Walt closed the door quietly behind him. He had finished work a half-hour before and was tired. He hated the 4:30 PM to 1:00 AM swing shift, but until he found a better job he was going to have to tolerate it. The house was dark and quiet. He figured it was like always, his son and daughter were asleep. He and his wife were separated and she was living with her sister while they tried to work things out.

That’s one of the main reasons he hated this shift, he rarely got to see his kids for more than a few minutes a day. He was sleeping when they started their day and they were asleep when he got home.

He entered the bathroom, stripped and stood under the shower for a long while to wash away the workday grim and some of the stress. When he was done he pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and the bathrobe hanging on a hook on the back of the door. He hesitated as he stepped out into the hall, undecided whether to go straight to bed or go down to the basement and watch a little TV to relax.

After a few moments of thought he settled on the basement. He grabbed a bottle of white wine from the fridge, a wine glass from the cupboard and headed for the stairs. As he opened the door to the stairway, he heard the muted sound of the TV.

‘Either someone left it on,’ He thought as he trudged down the steps, ‘or one of the kid’s friends stayed the night and is sleeping on the couch.’

As he walked across the carpeted floor toward the large couch in front of the TV, he spotted the top of a dark haired head peeking over the back. As he got closer he could see who it was and realized it was Christy, a friend of his daughters.

“I didn’t realize anyone was down here'” Walt said as he stepped up behind the couch and got a good look at the young, dark-haired girl lying stretched out.

She was dressed in a thin, one-piece nightshirt. It covered her body but didn’t do a thing to hide the curves of her hips, the swell of her ample breasts or her nipples which stood out through the thin material of the nighty.

She jumped as he spoke, then gasped, “Mr. Krider! You scared me.”

“Sorry.” He replied, trying not to stare at her young lithe body, “Like I said, I didn’t know you were down here. I was going to watch a bit of TV before I went to bed, but I don’t want to bother you.”

“That’s Ok.” She said with a smile.

“Here,” She sat up and patted the couch next to her, “I’ll share with you. I’m not sleepy so I was just checking out the movies that were on.”

Walt knew he should decline and go to bed, but he couldn’t turn down the chance to sit with and look at this sexy, young woman. Besides, he had heard a few things and was interested to see if he could determine if they were true.

A few months before he had overheard his daughter and another friend talking about Christy. Walt had covertly listened to his daughter and the other girl for a half hour. From the conversation, Walt had gathered that Christy was considered a slut. His daughter had told her friend several rumors, the one that made Walt perk up was that, since Christy had turned 18 she had sex with a couple of guys, as his daughter put it, “my father’s age”.

So even though he should have gone to bed, his curiosity got the best of him. He wanted to see if he could tell whether the rumors were true or not. He had no intention of trying to fuck the girl, or so he told himself, but he was very curious to know if what his daughter said was true.

He smiled at her and said, “Sure. I’ll join you for a while.”

He walked around the couch and sat down next to Christy, placing the bottle of wine on the floor within easy reach. She was sitting with her legs crossed Indian style, her nightshirt had pulled up barely covering her crotch.

“So what do you want to watch?” She asked.

“I don’t care.” Walt replied, “you pick one.”

Christy picked up the remote and began to flip through the channels. Walt watched her out of the corner of his eye. He could feel his cock begin to grown hard as his oblique gaze followed the jiggle of her firm round breast as she moved and the view he had of her smooth bare thighs.

Christy stopped to watch parts of several older movies, asking if he wanted to watch each as she did, but moved on when his reply was, “Let’s see what else is on.”

Walt took a drink of his wine then heard Christy say, “Can I have a drink?”

Walt shrugged his shoulders and handed the glass to her. She placed it at her lips and drank deeply. Walt watched in surprise as she drained the glass.

“That’s good!” She said, handing him back the empty wine glass.

Christy returned to flipping through the channels as Walt picked up the wine bottle and refilled his glass.

“You have pay-per-view?” Christy said in an excited voice, “Does it cost much?”

“A couple of dollars per movie.” Walt said.

