The Kid Hits the Gym

It’s been nearly a year since the Kid started his new job, and things have gone pretty well. He’d plowed his way through every hottie at work and in his new apartment building, and even established a couple of new regulars (hello Lindsay and Issa). It was going on two years now that he’d been working out regularly and now, he was flat out muscle-bound. The Kid is about 5’10”, but these days his thick sculpted muscles make him look pretty big, and he recently thought to himself that his body had finally caught up to his dick.

Oh, and The Kid’s huge cock was as strong as ever. Between boning Lindsay and Issa’s tight pussies on the regular, and doing the male version of Kegels daily, he could pound for hours at a time and cum only when he wanted to. Speaking of which, his big balls were positively overflowing, making him constantly horny, and he could pump out an obscene amount of cum these days. Basically, we should probably stop calling him the Kid and start calling him the Man.

Being that the Kid spent about an hour-and-a-half at the gym six days a week, he’d gotten to know most everybody there, and had already banged out a couple of the regulars. When he was at the gym, he was mostly all business, but he had definitely taken notice of Amy, and would occasionally pause his workouts to check her out.

Amy was one of the female staffers, and she trained in the gym when she wasn’t working, so she was around a lot. Just like him, she was all business when she trained, mainly because she was an aspiring fitness model, and the Kid figured that would probably work out for her. She had a pretty face and the bangin-est of banging bodies, with a tiny waist, huge boobs, and an ass that would make a yoga instructor jealous. He figured her boobs were probably fake, but they were spectacular, so he didn’t care.

Much like everywhere else the Kid went, word about his cock spread quickly. He usually wore tight spandex shirts to the gym to show off his ripped muscles, but in contrast he wore loose long shorts and spandex underwear to prevent things from getting awkward. Despite this, you could still see the outline of his huge package when he did squats and most leg exercises, so many of the ladies had noticed, regardless. On this particular day, Amy was working out across from him as he was doing squats, and he caught her checking out his package, just as she caught him getting an eyeful.

Amy finished her set and walked over to the Kid, who was resting on the bench next to the squat rack between sets. “Looks like you’re getting in some good work,” she said, smiling and glancing down at his package again.

The Kid shamelessly looked her up and down, and said, “You too.”

She smiled, and moved in closer, leaning down to whisper in his ear, putting her hand on the back of his neck and practically shoving her huge boobs in his face. “Is there a rack you’d like to play with more than the squat rack?”

The Kid’s cock positively quivered with joy, and he put a hand on her tiny waist when he replied, staring into her amazing cleavage as he did. “Anytime, anywhere, I will absolutely fuck you bowlegged.”

She let out a sexy sigh, her breath hot on his ear, and they both shuddered a little. She stood back up and took his hand. “Follow me,” she said, and started walking toward the back of the gym.

She glanced around briefly to make sure no one was watching them, and then unlocked the equipment closet, guiding him in through the doors and turning on the light. She listened at the door to make sure no one was nearby and turned back to him. She walked him back behind a wall of boxes and stopped in front of a spare flat bench.

She bit her lip in the sexiest of ways as she pushed her hands under his spandex drawers and pushed both his shorts and drawers to the ground, his massive dick brushing her face on the way down. She grabbed his dick and licked its entire length as she slowly stood up, and the Kid shuddered again, his cock twitching with excitement. She began stroking him with one hand and looped her other arm around his neck to pull him down for a kiss.

The Kid was officially as turned on as he’d ever been, and he reached down to peel off her spandex top, and she happily raised her arms over her head to assist. Then she took off her spandex bottom and pushed him to sit on the bench. She turned away from him and guided his huge beast into her, slowly wiggling her hips to glide down his extra-long shaft.

The Kid was nearly stunned by how tight she was. She made his ex-girlfriend Kelly’s pussy seem like the Taj Mahal by comparison. He thought Amy might be able to rent her pussy out as a car crusher on the weekends. Luckily, his cock was absurdly strong these days, and he was able to hang on to his cum comfortably while thoroughly enjoying her super pussy.

