Up North To Meet Friends


Jamie invites me back up North to visit her and her girlfriend

Up North To Meet Friends

Day # 1 — Meeting Becki

I’ve written before in earlier stories about a sweet young thing named Jamie if you’ve followed my series.

I wrote three chapters about her.

Xnxx has a strict rule banning stories where underage sex of any type is depicted. I had already published before knowing this.

I deleted those first three chapters, but I can e mail those chapters to those who missed them on request. Check my profile for e mail info.

This is now an eighteen year old very sexy and drop dead gorgeous girl I met while she was between fifteen and sixteen.

She contacted me by e mail and invited me up again to the Baltimore area before she begins college.

She mentioned she has a gift for me, a nice $1500 one I can use as travel and other expenses. Must want to see me pretty bad huh? I didn’t really need the money, but again it would be in bad taste to turn down a gift.

I was interested in her first and foremost.

I arrived on a Friday evening around six pm and settled into the same motel we had used before just a few blocks from Jamie’s home.

I wasn’t close to being unpacked and settled in when my cell went off. It was her wondering if I had made it okay.

A little catching up small talk and she cut right down to business.

“My parents are away for the next five days visiting out of state relatives. I’ve told my Nanny I’m gonna spend the weekend with my girlfriend Becki to practice soccer and will see her sometime after lunch next Monday. We will have the entire weekend together!”

I was setting up my hot stones and massage table as we spoke.

Jamie asked could she come on over tonight between seven and eight-ish.

“I’ll bring my overnight bag and save the trouble of running to my friends house for clothes. She’s dying to meet you Dano, but I knew better to say okay before I checked with you.”

“Depends on how much she knows about our thing Jamie” was my response.

“Is she is of legal age also, I don’t mind if she comes.”

“She’s a few months older than me, but the thing is we’ve been kinda experimenting with each other sex wise for years if you get my drift.

She knows everything about us and promised me she would never tell it. I HAD to share this with someone Dano, and Becki and I have been best friends since fourth grade.”

We ended the call finally and I hit the shower for a quick cool down. It had been a long seven hour drive.

A nice double shot of Jack Daniels hit the spot.

A few minutes past seven she pecked at my door.

As soon as the door shut behind Jamie she jumped me, wrapping arms and legs around me trying to choke me with her tongue.

My hands went under the short summer skirt she was wearing and cupping her ripe ass-cheeks I choked her back while holding her tightly to me.

We moved to the big double bed and rolled onto it.

It came time for some air and we parted, each was panting and my cock had turned to stone.

“Sit up a minute and let me just look at how much you’ve grown girl.”

She sat up straight–like a secretary, knees all together and her hands in her lap, posing. She batted her full eyelashes innocently at me.

Jamie had really filled out in all the right spots. Her breasts were not huge, I’d say a 34B cup. Her waist remained small for her five foot and change frame, but it was her ass that wet dreams are made of.

Most all the baby fat had disappeared BUT—

She still looked like jail-bait to me!!

She stood and did a slow circle as she began to unbutton her blouse. Kicked her sneakers off and dropped to her knees in front of me. My bulge had her total attention and as her bra came off I thought I would explode in my pants. Her pert breasts did not drop at all. Puffy pink nipples that make your mouth water.

My camo shorts were tugged past my ankles and I stepped out of them, leaving my thick veined erection right in her face.

Jamie’s warm hand wrapped around it just past the wide head and she slowly pumped it, watching the clear pre-cum appear at the tip.

“I haven’t sucked a cock since you were here last time Dano.

In fact your cock is the only one I’ve ever tasted.

Been too busy eating Becki’s pussy and ass.”

Her warm mouth enveloped the head and a few inches of shaft as I came up on tiptoes. Her hands found my ass-cheeks and gripped them sexily as she pulled them towards her.

“Not so fast there girl, I don’t want to cum too quickly.”

She ignored me of course, and her hand jacked off what wouldn’t fit in her mouth.

In less than three minutes my cum boiled up and filled her sucking mouth. She swallowed three times, not losing a drop of it.

She continued till I pushed her forehead gently away from my numb cock. Jamie licked her lips and smiled, saying it was as good as she remembered it was.

She then stood and let her short skirt fall away to the floor, revealing a micro- thong. Why bother I wondered. It barely covered her puffy hairless labia.