“Can we pick one? Please?” Christy said, sliding closer to him.

Walt felt her bare leg touch his. He didn’t know if it was planned or accidental. He did know his cock was harder then it had been in some time and he needed to reposition it, so there wasn’t such an obvious lump under his robe.

“Pick one out. I’ll be right back. I need to use the bathroom.” He said setting his glass on the floor as he stood and headed for the small downstairs bathroom.

‘Ok.” Christy replied, “I’ll see if I can find a good one.”

Walt closed the bathroom door and quickly repositioned his rock hard cock. When he was satisfied that the lump of it was less visible under his robe, he stepped out and returned to the couch.

“Did you find one?” Walt asked as he picked up his glass and raised it to his lips for a drink.

For a moment he was puzzled, his glass was empty. Then he noticed the smile on Christy’s face.

As he looked at her, then the glass, she giggled and said, “Sorry, I wanted another drink of it.”

Walt just nodded, grabbed the bottle and refilled his glass.

Christy said, “I did find one. I signed on for it and it will be coming on in a minute. It’s that new horror film, the one about the kids trapped in an old house with a psycho maniac.”

Walt looked at her in surprise and said, “You sure you want to watch that one? I heard it’s rather bloody.”

Christy giggled and said, “Yes. I thought it would be fun!”

She slid over next to him, wrapped her arms around his, snuggled tight against him and said, “Besides, you’re here to protect me.”

With his arm held between her breasts and his hand on her bare knee Walt was beginning to believe the rumors he had heard. Also in the back of his mind was a half formed thought, or wish, that maybe, just maybe, this pretty young lady was wanting to have sex. After a few moments though he dismissed that as wishful thinking.

‘You’re letting your cock think for you!’ He said to himself.

The movie started and it was a typical horror flick. A few minutes into it the scene on the screen was a young blonde making her way through a dark abandoned house. Walt glanced at Christy to find her totally absorbed by the action. She was no longer holding onto his arm but was sitting with her legs crossed under her, her thigh in contact with his. Walt transferred his wine glass from his right hand to his left.

“Another drink?” he asked, leaning toward her and offering her the glass.

As he leaned toward her he placed his right hand on her bare inner thigh. The feel of her smooth skin under his palm and the thought of how close his fingers were to paradise, made Walt’s cock twitch and he could feel a drop of precum touch his leg where the engorged head of his cock lay against his thigh. She glanced down at his hand on her bare leg only inches from her crotch, looked up at him smiled, then returned her gaze to the screen as she took the glass from him.

“‘Sure,” She said as she drained the glass.

She handed it back and Walt turned and set it on the floor. He felt her move and as he turned back, she snuggled close to him and pulled his arm over and around her.

“Enjoying it?” Walt asked, running his hand up and down her arm.

“You mean the movie?” She asked, a teasing half-smile on her face, “Uh, hu.”

Christy became engrossed in watching the movie, but Walt couldn’t drag his attention away from the feel of her warm, firm body. The tension on-screen was thick as the bad guy pursued one of the female characters. Minute by minute the action on the screen became more and more tense. Walt felt Christy tense then he felt her pull his arm around and then hug it to her chest.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I’m scared.” She said.

A moment later he stifled a groan as she pulled his arm tighter to her and he found his hand pressed tight against her firm breast. He could feel her erect nipple against his palm. Suddenly the movie bad guy attacked. Christy yelped, jumped and the next instant Walt found her sitting in his lap.

He didn’t hesitate but wrapped both arms around her and pulled her tight against her chest saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

“I know you will.” Christy said, snuggling back against him.

He sat holding her tightly for several minutes. One arm was just below her breasts and the other across her stomach. The way she was sitting on his lap allowed his hard cock to nestle along the crack of her firm ass cheeks. Walt couldn’t believe it when he felt her squirm, rubbing her ass against the hard lump of his cock.

‘My God, I think she does want it!’ He thought, ‘I think she wants to fuck! Well there’s one way to find out for sure.’