She slid up and down his giant rod several times before she was finally able to take all of him, and she shuddered and sighed loudly a couple of times. She began bouncing her spectacular ass off his thighs, and the Kid was in heaven. After a couple of minutes of bouncing, Amy settled her hot ass snugly against his big balls and started rocking her hips gently front-to-back and then side-to-side. His cock twitched again, and he could feel the pressure building in his balls.

Amy orgasmed, briefly pausing her gyrations, and then she orgasmed again, her body wriggling on his huge dick like a fish on a hook. The pressure kept building, and the Kid was having to actively control it with his Kegel-built strength, squeezing as hard as he could. He gripped her hips and pinned her amazing ass to his balls, flexing his hips upward to maximize penetration. She grunted and then moaned loudly, shaking wickedly, and she put her hands on his knees to steady herself. The Kid felt her cum wash over his giant cock and smiled, knowing he couldn’t hold out much longer.

He and Amy both shimmied their hips to push him deeper into her, and she grabbed his legs behind his knees to try to literally pull him into her. She came again, thoroughly wetting his cock, and his big balls were barely hanging on for dear life, clenching hard enough to crush a beer can. Finally, Amy came again really hard, spasming and slumping forward, and the Kid could hold out no more. His cock unloaded like a broken fire hydrant, spraying Amy’s insides with a huge blast of his cum. His cock kept pumping for nearly ten seconds before it finally stopped, and the Kid laid back on the bench to recover as his huge meat gradually softened.

Amy cooed as she slowly worked herself back to a sitting position, her spectacular ass still resting on his great big nuts. She gingerly stood up, squeezing every inch of his massive dick on the way up, and the Kid grunted with pleasure. She paused before releasing the tip of his beast, wiggling her hips a few times to work his cock one last time. The Kid groaned, and said, “Oh yeah. That’s the good stuff.” His huge cock finally slumped down between his legs and his balls fully relaxed.

Amy dressed ever so slowly, letting the Kid get a big eyeful of her incredible body. Now that he got to see her naked, he was pretty sure those tits were real. Simply incredible. Amy was eyeing him just as hungrily, and her face was cast in a look so full of desire that his dick was fighting to get hard again, despite getting laid better than anyone had any right.

“I think that finishes off my workout for today. How about you?” Amy said, smiling and still breathing a bit hard.

“Most definitely. I could use a workout like this every day,” he said, absently stroking his giant dick as he continued to study her amazing body, fantastic even in clothes.

She smiled wider. “I don’t know about every day, but this won’t be the last time we do this. By the way, I’m still squeezing my pussy shut to keep in all that cum you unloaded. Don’t wanna leave a big mess, after all. And no worries. I’m on the pill.”

Amy walked over to the door and waited for him to get dressed. He walked out and she locked the door after him, and then steadily made her way to the ladies shower.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Kid had a late meeting at work the next day and couldn’t get to the gym, so he didn’t see Amy again until two days later. They both made sure to swap numbers this time, and Amy gave him her address so they could meet up. She had to work the night shift that night, but she told him to come over the following day around noon. It would be Saturday and they both had the day off. The Kid went back to his place and took a while to fall asleep, thoughts of pounding Amy keeping him awake, and his cock was hard enough to smash diamonds.

The Kid decided to skip his workout the next morning to maximize his energy for the task at hand and resisted the urge to crank one out. He had cancelled his “appointments” with Lindsay and Issa the last two days, as well, so his balls were positively aching for release. He wanted to empty them that night, and Amy seemed up for the challenge.

The Kid stopped to grab an energy drink before heading to Amy’s place, and he downed it before showing up at her door. He was energized and his cock was already stiff when he knocked on her door. After a few moments she called out, and then he could hear her footsteps approaching the door.

