White Stepdad Training His Asian Stepdaughter Chapter 1


Hi everyone! Trying out this new story. There’ll be at least one other chapter, and likely 2-3 more. 

Jennifer was an Asian girl with a white stepdad. Her mother and biological father had divorced when she was a child, and her mom had remarried a white man.

On her fourteenth birthday, she went out with friends to a karaoke bar and had a lot of fun with friends, but when she came home her mother said that she had to talk to her.

“Jenny, you know how much I’ve said that you have to date a white man when you grow up right?”


“I talked to your stepdad and I think it’s important for you to learn how to be with a white man.”


“When you wake up tomorrow, I want you to talk to your stepdad about learning how to be a woman.”

Jenny didn’t think too much of it. After all, she had been told since birth that she should date white men only. Her stepdad probably wanted to teach her how to act properly on dates and whatnot. She went through extra lengths to be as submissive as stereotypically asian as possible, but still never really thought about dating.

The next morning, when Jenny woke up, she went to her parents’ room to check on them. Her stepdad was just waking up. She looked at his 6’5” body and noticed just how muscular his chest was. Since he was in his fifties, his head started balding, but he definitely didn’t have a dad bod. His entire body head to toe was muscular, and Jenny would soon learn that that applied to his cock too.

“Hi pumpkin!”

“Hi daddy!”

Likewise, Jenny’s stepdad also admired her daughter. Though she was fourteen, her face retained her baby fat. Her short hair went just down to her chin and framed her bunny-like face in a cute way. Looking down, he looked her cute soft pajamas that made her look all the more innocent, and noted her apple sized tits that made small mounds on her chest. It gave her the hourglass all the more flavor. But her biggest asset was her ass. Her hips flared out into the roundest and juiciest ass that he’s ever seen on a girl her age.

“I’ll leave you two to it” Jenny’s mom kissed her white husband, and walked out the door. When the door shut, Jenny’s stepdad began speaking.

“Jenny, you know that we expect you to marry a nice white man when you grow up, so we’d like you to understand what it takes to please white men.”

“Okay…” Jenny said hesitatingly. She sensed that her stepdad wasn’t going to teach him about dating given that she was in his bedroom and not at the dinner table.

“What do White men want the most?”

Jenny paused a bit before speaking, “They want a submissive Asian girl who will do as their told?”

“Yes, and I want you to act like that right now.”

“Okay, daddy”

“Get on your knees.”

Jenny was confused, but she trusted her stepdad and obliged with his command. She looked up at him with large baby eyes and a confused face. It made her stepdad’s morning wood even harder. He began to lower his gym shorts and revealed his massive ten-inch cock. It was about as thick as the thickest cucumber she had ever seen. His fat balls looked like the size of chicken eggs. The circumcised head stared directly at her face, ready to coat it with cum.

Jenny audibly gasped, “Daddy! What are you doing?!”

“Kiss it.” Her stepdad said harshly.

Jenny cried aloud, “No pleaseeee. I want to remain a virgin until I get married.” She put her hands together and begged her stepdad for remorse.

He stroked his stepdaughter’s hair and put it behind her ears, and gently said, “Baby, it’s just a blowjob. You won’t lose your virginity.”

“Please…” she sobbed. She didn’t know what a blowjob was, and that scared her.

He wasn’t having any of it. His cock was growing impatient. “Kiss my cock. Now.”

Jenny looked up at him with tears in her eyes, still wearing her pajamas and hesitatingly kissed the side of his cock. She naively thought that would be enough.

“Okay. I did as you asked.” Jenny said in a cutesy voice while looking up innocently at her stepdad. Tears filled her eyes, and caused them to sparkle.

Her stepdad chuckled. Then grabbed her roughly by her hair, which elicited a yelp. She needed to be taught a lesson. “Keep going.”

Jenny sobbed quietly as her stepdad forced her to kiss his massive balls, then work her way up to bottom of the base of his cock. He forced her lips to the tip of his cock then forced her to kiss the sides and his balls again. Jenny has never kissed anyone before, and the first thing she ever kissed was her stepdad’s balls. His stepdaughter was nowhere near her mom’s

expertise, but he couldn’t help but moan a little bit at the view of such a young innocent Asian kissing his massive cock.

