Things That Go Bzzzz In The Night

The fire chief said they think it started from faulty wiring in the basement wall, the house is old, and although I own a small remodeling company with 2 employees, money had prevented me from some upgrades untill next year. Oh well, when the insurance pays out, I’ll get to them now before I move back in. Having been a volunteer firefighter before, this was traumatic but not as bad as some not familiar with all that happens. There was a lot of water and smoke damage, and these could be easily solved. The actual fire damage was confined to the basement and out a window to the siding. In the first cracks of daylight I could see that I had my work cut out to make it a livable home again. Add to that the upgrades, and it could be a month before I can move back in. By now my older sister and my niece had shown up. After filling them in on damage and the repair time needed, they insisted I stay with them in the spare room. So much for my routines and habits!

I was running on adrenaline and gathered some things, called my crew and got them all set for the day, did the insurance calls, then got in my truck to go to my sisters house. Deanne had to work and had left my niece Rita with me to help gather some stuff, she could ride back with me. After a last look at my house , I turned and got in the truck. Rita saw my look of a beaten man, tired and homeless, and jumped across the seat . We are a normal family, no major skeletons in our closet, and definitely no sex or other taboos between us. But for one moment, when Rita jumped to my side and bear hugged me with her little body (105lbs) and whispered in my ear that it will be ok, I melted. Her coat, a big fluffy winter coat hiding her teddy bear print cotton pj’s, was unzipped and she had thrust against me with all her might to comfort me. Being a warm blooded male, of course I felt those pointy little nipples poke me. Being an uncle, I kissed her forehead, thanked her for the help, and regained my composure. I’m the strong one in the family during crises, the one everyone turned to in an emergency.

I found myself telling her it would all work out. She is a very smart girl, straight a’s, and straight blond hair, 5′ 3″ , all legs and 34b chest. Cute as a button and not immature for her age. She has parents who live in a fantasy, They honestly think she knows nothing of the world, never knew anyone who did drugs, never had any sexual thoughts, just thought she was an isolated, innocent little girl. She did have a lot to learn, living in suburbia does isolate you from a lot, but she often confided in me and frequently we talked about the things her father should tell her. Talking about drugs, boys, her parents, and everything else that came up she could not bring to her mom and dad. One talk about the boy who was passing out “E” when she was at her friends last week and her parents would have locked her in her room and bolted the door shut. We had talked, I explained how this stuff and other things will be around, but she absolutely had to forget about peer pressure and not put herself in a bad situation. She was not a partier, but had questions about it. We could talk that way, and she was mature about it. When I was at their house though, she had habits that reminded me how young she was. Cute little girl pj’s, pink and purple room with stars and unicorns on the walls, even her mannerisms changed when she was safely in her home. Her tone, vocabulary, body language, dress, these would all change sometimes. she would become herself at home, comfortable and free of the pressure to mature that teenagers face from each other and some adults.

We made it to the house, put some of my stuff in the spare room next to hers, and took my smoky clothes to the laundry room. I poured a glass of wine, the stongest stuff in the kitchen, drank it quick and filled another. Now I was getting tired. Rita noticed me getting heavy eyed and told me to sleep. She would take care of my clothes and take messages on my phone, waking me only if the insurance agent called. I gave her a hug and thanked her, promising a dinner out with both of us and her best friend, Jessica, this weekend. She loved these dinners, always with her friend, because they could go anywhere they wanted. This usually meant a dress up type of restaurant, but it wasn’t the food or place that they liked. I treated them like royalty, helped them into the chairs, let them pick the food, decide what movie to see afterwards or whatever they wanted to do. I know they felt grown up and loved it, and I really liked seeing them this happy.

In my new room, I had fallen asleep on the bed in my boxers. After the smoke alarm went off at around midnight, adrenaline kept me going. So it took no time for me to fall asleep. I don’t know what time it was that I woke, but it was still light out, and I didn’t hear my sister or bro-in-law around the house, I figured mid afternoon. I rolled over, thinking about the house, but started to contemplate all the changes to my routine. Wanna make coffee in the buff when I roll out of bed, not for a while. The handful of women I see routinely at my place for casual sex, nope, not for a while. Shower when I want, television when I want, nope and nope. Shit, I thought, this is going to be a long month. “At least I can still do this” I thought as my hand slid in my underwear. My cock was hard, and this felt good. Within 2 minutes, I was naked and working towards a good cum, thinking of various things. I’m not infatuated about incest, but have caught myself thinking over the years about one of my sisters or cousins as I jack off. Both sisters are hot, and the occasional perverted thought usually meant a quick cum. I remembered my nieces hug and the way those tits felt and felt my explosion coming fast. In a matter of seconds I thought about cumming all over her tits, face, and open mouth. “Wow, where did that come from?” I was thinking as I cleaned up.