He swallowed the lump in his throat and slowly moved one hand up to gently cup one of her breasts. She didn’t move or say a thing as he began to slowly massage and squeeze it. Heartened he moved his other hand down to her thigh. As his hand touched the skin of her soft inner thigh he expected some response. She did nothing but continue to watch the movie. After a moment he moved his hand slowly up her thigh, up under her nighty until his fingertips touched the warm wet lips of her pussy.

“Oh fuck! No panties!’ he thought.

He hesitated a fraction of a second to allow her to say no or stop his hand, then he pushed his fingers between her warm, wet, labia. Walt heard her moan softly, then felt her legs part, felt her hips tip up towards his fingers. That half-formed wish that had been in the back of Walt’s mind now exploded into the front as a fullblown realization that Christy was going to let him fuck her if he wanted to.

Walt was in shock. He wanted to ram his cock into this sweet, slutty young girl and fuck her senseless, but he also didn’t want complications. He and his wife were trying to work out their problems but if he was caught fucking this girl that would never happen. And she was a friend of his daughters. She could tell his daughter, or anyone else for that matter and his ass would be cooked. He sat for several moments, one hand cupping her firm breast, the fingers of the other buried between her wet folds, trying to decide what to do. Finally it was decided for him.

Christy turned her head placed her lips to his ear and whispered, “Fuck me. I won’t tell anyone. Just fuck me.”

Walt couldn’t think of anything else besides Christy’s young tight pussy, ready and waiting and at the moment separated from his cock only by a thin layer of cloth. His senses were full of her body pressed against him, the feel of her firm breast in his hand and the slick warm sensation of her pussy lips as he diddled her with his fingers.

At this point there was no way Walt could, or really wanted to stop. He wasn’t thinking about repercussions or someone finding out or even whether he would feel guilty afterward. He was totally consumed by the thought of ramming his cock into this sexy, sweet, young woman’s warm, wet pussy. He crushed his lips to hers in a passionate, hungry kiss as his fingers danced in and out of her young, wet pussy.

He pulled his mouth from hers and said in an urgent whisper, “Turn around.”

Christy spun around and quickly straddled his lap. Walt reach down between her legs, opened the front of his robe and pulled down his boxers, freeing his hard rod and allowing it to spring up and rest against her warm groove. He grabbed his shaft, rubbed the head along her wet slit to lubricate it, then lined it up with her tight hole and began to push it in. Christy moaned and her eyes fluttered shut as Walt pushed the length of his hard cock into her. When he was buried inside her, Walt pulled her night-shirt up, jerked her to him and filed his mouth with a nipple from one of her firm titties.

Christy began to rock on his lap, sliding his cock in and out of her hot box. Her eyes were closed and a series of mewling moans came from her. Walt moved his mouth from one tit to the other, sucking, nibbling and pulling on her nipples with his teeth.

After only a few minutes of this, Christy groaned,”Oh, God!”and Walt felt her pussy clamp around his cock and start to pulse as she climaxed. As much as he wanted it to last, the feel of her climaxing pushed him over the edge. He let out a groan as his cock poured hot cum deep into her young snatch.

They sat still, Christy slumped against his chest, still impaled by his hard cock. After a short time Walt stirred. Normally after a climax he would go limp for a while. But this time, maybe because it was so erotic, maybe because it was forbidden and he knew he only had this one time to fuck her, he was still rock hard. He hooked his fingers under the hem of her night-shirt and began to pull it up, urging her to raise her arms as he did. A moment later he pulled it off her arms and dropped it on the floor.

“Lay down,” he said, gently pushing her off his lap.

She let out a small groan as his cock slid out of her, then stretched out on the couch. Walt got to his feet and quickly removed his clothes. A few seconds later he stood naked, his hard cock jutting out in front of him.

He climbed onto the couch between her legs, leaned down and placed his mouth on her wet slit. As Walt’s tongue slipped between her wet, swollen labia and stroked across her clit Christy groaned, grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face hard against her sex.

