Vacation in Portugal


I turned to see what she was looking at just as the man started fondling the woman’s breasts then quickly moved his hand to between her legs. My daughter watched for a couple of moments then stunned me by saying, “I wasn’t asleep that night dad, I pretended to be, but I wasn’t; I remember.”

“Dad? Why are we here, on this beach? Are we supposed to take our clothes off too?” I looked at my daughter, she looked stressed as her eyes darted up and down the beach, from the water to the rows of lounges on the shore. Almost everybody near us was nude, men, women, boys, girls, and even babies. We were on vacation in Portugal and had inadvertently ended up at a nude bathing beach. It wasn’t my intent; we just left the hotel to go play in the ocean and followed some signs to a beach, “Dad!?”

I looked at my wife, my daughter, then back to the sunbathers. My wife Inez and I had been to a couple of nudist beaches before, but that was years before we had a fifteen-year-old daughter and her brother in tow. My son didn’t look so hesitant, he was ogling damn near every female within range of his view with a broad smile distorting his lips. But his sister; she was ready to dig a hole in the sand and bury herself to keep her eyes from straying, “What do you think?” I asked Inez.

“I’m good, it looks like Marco is good, I guess we have to leave the decision up to Beryl.”

I looked at my daughter, “There aren’t any other beaches near, your mother, brother and I are going to join the crowd, if you want to keep your bikini on, that’s your choice, but we can’t tell anybody else to get dressed so you won’t be embarrassed. Stay, or go?”

Beryl looked at me with wide, stricken eyes, “You’re gonna get naked in front of me, you and mom?”

Her mother answered, “Yes dear, back to nature’s full glory, it’s kind of refreshing.”

Beryl sought back-up from her brother, but he was already piling his clothes on a beach lounge chair. Beryl looked to me for salvation but I wasn’t going to offer any. I saw her inflate with a deep breath then she blew it out slowly, “OK, we can stay but I’m not gonna get undressed” she said timidly. Marco whooped a laugh then dashed naked and smiling for the water, directly toward a group of five teen girls. He didn’t stop near them and stare, but dove under a wave and popped up on the far side then pretended to wave at me while ogling a gaggle of tits. My wife and I were a bit more reserved; we causally pulled our beachwear off then folded it all neatly and stacked it on an umbrella covered beach lounge. Beryl tried not to look at me but her feminine curiosity overcame her modesty as her eyes strayed to her beginnings. Inez finished undressing then held her hand to me, I grabbed her fingers then she and I went to join Marco in the water. We left Beryl to wrestle with her shyness.

We were standing in waist-deep water, facing the incoming rollers when our daughter arrived. I glanced at her; she had removed her bikini which made her less conspicuous than if she had kept it on. Nobody except her brother was paying her nudity any attention, and maybe me, just a little, I was mildly interested in how my teen daughter was developing. I noticed Marco damn near drooling, and for a few moments expected him to get a fucking hard-on while he stared at his sister. She didn’t notice where her brother’s eyes were locked onto as she started talking to her mother.

Marco and I left the two women to body surf the incoming waves, they went back to the water’s edge and sat, letting the foamy surf wash over them as they talked. After a half-hour playing in the water my son and I got out to refresh with a snow cone from a beach vendor, Beryl and Inez joined us then we sat in a shaded pavilion, people watching while relaxing. I caught my daughter’s eye movement as she checked out the young men who came past us, she had obviously overcome her reluctance to see nudity or be seen nude. My son was not at all being covert about ogling tits and asses on any female that had such accessories.