The usual stuff happened that evening, dinner, talk with family about repairs, and I went to my bed feeling somewhat depressed about 10:30. Rita stopped in a minute later in her pj’s and hugged me goodnight. I heard her go to her room next door, and realized the walls are paper thin. I could hear everything, but I don’t think she realized it as her parents room is down the hall and she normally had nobody next to her room to hear. I really didn’t think much about it and got ready to drift off. Twenty minutes later, I was grateful I couldn’t hear anymore noise from her room, and then I heard it. NO WAY, it can’t be, not a chance. Go to sleep you silly man. I must be wrong. But there is no mistaking the hum of a vibrator. I listened, smiled, and heard a soft moan. Ohh-boy, what do I do now. Listening was a good option, so I did. Eleven and a half minutes later I was in silence again, hard as steel and not wanting to beat off in bed or I too could risk being heard. Instead of creaking the bed, but needing to cum, I stood up, pounded my cock and came in very short order all over the floor. I needed to think about this.

We all did our thing the rest of the week and Sat. night I took Rita and Jessica out to dinner. Deanna was jealous and I told her she and her husband would get treated to this soon, but I had promised Rita. She smiled and told me I was a great Uncle as she kissed my cheek. She wouldn’t think that if she knew what I was masturbating to in her house the last few days. Just for clarification, I cum alot. When I will have someone over for casual sex, I’ll go a couple or three days without, but otherwise I’ll jack off everyday. Even at my age I’m perpetually horny, just better at concealing it. The movie was over and we were done dropping off Jessica and on our way back home. I had decided to wait till we were alone and then, gently and tactfully, let Rita know about the thin wall separating us at night.

“Tonite was fun, and I needed the diversion, Thank you honey, you and your friend always pick good restaurants. Now if you could only pick good movies!”

After punching my shoulder Rita looked at me. “Uncle Kevin, can I help you clean up at your house next week, we don’t have school?”

“Sure!! I need all the help I can get. Wear dirty clothes that you can throw out when we finish, smoke and soot is nasty and we’ll get filthy.”

“No problem, I have some from helping Mom when we cleaned out the garage.”

Good time to sneak this in, I thought. “Rita?” My tone made her know I changed the subject.

“I do need to tell you one thing, but its kinda weird for us both, so don’t freak out, ok?”

She had perked up in her seat and was looking at me, curious.

“You realize your room is next to mine, right?”


“You can hear me on my cell phone and my radio, right?”

She looked at me crookedly,” yes, but Uncle Kevin, you don’t bother me, and it always is after I get out of bed so no problem.”

I had hoped she would get the hint, but no such luck “Rita, I can hear you too thru the wall.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I tried to be quiet, usually I play music at night before bed and haven’t been, I’m not used to someone next door, I’ll be more quiet.”

“Actually sweetie, it’s not you making noise.”

“Huh, Uncle Kevin you’re not making sense, and what did you mean don’t freak out?”

“Rita, it’s not you making noise, it’s… it’s your……you know your…..”

“Spit it out already!” she was laughing at my obvious discomfort.

I tried to think of how to say it, stopped at a stop sign, looked at her and just went “Bzzzzzzzz”, so much for tact.

It took about five seconds before her expression went from amusement of my sound to complete utter shock.

” Ohmygod, ohmygod, I didn’t… I thought nobody could hear…. I didn’t ……” She didn’t know what to say and was so flustered she started to cry. I stopped, right there in the middle of the street, cars had to go around. I quickly put the truck in park and took her in my arms.

“Honey, don’t, you have no reason to cry, I never said it to do this, I just want you to have your privacy, to let you know. Wouldn’t want grandma to hear that when she comes over now, do you?”