Jamie moved to the massage table and dropping the thong she climbed right up and placed her head in the cradle.

She has this all planned out I began to think, and I poured another double shot of bourbon.

“Another surprise I have for you is I’m on the pill now, so we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Becki is too..”

I coaxed her onto her tummy to begin the hot stone treatment.

It was my intention to have her as relaxed as possible for the upcoming sex she would receive.

Placing the small dime sized stones between her cute toes had her giggling and flexing those godly ass-cheeks.

As I moved to place the larger stones on her calves and upper thighs she moaned that I knew just what she needed. I placed my largest stones on her ass-cheeks, rubbing them in circles to evenly distribute the penetrating heat.

While those many stones did their work I moved to her head and massaged her neck and shoulders. She melted into the table at this point, becoming completely limp.

I re-oiled my hands and massaged down each side of her spinal column, and even though she is very young I still was able to crunch some calcium deposits from them.

I was removing the stones to reheat back in my heater when Jamie’s cell phone rang.

She grabbed it and quickly answered, thinking it might be her parents checking on her.

It was Becki, and she was full of questions.

Her mom was divorced and worked long hours as a nurse at one of the big hospitals here.

Becki was alone and bored out of her mind Jamie said.

I looked at the stationary the motel leaves on the desks and found the address, showing it to Jamie.

“Tell Becki to pack lightly and come on over. It’s been ages since I had a three way,” I said smiling.

“I’ll pay her cab fare if she needs me to.”

I could hear Becki squeal over the speaker Jamie had turned on.

“Oh my God! We’ll kill that poor man Jamie.

I have enough for the cab if you guys can cover any food costs. Mom only left me twenty dollars.”

I just nodded and Jamie said to hurry up or we’ll start without her.

She rolled onto her back and spread her muscular soccer thighs for my gaze. Her pussy was dripping fluids and her middle finger raked up her slit and she offered it to my lips.

I sucked the ambrosial nectar from her finger like it was the last drop I’d ever taste.

I pulled her ass to the edge of the table and dropped to my knees.

Payback time.

Pushing her knees up nearly to her breasts I licked her from asshole to clit over and over very slowly.

I paused long enough to give the swelled clit some serious suction as well, bringing loud moans from Jamie. I threatened to gag her with her own thong if she didn’t quieten down.

Motel walls are well known to be thin.

I used my right hand palm up to work the index and middle fingers into her tight pussy. I let my ring finger slip into her hot little asshole. I began pumping them slowly as I sucked her swelled clit.

“ I’m already about to cum Dano- I haven’t had an orgasm in three days…was saving it all up for you.”

That just made my day, knowing she did that, and knowing how much I liked licking the cum from her pussy.

“ Ooooh shit!! Aaaaggggggghhhh!! Her body convulsed as her orgasm began to peak, her asshole sucking on my ring finger in spasms as her sweet cum oozed out her pussy and into my mouth.. I had to withdraw my fingers from her pussy.

It was like drinking sunshine. Sooo sweet and lots of it.

Jamie grabbed both sides of my head and pulled me even tighter to her crotch as she ground out her first orgasm of the night.

She was panting like she had run a hundred yard dash.

Looking up I saw her puffy nipples erect and her face and neck flushed with that red glow a good orgasm gives.

My finger popped from her ass and I gave it a good lick also.

Just as sweet as her pussy.

I stood and went to the mini bar/ fridge and fixed me a double Jack.

I got Jamie a Sunny D orange the motel furnished for guests.

A knock came lightly at the door and I pulled my camo’s back on and answered it. Jamie remained naked and glowing on the massage table.

Becki was taller than Jamie by half a head, but still well short of my five foot ten frame.

Longish straight hair in a ponytail that appeared to be strawberry blond.

Well built but her legs were not as muscular as Jamie’s.

If Jamie was a ten on my scale, Becki was too.

I took her hand palm down and kissed it like a southern gentleman does and she blushed.

“Wow, you are really younger looking than in your sixties Dano” she said.

“Jamie has tried to describe you but always gave up when she began explaining what you could do with your hands and hot stones. ”

She stepped over to Jamie and they kissed slowly and Becki’s hands played with Jamie’s still erect nipples.

“I see you guys began without me huh?”