The door opened and the Kid’s jaw damn near hit the floor. Amy was completely naked, her incredible body on full display, and his cock tried to rip its way out of his shorts. He was painfully hard as he drooled over her huge, gravity-defying breasts, her tiny taut waist, and her toned body. He also noticed that she had a light bit of makeup on, and that she was flat-out gorgeous. He had never seen her with makeup before, and she looked great without it, but the difference was startling. She smiled back at him, enjoying his recognition of her unbelievable hotness, and took a few steps back, motioning him to come in.

He was so hard that it was difficult to walk, but he managed it. She could see his titanic cock testing the limits of his shorts, and she licked her lips in anticipation, which sent another quiver through his monster. His balls ached for release, and his stomach actually hurt a little as he continued to take in her fantastic body, and she slowly turned a couple of times to give him the complete view. His cock spasmed, and he finally took his shorts off to set it free. His giant dick sprung nearly straight up, and it almost looked like a fleshy night stick as he stroked it a couple of times.

Amy licked her lips again, and then softly chewed her bottom lip, walking backwards to the wall of her dining room, and she motioned him to follow. Her took off his tank top and sauntered over to her, and he could feel every step in his cock and balls. As soon as he was close, Amy hopped up onto him, and he pressed her up against the wall, the feel of her tight body and huge tits up against him sending chills through his body. He easily lifted her up so that she could grab his cock and put it inside her, and her hand on his cock made him shudder with excitement.

Once his cock was inside Amy, the Kid began bouncing her up and down on his huge cock, and she orgasmed almost immediately. Her grip on his cock was so tight that it made his dick ache even more, but it also felt fantastic, and the Kid started pounding her hard. Amy orgasmed a couple more times and then came, moaning loudly. “Pound me, baby. Pound me.” she said fiercely, squeezing his muscular arms almost hard enough to bruise.

He plowed her hard for a long time, and she came several more times. Finally, the Kid could feel his cock was ready, and stopped bouncing her, instead pressing her against the wall and hilting inside her. His cock exploded, releasing a torrent of cum nearly twice as big as the first time they fucked, and he actually felt a little woozy, allowing Amy’s feet to settle back to the ground. She could barely stand, and he leaned against her and the wall, effectively keeping them both on their feet. After a few moments, they were both steady again, and the Kid stepped back and pulled his giant dick out of Amy, a healthy puddle of cum flowing out with it.

His cock was semi-stiff, despite his flood of cum, and he was almost ready to go. Amy saw how close he was and kneeled down, taking the extra large head of his cock in her mouth. She stroked his long shaft with both hands, and moved her head up and down on it, taking roughly half of his meat each time. The Kid was in heaven watching this stunning creature thoroughly suck his cock, and as she took to licking his shaft and balls, his cock began to stiffen again. Within moments he was rock hard and ready for action.

Amy stood up and walked over to the couch, grabbing the arm of her sofa, and sticking her spectacular ass out. The Kid took his queue and came up right behind her, sliding his huge meat in nice and slow. Amy shuddered and moaned softly, and the Kid went to work. He started thumping away, steady and hard, and the pounding sounded like a boxer hitting a heavy bag. Amy’s super tight pussy was almost crushing his giant dick, and he loved every second of it. She came again, shouting, “Fuck me hard, baby. Fuck my brains out,” and the Kid starting pumping even harder.

Amy convulsed, wriggling and shaking, and the Kid had to hold her up for a few seconds, her cum washing over his cock. “Oh yeah, baby,” she gasped, “Give me more.” The Kid slapped her ass a few times to accentuate his thrusts, and she came again. Amy was slumped over the arm of the couch, her head sideways on the seat, moaning steadily as he continued to punish her vagina. She came again, very hard, and nearly blacked out, as her body spasmed and shook on his huge pole. Her cum was nearly pouring off his dick now, and her ass and his groin were soaked with it.