Walt’s cock was still rock hard and the musky taste of her cum filled pussy was heaven. He slipped two fingers into her wet hole as he licked and teased her clit. Christy responded by pushed her hips up and pulling hard at the back of his head, grinding his face into her warm, wet pussy.

Walt lost track of time as he ate her. It could have been two minutes or an hour, but eventually he felt her begin to tremble and shake. Then she let out a strangled groan and her vagina clamped around his fingers as she came hard for the second time.

As Walt felt her cum, he moved up and positioned his still hard cock at her entrance. He watched as the head slid between her swollen lips. He popped it in and out several times, relishing the view of it penetrating her, the sight of her tight pussy gripping his cock as he slid into her. Finally he leaned forward and with a hard thrust, shoved it balls deep into her sweet, tight box.

He pushed her legs up, so he had complete access to her pussy and so he could see his cock sliding in and out of her. He began to pound into her. The slap of his balls against her ass was loud and the wet slurping sound as he hammered into her delighted him. He closed his eyes and fucked her. He opened them and watched his cock sliding into her. He reached down and rolled her nips between his fingers, delighting in the moan this brought from her.

He had no idea how long he fucked her, but finally, he felt his balls tightening for the second time and he knew he was about to cum. As his cock began to throb, he buried it as deep as he could inside her, pumping squirt after squirt of cum into the depths of her young womb. He left his cock buried inside her and collapsed on top of her. Reveling in the warm feel of her body under his, the warm wet feel of her well-fucked pussy around his slowly deflating cock.

He lay there relishing what had happened, enjoying the feel of her firm young body, thinking, ‘I’ll get up and go to bed in a few minutes, I’ll..lay… here…. for…..just……a…………few……’

Walt started awake and groggily glanced at the clock. It read 4:50 AM. He looked down to find Christy asleep under him. He slowly and carefully tried to disengage himself. But woke her as he climbed off the couch. He knelt beside the couch and took her in his arms.

“I’ve got to go to bed. I don’t my daughter finding us this way,” He said.

He kissed her tenderly and said, “Thank you.”

Christy giggled and replied, “That was great!”

A serious expression crossed her face and she said, “I’ll never tell a soul. No one will ever find out from me what we did.”

Walt smiled and replied, “Thank you for that. My wife and I are trying to work things out, but finding out about this would kill any chance of it. But I enjoyed this. It was the best time I’ve ever had.”

Again Christy giggled and said, “I’ve never been anyone’s best time before.”

Walt kissed her once more and said, “Good night.”

He made his way quietly upstairs to the bathroom and took a quick shower. A few minutes later he was stretched out in his bed. It took him another half hour to go to sleep, the feel of Christy’s warm, tight, wet, young pussy around his cock the last thought on his mind.


For the next few months Walt would come home from work, shower then go to the basement hoping Christy would be there. Several times someone was sleeping on the couch in the basement, but it always turned out to be one of his sons friends. As time passed and he realized it probably wasn’t going to happen again, he gradually lost hope of ever repeating that night, but held on to the memory, reliving it over and over in his thoughts.

Almost a year after his night with Christy, Walt came home from work tired and worn out. It had been a tough shift and he was very tense. He showered, pulled on his boxers and robe, then went to the kitchen. He pulled out a bottle of white wine, a smile crossing his lips as he thought of that night with Christy and the white wine he had been drinking.

He thought about watching TV in the living-room, but decided it might wake his kids. He and his wife hadn’t been able to work things out and were in the process of a divorce. He sighed and headed down the stairs to the basement. As he came down the stairs thoughts of Christy filled his mind.

As he walked toward the couch, carefully picking his way in the darkness (he hadn’t bothered to turn on the light) he thought, ‘What I wouldn’t give for another chance at that young sweet, sexy little slut!’

He rounded the end of the couch and it struck him that someone was stretched out on it, covered by a blanket. He stepped close and bent down to see who it was, guessing it was another one of his sons friends, hoping he wouldn’t wake them if they were asleep.

As he leaned over the figure on the couch, trying to see who it was, Christy’s whispered voice floated to his ears, “I’ve been waiting for you.”