“We were right in the middle of my massage when you rang” Jamie said. “We did manage a little quickie to take the edge off though.”

As they spoke Jamie was already undoing the buttons on Becki’s blouse. She had a front hooking bra that was quickly removed also. Becki’s nipples were sorta long and pointy, with erect nubs already formed. She sported a wrap around style short-ish skirt that Jamie removed as well. She was going commando it seemed, not bothering with any underwear.

Her ass-cheeks were heart shaped and very firm, and she too kept her pubic mound and labia waxed clean. She scooted onto the table and lay back, trying it on for size I suppose.

“I’ve never had a professional massage Dano, much less the erotic kind you do.”

“How about I talk Jamie through placing the hot stones on you, and I’ll work your neck,shoulders and back… We’ll meet at your ass.”

“Mmmmmm, sounds like it may get better than I was expecting”

“ I’ll be asking a few questions along the way, to be sure I don’t do anything to hurt you. Get tummy down to begin please.”

Jamie put the small stones between Becki’s toes as she remembered how I began. I watched as I stood behind her, cupping her tight ass-cheeks. My stupid cock began to make a tent in my camo’s.

“Becki do you have any recent injuries I should be aware of-especially back or neck?”

“None Dano.”

Are you allergic to any kind of oils or perfumes?”


“Have you ever had a guy fuck you, or have you always preferred girls?”

“I was with one dumb ass guy when I was fourteen and he was sixteen. He popped my cherry, but he had no clue how to make a girl cum. I swore off guys and been with Jamie ever since.”

I walked to the head cradle where Becki’s face was in.

“I want you to slowly drop my camo shorts and look at what you’ll be dealing with.”

Becki’s face lifted from the cradle as I stood as close as I could.

Her face was already blushing at the thoughts of seeing her first adult cock.

Her hands slightly trembled as she tugged the camo’s down slowly.

Becki’s eyes and mouth both went wide as the thick head and seven and a half inches of cock sprang up to meet her gaze just a couple inches away. My fat egg sized balls hung low.

“My God — it’s fucking huge!” she gasped.

“Not really dear, but thanks for the compliment. I’m just an inch and a half above the average six incher most guys have.”

“He damn sure knows how to use that thing too!” chimed Jamie.

“In fact, I’ll do you the courtesy of letting you fuck him first, just to break you in proper. You can eat my pussy as he does it.”

Becki’s eyes were still glued to my cock as her dainty little fingers wrapped around the shaft just under the head.

She finished closing her hand and squeezed, causing the already wide head to swell even more. She pulled on it to get me one step closer.

“Jamie says your cum is to die for Dano. She sez she swallows it. I’ve never sucked a cock, or eat cum except Jamie’s..”

Her courage peaked and her tongue came snaking out to lick the head all around, while slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft. Becki’s mouth opened and I was suddenly engulfed with the warmth and wetness inside her.

She just mouthed it at first, but then began to put incredible suction on the head as she rolled her tongue round and round on it.

Jamie had removed the stones from Becki’s toes, calves and thighs. Now she placed two of the largest stones on her ass-cheeks. Remembering my moves she slow rolled them, making the heat spread evenly into the beautiful orbs.

I began testing Becki’s jaw by inch fucking her sucking mouth to see how far she could take it without gagging. I slid the head cradle out of it’s bracket to give her more wiggle room.

She took all of six inches before her gag reflex kicked in and she backed off. Not bad for a newbie I thought.

I leaned forward as she sucked and ran down her spinal column with my spiders touch. You could see the cold goose bumps follow my fingers. She moaned all around the mouthful of cock.

Her free hand had found my ball sack and she rolled and squeezed them as she worked over my throbbing cock. This sent me over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum now Becki, and I’d prefer that you swallow instead of spit,ok?” She nodded around the mouthful and sped up her efforts.

I held her head with open palms as my orgasm exploded.

I felt four distinct spurts shoot their lines of cum into Becki’s mouth, which now seemed like a hot wet vacuum chamber.

She swallowed over and over as I came up onto my tiptoes.

I shook from head to toe as she milked every drop from my pulsating cock, squeezing my balls a little just to get all she could.

“Mmmmm–that was sooo good !!”

I finally had to back away from her, or get turned inside out.

