White Stepdad Training His Asian Stepdaughter Chapter 2


I have just one more chapter planned. 

That night, Jenny’s stepdad called her into his room. He wanted to train his asian daughter some more. She was afraid of what he was planning.

“Jenny, I want to show you why you suck off a man. Men can give you great pleasure too if you help them out first.” He said.

The asian stepdaughter submissively nodded with tears in her eyes while saying nothing.

“I want you to take off all of your clothes.” Her stepdad ordered.

Jenny began to remove her shirt and reveal her small but round teen tits. Her baby fat perfectly framed her face and showed her more childish side. She pulled down her jeans and revealed her slight hourglass hips. But her round, soft ass was by far her most appealing feature. His stepdad nearly came right there just thinking about spanking that ass.

“Get on your hands and knees” the old white man said while pointing on the bed.

Jenny nervously stuck her ass in the air on her stepdad’s bed. Then he slapped her ass. Hard.

“OWWWW! What was that for?” She screamed as her ass tightened. She tried to crawl forward to escape the pain and was spanked again.

“Because I love to hear little asians like you scream.” He said menacingly.

“P-please s-stop spanking m-me” the little asian sobbed.

Her white stepdad began to strip and pulled out his semi erect dick. He hugged her from behind and began to whisper in her ear. “You want your stepdad’s big cock huh?” He whispered.

Jenny felt a shiver down her back as she squealed. She felt strangely aroused and her pussy began to moisten.

“Tell me you want to suck your daddy’s big cock,” he said as he pressed his cock against her tight teen pussy, “or ill take your viriginity right now.”

“Noooo pleaseeee” Jenny cried.

The bald white man squeezed his little Asian’s round tits and squeezed her nipples hard.

“Aieeeee okay! Okay! I want your cock! P-please! Give me your cock?” She said hesitantly.

The old man began to squeeze her teen tits harder and started to push.

“Noo! Please let your submissive little slave suck her daddy’s big cock!!” She practically screamed.

“Tell me that you’re my chink slave that wants a big white cock.” Her dad moved his massive cock so that it was just above her tiny asshole. With no lube, it was certain to hurt. “Tell me that you’re a chink slut that wants to serve her white daddy”

“I-I’m a ch-chink slut and s-slave who wants your b-b-big white c-cock. I want to s-s-serve my white m-master. Oh pleaseeeee don’t rip my ass apart daddy! I’ll suck your cock so hard!!!”

The man grinned as he knew he was training his baby girl to love sucking cock.

“Turn around and flip over.” Her stepdad ordered.

Jenny did as she was told and found herself awkwardly laying on her back with her hands and feet in the air. She felt like a hopeless turtle on its back, unable to escape.

Her stepdad started kissing and squeezing the little Asian’s tits. They were nice and round. About the size of a large orange, but soft and delicate. He roughly handled and squeezed them before moving in and sucking hard on her right tit. She moaned loudly as her step-daddy began to suck on her nipples. She had never felt this kind of pleasure before.

The old man began to kiss her belly button and worked his way up to her pussy. He then moved his hand and began to flick her little clit back and forth. She started to scream and moan from the constant stimulus of her nipples and clit until she finally came in his hands.

“Well would you look at that. You seem to like your daddy finger fucking you. You may seem small and innocent, but you’re really a slut. All asians girls are.”

Jenny blushed because she knew it was true. She didn’t want to believe it because she had always been a pure and innocent little girl. Initially, she was shocked and embarrassed at her stepdad’s advances, but she realized she was aroused by her dad sometimes. She had grown into a little slut.

“Now it’s my turn” the white man said as he climbed into a 69 position.

She never realized how large his cock was until it was right next to her face. The cock lay against her cheek and extended all the way behind her head. She tried to move away because it smelled nasty, after all, he hadn’t washed his cock since the last time he fucked her throat.

Her stepdad sucked the little asian clit hard, which elicited a scream from Jenny. She moaned and groaned until her white daddy tasted the sweet nectar as she orgasmed all over his face for the first time in her young life.

“Take my entire cock in your throat” her stepdad ordered authoritatively. He pushed his hips upwards as it prepared to enter. Jenny submissively grabbed his cock and opened her own mouth as she felt it fill her oral cavity immediately. She began to choke hard on his massive cock.

