The Cruise

I see you in line up in front of me trying to board the ship. Your body is magnificent and you have gorgeous legs. I can’t see your face but I know it must be beautiful. Your hair is fixed up real nice and I am trying hard to see your face. Finally at the check in you turn just enough that I get to see your beauty. As soon as I see your face you are gone and who knows if I will see you again.

I head to my cabin and stow my stuff then change and head to the sun deck. When I get there I see you again. You look amazing lying there soaking up the sun. I sit down close to you and can’t take my eyes off of you.

You turn over to get the sun on your back and look over at me. You ask me if I would put lotion on your back and I am happy to do it. As I rub the suntan lotion on your back you ask me to do your legs also. I rub my hands up and down your legs enjoying your soft skin. I move my hands up closer to your beautiful butt each time. As I get closer you open your legs and I lightly brush my hand over your pussy.

I get so excited that I have to stop and lay face down to keep it from showing. I turn my head to look at you as we lay side be side. I ask you if you will have dinner with me that night and you agree. We set a time to meet and when my excitement goes down I get up and go to my cabin.

Not thinking I would be going on a date while on board the ship I was not prepared. I got the best thing I had out to wear that night and got dressed. I headed to our meeting place and waited for you. You looked so beautiful I hoped you would not change your mind. You walked up and greeted me with a kiss and took me by surprise. We walked into the restaurant and ordered our dinner. We talked through dinner then got up to leave.

I asked if you wanted a drink and you said you would rather we go to your cabin. I was eager to see what you had in mind and off we went. We reached your cabin and you opened the door. We went inside and you turned and kissed me passionately. I was amazed that this was happening and excited at the same time.

You started to undress me and I was stunned. As beautiful as you are you are doing this to me. I began to undress you as well and we rushed to get each others clothes off. We lay down on your bed and we’re kissing passionately.

As we kissed I noticed that you had placed restraints on my wrists. Before I knew what was happening I was tied to your bed. You climbed on top of me and leaned down to kiss me. I tried to raise my head to kiss you and you pushed me back. You told me that you were in charge and we would do it your way. You moved up my body and put your pussy in my face. You told me that I had better do a good job so I started licking and kissing. You taste so wonderful that I can’t stop licking your pussy. Brushing my tongue over your clit I feel it swelling and getting harder. You start moving around rubbing yourself on my tongue. You push down harder and harder. I try to wrap my lips around your clit to suck on it but you are moving to fast. You start to tremble and your orgasm shakes your body.

You slide down me and lay on top of me as you regain your strength. You place my erection at your opening and slide down on it. You rock back and forth grinding your clit against me. You lean down and kiss me passionately as you start to tremble.. I push up against you as we orgasm together. You collapse on top of me and we kiss softly. You release me from the restraints and we hold each other You tell me that I can be in charge tomorrow as we go to clean up.

On the second day of my ocean cruise I was looking for you again. You had told me the night before that I would be in charge today. I went up to the sundeck were I found you on the first day. You were no where to be found. I went to your cabin and knocked on your door and you were not there. I checked in the bars and in the spa to no avail.

I decided to go back to my cabin and think about what could have been. When I opened the door you were sitting on my bed in a negligee. You beauty is amazing and I can’t look at you without getting excited. You stand and put your arms around me and we kiss so passionately my excitement soars. You whisper in my ear that you brought your toys and we needed to have some fun. You open your bag and get out the restraints and a few other toys. I was super excited when I saw you getting them out. We connected the restraints to the bed and laid out your other toys.

We take turns undressing each other and kissing as we get things ready. You lay down on the bed and I placed the restraints on your wrists and ankles. I pull them tight so that you can not move. I get over top of you and begin to kiss you passionately. Moving down to your neck I kiss you softly as my hand caresses your breasts. Gently I pinch your nipples and pull them to get them hard. Moving down I softly kiss your hard nipples and run my tongue around them. I kiss around on your stomach and run my tongue around your belly button. I kiss down to you pussy but never touch it. Kissing you softly I kiss down your legs to you feet. I run my tongue up and down the bottom of your feet. Then take turns with your toes kissing each toe and gently sucking it.