Jamie had the stones off Becki’s ass-cheeks finally and was massaging the bright rose orbs with her open palms.

I decided it was time to visit that place and take my happy cock with me.

I wasn’t shocked to see Jamie had Becki’s thighs spread as wide as the table would allow. Her labia had flowered open a bit and her clear juices ran down onto the sheet below.

Her pink rosebud asshole winked at us as my hands worked her ass and inner thighs.

I just had to taste it, and leaned in to stab the star shaped anal muscle with my long tongue.

I managed to get an inch or so of tongue buried inside as Becki’s ass rose from the table in search of more.

I removed my tongue and started sucking on the skin on each side of the opening, making quarter sized hickies that would be there for several days.

Jamie meanwhile had worked her two middle fingers inside Becki’s tight pussy and was hooking her G spot correctly, making the poor girl moan like a whore.

“Oh fuck yeah–I’m cumming!! Aaaaaahhggggggggg!!”

Jamie’s hand got soaked to the wrist with Becki’s squirting cum, and she pulled her fingers out smiling at me.

“Okay Dano, shes all lubed and ready for that thick cock.”

My cock was only half hard and still a bit numb from my last orgasm, but thats never stopped me before.

I turned Becki onto her back and scooted her ass to the edge of the table. Jamie climbed back onto the table,swung her leg over Becki facing me and planted her pussy right onto her mouth. She held Becki’s thighs apart and up behind her knees for me as I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her soaked labia and clit.

This was practically virgin pussy in my book. Hadn’t ever been properly fucked.

My cock split her tight labia and sank inside about two inches before her inner muscles clamped down on it. Jamie and I frenched a bit.

“Oh fuck it’s too wide!! You’re gonna split me in half with that thing.”

I assured her it would eventually fit, but she needed to relax her pussy muscles to let me inside the inner lips.

“It was the same with me gurlfriend.” Jamie offered. “It took him over five minutes to get it inside me the first time. He’s gonna fuck parts of your pussy that’s never been touched before.”

I used the wide head and inch fucked her with it a couple of minutes, taking an inch more depth about every third or fourth thrust.

“Suck my pussy good Becki…I’m enjoying the show from up here. I promise it’s gonna be the best-est orgasms you’ve ever had so far when you start cumming.”

Becki finally relaxed her muscles enough that about four inches slid inside all at once. Her eyes got large as saucers at the fullness she was feeling.

I rolled my hips into a cadence that let me fuck her well with about five inches of cock before it bottomed out. I would withdraw till only the tip remained, then slowly roll it back down into her spasming pussy.

“Dano –I’m about to cum I think. Please don’t stop moving like that. I’ve never been fucked so well in my life!”

She returned her mouth and tongue to Jamie’s pussy as her orgasms began. I could already tell they would be multiples.

She gave a pussy choked scream as the first hit her sudden and hard. I increased my tempo and my assault on her tight pussy, getting seven inches buried inside her and cumming in unison

with her. My cock swelled and shot several hot jets of cum deep in her near her cervix.

It triggered an even more intense orgasm as her ass left the table and she hunched up to meet my every thrust. I managed one more weaker orgasm a few minutes later.

I had cum four times in as many hours since arriving, and that’s saying something for a sixty-two year old man.

I pulled out and fixed myself a double and sat on the edge of the bed, watching those two.

Jamie had fell forward face first into a classic sixty-nine and was eating mine and Becki’s cum from her pussy.

They each had a few more orgasms, and I quit counting at that point.

They finally wound down and took turns taking a hot shower to refresh themselves. Jamie called in two large pizza’s to be delivered to our room from a local Pizza Hut.

The girls chose to wear some sexy lace thongs, matching reds.

They chose also not to cover up their beautiful boobs.

We made friendly conversation about thirty minutes till the knock came at the door. It was our pizza’s and Jamie invited the young twenty year old guy right on inside.

She showed not an ounce of shame as she pulled two twenties from her purse and paid him, including a ten dollar tip.

The guy was mesmerized at the scene he was looking at.

One old fart and two topless barely legal teens, and he could tell we had already been playing around.

“Damn –no ones gonna believe me when I tell them.”

They stood side by side at my bed with me in the middle sitting, with each of my hands cupping an ass-cheek.

“Take a picture if you want uhhh Allan” , was on the name-tag.