After a three hour stay at the nude beach, we left to return to the vacation hotel and dinner. Beryl got to enjoy two glasses of wine with dinner; Europeans are not at all prudent about teens sipping alcohol so my daughter took advantage and got a little happy. Back in the rooms, my wife declared she was tired and went early to bed. Marco locked himself away in a bedroom, pulled out a laptop, and logged onto some internet game with his cloud crowd. Beryl changed from street clothes to a sleeping gown and I got comfortable in summer shorts and T. My daughter and I sat in front of the TV and tried to interpret what was on different channels. The time in the sun and the dinner wine took a toll on my daughter, ten minutes after we sat in front of the TV, she laid lengthwise on the sofa cushions, used my leg as a pillow, and went to sleep. As she slumbered, my mind slipped into the past few hours and I watched my daughter walking nude through my mind. My hand was resting on her hip so as my thoughts about her became more focused, my fingers started pulling the loose nightgown up her legs, baring her from foot to hip. When I felt bare skin under my fingers, I put my hand on her soft smooth thigh and tried to relax.

I surfed through a few more channels of TV, not knowing what I was looking at, but that didn’t matter, my concentration was turning more and more to Beryl. I began to smooth my hand up and down from her hip to her knee, the leg was soft, warm, and gracefully shaped. I looked at her upper leg to where the hem of the shift lay across the round cheek of her ass and saw she wore no underwear. My daughter was covered only by the thin nightgown. I put my hand on her butt then slid it down her leg then back up, about the fifth time I slid my hand up to her hip Beryl breathed a sigh then shifted on the sofa, she twisted slightly from lying on her side to partway on her back. When she was done shifting, my hand was resting at the top of her leg, under the hem of the nightgown. I wasn’t overtly looking for an opportunity to take advantage, but my daughter’s new position, and the location of my hand on her body opened an opportunity to fondle Beryl in ways I had never before imagined. The wine had put her soundly to sleep and my hand on her didn’t seem to disturb her, so I began to stroke her inner thigh, her pubic hair was brushing my arm. My action had a direct effect on my libido, my prick started to swell.

She was smooth, soft, and warm, and as I played with her leg, I could feel her getting warmer, the temperature between her legs was noticeably increasing. Emboldened by hormones, a stiff cock, and her unconscious acceptance of my touch, I positioned my arm so that my hand was rubbing on the folds of her sex. At the first feel of my caress, Beryl convulsed slightly, sighed out a breath then opened her legs further.

When I felt my daughter react to what I was doing, I gave up all concerns about who she was. I became bolder and moved to completely cover her sex with the palm of my hand. Holding her like that I started stroking her pussy without restraint. Beryl moved again, to flat on her back, her head was still on my leg but she widened the space between her thighs, allowing me room to massage her, she was beginning to flex her hips against the pressure on her body. I looked at her face, she looked to be still asleep, not aware of what I was doing. My balls began to tense with lust, my prick caused a telltale tent in my pants. We stayed like that for another few minutes, my stroking my daughter’s pussy, her warming more then she began to whisper soft moans. She was hot between the legs and I felt as she started flowing wetness. Just about the time I stiffened my middle finger to penetrate her, she began to jerk, bounced her hips, and groaned loud enough I got scared her mother would hear. I pulled my hand from under her nightgown then got up, letting her head rest on the sofa cushion, I quickly went to the bathroom to calm my thoughts and rearrange my erection.

Beryl was still asleep when I returned to her so I shook her shoulder, “Beryl, hey girl, you should go to bed.”

She slowly opened her eyes, she questioned me, “I fell asleep?”

“Yeah, you did, get up and go to bed.” As my daughter got off the couch, I was pretty sure she didn’t know what I had done with her. She mumbled good night; I watched her legs as she walked away then I went to bed with my wife. I had worked up a good sexual fever with my daughter, but it was her mother who helped reduce that fever to satisfaction.

Two days passed, we toured the countryside, visited some villas and a cathedral, then on the fifth day in Portugal, Marco was pestering us to go back to the nude beach. I was willing, my wife could be talked into it, but Beryl was the decision maker. For the entire morning, Marco nagged his sister until she relented, we would all go to the nude beach again. I didn’t let my family know that I was delighted that the kid could talk his sister into another day on the beach. I looked forward to seeing Beryl in the buff again.