Gently and slowly I kiss back up your legs to you wonderful pussy. I kiss up and down each side as you try to move around to make me kiss it. I pull you lips back to expose your clit and gently kiss it. You try to push up to keep me kissing your clit but I move away. I kiss all around your pussy without touching it again. You are trying to move around so I will have to but I move with you. Finally I come back to your clit and run my tongue over it. You push up to get me to rub your clit harder.

Stopping I tell you that I am in charge today and that you have to settle down. I slide my fingers inside you gently and push into you slowly. Going as deep as I can with my fingers I rub your clit with my tongue. As it swells I wrap my lips around it and gently suck on it, Sliding my fingers in and out of you as I suck on your clit I can feel you start to tremble. I begin to suck harder on your clit and your trembling turns to shaking as your orgasm rolls through you. Tasting your cum mixed with your juices was ecstasy in itself.

After licking your clean I move up over top of you and begin to kiss your passionately. I feel your opening with the tip of my erection. I slowly push inside feeling your soft wetness as I slide into you as deep I can. I push in and out of you rubbing myself against your clit. As I am pushing in and out of you I kiss you passionately. My excitement is out of control as I feel you shaking. I erupt inside you as we orgasm together. Collapsing on top of you I kiss you tenderly. I remove your restraints and we put our arms around each other kissing passionately. We get cleaned up and dress for dinner.

I wake up on day three of the cruise and you are lying beside me. I kiss your cheek softly and tell you good morning. We share a tender kiss and get out of the bed to get a shower. The shower is so small that we are against each other the whole time we are washing. We finish our shower and dry each other off. We spend the day walking around the ship looking at the city on the sea.

Tired from our day we go to your cabin to relax. We lie down on the bed and kiss softly and drift off to sleep. After we have a nap we get up and go to dinner. Again we talk all the way through dinner and learn more about each other. When we finish eating we return to your cabin and as we enter I put my arms around you and kiss you passionately.

While I am holding you in my arms I begin to kiss your neck. As I kiss your neck my hand moves down to caress your butt. With my other hand I unzip you dress and pull it off of your shoulders. You let it fall to the floor and I unhook your bra. I pull you bra off of your shoulders and you let it drop to the floor. You start unbuttoning my shirt and rush it off of me. You unfasten my pants and let them fall to the floor. We step out of them and continue to hold each other. We kiss tenderly as we have our arms around each other.

We lie down on the bed and begin to caress each others body. Your breast are so soft and wonderful and your nipples hard and beautiful. Your stomach soft and smooth as my hand slides over it. Your legs are sexy and beautiful as I move my hand up and down them. You put your leg on top of me and use it to pull me closer. Kissing your lips so soft is exciting and drives my pleasure.

I slide me hand between your legs and gently rub your pussy. You push me onto my back and get on top of me. Your body lying against me, you breast pressing against my chest. My erection pressing against you drives our excitement,

You sit up and turn around sliding your pussy into my face. You take my erection in your hand as I run my tongue up and down your lips. You kiss the tip of my erection and run your tongue around it. I push my tongue between your lips and taste your wonderful juices, You put your lips around my erection and slide it into your mouth. I brush my tongue over your clit and up and down inside your lips. As I rub your clit it swells so that I can wrap my lips around it. My excitement from your mouth is getting out of control. As I gently suck your clit you begin to tremble and your orgasm moves through you. As you orgasm I erupt and we orgasm together.

You slide off of me and we lie there rubbing each others legs. We get out strength back and you turn around. We put our arms around each other and kiss passionately. I push you onto your back and begin to softly kiss your breasts. Wrapping my lips around your nipples I gently such them into my mouth.