He continued to pump in her soft wet mouth for a while. He licked her little pussy and finger fucked her, being careful not to break her hymen.

“You’re my little chink. A gook slave. A cocksleeve. You understand?”


“What are you?” Her stepdad said.

“Mmpfhh” she replied with the cock in her mouth.

Her dad removed much of his cock so that only the head remained in her mouth.

She gasped loudly for air and tried to breathe before saying “I’m a chink slave and your cocksleeve. Thank you daddy!”

The little asian was awarded with a massive cock in her throat. Her stepdad continued to constantly choke his little asian slave with his cock. Then he grabbed her soft small tits and squeezed them roughly. He had never felt a throat so small choking on his dock before, and he was in pleasure. He continued to pump for a few more minutes.

Soon he couldn’t hold it anymore. He thrust his cock so far into her throat that his balls lay on her eyes and nose. He used his thighs to clamp her head down so she couldn’t get away. Then he pumped nine times into her little throat, filling her stomach with cum.

Jenny felt truly dominated then. She couldn’t move her head at all. Her white dad had forced her to swallow all of his cum. She coughed a little at the end and tasted cum for the second time that day and the second time in his life.

As they were getting dressed again, her father said, “tomorrow morning, I want you to show me what you’ve learned and give your brother a blowjob. Remember, stroke his cock and squeezed his balls too.”

Jenny was embarrassed at the thought. “Do I have to?”

“What did you say?!”

“Yes daddy.”

On Sunday morning, Jenny woke up and four her big step brother still sleeping. He usually slept until last noon on weekends so she slowly snuck into his room. It was a hot day in May, so her brother wasn’t covered with a blanket. He looked similar to his dad, but as a baseball player he was much more muscular. He was 17, and would turn 18 next week.

Jenny worked quickly. First taking off her shirt so that he could see her small breasts. Then she got on his bed carefully so she didn’t disturb him, and got on her hands and knees between his legs. Her brother began to stir in his sleep a middle bit. The Asian took a deep breath and hesitated momentarily. This was her stepbrother who I she spent much of her life treating as her brother. Was she really going to suck his cock? She was very scared of what her dad would do to her if she stopped her though, so she pulled down his underwear, revealing seven inches of morning wood. She started by planting small kisses on the head, cock, and balls.

“Jenny?! What the fuck are you— ohhhh”

He was abruptly cut off when Jenny put as much of his cock into her warm, wet mouth as possible. Jack groaned out loud at the feeling of her moist mouth around his cock for the first time.

Jenny quickly put one hand at the base of his cock and began to stroke it. Then she squeezed his balls with the other. She remembered what her stepdad told her about her eyes and looked up at her stepbrother.

What a sight to see first thing in the morning! He saw a petite Asian girl on her hands and knees in front of him sucking and stroking his dick. Her speaking eyes, babyish face, and short hair made her look so adorable. Her small boobs complimented that look with a youthful firmness. Her pajama clad ass in the air made her look all the more innocent. The sight he saw was incredible. She tried to swallow his dick, but even seven inches was too much for the 4’10” Asian to swallow without being forced by her brother’s arms. She choked for a while before going back up.

Jenny looked up at her big stepbrother and smiled while continuing to stroke his cock. The morning wood, coupled with the fact that he was an inexperienced virgin caused him to start cumming. He shot a load into her cute little button nose. Jenny soon realized what was happening and quickly started sucking his cock again to catch the successive loads in her mouth. Then she got up on her knees and opened her mouth to spit out the cum all over her little titties.

Her stepdad walked into the room to see what was going on.

“Ah! I see you’ve done as I told you! Nice work Jenny.”

“Thank you daddy!”

“Jack, I’ve been eyeing your little stepsister for years. Yellow fever runs in the family after all! I want you to know that you’ll be taking her virginity this Friday for your birthday! I want you to start off adulthood right, by fucking your little sister hard and learning how to dominate little Asian girls.”

Jack was too shocked to say anything. Jenny, on the other hand, was terrified that she was showing to lose her virginity. This entire time she had thought that she could get away with simple blowjobs. Now she had to lose her virginity? And to her stepbrother or all people?

“It’s ok if you’re surprised son, why don’t you go take a shower?” Jack simply ran out of the room.

“Now. My cock isn’t going to suck itself.” Her stepdad said.

Jenny reluctantly got on her knees.