We were lying on large beach towels soaking up the sun’s warm rays when Inez asked me to get a bottle of wine from the concession. I was wondering how I could get my daughter into another intimate situation and her mother offered the perfect opportunity. Get them drunk, Inez would go to bed early, leaving me and Beryl alone. Marco was not a problem as long as we had internet access. I bought two bottles of good Portuguese Port. For the rest of the afternoon, we gamboled naked in the water, tanned on the towels, and drank wine. For dinner we ordered from a takeout restaurant to eat in the room. On the way back to the hotel, I bought two bottles of Alentejo Red.

Marco was the first to vanish. As soon as his dinner was done, he went to his room to hook up with his gaming crew. Inez lasted longer, we, the three of us, sipped through another bottle of wine then she got up to go to bed. Before she left, she leaned to me and whispered that I should not wait too long to join her. Intriguing as her offer was, I was focused on our daughter just then. It was about 9:30 when Beryl and I were alone again, alone with the fourth bottle of wine and each other.

We were standing on the balcony watching small waves washing up on the shore, it was warm, moonbeams were catching the tops of the waves, it looked like dancing lights on the ocean. There were still a few bathers, most of them nude. As we studied the scene below Beryl asked, “Can we open the bottle?”

She had already helped drain three bottles of good Portuguese wine but I didn’t hesitate, or question her sobriety, “You’re getting a taste for good wine?”

“Yeah, can I have another glass?” I uncorked the last bottle then my daughter and I toasted the vacation. Beryl gazed across the ocean again then looked up at me, “Dad, let’s take it to the beach, we can sit, sip and talk.”

“Talk about what?”

“About whatever comes up.”

Her statement was neutral, it carried no hints or innuendo, but my mind seized on it because ‘whatever comes up’ was playing on my mind just then. Beryl grabbed two wine glasses while I checked on her mother, she was already asleep, she wouldn’t miss us, Marco was waging an intergalactic war.

We were sitting on a beach lounge working on the second glass of wine when I sat up, “Hey, let’s get wet again.”

Beryl looked up, paused as she processed my statement then stood, “Nude?”

“Sure, why not.”

My daughter was grinning as she started pulling off her clothes, she was not being timid or shy to undress in front of me. I quickly stripped to my birthday suit then waited for her to join me. She folded her clothes neatly then turned to face me. She stood stock-still, looking at me, she wasn’t being covert about appraising my body, her eyes lowered to my manhood and lingered. While she was looking at me, I was doing the same with her. We stood face to face for several moments, saying nothing but letting our eyes do the communicating.

I finally had to break the moment, I told her exactly what was on my mind, “Jesus girl, you’re growing up in a hurry.” She dropped her eyes, blushed slightly then walked away, toward the water. I followed my daughter and without shame watched her hips sway, her ass rock. She was forming nicely, becoming a vision that could create fantasies in the minds of young men everywhere. In the short walk to the water’s edge, Beryl ceased to be my daughter and became an alluring female, my balls lifted slightly, my prick gained weight. About the time she was knee-deep in the surf I had to consciously refrain from asking her if she was still pure, virgin. She was mature enough to have sex, but had she already? A father’s question, a father’s worry.

Beryl turned to face me, smiled with all her teeth then fell backward into the water, arms wide, making a splash. I watched the nude girl back-floating before me and felt a slam of lust in my gut. My cock began to elevate so I hurried past her then dove into the waves. As I swam to deeper water Beryl exclaimed, “Oh, I have to get some more wine, I’ll be right back!” She darted up the beach to where the wine was, filled both glasses then carried them back to the ocean. She waded to me, handed me one then we saluted life and took a sip. When she lowered her glass she said, “I love this, being here like this. I never thought walking around nude with my father would be fun, but it is, thanks for bringing me here. I love you daddy.” She smiled again then finished the wine.