“But if the pic shows up on the internet we will hunt you down and cut your balls off.”

Allan’s iphone came out and he took two pic’s.

“Thank you Sir–and ladies for making my week.”

He turned and left us as we tore into the food.

Have you noticed how great sex seems to stimulate the appetite?

I think I ate half a large thin crust meat lovers by myself, while the girls devoured the entire pepperoni and black olive thick crust.

Feeling full and a bit worn down, I propped a pillow up and made myself comfortable in the middle of the huge double bed.

Each girl found a spot at my side, and with an arm around each we dozed off. It was the best nights sleep in recent memory for me.

I woke to find the girls missing from the room. It was just past nine am. I rolled out and hit the bathroom for a quick pee, a shave and a shower.

Both of their overnight bags were still here, so I assumed they were out and about doing something. I no sooner toweled dry and put on a fresh pair of shorts when they came back. They had lifted my plastic key card and let themselves in. A large white bag with McDonalds logo told me what they had been up to.

“Good morning Dano Jamie said, we took off to get you some breakfast since you were sleeping so soundly.”

“ There’s a mixture of everything in here. Sausage biscuits, or eggs if you prefer, then there’s a couple of country ham biscuits and even a side of gravy. I got you the large coffee black, but have creamer and sugar if you need it.”

Becki spread the feast out on top of the bed and we all dug in.

“ Don’t worry about the crumbs, they will send housekeeping around before noon to change out bedding and bathroom linens.

It’s sure nice not having to make up your bed or cook breakfast.”

“ Let’s agree not to get anything started till housekeeping makes their rounds ok?” Jamie was thinking ahead.

“ Yeah I’d hate to be enjoying another good session and get interrupted.” I added.

“Well, what do we do with ourselves? asked Becki.

“ Actually I’d love to get a bit of sunshine today. The weathers perfect and there’s so much to see in a strange town” I said.

It certainly wasn’t a strange place to the girls however, but that meant they would know all the good stuff to see.

We spent an hour or more just walking the waterfront docks and admiring all the ships from different countries.

Jamie disappeared a few minutes saying nature was calling.

She came out from the little vape shop all smiles.

“I know the guy that works there. Went to school with him a few years back. He gave me a little something special for later.”

That’s as far as she would speak on the details.

We made it back to the room around three pm and dressed down for the rest of the day, or should I say un-dressed.

The maid had done an awesome job on our room, and even some extra’s I’d not seen coming..

My fitted sheet on my massage table was gone, and in it’s place a standard twin sheet had replaced it. There was an extra sheet folded neatly near the foot and also a large white cotton towel.

I used the phone to call the desk.

“Would you please send the maid that did my room?” I asked.

“Is there a problem sir?”

“No not at all. I just need to tell her something.”

The girls were more than ready for some fun, but I kept them waiting till the maid came a few minutes later.

“May I help you sir?” she asked. Jo Ann was on the name-tag.

She was maybe thirty and pleasant to look at.

“I wanted to thank you Jo Ann personally for taking the time to straighten up my messy massage table.

I’ll be here till Monday and would appreciate your continued services.”

I placed a folded fifty dollar bill in her hand.

“Oh thank you kindly sir!! I will do the same each morning.”

She left and I sat on the beds edge and opened my Jethro bag that held a little bit of everything.

I laid out three different vibrators including the power supplies that plug into the wall, three sizes of butt plugs, two pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a black leather riding crop. A couple of black silk blindfolds, two red ball gags, and three pair of nipple clamps completed the inventory.

The girls were giggling and pointing at the collection as I spoke.

“Each of these items can bring alot of possibilities to the act of fucking –or to an erotic massage.

We’ll be using them over the next two days,so get used to the idea.”

“I’ll let you guys play with them a couple hours to get comfortable with them… I’ll have my afternoon siesta. Us old folk need that. Let me sleep till I wake on my own.

Please try to be quiet……”

They barely heard me as they gathered the sex toys and laid them on the nearby desk. Jamie had one of the vibrating dildos and plugged it in near the massage table.

Becki had the large butt plug in her hand just staring at it.

Jamie caught her puzzled look and pointed twice at her ass-cheeks.

Becki’s eyes and mouth conveyed her shock.

I closed my eyes,smiling..