“Take your shirt off.” Jenny’s submissive side took over, and she knew better than to talk back this time. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and slowly revealed her perfect little asian tits. They were as round as large oranges with tiny nipples. Her stepdad took note of it and made sure that he’d suck them some other time.

“Now, put my cock in your mouth.” Jenny looked up at him with fear in her eyes, but slightly opened her mouth. Her stepdad forced his cock in.

“Ohhh fuck.” He groaned as his cock entered the smallest mouth he had ever experienced. In all his years touring Asia and fucking women, he had never fucked anyone under eighteen.

Jenny tasted his cock. The musky taste of precum and piss attacked her mouth and immediately made her gag. When she opened her mouth to gag, her stepdad forced in even more of his cock.

“Owww hey!” He complained as his cock brushed against Jenny’s teeth. “Hey, look up at me baby. Look up.” he slapped her round cheeks with his cock still inside her mouth.

“Don’t let your teeth ever touch my cock. You understand?” He said assertively. “Now, relax you’re jaw, baby.”

Jenny let her jaw go slack, and her stepdad was finally able to get his cock to hit the back of her throat. The little fourteen year old gagged and coughed violently. She tried to pull her head back, but her stepdad’s muscular grip on her hair just caused her scalp to sting. Knowing that she wasn’t trained to give proper blowjobs yet, he continued to use her hair to fuck her unwilling mouth.

“Give me your hands baby.” He took her right hand and guided it to his cock. “Stroke it.” He interlaced his fingers with his stepdaughter’s while tears fell down her cheeks.

His baby girl’s mouth was smaller and softer than any he had ever experienced. Every time his sensitive head brushed against her soft tongue, he wanted to cum. He forced his cock all the way to the back of her throat and held it there. Soon, Jenny stopped stroking his cock started pounding on his thighs with tears flowing down her cheeks. She couldn’t breathe.

Her stepdad released his grip on his Asian daughter’s hair. She immediately fell back and started coughing right in front of him. Training new slaves was always his favorite thing to do in Hong Kong. He had to take virgins and turn them into sluts. Watching them cough on the floor was always amazing to watch, and this girl was the youngest slut he had trained.

“Because I’m nice, I’ll let you take a quick break. Lick my cock.”

Jenny pushed herself back up on her knees and licked his cock from base to tip. It was much better than not being able to breathe.

“Here I want you to learn this. Take my cock and swirl your tongue around the tip. Then go down until you gag. Always keep your hands on my cock.” He ordered.

Jenny followed his orders and began to swirl her tongue on her stepdad’s massive dick while stroking the base. He groaned as he felt her tiny mouth and hands massage his cock.

“Look up at me.” His Asian stepdaughter looked up at him as he grabbed her hair again and began to slowly push deep into her mouth. When he reached the back of her throat, he started to pump. Jenny continued to look up at her dad, tears running down her cheeks from humiliation as her eyes begged for mercy while she constantly gagged.

His innocent, Asian stepdaughter’s tears coupled with the unworldly feeling of her small hands and mouth on his cock was too much. He kept his left hand on her hair and pulled her off his cock. He began to jerk off with his right hand. Jenny didn’t know what was about to happen, but she was very scared. Soon, she heard a loud groan as rope after rope of semen struck her neck, then her mouth, her nose, her eyes, and finally her forehead. Jenny was so innocent that she rarely ever swore, but her surprise caused her to scream.

“AHHH! What the fuck?!” Jenny was absolutely disgusted by the smell of her stepdad’s cum. Some of it went into her mouth and she tasted the salty bitter taste of cum for the first time. She immediately spit it out, causing it to run down her heck and into her tits.

Her stepdad held onto her hair until the last drop of cum fell on her face. His cum began to run down her tiny boobs. Then he released her hair. Jenny immediately tried to wipe the cum off her eyes with her hands and run to the bathroom, but her stepdad kept her down with just one hand on her shoulders. “Good work today. Tomorrow morning, I want you to practice on your big stepbrother.”

He released her, and admired the sight of a young shirtless Asian run towards the bathroom.

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