There were other nude bathers on the beach but none paid attention to us as we waded to waist-deep water to let the small waves rock us on our feet. Beryl looked in both directions along the beach then stopped to focus on one couple lying in the surf, they were making out as the water ebbed and flowed around them. I turned to see what she was looking at just as the man started fondling the woman’s breasts then quickly moved his hand to between her legs. My daughter watched for a couple of moments then stunned me by saying, “I wasn’t asleep that night dad, I pretended to be, but I wasn’t; I remember.”

My heart stopped as a wave of angst washed through me, “Beryl?”

She stepped close enough she had to look up to me, “I remember what you did daddy, I thought I should be scared or run away but I wasn’t, I didn’t.” She took a deep breath, lifted the wine bottle by the neck, and took a long swallow then asked shyly, “Can you do that again, here on the beach?”

Fucking Christ! My daughter just propositioned me? I mean, not fully, but she wanted to mess around some? I took the bottle from her and took a drink, “Let’s find a lounge and sit for a while.” That was the most noncommittal thing I could think of to do just then. Beryl smiled, took my hand then led me past the necking couple in the surf to some vacant lounge chairs. As we neared the chairs, my cock became half an erection.

I was wondering how to start playing with her again, if I should just boldly go for it and start grabbing and fondling, or if I should go slower, be more cautious. I needn’t have worried, it was she that set the tone, the pace of the next few minutes. When we got to the lounges, which were wide enough for two, she sat first then stretched out on her side, leaving room for me to join her. I hesitated slightly, trying to decide if I should step beyond the bounds of fatherhood when my daughter said “Dad?” then patted the empty side of the beach chaise, an invitation to join her. I lay on my side facing her, our legs were chafing, her breasts close enough that if she sighed, her nipples would touch my chest. My semi-hard evolved fully, I had to bend my back to keep it from poking her stomach. When we were settled, Beryl put her hand on my cheek then invited me with a hint of nervousness, “Touch me daddy, touch me all over.”

I put a hand on her shoulder then slid it down her arm, over her hip then as far as her knee. As I caressed her leg with my fingers, she closed her eyes and I felt her loosen up a bit, she was beginning to relax as I massaged her skin. I massaged and felt my daughter’s body, her legs, and ass; she was smiling with closed lips and eyes, absorbing the tenderness that I felt her with. After a minute or two of light caresses, I slipped my and over her hip to between us then let my fingers explore her thighs. Beryl sipped a deeper breath then rolled slightly, more to her back, and lifted a leg so it was bent at the knee, inviting me to feel her womanhood. I put two fingers on the soft lips of her pussy and stroked her, up and down; she bucked with a light convulsion as she gasped lightly, “Uh.”

I focused my attention on her pussy, rubbing it, stroking it, sliding my fingers through the lips, she was wet, she was intoxicating. My cock was stone hard but I still was wary enough to keep it from touching her. Beryl began to flex her back, rolling her hips as I rubbed her. She opened her mouth for more air, opened her eyes, and locked them on mine, she whispered urgently, “Daddy, oh my god daddy, put your finger in me.”

I bent my long finger and felt for the hole. She was wet, she was hot, she was open; I pushed as deep as I could into the entrance of her body, Beryl arched her back, moaned softly then slammed a hand between us and grabbed my cock. As I finger fucked my daughter she began to jerk on my erection. We masturbated each other for a couple of minutes, saying nothing, focused on nothing but what our hands were doing. I was quickly coming to an ejaculation when Beryl stopped moving and stiffened as her muscles cramped. I felt the insides of her thighs begin to quiver then she slammed her forehead against my shoulder and began to hiss through her teeth as if she were trying to keep from others hearing her climax. She was hissing with quick shallow breaths while the hand on my cock clenched tight, squeezing so strongly that the semen that was trying to erupt was blocked off, building pressure in my erection. My cock swelled with dammed up fluids until Beryl loosened her grip then I exploded a river of hot cum onto my daughter’s stomach. I convulsed five times, coating her skin with my discharge as she went limp beside me.