I move between your legs and place my erection at your opening. Slowly I push inside you and slide in as deep as I can. As I slide in and out of you I press myself against your clit. We kiss tenderly and passionately as I push harder and harder into you.. As our excitement gets out of control we orgasm together. Exhausted we lie in the bed and hold each other as we softly kiss. We talk about what excitement we might find on day four.

When we wake up on the last day of the cruise I kiss you tenderly. You tell me that you have saved the best for last. I ask you what you mean and you just smile. We take a shower and get dressed to go to the sundeck.

When we get there you lie down on the sun chair next to a beautiful woman. She looks a lot like you and your bodies look so similar it amazes me. We talk for a few minutes and then you ask me to put your suntan lotion on you. As I am putting lotion on you I look at the girl next to you. If your hair color was not so different you would look like twins.

When I finish rubbing lotion on you she asks me to put some on her. I gladly move over and sit on the edge of your seat and start rubbing lotion on her. As I rub the lotion on her back I keep getting closer and closer to her beautiful butt. She never moves as I rub the lotion on the cheeks of her butt. As I start rubbing lotion down her legs she opens them wider and tells me not to miss anything. I rub the lotion up and down her legs getting closer and closer to her pussy. As I rub the lotion up between her legs you are watching me.

I run my hand over her pussy and feel how warm it is. My excitement is showing and I cover myself with a towel. I go back to my seat and cover my excitement hoping no one will see. I can hear you talking to her but I can’t make out what you are saying.

A few minutes later you tell me you are ready to go. We get up and head back to my cabin stopping at the ships store on the way. You pick up a few things to eat and off we go again.

We get to my room and open the door and there she is. You gave her your key to my room and made the stop at the store to give her time. She was sitting in the middle of the bed naked and looking wonderful. You undressed quickly and join her in the bed. As you take her is your arms and start to kiss her passionately I undress as fast as I can. I jump into the bed with your and begin to caress both of your bodies. I am amazed at how much you are alike until you see the contrast in your hair. Her hair is the opposite of yours and that is the only difference.

You lay her down on her back and get between her legs. You are over top of her and lean down to kiss her passionately. As you are kissing her I begin to kiss her nipple and gently suck it. You move down and take her other nipple into your mouth and suck on it. She is moaning as you move on down kissing her stomach then moving on down you start kissing her pussy. She pulls me up and I start kissing her soft lips passionately. You run your tongue up and down her pussy as she pulls me up to put her hand around my erection. She pulls me to her mouth and begins kissing the tip of my erection. You are rubbing her clit with your tongue as she slides my erection into her mouth. You slide your fingers into her and I am sliding my erection in and out of her mouth. I can feel her tremble and her orgasm builds. I erupt in wonderful orgasm and she is shaking from her orgasm.

I lie down trying to understand what is going on and happy that it is. She pulls you up and you kiss passionately holding each other in your arms. Then you move father up her body and put your pussy in her face. You pull your lips open the let her start on your clit. As you are sitting on her face it is my turn between her legs. I am licking her clit and sliding my fingers inside her. Her juices running down around her asshole I start rubbing a finger around it. Then gently I push into her ass and slide my fingers in and out of her holes. She is sucking your clit and you begin to move your hips around. You rub yourself against her and grind your clit on her face. I hear you moaning louder and see you start to shake. She is trembling and both of you orgasm at the same time.

You slide off of her and lie down beside her. I move over between your legs and place my erection at your opening. I slide inside you and lean down to kiss you. She pulls me up from kissing you as she gets on top of you. Putting her pussy in your face she starts rubbing herself on your tongue. My excitement is getting out of control. The two of you are starting to tremble and shake. We all orgasm together in a mind blowing, earth shaking orgasm that rocks our minds.

We all collapse on the bed and just lie there trying to get some strength. Tenderly we kiss one another and you tell me the you were saving her for the last day so I would never forget you.