The Kid could feel pressure building once again, and he shortened his strokes, still thumping Amy forcefully. When he was ready, he hilted in Amy once again, and another torrent of cum flowed out of him. He shuddered, his knees nearly buckling, and he slumped forward on top of Amy. She moaned and then laughed weakly, and then he laughed, too. After a couple of minutes of nothing but breathing, the Kid pushed himself to his feet, and then helped Amy up. Amy took his hand and they headed for the bedroom.

Amy sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed his cock again. She began sucking and licking it, and worked the shaft with both hands. The Kid started to slowly get stiff, but wasn’t all the way there, so Amy leaned back and squeezed his huge cock between her tits. His cock spasmed at the touch of her huge perky boobs, and he was almost painfully stiff within moments.

Amy crawled to the headboard and looked back at him. “Come over here and do me like you did the other day. Push that cock as far into me as you can,” she said, and turned her head toward the wall, grabbing the headboard and sticking her ass out. The Kid climbed onto the bed and got in position behind Amy, slowly sliding his cock into her again, and she cooed and moaned as he did.

Amy’s velvet vice clamped down on his cock, and she pushed back from the wall, impaling herself on it, grunting and moaning all the while. The Kid shuddered as a spasm of pure pleasure radiated out from his balls and through his whole body, and then then he started pushing back. Amy’s cum poured over his cock, and her pushing lessened for a few seconds while she recovered. Before she could push more forcefully, the Kid gripped her thighs just below her hips and pulled with all his might, driving his cock inches deeper. Amy’s arms dropped from the wall and she bucked like a bronco, moaning incoherently, and cum poured out of her, drenching the Kid’s cock and soaking the bed.

But the Kid wasn’t done. He brought his ass down and back, and then thrusted with his hips and pulled with his hands with every ounce of strength he had, driving his cock even deeper. Amy shook and spasmed again and then went completely limp. He leaned forward to check on her, his cock still inside her, and he could see that she was breathing but unconscious. He slid back and pulled his huge meat out of her, and she made cooing sounds as he did.

He sat next to her on the bed, recovering a bit himself, and taking in the magnificence that was Amy. She came around after a minute or so, and slowly turned to lean against the wall. She looked over at the Kid’s huge and still stiff cock and reached out to stroke it a few times. Her touch again set his balls to tingling, and his cock got even stiffer. Amy crawled to the edge of the bed next to him and turned ass out again. “One hole left. Finish me off,” she said, a tired but sexy smile on her face.

The Kid happily obliged, getting in behind her and slowly pushing his massive dick into her asshole. He was able to bury just over half of his monster in her ass, and he slowly and gently began seesawing in and out of her. “I’m not made of glass,” Amy said, and the Kid picked up the pace, driving deeper with each thrust. Amy grunted and moaned repeatedly, and cum steadily dripped out of her pussy as he worked. When the Kid saw that he started full on pounding her, and she bucked again, cum pouring out of her again.

The Kid kept pounding until he hilted her, and then thumped even harder. Amy was limp once again, but the Kid didn’t stop, as cum continuously poured out of her, drenching the bed. The feeling of his balls slapping against her fantastic ass, not to mention the view of that same ass, slowly built pressure in his balls once again, and he kept thumping as it built. He thumped away for a few more minutes, as Amy seemed to come back around, and finally he was ready. He gripped her waist and pulled her down on his dick, driving deeply into her ass as cum exploded out of him for the third time. Despite his two previous orgasms, cum still blasted out of his balls like a shotgun, and he once again laid on top of Amy as his balls emptied.

He rolled over, sliding his beast out of Amy, and lay next to her, face up. Amy just breathed for a while, then slowly rolled to lay face up, as well. She reached over and absently stroked his cock, which was somehow still semi-stiff. They smiled at each other, and Amy pushed her sweaty hair out of her face and laughed. “Definitely not every day,” she said, laughing.

“Definitely not,” the Kid replied. “But a lot,” he said, and they both laughed.