She lay quiet for a few moments, breathing deeply, occasionally jolting with an aftershock orgasm. Beryl opened her eyes, they were happy, sparkling; she kissed me on the chin and murmured, “I love you dad.”

I rolled over to pick up my shirt from the other chair then as she watched, wiped the viscous fluids off her. I let the shirt lie between us then cupped her right breast with the palm of my hand and fluttered my fingers across the nipple. The tip of her breast stiffened and she caught her breath, holding it while I felt her up. I wanted to kiss her on the lips but was a little unsure so I kissed her under her chin, at the hollow of her throat. Beryl moaned then put her arms around me and pulled me into a full-body hug. We bonded from thighs to face then lay quiet in each other’s arms, my cock was still stiff enough to tease her so I flexed my hips, pushing against the junction of her thighs. She vibrated, pulled her head back, and looked up and down the beach then said, “I don’t think we should do that, not here on the beach.” She didn’t rebuff me, she cautioned me about where we were; my cock regained full manhood status in seconds and she felt it. Beryl got off the chaise, took a long look at my erection then started putting on her clothes.

After we were dressed my daughter picked up the wine bottle, took a long, last drink then gave it to me to finish. She hooked her arm in mine then we walked back to the hotel with her head resting on my shoulder as if she were my girlfriend. On the elevator Beryl put her arms around me, put her head on my chest as the car lifted to the 9th floor. My cock was still stiff, still interested, and I know she felt it.

When the elevator doors slid open, she kissed me on corner of my mouth then asked, “Do you think mom and Marco are sleeping?”

“Your mom for sure, your brother, maybe not, why”

My daughter looked into my eyes, “Because I’m not ready for bed yet, are you?”

Beryl grinned when I told her, “I’ll check on them, make sure they won’t be wandering around.”

Beryl went to her room while I went to see what my wife and son were doing. Inez was sleeping hard; she didn’t stir l when I shook her. Marco was sitting at his laptop, headphones over his ears but sound asleep. I woke him up and directed him to bed; he flopped on it fully dressed and immediately went to sleep again. I changed from my shirt and shorts to night clothing then returned to the main room to wait for my daughter. She came in shortly after wearing a flannel night shift, open to the third button, her cleavage beckoned my eyes, her legs were bare from mid-thigh. My daughter and I were still feeling the effects of the wine, we were sobering slowly, but still drunk enough to continue what we started on the beach. I was sitting on the sofa, she stepped to face me, close enough I could touch her. I felt up her leg, under the nightgown, and found panties covering her crotch. That she let me feel her up without protest encouraged me, I pinched the cotton briefs and pulled them down. Her eyes were locked on mine, conveying her thoughts as she stepped from the underwear. I lifted my hand to the junction of her thighs and began to caress her pussy. Beryl closed her eyes, put her hands on my shoulders, and moved her feet wider apart as I slipped my long finger into her again.

As I fingered the girl, she was beginning to flow lust, her pussy was wet and warm. Beryl enjoyed my hand for a minute or two then pushed me to lie back on the sofa, she moved to put her knees on the cushions on each side of my legs then sat on my thighs. She reached between us and started rubbing my erection through the pajama pants. She made sure I was hard then hooked her fingers in the waistband of my pants and pulled on it, I lifted my butt enough she could move them down to my thighs, my erection sprang free of the restrictive clothing and stood proudly between us. Beryl smiled prettily, her eyes glinted then she gripped my cock with both hands and began to stroke it with the determination of a turned-on woman. I unbuttoned the top of her gown then cupped her tits in my hands. We fondled each other like that for about a minute then I put my hand on her hips and urged her to lift off my legs. When she did, I jostled until the head of my cock was caught between her legs, sliding up and into the split of her body. Beryl’s eyes opened wide, she gulped a sip of air then began to move her hips in a small circle, causing the end of my cock to center in her. When I was in the proper place my daughter allowed me to lower her onto it. She didn’t resist me, her body didn’t offer a barrier, and I wondered briefly if she was virgin, but I didn’t wonder long. The feel of my erection fully lodged in her body overwhelmed any concerns about her sexual history, I began to fuck my daughter.