I woke a couple hours later to find the girls hard at play.

They were both on the table locked in each others arms kissing.

The way they were grinding at each other would make one believe surely one of them had a cock.

They didn’t realize I was awake till I moved to the side of the table with them. It was then I saw why they were grinding away.

Both had a butt plug in place, and they can provide extreme sensations with any lower body movements.

Becki was on top, so she would get the first lesson.

I took her plug out slowly, spinning it as her anal muscle expanded. It made a slight pop as it cleared her asshole and left it gaping a bit.

I pulled her down to the edge of the table leaving her face at Jamie’s pussy. I slapped my thick cock on Becki’s dilated rectum and pushed the head in and about two inches of shaft.

“You are getting my ass cherry Dano–It’s never had a real cock in it before, so go slow please.”

My cock slid inside with ease after I got the right angle. Her ass was well lubed from the plug being inside God knows how long.

I stroked nearly my whole length as Becki squealed in delight.

“Oh yes! It feels so good to be fucked in the ass!

I thought it would hurt, but it doesn’t.”

“You can thank the butt plug for that Becki. It’s a bit wider than my cock and stretched you slowly instead of all at once.

Hold her hands Jamie. I don’t want her to touch her pussy.”

I backed out till only the head remained and plunged in to my ball sack. Becki’s moans filled the room, and likely much of the hallway outside.

I fucked her ass fast and hard several minutes to give her something to remember me by as her first ass fuck.

Jamie grabbed Becki’s head with her strong inner thighs, pulling her mouth back to her pussy.

“Oh shit–I’m c-cumminngggg!!” she screamed as her thighs trapped Becki’s whole head. Her ass left the table as she hunched it up into Becki’s face and mouth. It made me pound her ass even faster, wanting her to experience her first anal orgasm.

My load was climbing my shaft quickly and I rolled my ass in tight circles to really ream her well as I began to shoot line after line of hot thick cum into her bowels. This set her off!

“Oh My Fucking God!! My Ass is Cumming!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh– Fuck Yeah–Fuck it Dano!!”

I grudge fucked her asshole like it owed me money.

My cum began to overflow around my cock and stream down the inside of Becki’s thighs. They were shaking uncontrollably as this first ever anal orgasm shook her to the very core.

Becki collapsed under me, going unconscious as my thick cock still pistoned in and out of her ass. My cum had made a huge spot on the sheet, along with Becki’s from her pussy.

Won’t the maid be surprised I thought? Heh Heh.

I withdrew and staggered around to Jamie’s head and grabbed it.

I pulled her mouth onto my cock to sample the ass juice and cum I’d just stirred up. She seemed to love it and I had to push her head away finally from my numb cock.

I made my way weakly to the bar and fixed an iced double Jack, inhaled it and refilled it.

Sitting on the beds edge, Jamie walks up and reaches down to hug me.

“Thanks sweetie for making her first time with a real man special. I’m certain she’ll always remember this weekend.

I need some of that cock in my ass also, when you get your second wind.”

“You’re not getting jealous on me are you? I joked.

“No way–I just want my share too big boy.”

“There’s no way possible for a man my age to keep pace with two insatiable 18 year old horny teens.

Pace being the key word here… I need to pace myself so I don’t fuck myself into a stroke or heart attack.”

“Gee, I suppose you have a point there Mister. Okay, I’ll inform Becki we need to turn it down a notch or two.”

“You were not the one back there ass fucking her. She drained me dry with that asshole spasming my cock for five solid minutes. I’ve created another anal monster it would seem.

I have a double headed eighteen inch life like dildo at home I’ll mail to you girls once I’m back there.

You can get butt to butt doggy and use it in either hole….nine inches each.”

“Great!! Wait till you hear from me at college though. I wouldn’t want it mailed to where the parents might open it.”

Becki still had not stirred after ten minutes and I began to worry.

Jamie went to her and finally got her awake and moving again.

She practically flew into my arms as soon as her feet hit the floor.

“Why didn’t you tell me Dano?? I didn’t know my ass could cum too.

That was soo intense I thought it would never stop.

I think I passed out didn’t I? From being fucked in the ass!!”

“Won’t that be a hell of a story to tell the grandkids huh?” I chirped.

They both cracked up on that one.

End of session , Saturday, Day one.