt so good he didn’t want to leave. He trembled and then lunged deep inside, feeling his balls drawing up tight against his body and the familiar tingle that started at the base of his spine. The orgasm rushed through him, hard and wet and disorientating him with its strength. He felt the wet gush of his cum shooting through his shaft and into her waiting pussy. Her slick walls were gripping him so hard it was almost painful. He shot wad after wad of sperm into her waiting womb, bathing her insides with his cum and bringing them both the ultimate pleasure as they joined each other in that mad dive, shuddering upon the pinnacle.
He collapsed on top of her, a dead weight, but she didn’t push him away. They lay there breathing hard for minutes before he got the energy to roll off her. He flopped next to her.
“So,” he said after his breathing returned started to return to normal.
“So,” she repeated, still gasping slightly.
He grinned weakly. “You’ve been lying to me, you little minx.”
“About what?” she asked.
“How far you live from here. I followed you home on my computer. The car has tracking.”
“Yeah, and what are you going to do about it?”
“I’m going to teach you a lesson. As soon as I get my breath back, and my stamina.”
“You going to spank me?”
“Yes,” he said. “But later, if you don’t mind. I’m kind of beat.”
“I don’t mind,’ she said and snuggled against him, her head on his chest. “I don’t mind one bit.”