Beryl was rolling her hips, sliding her body on my erection, she had her arms around my neck, her breath was hot and fast on my ear. After a few minutes, she opened her mouth for more air and started making soft sounds of passion, “uh, uh, uh.” She pushed away from me, breaking her grip on my neck then locked her eyes on mine, “Oh daddy!” she whispered then pulled me tight again and began to shake. She was hissing in my ear, clutched to me when I couldn’t hold off the inevitable. I cramped once and tried to lift her off my lap but she clung like a burr. My erection swelled, I tried to dam off the flood, but I couldn’t, I started cuming in Beryl even as I tried to get her off my cock.

She went limp on my lap as I felt my cum oozing down my erection to puddle on my nuts. Beryl lay against me breathing hard for a few moments then sat up, smiling wide, she didn’t seem concerned or discomforted that she and her father just fucked like long-time lovers. She kissed me quickly on the lips and informed me, “I never did that before, but I wondered sometimes how it feels.

I couldn’t say anything, I was terrified, in shock, and apprehensive as hell. I just came in my daughter! What the Fuck did I just do!? I pushed her up and off then stood, my first thought was to run away, to hide from what just happened, but if I did, she might think I was running from her and that would probably cause more problems. I stared at my daughter then tried to stammer an apology, to form an excuse for seducing her, for cuming in her; “Beryl, my god Beryl, I didn’t mean to do that, I tried not to cum in you, I really did, but I couldn’t get you off me in time. I’m so fucking sorry!”

She stepped back and regarded me seriously for a few seconds then took my hands in hers. She looked around the room as if to make sure we were still alone, “Daddy, I never did that before but me and my friends in school talk about stuff like this. Some of them say that if a girl is close to her period, she should be okay to have sex all the way. My period is supposed to start next Monday, that’s two more days. You and me, we should be okay, don’t worry, not yet.”

“That’s not the point girl, I should never have let this get out of hand, I should have never seduced you at all.”

My daughter stepped close enough to kiss me directly on the lips, I felt fire and passion in the kiss, “You don’t have to be sorry, I’m not, I’m glad we did this.” She grinned then said brightly, “I will never forget this vacation, that’s for sure.” With those words, she left for her room.

The next morning, we packed our bags for the return flight home. My daughter was my daughter. By that I mean she acted as if the last night never happened, she was looking forward to seeing her friends again, berating her brother for being alive, and talking to me and Inez normally. I was being careful around her but I shouldn’t have worried, she was Beryl, our daughter, nothing more.

We were flying first class, Inez and Marco were one row in front of me and Beryl on the long flight home.

The plane left Lisbon just at sunset for the nine-hour flight to Miami, it would be night the entire time. Inez had a cocktail and I ordered wine which Beryl confiscated and drank. I ordered a second wine and got about half before my daughter sipped down the rest. After dinner Inez drifted to sleep, Marco was playing with his tablet. Beryl and I were watching a movie on the small LED screen embedded in the back of Marco’s seat.

About twenty minutes into the movie Beryl put her mouth next to my ear and asked me to get her another glass of wine. I called the attendant and ordered a red, she brought it with a smile. Fifteen minutes later the girl set the empty glass aside, lifted the armrest between us then snuggled close as the movie continued. The cabin lights were out, most of the passengers were sleeping, others were engaged in movies or reading. Beryl put a hand on my wrist then tugged my arm across to her and put it on her leg. She was wearing a skirt so my fingers rested on warm smooth skin. My cock reacted immediately. I wasn’t hesitant at all; my daughter invited intimacy so I moved my fingers up her leg, under the hem of the skirt, and caressed the contour of her pussy. She moved her legs apart then laid her head on my shoulder and puffed warm air across my neck. I felt for the edge of her panties then eased my finger under to touch her directly, she was wet and warm and my finger slipped into her easily.