This had the desired effect and we both burst out laughing. She finally spoke again, almost whispering “Is it that loud?” I almost choked on air. “No, it is not really loud, but its easy to tell what the sound is.” I saw her fidgetting and looking down, and needed to put this conversation to bed, so to speak, before we got to the house. I started to drive again.

“Look sweetie, I don’t mind, not one bit. I just wanted you to know so you don’t get caught by someone , like grandma, if they are in the room next to you. Just don’t turn it on when there is company in the next room. Now, no harm done, we are getting an ice cream before we go home, you’re so red in the face, your mom would ask you what is wrong. I could see you trying to explain that one!”

Rita gave me a big hug when we got out at the ice cream place. “You’re the best Uncle Kevin, thanks for understanding, and not telling Mom.”

“Not a big deal, but I do have one question, you can’t get in the adult store, how did you..”

She almost blurted out “Jessica’s sister got us both one so we can learn. Now my turn for a question, what did you think when you heard me, er, it. I mean you didn’t turn your radio on or leave the room…” she just trailed off

Wow, didn’t see that coming. She had all this really private stuff coming out, and to her uncle, so I guess I had it coming. “Well…., honestly, I listened, it was hard not to, then I did the same thing, but quietly. Then I went to sleep.” She blushed again, giggled then took my arm and we got in line.

Three days have gone by since that conversation, and I thought that would be the end of it. Boy, was I mistaken. Instead of trying to get my neice to realize I could hear her pleasuring her young body so she would stop or be more discreet, it had the opposite effect. That first night after our talk I was in bed 30 minutes or so and sure enough “Bzzzzz…”. I was floored, and listened for a while before stroking my cock thinking very un-uncle thoughts. The second night I did not beat off but listened as hard as I could at her moans. I have been here at my sisters a while, and therefore not getting any to put it bluntly. When I heard her finish I rolled on my side and made a plan in my head for the following night.

When everyone went to bed I waited and like clockwork heard that vibrator start. My dick has been hard all day thinking about my little niece Rita playing with that thing knowing I can hear her. No doubt she is hot , and I found myself wondering about her nipples, if she shaved her cute little pussy, what it tasted like, and what she was thinking. I was going to just stand by the wall and jack off while I listened. That was all I intended, I thought that would be kinky enough. I could imagine her on her bed with her cute legs up in the air toying her clit and wondering how far she could fit it in. She had been going at it for a couple minutes and my dick was throbbing, I don’t really know why or how, but I was too curious. It was like I became unable to stop. I walked out of my room, dick in hand and very quietly made it to her room. I could hear the vibrator as I stood outside the door. Fuck it, and I opened the door.

The light was on, and she was on the bed, pajama bottoms on the floor, top pushed up to expose those sweet little tits, and a purple vibe stuffed right in the cutest little bald pussy I have ever seen. She totally froze. I knew before I walked in what I was going to do, so I closed the door and walked right up to her bed, before she could react.

“Keep going!” was all I said as I stood over her next to her bed and started stroking my meat right in front of her. I’m guessing whatever boy or two who she had been with did not have a dick like me. I’m not a foot long, or thick as a beer can (sound familiar?) but I have a nice size, pretty fat dick. She was not taking her eyes off it. She just froze, staring at me. I reached down and grabbed her wrist, then slowly took her hand and started to get her movements going with her toy again. She got the hint and started to play with herself. All I could do was tell her “you are so fucking cute, You’re going to make me cum.” She beat me to it and bucked her hips up, sounds that were between a purr and a moan coming from her mouth. That was it, I lost it and came all over her, on purpose. I shot a load on her face, aiming for her just barely opened lips. I shot the rest on those puffy little nipples that look like her tits need to grow to catch up to them. I soaked her tits, cumming more than usual.

When I stopped, I looked at her face again, and she was smiling, actually sticking her tongue out and tasting my cum on her lips. After recovering myself, and feeling very good that she was smiling, I reached down and took her hand with the toy still turned on and pulled it out of her pretty, perfect, pussy. Bringing Ritas hand to my mouth I sucked all her sweet juice off the toy. Still trying to get all her flavor off it. I reached down and took the pajama bottoms and wiped my cum off of her face and chest with it. I never touched her body, and she never really moved, just smiled ear to ear as I bent down and kissed her forehead saying “I love you, now get some sleep, we have a lot to do at my house tommorrow!”