I was fingering Beryl and she was getting hot, her hips began to flex, her breath on my neck flowed warmer and faster. It took maybe five minutes before she slammed a hand over mine, held me in place then started to vibrate without sound. Beryl climaxed quietly then relaxed, I pulled my hand from between her legs. I looked around the cabin but it was as if we were alone, no one was paying attention to what my daughter and I had done. When her breathing slowed, she kissed me on the cheek and licked my ear and said candidly, “Mm, I liked that.”

My cock was cramped in my pants, hard and thumping with hot blood. It was my turn; I lifted her hand to my erection then laid back while she gripped and rubbed the bulge. Beryl fondled my hard-on for a couple of minutes then went to work opening my pants. In seconds she had unbuckled, unzipped, and freed my cock. Maybe she forgot we were on a plane with people occasionally walking around but I didn’t. I pulled her fingers off me, “You can’t, someone might walk by.” She sat up straight, watched me tuck my erection back in then began to smile. She reached up and pressed the attendant call button. When the hostess came Beryl asked for a blanket, I asked for another wine. Moments later we each had a nice new blanket handed us and my daughter was sipping wine again.

When the glass was empty Beryl squeezed past me to go to the toilet. Two minutes later she returned, then after she was seated, she pressed something into my hand; her panties, wadded up, still warm from her body. She unfolded her blanket then fluffed it open and covered herself. Beryl was lying on the seat facing me, grinning with impish eyes, “Nobody can see now dad” she whispered, her hand strayed across my leg to encourage my cock with firm strokes. I unfolded the second blanket to cover myself then she again opened my pants, I pressed on her shoulder to turn away from me. Beryl flipped to her side then bent her back to me as I pulled my erection free and turned toward her. I lifted her skirt, gripped her hip to hold her in place then put my cock where she wanted it. Two hours into the nine-hour flight I started fucking my daughter in first class.

Her pussy was slick with lust, she was rolling her back while I fucked her. I looked at the profile of her face, her lips were compressed, her eyes closed as she got more turned on each time I thrust into her, pressing on her ass cheeks with my groin. She put a hand on the armrest of the seat then gripped it so hard her knuckles turned white. I was pumping, sliding in and out of her snug teen pussy, my nut pressure was building fast, but not fast enough. Even though I was lost in the depths of my daughter’s body, I was still aware of my surroundings. The blanket may have covered what we were doing, but anyone walking past on the aisle might see and know. The sooner we stopped, the chances were less I would get caught fucking my girl on the plane.

I don’t know how long I screwed Beryl but it was long enough for her to trip over at least three orgasms. I felt when she came, her pussy would heat with passion, she slammed her ass against me and I could feel her body vibrating; but she never made a sound. It was during her third climax that my body relented and I came deep in my daughter.

The only movement either of us made was the pumping of our chests as we tried to breathe normally. My daughter was completely still for maybe a half a minute then she pulled off my relaxing cock and turned over to face me. She put a hand on my neck then pulled me to her for a full-contact mouth to mouth kiss. The kiss was hot and tender, a lover’s kiss. When she pulled back the smile on her face was infectious, “How high is the plane in the air?” she asked.

“36,00 feet I think, why?”

Her voice was subdued but her eyes were alight with fun, “I’ve heard of the Mile-High Club but a mile is only 5000 and some feet. 36,000 feet would be what, six miles? Did I just join a Six-Mile-High Club? With my father?” She twinkled a soft laugh, “I bet that doesn’t happen too often.” My daughter kissed me again then said, “I’m tired, we should sleep.”